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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 1, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> nasty weather is moving in as philadelphia prepares to host a major outdoor evented. rider now on snooze snooze. how the rain will effect the broad street run. and the rest of you're weekends. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown thanks for join us. let's get right over to lauren casey, what can we expect tomorrow. we can expect a lot of fog h soggy runners aren't spectators for the broad street run. we are going to be contending with the rain apple throughout the. we're holding on to the dry weather it is deteriorating. temperatures 53 degrees in philadelphia. little chillier down the shore. temperatures in the upper 40s. storm scan 3 showing us already some rounds of rain moving in this light rain a, chester county also delaware county and
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center city philadelphia. you are up next with this rain knocking on your door. we'll continue to move its way eastbound as we head into the next self hours. there's much more moisture to be had when all of that moisture is trending you see the moisture up to the north and east will be heading into our backyard tonight and through the day tomorrow. unfortunately i'll call it a less than desirable forecast for the broad street run for tomorrow morning. study rain heavy at times many temperatures going fob pretty cool around 50 degrees start. we don't have to deal with a breeds. five to 10 miles per hour. won't before he windy its certainly going to be weather and more wet weather is in the forecast. >> that's at least some good news. thank you so much lauren. last minute preparations are currently under way for the big race. here is a look at the route that's going to be taken by these runners, broad street run takes off tomorrow at eight. it will finish at navy yard.
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runs right through the heart of the city and that means plenty of road closures and bus detours tomorrow please be cognizant of that h some of those closures are expectedded to begin in a few hours or so. meantime for the city's first ever conference on the business of cannabis. eyewitness news always huff explains pennsylvanias marijuana law created a brand new industry for the keystone state. >> reporter: at 24 year old, david goldstein is a seasoned pioneer on the frontier of medical marijuana. he's company founder and ceo of pot pot ticks a digital bridge between patiences and doctor. >> platform called pot pot. allow patiences to look at war the existing studies done on cannabis, they can better understand on their ailments how can they engage in that conversation. this is an industry like any other industry that wants to opt in the open. that wants to opt with
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transparency. >> reporter: that time has come for the pledge a or companies who are banking or the signature. while waiting for the state's marijuana law to get to go into effect in mid may dozens offer leaders gather in old city to talk innovation. >> we work with commercial cannabis all over the country in every state where there is legal cannabis cultivating. >> reporter: what about those interested in growing themselves, applications are not being accepted just rete r now is the time to start planning and saving for potential grosser they project start up fees in pennsylvania to exceed 2 2k 0 thousand dollars plus a two mil dollar capital requirement. the company says to expect around 40 thousand dollars to apply and register with 150 thousand capital requirement. for this crowd the talk extends
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beyond pot to the logistics, infrastructure and technology that goes with it. it has been compared to the gold rush some of the biggest opportunities had little to do with gold. >> 72 people selling picks and shovels and levi jeans made a fortune. >> reporter: because marijuanas still illegal on the federal level major banks can often be off limits. but as with any bud ding industry local consulting and lending firms have been popping up to help those deal with those very issues alexandria hoff cbs news. >> us health officials prescribe prescription drug addiction,. more than five thousand collection sites were available today all around the country including this firehouse at 23rd and marshall here in philadelphia. people could bring their prescriptions in and give them away no questions asked. one disposed ef so they don't
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fall into the wrong hands. biggest threat powerful opioid pain killers. >> we know there is a very clear path from opioid abuse to heroin open bruce four or five new heroin users started and pills. >> according to drug enforcement agency 47 thousand people die every year to drug over doses. new at 11:00 police find abode in the parking lot avenue a target store in king of prussia sha. eyewitness news at the, where the body was actually found. upper marion police are investigating right now do not believe the death is suspicious at this time. severe weather turns deadly in texas a grandmother and her four grandchildren drown when a flash flood hit their home. manuel is at the scene. >> reporter: the system spun tornadoes over east texas
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including the one that destroyed this sporting good store. >> this is the fitting room right here u educate the manage jr says the two police that were inside survived by running into a fitting room. >> not only those two we were able to get everybody out next door also. >> reporter: 60 miles south in texas the storms triggered deadly flash floods. >> within 15 minutes water was eight feet high e. >> 64 year old linda and her four grandchildren drowned. >> when the water receded that's when they phon the bodies. >> reporter: dangerous hail leaving behind damage. >> we didn't have time to react to it. took shell in the building. >> reporter: back in lynn dale texas shelter for the family was this narrow hallway. >> this is where we road it out.
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doors shut. two mattress and pillows. >> reporter: the tornado shifted their house several feet off its foundation as they clutched on to their two daughters including their four month old. estimate in this county alone nearly 100 tomorrow's had homes were damaged or destroyed. manuel, cbs news lynn tell texas. >> more tragedy in texas a teenager is dead and another injured after a carnival ride in el paso. the girls were on a spinning ride called the sizzler when they were somehow thrown off of it. the teenager was killed when she hit a melt barricading these karen in a vails are regulated by state statutes. >> there's inspections that are required. whether or not this vendor is up to par with that, it hasn't been determined. that will be revealed. >> investigators are now looking into what caused that ride to
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malfunction. also, police in boston are trying to figure out what led t a deadly duck boat accident this morning. a 29 year old woman on a scooter was killed after the scooter collided with the sightseeing vehicle. it happened near boston commons a male passenger on that scooter suffered minor injuries. there were about 30 people own on the duck boat no one else was injured. to kenya where officials burned a hundred tones of poached elephant. ever destroyed. dignitaries led by the nations president set the fire this morning at national park. they say they sh making a very strong push, stronger than ever to stop poach cheers. now campaign 2016 news republican presidential candidates focusing on indiana and california this weekend. ted cruz won endorsement of. in a tweet trump called
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protesters thugs and criminals. trump's delegate lead puts him on pace to clinic the nomination. indian on tuesday and california in early june. politicians, journalist happen tending president obama white house corresponding near. they came together to dine and have a few laughs with the president and the first lady in washington. its dubbed the nerd prom. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is among the nearly three thousand guess in attendance. moments ago the president reflected back on his nearly eight years in office. >> eight years ago i was a young man. idealism and vigor. look at me now. i am gray. graze sold. just counting down the days. here we are in 2000 eight. here we are a few years later.
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and this one is from two weeks ago. >> the president was roasted. stay with us everyone still to come tonight unique marriage proposal right here in our area. city how one pennsylvania man with more than the extra mile for the woman that he loves. and philadelphia tradition is grabbing international headlines the world record broken today at the pen relays. lauren? heaviest rainfall but tomorrow isn't the only day you'll need the umbrella. talking about
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>> caught on camera this hot rod crash in texas leaves arrays 0 with a broken arm it could have been much much worse. take a look at that video he lost control of his corvett yesterday at arrays way about 35 minutes or so away from houston. he was air list ed for surgery and is expected to recover. cruz ship from england docked with sick passengers and board. a case of neuro virus broke out. the ship will be cleaned from top to bottom so it can continue on its 34 night trip. its scheduled do leave tomorrow
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night. passengers who aren't sick they were buffed to washington d.c. for a sightseeing trip today while the ship were you scrubbed and cleaned. will ferrell backed out of the roll of former president ronald reagan. he was reportedly set to play reagan as he developed dementia created. not to use the disease store comedy. a spokesperson says the 48 year old actor is no longer with this project. it really is a philadelphia tradition we look forward to it every year annual pen relays crown new champions at franklin field today. the huge event brings out athletes from all corners of the track and field sport. it also was a record breaking performance for 100 year old, broke the 100 meter-record in the women 80 years and old division. she has great advice.
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>> best exercise i know for any condition. do what you need to do not what you want to do and make sure you exercise at least once every day. >> that is some great advice i just life i'd da she's looking great. they got to compete on a brand new chack at franklin field this year. it was all for a great cause. the walk ms event kicks off at the art my museum in philadelphia. they raised money to help thousands of local people living every day with multiple versus. a shopper gets more than she bargains for dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend this afternoon as lot of shoppers looked on oh drove from
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harrisburg to pop the question. it was shared so all the shoppers could here it the bride to be is extremely excited. >> i didn't know what was going on i told him is they're going to be a celebrity here what are they all doing here i kept saying come on let's go let's go he said no, no, we're going to walk through here. i'm totally in shock. i am. i'm so happy. >> well the couple received a 250 dollar gift package from victoria secret. >> no surprise its clearly going rain tomorrow. no surprises there unfortunately i'd love to change the forecast around. soggy conditions for our sunday. hey, its a sunday for some of us we get to day home and watch movies, play god games. a lot of us will be out there
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hitting the pavement with broad street run but conditions right now so far dry, center city philadelphia but the rain will be moving pin motel tearily. current temperature 53 degrees. high temperatures warmest since tuesday when we were up into the '80s 64 degrees the last several days we've been in the 50s. 58 degree, only 50 high temperature in wildwood because of the easter the component. east winds right off the ocean ocean temperature in the low 50s. hold down our high temperatures during the afternoon. temperatures rider now cool and 53. as i mentioned in philadelphia down 40s. hangingon to mid 50 in lehigh valley. score scan three showing us the first of many rounds light intensity it is starting to move eastbound as leading edge of precipitation starting to push its way across the river and parts of new jersey.
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rain coming down across portions of chester county, delaware county. light intensity it is starting to over take delaware and the rain is starting to build into parts of new jersey and much more moisture, look at all of that moisture. area of low pressure still back in the mid south build its way eastbound with it rain chances are going to stay with us through the night and day tomorrow. what to expect widespread rain across the delaware valley. study in the morning more in the way of rounds throughout the afternoon and evening. we could have pockets. future weather showing us rain moving in and then a big precipitation, over take in can the region 8:00, broad street run not looking so great. soggy conditions the rain is going to be study throughout the duration of the race. as we head into the afternoon the steadiness will led up.
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we weather in need of the rainfall. over three and a half inches deficit for the month nearing two inches, for tonight we're going to help out low of 48 degrees, rain heavy at times through the day tomorrow, cool high temperature running about 10 degrees below our average at 59 degrees. take a look at future weather as we head into tomorrow afternoon again we'll see breaks in the action but still a wet looking forecast for the afternoon hours even into the evening we're seeing scattered showers as we head into monday the atmosphere will be more unstable so that we'll have better chances for some i mean bedded thunderstorms activity even in the morning hours. i think we could see sunshine braininging out monday afternoon. of course we get sunshine that will further destabilize the atmosphere and turn these spotty kind of showers and thunder showers more into, as we head
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into late damon just not as widespread but future rainfall amounts for the day tomorrow and then into monday, check this out an inch, inches and a half pushing close to two inches in some locations certainly umbrella weather en store through the day tomorrow. more spotter tea in nature as far as rainfall monday. warmer day 71 degrees. showers likely cooler again on tuesday at 65. wednesday looks like the dry yesterday day of the next six days still a late day chowry the forecast back to scattered showers and thursday. lots of wet weather in store. >> attach at umbrella to our hips. thank you lauren. leslie so the phillies. >> one of the hottest teams in baseball could the phillies continue their winning ways tonight. plus the nfl draft is over eagles adding a couple
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>> eagles front offices and scouting department can take a breather the eagles made six picks. adding depth. newest birds will be at nova complex of the the draft is hard because of all the picks they had to get tiff in order to get carson. >> as many picks as we used to so we felt like later in the draft taking shops in the 7th round really having best we ever had became a priority to us. >> fifth round eagles picked wendell smallwood from west virginia wilmington native. led rushing last year. he wasn't drafted 2014 for
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witness intimidation charges those charges were dropped. then he had racial and homophobic slurs he talked about his troubled past. >> in a the wrong situation i was young hanging around with the wrong people, there was no evidence, no witness against me and it came out to be true all the stuff was clear i'm just learning from the situation just trying to move forward and be a better man from that. >> carson came to town met with media swarmed at the airport before getting his eagles jury see. take a listen to this phone call he got thursday night. >> family can't wait to see you when you get here. i'm going to give you to jeffery hold on one second. >> hey carson congratulations you ready to join our eagles family. >> yes, i am. i'm real exsite exsite
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attempted. >> temple linebacker take, pittsburgh steelers tyeler is named best defensive player. young selected fourth round by lay januaries. mat sixth round to washington. coaching staff has the most strike outside in baseball your philadelphia phillies. they've been a pleasant surprise. they put their four game winning streeted streak on the line. early round, third home mer of the year. two run shot. then in the second delivering single to center second rbi of the year three nothing. cannot hold three run lead, hit a line drive tie up the game. 7th go ahead run win fifth
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straight game four-three. how about those phillies. >> thank so you much leslie appreciate that. stay with us. still to come celebrate all things science in philadelphia. see demonstration that delighted
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>> welcome back everyone. philly tech week is under way.
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week long. earlier today. it was an interactive arcade that's how it all kicked off. eyewitness news near philadelphia city hall. local game makers showed off their innovation. and philadelphia science fes staff val wraps up with a big bang 12 trash cans slowedded into the air it was part of the science karen naval. hundreds of kids and their parents were able to experience interactive experiments hands on science activities and
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>> poor runners tomorrow, lauren. >> they're going to be tough though. >> all right.
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>> good luck everybody if you are going to be at the broad street run. i'm natasha brown for all of us here we appreciate you if purr up early join our morning team. cbs fill physical .com. have a great >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for lifelock, the best identity-theft protection available. identity theft is the fastest growing crime in america. >> i started getting phone calls from credit collection companies. "you've opened an account here and here and here." they wanted payment. and it was payment for things that i did not do. >> i was hit with 12 different cases of identity theft within three days. how did somebody get ahold of my identity and become me? >> you see those movies about identity theft and, you know, someone living an alternate life and taking over, and i was scared. she had my home address, she had my telephone number, she had my social security number, and she


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