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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 28, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 a violent robbery and attempted rain. two frightening crimes caught on camera and just two in a recent series of attacks in our area. tonight, the three things you can do to fight back. >> and we are tracking several chances of rain over the next several days. i'll tell you when the heaviest rain will be and if there are any bright spots to get outside this weekend. >> and i no, i it's not like
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asking for a cup of sugar but i still have to be around for a while for these kids. >> a single father in need of life saving kidney transplant the unique way he's hoping to find a donor. we begin tonight with residents on the alert after string of attacks in philadelphia. good evening i'm united states of america united states of america. i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm jessica dean. >> liver with what you can do to protect yourself, natasha. >> reality is anyone can fall victim to a crime sadly enough and we talked to one martial arts instructor that tells us there is power in learning self-defense. >> images of violence are one thing and glims of crimes in progress lick this just released video of violent robbery in old city april 8 or surveillance of attempted rain a week ago in south philly but nothing speaks louder than voice of victim. >> i was running and somebody grakd me from behind and back
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and they're like 16 years old and this has to stop. >> kathy's attack happened in broad daylight and she's one of many gathered at this meeting at city hall to discuss recent violent incidents along the trail. one runners, walkers and bikers are learning how to protect themselves. >> you punch, pow, pow. >> lawrence has been practicing marital arts for years. >> he teaches self-defense classes in spring garden and shows off the basics of protec protecting yourself. >> virtual self-defense is about space. keep space before you and the person three to four feet and second role evade or block or move or get away from the person and third fight. >> and a philly native knows too well how city streets can be. >> if we can train people, people will have information and they won't be scared. >> whether find ago attacker's
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weaknesses. >> go for eyes, throat, groin, ship, feet. >> or evading attack. >> circle, right to the eyes. >> self-defense builds confidence at a time you never know when you might become a victim. >> to a person trained is better than a person not trained. . >> and lawrence tells us that more and more people are signing up for self-defense classes here in the city. he also tells us he really takes pride in the fact he can hear from former students that say they actually used tactics to save their own life. live at city hall. natasha brown, cbs news. >> and a bucks county mother is behind bars and facing child abuse charges after her daughter died at the hospital. detectives say 24-year-old kayla moore of morrisville admitted kicking her 2-year-old daughter in the head and body several times over the weekend. that girl died at children's hospital monday. >> it is very disturbing to see
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the small child in condition she was in. from some of the statements, if you can take this, the people at chop that deal with children all the time, they were horified at the condition of the child. >> and a second child in moore's home was removed and she is currently held without bail. >> and the family of a 16-year-old killed in the local high school bathroom says examiners are trying to benefit from the teenager's death. amy joiner francis died after alleged attack in girls bathroom howard high school of technology in the bathroom last week. there are bonus donation pages popping up online. parents say it is disturbing. >> they need to stop that and get arrested too. what you all put -- why are you all doing this. >> so far no criminal charge where filed in the girl's death. a decision about charges will be made after their investigation is complete. a confrontation between two women outside starbucks 15 and arch in philadelphia is caught
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on surveillance monday morning the suspect first throws coffee at the victim and starts punching her. an innocent by stander broke things up. if you have any information contact philadelphia police. and campaign 2016 it's a last ditch move. ted cruz needs a vice president den shall running mate and run presidential running mate announced carly fiorina today and he's making an effort to regain momentum. he was mathematically emented from winning nomination outright but he hopes it leads to contested convention. >> i'm prepared to standby his side and give this everything i have to restore the soul of our party to defeat donald trump and defeat hillary clinton and to take our country back. >> fiorina is former ceo of hewlett packard and won only
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one delegate and was a top surrogate for cruz when he dropped out. >> donald trumped focus on foreign affairs. he read the speech from a teleprompter which he normally does not use. he skechd out a foreign policy he described as america first vowing not toen tappingle u.s. in more conflicts in middle east. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. >> in the meantime a new war on words over gender erupted between trump and hillary clinton. after his primary wins last night listen to what trump said about clinton and her response. >> well, i think the only card
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she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of vote. the only thing she has got going in the woman's card and the beautiful thing s. women don't like her. >> now the other day, mr. trump accused me of playing the "woman card" [ boo ] well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in ! >> and a recent poll showed in a hypothetical match-up between clinton and trump, trump loses women by 21 sgloynts there's question whether trump can secure the delegates needed to avoid a contested convention. so what is a contested convention good questions. nicole brewer breaks down how to works coming up around 11: 11:14.
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>> flags are flying at half staff across districts in philadelphia in remembrance of willie williams. he was sworn in as philadelphia's first black commissioner in 1988 and moved the department into a commit teev policing. he rose through the ranks and blazed trail for black officer officers. williams left philly in 1992 to takeover as la's top cop in wake of rodney king riots there. he died following a long illness in atlanta last night. he was 72. a delaware man surprise in the fight of his life. >> tonight our greg argo shows us unusual method he's trying to find the kid me he so desperately needs. >> reporter: below the ibew local 313 sign in newcastle delaware, sits a plea from a father of three. >> i have a hereditary genetic disease called polycystic kidney disease.
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>> reporter: and having dealt with this disease his entire life. >> it's baiing beingly where thousands of signatures grow on my kidneys and just deteriorate them. >> reporter: waiting for a done or? >> i'm not going to get a phone call for another five years. i already had like six people try. what do you think, leo? >>. >> reporter: while raising children's a singer father. >> i have three kids and they're my happy handful, you know, and they keep it going. >> reporter: he knew he had to get creative. >> it doesn't thourt x it's not like asking for a cup of sugar. >> right now there's 5,000 people in our region alone waiting for a kidney and wait can be four to five years. >> reporter: that's why howard nathan president and ceo of region gift of life program says it's so important to register as organ donor. >> april is donate life month. when we try to do is get people to be aware of organ tissue
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donation. 21 people die every day waiting for an organ transsglant he wishes those in need didn't have to ask for help themselves. >> wait can be four to five years for people on dialysis to get a kidney transplant. yes, more people have taken to social xwleed and to try to get attention for their needs. >> howard knows sometimes it can lead it a perfect match for a patient dave without many other options. >> i have to be around for a while for these kids. i am 46 i have a lot of life to liver. >> greg, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> i hope he with find what he needs. >> uber wants to show customers time is money. >> still ahead tonight the move by the ride sharing service that could make your next trip more sdpen receive. kate. >> it's feeling more like march than april. cloudy cool weather comes in and moves away from the west and when the stayedest rain
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will be and which commute will be impacted coming up. >> and no, this is not a scene from a blockbuster movie. this is amazing video showing a woman walking through a series series of explosions. why she did. it don. >> i'm don the nfl dmravt chicago coming up later in sports the tattoo that will till all you need to know about carson winston who could be the next franchise quarterback of the philadelphia eagles. next franchise quarterback of the philadelphia eagles. we'll be right
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>> this year's presidential race has been anything but boring, especially on the republican side. >> and there's been a lot of talk about a contested
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convention, how exactly does that work. that's a good question. nicole brewer join us now with the answer. >> and tuesday night went pretty well for trump. but getting the popular vote is half the battle he needs a certain number of delegates and without those we could see on or contested convention. we heard that term tossed around. what exactly is a contested convention? good question. they say a lot of talk this could be a contested conventio convention. >> contested convention? >> it means trump did not get the 1237. >> no clear winner. >> if it's not clear in the da days and weeks before the convention meets that one of the candidates has enough del goots win majority on first ballot that is contested cop vengs. >> dr. david barrett, villanova university. says there's a 40% chance republicans will seal a contested convention in july. >> really 40% chance? >> that's really high.
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>> at first delegates cast vote for candidate they were pledged to. if there's no clear winner on the first ballot they'll cast a second this time choosing whoever they wish. at this point it's called a broker convention. >> broker is referring to their being brokers that is party leaders or delegation leaders who can make deals he. >> that don't sound bad to me. >> it's rigged. >> it makes you think the popular vote doesn't matter, does it? >> the popular vote matters a lot. in all most every case the nomination goes to the person that wings the political primary. >> gop only seen it happen ten times. first abraham lincoln who needed three bat lots to the secure the nomination, the last? >> 1976, ford versus reagan. then there's possibility of selecting someone who didn't run. >> that scenario plays out if we don't have nominee on the first ballot and don't have nominee on second or third ballot lot and then they could
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conceivably turn to a paul ryan or someone else. >> that would just cause mayhe mayhem. >> now, if trump wins indiana next tuesday dr. bare believes he will end up with enough delegates to avoid contested convention and if he doesn't things could get more interesting than they already have been. >> uh-huh. >> that's saying a lot. >> this time next tuesday night. >> and marco rubio can recommend who those delegates vote for. >> and he has more than john kasich still in the race good bingo. >> interesting. >> good stuff. >> nicole thanks so much. >> what's your question. log on to cbs philly/good window submit your question or tweet us using cbs3 good question. >> and nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 eyewitness news at 11. >> russian officials have released amazing video of what they say is a woman in an explosion proof suit being tested in active mine field.
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this video is really something. you see the woman making her way through a series of explosions and her suit goes from white to black and holds up and she was unarmed and received roses for her efforts. >> roses? >> soot on the forehead. >> uber wants customers to show up on time or pay up. >> passenger who's keep drivers for waiting two minutes will be kharn aid no-show fee. currently there's a five minute window to get to the vehicle. if riders cancel pickup township minutes after request uber will hit them with cancellation fee. pilot program is underway in new jersey, new york, dallas and phoenix. fees range from $5 to $10. >> nobody wants extra sgleez no. >> nobody like that. >> skate here with a look at weather. and we had quite a change today. >> yeah, today marked a big departure from yesterday and we had lots of sunshine. 80s yesterday. now, well not so good for the
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next couple days. we'll have to get used to calling it london like weather, lots of cloud cover, rain, drizzle, pretty much each day we have a bright spot in the next five days and that day is saturday. let's take a quick look what the is happening we'll take to you a time lapse top start things off and this is how most of the day looked. gray and gloomy. notice what happens in the late afternoon though, eventually just in time for surprise set we get a few breaks of sunshine. blue sky a bit and then the sun went down. tomorrow may be a little opposite and can start the day with sun. by midday clouds roll in and eventually showers you see lurking to the west they will get here for us as well. you see a line of intense showers and thunderstorms over pours of southern indiana into kentucky and i don't expect severe weather us to. it will be cloudy and cool for that. it will turn out to be a rainy afternoon. even if it's sunny when you leave the house you may want to grab the umbrella when you head out the door. they may need it. bring the umbrella awith you.
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46 millville, chilly. 34 mount pocono and 49 allentown and sitting at 50 in philadelphia. what a departure. yesterday's high 86. today's high 55. more than 30 degrees colder. a big slap in the face for mother nature with temperatures dropping quite a bit and tomorrow we get to 60. clouds roll in and then showers especially in the afternoon and evening. on friday, cloudy and damp. fridays are very chilly day. i don't think we break out of 50s and showers around at any time. then saturday a little bit of bright spot. certainly not the nicest day we've seen in the next -- in the past couple weeks and not bad at least compared to what we'll see tomorrow and friday. so, future weather shows how this happens and notice this the band of showers gets in 1:00. pretty steady rain in a few spots tomorrow afternoon and it continues through tomorrow evening. friday, cloudy, chilly, batch of showers moving through. and in the afternoon and evening. and then we try to clear it out. saturday, notice the clouds try to hang on. we'll get a little sunshine by
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sunday that is when our next chance for rain moves in. as of right now looks generally dry sunday morning an i would not rule out the rain creeping in earlier on sunday morning. if you run the broad street run keep that in mind. overnight mostly cloudy and chilly, 48. tomorrow mostly cloudy. again if we see sun it's in the morning and watch for showers in the afternoon. high arounds 60. here is broad street run forecast. as of right now, mostly cloudy and not bad. temperature wise for runners, 8 a.m. i cannot rule out showers coming in earlier. i hope it holds off until the afternoon on sunday. these storms like to creepp in earlier. again have a rain plan perhaps if you do ten miles on sunday. eyewitness weather 7 day forecast doesn't look great. saturday necessaryled in between four ugly days and middle of next week it looks like we may timely break out of cloudy, gloomy gray pattern and temperatures closer to 70 tuesday and wednesday.
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so if you have outdoor plans this weekend plan for saturday. not the best day we've ever had and better than alternative. >> extra bengay for the pen relay runners. >> miracle rub. >> i love that stuff. >> love it. >> all right. let's check in with don bell live in chicago on the eave of nfl draft, dop. >> guys by the way, rain for the broad street run? you're killing me. i have no contingency plan for that. i have the light on carson win and sam brad ford and plus the first big apple and wind yip city and now potentially city of brotherly love. why the nfl draft could come to the delaware valley. we're coming
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. >> and welcome back to chicago site of 2016 nfl draft. a whole lot to talk about. let's start with carson wentz former quarterback for north dakota state bison i should say. he has a tattoo on right wrist
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that ao 1, audience of one. it's a reminder they plays for the lord. he's a very religious man and tomorrow he could have his prayers answered. the top two quarterbacks you know about wentz likely to go number two over tuille philadelphia eagles and jared goff out of cal the los angeles rams are expected to make him the number one selection. >> i think it's always a dream. and it's always a long shot dream. but for now it could be possible reality is cool. again it's exciting that's the best way to describe it. exciting, not really nervous, more excited than anxious. >> you know he's excited to go number two overall he has a different situation he could play alongside sam brad ford who he manneded a trade. meanwhile ian rap apour saying denver broncos reached out for
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brad ford's availability and it seems for the time being eagles want to hold on to brad ford. >> fans in philadelphia got a surprise today. they used the app favor to order geno's cheesesteaks. who brought them to the house. eagles tight end brent celek making house calls in the 215 today and he was asked about bradford's trade demand. >> i'm not disappointed in him everyone has their own decisions to make and we has a team would like him there and to work with him at the end of the day it's his decision. >> for the second consecutive year nfl draft is in chicago. right here in the windy city. well, in 2017, it could be in our hometown. commissioner roger guidele confirming today that philadelphia is bun of the top candidates to land the draft next year. here's the funny thing.
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because of all the deals the eagles have made, they don't have as of right now, a first round selection in 2017. all right. let's move on to baseball. phillies, well surprising us so far this season. just moved to 500 after snapping national's eight game home written winning streak tonight they're looking to make it two in a row. jeremy on the bump and pitching well. in fact he was flat out balling had eight strikeout in the games and 7 innings of shutout ball as for offense oldie but goody ruiz going solo with a home run and how about a shutout tonight. phillies beat nationals 3-0. that is just the good way to get it done. they will look for the sweep tomorrow at nationals park. that's the story from chicago. we're taking a break. we'll be right
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>> new tonight building
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chamber of future. >> that was the theme of african-american chamber of commerce annual meeting and awards gala in university city and philadelphia mayor jim ke kenny delivered welcomed remarks and more than two decades african-american chamber of commerce has been leading advocate for minority owned businesses
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>> and reminder morning team is back tomorrow 4:30 to 7. for everyone here i'm sduk he washington. . washington. . >> sleep well. pal >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation from worx. [ dramatic music plays ] nothing offends these members of the mount parnassus garden club like a neglected lawn. and they're here to do something about it. [ clicks ] their weapon of choice -- the all-new worx gt 2.0... the next-generation lithium-battery-powered two-in-one trimmer and edger that means business.
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