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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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there couple every accident clearing out of our way. a lot going on already this morning. >> we had a will the going on wet weather, too, heavy thunderstorms rolled through overnight. thankfully we go to the very localized zoom on storm scan3, we go there first, three hour loop. brunt of the heavy thunderstorms already moving out of here, so we're okay at the moment. it does not stay that way, however. as we are expecting additional rounds of severe storms to eventually rumble up. when we say stronger thunder storms, main impact here today likely are heavy downpours, gusty wind, possibility of some small size hail. that's where the main concern lies. but at the moment again things are pretty quiet, locally, you have some showers far off to the north around the i80 corridor. here is the general gist, guys, scattered showers, storms, rumbling in primarily looks like it is the second half of the day. we could still see shower around this morning, but really any of the nastier storms likely wait until midday on, downpours, as i mention, winds possibility of some small size hail with any of the stronger storms that erupt out there. flirting with 06 at the
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airport, really warm, into millville, 20 plus degrees warmer in the southern tear of new jersey and delaware, than were you this same time yesterday. so really warm beginning to the morning. that warmth is easily going to help sends us into the 80s later today. we do think we will get some sunshine. those create the perfect ingredient, nice good warmth, definitely moisture to work, with and lot of sunshine, to heat things up at the surface and get the instability going for the scattered showers and thunder storms to fire up. eighty-two, feels more like summertime, 08% shot to see some showers and thunderstorms as the day goes on, again, everything that comes through will be scattered. but if you hear thunder head inside. these storms mean business today. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much. i will be listening to that. pack your umbrella this morning, good morning, everyone, just waking up with us and you missed it, pa turnpike, very serious accident yesterday this all lanes block overnight even, one lane was open actually when i got into work this morning. and now, all lanes are
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reopened. so just note that pa turnpike, you are all good if you are just thinking about going out there. another thing i want to draw your attention, to burlington bristol bridge, all lanes both directions are block until about right about now. but it is not open yet. talcony palmyra bridge will be your best bet. make note of there is as well, i'll let you know, back in 15 minute, another update. but right now burlington bristol still closed construction the blue route northbound between 95 and mcdade, left lane still blocked. also 95 south past the airport, one lane still block here. another point of construction, 59 north ramp to the blue route closed, and 95 north between route 320 and the ramp to the blue route right lane is block. also, this is where we had the accident. fayette street, at 13th avenue, conshohocken, lanes are block, debris in the roadway, also with the storms that we know we'll have, probably more debris out there. just be careful of that. accident cleared here, germantown pike, at thomas road. a lot going on this morning, so if you are just waking up with us leave your homes maybe little early this morning,
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jim, over to you. >> thank up, meisha a delaware county fire officials searching for the cause every huge house fire. dave smiley of nozzel nut photography provided us with this video of the flames tearing through the home. now, this is dogwood hill lane in chaddsford where the fire broke out, just after about 2:00 this morning, fortunately, there were no injuries. but there was a great deal of damage. the candidates are done talking in pennsylvania and delaware. now, it is up to the voters. the public policy polls shows donald trump far ahead every his republican rival ted cruz and john kasich. the same pole has democrat hillary clinton ten-point ahead of bernie sanders. we have team coverage of the primaries this morning, justin finch focusing on the republicans, but up first, folk you go cents g on the democrats, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, live at the pennsylvania convention center where clinton is planning a victory speech. jan? >> reporter: brooke, good morning, that's right. hillary clinton expecting big primary win today in
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pennsylvania so happening tonight big party of sort being hosted by clinton, here at the convention center. now, it would seem she is looking well down the road now past her democratic opponent and bernie sanders and on to the general election. >> most intelligent tough caring candidate that's been there done that and will do it again as president of the united states. >> with philadelphia mayor jim kenney by her side, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, rallied her supporters at city hall monday night. >> the goal here is to make sure we have a democrat in the white house next january. >> leading in the polls, clinton didn't mention democratic opponent bernie sanders by name, instead she called out republican frontrunner donald trump and senator ted cruz. >> when hear the kind of reckless rhetoric coming from donald trump and ted cruz, it is deeply truck trouble, because it is not only offensive, it is dangerous. >> clinton spent majority of
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her time speaking about the economy, education, and equate rights for all. over at drexel university, vermont senator bernie sanders brought out the crowd as well as star power, including actor susan sarandon. sanders stuck to his campaign points, hitting on social and economic justice. >> it is about the 20 wealthiest people in this country owning more wealth than the bottom half of america, 150 million people. >> reporter: as well as education reform. >> we think american education today, we have to be talking about making public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> reporter: now, bernie sanders supporters are holding a watch party of their own at the gas light restaurant on market street. doors there open right around 7:15 this evening. again, haj here at the convention center, clinton expected to speak right around
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9:00. we're reporting live in center city this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much, jan. >> all right, on the republican side, john kasich and ted cruz join forces trying to keep trump out of the race. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live on the top of the art museum steps with trump's reaction. good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning, jim, and brooke. what a race this has become. delaware and pennsylvania emerging as true battlegrounds here, now, wins for trump could further vault him forward, whereas wins for cruz and kasich could add much needed momentum to their campaign. >> who will win it? it is pennsylvania's turn to choose a gop nominee. >> it is a rigged system. >> polls favor new york businessman, donald trump, to emerge on top, and closer to collecting the state's 71 delegates. fifty-four more chosen for voters, 17 at large.
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a win for trump would further extend his frontrunner status, and yesterday he promised to bring back jobs at stops in wilkes-barre and locally at west chester university. >> the state of pennsylvania has lost more than 35% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001. that's unacceptable. we'll bring jobs back big lil. >> drum. -- trump, the texas senator, and ohio governor, have a pact of sort. >> we're focusing our energy on the state of indianna and governor case sick focusing his information elsewhere. i think that is a decision, allocation every resources that makes a lot of sense, and it is devoted to the principal of beating hillary clinton in november and turning this country around. >> though some call this to deny trump the nomination, cast i can clarified his stands at south philly diner. >> two of us are competing for to win the nomination and to get and to make sure that we
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can steward our resources so we could stop hillary clinton. >> so. >> reporter: as you can see here there is race is getting interesting. don't forget, delaware is voting to, with 16 delegates up for grabs, the gop needs 1237 to lock in in terms every delegates their candidate here. 845 for donald trump already, 559 we know for cruz, and for kasich he is below rubio who dropped out with only 148 delegates. brooke, jim, back into you. >> thanks a lot, justin. we are talking over each other, sorry about that, jim. here's what you need to vote. the polls in pennsylvania and delaware open in less than two hours at 7:00 a.m. you can vote until 8:00 tonight. we'll have complete coverage of the result after the polls close here on "eyewitness news" and on >> the pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county open this morning. so the morning commute will be much easier than last night's evening drive. chopper three shows cruz cleaning up after deadly accident in bensalem.
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one person was killed when a tractor-trailer caring 20,000-pound of soap overturned on a car in the eastbound lanes at about 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. eastbound lanes were closed for about 12 hours. it is not clear what caused the accident. the wilmington police chief says charges could be filed by the end of the week in the death after 16 year old student. police say sophomore amy joiner francis was assaulted by two other student last week in a girls rest room at howard high school of technology. she died from her injuries. members of the community met last night, demanding answers. >> we're currently investigating this incident. we're working with the school district. we're working with the superintendent of the school. one of the things we did not want to do is we did not want to rush to judgement and place charges that could possibly be overturned. >> school district officials plan to have grief counselors at howard high school for the next few days. >> in other news it looks like bill cosby is headed back to
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court in montgomery county after he lost his latest appeal. state supreme court rejected cosby's attempt to have his criminal sex assault case thrown out. accused every drug a g and molest ago at his home. he around he had a deal with the former montgomery county prosecutors he would never be prosecuted in exchange for testifying in the woman's civil lawsuit. cosby insists the the encounter was concentual. >> ♪ >> for a look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> from the courier post to south new jersey high school student hit by car saturday in washington township has died from her injuries. fifteen year old gavin conally was struck by a car on route 42 near greentree road. today her friends and teachers at timber creek high school will wear purple, the teen's favorite color, in her memory. >> from the front page of the burlington county times, thousands of striking verizon workers from new jersey and beyond rally with other union members and democratic
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lawmakers at the state house in trenton. the strike is in it second week. burlington bristol bridge will be closed overnight, the span closed the entire weekend 6:00 a.m. saturday to 5:00 a.m. monday. >> that's look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> we have some important news before you head to the polls today. >> we're clearing up some campaign confusion, on some ballots. >> also, are sam bradford and the birds headed for a break up? pat has what the quarterback is refusing to do now that he's demands ago trade. plus: >> very moving moment. it is unfortunate that that got cut off. >> banned from singing at the 9/11 memorial. why some student had to stop singing the national anthem right in the middle of their performance. stay with us.
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♪ welcome back everyone, it is now 5:14. well there is thursday's nfl draft promises to be one of
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the most exciting in years. at least for eagles fans. it looks like the birds are looking for a big-time quarterback. >> and of covers, that is not sitting well with sam bradford, who just signed big contract to be the eagles quarterback. our pat gallen is here with us to break down the bradford situation. >> yes, that's your guy. i'm sam bradford fan. >> you are. well, maybe not nip more. one good thing about the fan of the eagles and the media covering them, no matter the time of year there is never a dull moment. the off season soap opera continued with a report yesterday saying sam bradford did indeed ask to be traded after the eagle move up to the number two pick in thursday's draft. on march 1st, bradford signed a two year contract, that contained a guaranteed $22 million, coming offer one every his best seasons at a pro. bradford had been named the starter for 2016. multiple times by gm howie roseman and head coach doug pederson. apparently that was not good
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enough as his agent tom con done said bradford wands to be the guy long-term. >> and i don't think that anybody for saw the second pick in the draft which we anticipate to be a quarterback. his situation now if philadelphia is different. sam's a competitor. and he wants to go someplace and know that he is the man. he just doesn't want to be there holding a place card. and then wondering where he is going to go at the end of the year. he doesn't view himself as somebody that's a stopgap kind after quarterback. and he want to go someplace and take a chance on, you know, wack team for a long time and i can't blame him for that. >> in my twitter page yesterday, i asked should the eagles trade sam bradford? nearly 1200 vote later and the overwhelming majority say yes. 73% believe they should look to move bradford with many responding that the eagles should try to recoup draft pickets. now the real reason why bradford is unhappy is carson
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winds, reports say the north dakota state quarter back will be selected by the birds number two overall on thursday. the 23 year old went has spent his whole life in north dakota but it appears he has been paying attention to philadelphia sports. he was asked about the possibility of playing for the eagles. >> you see the eagle fans back when they had donovan mcnabb, because he was a legend there, they get on him. that's how they are in philadelphia f that were the case i would embrace it, all part of it, and i'm going to hole myself to high expectations where ever i go, some might be deserved but we'll see what happens here. >> so what happens next? as of now, sam bradford will not show to up voluntary camp but it is hard to make the eagles granting his wish after a $11 million signing bonus, some big words coming from the bradford camp after having never been to the playoffs, being an under chief err his entire career, brooke thomas, on top of that bradford has made over $100 million in his
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career. >> times are tough. >> really tough for him. and he is complaining about it. >> he is not crying broke. he just want to be traded. common. not crying broke. >> just? general. >> just crying in general. >> i'm okay with that. >> okay. let's get the latest on rain today. >> got a point. you know? i hear her on this one. you know? >> all that mine that's respect. >> all i'm saying, i hear brooke, all i'm saying. we do have some storm we have to get tonight totally switch gears, no fun transition on this one. we will eventually end up with additional rain very likely some stronger thunderstorms out there today, guys. but talk in terms of the fact we actually could use this rain. we start things off by looking at a few specifics here. we really do need some rain. since march 1st, we are at this point over a 3-inch deficit. the last rain that was over .15 inches didn't happen since
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april 12th. so been couple of weeks. we do need the rain it, looks like we will get at least good dousing out of storms on the way. they do produce some damaging and strong storms, and that of course does mean you want to be inside if you hear thunder. now at the moment, we had some pretty heavy storms rumble through, perhaps it woke you up. now all clear for now. here comes already another winds driven round of some very heavy thunderstorms across central haytaian part of the front traveling through our area later today. so look what happens. first round of storms over night, that's gone. but we actually see some sunshine by high noon, in the full sunshine, heating up easily, and that get the instability going. so often you think okay, sunny, where are the storms going to come from? that's what gets them going. interestingly, it helps create the inches ability with the heating of the day. then by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., starting to drop in here, it will be brink withing it granted scattered but locally very strong thunderstorms. heavy downpours, gusty wind, potential for small hail, are primary concerns, once the
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front drops south it get hung up. tomorrow featuring more clouds to the south of the city than anything, we think we'll stay dry. then the next disturbance comes along by thursday. so how does it all pan out in our seven day? for now primary day. i would say if you're feeling lucky you could get away without the umbrella but that's primarily the first half of the dayment stronger storms erupting in stronger fashion later on. mid 60s with what we call half and half skyline here. clouds to the south, sun to the north tomorrow. meisha, over to you. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. mixed bag indeed on this tuesday morning. good morning, everyone, all right, so a lot of construction out there this morning, so listen up just heading out. good news a lot of the construction at this point of the morning start to clear out of the way. case in point right here 95 headlight moving in the southbound direction past the airport, did have construction here, one lane blocked, all since cleared. southbound and northbound side looking okay. another point of construction, headlights, ramp to the blue route, that rap p was closed that's now since opened. so looking pretty good around this area.
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ninety-five, taillights moving in the northbound direction, this is between route 320 and the ramp to the blue routement you can see the cones still in place. moving both in the northbound and southbound side here on 995 starting to heat up. see plenty of vehicles out there. see the cones in place here where all of the construction; both cones, both places were actually moving slowly getting moved out of the way. see the crews out there right now. burlington bristol bridge all lanes blocked both directions until 5:00 a.m. talcony palmyra bridge will be your alternate. it is still out there right now. i'll let you know as soon as it cleans, make note of. that will also accident in conshohocken, fayette street, now all since cleared, serious tractor-trailer accident last night on the pa turnpike had all lanes blocked. now, it is completely reopened. brooke, back over to you. >> thanks a lot, meisha. want a taste of soda with your breakfast? >> your kids probably do. we'll tell you how keloggs is putting the pop in pop tarts. >> plus the thrill of sky diving without jumping out of a plane. vittoria takes the plunge and lets us know how you can soar
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just like her. stay with us.
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hey there. have you ever wanted to experience the rush of sky diving, but you're maybe just little afraid to jump out after plane? >> i did it one. never again. well, there is new way to get that free falling sensation, while barely leaving the ground. our vittoria woodill shows you how you can go flying inside. >> reporter: let's go, largest indoor sky diving operation, now in king of prussia delivering the dream of flying. it is no longer just a dream. we're here making it a reality. there is no plane. there is no par chute. no wore us. >> surrounded by cushion of air, you're safe soaring in the sound of the wind. >> we have four clean running engines up in the roof. that guides around air the building back up through the tunnel, creates wall-to-wall cushion of air. it typically only lasts about 30 seconds, so we're selling the time in minutes. so when you buy even our most basic package, it is like get
5:26 am
being three, four sky dives. >> on site are certified tunnel flying instructors. delivering hands-on training to make you feel comfortable before and during your flight. >> what they will teaches basic belly flying, where all first time flyers start out, foundation for good body control. how to get your body to do different things. >> so i fly paired me up with cast a world class tunnel diver to give me some instruction, gear me up, help me put my aerial skills into action. >> i'm down to fly. >> i may not have flown like a pink hauer ranger, but i had a super charged experience that had me wanting more. >> that was awesome. >> and looking like pip i long stocking. >> that's right. if you don't mind getting your hair messed up probably isn't for you. but you need to be down to have a good time and have fun and be fearless, and it is for all ages, vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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>> see it is the hair messed up thing that both of us sit here and go -- snow, listen, i like dirt bikes. i like fishing. i like swimming. he just don't like being in the air upside down. >> okay? i did sky diving a few years ago. that was like when they open up the door of the plane and the wind comes rushing in, i kept on saying why am i doing this? >> my hair, i just don't like death. >> you won't deep in that thing. look at that time. >> tell my mind that. >> all right. well, coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news", fighting the flu. >> the best time of the day to get the flu shot. so it works the best. >> plus, don't be confused when you head to the polls. today the de information some voters say they're missing on the ballot. >> plus, splitting principal's millions, who is in line to get his money and plans to create a last being memorial to the singer. >> as you head to the polls today the question is will you need your em bella? there is a window every time that the strongest and heaviest thunderstorms are set to rumble through. i'll give that you window of
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after months of campaigning, today is the day voters in pennsylvania and delaware finally get to make their voices heard in campaign 2016. we'll show how is leading in the polls heading into today's votes and the last minute messages from the


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