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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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just let me know when you have the airport in sight. the as you turn it will be 12:00 o'clock in the off. >> unaudible. >> pilot tells the airport to prepare for an evacuation as his plane comes into philadelphia for an emergency landing. that cockpit audio is from one of the two jets experiencing trouble in the air this morning. good afternoon everyone i'm jim donovan. aim's brooke thomas. the frightening time early today as two planes with
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problems flew into philadelphia adjust minutes apart. our rahel solomon is live the at the airport with the look inside one of those planes, rahel. >> reporter: brooke, good have afternoon. things are starting to look much more like normal here at phl, faa officials tell me both main runways are back reopened but earlier around 8:00 this morning, a very different scene as there was major concern, as two flights did have to make emergency landings. the incident happened within minutes of each other, first involve republic airlines 4518 flight which reportedly some steering problems. airport spokeswoman says that the issue resolved itself, and the plane landed here safely at its intended destination. the second incident on american eagle piedmont flight 4801 sparking much more concern after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin, just before its scheduled landing here at phl. i want to show you what a passenger tweeted a photo of himself with the oxygen mask and and passengers on the
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runway. we can tell you there were 50 passengers and four crew on game the flight from richmond international airport. we're told one person was treated for minor yours but released. just within the last hour as you you just heard "eyewitness news" was able to obtain a recording of the pilot's call to air traffic control, as he tried to evacuate the plane. >> just let me know when you have airport in sight, as you turn it will be 12:00 o'clock in the off. >> unaudible. >> now while both of the main air traffic control rather are back, reopened, faa officials say travelers heading out today may want to check with their airline and make sure because we are already seeing delays, on the web site. so, as you are traveling out of philadelphia international airport day check with your airline and check what the status is. reporting from phl, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well,e vac orders are in
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place after gas pipeline fire lights up the sky in western pennsylvania. kevin expanding will willer junior of the tribune review took this picture of the explosion. authorities say fire started at a salem township facility just after 8:00 this morning. the one person was hospitalized with burns, the cause of the blast is under investigation. let's look at damp, dreary end of the week and weekend isn't looking much better. >> meteorologist katie fehlinger is live in the cbs-3 weather center where she's tracking much more. >> much more mess, right. >> we will catch at least a couple breaks along the way, guys but this just continues to be, you know, just not the prettiest forecast. we do need rain, let's be honest. we will talk about that rainfall, deficit a little later in the broadcast but for now what we fine isn't a wash out by any stretch but just might need umbrella rahel had hers and throughout the course of the day everything that comes through spitting at you like that very light rain, drizzle and mist that you'll find when you just see moisture to work w lets go
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outside and show you what is happening on storm scan. not a heck of a lot. we have a couple little bits of green popping up here west of delaware along i-95 corridor in dell he co philadelphia a counties. it is not all that heavy. where we have showers that might slow you down a little bit as you are traveling. lower 50's is where we stan in most locations but you will not see much more movement on the thermometer readings. at best mid 50's in philadelphia. it is cloudy, cool, damp, dreary, and that will continue to be the theme even into tonight. we do as i mentioned catch a break coming up here, but there is another larger storm that is expected to bring heavy rain, and we will tell you guys when we will expect to see that later in the show, brooke. >> a baby is recovering this noon after falling through a sidewalk grates in north philadelphia. it happened this morning on the 2400 block of germantown avenue. we're told that two-year old, fell 10 feet. police are investigating how it even happen. the child was taken to st. christopher's hospital in stable condition.
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chopper three over deadly single will car crash in elmer salem county. police are investigating why a car crash in the pole and then burst into flames on route 77 near garisson road this morning. the authorities have yet the to release the victim's identity. meanwhile a man is in stable condition this noon with three gunshot wound and police say gunman was a woman. four three-year old man was shot 12:30 this morning near frankford avenue and mar greet street. police track down a car belonging to the suspect and the women and man were taken in custody. wilmington students are expect to be charge today in the death the of their 16 year-old classmate. no word if they will be charged as juveniles or adults. police say sophomore amy joyner francis was assaulted three students in the girls rest room at howard high school of technology. she died from her injuries. school officials suspended three girls involve in the fight, and anti girls violence rally is planned for tonight in new castle will. funeral services for amy joyner francis are sunday at
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st. paul in wilmington. it got ugly outside a trump rally in southern california last night. one man stumped on a police car and driver did doughnuts in the middle of the street as hundreds of demonstrators swarm the area. that is correspondent carter evans tells us the disturbance went on for hours. >> unaudible. >> reporter: hundreds of the demonstrators rallying a begins donald trump poured into the streets of the california, overnight. people yelled obscenities, and held up signs, protesting the republican front runner. the crowd cheered on several people, trying to flip over a vandalized police car. others, danced, and waved mexican flags objecting to trump's controversial immigration proposals. k cbs photo journal his stew mandell captured chaos on camera. >> there was a fist fight between multiple people and that person in that gray
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shirt, just moments ago. >> reporter: man wearing a gray pro trump t-shirt was seen with the bloody face. he was treated by paramedics and loaded into an ambulance. roads of law enforcement officers on horse back ended riot gear lined up to disperse the crowd but that didn't stop people from swarming around drivers, and blocking traffic here on a busy freeway. >> that is not cool. >> reporter: it took about three hours for crowd to disperse after the rally ended. several of those arrested are still in police custody. we tried to contact the trump campaign but got no response. carter evans for cbs news, costa mesa california. well, eagles and eagles fans are celebrating first round draft pick, carson wentz. >> you know it sound like wentz is looking forward to a career in philadelphia. wentz was, went to the bird with the second overall pick in last night's draft in chicago. fans of the north dakota state quarterback pack the town square in the hometown of bismarck when the pick was
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announced. this morning, the new eagle talks to our sister station wip . >> have you ever, in your career, been booed. >> not by my own fans, no. >> maybe from the other guy. >> eagles coach doug pederson say wentz reminds him of hall of famer and super bowl champion brett favre. pederson should know because he played on that super bowl team with the packers as favre's backup. >> carson wentz is expect to arrive in philadelphia this a afternoon. stay with cw. three for live coverage later today on "eyewitness news". one of the biggest stories from last night's draft is laramy continuesill's slide from the top spot. >> brooke silva brag a shows us it happened after continuesill's social media a account had been hack. >> reporter: the hashing played out in real time, laramy t u.n.sill from ole miss was project by some experts as the number one pick in last night's pick. >> baltimore ravens select ron
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stanley. >> reporter: he watched player after player select instead. moments before the draft hackers had taken over t u.n.sill's twitter account and posted this video showing him smoking through a gas mask from a bong. he said the video was years old. team after team, took someone else. >> the miami dolphins select laramy tunsill. >> when dolphins drafted him with the 13th pick, his night got worse. hackers took over his instagram account and posted text messages showing him asking for and receiving, financial help from his coaches for his rent, and his mom's bills. his college ole miss is already under investigation for similar violations. in a dramatic press conference he said messages were real. >> it was a mistake, huge mistake. >> unaudible. >> i have to say, yeah. >> reporter: an assistant for his agent soon pulled him from the podium, his rookie contract is project to be about 12 million-dollar less,
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then last night's topic. brooke silva brag a for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the stars were out last night in new york city. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will take to you a star studded farewell to a cbs favorite. and a cycle will list is lucky to be alive after this heart stopping close call. all caught on camera. we are watching "eyewitness news" at
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well, talk about a close call, a cyclist in china
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narrowly escapes a collision with, a two truck. the cyclist was waiting for a light to change at the intersection when the trucks lost control. man jumped out of the way just in time his bike was crush. there were no serious injuries. here in this country a terrifying road rage incident caught on camera in miami. >> scene played out in broad daylight looking like a stunt scene in fast and furious movie. >> oh, my god. >> that is super dangerous. >> luckily the man clings to the front of the car as driver keeps going down the street even making a u turn. they heard two men arguing and when the man standing in front of the sedan there refused to move, the driver, just took off. thankfully, no one was hurt. meanwhile a man wearing a panda costume spark a bomb scare at the a baltimore tv station yesterday. police shot 25 year-old a alex brizy after he threatened to blow up the building and refuse to show his hand. he is expected to survive.
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man's father says son had a mental break down two weeks ago and believed the world was ending. death of the music superstar prince is now being investigated as a possible overdose. police reportedly want to necessity if the doctor was prescribing him painkillers. the prince was found dead in the suburban minneapolis home last week. a search warrant for that property has been sealed over concerns that a leak could compromise the investigation. vice-president joe biden is at the vatican and spoken privately with pope francis. the vice-president was there to talk about cancer research at a conference, and the pope also spoke the at that conference. the white house says that they met while the pope greeted others in attendance. then the two met without cameras. the vice-president's son beau died of cancer last year. well, it is end of an era on cbs. >> still a head on "eyewitness news" the stars of the good wife get the red carpet to say farewell to their fans. katie? >> such a great show. well, will folks we are looking at more rain on the way, sun today, some down the
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road again and that next one down the road looks like it will bring the biggest impact of any of the wet weather we have seen. we will have full details on the other side.
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welcome back. take a a look at these guys they are jumping off the glass sky walk at a chinese resort as part of the 2016 world low altitude parachute jump contest. my goodness. sixteen jumpers performed tricks and maneuvers hoping to claim spot in the finals. those finals are later today in southwestern china. so they are doing this in hopes of doing it the again. no thank you. >> my goodness. >> would you do that. >> i have done sky diving and i also jumped off a building in new seal and.
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>> these are fun trivia facts we learn. >> that is how i role, katie. how is the weather rolling. >> it is not looking good for sky diving next couple days. that is for sure. >> especially sunday, soggy day, i have have a feeling there will be backup at the a airport and for broad street run as well. we will walk you through all that. this has been very unsettled pattern but we have to look at silver lining. we could use the rain. we were very spoiled with so much dry, sunny weather as ovulate. now we're in the deficit. lets look at those numbers first and foremost here, we do need rain. the since march 1st we are actually shy by over 3 inches, now of a rainfall deficit. so far this month alone over a inch and a half into this deficit as well. once this rain gets here with this next large storm we are talking about it will come, you know, as a benefit to us at this point. looking at the storm scan locally we have a couple scattered speckles of green but that is really it. it is a damp, dreary, somewhat
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breezy days that there could be light rain and or drizzle that fires up at anytime today but this is the next storm that is really going to affect us here in very widespread fashion, in less. so we will walk you through this here and jump you all the way to saturday night overnight into sunday morning. the that is when leading edge of the next storm is set to arrive. basically just a wall of rain coming through with heavy round, likely, unfortunately just in time for the start of the broad street run. it kicks off at 8:00 a.m. we will get heaviest rain over our area. so we have got to keep an eye on that but regardless i would expect soggy conditions on the race route, plan ahead for that. by the time we get to the second half of the day it tries to let up but not totally out of here until well into monday. we will likely see lingering showers. a lieutenant of other outdoor events, besides broad street and penn relays continue today and tomorrow. we will stay cloudy, cool, damp for rest of the day to day. tomorrow though that is a bright spot.
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we should see some breaks of the sunshine and chance to warm up as we get some solar heating here at the surface and we will get to 63 degrees. then comes broad street. be ready for this. lower 50's. our own dianne on the floor managing she's deciding whether she will run it. i will bet she will do it. still looking at period of rain out there on the raise route. so, expect that it will be just a soggy second half of the weekend here. outside we will will go to the live shot of the live neighborhood network taken from palmyra cove nature park. we have a nice view of center city off in the distance. you can barely make it out. the visability are less than ideal, not perfect obviously but just a lot of cloud. they are still stuck out there for the rest of the day. now eventually this pattern does have to have break sometime, right. it looks like it will do that by next mid week. it seems along way away but you'll see every single passing day starts to rebound with time as well. by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday, either flirting with or above 07-degree mark
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and we will see sun return. it will take a couple days. >> okay. >> forget friday, that is all that matters, just trying to get back to my car. >> um-hmmy don't want to look her in the eye. >> okay. >> after seven years of keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, a cbs favorite is going off the air. this is a big deal. >> good wife had a big send off in new york, bitter sweet night on the red carpet as stars took time to reminisce. marisa bailey was there. >> reporter: this was a red carpet celebration and farewell to seven seasons of what some called, must see television. christie baransky who played dianne lockheart said show taught her how to command respect and demand a presence. >> women in power, even in huge positions of power, you will hear their voice show up and we kind of apologize. >> reporter: matt, who plays young graduate tern kerry says role challenge him when it
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came to the legal lingo. >> hade to pretend i was smart enough. >> reporter: it was show star julian a margolis who says she necessary that she will miss playing that iconic role. >> i love how she spoke. she always had the right things to say. i look forward to one day having this time, to watch the episode with no a attach. >> reporter: the good wife was shot in new york city but was set in chicago, and earned a personal shout out from the show's creators. >> thank you, chicago for accepting the fact that we researched you, we may not have shot it there but we love that. >> reporter: final episode of the good wife airs on may eighth, right here on cbs. for cbs news, i'm marisa bailey in new york. >> it had a good run. >> oh, yeah. >> it has been so good. >> um-hmm. >> last few episodes, you know, they usually come with a zgoer. >> i'm glad you have back on the good wife teamy ventured off every once in a while. >> but you are back. coming up how local
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well, coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a comedy about cat napping and lengths two men will go to get their pet back, a new movie starring comedians key and peel and method man, ukee talks to the stars at 5:00. and coming up tonight on cbs-3 at 11:00 is your home a easy target. >> dave it spunt will show you sneaking surprising way burglars can get inside your home but you can out smart
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them, we will show you how tonight a at the 11:00. student at meredith elementary school in south philadelphia necessity how to put the fun in fund raising. >> they sure do, they hit hardwood for hoops for haiti. charity basketball game raises money for children live in a severely impoverished section of haiti. last year they raised $5,000. they hope to raise thousands more this year. >> fantastic. >> good for them. >> i have done some work with the folks at meredith, amazing school. >> yes. >> well, that is "eyewitness news" a at noon. i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we are always on line at cbs >> have a great weekend. the young and the restless is up next.
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[ baby crying ] >> sharon: i'm sorry, sweetie. mommy normally wouldn't drive this fast. but we've got to stop sage. i don't know what i'm gonna say to her, but daddy can't be crushed like this. he can't be. oh, okay. i think that might be sage just up ahead of us. all right. if i just flash my lights at her, maybe... >> sage: [ crying ] damn it. where are you? i need to see you. it's about christian. ugh. [ gasps ] [ tires screech ] aaaaaaaaah! >> sharon: [ gasping ]


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