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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 24, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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or you can shout as loud as you can. [ cheering ] >> mariah wiped tears and dedicated one of her classics to him. ♪ >> i thought that "one sweet day" was an appropriate tribute for him. i was stumbling over my words because it wasn't rehearsed. how can you talk about this? >> he would have loved it. >> i tried. >> also heartbroken, prince's one time collaborator and muse sheila e. have you thought about how you're going say goodbye? >> i don't know if i can. >> and we have more with the women who loved the icon, prince's muses. that's coming up. >> still such a shock. we have to talk about another loss in the television world. "everybody loves raymond's" doris roberts. we'll open the vault in paying tribute to the primetime great.
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that's moments away. let's move on and talk about a huge shake-up in daytime. >> everybody is talking about this. michael strahan announced he is leaving "live." you worked with her, kelly ripka. and why would strahan walkway from a reported $10 million a year gig? >> the news that i am leaving this show. and to go over to gma full time. >> the controversy kicked off earlier this week when it was announced that strahan was leaving. then on wednesday, kelly ripka abruptly called off the show, and anna was a last-minute guest host. >> i was reading stuff, and it sounded like i died. >> michael kicked off "live" on wednesday by thanking viewers, but did not mention kelly rip a ca once. we learned the emission was put off during a commercial and then he circled back. >> kelly, i thank you. i love you. and everyone else here at
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"live." and i'm not going to try on tv. >> audience members tell us there was no official explanation about kelly's absence. >> i was thinking she was emotional. >> people were a little disappointed she wasn't there. >> we thought she might be heartbroken, you know. >> she probably was so depressed that she did not come in. >> here are michael strahan and erin andrews. >> erin andrews filled kelly's seat on "live" thursday morning. strahan did double duty thursday with an appearance on gma where he tried to make nice with kelly after the fallout. >> i'm going to miss sitting next to kelly every day and having a lot of fun on that show over the last four years. i'm very thankful to her because i learned so much from her. >> kelly, kelly, how are you doing, kelly? >> so here is kelly's strategy after being blind sued by news of michael strahan's jump to gma. ignore the questions and put on a big smile. that's what she did as she left her home thursday. her husband, mark consuelo at
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her side, also smiling and ignoring reporters. but check out the book she is holding, the nonselling best seller "david and goliath: underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants." that's telling. the couple was scheduled to fly to the turks and caicos to celebrate an anniversary, but with all the paparazzi attention, we learn shedd may have diverted to another spot in the caribbean. the earliest kelly could be back on "live" is tuesday. >> the search for a new co-host will begin in the fall. the question becomes who is going to get that seat right next to kelly on "live." not you because we want to keep you here. >> i'm not going anywhere. but production tells us neil patrick harris is a strong candidate as well as cnn anchor anderson cooper. >> and they have both filled in on the show before. and they're fantastic. good choices either way. kelly's husband mark consuelos had been filling in before. nothing is really for certain until all that turmoil dies down. >> you got that right. let's move on now to another list of famous faces getting a
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big honor as people's most beautiful. jennifer aniston is the cover girl for the annual issue which came out this week. and we've got the making of that issue and jen's all new interview. >> i feel really beautiful when i finish a great workout. >> well, it takes work keeping that bod beautiful. she is on three different covers of "people" and confesses she never loved her booty. >> she would get teased what she called a bubble butt when she was younger. now she can't believe that people want injects to make their butts larger. >> she shared some of her healthy indulgence, hot water and lemon when she wakes up. then a homemade protein drink. watched her transform to friends. she was just 21 on the set of "ferris bueller" tv. >> i'm going to take it and make it my own and unique. >> she tells people hubby justin
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theroux is her bestie, and she would never leave home without -- >> without my wedding band. >> right now let's talk about some beautiful baby news that we got this week. and daniela rua posted this shot announcing her pregnancy. that's her husband david and son river. >> john legend and christy teigen posted these instagrams with their little girl luna. he was a no show at a series he produces. those closest to the couple dished details about little luna. >> she look likes both of them. she is gorgeous. >> sure does. kristy had a saying when she interviewed revealing her nickname is lulu. check out the full head of hair. and being candid about her recovery, she tweeted, no one told me i would be at home and in diaper taos. >> she is absolutely beautiful.
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>> underground producing partner mike jackson has actually held her. >> i've held a baby luna in my arms. >> little luna was born last thursday the 14th and weighed in at 6 pounds, 11 ounces. a source reveals to "e.t." luna's middle name simone is a nod to the late singer and civil rights activist nina simone, someone john admires. and john's real last name is stevens. >> it's going great. they're happy. they're elated. >> while the cast of underground gathered, john and chrissy. the new momma tweeted. we also welcomed to the world oden rain carter. backstreet boy nick carter and wife lauren welcomed their baby boy tuesday and sent "e.t." the first photographs. lauren was a total champ. her labor lasted 30 hours. and she gave birth at home naturally in water.
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as for the name, in german mythology, oden is a widely revered god. >> we talk about babies there is more baby news to talk about. this one is very sneaky. >> jason sudeikis conveniently did all of his press for his films "mother's day" and angry birds before his fiancee confirm they'd are expecting. >> definitely well planned. she posted this adorable instagram with her son otis who turned 2 on wednesday and captured it, matching baby bumps. cute. coming up, much more with prince. we open "e.t.'s" vault and look back at his incredible life, career, and we have all new interviews with his muses behind the music. then some other headlines. it's couples news with taylor, katy in orlando an olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers.
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scott eastwood and nina stirred up major speculation. quite cuddly at the coachella festival. but a source close to the actress they are really just good friends. and nina has been hooking up with someone else. what? so many stars were making news at the desert music festival just outside of l.a. last weekend. we've got all the intel as the stars go wild in the desert. ♪ we found love >> rihanna didn't hit the stage until after 11:30. and yeah, we were all looking for taylor. but hey, she had a packed weekend. she flew from coachella to san antonio, texas for a friend's wedding and then back to the three-day festival. hey, that's commitment. and by the way, she called that awesome look bleachella. >> more couples rihanna got cozy. pretty much nothing but sunglasses between them.
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okay. did these two coordinate their outfits? that's katy perry and orlando bloom arm in arm last sunday. reese witherspoon brought her daughter. sylvester stallone turned into it a family outing and so did cindy crawford who brought their 14-year-old daughter kaya. next, fashion. think flower crowns, reese even snap chatted herself in one. >> another trend for the festival was face jewelry. vanessa hudgens did up the look. and of course the kardashians were well represented in the desert. >> kendall wore a floor length dress. kylie wore pastel rainbow braids on the second day, pairing them with a bedazzled bikini from discount universe which sells for $238. interesting about that eyeball bikini. one way to make sure all eyes are on her. did you like that? taylor swift showing off her home decked out with skrt little
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mementos of calvin harris. oprah talking her return to tv. plus, she weighs in on the kelly and michael drama. >> nobody should ever be blind side. >> and kelly and mark as they escape for their 20th anniversary. our time with the couple back in the caribbean just before her wedding day. who is gloverwhen i visitedi knew whmy family in georgia.ike when i saw bernie sanders getting arrested for protesting segregation, it was powerful. dr. martin luther king jr. was building
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a poor people's movement where blacks, whites, latinos, asian-americans would come together around economic justice, and that's what bernie is trying to do today. i think bernie is with us. that's why i support bernie sanders. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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prince for "purple rain." >> as our coverage of the loss of prince continues, we're reminded of how he rock and shocked the oscars in 1985 with his purple sequins. he won the award for best original song. and the quiet man of few words seemed extremely grateful. >> unbelievable. i could never imagine this in my wildest dreams. ♪ purple rain, purple rain ♪ >> he was the rare music icon who translated to the big screen. >> i think human beings are actors.
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so, you know, you do a movie, you know, you get that fill. and then you move on the something else. >> more on his incredible career and his muses, straight ahead. it's time, brother. >> that is lady o. returning to scripted tv in "green leaf." the show has secrets, sex and since hiding in a memphis megachurch and will premier on her own network this june. we were with oprah in new york and talked about her show, the michael and kelly ripka situation and so much more. >> you know when oprah winfrey hits the red carpet, everyone goes crazy. you don't do it very often. >> oprah getting out and giving michael props on his new gig. >> he is going to be great on "good morning america." i think michael is so great. he is like a natural talent. well felt that from the moment he sat down in the seat next to her. great. and he is going to be great on
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"good morning america." he won't get to sleep, but he will be great. >> oprah herself was looking great in a spotted jumpsuit eight months into her weight watchers program, but has never been into an in-person meeting until this week. >> people basically did the home alone thing. >> down 30 pounds, lady. hit up the tribeca film festival to highlight her own series and scripted return to tv. >> i've done it since 1988 when i was actually trying to do a show, two shows a day and also act. it was nuts. >> we know what oprah will be doing next month. speaking at a very special graduation ceremony. winfrey will give the commencement address may 15th at johnson c. smith university in charlotte that is where two women who attended her girls school in south africa will receive their college degrees. >> come on. i love that. >> what a nice full circle moment that, right?
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meanwhile, as we told you earlier, it seems things are spinning out of control at "live" with michael strahan's departure. there is a lot of talk on the set about tension there. i worked with kelly for years in "all my children." i got along with her so well. everybody did. i also worked with strahan. i love them both. viewers view kelly as a sweetheart on the air and then hear she is maybe more of a diva behind the scenes. here is the question. who is the real kelly? >> i'm the luckiest woman in america. i hope all the girls that were mean to me in high school are watching this right now. eat your hearts out. >> many wonder is she sweet like the smiling girl we see on tv every morning or just spoiled? i can tell you firsthand she is a blast. kelly is really smart. she knows the game and she plays it up for the cameras. >> is there anything special? >> just be sexy. >> back to '96, the then 25-year-old was at the beginning of her career.
5:23 am
she made about $250,000 a year compared to the reported 20 mil she makes now. by this time kelly had already fallen for her co-star mark consuelos. >> i get to make out with the most gorgeous guy on television. >> the two eloped in vegas almost 20 years ago. and i can tell you, this relationship is legit. she runs things at home with the kids, but mark manages the business side of things. >> somewhere, somebody had mercy on me and said oh, let's not fire her this year, you know. she is cheap enough, we can keep her around until next year and then we'll get rid of her. >> the kelly i know, she is loyal, supportive. the only time i ever saw her come unhinged had to do with security surrounding her mom michael. and what mom wouldn't do that? and she is also committed. she works out two hours, five days a week. yep, she is extremely devoted to keeping her 5'3"100 pound body strong. this is not the first time the show faced drama. when she hosted with regis,
5:24 am
there was also rumors of infighting. she went mia then as well. >> i didn't know there was a feud. i've been out of the country. all because i tackled him to the ground in the hallway one day and a feud erupts. >> rumor news claim kelly is demanding and difficult. not sure about that. but she did tell us one motive behind what she does. >> you never know where your next paycheck coming from. you never know when it's all going to end. >> on the way, kate hudson is still about her hottie j.j. watt. only "e.t." was invited to melissa joan hart's 40th birthday. we flash back to her melissa explains it all. >> ryan reynolds. that. >> is next. but first, rupaul goes from ruin on the runway to crazy quiz show host. >> papa's got a brand-new -- >> throw in a speed round with dancing and gold bootie short, and there you have it.
5:25 am
gays for plays airing mondays on logo. on the day i stepped in, marla gibson and jack gay were reunited as contestants. and pitted against each other. who is going to win between the two of you? >> me, me. of course. >> uh-oh. it's back. >> very competitive. i was born this way. >> and before i left, ru and i played a host switcheroo, trading jobs. >> can try on your glasses and your jacket? i think i need. >> yeah, clean off the lens there. >> i'm going to put it out there. >> coming up on "e.t." we're going to talk to the queen herself, rupaul, out of rags. give it to us, rupaul. >> closed captioning provided by --
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tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation. without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. this weekend, we continue to honor the life of singer prince,
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known for being mysterious. in this rare 2014 appearance on "arsenio," he was actually funny, taking questions from fans in the audience. >> what really, really annoys you? >> strangering touching my hair. ♪ >> in 1993, he became fed up with his record label and famously changed his name to a symbol, combining the elements of male and female. most of us called him the artest formerly known as prince. ♪ i just want your extra time and your kiss ♪ >> known for his fondness for the ladies, he was married twice. first to singer mayte garcia. she became pregnant and he shared with us his joy. >> the most profound thing that happened to me is the way i view women now. and going through my wife's pregnancy had a really powerful effect on me. it just gave me the utmost of
5:30 am
respect for all of women. >> sadly, their baby son died seven days after he was born, and they would divorce. in 2001, he would marry second wife manuela. the marriage only lasted five years. >> whenever we get too tied down to anything on earth, be it a name, a body, a lifestyle, that's the road to ruin. >> welcome to america. >> he would often reinvent himself, releasing new music, going out on tour. but in our time with him, he learn head was a deeply spiritual man. >> any human being that is directed by fear has just forgotten their place with god. i study all the time to keep myself grounded. study the bible. i study life and love. if you spend your day doing that, it keeps you pretty protected from nonsense. making headlines. birthday girl kate hudson.
5:31 am
>> check out these shirtless presents she got for her 37th birthday. like how i called them presents? she had a sushi dinner with mom goldie and her girl squad, all documented on instagram and snap chat. but kate's social media had the rumor mill going recently when she posted a video out to dinner with j.j. watt, the nfl's most eligible bachelor. so are they dating? the superstar has been linked to katy perry, singer tori kelly and caroline wozniaki. >> and yankees star alex rodriguez and adam scott for kate. we know to set the record straight about j. >> how do you guys know about each other? >> oh, we actually have the same agent. we were at the a big dinner. what happened. yeah, no. we have the -- yeah, same agent. >> here is what i'm wondering.
5:32 am
if you guys get remarried, does it mean the ring has to be bigger? i'm saying yes. >> in her new movie "mother's day" she is besties with jennifer aniston, but it's her long relationship with director garry marshall that is coming full circling. >> you have known garry marshall -- >> it was such a memorable experience. because gary kind of creates this family oriented set. and sets are really boring for kids. >> there is 8-year-old kate looking anything but bored behind the scenes of the 1987 film. and there is her brother oliver. marshall telling us kate's following in her mom goldie's footsteps. >> kate was new and got in my way. but she sat on my lap and we yelled action together. we had a good time. in this movie, with her two kids, they sat on my chair and we all did it for her. >> we talked to gary. and he got really teary talking about you being on set with your mom, saying "action." now ryder on this set saying
5:33 am
"action." >> ryder is now getting it. he is at the age where he is oh, he wants to watch everything. >> now he is like okay. not just pretty. >> he is can i be an extra? you just relax. >> kate has been open about her struggles as a hollywood mom and in may's "instyle" confesses i feel like a bad mom. >> it's a hard thing when you're a working mom and you're a thousand miles away from your kids and they're doing things that are important in their life that you can't be present for is a real thing. i think at some point we have to say it doesn't make you a bad mom. >> listen, juggling for sure is difficult. but kate says she knows it will all turn out okay because her mom was that mom too. and look how successful that family has turned out. in fact, just announced, kate and kurt russell are set to star in an upcoming tv drama all about the gold rush. >> and you know what? i love that the two of them are doing tv again. but together this time.
5:34 am
a series. >> love it. >> so much fun. and sheer tv star celebrating a milestone. melissa joan hart, sabrina the teenaged witch is now 40. yeah, 40. and she had a big bash for her birthday. it was just last weekend. our senior news editor jennifer perris got the exclusive inside. >> i love the #fab40. you are looking fabulous. >> thank you. >> can you give a little twirl. >> in my ostrich feather. >> i love it who makes it? you got it on sale. i like it. big props to the birthday girl, happily married mama of three. at 40, melissa still down the 40 pounds she lost seven years ago, weighing about 117 pounds, thanks to nutrisystem. and check it out. melissa planned the entire blue and white themed party herself. 50 guest, a three-tiered chocolate vanilla cake. a 113 acre private estate and
5:35 am
hot husband mike wilkerson was the surprise present. >> he has been great because he has really sacrificed a lot of his career to raise our kids so that i could work. >> i don't feel like -- that was -- that was a conscious choice. >> so now that we all officially feel old because this girl is all grown up, we've got one of your first interviews. >> no kidding. i don't even have makeup on. >> look at baby melissa. >> i'm missing a tooth. >> at 40, melissa knows she can leave ex-boyfriend in the past. ryan reynolds. >> yeah, we worked together. and there was moment where we were i was in a relationship with another boy. and soy stayed true to that one. >> another thing that is clear, you don't have to do something just because it's popular. like making a reboot of your popular '90s show. melissa explained why a sabrina sequel is a no-go. >> the only comment is they look old. this one got fat.
5:36 am
>> but the best thing is being grateful for the now. >> i heard someone say what if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today that is so true. what if i'm not grateful for the things i have right in front of me, then what is the rest of my life about? can't be always chasing. it's exhausting. >> it's a good point. >> i like that a lot. >> one of the things she is grateful for is making the decision to raise her kids outside of hollywood. melissa tells us a village of people where she lives in connecticut have helped provide a more community-focused atmosphere for her family. and it works for them. >> very nice. straight ahead, who is the "sports illustrated" cover girl zip-lining in the clouds? >> oh, no, oh, no! >> all right. still to come, more with prince's muses. plus, what you never knew about taylor swift. her insecurity, her secret
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
si swimsuit model booker ready to zip-line. >> all right," e.t." let's go! i hope i don't die. woo-hoo! i have always been a little bit of a daredevil. that's changing now that i'm a new mom. i'm definitely thinking about my child and his future. but, yeah, i kind of always like to push the boundaries a little bit. >> brooklyn and husband andy
5:40 am
roddick became parents last year. that's their son hank with chrissy teigen and john legend getting in practice and advice from brooklyn. >> the trick is if the baby is crying, take them outdoors. all of the sudden they're in complete wonder. >> kind of like brooklyn. this sporty "sports illustrated" model is a sierra club ambassador, and her need for speed in the san gabriel mountains is to promote the national park service's 100th anniversary. >> i grew up camping and spending time outdoors. and i think that's something we're doing less and less outdoors. good for the soul. >> woo! >> you were a cat, would you get along with your cats? >> probably not. they would probably not think that i'm cool. that. >> is taylor swift making a little kitty confession about her furry pals, meredith and olivia. >> taylor gets hit with all kinds of questions for vogue. what we like hearing most are all the things we learn about her love life. >> hey, hey, hey! ♪ because the player is going the play, play, play, play ♪
5:41 am
>> if i could talk to my 19-year-old self i would say hey, you're going to date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to. but you're going to be a national lightning rod for slut shaming. >> slut shaming? easy, tay. we got your back, especially after this instagram, you watching calvin harris perform. and while we loved all the nine and a half minutes of your beverly hills bungalow home tour, our fav is all the calvin harris secret places. >> my boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for christmas. >> so sweet there is the wall art that says you have successfully buried yourself inside my head. date, february 26th, 2015. that's the day after the two first met at the brit awards. and hanging from the kitchen faucet, a photo from the night they partied a at the billboards awards after party there is a lot of cool things we learned thanks to vogue's 73 questions.
5:42 am
>> what is your favorite cocktail? >> vodka diet coke. >> what is the one thing you still have from your childhood? >> my insecurity. >> if you could raid woman's closet, who would it be? >> blake leveely. >> what is your favorite fashion trend? >> high wasted stuff. >> do you have nicknames? >> teffy. >> a grammy here in the piano room and one in the living room two. vma moon men are in her kitchen. but you know, this is just one of taylor's six homes. she's got places in new york, rhode island, and another in beverly hills. yeah, the reported $80 million singer is a super savvy businesswoman. >> what advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a singer. >> get a good lawyer. >> if you were not a singer, what would you be doing? >> might be in advertising. >> what is one song you wish you had written? >> the "friends" theme song because of the royalties. >> we have to go full circle and one more secret reference taylor made to her man.
5:43 am
>> what is your favorite scented candle? >> byredo tree house. that is it. >> oh my god, that's amazing. >> that candle, we did a little digging. and check it out. it's actually the exact same candle that calvin keeps in his studio. still to come, we're with some of prince's many muses. >> i've just always wanted to tell him they love him. >> how love affairs with kim basinger, carmen electra and sheila e. inspired his hits. then we open up the "e.t." vault looking back at the inspiring life of "everybody loves raymond" mom doris raymond. birthdays, which singer was offered scholarships to three universities, but decided to pursue a music career instead? it is one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box.
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5:47 am
romance? >> we did end up having a romance. he said i believe in you and i want people to take you serious. and people know you're my girlfriend, they'll think i'm just doing this you because you're my girlfriend. >> her romance ended when she moved out of their minnesota home. >> he sent me a little letter and cd. and it was the song "the most beautiful girl in the." ♪ the most beautiful girl in the world ♪ . >> and the letter said "until you love me again, the most beautiful girl in the world." ♪ ♪ what can i say >> his love interest in "purple rain" was an lopollonia coater row. >> i don't kiss and kell. we write the lyrics, share
5:48 am
clothes, we really care for each other. we have respect. >> "purple rain" was inspired by 2 singer vanity who dropped out when she broke up with prince. she died in february of health related issues at the age 57, the same age we lost prince. >> of course, prince discovered me. it was great. >> music seemed to connect him to his women. prince did the soundtrack for batman which led to a brief romance with its leading lady kim basinger. he even tried to turn her into a singer. but living in prince's spotlight wasn't easy. >> well, i was -- you have to deal with the reaction. >> his first wife mayte garcia, the mother of his deceased child told us they lost touch after their split. >> we don't have really much to talk about. we don't have any children. >> he also wooed actress misty
5:49 am
copeland, and singer bria valenti. no other singer could ever capture his sensuality and heat. it's easy to see why the ladies were caught in his spell. >> we have never seen a star like that with the sexuality. when he first came out, who is this dude? >> he is all man. but he is very in touch with his feminine side. and that was sexy. that was sexy. i mean, he -- he was like yeah, i'm wearing eye liner. i have eye liner on. but i'm a man. and i'm going to go kill it. >> such an unbelievable loss. and sadly, not the only one to talk about. i thought i heard someone who sounded like uncle gus. >> uncle gus died eight years ago. how did he look? >> the world will always remember doris roberts as ray romano's tv mom. she won four emmys in the role and helped make the show a number one hit for years. ray romano said, quote, doris roberts had an energy and a spirit that amazed me. she did everything with such a grand love for life and people.
5:50 am
and i will miss her dearly. this was the last time we saw doris nearly two weeks ago. she was going see a movie. "e.t.'s" time with doris goes back decades long before raymond. nancy o'dell joined the cast just two years ago future a special reunion and saw firsthand the bond they all shared. >> well, i think we're all smitten with each other. and we believed that we were the best there was. we were. >> they were a real family. when we brought them back together, they couldn't stop chatting and gossiping with each other. doris was the matriarch. >> i do live in the now. >> doris was 55-year-old when we first met her. it was 1981, the first year "e.t." went on the air. she was long established broadway vet who was starring in an a now forgotten sitcom called maggie. >> if you worry about tomorrow, you don't know what is going to happen. you really don't know what the hell is going to happen. so it just fills you full of fear. and if you worry about what you
5:51 am
didn't do yesterday, you're full of regret. >> but it was in 1996 when we first embraced her into our family. we visited the set of "everybody loves raymond" in its first season. audiences were just starting to get to know know it all marie. >> i think mother-in-laws, they mean well. they do. it's not a vicious woman, you know what i'm saying? it's a woman who has nothing else to do so she busts into her son's life. >> don't let them touch you! >> doris is survived by her son michael kannana and three grandchildren. >> they're the joy of my life. they're right behind you this. is devon. this is kelsey and this is andy. and they're fabulous. >> my mother marie, doris roberts. doris roberts. >> when i go, if there is a tombstone, it will say she doesn't give in. she doesn't give up. and she never takes no for an answer. >> spoke to ray romano at a comedy fast one day after the
5:52 am
raymond cast got together to celebrate doris. >> she meant so much to all of us. people sometimes say hey, she is known for my show. they seem like i made her when in reality she made me. i was a nobody. >> another update, the show's madeline sweeten and mom elizabeth were with us for another loss, sawyer sweeten, jeffrey on the series who was madeline's real life brother and twin of sullivan who was also on the show. sawyer committed suicide after suffering from mental illness. >> sullivan has said since sawyer passed that when he looks in the mirror and he sees sawyer now. because they look exactly the same. and that's really touching, i think. >> we shared with them our "e.t." footage of happier times on the set. but it really struck elizabeth. >> just the timing of it to be here around the time. it's been hard the last few day, elizabeth launched a website honoring her son and raising awareness. >> his life kind of lived on and
5:53 am
creates a legacy for him that is super important to me. there is a lot of information on it regarding suicide. and there is numbers and hot lines. >> it's a somber time for madeline, but she is comforted by fond memories of her tv grandmother. >> she was the sassy grandma. just as funny offstage as she was on. and always had really wise words. >> she will be missed. no question about that. now doris spent one of her last nights at a friend's house. they had dinner. they laughed, and she sang "moon river" with her. >> we'll be right back.
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by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. promo considerations provided by -- there they are. lots of stars with birthdays this weekend. valerie bertinelli is 56. barbra streisand celebrating turning 74. shirley maclaine 82. now take a final look at your choices. which singer was offered scholarships to three universities, but decided to pursue a music career instead? that is kelly clarkson, who turned 34 this weekend. starting thursday on "e.t. weekend" -- >> oh, my gosh, it's so good. >> big stars.
5:57 am
>> look at me now! >> big exclusives. and all the gossip you can handle. >> that rumor starts. >> plus every friday in may, all the fashions do, don'ts and do overs. >> on "e.t." >> we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website, etonline. >> i know they will. before we go, check out the video for the song "middle." >> it features british singer. josh hutcherson from the hunger games stars in the video. it's got 13 million youtube views, and it's climbing the billboard chart. >> yes, it is. so enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everyone. >> bye. ♪
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