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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we have breaking news an hours long standoff in southwest philadelphia has just ended, what led to the moments were three suspects barricaded themselves inside. and hillary clinton and donald trump are big winners after primary day and trump is focusing his attacks on clinton. we have what he says, about her campaigning and why governor christie's wife has many people talking. only "eyewitness news" catches up with congressman chaka a fattah after his preliminary night loss, what he is saying about his two decade in office. today is wednesday, april 27th i'm jim ton van. >> i'm brook thomas. meisha has traffic and katie has your forecast and a lot going on this morning. >> a lot going on in the world of construction, again i don't think we will getaway from that. >> that time of the year, the
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season. thankfully we have seen worst of any storms get out of here. yes, we had strong storms yesterday. the front is stalling off to the south and there is even some lingering showers out there primarily through sussex county, delaware. i couldn't be shocked if some of us end up with a shower from philadelphia a on south at the some point today because again this front is nearby, it will hang out for a day, so, we are stuck from philly on south in cloud cover but there could be a shower around. looking a at area temperatures we have cooled off in mount pocono. flirting with the 30's. fifty at the airport. very much in line with where we were this time yesterday. with that said eventually we will, you know, see that sunrise over the horizon but the clouds will skew that sunrise for many. from the city on south, throughout the day today. meanwhile let look around the region. further north you go more sun you will see. it is a variable included cover around the region as a whole today but we will split
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it down middle and call it partly sunny in philadelphia. it is a cooler take by comparison. we spike easily in the mid 80's yesterday and now we have basically seen a 20-degree drop in terms of the daytime highs. that cool air certainly will be very noticeable today, meisha, over to you. >> i felt the difference this morning walking out to my car. katie, thanks much. good morning. happy wednesday. a lot of construction again this morning. 422 westbound off ramp to route 23 is closed, this should be lifting right around 5:00 a.m. usually does. maybe a little bit over. right around 5:00 a.m. it is expect to be out of the way. blue route is closed again, that should be lifting right around 5:00 a.m. i-95 north leading up to the plea route that right lane with cones in play blocking you from eventing their right lane and getting out from the blue route. that should be lifting around 5:00 a.m. i'll loath you know when it does. this is where we have had our first accident, route 202 at
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route 141, two lanes are block, one in the northbound side. make note of this. it will will slow you down as they try to get that cleaned out of your way. burlington bristol bridge was closed overnight, that has reopened but remember closing through thursday, it will be opened friday night and then closing again saturday through monday. jim and brook, over to you. well, breaking "news 3" people are in police custody after a home invasion and standoff in south philadelphia a police say men held up eight people inside a home and pistol whipped a man and a woman. twenty-nine were taken to presbyterian hospital. in word on their conditions. then suspects ran in the nearby home on the 6300 block of elmwood avenue, where police set up a barricade. they were able to arrest the suspects a all right time later. police tell "eyewitness news" they were able to track suspects to that home with a real time, crime camera. well, bucks county mother charged with the unthinkable. >> police say she killed her own child. detectives say that 23 year-old kayla moore admits to
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kicking her two year old daughter in the head and body, several times, over the weekend. the child was rushed to children's hospital where she died monday. right now moore is being held, without bail. well, hill willry clinton and donald trump take major steps toward locking up their parties nomination winning big on super tuesday in pennsylvania, clinton cruised to an easy win over bernie sanders. 56 percent to 44 percent. trump, triumphed in the keystone state with 99 percent h 99 percent of the vote in, trump has 57 percent of the vote. clinton also swept delaware getting 60 percent with 100 percent reporting. while trump was clear winner in the the g.o.p. race, kasich edged out cruz for second place. clinton took two more states connecticut and maryland but pennsylvania was clearly the big prize of the night. clinton supporters pack the pennsylvania convention center, the campaign says it is now preparing for the november elections. clinton says she's planning
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for her next trip in philadelphia, the city is hosting democratic national convention in july. >> with your help we will come back to philadelphia for the democratic national conn convention with the most votes and the most pledged delegates. >> clinton is now at least 90 percent of the the way to clinching the democratic nomination. bernie sanders won rhode island and he tells the a associated press that the campaign has a very narrow path the to the nomination, despite yesterday's losses. last night he told supporters in west virginia that he is in the presidential race to win. >> almost every national poll in every state poll has us defeating trump and that margin for us is significantly larger then that of secretary clinton. the reason that we are generating this enthusiasm is
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because we are doing something very unusual, in contemporary american politics. we are telling the truth? in today, sanders will campaign in indiana's purdue university. donald trump sweeping all five states and puts him more than three-quarters of the the way toward the republican nomination. during last night's victory speech in manhattan the billion air, said as far as he is concern, it is over. trump implied clinton is only doing well in the campaign because she's a woman. >> i think only card that she has is women's card. she has nothing else going. frankly if hillary clinton were a manny don't think she would get 5 percent of the vote. only thing that she's got going is would the men's card and beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> trump says it is too early to be thinking about a running mate but when asked if new jersey governor chris christie would be on his short list, trump says he thinks christie is fantastic.
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but when donald trump brought out gender card with hillary clinton new jersey's first lady had a reaction that has gone viral. mary pat christie lit up twitter watch as she glanced at her husband's direction and appears to roll her eyes. she just smirks and looks down at the ground. attention now shifts to the indiana primary, ted cruz is there as part of his strategy with john kasich he will block trum from clinching the nomination. case ache greed to clear a path for cruz in indiana, cruz will do the same for case nick oregon and mexico but kasich stopped short of urging his supporters to back cruz. >> and after more than two decade in office congressman chaka fattah has been unseated. >> fattah conceded the second congressional district prim willry race to dwight evans. congressman was seeking a 12th term. he ran a reelection campaign while planning for a federal trial on racketeering and conspiracy charges, which he
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denied. we caught up exclusively with fattah as he left his headquarters. >> i'm thankful for those who supported me. how are you doing man, good to see you. and we think it is time for the spotlight to turn to those who won election this is evening, all right. >> now evans did not bring up the congressman's legal troubles during the campaign after his victory he talk about changing the tone in washington. >> we need to pull together and that is what i want to do. i wanting to there and figure out how we work with people. i think that is so important. i'm not new to the political process, i just want to get results. >> evans faces republican james generals in the november election. 81 percent of voters in the congressional district are democrats. katie mcginty won were 43 percent of the vote. mcginty is former chief of
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staff for governor tom wolf. she defeated former congress john sestak and john fetterman. senator pat toomey ran unopposed. josh shapiro won the democratic primary to replace pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. he was running against steven zappala a and john morganelli. on the republican side john rafferty junior was declared, he beat out joseph peters. welshing still ahead a major recall may have you thinking twice about your dinner plans tonight. >> um-hmm. we will tell you what to look for to see if you are affect. also ahead how a quick thinking new jersey police officer helped save a man's life. this morning he is being called a hero. plus more wild weather in the southwest, storms bring lightening, hail, tornadoes, wait until you hear how one woman is protecting her car from all this. we will explain when we come
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new jersey police officer is hailed a hero for chasing down a man and stopping him from jumping off an overpass. >> don't, don't, don't. >> this happened monday morning, on route 287 in river dale, morris county. the sergeant made a split second decision to run after the man and tackle him. beneath overpass, speeding cars and a 50-foot drop. >> you know, sometimes we get thereafter ward which is devastating. this situation is rare where we're there and they are trying to do it and we have to stop them but thank god, he is safe and nobody else was affect by this. >> well, thanks to the sergeant's quick thinking the man ace live day and so are drivers below who could have crashed into him. thanks keep pouring in from cars to comments on social media. >> good for him, quick thinking. strong storms rolled through parts of the central plains, check out this intense
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lightening near the national weather center in norman, oak a there were also reports of the multiple tornadoes but fortunately no injuries. 80 percent of oklahoma was under a tornado watch. damaging hail in kansas, some reports have the hail the size of golf balls, as large as grapefruit in the northern part of the state, blinding rain caused a problem for drivers in kansas city missouri. video shows high water from downpours rushing in there the metro area the threat of hail in texas had this woman putting bubble wrap on her car. >> oh, my. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> it is now 4:43. meisha is watching the road this morning. >> a lot of construction and a couple of accidents. >> of course, katie has a jump on your forecast. >> talk about those crazy storms. it feels like it is happening every day. this is time of the year, when we see very significant, severe storm out breaks. we will talk about the kind of
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storms we have seen from oklahoma a but it is the season. this is time of the year for sure. we are not going to be looking at severe weather threats ahead but we have more april showers for you and actually same system to brought in so much of that severe weather across the plain states, look at what it is doing right now, we will go off to a wide zoom, oh, man look at this storms, a three hour loop, very nasty rain line but very damaging storms rumbling through western missouri, western arkansas and again making a beeline for poor folks in hughes ton dealing with so much flooding. this is the same storm that will bring us our next round of showers. what you see strung out a head of it is frontal boundary that brought in the strong storms to our area yesterday. it is starting to drop south but it is getting kind of hung up here. we will very likely be stuck in the cloud from philly on south, and then we will be likely seeing a shower rolling through here and there. probably not an umbrella kind of day if you don't want to
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part one along. you will see more sub then anything. a product of the storms was this, look at this gorgeous full rainbow, looking closely at double rainbow. you have to look real closely but you this was one shot of many that came in the eyewitness weather center coming from walt inner north wales. we saw it at my house. jen our producer saw it. a lot of people saw it. it was so vibrant and out there in such a brought, visible scope. mean while we will look at the temperature change. we will drop about ten to 20 degrees in some spots from the same time yesterday, and it was a cold front. it did it job, about 20 degrees colder then yesterday. we will call it partly sunny. again, watching for showers south but nothing terribly widespread and we will see more showers return to the forecast, for the tail end of the week. >> all right, thank you so much, through have it. good morning everyone. if you are just waking up, with us a lot of construction. i-95 north leading up to the blue route that right lane is block. that will lift sometime soon. what should be lifting around
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5:00 a.m. 95 north off ramp to the blue route is closed. that should lift around 5:00 a.m. but it is still closed right now. construction 422 westbound off ramp to route is closed. another construction project that should be lifting right around 5:00 a.m., this looks like a lot of stuff is going on that will slow you down. good news is the vine is all open both moving from the westbound and eastbound side. we had that yesterday too and that helped you drivers out. an accident here in delaware, southbound side, where accident happened, route 202 at 141, two left lane, south bun lanes are block, one north bound lane is also block. make note of this. those flashing lights can slow you down this early time of the morning. jim, back over to you. well, ntsb is trying to recover the data recorder from a sunken cargo ship, 15,000 feet in the ocean. this is video from the floor of the atlantic the at the wreckage site of the el faro, investigators are hoping that the recorder will help them understand what led the
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790-foot freight tore sink near the bohamas. all 33 people on board. el faro was traveling from florida to puerto rico when it got caught in the path of the hurricane. eagles fans are counting the hours until tomorrow's nfl draft. the bird hold the number two overall pick and could pick one of the top college quarterbacks. chicago is hosting the draft. they've recollect indoor and outdoor stages where if you eagles and other players will be introduced. there are plenty of activity for fans, our don bell, he is there for the draft, and his reports start on "eyewitness news" tonight at 5:00. welshing a different kind of eagles talk coming up. we will tell you the names of the two eaglelets born in washington but first a look at is what on tonight on cbs-3.
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welcome back, breaking news from southwest philadelphia tops our headlines on cbs-3. three suspects are in custody after an attempted whom invasion and barricade situation in southwest philadelphia police say two people were pistol whipped during the home invasion, armed invaders then barricaded themselves in another home until swat teams stormed the house. donald trump won last night's republican primaries in pennsylvania, delaware, and the three other states. democratic candidate hillary clinton won in pennsylvania, delaware, maryland and connecticut. bernie sanders won in rhode island. state representative dwight evans won the democratic congressional primary over 11 term congressman chaka a fattah. fattah faced federal trial on corruption charges next month. evans served in harrisburg for three decade. now time for a check of business news. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. apple is marking a first but it is not a good one.
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>> reporter: no, it is not, good morning, brook and jim. apple quarterly sales dropped for the first time in 13 years. tech company recorded its sold 51 million iphones in the first three months of this year, down 10 million phones from the same period last year and first ever decline of iphone sales. still apple reported a $10.5 billion profit for the quarter. brook and jim. >> i understand there is a big recall involving chicken today, hena. >> reporter: that is right. this happened overnight, actually just two hours ago. pilgrim's pride ordered a recall of 4.5 million-pound of cooked chicken products. this comes after consumers and federal inspectors found things like wood, plastic ruble, and metal, consumers need to look for the products with the establishment number 20728 inside of the usda inspection mark but check your freezer this morning. back to you. >> wow, thanks, hena. meanwhile in other news new residents of the national
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zoo in washington have a little will philly connection. >> that is because, they are eagles. the bald eaglelets now have names too, after an on line contest. very pleased to introduce to you freedom and liberty. >> ahh. >> they were hatched last month. other names suggested, stars and stripes, honor and glory, kind of cutie like freedom ape liberty. one name that is all they need, prominent. welshing coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> with you first katie is tracking storms in
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how about the storms yesterday now they are retreating. we are left with the frontal bound dry. it is in the leaving us alone necessarily but we will not dodge any keep of nasty thunderstorms like what we had yesterday. but talk about the temperature difference, man, we're now back to a dose of reality today. we hit 86 degrees yesterday, over achieving, 64 though is
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what we expect to top off at today. solid 20 plus degree difference here thaw will notice. here's that frontal boundary stalling nearby. we will be stuck more than anything in some cloud but through delaware, southern new jersey if you see a quick shower rolling through do not be shock by that. further north more sun you will see. lower 67, the spectation for both thursday and friday and both days we expect to see a couple showers out there. so, the april showers are finally making a return appears here, meisha. >> we do need them. thanks, katie, thanks so much. good morning. happy wednesday. we were just talking about construction, ten or 15 minutes ago, that is starting to clear out. we are still waiting on 422 westbound off ramp to route 422, still closed. scheduled to pick up around 5:00 a.m. that should be cleaned out of our way. we will see fit does so. couple areas that have clean out 95 north to the blue route is closed, that has been just clear. ninety-five north leading up to the blue route, that is also now all opened as well.
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we have an accident in north philadelphia, hit and run at broad street and parish street. jim, back to you. well, if you are heading out the door stay updated with katie a's forecast on kyw news radio 1060. also some female voters were called back to the time when their mothers weren't allowed to cast a ballot. the problems businesses even counter when they seek the public's input and three tips, to buying the perfect pair of shoes to keep your feet comfortable. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news"er with live with the violent even count their led to an ever night standoff in southwest philadelphia. plus, the pennsylvania school bus driver is in big trouble, the dangerous situation that she's accused of putting one of her students in. there is something new coming to wawa, what you can get for free at every store we are back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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a police standoff end after several hours, a violent even count their led up to the intense situation and how technology, helped police track down the suspects. >> as far as i'm concern it is over. these two guys cannot win. >> donald trump and hillary clinton take another step toward locking up their parties nomination after big wins in pennsylvania and delaware. new controversy brewing between the front runners. and it is end of an era for long time congressman chaka fattah after he is voted out of office. what he says about his future. today is wednesday, april 27th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm's brook thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. we have a hit and run in north
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philadelphia we will talk about that coming up. construction moving out the of our way. >> wet weather is also moving out of our way for the most part. >> for the most part. >> here's is what going on. we have a frontal bound dry that ushered in strong thunderstorms yesterday. thankfully in long are strong to severe then are storm issue but is there still moisture to work with here off to the south. would i say southern new jersey, part of the delaware don't be shock if you see a quick shower rolling through here. maybe once or twice, there is just some moisture to work with and as those round have rain roll around the front we could have wet weather as a result. further north you go the clearer the sky will become and that actually has prompted a frost advisory to go in effect here across northampton county. interesting that you can still have some rain and warmth well off to the south in a couple count ace away it is cold and clear enough at this point for some frost. with that said here's where we stand we have a variety pack, 48 degrees in ac, 50 up a at philly international. nor'easterly breeze


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