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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, guys. my sister lives in seattle. raining again. >> shocker. >> i hate to break it to you on a friday morning, good news, katie, it is friday, and is there a silver lining next week? >> eventually yes, we will see the sun return, it has not completely disappeared, but won't return any time soon just yet. looking at very dreary view right now, from middle township high school. 46 degrees, chill in the air for sure, but thankfully not terribly breezy, but out in the live neighborhood network a lot of camera shot just like this, tell tell signs camera lens, never know that there was necessarily a lot of rain moving through. yes, sometimes radar can be deceiving. this isn't wash out after day. but we do have the chance to see light rain, or some mist, or fine drizzle, any time for anyone throughout the rest of the day. mid up over's, generally where we are standing right now, little cooler up in the mountain as is typical. but only get you up to the mid 50's here today.
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so damp, cool day, tomorrow, little bit after bright spot. at least it will dry out for one day. but already, by sunday, the next rounds of wet weather is here. coming up a bill later in the show, for now, not the best school grade, less than average, c minus, cloudy, cool, damp, light drizzle off and on any time. i definitely give the kids a jacket as you head out to the school bus today, mid 50's at best, shooting officially for about 56 later on today. meisha, over to you. >> katie, great weekends to be indoors. irony of that though so many things going on outside this weekend. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy friday. this is where we are dealing with disable vehicle, ran over something, and you can see, a loft flashing light have, slow downs because of this, the off ramp to allegheny moving in the northbound direction, make note that's out there, not clearing out of the way yet. ninety-five south at cottman, what you are looking at, cracking the 6:00 hour friday morning i guess it can be expected, friday's tends to be
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lighter travel days, overall looks great. at home hanging out tight thinking oh, i will ' wait until maybe 7:00 i would head out now if you k roadways looking great. schuylkill eastbound city avenue looking here, looking good, moving in the eastbound direction, if you look just beyond these trees moving in the westbound direction, coming off the boulevard, a lot of headlight out there. so both moving in the eastbound and westbound, heating up ever so sly literally. it is damp, make note of that. that will slow you down little bit as well. downed pole here. that's all since been cleared. events this weekend talking about this little bit. a lot of rainout there. penn relays are going on 9:00 a.m. starting today and 7:00 a.m. start starting saturday. broad street run 8:00 a.m. sunday. bus detours starting 7:30 a.m., free trips for the runners by the way and also extra broad street line service for the runners and for the phillies game sunday. brooke, over to you. >> big day for eagles fans as the team's quarterback of the future now in place. >> our pat gal send here to tell us little bit about the newest e-a-g-l-e-s em, first rounds draft pick, carson wentz. >> goods morning, guys, now it is real.
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eagles made serious moves, to get from the 13th pick to the second pick in the nfl draft. perhaps the worse kept secret in the sports world, was who would they take at number two? >> the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> the future of the franchise rests on the big right arm of one carson wentz, just something we've basically known for about a week. but it became a row al at this last night. now, it is highly unlikely he starts right away. make no mistake, in the coming years the pressure will be onto bring championship to philadelphia. he says he shares one thing in common with his new city? passionate. you know, that's all i ever hear, how passionate they are. and i love that. you know, they have high expectations, i have high expectations, i'm very passionate, that i will a fit in pretty well. >> just whether you get a chance to meet him, you know, in the building, one-on-one, his demeanor, his aggressiveness, his willingness to learn, sharp kid, really was a very attractive pick for us. >> so the head coach speaks
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highly of him, and the kid knows he's got a lot to prove in a city starved for a title. fans also had an interesting reaction to him. >> philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> seventeen years ago when the eagles chose donovan mcnabb number two overall the mood was decidedly different than last night. they booed mcnabb as you recall, but looks like they're behind carson wentz. >> fans awe played dollars at the draft party last night, seemed to like the approach of the team esther. for franchise changing quarterback. >> about time we get a quarterback, bye, sam bradford. >> let's go carson wentz. >> this wasn't bad. hopefully this is something we need to rebuild. >> eagles players reacted to the draft pick on twitter last night as well. but this one is a little awkward, wide receiver jordan
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matthews says let's get to work cj went. wait. isn't sam bradford, isn't he going to be the quarterback? i guess we'll see. tight ends sake ertz, welcome to the squad. now time to get to work. fly eagles work. hopefully these two work together for years to come. tackle lane johnson welcome to the squad carson gents hashtag eagles nation. finally saying: fired up about carson wentz. eagles committed depth in the leadership position, intelligent approach all around. hey, a coach who knows winners, it is jay wright. so everyone seems fired up and ready for wentz to take this franchise to the next level. and i know we are here, as well, because when something big happens around these parts, we make it a giant head. so this is the carson went head. now, who does carson wentz resemble? >> prince harry. >> prince harry, right? >> i thought it was prince harry. >> it is a dead ringer for prince harry. now, it has the same money now
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coming his way. >> he's got good paycheck. now, steve lindsay said bradley cooper. i'm not really seeing that. >> not even close. >> prince harry. >> come on, steve. >> executive producer on that one. >> there is your new quarterback right there. >> thanks so much, pat. more coverage of the nfl draft. a look at the eagles quarterbacks on our website now, meanwhile, in other news, new this morning, man survives getting shot in the face in frankford. >> eyewitnesses help police track down the shooter. "eyewitness news" reporter, jan carabeo, liver outside northeast detectives, with the latest on this investigation, january, good morning. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning. police say it was a woman who pulled out a gun and shot a man in a frankford street overnight. but, she didn't stay gone for long. she didn't get away. police tracked her down just four blocks away from the shooting scene. this morning, she is in custody along with a man who was with her at the time of the shooting, and her alleged victim is in the hospital
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recovering. shots fired early friday morning, outside a busy septa stop in frankford. the victim, shot three times, including once in the face, and according to witnesses, the triggerman, a woman. >> we don't have a motive. but they describe the shooter as a female. they state that this female fired the shots. >> fifteenth district police were called to the intersection of frankford avenue ann margaret street around 12:30 this morning. when officers arrived, they found a 43 year old man lying on the sidewalk injured. eyewitnesses say, a woman shot him, then left the scene with another man in this car, last seen traveling west on err its street. police found the car just four blocks away, at margaret and mulberry. two suspect were taken into custody at a home nearby and id by witnesses. police are hoping to find the weapon used in the shooting inside that home, they're also interviewing witnesses, at northeast detective, and collecting surveillance video around the shooting scene. >> not only is it a major el stop and major septa hub, we
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found several surveillance cameras, this also a philadelphia police real-time crime camera, right at the intersection of frankford ann margaret. so, hopefully these cameras recorded something that can help us with the shooting investigation. now the 43 year old man who was shot and injured was taken to temple university hospital in stable condition, he is expected to survive in the meantime, this morning, this investigate continues behind me, here at northeast detective. we're reporting live, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> police looking for group of teenagers for robbery and assault on temple university's cam pulls. police say 43 year old man was walking near 13th and norris streets, on sunday, when four teenagers punched, kicked, grabbed his shirt. off duty temple university police officer chased the suspect away, the man suffered minor injuries, and in a surround vale end cameras captured the teen suspects walking down norris street. investigators say they're between the ages of 16 and 19
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years old. >> three wilmington student are expected to be charged today, in the death of their 16 year old classmate. no word if they'll be charged as juveniles or adults. police say sophomore amy joyner fran is was assaulted by three girls in a rest room last week, all happened at howard high school of technology. she died from those injuries. school officials suspended three girls involved in the fight. anti-girls violence rally is planned tonight at 7:00 in new castle, and funeral services for amy joyner francis are sunday at the st. paul ume church in wilmington. more than 100 alleged drug dealers in darby borough are arrested in what authorities are calling operation spring cleaning. the suspect are accused of selling crack, heroin and other illegal drugs to undercover officers during six month investigation. police hope the arrest also lead to decrease in drug sales and violent crime in the area. >> well still ahead, contaminated veggies and tea.
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what you need to know in the "3 on your side" recall rounds up. >> at least 20 people under arrest after protests turn violent outside a donald trump rally. key campaign issue at the heart of the demonstration. >> and learning more about the battle over prince's money, what caused his sister to storm out after family meeting. that's coming up next. ♪ two new documentaries in the works, about whitney houston, but only one has the blessing of the singer's estate. it is coming up. >> oh, my. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes.
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>> welcome back everyone, 6:13, chaos erupts outside after donald trump rally in costa mesa, california. >> yes, at least 20 people were arrested when protesters took to the street. brook silva bragga has the latest. >> happening out here -- >> anti-donald trump protesters clashed with police outside amphitheater nerve costa mesa california late thursday night. some in the crowd held dump trump signs as they blocked traffic, others took their frustrations out on a police car. the protests commas trump turns his attention to delegate rich california, in a bid to secure a general election match up with hillary clinton. >> she shouldn't be allowed to run because what's what happened with that whole e-mail scandal is a absolute
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disgrace. >> rifle ted cruz remains focused on indianna. yesterday he denied entering into alliance with john kasich to win the state. >> i recognize that the media is all eager to talk about alliance. there is no alliance. >> despite agreeing not to campaign in indianna, case being got boost from the state's largest daily newspaper, the indianapolis star, called potential trump presidency a danger to the u.s. and the world. says caring i can is the best choice for gop primary voters. brook silva bragga, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". wow. katie, it is friday. >> yes. >> that's the one good piece. wait, what's going on behind you? >> this is just background, i'll mate it for you. yes, what? where are you? >> it is denote g the dry wet their we've had, because we will talk about the fact we real coy use the rain, no, i am a bit of debbie downer, we will be bringing in quite a bit of rain in the next couple every days, but we could really use it at this point. spring flowers could use the drink since march 1st, over
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3 inches, in a rainfall deficit at this point in philadelphia. and, just this month alone, just over one and a half inches of rainfall deficit. so we do again need the rain. i think what comes sunday will help really sort of, you know, trim back some of that rainfall deficit. but for now, storm scan, you know, it is a spotty situation, with any wet weather that's out there. it is damp. it is dreary. it is certainly cool. you will see some pockets of light rain and/or drizzle any time here today. we walk you through future weather in a social security. the next storm system, guys, will bring in the real heavy rain, i mentioned, that comes saturday night into sunday. so many, we jump you to noontime today. still tracking a little bit of wet weather activity throughout the rest of the afternoon, and even, future weather trying to pick up more widespread swat of showers that moves in briefly. saturday the bright spot of the next three days, probably even see little bit of sunshine out there. at least it is dry. and then overnight, in 1:00 a.m. here sunday, we start to see the letting edge of the next storm. timing, man this just isn't looking awesome here, right in time for that 8:00 kick off on the broad street run, looks
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like the heaviest pockets every rain could be rolling over philadelphia. so it will continue to see this soggy necessary right through the afternoon, generally drying out, at least little bit hereby night fall. but, there will likely still be lingering showers monday. then finally we can break the pattern for couple of days here. somebody and clouds return for tuesday, wednesday, temperatures rebounds nicely back into the 70s, which is a lot closer to where they should be this time of year, meisha? >> i almost said oh, get us to this weekend, but what? who ever says that. get us. just with the rain, enjoy it, boulevard moving in the southbound direction, what you are looking at when you wake up this morning, actually looking real nice. you guys already in the 6:00, soon be pushing toward the 7:00. looking okay. sure a loft headlight out there. once you jump on the schuylkill we will be in the westbound direction, what you are working with, so a lot of vehicles out there. overall most cases you're still traveling around at 55 miles per hour exactly where i want to see at this time. ninety-five south at girard, what you are looking at here, some brake light going on, moving in the northbound side, southbound side. you can see certainly it is
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very busy this morning. if you are headed out on interstate 95, it is busy but again still traveling at a speed that i would like to keep you at. accident here, 95 south, delaware avenue, wilmington. two right lanes are block right now. this is going to slow you down ever so slightly, if it doesn't get moved out of the way pushing past 6:30. just know that that's out there right now, burlington bristol bridge reminder, closed again 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, that will be closed all the way until 6:00 a.m. monday. talcony palmyra bridge will be your best alternate. jim, brooke, back to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a dangerous products that may be in and around your home. here's information you need to know in this week's "3 on your side" recall rounds up. >> first up, time to check the freezer. crf frozen foods recalling bags of frozen vegtables siting possible wistaria contamination. sold at retailers such as cosco, under number of labels including wellesley farms, and organic by nature. they were distributed by september 15th of 2015 and
6:18 am
march 16th of 2016. return them to the store of purchase for a refund. >> next up: tea trouble. cvs is volume un farley recalling cases of its gem emblem organic herbal tea after learning it could be contaminated when salmonella. ingredient produced by the raw material supplier tested positive for salmonella, in another company's product, this tea also contains this ingredient. the recalled product has best buy date of march 18th, 2018. anyone who purchased the tea can return it to cvs for a rue fund. >> ford recalling more than 200,000 trucks and suv's because the transmission can suddenly shift to first gear. the recall includes the popular f150 from 2011 and 2012, and also, the expedition, must standing, lincoln navigator from 2012. >> now, ford also recalling 81,000 explorers from 2014 and 2015 to fix a rear suspension problem. that is this week's recall rounds up.
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i'll be posting links with more information on and on my facebook and twitter feeds. coming up: controversial casting decision. why some people are not happy about the actor chosen to play president, ronald reagan, in a new movie. plus: >> you see how it is it is just starting to spin in the mid until. >> ya? >> meisha get behind the wheel for another dream drive. see where you can learn to drive a potter i wheel, make your own beautiful art. that's coming up. stay with us.
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authorities try to determine if prince died from drug overdose, his siblings are arguing over his estate. the musician found unresponsive last week in his minnesota home. investigators want to know if a doctor was prescribing drugs and traveling with the musician when his plane made an emergency landing in illinois a week before his death. according to "tmz", a family meeting, his sister tyka stormed out over a meeting of his as else. she believes she is entitled to more because the other are half siblings. >> two competing documentaries, about the life of whitney houston. only one has the blessing of the singer's estate. the sanctioned documentary promises interview with records producer clive davis and claims won't dodge the darker parts of houston's life. it will also include where performances and never before seen footage of the star.
6:23 am
will ferrell is set to play former president ronald reagan in a movie. critics not too happy about it. it is a comedy about a white house intern who must convince a dementia stricken reagan. he died due to complications from altzheimer's in 2004. >> well, up next, more news, stories, making headlines in our local newspapers this morning. >> plus, farming in philadelphia. see how the city turning warehouses into urban farmland without soil or even sunlight. >> and katie is a weather watcher friday. >> it is indeed, guys. yes, terry higgins in the house with us this morning, she hails from mt. laurel, new jersey, we will check in with her, see what made her such a weather entheusiast, and of course your weather com
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a look at newspaper headlines. >> inquire others on philadelphia police officer arrested thursday for allegedly breaking into his girlfriends' apartment. twenty-eight year old amex mcadams, four year veteran assigned to the 15th district, turned himself into internal affairs. he faces charges of burglary, trespassing, and related offenses. from the bucks county courier times, the advertising
6:27 am
legend, hine the mr. softee jingle, heard in hundreds of ice cream trucks for more than half century has died. less, philadelphia nature i have. he passed away at 94 years old. ing. >> and from the front page of the intelligence err, new report recommends the quakertown community school district close two schools, elementary school, renovate three others, all part of $112 million district overhaul. >> and that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> welcoming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", man claim to go have a bomb threatens to blow up a tv station watch was really strapped to his chest? and we're learning, of a possible motive. >> plus, everyone's talking about the nfl draft this morning, the eagles chose carson wentz, owning up a brand new quarterback controversy. plus: draft night drama for one of the other top prospect. see the shocking video tweeted last night at the worse possible time. next.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. cloudy, cool, and damp again today. >> we just can't seem to shake this dreary wetter. >> katie is tracking more showers, she'll let you know how it will impact our weekend. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. it is friday. >> i'm brooke thomas. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> burned say they got the man they wanted all awe long. >> i believe it worked out as we're supposed to, hopefully going out, winning a lot of ballgames. >> one to the face. one to the back. and also, his leg. >> a man recovering after being shot three times overnight in frankford. >> this morning, she in
6:32 am
custody and so is a man, witnesses saw her leaving with. protesters clash with police outside a theater in costa mesa. trump turns his attention to delegate rich california. >> what is going on? >> hey. >> stop it. >> stop it. stop. don't you dare. no, no. >> take your kids to national work day today. i don't foe if they have that in great britain. >> right, they should have that here, though, i want to say crazy kids here. >> oh,. >> do you, now? >> left's get a check on weather. katy? >> you have some company. >> indeed i do. one of the weather watchers joining us in the studio this
6:33 am
morning. this is kerry higgins, hails from mt. laurel, new jersey, but you work in the sit. your daughter is a grad student at drexelment and you guys loved to watch the weather, sort of where your entheusiasm comes from? >> i love the storms, whether snowstorm, hail storm, hunter and lightning storm, i love to watch it all. >> you guys watching? >> when she was little, yep. >> perfect she is part of our program. you can see her observations here nearly every single morning on "eyewitness news", yes, songs that much for waking up early and being here with us. talking shop here, as women. let's talk about what's happening on storm scan3, we do have handful of speckles showing up on the radar, generally what you will find out there today, guys, scattered showers, in the form of light rain, and/or drizzle, off and on, any time here today. so another damp, dreary, cool, certainly cloudy day as well. forty-seven is the current temperature at the airport, not going to see too much movement on the thermometer readings here today. but we do expect to rebounds to say the mid 50's, this afternoon. fifty-three at best at the shore towns, where you notice more avodires, with the
6:34 am
showers still out there. yes, just casino of one of the raw chilly days at the shorement poconos, no better than 49. so that's going to require a jacket. and that's something i would suggest for everyone as this dreary pattern continues today. there is a day of the weekends though that's set to stay dry. another storm on the way meisha -- mere a. we could use the rain at this point. so it is one of those pros and cons type of situations. >> katie, that's the thing. we need the rain. all right, we will take it. good morning, everyone, happy friday. we've got disable vehicle on the blue route southbound past the skewing, doesn't look like it is slowing anyone down, they're wizzing on by, trying to get this cleared. when they do pull the car it might slow you down ever so slightly but looking okay. back out of the way show you this. another disable vehicle here, 95 south, this is before girard, we do have the drivers out on foot now. walking around, so just be very mindful of that. whenever we have slick roadways, it is wet out there, and then we have people pulling over and getting out of their vehicles and having to do work, this is always going to number one slow you
6:35 am
down but also can be very dangerous situation. so, just be very mindful. people out here on the roadway, 95 south before joined arm. ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction. you can see moving into center city what you are working with, looking okay, i would say, that pushing toward the 7:00 now this is actually not that bad. yes, plenty of vehicles out there, but overall not that bad. accident here, abington, old york road at rockwell road. other accident out there, 95 south delaware avenue in wilmington two, right lanes block here, slowing you down little bit at this point. brooke, over to you. >> thank, meisha. suspect in bizarre stand-off at baltimore tv station is in serious condition this morning. now we're hearing from the suspects father. about what may have led his son to walk into the station's lobby and pretends to have a bomb. here's kim hutchinson. >> i saw him last night, and he seemed fine. >> edward brizzi seemed to be in shock as he described his son alex, currently hospitalized after walking into baltimore tv steaks wbff claim to go have a bomb.
6:36 am
>> it seems like it is a nervous breakdown, the other week, you know, sleeping in somebody's yard, took seven policemen to hold him down. >> after that brizzi said things got worse for his son. alex lost his job and broke one his girlfriend but seemed to be holding it together. >> he's been acting okay, you know, since he's come home, just little bit reserved. >> his wife noticed something odd wednesday night. >> she went down to his room and she said there is something with a bunch of wires. >> he didn't know anything happened at wbff until his phone rang. >> about 4:00 my wife called me up and said get home. and when i got here there was 7atf agent here. >> despite his son's injuries, he isn't holding grudges against the police. >> they've got to do their job, you know, they can't assume that it is candybars wrapped around: >> he's glad his son is alive. >> looks like he will be okay. that's the main thing.
6:37 am
it looks like he's going to survive it. so hopefully, you know, he'll get some help. >> in other news, septa is taking action to ensure workers safety. this follows the death of two amtrak employees who were hit and killed by a train in chester earlier this month. will wear pro tracker arm bands, which will emit beeping sound and flash a blue light if a train is approachingment the alert triggered by high-tech equipment aboard the train. septa says the arm bands have been in the planning stages and on order for nearly a year. >> that will ensure at that time roadway workers are alerted, in addition to the things that they normally do, that the train is approaching. >> also, in its regional rail center, septa dispatchers shutting down a track for work now send the workers a special code on their phone until the crew activates that unique code dispatchers are blocked from switching any train onto that track.
6:38 am
the eagles and eagles fans celebrating first rounds draft pick carson wentz. he went to the birds with second overall nicholas night's draft in chicago. fans of the north dakota quarterback packed this town square had his hometown of bismarck, when the pick was announced. coach doug pederson says wentz has a lot to learn and the new quarterback says he's ready. >> well, obviously he needs to, you know, learn the system, number one. secondly, he needs to learn our guys, our talent, learn the positions and get to know the guys. >> i'm just going to go in there and learn as quick as i can, put my best foot forward from an early stage, and see what happens. >> later coach pederson compared wentz to hall of famer and superbowl champ brett favre. woe know. pederson was favre's back up on the packers super bowl team. >> old micellar any, says his twitter account was hacked, just before the clock started on draft night.
6:39 am
was projected as possible number one overall pick, but hackers who took over his twitter account posted video of him smoking something with a gas mask. he said the video is a few years old. doesn't matter though. eventually pick him at number 13. then, hackers later posted texts, showing him asking for and receiving money from coaches at old miss. he faced those questions at a press conference. >> man, somebody hacked my account. man, you know, i made that mistake several years ago. somehow somebody got in my photos and hack my twitter account. and apparently somebody just hack my instagram account so it is getting crazy, yet i can't control it, man, whatever i can control i can control. >> they ushered him off the stage right after. that will experts say he lost about $12 million by falling from the top riches of the draft all the way to number 13. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the mugshot that is going viral this morning. what this guy with a half beard did that landed him in trouble with police.
6:40 am
>> plus, meisha is back on the road for another dream drive. and if you love coffee like she does, you will appreciate this. a local monument celebrating the coffee break-in american history. hey, justin? >> hey there, brooke. we are at brick fest 2016. you are looking live at leggo del fee a, scale model of center city and just beyond. looking over to camden area, we are seeing an intruder. take a look at. that will going behind the scenes. coming
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6:43 am
>> i think justin is lost in leggo del fee a. >> i would say once again, dreary, damp, we will once again be dodging some showers out there again today. light rain, light drizzle, off and on, really any time, not really window of wet weather
6:44 am
like we had from yesterday. even though storm scan may look casino of quiet, looks can sometimes be deceiving. so, this is one of the days, i would say, if you're cold, want to take the umbrella with you, regardless don't be shock if you have to flick the windshield wipers hand numb of times. nice wide zoom. see the next storm system getting its act together. doozy it, has got some very heavy rain as owe ate dollars with it, snow back into the eastern rockies, and when you see them set up in this particular fashion, easily see snow, quite a bit of it out in places like denver. now, that said, for now, go in and check in if we can, check in with the weather watchers, looking it ' observation action at this point, you have mid four's, casino of up and down on 95, really everywhere else. handful of these go, into the pine barens, 44 degrees the temperature that comes into us from margo, nothing but clouds over us, overhead, and she is wondering when it will finally be safer to put the winter weather coats away because her
6:45 am
windchill is only 42 degrees. i know she is not a fan that far with the ugh with the multiple h's on it. it will take some time here guys. take it a bit further end lands, west, to the west, fran checks in with also little light drizzle here, 42 degrees, so that's just raw and chilly weather for sure. >> checking in once more, storm system on the way here. but it doesn't get here until sunday. so the pen re lays at least can bank on one dry day out of this several days of the races, and that will be tomorrow, with clouds, and hey, actually little bit of a break of sunshine. chance to rebound to the 60s, we look forward in the seven day forecast, rain, coming through heavily at times on sunday. and then, we will see things finally start to dry out officially by tuesday. >> good, see ya later rain. good morning, everyone, hammy
6:46 am
friday. tgif to you. disabling vehicle was here, 59 southbound, before girard, since cleared. casino of the traffic flow you're seeing. still travel five a miles per hour, will be dropping. this is where we have another disable vehicle, blue route, southbound past the schuylkill, see it pulled all the way off blocking the shoulder and little lane now, well, i don't know where he is going, there you go. left disable vehicle, i guess it will sit thereon to the shoulder but see traffic flow right here, looking really good. in fact, it is looking quiet on the blue route right now. it is not the case on the ben franklin bridge. take a lock at this, moving in the westbound direction, all lanes, you are no longer traveling at 55 miles per hour, you're down to more like 30, 40 miles per hour, jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a well, taking you back to your childhood with the creativity of leggos. >> brick fest live is taking over the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks this weekend, and there with a preview this morning is "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch. hey, justin?
6:47 am
>> hey there. brooke, jim, jim was right, i got lost, got my way back over here to brick fest and found chad collins here. chad, you are building something over here that will fit in over there. and this is something we can do, for brick fest, right? >> yes, like we said before. go, you see all of the great creations built in one room. come into the next room, there is the bricks, get your hands right in them. we quickly put together little spaceship. we can swoosh it right over to the space station. >> yes? >> and there is a landing pad right here, so one example of what you can do, as you build, there are other families, and friend, also building to create this elaborate display in the pace station built area. >> i know braced for very large crowd here, looking around the room here, just one of the -- think 150,000 feet here at the greater philadelphia he can poe, we will one side over here, we race over, and trip it beat the photographer kyle hall into the glow zone. as we make our way inside, and once you see this, guys, this
6:48 am
is incredible. take a look at this, these are glowing leggos, under a black light here. and this is like vegetation, sea life, animals, is that right? >> everything here in the glow zone. few elements that actually shine under black light. and we've asked our fans to build, build designs that really highlight that effect. so, we have here we are looking at, we have glow carnival, with a running ferris wheel. we have other cities that are all going and really just to provide inspiration to those that come and you see things that you have never seen before. you have never seen glow in the dark leggos before. now you know that some of the stuff you have at home does this. you know, i want to drive home one point too. you guys were saying that this is a family event, adult, children, all come together, you know, now a days, screenings for everything. what casino every engagement do you see at the brick fest? >> that family bonding, that takes place here, that only happens oftentimes kids are playing by themselves at home or yes, like you said, on
6:49 am
their did he vice, but you come here and fathers, mothers, playing with their children, at this event. even you see generations, see kids playing with their grand partem, see the spark the look in their face. >> awesome. look at the carousel, ferris wheel rather. >> this would take me, my mother, my father, my brother, sister, and grand par don't take there is incredible l how long would that take to build which you say prefer you? >> that is actually a sock set. but just color shift philadelphia with elements that glow. set like that with 1500 piece also take five, 600 pieces and spill it over couple days, if you don't have the time to dedicate. >> thank you so much. brick fest here at the greater philadelphia innings poe in oaks montgomery county. hearing particular rhett going fashion, guys. if you want to come, get yours now, back into you. >> so funny, i love it is called brick fest. thanks, justin. >> as justin mentioned see
6:50 am
brick fest live at the philadelphia expo center in observation oak, tickets 22 bucks, children two and un are free. well, photographic proof, to always finish what you start. >> check this out. this is not a flip screen. as criminals go, you might call kevin gibson two faced. he was arrested on drug charges last week in miami, and for reasons only clear to himself he shaved just the left side of his face. on the right, still a bushy beard. maybe he didn't know he was going to get his picture take never. >> i don't think so. 50:00, a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, brooke, jim. a lot of news on this friday, first in southern california with the have i lent protest. that errupted after donald trump rally. plus preview of the 06 minutes investigation, into whether an american company sold faulty safety equipment, during the ebola outbreak. also, announcement over tipping political i and the man behind ted talks, the
6:51 am
power of public speaking. news back in the morning, so see you in just about ten minutes. >> thank so much, nor, a we will be watching. >> imagine this. eating fruits and vegtables, grown in an indoor farm. >> okay, i can do. that will resolution passioned by city council looks to make philadelphia an international hub for vertical farming. >> now, you don't need soil or the sun. just an old warehouse like this one in south philadelphia. metropolis farms works year around. there is artificial light and plant are grown in nutrient rich water that's constantly recycled. remember, we don't have the weather. when it snowed this april, we were grogan side. while everybody else was worried about whether their plants would die. we were growing food in january. >> they grow everything from lettuce and basil to peppers and carrot, and they sell to places like local restaurant and whole foods. >> well, meisha's here now, time for another dream drive. >> yes, it sure is. so, where can we not only see our pots but make it as well?
6:52 am
heading to south philadelphia and getting hine new kind of wheel. take a look at this. >> from cbs-3, we're winding our way down to explore wilmington, delaware. >> we're headed to wilmington where we will refuel at a very popular coffee shop. >> brouhaha, has cost i coffee shops all over the brandywine valley and wilmington. >> i'm thinking maybe trying the almond joy latte. >> thank you so much. >> and it really tasted like almond joy. >> delicious. we have just refueled. >> let's go. >> you might not know this, but actual coffee man ooh meant in wilmington, in honor of president mckinley who has young soldier actually delivered coffee to the front lines at the civil nash 1862. if you have time, wing by rockford park, on sundays the century old stone water tower opens to let people take in an incredible view.
6:53 am
a hundred 15 feet up. now we are on our way to the delaware art museum, where i am going to learn a new craft. >> the delaware art museum has 12,000 works of art inside. from modern works of glass, to 19 century pre-classics like lady lillies by dante gabrielle row set i. shocking for their day. visitor can enjoy peaceful ground. >> so people can come to the galleries, in the museums, tour the ground, but also have opportunity to actually make object. so take your piece of clay, toss it down. >> so i'm taking the wheel. heather teaches pottery throwing class at the delaware art museum. i'm making, what else, a coffee mug. >> you push with one hand, grab it with the other.
6:54 am
>> oh, like making it go up? >> yes, we will make it go up a little bit. basically going to squeeze from the bottom, while you move your hands together up. >> them make handle. >> basically cut a rectangle, and then roll that for your handle. that's right. soap, if you are looking for something to do this weekend, they've got you covered. thank you so much, the delaware art museum, my lovely struck or, rockford park, so much fun. look, guys, i made my very first coffee mug. >> very nice. >> jim was ripping on me, he said i had to turn my head to a slant. >> well, the top is just slightly skewed a bit. >> not perfect. >> i think you'll like it. >> life isn't perfect. embrace it. >> i think so. >> changing his tune little bit. >> thanks, meisha you. >> bet you. >> we will be right back with
6:55 am
three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
6:56 am
6:57 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
6:58 am
before you head out, what you need to no. >> three to go. at least four people arrested after protest break out at donald trump rally in california. the evening else quarterback carson wentz comes to
6:59 am
philadelphia today. the broad street run expose kicks off at 11:00 at the convention center, good luck to all of the runners. >> that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> yes, the weather is dreary yet again. with new storm moving in, just in time, it looks like to the broad street run. yes, it tells it all, doesn't it? live look outside beach patrol headquarters, quick ambulance what the weekends last up its sleeve. tomorrow the bright spot that i think you'll see. >> thank you, disable vehicle on the blue route, southbound past the schuylkill, put off to the left shoulder also the ben franklin bridge, take a look how busy, malfunctioning light at the base of between eighth and vine, again, in the westbound direction toward center city. >> but it is friday, that's all that matters. >> there go. >> this morning is next. >> have great day, wonderful weekends.
7:00 am
good morning. it is april 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." chaos in california streets after a donald trump rally. violent protesters clash, swarm drivers, and defy police. a top nfl prospect enters a draft free fall after a video surfaces apparently showing him smoking marijuana. was he mailed? and ronald reagan's children slam a planned will ferrell comedy about the president's battle with alzheimer's. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. hey, folks, it's a con job. our rallies are the safest place to be on earth, believe me. [ applause ]


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