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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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hear three different gunshots right after, i mean, everybody kind of went on the floor. >> we know the man killed is 27 year old robert brooks on of north wales. >> political bombshell in campaign 2016. ted cruz, and john kasich, are actually teaming up in a last ditch effort to block donald trump from getting the republican presidential nomination. >> you will vote for me, ill stands up for you. >> hillary clinton plans two rallies, one in wilmington this morning, the other tonight at philadelphia city hall. bernie sanders returns to philadelphia for separate town shawl at the national constitution center. today president obama is expected to announce the us is spending up to 250 military officials to syria to battle isis. >> philadelphia born singer billy paul has passed away at the age of 80. the grammy award winning artist is widely known for his 19 70s hit me and mrs. jones. >> ♪
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>> purple rain ♪ >> i love. that all of the tributes, we can take them all. that will was bruce springsteen playing tribute to prince at his show in brooklyn over the weekends. >> the boss salutes the prince, amazing. let's head outside to katie. how does it feel in still dark. but is it warm? >> i wouldn't say it is warm, just yet, yes, you know with the clear skies out there, guys, you know, the heat that we build up from the day before can just go right back up to the atmosphere. so temperatures can drop little more readily, we do have nice clear sky. dow suggest you dress in layers, because eventually it is going to start to warm up nicely from here to the point that you will not be needing that jacket. storm scan3, taking a look right now at the last three hour loop. you have a couple of high clouds granted across the northern tier of the area, totally dry, and generally what we call clear. look at these temperatures, though, yes, down to the low
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40's in the pinelands, millville, 41 the current temperature there, under 50 degrees now at philadelphia international airport. you were in the 50's just over the last hour, so yes, clear skies really helping things along to keep things on the chilly side, at least initially. but, look how quickly we rebound, even by 9:00 this morning, back in the low 60s, mid 70s come noontime. by 3:00 p.m., heck, might as well be summertime under the sunshine, looks lovely. now this is going to continue at least through the rest of the day, the dry wet their; but eventually changes are on the way. we look at some of the days thus far this month. how we tallied up with sunny, partly sunny, or cloudy days. and granted there haven't been too many cloudy days just yet. that is going to change come tomorrow. granted should be at least little sun to work w however, sign of things to come, in that we do have our next storm system, mainly, frontal boundary headed our way. wet wet letter have to return to the forecast. i'll time the wet weather out, since primary day is around the corner, meisha? >> let's slow it down today, and enjoy this beautiful day.
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we know the rain is coming tomorrow. so we will enjoy today. blue route southbound looking at villanova here. looking good both directions actually northbound, southbound, looking good. right around villanova see certainly maybe start too long heat up just little bit. big comparison from what we saw even just hour ago. delaware county 95 north at 452, same thing here, looking good as you take this toward the airport. schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction, the boulevard, looking good, both moving in the eastbound and westbound side, westbound actually looking fairly quiet right now, eastbound side is maybe just starting to heat up ever so slightly. world the mass tran the, patco moving a special evening schedule, new weekday schedule starts today, center city trolley tunnel opens 5:00 a.m. closed over the weaker for for repairs and inspection, line panting project, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the schuylkill, running all week, and 202, which is going to be running today, and tomorrow, so that line painting project is banking on over to this week, again, the schuylkill and 202 this week, jim, over to you. >> thanks so much.
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city officials will meet in wilmington tonight to discuss violence inside their schools. >> this is awful story. teenage girl was beat tone death last week inside her high school's bathroom. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live in the cbs-3 news center as the community demand answers. justin? >> good morning. tonight's wilmington area town hall comes after sophomore's death. calls for ends to youth violence, growing louder now, after video of the teen's final moments have now surfaced on line. cbs news has confirmed that that is joiner on the right, she was a 16 year old sophomore at howard high school of technology, wilmington police say at least two other girls attack her on the school bathroom last thursday morning, and joiner died soon after in the hospital. no weapons were found, and no word yet on any charges or arrests. but police say three girls have been questioned and suspended from school. the department of just tips confirms it is on the case, from reviewing physical evidence as well as social media evidence, to speaking
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with witnesses. meanwhile the howard campus still grieves at a vigil one student worried that peer pressure and social media contributing to youth violence. >> social media plays big part in a lot of what's going on nowadays. it is cool to record a fight. it is cool to be on social media because after fight. i think that's where a loft us mess up. >> and no word yet on cause of death. funeral arrangements are pending, that town hall is set for 6:00 p.m. tonight at stubs elementary. wilmington mayor dennis williams among the speakers, brooke, jim, back into you. >> thanks a lot, justin, the time 5:35. in business news this morning, who doesn't look good in a monogram bathrobe? >> i would like one. you can add that to the list, please. what do experts think about this meeting's fed? of the fed, hena dance yells joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, hand a. >> good morning, guys. gains by energy and financial companies aided by the rising cost of oil, help stocks last
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week, dow up 21-point, nasdaq down 39. invest letters keep close eye on federal reserve meeting this week over interest rates. policy makers gathered tuesday, wednesday, widely expected to keep race steady. how much, the fed might tweak the country's economic outlook to reflect better conditions, opening the door rate hike later. >> your cosco membership could be going up soon. according to analysts at uvv, retailer probably diagnose to raise prizes 10% by late this year. annual fees would go from $55 to $60, for basic membership. and to 120 from 110 for executive membership. fees last went up in november of 2011. >> and, prince george is setting fashion standards again. the two year old's monogram bathrobe that he wore while meeting president obama is sold out. the company my first years is only excepting free orders -- pre orders of the personalized
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white bathrobe, following a jump in sales. the company's website calls the robe, quote, fit for a prince. brooke, jim? >> of course it is. that's adorablement thanks, hain a. >> meanwhile in other news, unprecedented move from ted cruz and john cast i can. the candidates are teaming up in a a last ditch effort to stop donald trump. the republican rivals have agreed each focus on certain states, in a joint maneuver to deny donald trump the necessary delegates and throw open the july convention. it is happening in time for primaries in pennsylvania and delaware. today at 4:00 trump will host a rally at west chester university. this morning, kasich will stop by the penrose diner in south philadelphia, all three continue to insist they are the best for the job. >> we'll bring jobs back. we'll get rid of obama care. we'll come up with great health. we're going to save our second amendment whisk shipped away at. >> the message of growth, of opportunity, of bridging people together, this is what needs to be heard, not this
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negative message of gloom and doom. >> and what we're seeing happening all across the country is we are seeing republicans coming together, and uniting behind this campaign. >> cruz campaigned in win pa over the weaken, today in indianna and nebraska, which holds primaries next month. >> now, trump responds today all of this on twitter. he said, quote, this is a quote, lying ted and kasich are mathematically dead and totally desperate, their donors and special interest groups are not happy with them. sad! >> on to the democratic side, hillary clinton holds two local rallies today. >> her first in wilmington this morning. she will host another at philadelphia city hall tonight. yesterday the former secretary every state visited two philadelphia churches. triumph baptist church clinton talk about reforming the criminal justice system and changing gun laws. >> end the culture of gun violence, we will work to change the laws, we will work
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to provide more mental health, but we must work with our young people so they understand a gun is not the answer to anything. >> after tonight's rally clinton heads to the national constitution center for a town hall. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders visit philadelphia for separate town hall at the constitution center, before that he will hold a 6:00 p.m. rally at drexel university. yesterday sanders campaigned in rhode island, which also has a primary tomorrow. sanders told supporters, in providence, that he's in the race to stay. >> and i would hope in a rhode island, as it name to the previous other 16 states, and saying we are going to go forward with a political revolution. >> sanders also plans a rally in pit burying this morning. >> our coverage of campaign 2016 continues on before you head to the polls, learn more on the races including contest for u.s. senate, congress, and
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pennsylvania attorney general. here's a surprising announcement. from former pennsylvania senator. harris wolf erred says he's marrying the man, 50 years younger than him. the 09 year old wofford broke the news in a new york times. he describes it as a story of two great loves. wolf heard's wife died 20 years ago after battling leukemia. he met his fiancee five years later and they are getting married saturday. >> well, coming up: convenient for cleaning but they also can be very dangerous. >> we have the new warning about a popular item you could have in your house, right now. hey, pat? >> reporter: hey, jim, brooke, good morning, coming up: we go behind the lens. here at william tenant high school in warminster, they get ready for first ever film festival. we'll show you highlight coming up
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>> marlie hall has staggering result on the detergent packets. >> they can be convenient way to dot laundry. now a toddler checks look like candy. >> two years ago, angela told
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us her daughter had to go on life support when she ate a pact as a toddler. >> she was foaming at the mouth, couldn't breathe, couldn't move. she was just laying there. >> new study in the journal pediatrics says there are more than 62,000 detergent related calls to poison control centers in 2013, and 2014. there was a 17% rise in calls specifically about laundry packets. among those, there were 17 cases of coma, six cases of respiratory arrest, and two cases of cards arc arrest. >> we want to let parents know, this is something they want to take caution with. put it up in the cabinet. put it behind their cabinet lock. >> last year consumer reports stopped recommending laundry packets, because of the potential danger. but the industry says, it is adopting new voluntary safety clinics. procter & gamble, maker of pods, introduce new pods this year that are stronger. >> this also have a birth tasting substance on the outer film to stop kids from biting
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into them. >> we're end introducing new bag with child guard zipper. >> new packages hit store shelves next month. safety advocates plan to monitor the changes to make sure they prevent poisoning. marlie hall, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". good information, keep them away from kids. let's get the latest on today's forecast. >> katie is checking in with the weather watchers. i love this part of the show, kate. >> i yes, these guys are up dark and early with us, as women a lot of reports this morning. thank you for waking up so early to provide these observations. they really help us fine tune the forecast, we have generally speaking mid 40's to report around the region, but there are some spots where you are in the outlying suburbs down into the 30's like the pinelands, through the far northwestern suburbs outside of the city but it is actually believe it or not little milder than that up in the mountains, where keith is reporting up in saylorsburg near the pocono region, says it is a cool morning, though, and i like this, taking my advice andresing in layers this morning, thanks, keith.
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we go little further south, zero in on cup of these, take you outside of center city philadelphia where bill is reporting 42 degrees, in card inning ton, granted couple of clouds overhead, but overall clear sky. certainly another morning, that you are going to want to have the jacket. but dress in layers. because, later today, it is a shorts and t-shirts kind of afternoon. let's go to just one more, take you across the delaware river, 4 degrees, coming in from allen, clear sky as well out in delran. and he's waiting for new photo, he said, up loading photo soon. looking forwards to beautiful day, thanks, alan. storm scan3, we take a peak here, warmfront lifting north. and any wet weather is far removed from our area. so generally again looking at more sun than anything. couple of clouds, really it. then you have got the area of low pressure developing well off to the west, draping frontal boundary, that's what's going to eventually be crossing through tomorrow. there will be a set up for some nasty storms through the central planes. and here, at home, we may even end up with some stronger storms ourselves. so, we will be watching for
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some scattered showers out, there for primary morning. it is mainly afternoon and early evening, though, couple of stronger storms are likely to develop. so could be gusty winds, potential for hail, definitely heavy downpours, do you have keep an eye out for, that absolutely we'll let you know if anything erupts, but flirting with 80 tomorrow. behind the front back to the mid 60s where we should, and the sun will return. >> katie, we got to get out, enjoy it today, because it is going to be gorgeous. 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, past oaks. see the sun trying to push up against the blue sky, looks amazing outside right now. it is gorgeous. the roadways are nice and dry. traffic volume levels certainly are starting to build, maybe ever so slightly right now, but overall things are looking really nice. ben franklin bridge slow coming from jersey in center city moving in the westbound direction, this is basically what you are looking at, looking real nice. fifty-nine at girard, same thing here, although one of the areas that we know heats up quickly. now that we are pushing toward the 6:00 hour we can specially expect this to start heating up.
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sea of headlights. both directions moving in the northbound, southbound direction. water main break delaware here residential area, ziply road closed between wilson and boulder brooke drive. it is still out there. i'll let you know as soon as that clears. worlds of mass transit, patco running special eastbound evening schedule tonight, norristown high-speed line, running new weekday schedule, and that starts today. so make sure to check your schedules on line, jim, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha a well the future of hollywood could be coming from bucks count. >> i high school student there are showcasing talents in a film festival and our pat gallen is live at william tenant high school in warminster where we get sneak peak. hey, pat? >> reporter: good morning, jim, brooke. here at the beautiful digital production studio william tenant high school, student working on something special now the last couple of of months. first ever film festival. they have enters over 30 films into this festival, and their first ever, so let's give you little taste, little sneak peak of what some of the student have been working on,
5:49 am
it is this thursday, coming up at the high school. >> what do you want? >> calm down, i just want to borough a pen. >> dude, this is my only pen. >> i only need one. >> so you have got comedy. you have got documentaries, you've got psa. this year is dina motorcycle calf ricks the digital production teacher here at william tenant high school part of the crew that put it together. good morning. >> good morning,. >> the what brought this idea about? >> when i started here four years ago, i wanted to have a venue where student don't showcase their work and just share with the community the great stuff that we do here every day. we needed a place for young film makers to express themselves. are you impress in the. >> ers philly was really impressed. we thought we would get three entries. real thrilled with being organic and home-grown, we have so many entries.
5:50 am
>> let's tubing some of the student about this. what's the biggest challenge so far about this. >> the biggest challenge right now would just to see the turn out, kind of we were stressing out in the beginning, seeing how many people were actually going to enter. >> sure. >> and it was definitely the whole organization of it, whether are we going to be organized enough or are we going to get the turn out that we really need. >> so far so good. >> so far so good. >> talking fun stuff, erin also in the film festival. what's been the most fun about this entire project or project if you you have if you have done mullet be? >> for me i had the chance to edit the promo and trailers for the film festival. so i was able to see some of the work and casino of put it together, for me that was the most fun part. but also when i was able to work on my own films and edit them. now i am going to be able to get feedback on. that will so casino of excited about that. >> how do you feel about them? >> pretty confident. >> good. see you thursday. dina tell us some of the information quickly about what is to common thursday? >> thursday night the doors open at 30:00, with red carpet
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entrance, some photo opportunity. tickets $5 at the door. and we had some professional film makers as judges, so you're in for really good treat. william tenant high school # p.m. >> if you're in the area come on out. these kids will be taking our jobs soon, jim, brooke, something to look forward to. >> will they wake up at 2:00 in the morning. that's what you need to ask them. >> thanks so much, pat. >> well, they woke up early this morning to come in here. >> one day. >> pat, thanks a lot. see now little bit. some other talented student from our area are getting ready for big competition, as well. >> in the beginning of the year, honestly, i don't think any of us were thinking about district competitions let alone st. louis. >> the bensalem robotics team heading to saint lou for the world robotics team championships. tell but their true underdog story, tomorrow morning, on "eyewitness news", starting at 4:30. we've got smart kids all over the area. >> well, before you leave home, we have three took, including where you can see the presidential candidates
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>> one of these runners was out of this world. this is british astronaut, tim peak, running the race in
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space. waist strapped to treadmill inside the international space staying. his estimated time, three hours, 35 minutes, and 212th. we are counting down to this year's race for the cure. cbs-3 proud to support susan g. komen. join all of us, me, brooke, meisha, a katie, the "eyewitness news" team there is morning's team at the komen race for the cure on mothers day, sunday may eighth. come walk or run with us, by registering at everyone who registers to walk or run with the team will receive a special commemorative t-shirt. we hope to see you thereon mothers day, i have posted on facebook, as well. >> yes, we do. before you head out the door, here are three things happening today. it is three to go. >> it is a frantic day of campaigning around the delaware valley before tomorrow's primary. donald trump, and john case being, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, will all make stops across the area to try to get out the vote. >> and there is a plunge community meeting at 6:00 tonight in wilmington after girl was killed in the bathroom at howard had i
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school of technology. >> we could find out if a man will face charges for a shooting, and an autopsy done today on the victim. that's three to go. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", new threat from the seek a virus, could impact every single american. >> and, look for this down the shore this summer. we will show you the hottest new craze to hit the beach coming up.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. the race for the white house intensifies, with candidates pushing hard ahead of tomorrow's primaries in pennsylvania and delaware. and now the gop has a bold new plan to try to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. where you can see everyone today. >> gunfire erupt in a church leaving one man dead, but the gunman has not been arrested. the reason why no charges have been filed, is coming up. >> and president obama makes major announcement about the war on isis. and where he's sending hundreds of special operation forces. today is monday april the 25th, good morning, i'm jim
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donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. thank four joining us. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things, as well. >> happy monday. one minor accident out there on the schuylkill. >> fantastic, weather not looking too bad either, more sunshine for you out there. manny feel my allergies starting to get to me. this last half hour, i was sneezing like would you not believe. during a commercial break on the skydeck, so luckily nobody had to deal with that, but yes. those are going to get to you. so for now, looking at storm scan, totally quiet. you have nothing more than some high cloud cover out there. generally gorgeous sun rides underway. but, you know, one when my sniffles came into play here, toyed check out the eyewitness weather health report for you here. pollen levels, hey, still pretty high. uv index, awfully hi, as womenment make sure you are using sun block if you plan to enjoy the beautiful day outside. air quality also now up at moderate level. we don't have too much after heat index issue to worry about this time of year. regardless it will feel warm to you. take a look, off to bit of cool start. you probably want to dress in layers today.


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