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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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welcome, preparation are be underway for the broad street run. the we are looking live at the starting line, where thousands are set to take part later this morning. and those runners will have to dodge the rain drops, as we look live at storm scan three, wet weather already moved in this morning, so grab the rain gear you will certainly need it today. good morning it is sunday may 1st i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us. let turn over to meteorologist justin drabick to see how long this rain will stick with us this morning. >> not a good day to be outside. >> or to be runners too. >> they like cooler weather. i don't know about the rain. >> but you are getting wet. >> yes. >> as if it is no the hard
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enough to run 10 miles. >> i could not do it, props for sure. one of the days you may want to stay longer in bed or good day to watch our newscast all morning long because we are under the gun for rain. the it is here. the it will continue throughout the morning and into the afternoon and pretty much entire week remains unsettled as we kick off the month of may. let check out the temperature. 49 degrees. light rain in the city with the overcast skies every where, light wind out of the east at 59 miles an hour. that keeps us cool. we will be stuck in the 50's. storm scan three just lit up in green all across the region and it the is not a heavy rain but enough to slow things down and just that steady light nuisance rain all morning long. we may get a break from time to time throughout the afternoon but overall it is a rainy day. steady rain during morning hours and may taper off to showers later today. overall amount a half inch to three-quarters of an inch through tonight. watch out the for slow travel throughout the morning. into the evening hours as well. people every wrapping up the weekend doing traveling across
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the region. looking at temperatures upper 40's. they will struggle to make it in the mid to upper 50's this afternoon. 46 degrees currently in quakertown. forty-four in pottstown. we will check out that kick off of the broad street the run, temperature 50 degrees. it will be raining throughout the event. light wind east at the five to 10 miles an hour. we will talk about a few warm days this week but several rain chances in the the forecast. check it the out in a few more minutes. >> thanks, keep those umbrellas around. 40,000 runners are getting ready for the blue cross broad street run and it starts in two hours at broad and west fischer and finishes at the navy yard. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at the starting line in olney. good morning, cherri. are you seeing any runners just yet. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. the rain has begun as you can see i have my umbrella out and it is coming down at a pretty good clip as it set up begins here at broad and fischer. the starting line for broad street run where just a a
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couple of hours those tens of thousands of runners will cross this area as they begin to tackle the 10-mile around broad street. the as you can see barricade have been set up, both are sort of getting it together setting up the microphones and all of the things that will get started around 8:00 o'clock. as you can see people have been doing this for years and years and it is premiere run of philadelphia, extremely popular, 40,000 runners will take the streets, they use electronic bins that will track their running as they run along the race route today. broad and fischer is where it begins and end at the navy yard, and there will be lots of security, along the race route, and also the area, where likely have a lot of detours around the route as well. buses have been detoured. so you will want to avoid broad street all morning.
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again, the staging area is a a mile up broad street at olney. folks will be stretching, pinning on their bibs which will track their time and then the race will begin around 8:00 o'clock. the the race, the runners will start in waves, it will take about an hour for all 40,000 runners to cross the starting line as the race day continues. back out here live, as you can see the security is very tight, lots of police officers and we will try to give you a shot of that more than a half dozen police vehicles are visible as police make sure that this a area is secure. the runners have been asked to have clear bags with them to make sure that there is nothing to worry about, inside those bags so they can be easily searched and all of this is of coercing on this morning. the thousands of volunteers will be manning, will be manning, refreshment areas a along the race route, and the race will begin around
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10:00 a.m -- 8:00 a.m. this morning and they will start crossing the finish line around 10:00 a.m. that will be at the navy yard. so lots going on as they try to deal with the rain. honestly i don't think it will be horrible, horrible because the temperature is perfect for running, but they will be dealing with these wet conditions, and i will be talking to spectators as well. i ran into volunteers. lots going on as we tiehl with this weather and hopefully no injuries as people run along the 10-mile race route for the broad street run. live at the starting line, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you. good luck to the runners. police are investigating an armed robbery at a 7-eleven in mayfair. the it happened in the 3300 block of tyson avenue around 2:00 this morning. investigators tell us that the arm robber was wearing a t-shirt over his face when he demanded cash from the clerk. burglar, robber got away with hundreds of dollars in cash but thankfully no one was injured. a police car chase end in a chain reaction crash in
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point breeze. it happened at 16th and dickinson and investigators tell us officers were chasing an suv when it hit a chevy mal will buy traveling on dickinson street causing the sedan to hit another car. two people jumped out of the suv and tried to run. the officers did catch one man and they are looking for another, five cars were damaged in the crash. police are investigating a body found in the parking lot of the target store in king of prussia "eyewitness news" outside the store on dekalb pike where body was found inside of a car. upper merion police say they are handling the case but do not believe that the death is suspicious at this time. funeral services will be held for amy joyner francis at st. paul u a.m. e church in wilmington. police say the sophomore died last week after a fightin side the girl's rest room at howard high school of technology. school officials suspend $3 girls involve in the fight. wilmington police tell us three students will be likely charged in the classmate's
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death, no word on when this will happen, or if they will be charged, as juveniles or adults. flooding in east texas has claimed six lives, they include a grandmother and her four children. the as manual reports, severe weather has damaged more than a hundred homes. >> reporter: small tornadoes in east texas including one that destroyed this sporting goods store in the town of lynn dale. >> this is fitting room right here. >> reporter: manager sterling, says two employees, inside survived, by running into a fitting room. >> not only those two but we were able to get everybody out. they could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: 60 miles south in palestine, texas the storms triggered difficultly flash floods. >> within 15 minutes water was 18 feet high. >> reporter: myron stevens neighbor 64 year-old glenda asbury and her four grandchildren age six to nine,
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drowned. >> once water was coming up on them they were in trouble. >> reporter: dangerous hail also descended over parts of the southern plains leaving behind damage in oak where keith underwoodies an emergency manager. >> we didn't have time to react to it. we got people inside the building so they wouldn't get hit by it. >> reporter: pack in texas shelter for reid family was this narrow hallway. this is where you rode it out. >> yes, door shut, door shot, two mattresses and pillows. >> reporter: the tornado shifted its house several feet off its foundation as they clutched on to their two daughters including four month-old rowan. emergency officials estimate in this county alone nearly 100 homes were damage or destroyed. manual, for cbs news, lynn dale, texas. and more tragedy in texas a teenager is dead and another injured after a carnival ride accident in el paso. police say girls were on a
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spinning ride called sizzler when they were somehow thrown out of it. teenager was killed when she hit a metal barricade. police say these carnivals are regulated by state statutes. >> is there inspections that are required. whether or not this vendor is up to par with that, it hasn't been determined. that will be revealed in the investigation. >> investigators are now looking into what caused the malfunction. police in boston are trying to figure out what led to a deadly duck boat accident this weekend. a 29 year-old woman on a scooter was killed after the scooter collided with the sight seeing vehicle will. it happened near boston common. male passenger on the scooter suffered only minor injuries. there were 30 people on the duck boat. no one else was hurt. still to come this morning the business of cannabis, how pennsylvania's new law could mean big money, for medical marijuana. and a traditional
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c-section can be traumatic a local happies offering a new technique, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about the gentle c-section coming up next. but first here's justin with a lot of wet weather to talk about. we have a good deal, rain on the way to finish off the weekend but not over yet. forecast stays unsettled for the workweek. forecast stays unsettled for the workweek. i'll let you know fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
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welcome back. marijuana an expert are in philadelphia a for the first ever conference on the
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business of cannabis. as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff explains, pennsylvania a's medical marijuana law has created a brand new industry, for the keystone state. >> reporter: at 24 years old david goldstein is a season pioneer on the front tear of medical marijuana he is co founder and ceo of pot about on theix a digital bridge between patients and doctors. >> we have platforms that allow patient toss look at what are existing studies done, on cannabis to better understand based on their need how they can engage in that conversation. >> this is an industry just like any other industry that wants to operate in the opened, that wants to operate with transparency. >> reporter: that time has come for plethora of candidates oriented companies who are banking on governor tom wolf's april 17th signature. while waiting for the state's medical mar juan law to go in effect in mid-may dozens of industry leaders gathered in olde city for a first time to
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talk innovation. >> we work with commercial cannabis cultivators in every state where there is legal cannabis cultivation. >> reporter: what about those interested in growing themselves? applications are not being accepted just yet but according to green rush consulting now is the time to start planning and, um, saving. for potential growers they project start-up fees in pennsylvania to exceed $220,000 and a two million-dollar capital requirement. for difficulties expensery license the company says to expect around $40,000 to apply and register with a 150,000 doll to ars capital requirement. but for this crowd the talk extend beyond pot. the to the logistics, infrastructure and technology that comes with it. this green rush has been compared to the gold rush where some of the biggest opportunity, had little to do with gold. >> the people selling shovels and levi jeans made a fortune. >> reporter: because marijuana ace still illegal on the
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federal level major banks can be off limits but as with any budding industry, local consulting and lending firms have already been popping up, to help deal with those very issues. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tech week is underway, week long celebration of the technology and innovation, kicks off at dilworth park with an interactive arcade. "eyewitness news" near philadelphia city hall. local game makers showed off their innovations and to they were invited to play with the games and interact with 3-d printers. the philadelphia a science festival wrapped up with a bang, 12 trash cans exploded into the air releasing powder cross the great plaza at penns landing. the it is all part of the science carnival. thanks to the franklin institute hundreds of children and their parents were able to experience interactive experiment and science activities the and plenty of music and fun. very cool. >> nothing like blowing up stuff. >> perfect saturday.
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>> our in house scientists justin joining us now. i saw peaks of sun yesterday which was a surprise. >> i told you. you have to listen to me a little bit more. >> i know. >> but today is not nice. >> it is not nicest day, but we will take it but today kind of soggy wash out, off and on rain today, best day to stay inside, read a book, go out and do some shopping, get somer rants down. we're raining in bethlehem all across the lehigh valley, live look overcast skies, chilly, temperatures in the 40's. this will be the the story all day long, just a dreary day and we're not done. we are talking about several rain chances on the way, through the upcoming workweek and it is a large storm system passing through right now. check it out on storm scan three. low pressure across ohio valley. it is moving slow. good amount of moisture witt, been a while since we had a soaking rain so we need it all across the the delaware valley as areas north of the city of been on the dry side.
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needed rain as we enter month of may. heavy rain in west virginia, steady rain comes through during the morning, we will get a few breaks but still shower chances continued through the rest of this afternoon, into tonight. like i said we need rain since march 1st we are down over three and a half inches on have rainfall for philadelphia and the month of april, just shy of 2 inches of rain below average. so, certainly need to put a dent into that. forty-eight in millville. fifty in dover, delaware. this is warmest temperatures. everybody is staying the same, mid to upper 40's around philadelphia, cooler up toward lehigh valley and northwestern suburbs, pottstown 44 degrees. forty only in mount pocono. so rain chances today 100 percent we will be dealing witt. tomorrow still 50 percent chance of some showers around. also now to tuesday, it looks like we have a shot of some showers, and then, even on wednesday, there is a slight chance of rain later in the day and more on the way for end of the week. today is steady yes, sir rain. we will see most of it, coming today, through the rest of the
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week. there will be the rain yes, sir day. warm front to the southwest today, tries to get through here and it will get through here tomorrow and warms us up a little bit. we should have a run a at 70. not a whole lot of sun but there could a passing shower or two. this front hangs up to the south. this model does show some dryer air over us but a lot of the other models do bring this rain back in our region on tuesday especially during the morning. the let's zoom it in closer here. throughout the morning, steady rain the at times, some of that rain does break up for the afternoon, so it will not be raining all day long but still the shower chances, continue through tonight, and even into tomorrow morning. it looks like those chances start to back off tomorrow afternoon but we cannot rule out a stray shower. it is possible we could even get a thunderstorm if we can see enough sunshine to warm us back in the 70's. temperatures today with the cool east wind, 50. that is it. 60 degrees if you are lucky. tonight 40 to 50 degrees for the low temperature and tomorrow we will bring in some warmth getting close to 70 around philadelphia ape areas to the south, a little will will will cool's long the
6:19 am
shore, as for today, it is just all out wash out period of rain, will cool, get close to 60 degrees around philadelphia. tonight, showers at times, still cool, lower 50's. here's that extended forecast, not looking at a whole lot of sunshine. we could see a few breaks tomorrow and then again, tuesday, a few showers around, wednesday, probably the best day, it is just staying dry at 70 degrees and we will bring back more rain in here, rahel for thursday and friday. have that rain jacket the and umbrellas, for the entire week. >> enjoy the sun this week when you see it. >> really. >> justin, thank you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a labor of love for new moms to deliver their babies via c-sections. now there is a new more gentle way to perform the operation. health reporter stephanie he stall has more on the knew technique being offered at bryn mawr hospital. >> reporter: she's daughter bridget, always dreamed of having, three month-old baby grace is adorable and a first, the first baby delivered at bryn mawr hospital using a new
6:20 am
technique called gentle c-sections. >> it was one of the most sacred moments i will ever have. >> reporter: bridget's two older children were born with traditional c-sections where blue drapings keeps everything sterile and limit the mom's experience. >> you feel very isolated, very disconnect from what is going on. >> reporter: with the gentle c-section clear plastic draping is used instead, one of the many change that he is allows a c-section to be safe but more like natural child birth. >> so that the mom can actually see what is happening with the actual delivery of the baby. we actually pull baby right up and put the baby right on the mom's chest so they can do skin to skin in the or which is something that has not been done. >> reporter: main line obstetrician margaret burns a greed to try it with bridget and grace and it was a big success that is being repeated as often as possible. >> i think it is fantastic. >> it changed it from having a surgery resulting in a baby to
6:21 am
having a birth that just took place on a operating table. the connection that i had just right at that moment was incredible. >> reporter: doctors say that not all women are good candidate for gentle c-sections, they are usually not offered for twins or high risk pregnant sees or if the baby is in distress. this is still new and not being offered buy a lot of hospitals. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are counting down to this years race for the cure. cbs-3 is proud to response susan g komen in the fight begins breast cancer. join the "eyewitness news" team sun take may eighth, you can walk or run with our team by registering at cbs, and our morning team, jim, brooke, katie and meisha will you will a be participating. everyone who registered to walk or run with team cbs-3 will receive a special commemorative t-shirt. we hope to see you there next sunday. it is a comedy about a cat
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napping and lengths two men will go to get their pet back. ukee washington gives you a preview of keanu next. our next half an hour she thought it was a regular trip to the mall but it turn into a life changing moment one local woman
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♪ i could rise above ♪ duo of key and peel are taking their very popular television sketch comedy routine to the big screen. the two play straight laced cousins who to have gain street sense in the heart
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wheat to rescue a loved one, something any father figure would do. our ukee washington gives us a preview. >> a lost cat helps to heel a broken heart. >> oh, my god, that is cutest cat i have ever seen in my life. >> it about vengeance and getting pet back from danger. >> that includes a trip to the under world to visit a cat napper with a rather cheesy name. >> this is a drug dealer name cheddar. >> so... >> what is so scar bye cheddar you only name something adorable if you can back it up. >> fluffy pink bunny head will stab you in the eye. >> this movie like speaks volume to the brand of comedy that they bring. it is not for any particular ge nre or any particular race or color, it speaks to
6:26 am
everybody. >> speaking the right lingo is one of the only ways to get keanu back. >> look who is up from his nap. >> what do you want for him. >> we in the market right new for i gangster pet. >> i think there is a lot of people out there whose pet was in trouble they would walk through fire, walk through danger. >> you took pet adoption toss a new level with this one. >> i hope people get out the there and adopt some pets. >> reporter: without drama and comedy plenty of twists and turns in the plot lines, some surprising, others just down right adorable, two worlds collide for a key. >> the way is the key and peel sort of philosophy of comedy works is that we like to throw ourselves into very real ge nres. >> yes.
6:27 am
>> keanu. >> here, kitty, kitty. >> pet owners understand. well, president obama delivers his final punch line for white house correspondent dinner. >> foreign leaders have been looking a head, anticipating my departure, last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his bat robe. that was a slap in the face. >> more laughs from the comedian in chief coming up next on "eyewitness news". tracking the latest on a soggy sunday ahead, grab your umbrella you will need it heading out to the broad street run today. when you can expect heaviest rain coming up next.
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one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ you are looking live, as runners get ready for today's 37th annual broad street run, and it will be pounding the pavement as the rainfalls, less than ideal weather, along the 10-mile course that runs right through the heart of the center city. good morning, i'm rahel will solomon, well, it is going to be a good day to stay inside and keep watching news. if you head out we will send it over to justin drabick for details. what will it look like for the rest of the day, just wet.
6:31 am
>> worst of it will be in the morning hours, that is steady yes, sir rain, not heavy downpours, we are not dealing with flooding but more of a nuisance. the afternoon just breaks it up, soggy, cool day but it does get better later this afternoon and certainly for tomorrow, we have to get the through the next 24 hours, somewhat kind of like pay back from the nice stretch from a week or so ago with all that sunshine. we do need the rain. that is the good thing. check it out on storm scan three, pretty large storm sits tell coming through the ohio valley. you can see steady light rain over the entire region from southern delaware all the way up to the poconos, moving into southern new england. we will zoom in closer here. there is no real heavy rain indicated on radar. we don't see any bright colors there in yellow, so again, this is not too bad, i'm sure runners will take the cool temperatures that we're dealing with for the broad street run. throughout the day rain at times, steady in the morning, overall amounts pick it up to half inch to three-quarters of an inch in some spots. temperatures pretty chilly, upper 40's still in and around
6:32 am
philadelphia, 45, in quakertown and doylestown, and we will check out that broad street run forecast, 8:00 o'clock temperature only hanging around 50 degrees and then again we will have that light rain throughout that entire event. what to expect this morning? steady rain, temperatures in the 40's to the lower 50's this have afternoon. we may have a few breaks so just call it rain at times, temperatures struggling to climb up through the 50's, so afternoon temperatures only around 58 for philadelphia, and at the shore, stuck in the 40's, up in the poconos, now the rain chances decrease a little bit heading in the workweek but we have a threat around. we will time that out in the full forecast in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, justin. well, thousands are lacing up for the 37th annual broad street run that begins at broad and west fischer and end up at the navy yard. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at the starting line in olney, good morning, cherri. >> reporter: good morning,
6:33 am
rahel. of course, big story here is the rain, it is coming down the at a good clip now, as folks do the last minute preparations, for the broad street run, as you can see, cranes are being put in place, security is on lock down, you you can see there is a very, very strong police presence here dozens of police vehicles. i can see police lights all along broad street. of course, with this rain, 40,000 of them will kick off around 8:00 o'clock this morning, a and what they will need is refreshments and lots of volunteers, and that is where i am right now with the group of volunteers, come on in, y'all, introduce yourself, i'm's here with a group of volunteers from our lady of hope, ebony tucker, and she is running the show, right now. what have y'all been doing to help the runners prepared, to fight the wet the they are morning. >> we're setting up, tables
6:34 am
for those who will drink water but despite the rain, they will need it, we will be here to help them out afterward, during, pick up their clothes as they will shed. they shed them every year. we're actually doing a 7:00 o'clock mass for our lady of hope who are not able to make it to their church. we do i a special year every year just for the runners. >> look at this group, young people, out here, y'all have on punchos, i understand they were handing these out. >> yes. >> reporter: and are you red i this hasn't stopped you you? you see she's done some television so this is not stopping you at all, is what your name. >> z ahir tucker. >> reporter: wonderful. what is it like to be out here volunteers despite the rain you you will be out here volunteering. >> it is good, i like it because i get to help people and what they needy get to help them. >> reporter: wonderful. thousands of volunteers will be cheering on, the 40,000 runners that will participate
6:35 am
today. they will be in refreshment stations all along the race route that begins here at fischer and goes all the way down to the the navy yard. this gives you you a lot of pleasure, right. >> yes, it does, every year we're out here, 5:00 o'clock a.m. until about, we will be out until about 9:00 to make sure everybody gets all pick up so they will be a able to clean up afterward. >> reporter: a lot of the clothes that are left here will go to the clothespin which helps people, who are experiencing home lessness, and, of course, 40,000 people will run their bibs with an electronic chip in them that will a how them to be timed as they run down broad street and of course there is a lot of detours going on to avoid the broad street a area, all of the bus's long broad street will be detoured as well. so yes, lots of fun, you guys will be out here, do you want to say anything, cheer everybody on. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: the it the kicks
6:36 am
off at 8:00 a.m. live at the starting line for broad street run, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, cherri, thank you g to see everybody having a fun time despite the rain. it is a philadelphia tradition, 122nd annual penn relay crowns new champions at franklin field. it brought together athlete from all corners of the track and field and it was a record breaking performance for one hundred year-old ida kiehling who broke the 100 meters dash in the the with men's 80 years and older division and she had has advice for living a long life. >> it is the best exercise that i know. but for anybody. you do what you need to do. know what you want. make sure you exercise at least once every day. >> way to go, id. a. runners got to compete on a brand new track at franklin
6:37 am
field this year. and in the race for president, the republican candidates are focusing on indiana and california this weekend. in addition to courting voters, ted cruz and donald trump are making appeals to republican leaders and some are choosing side. cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga a has the latest. >> reporter: surprise boost for ted cruz. >> i'm's here today to announce to you that i whole hearted endorsement. >> reporter: former california governor pete wilson backing his campaign. >> will callus going to decide, the republican primary. >> reporter: so will indiana and in a new on line ad a cruz super pack touts mike pence vote of confidence. >> i'm expressing my support. >> reporter: penc reframed and republicans are convinced he will win the nomination. jimmy duncan endorsed the republican front runner on saturday. friday, protesters many
6:38 am
opposed to trump's immigration position blocked his arrival at the california g.o.p. convention, forcing trump to arrive on foot. >> then we went under a fence, through a fence, and oh, boy it felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> reporter: in a tweet he called protesters thugs and criminals many are professionals. john kasich responded to the incident with a call for inclusion. >> do the republicans actually think that they can win an election by scarring every hispanic in this country to death. >> reporter: trump's delegate lead of more than 400 puts him on pace to clinch nomination with wins in indiana on tuesday and california, in early june. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama's making the most of his last year in the white house. the last night he attended his final white house correspondence dinner where he had one last chance to be comedian in chief. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among nearly 3,000 guests
6:39 am
on hand, the president joked and reflect on his nearly eight years in office. >> eight years ago i was a young man full of idealism and vigor and look at me now. i'm gray, grisled, just counting down the days until my death panel. here i am in 2008. here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks ago. >> well, president later roasted by comedian larry willmore. a shopper gets more than she bargained for during a trip to the king of prussia a mall. andrew fray dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend crystal floora as shoppers looked on. he drove from harrisburg to pop the big question. surprise marriage proposal at
6:40 am
fountain in the plaza was shared over the mall's pa system so all of the shoppers could hear it, needless to say the bride to be, yes, she was very excited. >> i didn't know what was going on, i told him there is going to be a celebrity here or what are they all doing here and i just kept saying come on let's go. he is like no, no, we will walk through here. i'm totally in shock. i am. i'm so happy. >> congratulations to the happy couple, and the engaged couple received a $250 gift package from vittoria secret. well, say it isn't so? your ice cream cone could cost more, just in time for summer. all prices will go up, in the bakery and ice cream world. >> so the reason behind the price hike on several sweet treats coming up. and, storm scan three is lit up in green, rain has moved in, it is going to be a wet day for broad street run.
6:41 am
justin will tell us about several more chances for rain in the forecast when we come back.
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do you love, a nice cold ice cream cone, as you stroll on the boardwalk? maybe you stopped for ice cream after the kid baseball and softball game? well, get ready to pay more for sweet treats. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains.
6:44 am
>> reporter: do you see tiny black bits, they are special ingredient that give philadelphia style ice cream its signature flavor and look. so what are they? vanilla beans. >> philly ice cream makers decided to add bean bits to mark as natural vanilla. >> reporter: all natural ingredient does not come cheap, it is second most expensive spices in the world. >> it smells amazing. >> reporter: this year it is even more pricey then usual according to eric burl, co founder of the franklin fountain in olde city. >> typically in madagascar where 95 percent of all vanilla is grown there is a massive shortage in the the production. >> reporter: that shortage is impacting bottom line of businesses throughout the country including karen holmes bakery. >> in january, we paid $80 a pound for beans, in february, we paid $120 a pound for beans. >> reporter: and those spiking vanilla prices are forcing
6:45 am
retail tours pass those added costs on to their customers. >> i believe, all prices are going to go up in the bakery and ice cream world, at the least, three to 5 percent. >> reporter: at franklin fountain they are doing their best to maintain prices on their most popular items. >> we were able to keep our single cone price the same this year as we have last year, and the year before that. >> reporter: they had increased prices on the larger sizes and bulk items. but some might say that mouth watering taste of vanilla is worth it no matter what the price. >> vanilla is just one of those young, basic, beautiful flavors, and in its true forms abe it is something special. >> reporter: why you might pay more for your favorite ice cream for your goodies and this this summer but experts are hopeful that the next crop of vanilla will be more rebus and those prices will eventually level off. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> i have to admit i can eat ice cream all day long.
6:46 am
>> i'm with you on that. >> fortunately it went be tempting because it will be chilly and wet. >> especially during morning hours and throughout the entire day we will be under the gun for rain chances and it is not just today, it will be for the next really, several days, this upcoming week. today is worse of it as far as amount have rain we will deal w a pretty large storm system tracking through the yes valley right now. actual center of the storm is over ohio. we have all of the moisture witt. this is a steady light rain passing across the delaware valley. we have heavier rain down toward west virginia. throughout the morning hours, that steady rain will continue to extend all the way west of harrisburg. we have several hours to go here, of the steadier rain. as we hit the afternoon some of that steady rain starts to break up a little bit and this will be more period of rain, eventually tapering off to showers later object tonight, here we are, mayor first already, let's recap april. it it was above average. only half degree above average when you you average all of the temperatures up. we're off to a good start. we had temperatures up a around 80 degrees on april 1st but our highest temperature
6:47 am
was 86, coldest was 29. we pick up .3 of an inch of snow but rainfall, down over an inch and three-quarters. we have a rain problem we are dealing with right now. mid 40's in reading. near 50 around philadelphia. we do have milder a air to the west, there is the warm front out across western pennsylvania, and when you hit on the flip side of that front we're in the the 50's and 60's. the eventually that warm front will pass through our region tomorrow, and bring a brief shot of milder air but overall, this week, the pattern remains active and main jet stream flow, is going to do this configuration taking a little bit of the dip across eastern part of the u.s., that just allow hints of colder temperatures to return from time to time. the it is unsettled. we will get storm systems moving through, so we are under the gun with more rain and overall our temperatures this week stay below average for the start of the may. so we will have a storm system rolling on out of here tomorrow, we do have some improvement, still cannot rule out the a few showers at times, we will to have watch tuesday, now this forecast
6:48 am
model keeps us dry but this is another indication that the front hangs up and we will get another storm bringing more rain around on tuesday. but for today morning, that is steady yes, sir rain. afternoon pockets of rain at times. travel is better later today. and then tonight just scattered showers around. how much rain? through midnight tonight about half an inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain. it has been a while since we had that much. this is good soaking rain across the region. temperatures they today struggling to make it in the mid to upper 50's. we have east wind, clouds are around, temperatures hold tonight, upper 40's to lower 50's. a chilly start on monday. we could see a few peaks of sun tomorrow. that could boost the temperatures up into the the low maybe mid 70's in the warmest spots around philadelphia, and areas of west of the city, once you are further a way from the ocean. today just period of rain, it is cool, high temperature of 58 degrees. the tonight kind of the same deal, cool, overcast skies, a few showers the at times, 52 for the low temperatures and tomorrow morning, the commute is looking a little bit
6:49 am
better. we still have a few showers around. we're up to 71 for the high temperature. still more rain chances tuesday back in the mid 60's a. wednesday, probably the best day of the week, some sun at 70 and more rain by the end of the week. rahel, back to you. >> something to look forward to. >> we will get through it. >> justin, thank you. >> time at 6:49, lets get a check of the roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic enter. ann, is there any traffic problems out there. >> certainly is, rahel. we are looking a at 95 northbound approaching the blue route. we have an accident, as you can see a lane is block there. traffic is squeezing around that lane and there are delays. the as i-95 northbound approaching blue route, an accident, on the left lanes, squeezing by, two lanes are block. so boy is there a jam up. we will have move the traffic cam here to a peaceful picture of broad street at spring garden street the in center city. this portion of the broad street is open. of course, broad street run is today, i'll tell what you is closed. broad street is closed between west cayuga street and west
6:50 am
olney avenue at the start of the run but rest of the the broad street is still opened, they will close it shortly, probably around 7:15, 7:30 we will definitely keep you posted. we will move the traffic camera from here to the ben franklin bridge, ben franklin bridge is in great shape this morning with no delays or problems. that is latest but bee careful it is raining. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now rahel back to you. >> thanks, good advice there. philadelphia police are taking dramatic new approach to diffuse potentially deadly confrontations. >> your [gunfire] 's looking at first ever reality based training for philadelphia police officers. it is aimed at helping them make decision that is could save lives on the street. >> we're losing officers a and we're losing civilians unnecessarily. >> drop the weapon and show me your hand. >> cbs-3's walt hunter takes you inside a ground break going new effort to teach
6:51 am
officers how to protect themselves and others by learning new methods to teach violence. it airs tomorrow night on cbs-3 at 11:00. the phillies continue to be a pleasant surprise, could they extend their streak to five games. leslie van arsdal has details when "eyewitness news" this sunday morning continues, stay with fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ vince velasquez takes the mound this afternoon for phillies. they have won five in a row, eight out of nine thanks to their pitching staff who leads majors in strike outs.
6:54 am
the last night they took game two from the indians. jared eickoff got early run support, freddie galvis hits his third home run of the year. he scold odubel herrera and in the second eickoff helping his own cause, with the single to center. that will drive-in darren ruff. his second rbi of the year. jared could in the hold 39 run lead in the fifth, they have hid a line drive that will score a run and that will tie the game. in the seventh freddie galvis came up clutch. his bloop single to right will score david lowe with the go ahead run as they win their fifth straight four-three the final. eagles front office and scouting department can take a rest, draft has come and gone. yesterday eagles made six picks, and they have draft problems on both side of the ball and added depth. new bird will be at novacare complex may 13th to start three day rookie camp. howie roseman says draft was hard because of the picks they had to give up to get carson
6:55 am
wentz. >> we did not have have as many early picks in the early going as we are's used to. we felt like later in the draft taking shots, on guys, in the seventh round, you know, really having the best undrafted process we ever had became a priority to us. >> and in the fifth round eagles pick running bake wendell smallwood from west virginia. wilmington native led big 12 in rushing last year. he ran a 4.46, 40-yard dash. off the field he was arrest need in 2014 for witness intimidation charges in the murder case. the those charges were drop. then he had some tweet that is contain racial and homophobic slurs. he talk about his path to the novacare complex. >> it was just in the wrong situation, i was young, hanging out, with the wrong people, i was never around, whatever happened, i was than the involved, there is no evidence are no witness against me and it came out to be true and all this stuff is clear and i'm just learning from the situation and moving
6:56 am
forward and being a better man from that. >> on friday carson wentz came to town to meet with the media he was swarmed at the airport before getting his eagles jersey from the eagles front office. here he is, on draft night, in the even if call that he received from the eagles front office. >> we cannot wait to see you when you get the here. i will give you to jeffery, hold on for one second. >> hey, carson. >> hi, mr. lurie. >> congratulations. >> are you ready to join our eagles family. >> yes, i am, real excited. >> great. >> temple linebacker tyler matakevich will be drafted in the seventh round by pitberg steelers. tyler won broncho and chuck bednarik award as best defensive player in the country. two other owls were drafted, tevon young was select in the fourth round by ravens and defensive lineman matt ionitis went in the fifth round to washington. the that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal.
6:57 am
have a great sunday. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. the here's what we have at 7:00. ground breaking technology in our area for now it is a big bone news treating horses but stephanie stahl explains how it could come in handy for your loved ones. meisha johnson is back in the road in her dream drive segment. if you like coffee like she does, you will appreciate this a local monument celebrating coffee breaks and american history. and the april showers, they extend into may, but justin drabick, will actually make lou forward to monday, eyewitness weather forecast is coming up this sunday
6:58 am
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and, thousands of people are wearing their running shoes, and soon they will be at the starting line for the broad street run. and they will be running in the rain, it is a day of gray, but find out how long you'll have to wait to put a way the umbrella. it is sunday may 1st, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us. let's turn it over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. we are starting off on a cool note. not how i envisioned this going. >> we are going all backward. it is pay back from a week or so or so. >> kind of of used to it, this week, it is unsettled,


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