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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. the candidates converge on pennsylvania for primary day. promise hillary clinton made to voters last night, and what donald trump is calling on his opponents to do. >> the only thing stormier than the campaign may be the skies overnight. "eyewitness news" in south jersey overnight where we saw flashes of lightning. katie has your primary day forecast. she will tell us what time we could see some severe wetter. >> hours after deadly tractor-trailer crash on the pennsylvania turnpike, the eastbound lanes have just reopened. what we've learned about the victim. well, today is tuesday, april 26, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. meisha is here with traffic of course, katie here with your forecast, good morning. >> hammy tuesday, yes, pa
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turnpike all clear, great news, more on that later, a lot of construction this morning,. >> actually quite a bit of wet weather rolling through. we did have pretty strong thunderstorms that round through last night, now out to sea, another rounds basically moving along i80, and i78 here, but, generally speaking any wet weather is off to the north at this point. we are in the midst after slight risk for severe weather here today. so even though we've had a round roll through, fresh under an of showers and thunderstorms is set midday on with heavy downpours gusty winds, possibility of some small size hail, certainly if any of the storms that we had through the overnight are any indication that's definitely good possibility. so here is a look at your primary day forecast. everything that comes through should be pretty scattered, guys, what does come through, since heating of the day, we are going to see some sunshine, could have the chance to bring us some gusto, in terms of some nasty thunderstorms, so again, downpours, winds, small hail, the primary threat of anything
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that does bubble up as the day goes on. you have got variety pack of temperatures, mountains, low 60s, mid 70s at the shore towns, we have no problem, we think, hitting the low 80s later on today. so it will be very warm, very summer like day, as a result very summer like forecast when the storms rumble on through, meisha? >> high temperatures, all of that water in the air, i tell you, katie, just mixed bag we'll have today. thank you so much for. that will good morning, everyone, right now starting to see some roadways get little wet as katie -- katie said it is moving on n construction between mcdade, left lane come pros misted, hopefully get it cleared out of the way quickly. ninety-five south past the airport, one lane block right here. not the volume levels will be a problem at this early hour, only 4:30 in the morning, you won't see any major slow downs but you certainly can if it doesn't get cleared out sometime quickly. ninety-five to the blue route closed, and to that .95 north
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between route 320 and the ramp to the blue route that right lane is blocked moving up to that, so a lot of construction this morning, also like i said, pa turn peak evening where the accident occurred yesterday, all cleared, i'll touch base on that in another ten minutes, jim, over to you. >> new this morning, huge fire in delaware county flames broke out just after 2:00 on dogwood hill lane in chaddsford. these incredible images from dale smiley, you can see the entire 6,000-foot home engulfed in flames. luckily, no one was hurt but the home appears to be total lost. no word on a cause yet. but katie says storm scan3 shows heavy lightning in the area at the time. well, hillary clinton is staying in philadelphia long enough to watch the outcomes in today's primaries in pennsylvania and delaware. >> last night the former secretary of state held a rally outside city hall with a few hundred cheering her on. clinton criticized republican candidates donald trump and ted cruz for their campaign rhetoric. >> i have to tell when you i
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hear the kind of reckless rhetoric coming from donald trump and ted cruz, it is deeply truck, because it is not only offensive, it is dangerous. >> later during town hall, clinton said if-ee elect the she will have a cabinet that's half women. >> bernie sanders bought star power to rally at drexel university after susan sarandon and sticking to the themes of his campaign, sanders discussed the economy, and education reform. >> he had as zero action has changed, that's why we think the public education today we have to talk about making public colleges and universities tuition free. >> today sanders has campaign stops in indiana a and west virginia. donald trump wants his two republican opponents to drop out of the presidential race.
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earlier he held a rally at west chester university where an estimated 3500 people showed up. trump criticized john cruz and john kasich for working together to try to de time him the party's nomination. billionaire businessman push for returning manufacturing jobs to pennsylvania. >> we'll make it great for everybody. we're going to bring jobs. we're going to bring our companies back. we're not going to let foreign countries steel our companies and destroy our jobs. we're not going to let it happen any more. >> supporters and protesters for outside the rally. both sides describe the scene as civic. >> john kasich has called off two events scheduled for today in indianna. now there is follows his agreement to stand aside for ted cruz in that state. yesterday kasich made campaign stop at the penrose casino nerve south philadelphia. he said the compromise is the best plan to for a plan to get trump against hillary clinton this fall.
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>> look, i mean, this is a matter of resources and, you know, we run international campaign -- we run a national campaign. we want to run our resources where we think they can be most effectively, all designed to stop hillary clinton from becoming president. >> kasich said he's giving cruz a clear path in the hoosier state in return cruz will give kasich a clear path in oregon and new mexico. cruz says he's all in on indianna. he adds that he'll be spending almost all of his time there before next tuesday's primary. cruz's counting on outside groups in a plan to spend heavily on his behalf. also hoping for an endorsement from indianna conservative governor mike pens. there are other big rains cents to be decide in the pennsylvania today. >> among them four democrats are vying a run for senate against republican incumbent pat toomey, note high profile race kathleen kane. three democrats and two republicans are on the ballot there. >> bucks county's eighth congressional district is up for grabs with candidates from both parties
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running to row place retiring representative mike fit patrick. and formality voters will state-wide be asked about a bob ill i shall -- abolish philadelphia traffic court. the pole in pennsylvania and delaware open at 7:00 this morning, you have until 8:00 tonight to vote. >> meanwhile, in other news, all lanes of the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county open this morning. but it wasn't that way for last night's evening rush. chopper three over the turnpike in bensalem where clues worked to clean up deadly accident and closed all lanes. one person was killed when a tractor-trailer overturned onto a karat about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. it is not clear what caused the accident. police are still investigating the crash. the wilmington police chief expects to file charges by the end of the week in the death of 16 year old student. police say sophomore amy joiner francis was assaulted by two other kids last week in a girls rest room, at howard high school of technology. she died from her injuries. members of the community met
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last night demanding answers. >> we all have to work together to find a solution. >> we have to do a better job. >> school district officials plan to have grief counselors at howard high school for the next few days. >> a prayer vigil to remember a man killed during sunday church service in montgomery county happened. twenty-seven year old robert braxton was fatally shot during a argument with a fellow church member. it happened at the keystone fellowship church in north wales. the fellow parishoner who allegedly shot braxton is cooperating with police. >> well, still ahead, sam bradford's agent explains why the quarterback wants the eagles to trade him. >> also this morning, two close for comfort. tv crews forms today run from bear on the loose. we'll tell you where this drama unfolded. plus this: >> what they want this in their front yard? would they want this? their homes? i don't think so.
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>> beyonce has plenty of fans but they may not live in this neighborhood. why residents are upset with queen b. stay with us.
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a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message.
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look at that. it is a 125-pound, two year old bear, just trotting across the highway near los angeles. student at nearby college sheltered in place until fish and game agent gave the all-clear. at least one person had to had your my his house. he was caring take-out food. >> tv crews got pretty close. the bear wasn't hurt, they were able to tranquilize it, and it will be released back into the wilderness so it can run through your neighborhoods again. beyonce is upsetting some residents in new york there is time it, isn't about her new albumn. >> hit maker teamed one british retailer top shop to roll out her new clothing line ivy park. they installed this larger than life beyonce billboard at its so hoe store.
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unlike her new albumn lemonade it, isn't getting a warm reception. >> a lot of people come to the so hoe shopping mall, but for us who live here it is our neighborhood. the issue it is a jumbo tron. it might and prepare re at on times square, but not in a neighborhood like so-so hoe. >> the 20 feet ride billboard runs on 24 hour loop. residents have smith add formal complaint saying the big board is reflecting in their windows. interesting. well, two weeks after devastating hail storms caused more than a billion dollars in damage, texas getting hit again. golf ball size hail fell in san antonio yesterday, could you hear glass breaking from the impact, more severe weather is expected there this afternoon, and even tomorrow. welshing time is 4:42, meisha watching the roads this morning. >> good morning, everyone, a lot of construction out there. >> thankfully those really
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heavy storms that rumble through, those have long since moved out to sea or off to the north, which is good to hear. >> there is a fresh rounds on the way for later today. so it is primary day. a lot of people headed out taught polls. this is not a wash out by any stretch. majority of day is dry, but because we are building up the heat and building up sunshine it, will get the juices going basically, instability required to see some pretty nasty thunderstorm bubble up later today. so for now, generally calm and collected, even if you are with us this morning, and you're opening your eyes because you got woken up because of the thunderstorms, you are catching a break. outside right now, looking at storm scan, decent cluster of strong thunderstorms just moved off, off the new jersey shore line. you see that? at this hour our area pretty freer and clear of the worse of t so eventually we'll see more fire up in the form specially of some stronger thunder storms, midday on. but there could even still be
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lingering shower out there. future weather shows it well, 9:00 a.m., 10:00 p.m., looking forward, though, check it out. by lunchtime or so, we're basically in full sunshine. so the atmosphere will be ripe err and ripe err for any stronger thunderstorms to erupt out there. once they do they'll come through in tiny clusters. you won't see widespread wash out. but you could end up with heavy downpours, very gusty wind, perhaps even some small size hail with any of these little cells that develop. so, we have to keep an eye on it, i guarantee kate will have something to track later today, but will be scat nerd nature. so the day not a wash out. you can get to the polls likely without an umbrella keep the ears perked for thunder. if you hear it, head inside the storm cells could be nasty. tomorrow lingering clouds, more sunshine the further north you go. any thunderstorms today again scattered, due to the second half of the day, 82 the high, so pretty toasty one, 50 degrees tonight, lingering shower or thunderstorm, then looking forward in the forecast we do cool off here,
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leading into tomorrow, again, with some sun to the north and clouds lingering to the south. meisha? >> nice, today, 82, yikes, that's warm. katie, thank you so many. good morning, happy tuesday to you. okay, so, we had very serious tractor-trailer accident yesterday around 3:00 p.m. all night long, lanes closed because of it, now it is all clear, just make mother of it. it just cleared not too long ago. all clear. no lane blockages any longer. bullying tomorrow bristol bridge all lanes both directions block until around 5:00 a.m. talcony palmyra bridge your best alternate for right now, again, another 15 minute expect that to open up. hopefully it does, i'll let you know when it does indeed clear. construction this morning, the blue route northbound, left lane compromised see vehicles out, there overall things looking okay there. construction 995 past the airport, run lane block. we're looking actually okay there. ninety-five north the ramp to the blue route also closed
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right now, and 95 north between route 320 and the ramp to the blue route, right lane closed. so a lot of construction out there this morning. we know that once things heat up on the roadways, it gets more wet it, could be real slow. give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning headed out the door. accident in conshohocken, 13 avenue, lanes blocked, we'll hear more about that coming up. accident in springfield, as well, germantown pike at thomas road. so a lot going on out there this morning, brooke, over to you. >> thank, meisha a eagles quarterback sam bradford is not happy about the birds move up in thursday's nfl draft specially since all of the talk is about drafting his replace: birds made block buster trade to move up to the second spot. bradford is reportedly demands ago trade after signing a two year, 36 million-dollar contract. his agent was on saturday light radio last night. >> i don't think anybody for saw the second pick in the draft, which we anticipate obviously to be a quarterback. he want to go someplace, and
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be there, and know that's going going to stay as long as he plays well. and his situation now in philadelphia is different. >> most reports say the eagles like north dakota state quarterback carson. the draft is thursday night. big week. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the some recall act of kindness getting lot of attention this morning. >> but first, here is a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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topping today's headlines on cbs-3, polls open in both states at 7:00 this morning and close at 8:00 tonight. across the country there are five primaries today. >> all eastbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike are open right now in bensalem bucks county. police are investigating a deadly accident that snarled traffic for last night's evening rush. one person was killed when a
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tractor-trailer overturned, ton a car. >> and, some wild weather overnight and it promises to continue through much of the day today. this is white horse pike in laurel springs, camden county, be careful on your morning commute. >> well, now it is 4:00 ooh, time for check on business news. >> all right, money watch's hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, hena, there are signs the housing market is slowing down? >> that's right, guys. good morning, sales every new homes fell by 1.5% in march. the third month in a row of declines. the west coast, saw the sharpest drop in new home sales, some economists expect low mortgage rates and strong job market will boost sales in the next few month. back to you. >> well, hena, i understand americans are changing the way they travel to their summer vacation spots this year? >> reporter: that's right. new pole by airfare watchdog found 23% plan to drive to their destination this year. that's up 18% from last year.
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still, most will fly. 52% of vacationers, but that number is down eight points, compared to 2015. brooke, jim? >> thanks a lot, hena. other news 22 year oath wait nerve georgia is getting a lot of attention for act every kindness. >> now, if you haven't seen this picture on your news feed yet you will t shows alex ruiz helping a man with no arms eat his meal. the man asked for help at the cinco de mayo restaurant. another customer took this picture saying he was just touched by the kindness. >> good stuff. well, coming up after the break, we will get another check on weather and traffic. >> katie will tell us when we are most likely to see some severe weather today. we'll be right back.
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>> specific window where we ends up with the possibility. to see stronger storms. >> this isn't it. it looks like not until midday. so we open the polls likely with just sort of humidity in the air, the warmth in place, and some sunshine. but you can see off in the distance, yep, some nasty storms, right now. moving just off of lake erie, they're headed our way, you have got some wind driven storms, as women. eventually we have to dodge the same stuff here. now, dow think you could see morning shower out there. but that said, it is primarily second half of the day, that any of the strongest thunderstorms start to really get underway. when we say strong, talking gusty wind, possibility of some small hail, and very likely some very heavy downpours since building up the moisture content in this atmosphere, also the instability since we'll see some sunshine, too. all the way to 82 degrees, in fact, very summer like forecast, that's moving in here, by tomorrow, back to spring time with mid 60s, little cool on thursday, with additional showers, then we
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rebound and in time for the weekend actually looking lovely. saturday specially, meisha, looks great. >> i saw that big old sunshine. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone. we have to get through the sunshine and thunderstorms. burlington bristol bridge all lanes block, also reminder pa turnpike eastbound near bensalem, that very bad accident yesterday, very serious accident, indeed. all lanes were actually closed, then one had opened earlier this morning, and now it is all clear. so those of you taking the pa turnpike all good there. burlington bristol bridge all lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. both directions. talcony palmyra bridge probably your best note. all lanes block on the burlington bristol bridge. construction just about clearing out of your way, between 95, mcdade, left lane compromised right now, but just not enough vehicles out there to slow you down at all. ninety-five south past the airport, one lane block there, and 95 to the blue route still closed, jim, back over to you. >> thank up, meisha a headed
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out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. plus, coverage of today's primaries continues. how high schoolers are learning about the democratic process. the company fight to go let users take selfies at the ballot, and the debate surrounding who should be allowed to funds medical studies. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> meanwhile, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", we have the presidential candidates last minute pitches to voters in p a and delaware. plus: >> controversy at the 9/11 memorial. we'll show you why those students told to stop singing the national anthem. we'll be right
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. it is a sprint to the finish campaign 2016. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, make their final pitches to voters in pennsylvania and delaware, the last minute blitz for votes. >> on the republican side, donald trump looks poised for more big wins. we have the message, the frontrunner has for his opponents, heading into today's votes. and primary day is getting off to a stormy start. and we could see some severe storms again later today. katie lets you know if you need an umbrella when you head out to the polls. today is tuesday, april 26, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, thanks for joining us, good morning, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things. >> sure are. good morning, happy tuesday.
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a lot of construction out, there couple every accident clearing out of our way. a lot going on already this morning. >> we had a will the going on wet weather, too, heavy thunderstorms rolled through overnight. thankfully we go to the very localized zoom on storm scan3, we go there first, three hour loop. brunt of the heavy thunderstorms already moving out of here, so we're okay at the moment. it does not stay that way, however. as we are expecting additional rounds of severe storms to eventually rumble up. when we say stronger thunder storms, main impact here today likely are heavy downpours, gusty wind, possibility of some small size hail. that's where the main concern lies. but at the moment again things are pretty quiet, locally, you have some showers far off to the north around the i80 corridor. here is the general gist, guys, scattered showers, storms, rumbling in primarily looks like it is the second half of the day. we could still see shower around this morning, but really any of the nastier storms likely wait until midday on, downpours, as i mention, winds possibility of some small size hail with any of the stronger storms that t


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