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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. from the from the yes, it is eyewitne eyewitness. three different gunshots right after and everybody kind of went on the floor. >> sheer panic inside a montgomery county church after a man opens fire. tonight one person dead. the investigation is far from over. montgomery county officials say they know who the shooter is but no charges have been filed just yet. good evening, i'm natasha brown. it all happened at the keystone fellowship church in north wales. greg argos shows us there is still plenty for police to figure out. . >> montgomery township police. >> usually go to the morning service at 9:00. i actually was studying for finals. >> reporter: during the 11:00 a.m. service. >> the shooting. the keystone fellowship church. >> we were worshipping and you hear three different gunshots right after. everybody kind of went on the floor and was hiding.
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>> fight broke out between two church members at the keystone fellowship church in montgomery township. >> the active shooter 427 stadium road. >> reporter: we know the man killed is 27-year-old robert braxton of north wales. we still don't know exactly why braxton was shot. >> there was a disturbance that escalated into an altercation between two church members. at least one shot was fired by a church member involved in the altercation. >> reporter: kevin steele says the shooter has not been arrested and is cooperating with police. >> we're going to have to determine whether the shooting was justified under the law. we're still interviewing witnesses. >> i think this was an isolated incident. you know, this isn't going to happen again. i'd definitely come back. >> reporter: we spoke with braxton's cousin off cram. she says the family, of course, obviously upset and asking for
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privacy. as for braxton's body, we're told an autopsy scheduled for monday. reporting mere in montgomery county greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." also tonight police say man shot and killed while speaking with a campaign staff for a pennsylvania congressionaling candidate. this was the scene on vernon road in cedar brook. officials say the victim had been in discussion with state representative candidate chris. he was speaking to the staff when the shooter approached the victim from behind and shot him twice in the head. the suspects fled and there is no word yet on what motivated him to open fire. now, to campaign 2016 news, where the push for pennsylvania is on. today, hillary clinton was in philadelphia and several other candidates will be in our area tomorrow. cbs3 cameras were with clinton today as she made her way to different churches in the city.
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>> what started out as a normal sunday service at triumphth baptist church in north philadelphia quickly turned into much more. an audible gaps then cheers from the crowd as hillary clinton surprised church goers with an appearance. >> this is a day the lord has made. let us rejoice and be glad in it. >> clinton began by acknowledging the history made this week with the image of harriet tubman being place odd the $20 bill. she quickly turned to issues personal to philadelphians and the african-american community. >> it is just a fact that african-american young man are arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated for doing the same things that young wait men do that do not get the same treatment. >> she went on to tout her mission to reform the criminal justice system and gun laws and
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defending the affordable care act were among some issues she touched on. >> we need good schools for everyone child regardless of the zip code that child lives in. if you will vote for me, i will stand up for you throughout this campaign. i will fight for you and i will continue to stand up and fight all the way into the white house. >> from north philadelphia to overbrook in west philly clinton darted across town. many capturing the moment on cell phone cameras. >> i believe in what she says. i think she can be -- she can be a better person candidates, and she, she's going to fight for us as african-americans. >> she's hoping her message continues to resinate with philadelphia voters. just days before the primary election. >> everything that she said resonates with me as a pennsylvania voter as well as the message to get out and be
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active and engaged and vote. >> i thought her message rang true. i'm inspired and i am looking forward to voting on tuesday. >> meantime bernie sanders spoke to a crowd of supporters in providence rhode island this afternoon. he spoke about a rigged economy that causes hardship for the. >> a rigged economy is despite all of our labor, 58% of all new income generated today is going to the top one percent. >> sanders will be in philadelphia, holding a 6:00 p.m. rally at drexel university athletic center then head to the national constitution center for a town hall meeting at 8:00 p.m. ted cruz is the only candidate who not be in our area tomorrow. cruz was in indiana this weekend. tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., donald trump will host a rally at university. john kasich will stop by the penrose diner in south philly before heading out to
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pittsburgh. he appeared this morning on "face the nation" and questioned whether or not cruz or trump can defeat hillary clinton. >> delegates are going to want to know who can beat hillary because if we don't beat hillary we lose the supreme court, united states senate, state and local races, where we're heading. >> ted cruz will remain in indiana tomorrow ahead of that state's may 3rd primary. a new cbs news polls shows the front runners are looking strong in pennsylvania. the cbs battles ground tracker shows donald trump with 49 percent followed by 26 for cruz and 22 for kasich. on the democrat side clinton leads sanders 51% to 43%. we will have to find outcome tuesday whether the poll are accurate when voters in pennsylvania and delaware head out to cast the votes. in new jersey, the primary will be held on june 7th. the coming up in the next half hour, are jessica dean sits down with the democratic
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candidates hoping to go up against incumbent republican pat toomey and the u.s. senate race in pennsylvania. also today was pretty much a perfect spring day. beautiful out there. it can be more sunshine as we head back to work on monday? meteorologist lauren casey is live on the cbs3 sky deck. with the answer, is it still pleasant. >> very pleasant. nice light breeze, clear sky conditions. temperatures starting to cool off, feeling very nice. 55 degrees is your current for in philadelphia. we're at 51 in allentown. a little bit chillier down the shore where we had a cooler afternoon. temperatures in the 40's. stormscan 3 showing us the trend of the day-to-day and that is a bunch of nothing just a couple of patchy high clouds working through the delaware valley. we do have our next to storm system pretty far up wind at this point but it is a potent system in the upper midwest it will continue moving eastbound and arrive in our neck of the woods as we head to tuesday. out the door tomorrow morning,
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on a monday morning, sunrise at 6:08, nice clear skies, 8:00 hour nearing the 60 degree mark. warmer temperatures plus the rain that is in the forecast for tuesday and all that's coming up in your full forecast in just a few, natasha. >> thank you. they didn't go down easy. after falling into a three to nothing hold. flyers fought back but today they ran out of gas and were bounced from the playoffs by the washington capitols, lesley van arsdale is here on a pretty tough loss. >> it's a tough group out there. no one really expected them to make the playoffs. coming back from a 3-0 series deficit is extremely tough. it's only happened nine times. the orange and black did it in 2010, but luck was not on the flyers side. no score, backstrom beat michael neuvirth, that will give the
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caps a 1-0 lead. the fly guys could not get the puck, he turned away 26 shots and recorded his second shut-out of the series as the flyers came to an end. >> it's unfortunately we didn't win. that's what you take. went win, obviously, we're not -- we're satisfied but we're not satisfied. we know we can be better. >> unfortunately, we didn't. you know, like i said, it's been a tough series. a lot of battling. they played good, and i think we did hard. >> hard to win a series when you score just s onix a power play in the series but the future is bright for the flyers. >> they still looked good. >> it was a lot to accomplish. >> thank you. early on it did look like dave hakstol first year in charge might be a forgetable one but the flyers turned it around
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with late run and provided a lot of thrills along the way. that was the recurring themes of the fans we spoke with. >> i didn't even think we we were going to make the playoffs. that's a bonus in and of itself. we got young talent coming up. ready to go. >> i think the game was excellent. we love the flyers, we'll still support them at my doesn't matter they didn't win, we love them regardless, let's go flyers. >> most experts saw this as a rebuilding here for the flyers, who ended up in the playoffs with the first year coach. philadelphia born singer billy paul passed away at the age of 80. the soul singer was diagnosed with pancreatic singer and died at his home today in blackwood new jersey. the grammy award winning artist is widely known for his 1970s hit me and mrs. jones. he's also one of many artist whose have success with the the philadelphia based writing team. his manager tells "eyewitness
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news" he always helped philadelphia close to his heart. >> billy came from a very challenging background. the fact that he succeed in music with honor, with dignity, with talent is a credit to him. he is beloved by the world. >> such a loss. paul also served in the army with elvis pressly and a number of other musicians and coached world war ii germany. three days after prince's death, fans continue to pay tribute to the pop icon in special ways. correspondant omar villafranco reports. thousands showed up outside of his estate in minnesota to remember the music legend. >> reporter: the bells at minneapolis city hall didn't ring, they rocked.
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♪ . >> reporter: home town honored the mega super star's purple rain in the music industry by playing a few hits from the bell tower. outside his paisley park estate, thousands of fans flocked to pay their final respects to prince with purple balloons, flowers and even a guitar. fans from all over the country still can't believe he's gone. >> i really believe in my life i would never love another artist like i've loved prince. >> it hit me hard the first day. then came home and sobbed. i'm finally able to kind of compose but it still doesn't feel real. >> reporter: the tributes continue to pour in showing our influential the pop icon was across the world. they honored their state's favorite son putting his famous symbol in the stands and pausing for a moment of silence with his picture on the jumbo tron before the hockey game. in uptown minneapolis, a membership faced mural and a do
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have commemorated his death. omar villafranca cbs3 "eyewitness news." stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news," a construction site ablaze out west. a look at the damage this massage fire caused and how it's affecting residents in that area. crossing the ocean without a worry in the world when it comes to the fuel game. the ground breaking flight and what it means for at the future of aviation. lauren? >> we do have another round of sunshine in store for monday. done lose track of that umbrella. rain returns tuesday, we'll talk about the
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. 11 people are without a home. it took more than 100 firefighters to put out that blaze which destroyed most of an under construction apartment complex. 70 people were evacuated. three firefighters did suffer minor injuries.
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still no word on what sparked the flames. tonight a community in wisconsin is in shock after a teenage boy shows up to a prom and injures two people. two students were shot by 18 yard jacob wagner. officers in the parking lot heard shots, they fired at wagner, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have not said whether they believe the students were targeted or if there was a motive. >> the community is safe at this point. we also a lot of investigation worry about. looking at the victims. >> both of the students's injuries are nonlife-threatening. also tonight, the u.s. is sending up to 250 military officials to syria to help with the fight against isis. u.s. officials say president obama will make a formal announcement during his trip to germany. the troops will advise forces.
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that's where the islamic group is based. about 50 u.s. special operation forces are already in syria. former united states senator revealed today he intends to marry a man who is 50 years his junior. paris willford is 90 years old and a prominent pennsylvania democrat. he attended a new york times editorial that he has been with his boyfriend 15 years. his wife claire passed away 20 years ago. pair had enjoyed a marriage spanning 48 years. wilford calls his life a story of two great loves bob casey tweeted out his support saying thank you for this brave and inspiring. #love is love. today it marks 100 years since the 1916 irish easter rising. it revolted in an independent ireland. a ceremony at the irish memorial
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featured a number of guest speakers. there was a ceremonial flag raising. a formal program followed in front of independent hall. a pilot landed his solar-powered without the use of conventional jet fuel. chris martinez has more on this history making flight. >> reporter: after 62 hours in the air, non, stop, the solar impulse 2 passed over the golden gate bridge before gliding back to earth. loan pilot ask described his experience hours before touching down. >> the view is absolutely gorgeous. >> reporter: the experimental aircraft runs entirely on solar power. the wings stretch wider than a being 747 are covered with 17,000 solar cells constantly
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recharge the plane's batteries, travels 60 miles an hour during the day holding enough to fly at night. >> we can fly longer without fuel than with fuel. >> reporter: the solar impulse 2 began it's journey over a year ago. it's now made nine separate flights in an attempt to circle the globe. but there have been complications along the way. after landing in hawaii last summer, the aircraft was grounded nearly ten months because of heat damage to the battery system. the plane finally took to the skies against last week, prompting a call to the cockpit on earth day from the headquarters of the united nations. >> you look like an astronaut on the moon. >> what you are doing today in new york, signing the climate agreement is more than protecting the environment. it is the large of the clean technology revolution. >> reporter: from california, the plane will head to new york
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before attempting to cross the atlantic and finally complete it's voyage. >> the story isn't finished. >> reporter: a story that could one day change the way we fly. chris martinez for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> wow, the future of aviation possibly. that's exciting. i'm excited about warm weather. >> warming up, another round of sunshine in store, rain tuesday, we do need the rainfall, we're falling into the deficit. something for everyone in the forecast. it is spring. today was a gorgeous day. and has transitioned into a gorgeous sunday night clear sky conditions across center city philadelphia as we take a live look from sky cam 3, 55, not too chilly right now, south wind around nine miles an hour, due points dropped off from the start. due points in the 30's, indicating we do have a dry air mass in place as we head into tuesday. we'll kind of feel a little bit of a sticky factor start to return, temperatures right now
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in the low 50's in the lehigh valley upper 40's down the shore, 55 is your current temperature in wilmington. it was a cooler afternoon down the shore because we had the south winds pick up driving the cooler air in from off the ocean. temperatures right now chilly in cape may, 45. overnight dropping back to 50 in center city. not as chilly as last night. mostly clear sky conditions with light south westerly winds. tomorrow, mostly sunny nice and warm running about ten degrees above average. and kind of a bummer it's monday but today was nice. stormscan 3 showing us the trend of the day today and that was nothing high pressure in control. just patchy high clouds moving in over the last couple hours across the delaware valley. much more active weather as we move out west. central planes with severe weather ongoing right now. the system will move eastbound and impact us as we head into tuesday. a secondary system form, will
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impact portions oh of the plane tomorrow where a severe weather outburst is likely. if you have friends from kansas to oklahoma. give them a heads-up. they're going to be dealing with severe weather and quite a bit as we head to tuesday and tuesday afternoon and evening. for us, we have a marginal risk of severe weather for a portion of the region. this is on tuesday again. we're in the lowest category there but that does mean we do have a chance at seeing an isolated severe thunderstorm and we're going to have to deal with the showers and thunderstorms especially during the afternoon on tuesday as we head to the polls in pennsylvania and delaware. don't let that stop you from voting. 78 the high temperature, a warm and sticky today at that. what to expect tuesday, morning probably the best time to head to the polls, spotty showers around. otherwise mainly dry conditions. activity going to increase as we head into the afternoon as the system makes an approach. we get the daytime heating destabilizing the atmosphere. heavy downpours.
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potential for strong thunderstorms is there, future weather going to show us we'll skip till 6:00 because we're not going to see much of anything, sunshine as we head into tomorrow, we could see isolated cells especially north and west of the city as we head into tuesday morning, most of the activity will be north of us as portrayed in our model. but then as we head to the afternoon, the activity will start to fire up. line broken line of scattered showers and thunderstorms heavy pockets of rain moving in late afternoon and evening into philadelphia and surrounding counties. then into the latter portion of the evening as we look down the shore. heads-up tuesday, we will be dealing with the active weather. we quiet down as we head into wednesday, mostly sunny 66. thursday we bring back in rain chance don't lose track of that umbrella scattered showers. maybe a few rumbles of thunder possible. mainly quiet on friday. which with a morning sprinkle possible. everyone looking ahead. the runners towards sunday, the
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broad street run at this point looks dry. the but of course, stay tuned. it's a week out. >> you don't want to commit too soon. >> never want to commit too soon. >> thank you, lauren, appreciate. pope francis meantime a surprise appearance at an earth day events on sunday. he got up on stage to give an unscheduled address to the delight of the audience. he listened to speeches before spending some time chatting with those who gathered at the park. >> it's so amazing, this great love that he has for each of us. how he listens to each of the people who share their experience. >> the pope is a fears environmental campaigner. and wrote a ground breaking document urging the international community to take action on climate change. stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news" making prom very special for special local girls. reason these dresses meant so
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. busy day in sports. >> one seasoning another starting. phillies were on a role after he winning three in a row. they pounded out 33 hits, eickhoff on the mound, the game tied up in the six. cameron ruf with the plate. left center freddie galvis scores and the phillies regain the lead. bottom of the six and things fell apart for eickhoff. kirk with a -- ryan howard into right field. chris carter school. milwaukee take a lead for good. jonathan, that's going to drive in another run, milwaukee score six times in the inning to beat the phillies 8-5. coming up in our second half hour, glen macnow will join me.
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does he think the eagles gave up too much to move up in the draft? we'll find out in a few minutes. >> so much to debate about that. we'll have to see. thank you very much. stay with us, still to come the news that beyonce d do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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. welcome back you will get your hand on the new black men. it will be available on i tunes at midnight. many of her fans got angry because they're not title subscribers. also many local students in the meantime in the region now have a nice dress to wear at their prom thanks to very generous donations, "eyewitness news" at drexel university where the black action committee held a free prom dress give away today. to under privileged girls in the region who would otherwise have to pay a lot of money. organizers say they decided to do this so every girl would have the chance to go to the school's prom. >> we decided to do this we want think it was right some girls
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get to go and others don't simply because of the costs. we want to give everybody the opportunity. we had a lot of good don't anywheres. >> that is awesome. the organization received dozens of dresses from various donors. an historic church in manayunk is celebrating it's 185th university. st. john the baptist parish where many gathered to celebrate it's great history. it was a big year which raised more than $1 million to repair the tower and bells. the archdiocese blessed and the celebrations continued outside at a block party. still to come on this expanded edition of "eyewitness news," president obama


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