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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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roosevelt university, site of the 2016 nfl draft. it is a historic venue and one where eagles hope to make franchise history tonight perhaps taking the guy who will turn the franchise around and lead them to their first ever super bowl, win. we're also right across the street from draft town, a place where a lot of fans have been milling about all day long. we caught up with a bunch of eagles fans, walking around enjoying the sight and sound of the downtown chicago. many of them making the heavy investment, to come out here, and see eagles potentially make history. eagles gave up five draft picks for right to take the number two selection which we all think will be carson wentz out of north dakota state. speaking of the kid, he is 23 years old. let's show you what he is bringing to the table in terms of the measurables and that is what the scouts like to say. measurables. 6-foot five, 237, runs a a 4.77, 40-yard dash which is one of the fastest time for the quarterback in this class,
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pros, tall, athletic, outstanding deep ball, nfl style offense is what he played in college. they think that will translate to the next level. conns played at a small school and has limited starting experience. so that is the book, on carson wentz who could be next franchise quarterback of the philadelphia eagles. coming up in just about ten or 15 minutes or so, we will talk to some of those fans you saw right there in that video and also, the fightin phillies, looking to sweep the washington nationals, highlight of that match upcoming your way as well. but that is store friday downtown chicago, we will see new just a bit, guys, back to you in the studio. >> don, thanks very much. well, draft may be out in chicago but party is here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at lincoln financial field with that part of the story, alex. >> reporter: that is exactly what i'm saying it must be a blast to be there in person in chi town but real party is right here in philadelphia.
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things are all set for eagles draft party where hundreds will be filling up to watch this draft action in real time on big screens and it will hit right away with that coveted number two pick on their hand, eagles diehard are bracing for the potential of pulling a franchise chasing quarterback an opportunity that don mentioned. it has not happened in 17 years. fans braved lackluster weather outside to wait to get in there. out there they shared their thoughts. >> i hope that we get wentz. >> quarterback. >> i don't understand what bradford is going through, i mean, this is philly, you know, philly to the end. everybody plays for the guy behind them. >> i am hoping we can get him. we need a quarterback. i'm getting upset with how bradford is. i don't think he should be on the team anymore. >> reporter: around 7:00 o'clock head coach doug pederson is expect to take the stage behind me share a couple
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words that will be just an hour before this draft starts. we will have all of the reaction for you coming up later on. reporting live, from the eagles draft party a at lincoln financial i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> big night, thank you. stay with cbs-3 for round one draft recap. sports director don bell will be back live in chicago tonight at 11:00 breaking down eagles first overall pick. the suspect accused of killing a fellow church member faced the judge in montgomery county today, mark storms was arraigned on voluntary manslaughter charges, and, the shooting happened at keystone fellowship church in montgomery township on sunday. prosecutors say that the victim robert braxton was being disruptive in church and then storms approached braxton with his handgun, a concealed to carry permit and some sort of a badge. an argument broke out, braxton punched storms and then that is when they say storms opened fire. prosecutors say this is not a case of self-defense. youth homelessness was focus of the joint council hearing in philadelphia it
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explores strategies to address issues and identify the causes. the ad ohio dates say the city has seen a 73 percent increase in youth homelessness since 2009 but you number of services available to them remain insufficient. >> when you shine a light on this issue when we talk about like we are doing here at city council people say i want to help we will move this need he will, and we will take advantage of the amazing potential these young people have. >> advocates also say finding a solution to end the youth home lessness crisis could help in the fight against human trafficking. >> now we're tracking more rain, but chilly and wet day, and we are not in the clear. meteorologist kate bilo is in the weather center and i see a lot of rain a lot of green behind me, guess contact it has been a glummy, dreary day, steady rain came through mid afternoon but still raining steadily north of philadelphia. you can see over much of the montgomery and bucks counties and lehigh valley, a at least a steady light rain falling at the moment.
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further south it is quiet from the city down into the south philadelphia and southern new jersey, northern delaware i should say. you you can see a few showers developing over kent county and also over the shore points we have a couple showers lining up here and there. that will be the case as we head through tonight and tomorrow. not much more in the way of steady driving rain, but scattered showers, throughout the overnight hours and more rain on the way, for tomorrow and then another storm will impact us this weekend. this will be a half and half weekend. we will talk about that coming up. take a look at the how chilly, it is, a chilly 45 in reading. 44 degrees in trenton. the it is rain cooled at the moment and scattered showers continue on and off as we head through tonight a and right through the day tomorrow. we will need umbrella tomorrow as well, damp, dreary even at this time tomorrow. coming up we will tell you which half of the weekend is better than the other and when we will get back in the dryer pattern. for now, back to you. >> kate, thank you. recent amtrak crash in chester that killed two people
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put a spot the light on the rail hazard they face on the track. >> today announced to new safety measures that have been in the pipeline for some time and they are designed to add extra layers of protection. >> "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at overbrook stop of paoli thorndale line with the new measures will work, walt. >> reporter: ukee, with high speed trains and workers on the rails there is simply no room for any kind of a mistake. so septa is implementing new safety measures to protect those workers. we got an exclusive inside look at just what they are going to be doing with our cameras today. the sound of the horn is traditional alert that the septa train is approaching, but soon each worker using maintenance equipment along septa rails will hear a new loud and potentially life saving warning. if a train is heading their way.
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attached with a band to workers arms, the protractor is trying bier a signal from an approaching train. activating its flashing lights and audible alert warning. >> this will ensure that the roadway workers are alerted, in addition to the things that they normally do that the train is approaching. recent death of two workers struck by a high speed train in chester show how dangerous rail work can be. septa appointing out that the warning devices, which were developed, and, ordered months ago, are just one part of its safety strategy to protect workers. >> let me know when received the code. >> reporter: here in the regional rail center, dispatcher shutting down a track for work now give workers there a special code for their phones, until that crew, activates the unique code confirming they are safely away from the rails
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dispatchers are blocked, from switching any train on to that track. preventing any possibility of a disastrous mistake. >> without the code it is impossible to override that safety device no train could get in there. >> reporter: so far ntsb has not issued any formal findings in the amtrak accident. meanwhile septa says it has its rail block program with the codes now in effect and soon all of its workers will be getting those special armed bands. live from the overbrook station on the paoli thorndale regional will rail line i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks for that. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight police dogs in action in camden but this isn't just a training session, the special other than hand officers had today and display that the department put on. plus fruits and vegetables stacked and ready to grow, it is philadelphia farming and other cities are taking note. we will tell you how philly is leading the
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well, camden county police department participated in take our daughters and sons to work day. >> the kid got formed in the department in the morning and they saw a special demonstration by the k-9 units. they also got to explore the department's mobile command center and sky box tower. more than 50 children joined in on the fun today, very nice. on the healthwatch tonight, vertical farming, philadelphia aims to be a
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international hub for indoor growing according to the resolution pass today by city council. it is all about healthy foods. >> so health reporter stephanie stahl got a look inside of the farm of the future. >> reporter: wait until you you see this. growing produce usually we think of acres of ground, farmland, but some say the next generation of farming will be in an urban centers like here in philadelphia and no, you do not need soil or even the sun just a big old warehouse. welcome to vertical farming where produce is grown inside in specialized shelves that are stack up. >> we're able to grow more food in less space. we fit 13 acres in 1600 quarter feet. >> reporter: inside a warehouse in south philadelphia ace prototype farm of the future. jack griffin is the president of the metropolis farm. farm in the warehouse. >> yeah. >> it is a cool thing. think about how many empty warehouses there are in the philadelphia region that could be creating jobs that could be creating food for our local population. >> reporter: city council
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recognized metropolis with resolution toss make the city an international hub for vertical farming. >> establish city of philadelphia as one of the world's prominent training center for this type of farming. >> we do not have weather. when it snowed this april we were growing inside. we were growing food in january. >> reporter: here's how year round inside farm works. is there artificial lights and plants are grown in the new tree event rich water that is constantly recycled. >> it is same thing you get the in soil, same nutrients, they get tonight a much cleaner fashion. we're vegan certified which means we have no pesticides and i mean zero, not any, no herbicides, and no man in other being one of the number one causes of food poisoning. >> reporter: they can grow lettuce, basil, peppers and carrots. >> as fresh as it will get for a stray before you. >> reporter: this batch of strawberry. >> um. >> jack has plans to branch out in empty warehouses all over city with hopes of the becoming a world leader in
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vertical farming. jack says that he has addressed criticism of vertical farming by creating systems that are cost effective and useless electricity. he sells produce to local restaurant and also places like whole food. we have a lot more information on this. a lot of people will be interested, cbs philly to the come and click on health. that strawberry. >> was it. >> look at it. >> it looked beautiful. >> yes. >> it was great. >> more food less space. count down continues, nfl draft less than two hours away. >> we will go back out to sports director don bell live in chicago, don. >> reporter: can you believe it we have been talking about this thing for so long, less than one hours away from the nfl draft and, of course, anticipation is thick here in chicago. let me tell you what is going on right now, red carpet ceremony for this event but just like hollywood the biggest stars don't grace that red carpet until it is almost about time for that event. we have not seen jared goff or
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carson wentz. we do expect wentz to be a philadelphia eagle by the even of the night with the number two selection overall. interesting cat, he sleeps on an air mattress, at an apartment with his college roommates. come on this guy will be a millionaire pretty soon, drives an old chevy pick up with the decal of the cross on it. interesting cat, very subdued, very laid back, very simple man and, of course, fans hoping that he will end up in philadelphia. we will have more on him later on tonight. meanwhile lets get to baseball, phillies taking object nationals in d.c. today, aaron nola doing well five innings pitched, two hits allowed, punching out six. they are still playing right now and right new there is no score, phillies looking to sweep nationals for first time since 2009. but back here in chicago, a lot of excitement, because the draft, once again, less than two hours away. you will want to follow us on
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cbs-3, we will have an interview with the number two pick, whoever that may be, and you'll see that tonight at 11:00. that is store friday downtown chicago back to you guys in the studio. >> looking forward to that. >> um-hmm, talk to you later tonight. >> big football fan. >> not really but still an exciting night. >> i find the draft to be fun. the draft is fun. >> young men, they grow up fast. you have your forecast. rain hopefully moving out now. >> heaviest is moving out and lightening up but that doesn't mean we will not get wednesday over next couple days. we have showers at anytime tonight and really anytime tomorrow as well and then a stronger system poised to hit the area on sunday. so it looks like a half and half weekend. saturday is my last hope for salvaging one decent day in the five day forecast, it looks like it will not turn into a nicer pattern until next week. take a look right now we will take you through our live neighborhood network sites. it is not raining at least, in cape may courthouse just
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cloudy, right now, temperatures only in the 40's. 47 degrees in cape may courthouse thanks to an on shore flow, you can see wind, east/south east at 14 miles an hour. that wind coming right off the water, and that ocean water is only 53 degrees. it is chilly, all across the region. you can see on storm scan three heavier rain that pushed through mid afternoon is lifting off to the north. it is lightening up, so anything we are seeing now in our northern suburbs is generally light to moderate, further south just a few scattered showers for south jersey and delaware, but more showers still to come. very active pattern through next few days, and the clouds, and wet weather will hold temperatures down as well. highs today no better than mid 50's, again. that is two days in a row 55 degrees is our high. upper 60's a. fifty-eight in will allentown. fifty-four in reading. fifty-five, in millville. fifty's continuing through the day tomorrow, clouds will be in place, just some light rain and drizzle on and off throughout the day. it is in the a steady driving
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rain. we're not talking severe weather or flooding but just talking about a rainy day that makes you want to curl up and take a nap but most of us have to be out, and we will have rain gear handy tomorrow. saturday we may see sun trying to peck through cloud. i don't think it is a great day but probably best day we have over next several because another wall of rain hits early sunday morning. it will rain on and off all day sunday and that rain will be heavy 406789 percent chance tomorrow, light rain and drizzle depending where you are, just a chance for your shower saturday at night, sunday much better chance for rain in the region and that will linger in the first half of the day on monday. through the overnight hours tonight just the scattered showers, we will drop down to the chilly 46 degrees. tomorrow make sure you wear coat. only mid 50's, spotty light showers, rain drizzle it is a cool day. a lot of weekend events in the city, and weekend doesn't look great. more cloud then sun on the saturday. period of steady rain on sunday, we will break down a couple events quickly. penn relays tomorrow, cool,
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damp at 56 degrees. we have the science festival at franklin institute the on saturday. it looks better. more cloud then sun at 63. broad street run not looking great. i know our don bell, he is running it but he will not be happy with me in the forecast. it will be a steady rain through the entire race sunday morning right through sunday afternoon but tuesday, wednesday, thursday looking good. >> it does. >> kate, thank you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news". >> it is a sport that dates back over 3,000 years, coming up meet the man who is best collegiate thrower in the country in the diskus but it is not me.
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summer is right around the corner. >> we got a special activity of the summer activity planned along the delaware river waterfront. "eyewitness news" at independent see port museum at penns landing, activities include concert series,
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festival pier, row boats will return to spruce street harbor park and river rink will host summer fest. mayor kenney was the at the museum for today's preview, just around the corner, guys. >> fun. >> coming up pat gallen at the penn relays. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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well, penn relays are underway in university city for 122nd time. >> "eyewitness news" at franklin field this afternoon where thousands of athletes will compete in track and field event all weekend long. "eyewitness news" sport reporter pat gallen got a chance to learn ropes by one of those athletes who is dominating in his sport. >> it is a sport over 3,000 years old, but someone in our own backyard has become one of the best ever the at the diskis through. university of the pennsylvania sam mattis is an impressive athlete and has had the best collegiate season in the history of the sport. what exactly is the difficulties beingus. >> it is not a very well compensated or well known event, i guess it started with the greeks but just a big disk kind of thing, kind of in the shape of the plate. >> reporter: sam makes it sound simple and in competition he has made it look ease bye what is so
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impressive is sam's ability to excel at penn's wharton school of business while basically having a full-time job as an athlete. >> it is probably 30, 35 hours an week when not including travel and meets, so it is a lot. >> he loves to work hard, he loves to train and you never have to ask him for more. >> reporter: sam's special work ethic has translated, he was 2015 ncaa mens champion and his record speak for itself. >> right new my best is 67 meters and 45 centimeters which is 221 feet and about three and a half inches. so that was ivy league record, the american collegiate record and second all time in the ncaa. >> reporter: it takes a special athlete to put up those marks, something i am not. >> overall you just kind of want it to look like that. >> like this. >> yep. >> and then like that
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>> close. >> i'm here. >> his is out on 76. i'm not ready for big leagues but sam is ready for the next step the olympic games. >> talk about that shooting for rio this year. >> that has been the goal, i started throwing in eighth grade but i didn't tell anyone until this year. >> pat gallen, "eyewitness sports". >> wow good luck. give pat aes from bye, they might get further are. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at six, we are back here at ten and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, cbs evenings news, up next is scott pelfrey new york. take care family. see you later tonight.
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>> pelley: a bizarre bomb threat at a tv station. police shoot a man in an animal costume. ( gunfire ) two airliners nearly collide. a pilot slams on the brakes. >> sorry about that. that was my mistake. >> pelley: children and doctors are killed in an airstrike that destroys a hospital. teenagers record their crimes to get noticed online. and the refugees will weren't welcome until they changed the heart of a new england town. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tv station in baltimore was evacuated today after a man wearing sunglasses, a surgical mask, and an animal costume threatened to blo


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