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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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arrives. wentz just finished dressing the media for first of hopefully many times at novacare complex. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. wentz was all smiles taking to the podium. the sports director don bell was there don, lot of excitement in south philadelphia today. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of excitement for this eagles organization, because they believe that this is the guy who will push them to the next level. remember this organization has in the won a playoff game since 2008. wentz was supposed to address the media around 5:30 but as you can understand the last 24 hours have been hectic. he was 15 minutes late stepping to the podium. he is still addressing the media right now but one of the things he did talk about was how his childhood dream has come true. >> last night was crazy surreal for me. as a kid, you know, growing up, it was kind of a dream and to finally be here and hear my name called was unbelievable. i am excited to be here today. real ansy to get to work.
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i'm not sure exactly when i'm's getting it but once i do i will be diving in right away. through this process i have made a couple jokes with some people, kind of like going crazy, i have no play book. i'm watching film and i don't know exactly what to watch for. i'm not reading defenses quite the same because i don't have a a play book. i'm fired up to get a play book and to dive right in. >> reporter: you can tell he is a very eager man. i was there at the airport when's arrived. we were on the same flight. one eagles employee said to me this man is just trying to get to work. he is very excited about the opportunity that he has here. back in north dakota state he a sat his first two years before getting the start and, of course, leading them to two national championships. we hope that championships are in the the future for him here in philadelphia as well. that is store friday south philadelphia, i'm done didn't belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> a dream come true indeed. >> isn't it. >> thanks, don. so wentz, sam bradford or
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chase daniel, three quarterbacks but only one can be the starter week one. so who do you want to see under center. connect with us on facebook or twitter and make your voice heard. the just use the #cbs-3. it has been more than a week since an alleged bathroom attack left a high school student dead in wilmington. but charges have have yet to be filed. investigators say they are continuing the process of gathering evidence and police won't say, of how 16 year-old amy joyner francis died but they are asking the community for patients as they continue their investigation. >> because there is still a lot have of work still left to do by our detective and attorney general's office in terms of reviewing evidence, and relevant facts, we are not in a position at this time to file charges. >> three girls linked to the attack have been suspended from school. new at 6:00 philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened in north philadelphia on fourth street between master and jefferson around 2:15. police say victim a three
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two-year old man was shot twice in the chest. medics rush the man to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. his name has not been released, anyone with any information should contact the philadelphia police. one man was killed and a double shooting in point breeze around 4:30 this afternoon, investigators say a gunman shot two men as they were driving down the street near 20th and wharton. the second victim was shot, in the finger, police say an arrest has been made and a weapon has been recovered. well, a week long celebration of the technology and innovation, philly tech week, got underway today. >> started to take advantage of the pennsylvania's new medical marijuana law and get in the cannabis. trang do explains. >> it is law, yeah. >> with his signature, governor tom wolf opened up access to medical marijuana for patients in a whole new industry in pennsylvania. >> the interesting thing is it is heightened. hot topic. everybody is trying to get involve. >> reporter: philadelphia base greenhouse ventures is hosting what it is called a cana
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business and medical research conference to educate people looking to set up dispensaries and froe operations. >> these are the top influencers in the industry coming here to philadelphia a to talk. there is no berth opportunity to learn how to make your next best move in this industry then learning from these guys firsthand. >> reporter: registers nurse teresa whiteys one of the 250 people hoff signed up. she's hoping to open up her own dispensary after seeing benefits of the can a bus use in her patients with chronic pain. >> they become more functional, they can work a little bit more or being more active. so, as someone who has seen it first hand it is amazing. >> reporter: demand is expect to be high, it will likely be close to two years before pennsylvania begins issuing these business licenses. currently a growers in colorado, george scott says he has been eager to it is up shop in the keystone state. >> people in pennsylvania want this medicine. i cannot think of a better place then to have a place where i would be more thrilled
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to distribute. >> conference will be held saturday at chemical heritage fun days in olde city, limited number of ticket are still available. in university city i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". runners around the region are gearing up for sunday's big broad street run. "eyewitness news" at pennsylvania convention center for broad street run, health and fitness expo. vendors afford everything from athletic gear to massages and special food and energy products. the race is set to step off at 8:00 sunday morning at corner of broad and west fischer avenue and end at the navy yard but it may be a soggy run. lets check with kate with more on what the runners and everyone can expect, kate. >> i wish i had better news to deliver here but this is looking very soggy. lets start off future weather sunday at 2:00 a.m. everything is quiet. watch what happens as we head toward race time 8:00 o'clock sunday morning when race kicks off and when heavier rain with this system unfortunately will be falling over philadelphia as we progress into nine or
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10:00 we will see things lighten up by 10:00 a.m. but still at very least some light rain and drizzle and then through rest of the afternoon everything does start to wind down a bit. as of right now it looks like heavier rain is right at the kick off time for broad street race. again you have to be prepared for the rain, wear something waterproof, cheap puncho, keep yourself dry, drink water. don't bundle up too much as temperatures are still relatively comfortable for running, 51 will be the temperature when the race kicks off at 8:00 a.m. period of rain throughout the course of the race and hoping that this would shift earlier or later but as of right now it will hit right at the worst time for runners and those lining the sidelines cheering for their loved ones. right now we are still chilly, this is about the temperature. it is about the temperature it will be at kick off of the broad street run. fifty in philadelphia. fifty-one in wilmington. forty's in allentown, trenton and atlantic city.
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miserable. we have to get nicer weather. eventually we will. showers have push on out for now and we will see some clearing and possibly some sunshine as we head in the day saturday but the question is, we have to time out that next system. i showed you sunday morning. it will last into next week. coming up i'll time out that rain for early in the workweek and let you know when nice weather returns. ukee and jessica being few. on the healthwatch tonight it is kidney action day in philadelphia, taking aim at a silent killer that especially bad in our region. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the mark today. >> reporter: usually hundreds turnout for free screenings at this annual event but today the weather kept some away. still, the message was just as strong, kidney disease can be a dangerous killer, that people need ton more aware of. >> dancing to stay healthy just part of the message at philadelphia's annual kidney action day. >> unfortunately the city is
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one of the leading metropolitan areas in hypertension, diabetes, two of the major causes of kidney disease. >> reporter: people were lining up for free screenings that included blood sugar testing for diabetes, arena smith was getting a specific blood test that checks kidney function. >> it is knowledge about kidney disease and to keep healthy. >> reporter: water and healthy snacks reminded people of keeping weight under control to fight disease disease. kidneys filter waist and excess fluids from your blood. >> there is no symptoms. people don't realize they have it until it ties late. >> reporter: for richard paterson his kidney disease was caused by chem/for cancer. he needed a transplant. new kidney donated from his son. >> you want to make sure you don't pea come a kidney disease patient. >> reporter: we are told kidney disease is more prevalent in poor neighborhood and doctors say that once it becomes advanced people have to depend on dialysis or like
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in richard's case they need a transplant. it can be tough. best way to prevent it, prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. they often all go together good yes, they do. >> very good advice. coming up tonight an cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 is your home a easy target? our david spunt will show you sneaking surprising way burglars can get inside your home and burglars looks at cities differently. >> they look forget away route where we just look for a way to get to work. >> you can out smart them and we will show you how tonight the at is 11:00. venture capital list looking for their next big investment without ever getting out of the car. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 why they were conducting interviews with local entrepreneur as they drove around philly today. later, one of the areas most popular museums is branching out in a new way, coming up variety the tore use woodill will show you where to find this hidden treasure of
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well, you have probably heard of an elevate the or pitch but what about an uber pitch. >> john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio shows us unique way inspiring entrepreneurs got a chance to promote their business ideas to potential investors. >> hi. >> i'm chris. >> aim's chris. >> drexel university senior shown here is a computer science major and also a teachers assistant. pitching ought owe greater a computer automated grading
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system to chris froe lick and partner at a capitol. >> it is to automate the process of programming and classrooms. >> what is next, for him or the other hopefuls. >> there will be a winner chosen from all 14, who are taking pitches and get $10,000. so i think he has a good shot. >> what would $10,000 do for you. >> we are only in the testing phase and i need to speed up the process to get to as many people as possible. so that will go a honk way for my getting, advanced and help in the process. >> using an uber app they request a ride, if select the car picks them up they get ten minutes to pitch to the investor all for free. >> it is less than a normal coffee meeting, bumpy sometimes but it is fun. it is more exciting and interesting because they don't necessity they are pick up until about a minute before we're there. >> finalist went to two days to create a pitch deck to
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submit to a panel of investors. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just a short time ago carson wentz held his first press conference. >> we will head back down to the know of care complex where sports director don bell, has the man himself, don. >> hanging out with carson wentz. he talk to the media for the first time here in philadelphia. you handled yourself well. why? >> well, you know, just be myself. i am having nothing to hide just be myself and i have done this a number of times, obviously but i enjoy it. i enjoy it. i'm excited to be here good while you were talking you say fan basis fashion nate, they hate losing so you guys will get around. is that your attitude as lou forward to this thing. >> i have high expectations for myself. i'm wired to win. i get particular off if i'm not. so i think, i will fit in just fine. >> you said you are ansy, why? >> it seems like it has been a
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long time since i have been really learning football, having to have a play book and everything, you know, this process has been just in limbo for a long time and finally it was here last night. i got to know where we're heading and it is getting close to get ago this play book and getting ready to go. >> finally get a chance to talk to doug pederson, he has been in your shoes as a quarterback for philadelphia eagles. what has he told but this position and playing in the city. >> you just to have block out the noise. it is what it is. the sometimes you will hear positive things, negative things. it is what it is. you have to go play ball. don't make it bigger then it needs to be. that is how i have handled it as well. i think i'll do well here and looking forward to playing with him and being coached for a long time by him. >> from january to now i'm sure it has been a whirlwind, what has been the best piece of advice and from who? >> that is a good question. i'm not sure but over and over just enjoy it.
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just enjoy it. don't make it a big deal. enjoy process. it only happens once. i went through it. it was long. a lot of anxiousness going on but i did enjoy it. i understand it the only happens once and it will look a little bit different. >> i understand back at your college housing situation you didn't even have cable, all right. you will go in the situation now. you got millions coming your way. how does that change your approach, if at all. >> it doesn't really change much. i will have cable. that will change i will have a better house where i don't sleep on a air mattress if i more. i will not change who i am. i am excited to just keep playing football, and they pay to you play a game that i love. >> thanks for joining us here on cbs three thanks for having me. >> that is very new quarterback of the philadelphia eagles carson wentz. guys, back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks. >> keeping it real, all about football. >> i like that. >> wise way to look at it.
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the at the end of the day you are getting paid to do something you love and to play a game. >> since second grade he wanted to play in the nfl. he wrote it back then. >> he said before if you find a job you love it is not work at all. >> it is not work good get to play the game you love. >> living in the dream, for sure. >> i wish we were welcoming him on a nicer day because philadelphia a loose more beautiful when sunnies shining but i'll tell you what it is april. we're used to this weather. battle between summer and spring right new but we are getting into nicer weather next week. we have gloom to get through this weekend. also another round of rain. lets get you outside and start off on storm scan three which is showing most of the steady showers that came through midday today are pushing away from frustrates. i'm in the seeing much as far as steady rain through tonight. anything we see will be generally light and spotty just a few showers here and there through the evening and late night hours. the out and about on the town you may not need full gulf umbrella here tonight but
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possibly wear something with a hood or between restaurants and spots out and about in the city tonight. zooming in anything we have in the pocono you cane scattered showers there, moving into portions of north jersey and behind that quiet at least for now but our next system is churning in portions of the mid zest. you can see rain lifting in arkansas, tennessee, and this is going to be heading our way as we move through weekend. that will be our next rain maker a and this will produce steady rain then anything we have seen this week. temperatures right now 50 degrees in philadelphia 61 in wilmington. fifty-one in reading. our normal high should be 69 degrees this time of the year. it is only in the mid 50's last couple of days. weekend breaks down light showers, maybe some drizzle tonight, cloud and guess what some sun, remember what the sun looks like tomorrow and then sunday period of rain heavier at times. here's what it looks like, scattered shower or two tonight. tomorrow sun, moth most sunny day ever but hopefully we will see sun through the afternoon
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and next big batch of rain showing you earlier coming through just in time for that broad street run and heavy rain especially sunday morning we will have have anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain, here's models breaking it down in agreement that we will end up with close to an inch of rain before it is all said and done. low chance tomorrow, 100 percent on sunday, rainy day, monday starts with rain, can't rule out stray shower tuesday but things will be trending dryer. overnight light showers giving way to mist and drizzle. tomorrow cloud and a few breaks of sun, milder day, back to 63. still below average but not too bad. sunday 63 as well but watch for that rain especially heavy in the morning, showers in the afternoon, monday starts wet as well and then it will try to slowly dry out on tuesday it looks better at 69 degrees with some sun, and cloud issues next week but temperatures back where they should be for early may, earl may. >> yes. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. still to come on "eyewitness news" a beauty queen visits a local hospital with the message of hope.
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find out how she is inspiring people all over the country suffering from a serious medical condition. a hidden gem opens to the public in our area find out hoist behind this beautiful display of nature and where you can go see it.
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special woman with the special story is inspiring young patients at children's hospital of philadelphia miss idaho, sierra, visited chop and she talk about living with type one diabetes. she made a name for herself when she wore her insulin pump openly during miss america pageant. she also will be keynote speaker at living well diabetes conference, hosted by chop, tomorrow. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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well torque day is arbor day a day when people are encouraged, to plant, and plant. >> there is in berth place to commemorate occasion then the barnes arboretum in merion. vittoria shows us that that is hidden to the public, which
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opens tomorrow. >> spring ace live at barnes arboretum. and that means you are now invited to observe 12 acres of the historic plants, rare florals, 14 state champion trees and lilac collection that is will breed the most beautiful breath into your lung. >> and it is from white, to other colors. this is a special collection. >> reporter: jacob thomas, deputy director of living collections of arboretum tells thaws many are familiar with the barnes museum, and doctor albert barnes collection of fine arts. but while he chose manmade art, his wife laura barnes chose hers from mother nature. cultivating a picture landscape from her bedroom window. >> everybody loves a good view. >> yes, she made it and she spent a lot of money, and time, and stuff. she had 23 gardeners, and she had some of the collections that are very historic collections and started horticultural program in 1940.
6:29 pm
in 1930 she had the best garden on the ground here. >> date back to the early 1900's, many of the original plant are still in bloom like the barnes foundation, lilac a specimen bread by laura barnes herself. >> she was than just a observer no, she was hand on and she name some of the plant. >> let us learn from her legacy through this open air invitation, to observe and appreciate, the art that lies above the ground. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the 2015 barnes arboretum season begins tomorrow with the plant sale and for more forgo to cbs >> torey just hug a tree. >> she did. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at the 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", scott pelley reports now from new york. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: protesters force donald trump on a wild detour. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence and oh, boy. it felt like i was crossing the border, actually. >> pelley: a funding battle disarms health officials in the fight against zika virus in the u.s. >> the miami dolphins selec selt laremy tunsil. >> pelley: a top nfl draft night goes up in smoke. the leaked video that cost him million. and a judge sentences himself to jail. in an extraordinary act of compassion. >> he had to be held accountable, but i just felt i had to go. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: after his primary sw


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