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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> axelrod: deadly storms sweep through the south. a grandmother and four grandchildren drown in floodwaters. tornadoes tear across texas and oklahoma. anti-trump protests turning violent. are these tactics actually helping donald trump? a state of emergency in iraq after protesters storm parliament. piles of ivory set on fire in kenya. a dramatic statement to save the elephants. and scout's honor, regardless of religion. >> we need to put ourselves out as just we're normal people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. deep floodwaters threaten the deep south tonight. a wave of intense thunderstorms is rumbling from louisiana to
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alabama. hail, damaging winds and tornadoes are all in the forecast. in east texas this morning, a grandmother and her four grandchildren drowned when a flash flood hit their home. in other parts of the region, tornadoes have already touched down. manuel bojorquez is in lindale, texas. >> reporter: the system spawned tornadoes over east texas, including the one that destroyed this sporting goods store in the up to of lindale. >> this is the fitting room right here. >> the manager, sterling baptiste, says the two employees who were inside survived by running into a fitting room. >> not only those two, but we were able to get everybody out next door at dollar tree, also. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: 60 miles south, in palestine, texas, however, the storms triggered flash floods. >> the water was eight, 10 fight highs. >> myron steven's neighbor and her four grandchildren, ages 6-9, drowned, unable to escape
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the waters that rushed into their home. >> when we timely got the water to get low enough so we could wade out about chest deep, we still couldn't find them. and once the water receded, that's when they started finding the bodies. >> reporter: steven said it was the worst flooding he had seen in more than 30 years. dangerous hail also descended over parts of the southern plains, leaving behind damage in oklahoma, where keith underwood is an engineer of emergency manager. >> we didn't have time to react to it. . >> reporter: back in lindale texas, shelter was this narrow hallway. this is where you rode it out? >> right here, door shut, door shut, two mattresses and pillows. >> reporter: the tornado shifted their house self feet off its foundation as they clutched on to their two daughters, including four-month-old roen. >> trying to think about how we're supposed to hold on to them-- >> and try to keep the walls up. >> and try to keep the wall up at the same time.
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>> reporter: how do you do that? >> you can't. the lord does it for you. >> reporter: despite the destruction here so far, only minor injuries have been reported, but dozens have been displaced. jim, emergency officials estimate that in this county alone, nearly 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed. >> axelrod: manuel, thank you very much. jeff jamison is tracking the storms at our affiliate in dallas, ktvt. jeff, the trouble is not just contained to the south, correct? >> oh, no. this is a big storm system, jim, taking basically most of the eastern two-thirds of the country. now, we still do have some really heavy thunderstorms in the deep south tonight centered around right new orleans, where we have severe weather ongoing, parts of mississippi and alabama as well. and a big threat from this will be flash flooding. the rainfall forecast showing 7-10 inches of more rain piling up in and around new orleans, and that's through tonight, so some major flooding problems along with the severe weather, not only in the deep south but also through parts of arkansas,
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missouri, and illinois, where the main threats are going to be from large hail, possibly up to the size of golf balls, and the strongest storms isolated tornadoes and, again, localized flooding. and the same general areas tomorrow will have a chance of severe weather, although the storms and the rain will not be quite as siveer on sunday. >> axelrod: jeff jamison, thank you very much. as donald trump closes in on the number of delegates he needs for the republican presidential nomination, his next chance to add to his total comes next tuesday in indiana. today, trump took a day off from campaigning following several days of heated protests against him in california, which holds its primary june 7. here's carter evans. >> reporter: when protesters stormed the boston area hotel where donald trump was speaking friday, they burned an american flag and an effigy of the candidate. the night before, in costa mesa, california, protesters swarmed the parking lot of a trump really. they waved mexican flags in
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protest to his immigration policy and became violent, blocking traffic, smashing police cars, even bloodying one trump supporter. this morning, the candidate said in a tweet the protesters in california were thugs and criminals. >> i think things are going to get worse. >> reporter: luis serrano is an organizer with the california immigration youth justice alliance. members of the group were at the costa mesa protest, but serrano says they did not take part in the violence. >> i do not condone the actions but i do think we have to look deeper into the root causes of this. >> reporter: when people burn flags, jump on police cars, what does that do to the cause? >> we need to ask questions on why that is happening? there's a lot of racism going on, and this is the reaction we're getting for that. >> you have a lot of frustration and anger. the question is can that frustration and anger be expressed in a way that's constructive? >> reporter: u.s.c. law professional jody armour says it becomes a distraction to their
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message. >> a riot might be the language of the unheard as m.l.k., said on one hand but it might also be self-destruct and i have self-defeating. >> reporter: he says as long as trump continues to instigate, the unrest will continue to grow. >> people are going to get more frustrated and keep coming out and acting in ways that are unpredictable. >> reporter: and that may be the only uncertainty leading up to the california primary in june. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. .>> axelrod: let's bring in cbs news senior political editor steve chaggaris. chag, let's set aapart message and talk tactics. trump supporters were roundly criticized for the way they engaged with anti-trump criticaise while back. are anti-trump forces now opening themselves up for criticism for the way they are protesting? >> they could be, jim. trump is already trying to make hay of this. he's calling the protesters "thugs and criminals." and if violence continues to be instigated by these protesters
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watch for him to try to use this to his advantage. when violence broke out at those trump rallies earlier this year, more registered voters in a cbs poll said the protesters were to blame for the violence so this could work in his favor moving toward. >> axelrod: diso hillary clinton and bernie sanders, do they have to distance themselves not from the message but from the tactics of the protesters? >> well, they and many others reacted to the viewns at those trump rallies and were highly critical of him. they accused him of encouraging the crowds to violently react to the protesters. the question is, was this a precursor to larger violent protests? and if so, perhaps the democrats, they may want to address this before it becomes a wildfire that spreads to the republican convention in the summer. >> axelrod: steve chaggaris, thanks. >> thanks, jim. >> axelrod: baghdad is under a state of emergency tonight. this comes after protesters forced their way into the green zone, which has always been the government's secure stronghold. the u.s. embassy has not been evacuated, but jonathan vigliotti shows us the chaos
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that erupted just blocks away. >> reporter: thousands of antigovernment protesters charged towards the iraqi capital's heavily fortified green zone, home to government ministries and foreign embassies. armed police outnumbered, simply looked on. local baghdad media captured what happened next as protesters tore down a portion of the blast wall and stormed the elite compound air, place that is off limits to most iraqis. the massive group broke through parliament's main entrance, flooding halls and conference rooms, even sitting in seats normally occupied by lawmakers. in the lobby, they were heard chanting, "victory is for iraq." today's breach markaise major escalation of a months-long political crisis brought on in part by plunging global oil prices and the ongoing fight against isis. just this morning, a truck bomb at a busy market filled with shiite civilians killed at least 21 people.
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isis claimed responsibility. supporters of popular shiite cleric muqtada al-sadr are demanding an overhaul of what they call iraq's corrupt and ineffective political system. "we demand reforms, the corrupt and the thieves must be kicked out of the iraqi parliament," said protestor sead majed. no one was reported injured in today's protest. while a state of emergency was declared, counter-terrorism forces were asked to stand down and let the protest run its course. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> axelrod: today, the syrian government launched more air strikes on rebel-controlled neighborhoods in aleppo. the assad regime has been pounding aleppo for the past nine days, killing nearly 250 civilians. holly williams joins frus across the border in turkey. good evening, holly. >> reporter: jim, the u.s. and russia have both backed a new partial truce in syria which
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began at midnight last night, and it seems to be holding in parts of latakai province in the country's north, as well as around damascus, the syrian capital. but the truce doesn't apply to aleppo where so much of the fighting is taking place as the syrian regime, backed by russia and iran, tries to recapture all of the city. a cease-fire agreed to months ago has now broken down, and this past week, we've seen disturbing internet video coming out of aleppo as residential neighborhoods in the rebel-controlled parts of the city have been pummeled. on thursday, one of the few remaining hospitals in rebel-controlled aleppo was destroyed by an air strike. doctors without borders, the international aid group that supported the hospital, said that it was targeted pie a direct hit and that 50 people were killed. the international committee of the red cross said that four more medical facilities, including a cardiac hospital,
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were attacked on friday in both rebel- and regime-controlled areas. and, jim, the group has called for an end to the indiscriminate violence. >> axelrod: holly williams with the partial truce that seems to be holding for the time being in syria. thank you. we have an update tonight on the case of two teenagers who went missing last year off the coast of florida. newly released surveillance video may have captured the last time they were seen alive. here's demarco morgan. >> reporter: these images, released by the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission shows 14-year-old austin stephanos and perry cohen headed out to sea newer jupiter inlet on june 24 of last year. the two teenagers, both experienced boaters were were reportedly going on a fishing trip. they were caught in a storm and have not been seen since. guy rubin is the cohen family attorney. why do you believe they released the video now? >> i think that the video was released because the florida
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wildlife commission has decided it no longer wants to investigate, but the family thinks that's the wrong decision. why would you end an investigation when you find new evidence? >> reporter: that new evidence includes an iphone and, according to ruben, pictures that show the boat's battery and engine had been turned off. the empty fishing boat was discovered by the crew of a norwegian freighter last month, 100 miles off the coast of bermuda. in an emergency court hearing yesterday, the two families agreed to turn the iphone over to apple to see if any data can be recovered. earlier this week, austin stephanos' father, william, issued this statement on facebook which resident in part you think the phone will prove what happened? >> if it has information, you know, in this day and age, the phone has become the ubiquitous documentarian, wher we're creatg
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evidence as we live life. >> reporter: the cohen family is hoping the f.b.i. will investigate p investigate the disappearance of the boys. as for the boat, jim, it's expected to be returned to florida some time later next month. >> axelrod: demarco, thank you. one of america's most prominent activists has died. father daniel beriggan was investment in in his opposition to the vietnam war in the 1960s, and all the wars fought by the u.s. in the decades since. berigan most recently supported the occupy wall street movement. father daniel beringan was norno. up next, elephant tusks and rhino horns were set on fire to save endangered animals. and dozens of abused lions airlifted to safety when the cbs evening news continues. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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>> axelrod: the government of kenya burned more than 100 tons of ivory today. marlie hall reports the spectacle was designed to focus attention on elephant and rhinoceros poaching. >> reporter: these towering stacks worth an estimated $150 million on the black market up in flames. more than 100 tons of confiscated elephant tusks and rhino horns were incinerated saturday at nairobi national park, the largest stockpile of ivory ever destroyed. fire master robin hollister helped organize the torching and hopes it sends a fiery message. >> we only want to see ivory on living elephant, and we want to put this beyond economic use, burn it. >> reporter: hunting elephant is an ongoing crisis on the african continent. organized gangs of poachers sell much of the ivory to countries in asia, where demand is so high it's worth more than gold. kenyan president uhuru kenyatta
6:48 pm
says ivory shouldn't have commercial value and wants to see a world ban on sales. >> poaching and trafficking in wildlife is now a branch of international crime. the fight against it will be won by alliances across nations and continents. >> reporter: two years another one of africa's most famous elephants was slaughtered by poachers, although he was being protected by conservationist. mountain bull was killed by poison spears and his tusks cut off, sparking international outrage. africa had 1.3 million elephants in the 1970s, but only half a million remain. >> that is only the more reason to aggressively protect the survivors of this horrific war. >> reporter: if poaching continues at its current rate, conservationists say african elephants could face extinction in the next 15-20 years. >> axelrod: and let's hope this kind of attention reverses that trend. marlie, thank you very much. 33 abused lions have now landed in johannesburg, south africa.
6:49 pm
the animals were rescued from circuses in peru and colombia. the people involved in the airlift tell us it's part of the largest evacuation of animals in captivity ever undertaken. the animals were malnourished. >> their teeth rotting. they will now live at a big cat sanctuary. champion weightlifter tommy kono has died. >> winner of many international honors. >> axelrod: what a life. he was living in a japanese american internment camp during world war ii when he took up the sport, transforming himself from a scrawny, asthmatic 14-year-old to a two-time olympic gold medalist. tommy kono was 85. up next, a terrible crash at the race track. a hot rod goes flying.
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the president himself. larry wilmore of "the nightly show "on comedy central is hosting the event. recently i sat down with him for "cbs sunday morning" and asked him what he could expect given his oft-stated admiration of president obama. the president means a lot to you on a personal level. >> yes. >> axelrod: so much that you're not going to zing? >> oh, no, one has nothing to do with another. i have been making fun might have parent for years. are you kidding me in don't get close to me, jim. the jokes will start flying. >> axelrod: we will have full coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner throughout the evening on cbs "n," and still ahead, they're just boy scouts and girl scouts, regardless of their paight faith. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal.
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fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate, and is now available in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. >> axelrod: we end tonight with a line out of the cub scoutouth, a pledge to help other people at all times. recently, we met a troop ded catted to the idea of helping others erase their prejudices. at first glance, this looks like any other scout meeting. but hang on. take a second look. >> to see american muslim scouting experience. . >> axelrod: abdul rashid abdullah runs a scout din in
6:57 pm
northern virginia for 125 muslim boys and girls. >> we sing national anthem, we do the pledge of allegiance, but at the same time, we opened up the al-fatiha, the opening prayer. >> axelrod: this roman catholic turned muslim and u.s. army veteran says muslim scouting has been around for decades. even so, kid like mohammed kodree says he often has to explain that muslim scouts aren't any different. >> when you see a muslim as a boy scout, people don't really know how to react and everything. >> reporter: abdullah says there is a natural overlap between scouting and islam. >> look at the last point of the scout laws. the scout is reverent, someone who gives homage to god, respects god, but also respects others. and that's what islam says. >> you're not muslim or american. you're muslim and american. >> axelrod: earlier this year, president obama met a group of young muslim cub scouts on a visit to a u.s. mosque. >> you're right where you
6:58 pm
belong. you're part of america, too. >> axelrod: a recent poll found 61% of americans view islam unfavorably. anfel bouzid says scouting is helping to change people's misconceptions. >> especially what's going on now with media portrayal of muslims, we need to put ourselves out as, you know, just we're normal people. >> when i put on the boy scout uniform, it says "boy scouts of america." it does not say, "i'm a muslim. i'm a crustian. i'm jewish." it says first and foremost, i'm a scout. >> axelrod: the self-described scout geek says these young people can change the world, scout's honor. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, "48 hours." i'm jim axelrod in new york, and for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us. and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs nivea in-shower body lotion.
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