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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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arise to be commander in chief and keep this country safe. >> fiorina endorsed cruz earl they're year after a abandoning her own presidential bid. the 61 year-old former hp executive has never held an elect office. meantime, hillary clinton and donald trump are inching closer to lock up their parties presidential nominations with sweeping victories last night, they both are shifting toward a possible general election match up. correspondent craig boswell has the very latest. >> reporter: ted cruz hasn't won the republican nomination but that isn't stopping him from announcing carli fiorina will be his running mate if he is the nominee. move may be too late for cruz, donald trump swept tuesday's rim wrist and on track to clinch nomination before this summer's convention. wednesday trump focus on for's fares during a policy speech in washington. >> i'd like to talk about how to develop a new foreign policy direction, for our country. one that replaces randomness
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with purpose. >> reporter: trump's foreign policy address at the may flower hotel in washington was a policy speeches, before heading off to indiana the site of next tuesday's primary. clinton is looking ahead to the general election and is taking exception to trump a's comment that she plays the would the men card. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave, and equal pay is playing the women's card, then deal me in. >> reporter: bernie sanders is also in the indiana campaigning a head of next tuesday's vote. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> white house was placed on lock down earlier today, the second security scare at the executive mansion in 24 hours. secret surface rested a man they say threw personal belongings over the north fence this morning. the complex then reopened after a two hour sweep of the ground did not turn up anything serious ordaining rust. the secret surface rested a man just yesterday for allegedly jumping over the white house fence.
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a wild night in philadelphia's fairmount neighborhood, police are searching for, suspects in two separate hit and runs, two police officers were hurt. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is in brewerytown with more on how everything unfolded, trang? >> reporter: ukee, police are still looking for three men involved in two separate but strangely related hit and runs this morning. police do not have have a whole lot to go off have of but they are looking for a black sedan with front end damage. an accident involving an unmark police truck set off a bizarre chain of events that left two officers hurt in fairmount. >> one had a head injury and another arm injury but nothing significant or life threatening thank god for that. >> reporter: police are looking for driver of the black sedan that hit the truck near intersection have the broad and brown street and just kept going. >> they didn't stop, render any help but they left the scene. >> reporter: man in the white suv then pulled up to the accident. man told police he thought he saw a man waving a gun so he jumped out and left it in drive. seconds later two other men jumped in the suv and then
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took off in it. >> i guess everyone would react differently and he claimed his initial reaction was fear, and get out of the line what he he thought might be gunfire, not necessarily direct at him, and just to get out on the line of fire. >> reporter: men drove the suv the wrong way on to 15th street toward parish. colliding head on with the car traveling the right way. they also hit a parked car and then abandoned the suv in the middle of the street. >> bizarre scene all the way around, that will take some investigating before it is solved. >> reporter: the driver involved in the second head on collision was not hurt. medics took those two officers to hahnemann hospital where they were treated and released. we are live from the accident investigation division, in brewerytown i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, trang. a bucks county mother is behind bars and facing child abuse charges after her daughter, died at the hospital. detectives say 24 year-old kayla more more of morrisville admitted to kicking her two-year old daughter to the
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head and body several times over the weekend. that little will girl died at the children's hospital on monday. >> it is very disturbing to see this small child in the condition that she was in, from some of the statements, if you can take this people at chop that deal with children all the time, they were horrified at the condition of this child. >> a second child in moore's home has been removed, she's being held without bail. let's look at the weather. those storms yesterday left behind clouds and you felt the chillier temperatures. we will get a first lot at the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo, kate. >> reporter: it feels like a completely different day out here. cloud are still in place that front that came through last night stalled off to the south and producing enough cloud cover to keep us firmly locked in these overcast skies all day long. take a quick look at storm can three and you can see what we're looking at. cloud are thinning out, stray shower over south jersey, been warmer in allentown and mount pocono then it has been in philadelphia, down the shore
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and in delaware. the as we zoom out we will see more showers just starting to push into portions of ohio and west virginia and those will arrive here tomorrow. in the meantime, again, it is chilly outside. only 54 right now in philadelphia a. fifty-seven in allentown. sixty in mount pocono, and 51 in atlantic city. fifty in mount pocono is warm spot on the map one spot that is seeing more sunshine outside today. twenty-four hour temperature change from this time yesterday, it is 23 degrees colder in philadelphia, a full 34 degrees colder in atlantic city and unfortunately we will be dealing with the cloudy, cool conditions over the next several days. so here's what to expect, showers, cloud, through the next few days, right in the end of the week and it does look like they may last in the weekend as well, coming up with the seven day forecast we will tell you when your best chance to get outside will be and we will take a a quick look at the broad street run forecast and let you know if it will stay warm, running or cheering on a loved one. that is all coming up, now back inside to you. education groups are applauding the inact.
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of the pennsylvaniaes new school funding formula. today is philadelphia a's school district headquarters the group said that the fight for adequate school funning is not over yet. >> funding formula that we have, while it the is great, ultimately is only going to be as effective as funding that is put into the fair funding formula. this is going to require, we believe, at least 400 million-dollar a digsal investment. >> reporter: groups will be holding a school funding rally at the state capitol in harrisburg on the second of may. flags are flying at half staff at police districts across the city in remembrance of the former commissioner willie williams. he passed away last night but his enduring legacy lives on. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more. >> i will discharge. >> that i will discharge. >> the duties of my office. >> duties of my office. >> with fidelity. >> with fidelity good congratulations. >> congratulations. >> reporter: he made history the moment he was sworn in.
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willie williams, philadelphia's first african-american, police commissioner. >> i'm proud to say that he is one of my heroes in this profession. >> reporter: police commissioner ross says williams rise to the top, even more remarkable, considering the department he first joined in the 60's offered virtually no career opportunities for black officers. >> you get attain greatness and that is what he was. he was i great commissioner and man. >> reporter: williams family always with him throughout his ground breaking career the at his side overnight,'s died at the age of 72, following a long illness in atlanta a. williams, after leaving philadelphia, in 1992, took over as l.a.'s top cop, in the wake of the rodney king riots there. >> we saw, in what we could a tane if we did the job the right way and we studied hard. >> reporter: williams, credited with helping to open the door through which future commissioners like charles ramsey, and richard ross,
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would later walk. >> without a willie williams you probably wouldn't have a chuck ramsey to be honest with you or might have been a long time coming. >> reporter: in police work as in so many businesses, each generation stand on the shoulders of those who come before. the shoulders of commissioner willie williams carrying this department and this city, into an entirely new direction and era a. at police headquarters, walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> met him a couple times during my sports year, quite a man. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight he was one of the most powerful politicians in the nation and now he is going to jail after sexual abuse scannard why former speaker of the house dennis hastearth will not face abuse charges. targeting certain cancers new chemotherapy treatment dispatched right to the cancer but with little will side effect on the body. and unbelievable video of a woman walking through an exploding mind field, how it
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well, cbs-3 health watch
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tonight a less invasive therapy is being used on a tough to treat cancer. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here new to explain how this all works. >> reporter: thinks unique, a therapy that i involves, beads, and we're not talking about a necklace. it is a treatment for liver cans their uses tiny beads coated with a chemotherapy drug. when patrick delaney was being worked up for hepatitis treatment doctors found something unexpected. >> the whiteys tumor. >> reporter: patrick had two tumors in his liver and they were not operable. >> you know, you start thinking about how much time you got left. >> reporter: tumors were early stage and patrick became one of the first patients in the country to have a new therapy using something called lumi bead coded with a chemotherapy drugs. >> the advantage the of the lumi bead is you have no side effect because drug will release slower and maximum effect will be in the tumor and not body.
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>> reporter: tiny catheter goes through the wrist. because lumi bead show up in x-rays doctors can tell when they are in the blood vessel that feeds just the tumor. there is a double killing effect with the chemo drugs because the beads also blocked black flow to the tumor. >> so far nine out of ten patients we have seen a complete response. >> no side effects, no downtime. >> whatever happened in the future is the future but right now, i feel like i hit the lottery. >> how about that. liver cancer is one of the most difficult to treatment of cancer with few useful surgical or therapeutic options. mt. sinai is first to successfully use this bead therapy and they are thinking this will expand because the results there have been really incredible. >> that is a macing. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay, thanks, stephanie. well, parts of the south and midwest are cleaning up from deadly spring storms. >> authorities in the houston area say a six two-year old
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woman died after a falling tree, cause aid roof on her home to collapse. in oak, high wind, ripped the roof off a highway patrol super's home. resident there were surprised by this storm's strength. >> i have been through it before and i heard, i heard the sound and they were just saying it was nice, and i heard. i knew. >> we were all huddled in the hall with the dogs. >> reporter: the wild weather also spawned five reported tornadoes, two in texas and one in indian, kansas, and missouri. take a look, at this, a puppy survived a line of severe storms when they crossed over texas overnight. they were together on a blanket next to the tree. they were left outside or exactly, how they got there, but they are okay now. >> that is amazing. >> other thing about tornadoes too is that it can just decimate a building and then next door, nothing.
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>> nothing, right. >> exactly. >> that path of strong wind, here in the past, it is devastation. wow. incredible stuff. luckily our weather was not quite that bad. we did tap into a few strong storms, that front came through and put an end to the 80's and feels different. >> yes. >> we've got this on shore wind, this is typical kind of weather they get anyplace along the west coast of the body of water, so seattle, san francisco, in the summertime, london, places like that. that is weather we will have have over the next few days. >> penn relays coming up and some runners like the running in cool weather. >> justin a were talking about that, lower 60's, 50's with some cloud, not too bad. the broad street run is this weekend of course. the temperatures in the 07's and 80's and it may stay dry, for most of the weekend but next couple of days we have got wet weather to talk b the lets take a look outside. right now we will take you out to the shore, this is ocean city, our new camera there in cape may county and just went black. we will go to another one. this is cape may courthouse.
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looking definitely overcast today. thinks how day has been very gray all across the region, but take a look at broadheadsville in the poconos where your sunshine is and the it is much nicer up there then it is in the city and that why temperatures in the poconos have been the warmest of our entire region really. you can see a nice day, little chilly but pleasant with sunshine from the poconos up through new york state and new england. we are still dealing with the cloud deck that has stalled off to the south. that is starting to pull in more moisture as well. our next system is back to the west, see rain moving in the senate i a area right now into portions of the ohio valley. that will be continuing its the eastward march through the day tomorrow and we will get these showers in here tomorrow afternoon, expected to be a bit of the slow afternoon commute and it looks like it is cloudy, cool, damp right through the end of the workweek at least. temperatures 54 degrees in philadelphia chilly. take a look at lighter shade ago long the coast where temperatures are in the 40's and lower 50's in many spots because ocean water
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temperature is still only in the lower 50's. mount pocono is confer an at 59 degrees. that is nicest spot in the region. we have a frost advisory for lehigh, northampton county here, lehigh whitehall, heller town, easton in, that frost advisory and portions of north injuries gi from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and how clear the skies are overnight and temperatures will drop a bit more rapidly. why is it so cold? there is that stationary front. we have overcast skies with clouds hanging out along that boundary. cool air to the north, warm air to the south and then we have that north east flow wind off water, is there your 53-degree ocean water temperature and it is cool north along the front. richmond at 66. eighty-one in new burn. eighty-six in raleigh-durham. fifty-four here in philadelphia warmer in new york city because even though they are in that easter there i flow they have cool air and more sunshine then we have had today. we are the coolest spot the on the map. future weather shows cloud hang around through tonight. overnight we will see clouds break up.
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possibly getting a few breaks in the cloud cover just after the sun goes down tonight and then overnight it stays partly cloudy. we may start your thursday with some filtered sunshine. we will start with sun in the morning. then watch what happens by 2:00 p.m. this band of showers moving through. with us through the afternoon 5:67:89 p.m. steady rain possible in a few spots. a a slow evening commute tomorrow. then friday just scattered light showers all day long, cloudy, camp and chilly. friday a's high only in the 50's. tonight 48 degrees, mostly cloudy. it is chilly tonight for your thursday. cloud, afternoon showers, high of only 60. but let's fast forward to the broad street run participating not too bad, it will be just mostly cloudy in the morning, cool at 51 degrees when the run kicks off. there will be rain moving in later in the day, but hopefully that will hold off until runners cross, the finish line. you're witness weather three day forecast, afternoon showers, tomorrow, friday, and
5:19 pm
showers around anytime. saturday, that is your one bright spot of the forecast, not the most sunny day we have ever had but 66 degrees with some sun, and one weekend day to get out and enjoy. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. a special treat for 2,000 philadelphia area middle and high school students. >> the students took in an early performance of the comedy the love, of opera philadelphia opera company is celebrating nomination for best opera company in this years international opera award. they are the only american company to get a a nod in that category and winners will be announced next month in london. well, we are counting down to this years race for the cure. cbs-3 is proud to support komen in the fight against breast cancer. >> you can join ukee, myself and all of the "eyewitness news" team on mothers day, that is sunday may eighth, this year, you can walk, run with our team by registering at cbs
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our morning team brook brook, katie and meisha will be running apparently. everyone who registers to walk and run with team cbs-3 will receive a special t-shirt. we sure hope to see you you there on the mothers day. >> um-hmm. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a man giving cancer patients help and hope. >> i'm's just doing this guy. >> the unusual way he and this cancer patient befriended each other and why he calls his project cancer poo. >> all prices will go up in the bakery and ice cream world. >> say it isn't so? your ice cream cone could cast more. the reason behind the price
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now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. in this weeks story of brotherly love a philadelphia man who saw family members go through cancer, necessary how hard it is. >> now he is trying to help patients forget about cancer for just a little will while and he has even a adopted his
5:24 pm
own motivational phrase: cancer who. robin scott of gloucester township had just returned from a vacation last fall, when her doctor, gave her the news. >> the test is positive. i still didn't believe it. >> reporter: robin had breast cancer. the as she went through surgery and preparing for chemotherapy she found an instagram page called cancer who? its founder is al harris. >> i just don't want to have no, no one with cancer feeling alone, or without. >> reporter: al, his wife marjani the and other volunteers visit patients like robin on their own time bringing cheer and sometimes leaving cake. al and marjani themselves have had family members with cancer. >> it is tough and every little bit of support is vital. >> i'm like relief guy. i'm just there to listen so she can talk to me. i can see what is going on. nothing special just listen, and be her ear. >> celebrating the last check.
5:25 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: on this day al and marjan him. joined robin for her last scheduled chemotherapy treatment in her voorhees. doctor carlos knows how much support can help a patient. >> it is very important for her to have someone that she can lean on. >> reporter: when chemo was finished robin will have a series of radiation treatments and al will be there. >> like my little brother. >> reporter: for al thinks volunteer work. sales of t-shirts and other clothing with the cancer who saying helped fun gifts, trips and more for cancer patients. >> hopefully we can grow to be a lot bigger and help a lot more people with cancer. >> there is a three day cancer who event coming up in may. to find out more go to cbs way to go, al. >> what a giving heart. >> way to be there, indeed. coming up next, notorious quick murderer ira einhorn is on the move and where and why, that story is next.
5:26 pm
despicable crime how police say some people trying to capitalize the beating death of a wilmington high school student. also prince harry worked with injured soldiers, in the games. why soldiers shouldn't be afraid to ask about their injuries. new at 6:00 ground breaking technology right here in our area for now it is a big bonus in treating horses but stephanie stahl explains how it can one day come in handy for your loved
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tennis hasteartha arrived in chicago to her his sentence. former speaker toll the court he was deeply a shame. he admitted sexually abusing former wrestling students and apologize to the victims. saying, nothing is worse than using serial child molester and speaker of the house in the same sentence, the judge sentenced hastert to 15 months in prison and two years of supervised release, well beyond the sentencing guidelines. because of the statute of limitations hastert cannot be charged with sexual abuse. charges stem from breaking banking laws to pay off one of his accusers. >> we brought charges that we could bring, and through that, mr. hastert legacy and legend are gone and in its place are a broken humiliated man.
5:31 pm
>> hastert sat very still in his wheelchair while the judge read his sentence. he showed no visible reaction, but his face was drawn and his shoulders hunched. prosecutors say that hastert abused at least four students while working as a high school coach outside chicago. one of the accusers spoke through tears, describing how hastert massage him in the locker room and tried to perform a sex act. he told the judge he was devastated. hastert's attorney asked for probation only in lie of his poor health and remorse. instead he becomes one of the highest ranking politicians in u.s. history to be sentenced to prison. paula reid, cbs news, chicago. convicted killer ira einhorn has been moved to the minimum security prison for health reasons. einhorn is serving life in prison for killing his girlfriend holly maddux in philadelphia in 1977. he was a fugitive for years until he was captured in europe and spent 1997 and then extradited back to philadelphia in 2001. officials have not released
5:32 pm
any specifics about einhorn's health. today authorities in france officially charged terror suspect salah a abdeslam with murder in connection with last year's deadly attacks in paris. what he is born in belgium and arrested there in made march. abdeslam is only living suspect out of the ten men suspect of involvement in terror attacks. at least 130 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded. now to a disturbing warning, authorities are alerting the public about scammers using the deaths of a delaware high school student to swindle will mourners out of money. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has details from wilmington. >> reporter: it has been nearly a week since 16 year-old amy joyner francis was killed during an alleged attack at the girls bathroom in howard high school of technology in wilmington. a memorial continue to grow outside the school and parents say students are still struggling to process what exactly happen. >> it has been real shocking. my daughter is so scared. she don't want to come. >> reporter: sonya capers has a daughter and several nieces that a tend howard. she's going to a parent's
5:33 pm
meeting a at the high school wednesday night hoping to get an update on the investigation and the school's response. this afternoon the delaware department of justice gave some insight into why a week's almost past and there has been no charges in the girl's death. a statement says that in part, that investigation is ongoing and it includes multiple witness interviews, reviews of physical evidence, and communications devices and social media posts and consultations with the the delaware division of forensic science. decision about criminal charges will be made, when the investigation is complete. >> i really hope these girls get caught and get arrested because this wasn't called for this child came to school, and this was just before school started. they didn't get to learn or nothing. the mom ain't going to have her come back home. >> reporter: justice for amy has been a common seen since the new offence, a new warning that there are bogus donation pages popping up on line. some sick people are trying to financially benefit from the tragedy. >> they need to stop that. they need to get arrested too. what y'all, why y'all doing
5:34 pm
this. >> reporter: wilmington police would not give any updates into amy joyner francis death. they are trying to determine if there will be charges for those involve in the alleged fight in the bathroom n wilmington i'm cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". prince harry continues to work to highlight the challenges, faced by sold hours return from the war zone injured or sick. here in london prince harry joined school children in meeting with soldiers will be taking part in the games. the this is a competition for wounded military personnel. prince harry says it is important for kids to understand what the troops went through, and to see that the disabilities are something that they live with every single day. >> there is a lot more people, a lot more soldiers obviously who, you know, quite bluntly should be dead, and guys who have lost arms, legs, whatever it may be. kid will benefit from these individual. rather than being scared or put off by it, like former
5:35 pm
generations have been, why not completely smash the stigma that surround disabilities as a whole. >> prince harry also said that he feels it is important to allow children to ask any questions, that they might have about the disabilities. so they can work through their feelings. melissa mccarthey, ariana a grande, donald trump, medical land use all on the same red carpet. >> it was all about girl power. insider debbie now joins us from los angeles. hi there, debbie. >> there are just some of the time 100 influential people in america but let's just call last night what it really was. it was one big girl power gala. it is such a crazy honor. i feel like cinderella tonight at the ball. >> i'm thrilled to be here. >> reporter: julia lewis dry fuss, may be a powerful message but she had a bit of trouble getting to the event. her instagram revealing has night we had a security issue at the time 100. >> i'm thrilled to be here. they might have made a mistake
5:36 pm
this entire experience is pretty surreal. >> reporter: gina rodriguez making the list and apparently a love connection. she posted this video with the caption when a cute boy text you and your friend won't let you text him back. ariana grande in the black strap less, performed at the gala that around stars like adele, taraji p henson and nicki minaj who wowed. >> it was such a big moment when i got the e-mail saying that i was on the list. >> reporter: and on the cover, bree annika is telling us she's making powerful connections on the set of bay watch. >> welcome to bay watch. >> i mean everyone in the crew has been so great with me. >> reporter: melissa mccarthey, with her hubby gave out to the most powerful women in her life, her mom. >> i hope eventually i just recover. i'm in where near as nice or impatient, but i hope i got a little bit of that in my genetic make up. >> reporter: we will have
5:37 pm
sophomore tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. get all of the hollywood news tonight and every night at 7:30 watch the insider right here on bs3. still to come on "eyewitness news" we will show what you a $400 hair dryer looks like, and just what it is supposed to do for your had hair. and don't make you drive away, because it could soon cost you you. >> a plane crash, caught on cameras we will hear from the pilot who is, lucky to be alive, kate? it has been a cold, cloudy day but more of this pattern is on the the way, coming up, i'll tell you when showers will impact the area and if we have any weather to help you get outside for the weekend.
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well, uber launches a new pilot program to remine late pass evening their time is money. >> um-hmm, company says customers who keep drivers waiting for two minutes after arriving to the pick up location will be charged a no show fee. passengers, currently get a five minute window, and if riders cancel, pick up two minutes after their request uber will hit them with the cancellation fee. pilot program is underway in new jersey, new york city, dallas and phoenix. mcdonald's hopes a big change to one of their most popular menu items will help slumping sales. the fast food company is testing a preservety free chicken mcnuggets meals in stores in oregon and washington state. mcdonald's says it failed to keep up changing tastes and that it is looking to improve kormen you items. company is testing a version of the big mac, using bigger hamburg are patties. >> bigger mack good bigger
5:42 pm
mack. >> yes. >> well, when we come back why your favorite sweet treats might cost more than a few months
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we have up credible video to
5:45 pm
show from youal bam, a security camera was recording when a plane fell from the sky and burst into flames. what is even more incredible, taking a look at this is pilot escaped that wreckage. the 421, twin engine clipped a few trees and slammed in the massive oak and burst into flames. the pilot was alive, and then tumbled out of the burning plane. >> he was on fire. i was in the hurry to get out because i saw, a few seconds, and, it was a back tunnel, so out of the cockpit, that i was able to get out. >> wow. >> smith escaped with only a cut on his hand and faa is looking into the cause of that crash. but, amazing. >> it is. >> prepare to be blown away by this most unusual video you where to see, russia's deputy prime minister released a macing video of a woman in a explosive suit being tested in an active mind field. she makes her way through a series of fiery explosions.
5:46 pm
her suit went from white to black but suit worked. she was unharmed, and in the end, even got some roses for her effort. they will give me more than roses if i do that. >> yes. >> wow. >> here's some roses, please walk through a mind field in a suit we think works. >> here we go. >> no thanks. >> she got a hitch in her giddy up there. wow. >> is that real? >> thank you, kate. >> she was just walking, taking a stroll in the mind field. yeah, folks. >> we will see. >> all right. >> get somebody on that. >> lets get to real science. how about the weather. >> i feel confident in that forecast. >> exactly. exactly. >> weather is pretty ugly. you may need rain slicker abe umbrella over next few days to keep yourself dry. we have showers moving back in the forecast. steady yes, sir looks to be tomorrow afternoon but then stray showers late rain, drizzle, continuing right through the day friday. big question is how is the weekend. i'll tell that to you in a
5:47 pm
second. lets look outside and you can see a very glummy gray afternoon in philadelphia a. here's center city and just haven't been able to get any sunshine through the clouds. the clouds are trying to thin out but probably will not break completely until after sunset tonight. so, definitely not nicest day we have ever had. yesterday we got to 86 degrees. today, little different. lets look at palmyra cove nature park to see how gray it is on the live neighborhood network. it is a very gray daze all across the game. the skies, the same color as river there we will get through in a second. 54 degrees. fifty-five at cbs-3 studios where we are right now but lets check in, of course work our eyewitness weather watchers and they have always really helped us through these gray day with great photos. lets take a peak as i make my way over to the steps. 57 degrees with william in levittown. he has gray skies. he sent us this beautiful picture from yesterday. remember double rainbows. you can see one, two, beautiful will day for rainbows yesterday. we will check with south
5:48 pm
jersey as temperatures are in the lower 50's there. fifty-two down the shore. shore is one of the coolest spots mainly thanks to the cool ocean water, and 52 degrees at james pieklo's house, 32 degrees colder then this time yesterday. burr, a day to bundle up. especially down the shore where we have a brisk wind off the water. it is only 53 degrees as we check with lou in eagleville 56789 three, lou says blah day, he has frowning face. lets see if we have any other photos, again, they always help make our day brighter even on a ugly day, ed connor saw sunshine peeking through clouds, he a says that was towards close of yesterday, and today, has been overcast, all day long, and gray, from start to finish, here we go, muted sunshine, sun shining bright behind old glory normally but not to day. lets look the at one of those photos from our live neighborhood network. live cameras 54 degrees at palmyra cove nature park, gray from top to bottom, again, sky same color as water, you can see buildings shrouded in
5:49 pm
lower clouds and fog, just an ugly afternoon. middle will township high school same story. pleasant valley, beautiful, sunshine, blue skies, beautiful day in the poconos, we have been looking at our pocono cameras and they all look great. you can see clouds are starting to diminish, more sunshine in time for sunset through the lehigh valley. right here in philadelphia we will not the see much before the sun comes down. 54 degrees right now. fifty-seven in allentown. temperatures have been dropping, all day long, we're going back to spring. the it will start feeling more like march then april after yesterday's high of 86. we have only gotten to 55 so far. tomorrow, clouds and a few showers here and there as we head through end of the week we will stay cloudy and cool thanks to that kelly northeast wind off waters. quick look at your overnight forecast, mostly cloudy, chilly at 48 degrees. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, friday, chilly, saturday better but then we're still cool, cloud which showers sunday and monday, ukee and jessica back to you
5:50 pm
did dysonnies coming out the with a new product that is the class of the field but it won't be cheap. >> the company that pioneered bagless vacuums and fan heaters and hand dryers has unveiled a new hair dryer. they say it is light, powerful more efficient. it took 200 million-dollar to develop this thing and you will pay, it will set you back about $400. >> people really care about their hair, and they care about their beauty, i think they will pay for it at least i hope they do. >> yes. >> i bet he does. >> hair dryer is expect to make it to stores in america in september. >> do you love a nice cold ice cream cone as you stroll on the boardwalk? maybe stop for ice cream after the kid baseball and softball games? get ready to pay more for some of those sweet treats. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan, explains. >> reporter: see those tiny black flakes? they are special ingredients that give philadelphia style ice cream its signature flavor and look. so what are they?
5:51 pm
vanilla beans. >> philly ice cream makers decided to add beans, to mark it as a natural vanilla. >> reporter: all natural ingredient doesn't come cheap, it is actually the second most expensive spice in the world. >> it smells amazing. >> reporter: this year it is even more pricey then usual according to eric burl, co founder of the franklin fountain in olde city. >> typically in madagascar where 95 percent of all vanilla is grown there was a massive shortage in the production. >> reporter: that shortage is impacting bottom line of businesses throughout the country including karen holmes bakery. >> in january we paid $80 a pound for beans. in february, we paid $120 a pound for beans. >> reporter: those spiking virginia nil prices are forcing retail toes pass those added costs on to their customers. >> i believe all prices will go up in the bakery, and the ice cream world at least three
5:52 pm
to 5 percent. >> reporter: at the franklin fountain they are doing their best to maintain prices on their most popular items. >> we were a able to keep our single cone price the same this year as we have last year and the year before that. >> reporter: they have increased prices on the larger sizes, and bulk items. >> right here. >> reporter: some might say that mouth watering taste of vanilla is worth it no matter what the price. >> vanilla is just one of those yummy, basic, clean, beautiful flavors in its true pure form it is really something special. >> reporter: while you might pay more for your favorite ice cream and goodies this spring and summer, experts are hopeful that the next crop of vanilla will be more robust and these prices will level off. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. you almost passed out when you saw, butterral monday. >> yes. >> she almost fell out of her chair. >> i want it right new. >> your favorite good questions, next. >> pleas
5:53 pm
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said
5:54 pm
he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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many tune in every night at 11:00 to see a very popular good question segment but we do realize not everyone can stay up quite that late. >> um-hmm, we thought it would be a great idea to run the top ten good questions here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00, these are best examples of the segment we launched in january. tonight we want to know how did they get william penn pen to the top of the city hall. nicole brewer has the answer for you. >> see william penn. >> yes. >> how did they get him up ton city hall. >> hoisted him up. >> not a ladder. >> lifting system. >> how did he get there. >> good question. >> how did they get him all the way to the top. >> that is a real interesting question. >> reporter: lee arnold represent historical society of pennsylvania. he said equipment options were limited in 1894. >> a lot have of it might have been done old fashion way dealing with ropes, pulleys and just very strong men. >> very strong men. >> reporter: 37 feet tall,
5:57 pm
27 tons bronze william penn pen remains tallest statue on any building in the world. >> thankerrer than life. >> reporter: historians say artist, alexander caldor created it out of clay in the basement of city hall, it was transported to tacony iron metal works where it was bronzed. >> did they get him up there in one piece. >> i don't think so. i don't know. >> reporter: created in 47 sections it was assembled to include fewer parts, anywhere from four to 14, depending on who you talk to. >> three or four or five. >> his hands went up separately. >> couple legs here, couple arms. >> one piece at a time, up, to rhea sem many it the. >> reporter: how long do you think it took. >> two years, longer, five years. >> would i say probably about a month. >> a month, what? >> overtime, a lot of sore muscles. >> reporter: how did they piece it all together. >> strong glue. >> don't ask me. >> it turns out an unknown male stayed on top to bolt it down. but the space on the inside
5:58 pm
was too narrow for a big crew. >> they could look up, hole hallow easter bunny but on the outside it would still look all of one piece. >> reporter: 122 years later we're still admiring the work of those who built it, and the life of the man it immortal ices. >> a macing. they did a great job. >> reporter: yah, it is amazing and, you always look up there and you think, i mean, it is remarkable. >> it is, gentlemen sitting there in front of the head, it shows you how large it was and is. >> we have another good question tonight as we gear up for the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. the the republican national convention in cleveland this summer. the question is, what is it contested convention. you have have heard people talking about that on the republican side. nicole brewer will have the answer for you tonight at the is 11:00. if you have a good question log on to cbs question or just use the #cbs-3 good question. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
5:59 pm
>> now at 6:00. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump don't share a whole lot but one thing they do is an address, this small building in wilmington. it is a pretty cramped space. i'm alexandria hoff and i'll explain how and why coming up. also tonight, these vets are not horsing around a new procedure, could one day come in hand any treating children. our stephanie stahl will explain, kate. what a difference a day can make, temperatures more than 30 degrees will cooler today then yesterday, it has been a cloudy day, brightening up now but we have got more cloud, showers, and cool weather to tell you you about over the next few days, we will time out wet weather coming up at 6:00. have you ever wondered why you get scared? well, welcome to the science of the fear at the franklin institute where they teach you that there is really nothing to be afraid of like seriously there is nothing to be afraid of. >> what?
6:00 pm
and right now at 6:00 o'clock is there a leading candidate, in her parties and maybe the highest office. but donald trump and hillary clinton share a common thread, right here, in our area. and that they hold a same office in wilmington delaware. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us live in wilmington to explain that shared office space, alex. >> reporter: well, building we are talking about is one with the green awning behind me and cramped quarters to say the least. it is home to hundreds of thousands of major american, corporations including donald trump and hillary clinton, on paper at least. >> i'm here to see if i can, meet with either mrs. clinton or mr. trump. are they here. >> no, they are in the. >> reporter: that is silly question, really. of


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