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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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new details about prince's alleged painkiller addiction. >> we haven't heard from anyone in prince's family until now. >> how do you believe your brother die >> the private meeting today between his siblings. are they fighting over his reported $300 million fortune? >> it feels like that could get messy. then, beyonce stuns, a behind-the-scenes look at her new tour. and the clear message she's sending about where her relationship with jay z stands right now. and kelly ripa can't hold what she said about her contract negotiations live on air. and who is in the running to replace michael now? plus we're breaking down news about a new "dancing with the stars" couple. find out which celeb is dating a dancing pro. who's the star who snap
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chatted a naked selfie? and our mariah carey exclusivee front row for her paris show, her adorable twins cheering her on. we know she's proudly a diva. >> boots! >> but she also -- >> i tried my dress last night, if you must know. now for april 28th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it's been one week icon prince was found dead in an elevator in his paisley park mansion. now finally, the pieces of the puzzle on how he died are starting to come together. >> for the first time we're hearing from one of prince's siblings. nischelle turner returned to minneapolis to sit down with prince's brother for an exclusive interview. let's start with what we've uncovered about painkillers in our prince drug investigation. did prince overdose on painkillers? well, there are new claimm about law enforcement sources say prince had prescription drugs in his possession and in paisley park compound when his
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body was discovered. >> this is what killed otherwise a young, healthy adult, not o o illicit drugs, not street drugs, prescription medication. >> "e.t." today with addiction specialist dr. drew pinsky. >> nearly 100% of my patients that have died in the last years have a pill bottle at their bedside, much like prince. >> citing a source "e.t." reported last week that prince began taking the powerful narcotic percocet years ago. and his friend and confidante sheila e. told us this. >> you know, he was in pain all the time. >> as the death investigation continues, there are new questions today about what will happen to prince's reported $300 million fortune. the pop icon did not have a will, so the money is expected to go to his family members, including his sister, tyka nelson, and five half-siblings. an attorney representing one of them, alfred jackson, reached out to "e.t." on his behalf. now, to be clear, he has not seen prince in 15 years but
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still he stands to inherit millions. >> i miss my brother because my brother was everything in the world to >> alfred shared these personal family photos with "e.t that's him with his mom and his younger siblings, prince tyka. >> wherever, he would copyit. >> today is a milestone for alfred ja he is meeting with his brothers and sisters to start discussing what will happen to prince's estate. this will be the first time he's seen any of them since prince died. >> you think he knows that you loved him? >> yeah, he knows. >> he knows. god knows it now. >> yes, indeed. the superstar tributes to prince continue. last night beyynce lit the stage purple as her soldout crowd at the opening night of her tour listened to "purple rain." it was prince's versi she didn't sing it, but it was a fitting tribute. look at all those lights.
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>> beautiful. beyonce kicking off her "formation" world tour in miami. and she made it clear that she is standing by her man even after she seemed to blast him for cheating. ♪ for my beautiful husband i love you so much ♪ >> beyonce's shoutout to jay z came at the finale of her two-hour show, and with these images of the two in shadow riding into the stadium together, jay talking backstage with her opening act, and this one with blue ivy dur rehearsal, makes us think, well, all the becky with the good hair cheating talk may have been pure marketing genius. beyonce delivers a stomp around in water and getting all bootilicious. let "e.t." save you the $3,000 ticket to get in by breaking down the best moments and fashion. ♪ jealous or crazy >> best behind-the-scenes shot, beyonce with her dancers below the stage before they rise up and and this one, beyonce during a
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break in her now signature black hat. ♪ if you came to play tonight, say it ♪ >> best performance, "baby boy." and then there's the sasha pierce fashion, this red latex bodysuit with ruffled collar and matching thigh-high boots and a blacc crystal bodysuit velvet tiger-printed boots. the creative director said there are always very few fittings with bey. a belt or a boot may change for technical reasons, but for this jimi hendrix military look, very little change. we spoke to the men behind this look, dean and dan caton. easy and quick to get on. not constraining. the corset. it's about the silhouette, the shape. she knocked it out. >> spectacular as always. >> i'm just glad she gave jay z some love. come on.
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>> definitely call it beyonce's world. could it blow up any bigger? this happened. look at it. instagram talking about beyonce and mariah carey working on, quote, something special. >> here is the deal. it was posted by video director diane martell. she's directed videos for both. there's no official announcement yet, but don't forget, our big mariah exclusive is just 14 minutes away, and she is in rare form. >> they would be so great together. did you see this? kelly ripa on "live" today with wild animals. but it is kelly who may have had the biggest bite. >> i want to take him into contract negotiations with me. >> yep, she said that. michael didn't blink, but i think kelly identified with this screaming hairy armadillo. >> the reason he's screaming is he's small, he has no defens and has no teeth. >> check out kelly's floral dress she recycled. the same one she wore tuesday when she went back to work. who will replace michael? expect the likes of josh groban, seth myers, and other kelly
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faves to rotate in like the last time "live" was searching. that was this is now. many of guys are locked into long-term gigs. kate hudson was hippie chic in a pleasant blouse and bell bottoms. in the big apple, she combined this merlot mini coat, jeans, and these to-die-for boots. come on. the sleeveless dress by victoria beckham cost just under $2,400. she lk had a look. >> made sure my zipper's not going too far. >> one of thos >> look at michael. he said, i'm staying out. i bet he would. >> can we get back to the boots? i'm obsessed. look at them. orange suede. peacock. thigh highs. they're from brian atwood. i did all the studying on them. he's the celebrity shoe designer of the moment. made in milan, part of the fall collection. kate has the only pair in the u.s. for now because i found out they will be in stores later this summer.
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i got so excited because i was going to buy some until -- >> you saw the price tag. >> $6,000. >> that is a "we" decision. you have to discuss tha your husband, $6,000 boots. >> that's crazy. >> yes. >> you could buy them for me. let's move on to miley cy s cyrus, because she may have decided on a wedding date. here's tonight's "know and tell." >> exclusive new shots. she's with liam all right, but is miley planning their i dos? ♪ even though hemsworth has said he's not engaged, a new report claims she is scheduling their nuptials for this summer. cyrus was spotted in liam's home country australia heading to lunch with his parents. from the looks of things, they kept it casual and a witness told us she has a ring on that finger. but a wedding in the works? that's still a rumor. now, this is fact -- miranda is packing on the pda. ♪ my girl
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her new man anderson east seemed to be singing to lambert on stage at a chris stapleton concert last night in l.a. off stage, our exclusive video shows at least tww forehead kisses and two full lip locks. so, it's on. she and the 27-year-old just made their red carpet debut at this month's acms. and is this a new coupl last night "dancing" castoff mischa barton seemed to be mixing business with pleasure leaving a dinner l.a. at 9:30 p.m. with former pro partner artem. a source says it's their first proper date. believe it or not, we kind of saw this one comi here's what she told us four days ago. >> you and artem have been keeping in touch? >> yeah. we talk, yes. >> no to usher's not safe for work show and tell. the singer snap chatted a tour of his home today, got naked inside this theme shower, then happened. we had to sensor it more than usher d let's just say he could have used more emoji. upnext, i'm on the set of the new "baywatch" movie.
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>> prettier, dirtier, raunchier. >> the insanely attractive cast gives us scoop on the new cameos and bathing suits. and zac efron's abs. >> look at him over there. it's ridiculous. and later, thank you. >> we're trying to wake him up. our exclusive with the one & and only mimi. there's a lot more "e.t." to come. don't go away.
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we're hanging in miami beach with the sexy stars of "baywatch.. the ladies are right over here. not these guys. i'm talking about the ladies. >> yes, they are. >> he >> you were getting pumped into between takes. >> got to do it.
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>> i get up at 3:45 in the morning, go in the shower, make myself wet, take some selfies like i work out, go back to bed. >> he's joking. he plays the head lifeguard originally played by david hasselhoff in the series. >> rocking the hoff, i was born ready! >> the hoff is actually shot a cameo and so has pamela anderson. zac, originally david, the young new hot shot. >> it's going to be dirtier, grittier, more hardcore funnier. >> raunchier. >> [ bleep ] you talking about? what language? >> of course there will be a beach full of "baywatch" babes. kelly rohrbach is c.j., pamela's role. -pi want to no know about the bathing suits. >> all the girls have suits based on their personalities. c.j. is definitely the more flirtatious and free spirited than them all so hers is a little s >> by alexander paul is the more conservative one of the bunch. everybody that's afraid that there aren't going to be
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enough -- they are coming, thee are just not mine. >> here's the tough part of alexandra's gig. she's zac's love interest in the movie. >> that is just terrible. >> it's hell, isn't it? >> just awful. look at him over there. it's ridiculous. >> of course fans are a constant in miami on the beach. unfortunately, so were the prying paparazzi. i just noticed all those paparazzi. everywhere you guys move on set. >> at first i was like give me my robe. between every take. now i'm, like, whatever. >> even more motivation not eat ice cream. >> how is it doing that slow-motion run? have you done one of those yet? >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. you ran a lot faster than me. >> that's so stupid. >> i had so much fun. let me give you another sex secret. in between the shots, they'll pull out these resistance bands and start working out to get bigger. >> y need to keep going, honey.
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>> don't go anywhere, we have more big exclusives starting with the most bizarre home tour you've ever seen. >> what happened stepping inside the mansion of kourtney kardashian's ex? and in paris with mariah carey getting i-do details from the diva herself and a katniss moment with her kids. >> i'd like to dedicate this song to my babies. rock and roll. >> zac efron, honey. >> closed captioning provided by --
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this is nice. >> i'll she you around a little. >> that is scott showing khloe kardashian around his multimillion-dollar he bought it to be close to his ex, kourtney, and his three kids because he wants to connect with family. >> things change quickly in the kardashian world, don't they? just a few months after scott bought the house he's putting it up for sale. he agreed to give us a personal tour, but things got a little kooky crazy. >> we're here at scott's that he is flipping. scott has been asleep but we're trying to wake him up so we can check out this amazing home. >> we were told scott agreed to give us a tour of his hhdden hills home. but the night before the notorious party boy was out clubbing with this model we' told he got home around 9:00 a.m. >> we're trying to get scott up. he was up late, working. >> scott finally got up at 2:05 in the afternoon, but the seasoned reality star made it clear he did not want to be on camera.
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>> he came downstairs and his first thought was, somebod moved my barstool. >> we were in here a minute agoo with him, and there were only three because we're photographing the house and he's so meticulous he needed to have the fourth one back in its exact po >> wow. who knew this guy was so meticulous? but looking around the 8,200-square-foot mansion, there are signs. likr the perfectly folded towels in the bathroom and scott's closet is color coordinated. plaid shirts here, suits seven of basically the same white sneakers stacked and straight. black boots, pants. inside the food, hardly any food, just red bull, wine, beer, and sports drinks. >> has scott cooked in here? i think he gets a lot of takeout and prepares the takeout in he >> outside there's a fleet of luxury cars lining the driveway. a rolls-royce, a range rover, a bentley and benz. for signs of the kids, toys
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hidden in a bedroom closet. >> the kids come over often. i believe kourtney comes over often. >> the home goes on the market next week. >> we do have a lot of high-profile people looking at >> it's going on the market for $8 million. he paid under $6 million for it. he could make a profit. good work if you can get it. >> not i'd take it. listen, $2 million is peanuts to mariah carey's fiance. he is worth $4 million. that could pay for one heck of a wedding, right? he joined mariah halfway around the world back stage in paris. this is mariah and all her delicious divaness. ♪ inside >> how are you planning a wedding while -- >> i tried on my dress l night, if you must know. >> um? >> it looks good. they came and brought it and, you know, i don't want to go into it. >> who came and brought it? who are the people that coom in -- >> and i can't even say the people. i can't say their names.
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a fabulous designer. amazing. >> does this mean mariah is a bridezilla? a big french designer, names like beaumont, givenchy, dior, come to her? yep. but even with her there's a limit. >> she wants something traditional. >> traditional for my third wedding whatever. i don't mean "whatever." i mean, obviously, i've been married and so has he. we're both just, like, normal ab ♪ >> james flew in five days before to surprise his fiancee. we found out he's a quiet guy and prefers to hang out in the background. also traveling with mariah are her twins, roc i cannot believe they're turning 5 on april 30th. how are they enjoying being on tour so far, seeing pictures and video all over the place? looks like so much fun. >> they love it. they're, like, when are we going
7:22 pm
on the plane? they want to go on the airplane. if we stay somewhere too long, they don't like it. they're travelers. they love it. but i need to keep them grounded, so i'm a little -- i'm, like, hey, cut it out! they're like, mommy, you scared me with your voice. i'm, like, sorry. got to do something. i'd like to dedicate this song to my ba ro contraction -- roc and roe. >> "e.t." was front row for mariah's 80-minute paris show. look who we found next to us, roc and roe with their headphones dancing to their mama's hits. adorabl ♪ this moment being twirled around by four strong dancers as mariah's favorite, talking about the fashion. mariah gets to wear four different styles on stage. back stage, we saw this sequinned bodysuit and pantyhose on the hanger. about ten minutes later, on mariah. you see those cameras? they are there filming her eight-part docu series, "mariah's world."
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then she gets a short break before caesars palace. june the 7th. are you tweaking the performance? >> ye we have to do some other things. i'm very excited. >> is the wedding going your docu series? >> i highly doubt i'm going to have the whole -- i don't know. some things have to be priv he's not really that type of let me be the star type person. so i can't, like, force that. >> let mariah be the star. you have to include some of the wedding, mariah. she took carly deeper into private world when they got all into her dressing room demands. you'll see all that crazy goodness tomorrow. and mariah is going to -- love this -- we are cooking up something special for mother's day. >> when you think of mother's day, you think flowers, butterflies, and hearts. [ record skipping ] not on "entertainment tonight." >> yo, "e.t." >> my mama said knock you out. >> we have star moms and stars
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with their moms. >> mom, this is "entertainment tonight." >> we're celebrating mother's day all next week on "e.t." >> i love you, "e.t
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we are out of time but tomorrow is friday and i'm excited. fashion friday. >> no $6,000 boot, i hope. starting tomorrow, joe zee breaks down the fashion dos, don'ts, and do-overs of the week. >> everybody on "e.t." i think i can rap. bada-bing, bada-zap. >> no, i didn't think you could rap. >> no, i didn't think you could rap. i love it if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. >> no, i didn't think you could rap. i love it you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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"the insider" -- tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, were prince's beliefs the cause of his declining health? >> i believe that my inspiration comes from god. >> how his religion may have attributed to his estate's money mess. >> i don't believe in contracts.
7:30 pm
>> one of his former attorneys has indicated that prince does have a will. then beyonce drops some daddy lessons. ♪ you a slave to the back of his hand ♪ >> now her father's firing back. >> i've never in my life hit my daughter. >> his inside take on the "lemonade" cheating rumors. and number three, why doesn't julia like dinner with george? >> he always shouts, "quitter" as i'm leaving the restaurant. >> our "insider" bonus. the women of "mother's day" share their fitness secrets. >> i don't know what i'm doing. >> i've been doing a lot of boxing lately. >> but who's harassing jen to stay healthy? >> you slept in two hours longer than normal. and basically shamed me. so get off your [ bleep ] and move around. >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! keeping up with oprah. we are inside her 26-pound weight loss and that's even with eating carbs.


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