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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a rally for hillary clinton later tonight. polls have shown clinton with the strong lead over her democratic opponent bernie sanders here in the state of pennsylvania. some polls showing double digits at this point. so both candidates have since made several appearances here in the philadelphia area over the last couple of days or so, just trying to get out the vote, just ahead of the today's primary. we are told voter turnout has been steady and all throughout the state. meantime, hillary clinton has set her sites on indiana right now where she addressed ironworkers earlier today. she's joined by former president bill clinton on the campaign trail ahead of the that state's primary on may third. also this morning, bernie sanders surprised folks at reading terminal in center city. shaking hand, hoping get out the vote, sanders is now off to west virginia in advance of that state's may tenth primary. clinton, of course, will be back here in philadelphia at 8:30 tonight for rally that is set to get underway and joining us now is cbs correspondent nancy cordis who
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is also on the campaign trail. thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you, natasha. >> reporter: there are four other states holding primaries today. lets talk about how candidates are doing in those states as well. >> hillary clinton has had lead in all of the polling we have seen not just in pennsylvania but connecticut, maryland as well. in fact she has a very healthy margin of victory tonight most likely in maryland. we have not seen much polling from the two small are states that are voting tonight, rhode island and delaware, and clinton camp has resisted notion she will have a clean sweep and win all five states. they always like to defy expectations then under performing. >> reporter: they are being humble about it but she's hoping for a sweep i'm certain. >> even if she doesn't win all five or wins three or four she will end up at the own have the night most likely with 90 percent of the delegates that she needs to clinch the nomination good thanks very much, nancy. i appreciate you joining us. we are here with the hillary clinton campaign tonight. we will have very latest coming up in our later newscast. reporting live, natasha brown,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha and nancy, thanks very much. on the republican side donald trump is expect to win all five states tonight where voters are heading to the polls including pennsylvania and delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt checks in from election central, david. >> reporter: donald trump wants a clean sweep and get this race over with. he is looking forward to november but his opponent john kasich and ted cruz say they are not giving up. republican front runner donald trump is hoping for a clean sweep today and he made it clear he wants john kasich and ted cruz out. >> they ought to both drop out of the race so we can unify the republican party. >> reporter: polls suggest that trump will win all of today's contests, he has criticized deal made by cruz and kasich to slow him down. kasich will continue to new mexico and oregon, cruz in indiana. >> if you don't want to see hillary clinton as president and nominating donald trump ensures hillary clinton wins the general, i would ask governor kasich support tours stand with us. >> reporter: latest cbs news battle ground tracker shows
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trump with a five-point lead over cruz, voters and candidates are bracing for contested convention in cleveland in july. the house speaker paul rye on who went through a convention in 2012 with mitt romney warned campaigns today on cbs this morning. >> if you wait until after the convention to all of a sudden to get your act together and produce an agenda and say august or september, it ties late. >> done old trump will be watching the results from trump to you inner manhattan, a building that he owns and runs. john kasich and ted cruz will be in indiana and john kasich will move on to oregon and new mexico because they made that deal that cruz would cam tane in indiana. kasich would take other two states. reporting live, david spunt for "eyewitness news". in the race for u.s. senate, katie mcginty is a democrat bat tolling face republican senator patrick toomey in november. former chief of staff for governor tom wolf voted in wayne this morning. she's in a hotly contested fight with former congressman and navy admiral joe sestak. he voted in bradyville.
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john federaller man and allegheny county businessman joe, is also, on the ballot. we also caught up with the democratic candidates running for pennsylvania second congressional district. incumbent chaka fattah voted with his family in east falls this morning. he faces trial next month on federal corruption charges. but pennsylvania state senator twi evans, dan miroff and lower merion commissioner brian gordon round out balance the on the. they all voted in their home towns today. "eyewitness news" was there as democratic attorney general candidate josh shapiro cast his vote in meadow brook. republican date john rafferty head to voting booth in eagleville. also rug on the republican side joseph peter. on the democratic side john morganelli and steven zappala. all are running to replace kathleen kane who is in the seeking reelection. you still got time to get to the poles tonight. they are opened until 8:00 p.m. in both pennsylvania and delaware. >> we are tracking storms on this primary day, will it stay dry for those last minute
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voters? meteorologist kate bilo joins us now. >> it looks like a few last minute voters will be dodging rain drops as line of scattered showers and a few locally strong storms moves through the area you can see where this line is extending from ocean county, new jersey right back through south jersey and right now batch of some pretty gusty thunderstorms moving in chester county. this is a storm that developed near harrisburg and moving through central chester county heading for delaware county and will clip northern delaware moving through as well. let's focus in on this one moving to the east. you can see a east/south east at 40 miles an hour. right now moving toward up are providence and it will move through delaware county and possibly south philadelphia. speaking of south philadelphia and just to the south here around chester and over border into portions of camden and gloucester counties we have this cell which is looking intense as well with heavy rain frequent lightening and risk for strong gusty wind. that could be slowing down that evening travel along i-95. this secondary storm to the west will cross i-95 as well
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as the schuylkill expressway. we do expect slow downs, we mentioned this yesterday hitting at a rough time not only evening commute but people trying to get out to the poles after work. that first stormy showed you is severe warn until 6:30. we have another severe thunderstorm warning for ocean county and monmouth counties that goes until 6:15 this evening. severe thunderstorm watch still in effect for vast majority until 9:00 o'clock tonight. i expect these will push out sooner then 9:00 but could still see pop up shower or storm until then. then temperatures tumble tomorrow. we will tell you how much cooler it will be coming up. ukee. debate over transgender americans and bathroom privacy has remained on the back burner for lawmakers in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> but there are some local high schools that are moving ahead with their own policies on that matter. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh explains. >> reporter: men, women, that may never give these bathroom signs a second thought. but that is not the case for
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transgendered students like evan peterson a junior at springfield township high school. >> i definitely didn't want to use women's bathroom and i was scared to use the mens bathroom because i was than the out at school yet. so i usually just didn't go to the bathroom the whole school day. >> it is awful. it is a bad feeling. but it is that kind of thing that makes you want to do something, and want to make change. >> reporter: last week springfield township school district became one of the first in pennsylvania to officially adopt a policy allowing transgender students to use bathroom and locker rooms of the gender they identify were not the one on their birth certificates. >> we know that this is not the without controversy but regardless we wanted to make a statement that as a school district, this is who we are, this is what we believe, and we will support all of our students regardless of who they believe they are. >> reporter: one critic, the pennsylvania family institute sent "eyewitness news" a statement of its own that reads in part in those areas the only relevant reason we
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have different facilities is biological sex, not beliefs, feelings or attractions but other says it is a a matter of equality. >> we want everybody to feel included and everyone to feel and be comfortable in being who they are. >> reporter: other school districts across the state are also following suit. the lower merion school district is expected to adopt a similar policy next month while philadelphia schools are also working on a change to their policies. anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" just days after his appeals was reject, we now know what bill cosby will be back in court on sexual assault charges. and, this is tim a robot abe students that make him are from our area they have had a chance to go a long way because of this area but they need your help, don. politicians, campaigning at the polls, players campaigning in the press, who should be the flyers starting goalie? decision 2016, we will hear from the candidates next in
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a date has been set the for a preliminary hearing in the criminal sex a salt case against bill cosby. cost bill which appear may 24th in the pennsylvania courtroom to face charges over 2004 encounter with then temple university employee andrea connstand she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. the companies bye says sex was
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consensual. yesterday an appeals court rejected cosby's attempt to have the case thrown out. well, smoke could be seen for miles as fire fighters battled a warehouse fire in south philadelphia. >> chopper three over that scene. fire happened at 3600 block of south warren street just before 2:00 this afternoon. in one was hurt, but now that the search is on for what caused that fire. authorities say that the property was vacant. water supplies, problem, initially kept fire fighters from being able to keep an handle on this raging house fire in chad forward delaware county overnight. crews responded to dog wood hill lane around 2:00. authorities had to find other water sources because there were no hydrants in the area. no injuries were reported but we're told the home was destroyed. the cause of had fire remains under investigation. don bell joins with us sports. >> hello. >> hello. >> awesome. >> we're talking about the flyers. >> yeah, season is over but there is some issues to flush out here. >> oh, i know. >> a handshake followed by the amazed shake of the head, washington goalie brayden
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holtby with the ultimate side of respect he mar val at the outstanding play of michael neuvirth. he played in games four through six and saved 103, out of the 105 shots. that is flat out ridiculous. unfortunately caps won three-two. now question is this: who is the starter next year. mason or neuvirth. >> i had a good year. it has been good as well. i think it is going to be open for anybody and my goal, it is to be a number one and that is what i'm looking for. >> as a goalie, you want to play every game but sometimes you have to accept the fact that guys come in and entering at a nice time and moving forward, next year is an entirely new season and both of us have to earn ice time. >> meanwhile so good to hear from scott laughton, last time we saw the flyers forward we were speechless. he went crashing in the board in game number four, he was
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motionless for several minutes before being carted off the ice. all test where is negative but missed the rest of the series. today he met with the media. >> it was scary for a lot of people including myself. so, like i said, i really appreciate all of the support from all of the people that did reach out and everything like that, really did mean the world to me and just a scary moment definitely. >> yes, you may have game of thrones waiting for you on dvr but maybe you ought to reconsider your viewing options. check out miguel franco of the phillies not swinging a sword but he is deadly. third base man had three home runs, eight rbi's over weekend. phillies and nationals at 7:05. highlights at 11:00. meanwhile, drama continues. sam bradford's agent tom conndone says sam wants to be traded. he does in the want to be a lame duck. bradford will reportedly stay away from the novacare complex important mandatory camp, that
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is mini camp on june 7th, nfl draft is thursday. i will there been in chicago. also i want to let you know that the denver broncos reportedly reached out to the eagles regarding sam bradford but the price was too high, the asking price was too too high. >> i got word from the producer brayden schenn suspended, did you say three games. >> oh, for that hit. >> yes. >> hit in the head on oshi. >> yeah. by the way, game of thrones did you dvr, still on dvr. >> easy, we have to stay focused. >> back to the eagles, a lot going on this eagles off season and sparking a good question, in honor of today's primaries if you had to vote today who would be the eagles 2016 starting quarterback? can we have a write in candidate you want a write in. >> i want to write in. nicole has results tonight at 11:00. >> john snow, i'll write it
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now. >> yes. he has been tease me for three days that i haven't been watching game of thrones. >> she has been busy with the weather. >> weather has been busy, we're still tracking storms this evening. we have seen that severe thunderstorm watch being scaled back a little bit this evening but still pretty nasty stuff out there on the radar. lets look at within spot that has not been hit just yet. we will go down the shore in ocean city where it is looking like a beautiful take, blue skies, nice and warm down there but you will possibly pick up a shower or thunderstorm before the evening is through. mostly staying to the north of the southern shore points at the moment but a few could drop down further south. may not be out of the woods yet. quick time lapse on our live neighborhood network turned out as plan. we have started day with clouds, couple showers here and there and we can see a brief shower there, and then cleaned out beautifully midday before showers and storms came through this afternoon. stronger ones right around the time of the evening rush, and they are still going. and, storm scan three,
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northern shore points, ocean county, seeing some rain at the moment, right back at the portions of chester county that is getting hit hardest at the moment. we will zoom in on a couple cells. you can see steady rain over chester county moving in delaware county this could impact the city shortly. also wilmington getting clipped by heavy rain as well. lets trap this out to see what there toys see as we move through next hour or so. we are seeing this move generally east at 40, 35 to 40 . so heavier rain, lightening over chester, that is happening at the moment. 6:19. men from now. deptford 6:33. gloucester 6:38. winslow at 6:53. there is a lot have rain even to the north of that particular cell and this is all converging on center city philadelphia if you wait todd get your vote in it will be raining steadily here within the next half an hour or so in center city philadelphia things going downhill wrappedry through the next hour. severe thunderstorm watch has been scaled back. bucks count any longer included, rest of the region
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still is and that goes until 9:00 o'clock tonight. i wouldn't be surprised if they scale bakhtiyor it looks like within next two hours or so steady will be moving out of here. in the meantime temperatures are rain cooled. we have dropped to 71 after daytime high of 86 in philadelphia. seventy-two in reading. still warm in millville, and dover, areas where storms have have in the yet pushed through, they will possibly eventually they they will weaken after sun goes town and you can see after eight or 9:00 everything is outs of here and we have clear skies overnight. what i'm concern about is this front stalling off to the south. tomorrow may end up a spoiler day with a few showers especially to the south of the area in the morning and then gradual clearing heading through the afternoon. i wouldn't be shock if some spots stay cloudy, unsettled and chilly all day with that front to the south and another round of showers moving in late in the day on thursday. so it is back to reality 3:00 p.m. today it was 85. 3:00 p.m. we will be lucky to be at six degrees. big change behind this front. overnight scattered storms
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still around and mostly cloudy at 51. tomorrow some sun turning cooler, stray shower to the south. can't rule it out, mainly to the south, hopefully that front sets up further south and we will get more sunshine tomorrow but if we don't it will stay cool. spots may try to stay in the 50's for the day. thursday showers return, friday still some showers, and then a little better for weekend, saturday looks good with a high near 70 and sunshine. rest of the week is no the great but i can give you a promising saturday forecast at least i have done my job. >> you have given us something. >> yes, indeed. >> appreciate it. >> still to come tonight a philadelphia favorite free of >> still to come tonight a philadelphia favorite free of charge, we will be right fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
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habitat for humanity is celebrating 30 years of building and repairing homes in philadelphia. >> i haddon or to be keynote speaker a at today's building hope lunch in at pennsylvania convention center. some 100 people came out to support habitat, a major fundraiser that brings in about half of a million-dollar
6:24 pm
for the organization. what a job they do. this is a day with special meaning for philadelphians, it is national pretzel day, a and that means everybody who visits a philly pretzel factory gets a free pretzel just for walking through the door. we stopped by writ even house location where customers were coming in and out at the a good clip. this is ninth year in a row that the pretzel factory has offered up free goodies on this day. i love that. each year when they do that. >> get mustard. still to come on "eyewitness news", robot wiz kid. >> bucks county kid put it together and now they have a chance to take their creation a long way, our pat gallen shows us the long road they have traveled and the journey still to come. spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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chances are you know there is a i robot in school but a team of local high schoolers in bucks county has. >> and now their project is part of an international competition, "eyewitness news", and high tech creations. >> from self driving cars, to drones. robots are now a stapel of our existence. bensalem high school has built their own, his name is tim. and it is so impressive, will be competing in the world robotics championship in st. louis, next week even. >> right now there are 600
6:28 pm
different teams that have registered, like now we are still waiting for. that we want to do as well as possible. >> we were not expect to go make it this far but very grateful we have. >> with the help of mentors, teachers, alumni bensalem team is an under dogs story, win in the the district competition sent them to the championship but getting to the district, is good fortune. >> we were right the on the bubble of getting in because they were accepting the top 55 teams, and which they later increase todd 50. we were around 61. so we were just there, and two teams can't go so they brought us in. >> building time was in easy task, it took 30 plus students six weeks, but with the help of local businesses and hard work of the students, it blossom. katie dennis was one of the sculptors of the machine. >> we heard of the row about the as our baby. so we come together and finally do something. it is a proud moment like watching a little kit grow up. it starts back here from nothing but metal but then it goes back there and forming, during the competent thetition.
6:29 pm
while tim number one is on its way to st. louis for the even, students are practicing with tim two. i took it for a spin. >> through go. >> straight and then left. >> after so much hard work and dedication, the bend salem high school robotic team hopes to take tim for a spin on a victory lab next week even. from bensalem, pat gallen, "eyewitness news". >> look at tim. >> we're thinking tim stand for technology in motion good yes. >> that within cool good team needs your help by the way, kid are on their way to st. louis but it will cost a lot to get there. >> they set up a go fund me page to off set some of the costs and you can find more at cbs n meantime thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. stay with cbs-3 for all of your campaign coverage, updates throughout the tonight. we will have complete coverage on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs-3 than up next, "cbs evening news", from new york, here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see you throughout, the night.
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>> pelley: hail hammers the midwest as a tornado outbreak threatens the southern plains. the front-runners look to sweep five states tonight on the road to the presidential nomination. the complicated state of prince's estate. the singer's sister says he died without a will. and after a dance with the president, a 107-year-old woman has the waltz around the bureaucracy to get an i.d. >> i feel great. >> pelley: captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: about 60 million americans are in the path of dangerous storms tonight, from the southern plains to the midwest and northeast. watches are up for a possible outbreak of tornadoes. david begnaud is in wichita, kansas tonight.


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