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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 29, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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. second pick in the 2016 nfl travel, the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. welcome to philly carson wentz, eagles get the quarterback in the second round of the second pick. what wentz told don bell. >> those accused of animal
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consults go unpublished, one local woman is working to make a meaningful difference a generation's reputation, million millenials can sometimes get a bad rep. we begin with a huge night for eagles in the nfl draft. good evening everyone. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. as expected the eagles chose quarterback carson wentz as the second overall pick. the birds put a lot on the line for the north dakota state signal caller and we have coverage about this. >> let's start with south philly. at a party, a big party. alex? >> reporter: it was a party. you know it's a timely reference because fan here's said over and over they're going to party like it is 1999. last time this franchise had this powerful of a pick it was certainly a party. >> the question is, who do you
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want? there are two quarterbacks. >> reporter: first there was the first round first pick. >> giving way for the moment that this crowd was waiting for. carson wentz. the name will soon be worn on the backs of thousands of eagles fan, those who filled vip club house. >> i got super, you know what i mean? call me i got it. it's a new day for the philadelphia eagles. >> it's about time we get a quarterback buy sam bradford. he's going to bring it to next level. >> reporter: from no, databasing to pennsylvania carson wentz has received a grand philly welcome
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from a city that can be hard to please. >> i love the eagles. it's a good thing. i'm of i'm to happy about it. let's go eagles. >> let's hear it. e a g l e s. >> reporter: once again, welcome to philadelphia carson wentz, reporting live your new home lincoln financial field i'm alexandria hoff cbs3. don bell was in chicago talking to carson wentz and we just got that. let's here what he had to say. >> i thought maybe, you know, but again, i didn't know until i saw i got the phone call. i believe it worked out, i'm ready to go hopeful. >> what do you know about philadelphia. >> passionate. that's all i ever hear is how
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passionate they are. i love that. they have high expectations. i have high expectations. >> reporter: over the last week or so, you've been questioned about sam bradford and that situation. this is reality. >> it's out of my control. i don't know what's going to become of that. that's not for me to speculate. i'm going to work my tail off, compete and earn respect. >> reporter: lot of people say small school going to a big city. how do you -- how do you put it out of your mind. >> it's easy for me i block out the noise. i've been working for all this my whole life. it's football. it's a kids' game played by men and i'm excited to keep playing. >> how will i measure success. >> if i'm starting it will be if i'm winning on that matter.
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it is what it is. all the stats. it's how you measure it. >> welcome to the eagles nets. carson wentz. who will be the starting quarterback? stay with eyewitness, we will bring you the latest dates on the birds on television and online at in other news, the suspect accused of killing a church member. mark storm was arraigned on voluntary manslaughter. prosecutors say storm shot and killed robert braxton after a fight between the two men. storm claims he had a concealed carry permit. prosecutors say this was not a reasonable case of self-defense. there are new developments surrounding the death of prince. what was found in the musicians home. natasha has new details.
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>> reporter: a law enforcement official tells the associated press that investigators are looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose and whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs in the weeks before he was found dead inside his home. sources tell cbs news the sheriff's office contacted the drug enforcement administration about assisting in the administration. prescription drugs were found at the home of the last singer. the question surrounds whether there's no a factor. once toxicology is completed, where the drugs came from and if they were prescribed by a physician. they report that prince had an ongoing problem with painkillers. >> he had a hip replacement in 2010 and people tell me he had issues. >> reporter: his private jet
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made an emergency landing hours after his last performance in atlanta georgia. the singer's publicist said he was suffering from the flu. a body guard carried him off the plane. they will be looking at whether a doctor was on the plane that made the emergency landing in illinois less than a week before prince's death. live in the stat center. natasha brown cbs3s? . philadelphia city council held the first of seven community meetings. focuseds on hern and hope yes, i did. >> the solutions are challenging but i think it's important for us to try to relook at how we're approaching this problem and what we can do to better coordinate our different entities in trying to revolve and dress the drug addiction.
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>> a resolution passed called for the development of a strategy to address the hern epidemic. a six-month investigation called operation spring cleaning results in arrest warrants for more than 100 drug dealers, authorities say they sold crack heroin and other illegal drugs to undercover officers. they hope they will lead to a decrease in violent crimes. septa has new measures. follows the death of two amtrak employees. septa workers will wear arm bands which will beep and flash in a train approaches, also sending a code on their phones. until the crew activates that phone, dispatchers cannot use the track animal abuse is
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heartbreaking and tragic when veteran entertaineds are accused. one local woman is pushing to main a meaningful change. what she wants to do to change the law. we've been stuck in the gray gloomy weather. showers moving in. coming up i'll tell you when we can hope to see sun for the weekend and when the warm weather returns. >> millenials got us wondering does this generation deserve the rap it gets this is the place where you need to hold your sandwich with both hands. tori heads to a deli that
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worst cases of animal abuse. david spunt has been following this months, he tells us about one woman's mission to change pennsylvania law. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" was the own television in january when three volunteer fire departments and about 20's bucks county volunteers brought her to her feet. some video is too disturb, the september of-year-old horse is found with -- outside allentown owned by a veteran entertained. that veterinarian was found guilty of animal cruelty.
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he claimed he didn't all the animals, no jail time, not even felony or >> she's ready for the world. >> she made it her mission to save horses almost 30 years ago. >> how can a veterinarian do this? how could anybody do this let alone a veterinarian. >> when we visited the ranch back in january. she could barely stand up. after weeks of intense nursing, she's back in action. >> she needs a good solid probably 200 more pounds. she's doing good. >> she spends time riding her to
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train the horse's muscles. she gained 300 pounds since being rescued. >> to be the person that gets to teach her how to actually be a horse and be around people is really a good feeling. >> she calls the rescue one of worst she's seen. not only did authorities rescue 16 re horses, 20's sheep, ten dogs, a pig and a cow. now, lori is fit together change law. animal abusers in pennsylvania may get a felony ao in many case as fine. >> summary offenses is nothing, pay a fine and walk away. she said she takes it personally and is doing everything possible to insure abusers walk away with
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at least a miss meaner. >> she's so happy and healthy and smart. that's what made her live. >> i reached out to the doctor for comment. am i i calls were not returned. the spca in philadelphia backs the effort to publish people for horse abuse. reporting david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. snapping and driving. a popular social media ap is at the center of what could become a landmark lawsuit. a georgia man is suing snap chat. claims a teenage driver crashed into his driver driving mrorn 100 miles an hour, the papal visit alleges the filter is an incentive for drivers to drive fast. new senses figures release this week so the millenial generations has surpassed baby
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boomers. >> there's a negative view. some say shay feel entitled and lack motivation. do they deserve. >> i am a millenial. whatever i say million, it's a good question, especially considering there are so many of us. >> i don't know what's wrong with these kids today. >> you know what people say about millenials. >> no, what do people say. >> there's the notion we're spoiled, they entitled. >> i think any young person thinks they're entitled. >> doctor franking is a
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psychology professor a the temple he defends the 75 million people. who make up millenials. is there any truth to this. >> there's some studies that suggest those things. in my humble opinion, that's junk science. >> 69 percent of americans think those under 30 a lazy and 59 percent of millenials describe their generation as self absorbed. >> focused on yourself and career path and building a family. >> social media. >> that's part of 21st century life. >> they point to their behavior in the workplace. >> employers would say they're tough to manage. >> some would say once they figure out how to work
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them, they're terrific. >> 40 percent we didn't to college and americans under 35 are paying off their students loans are paying off their student loans faster than any generation. why all the judgment? with age comes wisdom. you look at younger individuals and say -- ♪ . >> i i guess we'll have to answer this question on an individual basis. meantime i thought it was interesting that 40% of millenials don't consider themselves a millenial and the same study, older millenials identify with generation x. >> as a millenial, on a i like that piece. >> 18 to 34? >> what's your good question,
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log on to question. >> nicole will be here every night. union league had the action and excitement of the generation draft. >> during the second annual draft day. they got their game jerseys. they will work alongside to improve the quality of life and economic outlook for the philadelphia area. trang do was among the hundreds on hand mother is playing a game right now. . it is not nice out. today was. -- tomorrow is going to be an ugly day. i don't really have high hopes for the weekend. we may see nice spots. unfortunately we are stuck in the gloom.
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we got on sure flow. anything along the west coast of the united states. places look london like yesterday, let's take a look outside. low clouds hanging on over the city of philadelphia, generally damp roads out there. midst and drizzle that has been impacting the area since yesterday and not going anywhere. stormscan 3 you can see the light drizzle around. showers here and there for the most part. lot of it not showing up: the rain will impact you at least a little bit. we do have one shower moving into ken county delaware. there's more where that came from. more showers back to the west. they will continue to rotate. we're not talking about flooding, anything like that, it's a drizzly damp chilly
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friday. you can see how cool it is. low 40's everybody. we had steadier rain to our north this afternoon. the heaviest will be sunday. light showers tomorrow. steadier especially off to the north tomorrow evening. if you're out and about, practices tomorrow evening may be cancelled. definitely not going to be a nice day to be out and about. saturday possible a little bit of ran. steady overnight saturday into sunday. broad street run looks like a steady heavy rain through the course of the day. we do need the rain of. nobody wants it on the weekend.
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we're about one and a half inches below average on the month. we're not going to recoup over the next few days, we'll wind up with an inch of rain through saturday. more to me on sunday. it's going to mess with our weekend. 46, friday, spotty light showers, cool day, temperatures. you'll need the umbrella and both this weekend. saturday is cloudy generally dry. sunday when the rain comes in. you want to find indoor activities. penn relays, mid 50's, not bad if you're running. saturday for the science festival mostly cloudy not bad. the broad street run periods of rain, 51, it's cold, it's rainy. it's wet. definitely have a plan dress for the weather if you're cheering volunteering or running. looks like better into next
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tuesday into wednesday. >> heads up. thanks, kate. >> ahead at 11:00 talk about a midnight snack. >>
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bit bites at a deli. had to take the word hoagie out of their name and off of their menu. vittorio woodhill tells us why they did it and how it made they will a huge success. >> reporter: here's a place where ating like a pig is encouraged. yes, i picked that off my dress and i ate it. >> reporter: welcome to the deli in allentown eatery that pack as dedicated following. >> you come for lunch like three times a week here. >> that's true. >> what keeps you coming back. >> the food and service.
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>> you're lucky if you don't have service. >> reporter: these are stacked with fresh meats crisp toppings and homemade sauces. you'd think therapy hoagies but they're home of the hog. >> husband and wife owner sue and wally say the hog came as a blessing in disguise. >> we started as a troubles hoagie. he complained to the landlord that in his contract there was in duplicate. >> they took the word hoe gusty off the menu. >> this little piggy went to the market the this little piggy went home, for 27 years, customers are going ham over
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hogs. >> a lot of great spice. peppered ham. wow. wow. or the razor back. how they stack the sandwiches here. it's always the perfect bite. guaranteed to have you feeling. >> i feel like a hog. i don't think i can take anymore. >> reporter: dimension they have breakfast hogs. >> are you kidding me? you can also get thinged unhogged. no before he did. don't forget to tell me about your favorite places sending me a message on facebook. >> statement a little bit for later. >> i might have just watched it
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. the fairmount park
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centennial celebration. >> an honoring dedication to philadelphia's park system.
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