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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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april 27th, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brook thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, good morning. happy wednesday, road are looking good, nice and dry right the now. we have incidents this morning but those have been cleared out of the way. >> good on hear. >> thankfully that front that brought in strong storms yesterday, that is in the gone but at least strong storms are. what i mean is we will start off by going outside. it is damp on the boardwalk and right on cue first runner of the morning is out on the boardwalk in rehoboth. you can see it is damp out there. so with that said, what you will notice is as we take you to storm scan there is wet weather rolling through. this is your frontal boundary that is just stalled out and hung up, it is not retreating necessarily. further south you go more likely you will run into a sure once or twice throughout the course of the day. notice further north up a cross lehigh valley poconos areas things are clearing out. this is a half and half kind of day.
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some off have have some sun and or stuck with wet weather. one great thing about these showers that have been rolling through is the pollen levels will drop off, especially tomorrow and friday, no better than medium to medium high as opposed to just off the charts as we have seen in recent weeks w that said hour by hour we kept partly sun a cross the board but here's what you will find in philadelphia further south you could see a shower or overcast skies. but further in the north in the lehigh valley and poconos region we will have more sunshine but regardless everyone will see a temperature difference here today. we were all the way in the mid 80's, yesterday, meisha, very far cry from that today, mid 60's at best. >> you can feel it. i felt it right away. all right katie, thanks very much. good morning everyone. looking at the vine right now looking good. take a look moving in the westbound direction pulled off to the right lane you can see flashes out there make note of. that eastbound side, volume levels are starting to heat up there as you can see but we can say this is fairly typical in the 6:00 o'clock hour on a
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busy wednesday. we will see flow start to build, machine through wednesday, and early even in the 4:00 o'clock hour sometimes. schuylkill headlights in the eastbound direction past 202 this is what you are looking the at. boulevard taillights moving in the southbound direction this is before the schuylkill, giving you you a bird eye view what is going on out there overall things are looking darn good this morning. burlington bristol bridge was closed overnight, obviously now opened but make note it will be closed tonight as well, opened friday night but then closes saturday through monday overnight, and your alternate while closed but it lifts fairly early in the morning. the another reminder delaware memorial bridge that left lane is partially block this morning, jim, over to you. breaking news, two philadelphia police officers are hurt after a hit and run crash in fairmount. this sets up a bizarre chain of events, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the scene this one has us scratching our heads. >> reporter: jim, very confusing story here, actually
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getting cleaned up here on 15th near parish street. this car was just park here this morning, when it was struck by a vehicle that was involved in that crash at north brown and broad involving those two officers. i will backup and tell but that in a second here. here's how that happened at north broad and brown street. this morning we hear two officers who were wearing plane clothes were in an unmarked pickup truck south toward central detectives and at that point they are struck by a dark sedan. that sedan left the scene, leaving those two officers injured, a white vehicle arrived to that scene and the driver got out, leaving his car actual any drive. that car continued to roll role slowly southbound on broad and that is when two men just jumped in that car. they got in that car heading south on broad. they moved around fairmount here and came around here if this street going north which goes southbound. they struck a moving vehicle at that point and this parked
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car. back at the scene those two officers were taken to hahnemann. we know passenger seat officer he had a concussion. the driver of that vehicle he had some shoulder, head and neck pain. we are told they were actually t bone at that intersection, so this morning police are looking for the driver of that dark sedan, that first hit police, they are also trying to track down those two men who jumped in to that white vehicle will. we know one man haddon a red sweat shirt and may have entered a club in this area. police tell us they have found a red sweat shirt but still no leads on those two men. you may now be asking about that witness? well, police say they are in the quite sure why he arrived to that scene or what he was doing there in the first place, however, he is now being questioned by police and we will bring you much more as we get it. brook and jim, back inside to you. >> thanks, justin. new this morning a home invasion and standoff leads to three arrestness southwest philadelphia. police say that the three suspects held up eight people
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inside a home. they pistol whipped a man and a woman and then suspect ran in the nearby home in the 6300 block of elmwood avenue. officers were able to track them with the real time crime camera and they set up a barricade and took suspects into custody. we have also just learn this bucks county mother is in jail this morning facing child abuse charges have after her daughter died at a hospital. detectives say that 23 year-old kayla moore admitted kicking her two year old daughter in the head and body several times over the weekend. little girl died at chop on monday. moore is being held without bail. in other news campaign 2016, two front runners gain momentum after another round of primaries. >> republican donald trump swept all five states up for grabs. in addition to pennsylvania and delaware billion air businessman won in connecticut, maryland abe rhode island. >> democrat hillary clinton won four of five, in addition to pennsylvania and delaware
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she won connecticut and maryland, bernie sanders won in road island. this morning the candidates get right back on the campaign trail. >> race for the white house is making a pit stop in indiana. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at cbs-3 essential central with more candidate reaction from super tuesday. >> reporter: brook and jim, good morning. despite those big wins, other candidates say they are not dropping out of this race, but still, donald trump has 77 percent of the delegates needed to secure the republican nomination, and hillary clinton is doing even better now with 90 percent of the necessary delegates. >> ♪ >> former second have of state hillary clinton celebrated her primary wins in philadelphia a on tuesday night inside the pennsylvania convention center. >> our campaign is about restoring peoples confidence in our ability to solve problems together. >> reporter: she rallied the crowd with the issues most important in her campaign, including health care,
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education, raising wages and protecting civil rights. now political analyst say sanders campaign may be in trouble with the vermont senator only winning rhode island but sanders maintains he is in the race to win what we are seeing on national polls which have us 15, 20 points ahead of donald trump, far more than secretary clinton. >> reporter: on the republican side a clean sweep for the billion air businessman. >> i am so honored this was to me our biggest night. >> reporter: rallies his supporters trump called himself preemptive nominee after tuesday's primary win but he has yet to win necessary delegates and texas senator ted cruz is still hoping for a brokered or contested convention. >> the chosen candidate of washington, the chosen candidate of big money and the lobbyist, they are not going to decide the republican nominee, it is going to be we the people. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich did not hold any
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public events last night after results rolled in but earlier this week he and cruz a nunsed they will coordinate anti trump efforts. kasich clearing path for cruz in indian, cruz returning the favor in oregon and new mexico. trump says he isn't worried. how is this a possible glimpse in the general election match up, front runners and donald trump are trading barbs, they are going back and forth over women. trump says clinton is playing the women card, saying if she were a man she wouldn't even get 5 percent of the vote. clinton says that standing up and advocating for women's rights is playing women's card then deal her in. jim and brook, back inside to you you. >> thanks, jan. congressman chaka a fattah is unseated a after two decades in office. >> fattah conceded the second congressional primary raise to state representative dwight evans. the congressman was seeking a 12th term. he rane reelection cam campaign while preparing for a
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trial, for racketeering. we caught up with fattah as he left his headquarters. >> i'm thankful for those who supported me. how are you doing good to see you. we think it is time for the spotlight to turn to those two that won election this is evening. all right. now evans did not bring up congressman fattah's legal troubles during the campaign, after his victory he talk about changing the tone in washington. >> we need to pull together and that is what i want to do. i want to go there and figure out how to work with people. that is so important. i'm not into the pettiness of the political process, i want to get results? evans faces republican james jones in the november election. 81 percent of voters in the second congressional district are democrats. pennsylvania is home of one of the key race that he is could decide which party controls the senate. >> democrats chose katie mcginty as their nominee she
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defeated former congressman joe sestak and john fetterman and joseph volumed slashing a she will faith republican path toomey in november. in the race to replace cot land kane josh shapiro wins. he defeated steven zappala a and john morganelli getting 47 . shapiro will face republican john rafferty who beat out joseph peters. do you want to find out who else won? go to our web site, campaign 2016 coverage continues at cbs well, still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning severe weather rolls across the south, a at least five tornadoes were reported, along with strong thunderstorms, and hail. and see the creative ways that some people are protecting their cars from the nasty weather. plus... >> all prices will go up, in the bakery and ice cream world. >> say it ain't so? your ice cream cone could cost more, just in time for summer. the reason behind the price hike on several sweet
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welcome back everyone. strong storms, rolled through the middle of the country overnight. >> check out this intense, lightening, the national weather center in norman, oak a there were reports of the multiple tornadoes but no injuries. days of the storm warning had parts of the four states, on alert. damaging hail in kansas
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some reports say hail was size of the golf balls as large as grapefruit, in the northern part of the state. blinding rain caused a problem for drivers, downpours, turned stairs into waterfalls, in kansas city, missouri. in texas a threat of the hail has this woman putting bubble wrap on her car. >> you got to do what you have to do. >> yes. >> your car, it is a good idea, i guess it is worth it. >> so true that hail can be so damaging. we had our fair share of strong storms. check out this photo sent in from our eyewitness weather watchers, peter, who you will recall was our first in studio weather watcher. he took this outside his house in williamstown, new jersey, and look at this scary stuff, when those storms erupted ape and, looking the at yesterday, and, skies cleared out, through the day yesterday. look at these storms cells that bubbled up. they were granted, unexpectly but they were stuck in one of them were you a, getting drenched and b, need to go
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fine shelter. those meant business. with the heavy downpours that are gusty win that came long with them and frequent lightening, of course. storm scan, here's the front that did bring in that wet weather that has tried to stall, to clear to our south but gotten stalled out. what you'll find here today is to the south of the city we will end up with more overcast sky then anything, and then also potential for couple showers. this is a little overdone. we are only talking about a brief round of showers that moved through late this morning, maybe another one before the morning is all said and done but note is what happens. again, things are trying to clear out. further north you you go more sun you will see as day progresses. we will look to tomorrow and next system is already here bringing with it a fresh round of some showers, primarily through second half of the day. basically you have a carbon copy forecast thursday and friday, lower 60's, cooler then average, dam one showers out there as next disturbance pushing in. saturday we are in the all clear, partly sunny, more seasonal as we flirt with 70 and maybe some more showers by
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sunday. so, active pattern right about now, meisha. >> a lot of rain, as we said, earlier we need it sometimes. good morning everyone. happy wednesday to you. you're seeing a lot of slow downs right now interstate i-95 south past cottman because we have an accident pulled off to that shoulder and everyone is traveling by, yes, it is on the shoulder. not blocking any lanes, but we have a ton of gaper delays out there and volume levels are starting to build up now that will support this slow down. i will show you here, i-95 south approaching where that is and again this is just an accident pulled off to the shoulder. so a lot of slow downs, if you can a void it, wait until it clears and you will want to do that. if you have to go out there give yourself extra time. we have some vine moving in the westbound direction, pulled off to the right lane you can see with the flashers on. overall westbound side is looking pretty good. the eastbound side may be heating up a little bit, as the westbound side is. accident in north philadelphia where justin finch reported, from parish street between
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15th and broad and burlington bristol bridge is closed overnight, it is now opened, but it will be closed again tonight as well, brook, back over to you. up next group that now outnumbers baby boomers and how that could mean big changes for america. plus a price hike on some of your favorite sweet treats we're talking about cakes and ice cream in time for summer. the reason you will be paying more my consumer report is coming up.
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hey there how about this shift in america's population. millennials have officially surpassed baby boomers as largest living population in the u.s. >> that ace cord to go newest mates from the u.s. census bureau. millennials include people between 18 and 34 are already the largest work force in the u.s. experts say that they will also have the most influence, on politics, and the economy. well, it is an ingredient found in baked goods and summer treats but now vanilla shortage is causing cost toss spike. in three on your side consumer report, why ice cream prices may in the be so sweet this summer. do you see those tiny black flakes, they are ingredients that give philadelphia style ice cream its signature flavor and look what are they? vanilla beans. >> philly ice cream makers decided to add the beans, to mark it as a natural vanilla a. >> but all natural ingredients
6:21 am
doesn't come cheap, it is actually second most expensive spices in the world. >> it smells amazing. >> reporter: this year it is than more pricey then usual according to eric burl, co founder of the franklin fountain in olde city. >> typically in madagascar where 95 percent of all vanilla is grown there is a massive shortage in the production. >> reporter: that is impacting bottom line of the businesses throughout the country, including this sharon holmes bakery in january we paid $80 a pound per beans. in february we paid $120 a pound for beans. >> reporter: those spiking vanilla prices are forcing retail tours pass those added costs on to their customers. >> i believe all prices will go up in the bakery and ice cream world at least three to 5 percent. >> reporter: at franklin fountain they are doing their best to maintain prices on their most popular items. >> we were able to keep our single will cone price the same this year as we have last
6:22 am
year and year before that. >> reporter: they have increased prices on the larger sizes and bulk items. but some might say that mouth watering taste of vanilla is worth it no matter what the price. >> vanilla is just one of those yummy basic, clean, beautiful flavors. it is true pure form. it is something special. >> now while you might pay more for your favorite ice cream and goodies this spring and um iser, experts are hopeful that the next crop of vanilla will be robust and those prices will level off. up next look at other news stories making headlines in our local papers this morning. a man who gives up his free time for cancer patients, he doesn't even know, he has a saying, cancer who? ukee washington tells us what it means and how much it has helped this cancer patient in this weeks story of brotherly love, katie? what's more we are still tracking wet weather and this looks lake a running theme in the forecast, april showers has certainly made a return
6:23 am
appearance we will tell you when you might want to have that umbrella at the
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it is time for a look at newspaper headlines. >> news journal of delaware reports a man wanted for charges was arrested yesterday after evading police and crashing in another vehicle. twenty-four year-old t tie rel waters was taken in custody after a struggle with troopers. in the courier post cherry
6:26 am
hill township officials are considering reelection to a new municipal building. don't expect to see moving vans anytime soon. spokeswoman says a move wouldn't happen for years. and from the front page of the burlington county times grandparents day at rancocas valley regional high school. annual event attracted 150 grand parents, they had a chance to enjoy breakfast with their teenage grandchildren before following them into class, to get the full high school experience. >> adorable. that is a look at the some newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, coming up next on "eyewitness news", huge primary wins for the presidential front runners. >> i'll never change one thing, you know what i will never change, make america great again. i will never change. >> with your help we will come back to philadelphia for the democratic national conn convention. >> hillary clinton and donald trump cement their leads and step up their attacks, we are talking to political analyst bill rosenberg about what is
6:27 am
next for candidates. it noise secret, eagles quarterback wants out of philadelphia but pat gallen is here to talk about the one place he definitely doesn't wanting to, up next. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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what a difference from yesterday. the storms ushered in cooler air. >> katie is tracking more unsettled weather for this week, find out when we will see more rain. good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brook thomas. 6:30. here's what we need to know in your morning minute. >> after striking the police vehicle those police officers, one of them, lost consciousness. >> we are talking about perhaps at least three people at the large as a result of
6:31 am
these two crashes, one involving police, one involving a parked car as well as a moving vehicle. bucks county mother charged with the unthinkable, detectives say 23 year-old kayla moore admitted kicking her two-year old daughter in the head and body. the little girl died at chop on monday. >> thank you pennsylvania. >> it is over. >> donald trump a clean sweep and key victories for hillary clinton but despite these big wins for the two front runners, the other candidates don't seem to be backing down. out toward center field, taylor on the run, back toward the warning track it is off the wall, blanco around third heading home and he will score and phillies have taken the lead four-three. that game winning run snapped the nationals eight game home winning streak. >> the phillies continue the series with the nationals tonight in washington d.c. >> we expect good weather, katie.
6:32 am
>> well. not ideal. the front that brought in this stronger storms yesterday, that is still trying to clear out. it is having a tough time doing it. it is kind of stuck right now. what that means is we are stuck in the included right here, in philadelphia. even off to the south there are still a couple of showers that are out there. so it gets progressively better with time as well as, here's the same story for d.c. too but what you can expect here initially and perhaps even a shower here and there through the southern part of the area as we look at central and southern del marva we have a few showers at the moment and even through southern new jersey, you might need, to be flicking the windshield wipers once or twice. this isn't kind of day that requires an umbrella that front continues a slow trek south. 50 degrees temperature at airport. chillier with the clearer sky up at mount pocono at 39, and 48, continues to be the temperature in ac. we have in the seen too many from these values for last few hours since we have been on the air. as day progresses we can see
6:33 am
in philadelphia we will call it a partly sunny day. further north more sunshine you will see, further south the more cloud cover you will be stuck under and may end up with a shower out there as well, south of the philadelphia. eventually though, meisha is there more wet weather for all of us down the road and i'll tell you when to expect it coming up. >> thanks very much for that. good morning. happy wednesday to you if you are just waking up with us. what we're looking at, is the vine, looking at westbound side because we still have some flashes going on. the it is slowing you down on the far right side. it has been there for quite sometime and we are starting to get backups, residual effects because of that. for as long as that is out there and more vehicles that hit the roadways we will see major slow downs on the vine on the westbound side, pulled off to that right shoulder. so, causing some headaches for those trying to exit off the vine. an accident at i-95 south past cottman has got you hung up here. thing is it is not blocking any lanes but pulled off to the shoulder but we have gaper
6:34 am
delays plus we have volume levels to support this kind of a backup. i-95 south past cottman is pulled off to the shoulder. this is your backup shot leading up to cottman, it is very slow there. if you can avoid it, would i suggest doing so, if you can't just give yourself some extra time. remine are, delaware memorial bridge left lane is partially block make net as things heat up this morning and also burlington bristol bridge is closed overnight, it will be closed again tonight as it is opened new but will be closed again tonight, tacony palmyra bridge your best alternate when that is closed, brook, back over to you. thanks, a hit and run crash injures two philadelphia police officers in fairmount and sets off a bizarre chain of events. this is the end result at 15th and parish not far from here two officers in an unmarked pickup truck were struck by a dark sedan. that car sped off. a white car then pull up and when the driver got out two other men jumped in and stole
6:35 am
that car going the wrong way on 15th street. then they, crashed into a moving vehicle and a park car. police just want to speak with the witness right new who is in the cooperating. >> no, not really giving us any good information regarding the auto accident involving the police vehicle. he was just more concerned with himself when he got to the scene of broad and brown streets for some reason he was afraid and jumped out of his vehicle which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to us. so we will investigate and try to get the truth. >> both officers were taken to hahnemann hon, one of the officers had a concussion, other had neck and solder pain. right now police are looking for the driver of the dark sedan and the men who stole the white vehicle. well, turning to politics presidential can states head to indian at next prize in campaign 2016. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump gain momentum thanks to pennsylvania and delaware.
6:36 am
clinton cruised, to an easy win over bernie sanders 56 percent to 44. trump triumph in the keystone state getting more votes then ted cruz and john case being combine. clinton swept delaware getting 60 percent. but while trump was in the clear he was clear winner, excuse me in the g.o.p. race, kasich edged out cruz for second place. >> so what impact will these results of on who wins the nomination? >> bill rosenberg, political analyst and professor of political science at drexel university is back with us this morning to break down the results. good morning, bill. was pennsylvania key for trump. >> i would say that the way candidates described the elections is every super tuesday is super. last week we had new york and big victories and today, yesterday we had them in pennsylvania. what it has done is solidified the inevitable that donald trump and hillary clinton will be the nominees. >> here's where delegate race stand right new with his wins
6:37 am
last night trump has 937, cruz has 555, kasich has 147, it takes 1237 to get to the nomination. do you think trump has what it takes to secure the nomination at this point. >> i think it is probably inevitable he will win nomination and probably win it before they even go to cleveland. he had some very striking victories over the last two weeks and there is some very big elections coming up particularly in california, but also indiana. as a result i think he will go over the top without having to have a brokered convention. >> cruz and kasich are trying to split the next couple contests, and potential losses in delegates. my question is could this type of strategy work to prevent trump from getting delegates out right needed for nomination. >> what we have seen earlier is marco rubio tried the same tactic when he align himself with governor kasich, he said let me win florida and you can
6:38 am
win ohio. it ended up that rubio did in the win florida but kasich did win out in ohio. going forward though i think we have already seen major cracks in that alliance between kasich and cruz. while they say they are not going to direct their voters, they will only direct their super pacs with the subtle message that they are hoping cruz ill win indiana. it is unlikely to be successful. >> looking at democrats, hillary clinton came up big winning four out of five states but yet bernie sanders says he is still in the presidential race to win. what would he need to do to secure the nomination at this point. >> the reality is he has to come up with very big in the remaining primaries he's talking almost 70 percent and that is mathematically really not very realistic. the way we should look at this is at this point, bernie sanders is not going to drop out, just like hillary clinton did in the drop out in 2008.
6:39 am
in fact she didn't drop out, until the time of the convention in 2008. he is on a mission to basically as he puts it create a revolution and he he wants to continue to drum that message forward to move the democratic party in a direction that he sees which is more progressive. >> also, this is a real first, this these states have had such an impact on the presidential race, is what the significance of that. >> usually states like new jersey, pennsylvania and california don't matter that much because the candidates have already lock up the nomination. i think as we approach sort of the reality of today, they in effect really aren't going to make much difference going forward from this point because as i said, i think it is pretty much all decided. >> bill, thanks, for jim us this morning. >> have a good day. >> thanks, bill. as trump declared victory he claim hillary clinton was only doing well because she is a woman.
6:40 am
>> the reaction from the wife of new jersey governor chris christie has gone viral. >> well, i think only card she has is women's car. she has nothing else going. >> check this out marry pat christie made a eye roll that lit up twitter. this is second time christie's family has been focus during trump speech. back in march do remember the governor standing stone face behind trump during that primary night victory speech. stay with "eyewitness news", up to dayton campaign 2016, that includes coverage of the democratic national convention which, it is in philadelphia a, and in july. well, still ahead this morning if prince had a will in one can find it. and that is setting stage for a court fight over the singer's enormous assets, find out who could ultimately decide who gets prince millions. >> it the is just sock i love to do. >> this man's mission help cancer patients forget about their disease for a little while, how he is helping them say cancer who, in this weeks
6:41 am
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unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. date is set in montgomery county courtroom, cosby appears may 24th to face charges over 2004 encounters with the then temple university employee andrea conn stan. she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. cosby says the sex was consensual. earlier this week an appeals court reject cosby's attempt to have a case thrown out. meanwhile sentencing day for former house speaker dennis has territory, he pleaded guilty to breaking, federal banking rules to cover up decade old sexual abuse claims as a teacher a and wrestling coach. he has agreed to pay -- he had agreed to pay 3.5 million-dollar to a former student, to keep quiet. now he faces five years in prison. sister of the music legend
6:45 am
prince said her brother did not have have a will. tyka nelson filed court documents asking for a corporate trust to administer hid minnesota compound and asset said to be worth 300 million-dollar. at the time of his death, prince was not married, he has no children and his parents died more than a decade ago. in addition to his sister he also had, a number of past siblings still alive. those storms that rolled through yesterday ushered in some change. >> a lot cooler today, i notice that had this morning. my question as always, when will we warm backup. >> eventually. for now things are below average, guys. in terms of the thermometer readings. it the was a cold front that will live up to its name but with that said i want to check with our weather watchers. we will lot at area reports. the it is not terribly cold right now then it was this same time yesterday but, throughout the day you will not rebound as easily as we did yesterday. so, we will zero in on a couple of these, taking you out to new jersey, 48 degrees
6:46 am
comes in from lynn, who is seeing some cloud cover and, we will get to another one, detail it further inland here out west of the philadelphia where we are 48 degrees in from dawn castle. we have light wind she says, and we will get to one more, further north up to lehigh county in south allentown 50 degrees comes from julia. she also just stuck in the cloud. that will change further north you go here today, more sun you you will eventually see. but what is interesting is we have a frost advisory posted a cross northwestern new jersey and also northampton county, that is one county in this area that we are finding and any frost potential here throughout the morning. it will linger for another hour and a half or so, just shy of that. now we are looking a at storm scan and see how this frontal boundary is falling to the south or moves to our south but it is getting stuck. you will find a shower around, southern most counties, at some point today but especially through the first half of the day, and this is going to continue to drop, through our area off to the
6:47 am
south, with time, so eventually we will start to clear out at least a little bit but then the next system is already here, that comes in as a warm front on thursday, bringing primarily p.m. showers, but it does look like it is just that, showers, no major thunderstorm out breaks this time thankfully and low 60's at best for both thursday and friday, so, essentially what you have here is a carbon copy forecast for thursday and friday. we will see that in the seven day. by saturday it is around here, that is good news without door plans, union have a a home game. 69 degrees and sunshine there. by sunday we will start off with sun and included start to rebuild and we will see more showers, returning to the forecast. bottom line, it is just busier then it has been recently. >> it seems like a milk bag, all right, katie, we will take it, thank you so much, good morning. happy wednesday to you, looking at vine moving in the the westbound direction pulled off to the right shoulder, you can see driver and officers are pulled over to the right shoulder with it. this will cause even more slow downs and we also have an officer out on foot, i saw a
6:48 am
driver out on foot. make note now that we have people out on foot, vehicles walking around this is really going to cause slow downs for you, those on the vine trying to get that cleared out. ninety-five south, we have another accident, i will look at that camera shot. flip it back to the backup shot, 95 south approaching cottman, very, very slow. we have residual backups because of that accident that is pulled off to the shoulder, not even blocking a lane and causing this much slow dunn because we have volume levels to support it as we push forward that 7:00 o'clock hour. then we have an accident at cheltenham avenue at lake side avenue for those in and around that a area another accident in fair mount that has cleared, parish between 15th and broad. that is all cleared. great news for those in that neighborhood. burlington bristol bridge was closed overnight and it will be closed again tonight. in the friday but then again, saturday through monday. jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. the time is 6:48. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning.
6:49 am
>> yes, gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, gayle. >> please stop e-mailing so i can pay attention to you. >> i was e-mailing nora, this is what i was doing, we went out to dinner last night and yesterday nicki minaj was on stage and i was taking pictures with nora in action. >> she was enjoying it. >> she was really enjoying it. nora and i don't know. >> i enjoy life amy enjoy dancing. >> jim donovan too. >> here we go, here we go, i digress, here we go, head, we're in oklahoma with overnight tornadoes and flooding. john dickerson has impact of donald trump and hillary clinton's primary wins. they had a good night last night. only on cbs, dyson unveils a new device that will revolutionize had your morning routine. and charlie's conversation
6:50 am
with comedy yan, anchor and direct i louie ck, the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes and counting. back to you. >> say hi to nora for us. >> we will see you you at 7:00. >> i will tell them. >> bye, you guys good take care. >> well, cancer is in the only painful but often lonely. a philadelphia man wanted to help. >> as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love he is reaching out to cancer patient toss give them some good cheer. >> reporter: these volunteers are hoping thanks to that patients can for get about cancer for just a little while longer and adopt the saying, cancer who? robin scott have just return from a vacation last fall when her doctor, gave her the news. >> it was positive the biopsy. i still didn't believe him. >> reporter: robin had breast cancer. as she went through surgery and was preparing for chemotherapy she found an instagram page called cancer who. its founder is al harris.
6:51 am
>> i just don't want to have no, in one with cancer feeling alone or without. >> reporter: al and his wife, visited patients like robin, visited patients and sometimes even al and margaret themselves had family members with cancer. >> it is tough, every bit of support is vital. >> i'm like the relief guy. i'm there to listen so she can talk to me, and it is special. just there to listen, every year. >> treatment. >> reporter: on day al and marjani joined robin for her last scheduled chemo treatment at penn medicine cancer treatment program in voorhees. doctor car looks knows how much support can help a patient. >> it is very important for her to have have someone that she can lean on or the or the when chemo is finish robin will have a series of radiation treatment. al will be there. for al this is strictly volume tear work. sales of t-shirts and other
6:52 am
clothing with the cancer who saying helped fun trips, gifts, and more for cancer patients. >> hopefully we can grow to be a lot bigger and help a lot more people with cancer. >> is there a cancer who event in may. to to find out more go to cbs i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in more than 24 hours one of the most exciting nfl drafts in recent memory will start out in chicago. >> it is exciting for eagles fans because bird hold the second pick and they could go for the quarterback of the future. our own pat gallen is joined by eagles expert to talk drafts and quarterbacks. i'm excited about this. >> thanks, jim and brook. it has been a interesting week and off season for philadelphia eagles. eagles quarterback sam bradford and his agent have asked for a trade but according to a report bradford does not want to be reunited in san francisco with chip kelly. also a report says that the eagles and broncos, spoke about a deal with bradford but
6:53 am
the asking price was just too high. to break it all down, it is dave spadaro of the philadelphia eagles. he is an eagles insider. the let's start with sam bradford. his agent went on sirius xm radio. but where do we go from here. what do we make of this how does it get better. >> it is disappointing and puzzling the approach that sam and his agent have taken but the way eagles are a approaching it, calm down, let's take a breath and see how these emotions settle. the these are voluntary work outs. sam is not contractually obligated to be in philadelphia. the fact of the matter is, he is the starting quarterback. i don't expect eagles to trade him. best case scenario for eagles a and for bradford is sam calms down, understands the landscape that he is the starter and comes in and compete. nfl is about competition and raising your level of performance. we will see how sam reacts in june when he comes back or perhaps before then. >> lets talk about that
6:54 am
possible competition. eagles mailed a couple big trade moving from 13 to eight and moving from number eight to number two. now they have got their sights set on a franchise quarterback. it looks like jared goff will go number one to st. louis. lets talk about carson wentz and possibility of him being in eagles green what do you see. >> eagles fans will love the kid. he doesn't have all of the experience in the world, he played at a lower level at north dakota state. he hasn't had a lot of starts. he is a big, strong athletic young man. very, very smart. i talk to frank reich coordinator about him, tremendous football iq combined without standing athletic ability. he is what you want in philadelphia. >> lots of good things. >> we need a quarterback long term it will take time to develop him so the idea is that sam comes in, plays his best football and then at the end of the the season eagles have a wonderful situation where they have quarterbacks who are good good lets go to the fun stuff. eagles football camps this summer, kid can go out, have
6:55 am
have a good time, tell us about that. >> i necessity there are parents out there trying to figure out what to do with their kids this summer. they want to play football. eagles are offering five camps in philadelphia a, in the suburbs in, delaware, there are former players hour carmichael, michael quick, john runyan, current players involve also, it is instruction based, very one on one, there is some tours of the novacare complex and lincoln financial field. in addition to the on field activities. it is a really safe, educational, instruct i have forum for young people to learn more about the game of the football. go to eagles football >> can they teach me how to throw a football. >> you may be a little more of the long range project we will put you and carson wentz in the same camp. >> thanks good dave spadaro, philadelphia jim and brook, back over to you. you walk right into it. >> we will be right back with three things you need to know before you go. >> it is three to go and it is next.
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here's what you need to know. >> three to go. >> two plainclothes philadelphia police officer are recovering after being hurt in the bizarre series of event overnight. >> donald trump and hillary clinton come up big in the primary. >> long time congressman chaka fattah loses his rehe election bid to twi evans.
7:00 am
>> that is three to go good cb ask. this morning is nex captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, april 27th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." primary perfection. donald trump sweeps all five states scoring hundreds of delegates and setting his sights on his potential next opponent. >> if hillary were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card.


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