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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  May 1, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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and, thousands of people are wearing their running shoes, and soon they will be at the starting line for the broad street run. and they will be running in the rain, it is a day of gray, but find out how long you'll have to wait to put a way the umbrella. it is sunday may 1st, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us. let's turn it over to justin drabick with eyewitness weather. we are starting off on a cool note. not how i envisioned this going. >> we are going all backward. it is pay back from a week or so or so. >> kind of of used to it, this week, it is unsettled, temperatures will be cooler
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then average. we have a few warm days but overall not tip will california for the start of the may, but delaware will valley, we're used to it around here. temperatures all over the the place for next few weeks. worst of the rain will be today this week though. we have a steady light rain across the city. 48 degrees at the airport. the light wind out of the south east at 7 miles per hour. that is keeping temperatures down on the chilly side, once again today, we will be struggling to get back into the upper 50's this afternoon. steady yes, sir rain, happening right now, you can see, storm scan three the entire region seeing steady rain. there is in the really any heavy rain out there so we shouldn't have to dealing with flooding. rain at times, steady yes, sir during morning hours and tapers off to more showers later this afternoon into tonight, overall amounts, half inch to three-quarters of an inch possible, through late tonight, so this will be slowing down travel especially this morning but this is a good thing. you can use some rain that has been dry, 40 in mount pocono. fifty in dover delaware, 40's
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in between. there that is broad street run forecast, 8:00 o'clock events start, temperatures only around 50 degrees, that steady rain will continue the entire event. runners, at least temperatures are in your favor and it is nice and cool for you but our high today 58 degrees for philadelphia. the shore, 40's in the poconos with rain. we will talk about more rain chances this week with temperatures a little bit milder. is there something to look forward to and i will let you know when in a few minutes. >> 40,000 runners are getting ready for blue cross broad street run today. it starts in an hour at broad and west fischer and finishes at the navy yard. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live at the starting line in olney. are you seeing any runners just yet. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. i'm trying to stay dry out here but this rain is not going to dampen the spirits of the the 40,000 runners that will cross that start line,
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right there in just about an hour. as you you can see final preps are underway, folks are putting on their rain gear, they are putting up barricade, folks are gathering at the stage for speeches that will begin just before 8:00 o'clock when sounding horn begins. i'm here right now with leo, how are you feeling, leo, the assistant managing director for the city of philadelphia, helping to direct that race. there has been a lot of accommodations made because of the rain, what have you been doing to make sure people stay safe. >> well, we ordered 20,000 sol owe blankets once they are heated up by running 10 miles then they will be stopped and cold in the even. generally in may you do not need that equipment. we had some in storage but we ended up buying more on thursday to make sure everybody was safe. >> other thing punchos thousands of volunteers helped pass out banana and water, how are you giving those to folks. >> we do have thousands of
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volunteers help us out with the, you know, expo and then race itself in the start and finish line. we will be giving out, whatever we need, i think at finish line we have more coffee and hot chocolate this year then we have in the past years just to make sure have been stays warm. >> reporter: i talk to some runners who are putting tape on their shoes to make sure that their feet stay dry during this 10-mile run. this weather is unusual, this is a 37 year of the broad street run. it is usually pretty nice weather. >> generally this is a great the day. you know, usually sunny, usually in the 60's at start time and 70's when we finish but it is as early as it can be this year, it is may 1st. we're always first sunday in may. maybe mother nature still thinks it is april. >> reporter: so all that is going, people are wearing punchos, lots of umbrellas for spectators. solar blankets again for the runners.
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tape on the shoes. they will be throwing their clothes off and change to go try to stay dry as this rain continues. race kicks off at 8:00, 10 miles down broad street. avoid the area during the course of the race because there will be lots of traffic and detours and things like that but this rain will not dampen peoples spirits, right. >> no, absolutely not a lot of runners like to run in the rain. they get in the zone. they like it. you know, i spoke to a few people at expo yesterday who said i had my best times in the rain. the runners are resilient. they run in the snow, they run in the cold, they run in the heat, the rain will not hurt them. >> reporter: rain will not the hurt them. it will fuel some people hopefully. it will begin a at 8:00. we will have it here live at the starting line for broad street run, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i guess if you can run 10 miles, rain is nothing. thanks, cherri. new this morning police are investigating an armed robbery at a 7-eleven in mayfair. the it happened on the 3300
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block of tyson avenue at 2:00 this morning. investigators tell us that the armed robbers wearing a t-shirt over his face when he demanded cash from the clerk. robber got away with hundreds of dollars in cash but thankfully in one was injured. a police car chase in a chain reaction crash, in point breeze. it happened at 16th and dickinson. investigators tell thaws officers were chasing an suv when it the hit a chevy malibu, traveling on dickinson street. causing the sedan to hit other park cars. two people jumped out of the suv and tried to run, officers caught one man and they are looking for the other, five cars were damaged in the crash. funeral services will be held today for amy joyner francis at ain't paul uame church in wilmington. police say sophomore died last week after a fightin side the girls rest room at howard high school of technology. school officials suspended three girls involved in the fight. wilmington police tell thaws three students will likely be
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charged in their classmate's death, no word when this will happen or if they will be charged as juveniles or adults flooding in east texas has claimed six lives, they include a grandmother and her four grandchildren. the as manual beejorges reports, severe weather damage hundreds of homes. >> reporter: the system spawned tornado in east texas including one that destroyed this sporting goods store in the town of lindale. >> so this is the big room right here. >> reporter: the manager sterling says the that the two employees who were inside, survived by running inside a fitting room. >> wow. >> we were able to get everybody out, next door at dollar tree also, it could have been worse. >> reporter: 60 miles south in palestine texas the storms triggered deadly flash floods. >> within 15 minutes, water was, eight or 10 feet high report report myron stevens neighbor 64 year-old glenda as bring and her four
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grandchildren ages six to nine, drawn. >> that is when they started to have trouble. >> reporter: dangerous hail also descended over parts of the southern plains, leaving behind damage in parts the of the oklahoma where keith underwood is an emergency manager. >> we didn't have time to react with it. guys took shelter in the building so they weren't get hit by it. >> reporter: back in texas, shelter for the reid family was this narrow hallway. thinks where you rode it out. >> right here, door shut, door shut, two mattresses and pillow. >> reporter: tornado shifted their house several feet off their foundation as they clutched on to their two daughters include four month-old rowan. emergency officials estimate in this county alone nearly 100 homes were damage or destroyed. manual beejournaling is his, cws news, lindale, texas. republican presidential candidates are focusing on indiana and california this weekend. ted cruz won the endorsement of former california governor pete wilson.
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meanwhile, in a tweet, donald trump calls protesters at his rallies thugs and criminals. trump's delegate lead of more than 400 puts him on pace to clinch the nomination with wins in indiana on tuesday and california, in early june. bernie sanders presidential campaign has withdrawn a with suit that accused the democratic national committee of wrongfully cutting off assets to a voter database. late last year the dnc denied campaign to the access to the database after finding that the staffers inappropriately accessed data belong to go hillary clinton's campaign. sanders himself came out to a pol guys. his campaign fired a worker and then sued to regain access. marijuana experts are in philadelphia for the cities first ever conference on the business of cannabis. the as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff explains, pennsylvania's medical marijuana law has created a brand new industry for the keystone state.
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>> reporter: at 24 years old david goldstein is a seasoned pioneer on the frontier of medical marijuana. he is co founder and ceo of pot about on theix a digital bridge between patients ape doctors. >> it a allows patient toss look at what are the existing studies done on can bus to understand based on their ailment how they can engage in that converse assayings with doctors. >> this is an industry just like any other industry that wants to operate in the open, that wants to operate with transparency. >> reporter: that time has come for plethora of cannabis oriented companies who are banking object governor tom wolf's april 17th signature. while waiting for the state's medical marijuana law to go in effect in mid-may dozens of industry leaders gathered in olde city for the first time to talk innovation. >> we worked with cannabis cultivators all over the country in every state where there is legal cannabis cultivation. >> reporter: what about those interested in growing themselves.
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applications are in the being accepted just yet but according to green rush consulting now is the time to start planning and, um, saving. for potential growers they project start-up fees in pennsylvania to exceed $220,000 plus a two million-dollar capitol requirement. for dispensary license the company says that to expect around $40,000 to reply and register with a $150,000 capitol requirement. for this crowd the talk extend beyond pot, to the logistics, infrastructure and technology that comes with it. this green rush has been compared to the gold rush, where some of the biggest opportunities, had little will to to with gold. >> people selling picks, shovels, levi jeans made a fortune. >> reporter: because mar juan ace still he will will on the federal level major banks are off limits but with many butting industry local lending firms have been popping up to help deal with those very issues.
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alexandria hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news", contaminated veggies and teas what you need to know in a three on your side recall round up. passing of a 1960's anti war activist and his connection to the philadelphia region. a school system in one of the america's largest cities is strapped for cash, we will tell you how soon until it the may stop paying its teachers. and before you leave home you may want to grab the rain coat, meteorologist justin drabick has the eyewitness weather forecast in just a few minutes, stay with us.
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a 1960's war act wrist has died. the jesuit prewas in prison for burning draft vials in the 1968 protest against the war. he and his young are brother father philip emerged as, leaders on have the anti war movement. later the brothers began a anti nuclear weapons campaign. in 1980's both were arrested after entering a nuclear missle will facility in king of prussia and damaging nuclear war head nose cobbs. he was 94. cash flow problems may hit detroit's public school system. detroit federation of teachers has sent an e-mail to members, telling them that the school district won't have enough cash to pay workers after june . that also means that no summer
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school unless michigan lawmakers pass a new education package. for past few years detroit schools have faced declining enrollment, low test scores and financial problems. dangerous products that may be in and around your home, "eyewitness news" could be zoomer reporter jim donovan has information that you need to know in this weeks three on your side, recall round up. first up, time to check the freezer, crf frozen food is recalling bags of the frozen vegetables, citing possible listeria contamination. vegetables were sold at retailers such as costco under a number of labels including wellssee farms and organic by nature. they were distributed between september 15th, 2015 and march . return them to the store of purchase for your return. cvs is voluntarily recalling cases of the organic spiced herbal tea after learning it could be contaminated with salmonella.
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ingredient produced by the manufacturer's raw material supplier, tested positive for salmonella in another company's product. this tea also contains this ingredient. the recalled product has a best buy date of march 18th, 2018. anyone who purchased the tea can return to it cvs for a refund. ford is recalling more than 200,000 trucks and suv's because of the transmission can suddenly shift to first gear. recall includes the popular f150 from 2011 and 2012 and also the expedition, mustang and lincoln navigate or from 2012. ford is recalling 81,000 explorers from 2014 and 2015 to fix rear suspension problem. that is this weeks recall round up i will post links with more information on cbs and on my facebook and twitter feed. for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. all right, justin joining us now, just a lot of runners that will be hitting broad street today. >> yes. >> hopefully they can stay warm as they make their
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10-mile run. >> but they like cool temperatures. we have that in place. temperatures around 50 degrees. >> they run through snow, blizzard and heat. i'm sure they can handle it. i know i couldn't. i'm not a run are. radar doesn't look good. we will be under the gun for an entire heavy rainfall. we will get through the event. we should be okay. steady heavy rain is really out across west virginia right now, probably missing out on. that we do catch some breaks later on this afternoon. we will get some improvement later on today but still under the gun for rain, really at anytime throughout the afternoon even into tonight. we have a cool flow still off the ocean right now, look the at those temperatures actually dropped over the past hour, 48 , in mount pocono work that chilly rain, it is all across new england and maryland mid-atlantic. we are stuck in the cool flow off the ocean water. currently 51 degrees. that knocks air temperatures down to 45 in burlington. only 52 in richmond.
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69 degrees is our average high for this time of the year. we will be way below that today, tomorrow, actually getting a bump slightly above that. then we are back below a average on tuesday and kind of close to average but overall this week we're still going to be will cool for early may. good news for allergy sufferers when you get the rain like this this just cleans out the atmosphere. we will be dealing with low pollen counts today, tomorrow, with dryer weather, returning for the most part, we will be increasing those pollen counts again and they level off, medium to high for the rest of the week but still rain chances, they will be around through much of the upcoming workweek, 100 percent chance today, tomorrow still a chance for some showers around 40 percent chance, same kiehl on tuesday, and wednesday, kind of dries out. so wednesday is probably the best day of the week, with mostly dry conditions, and, then a little bit of sunshine around. we have a warm front to the south. that is why it is cool. but once this front passes us tomorrow we will get a brief shot of milder air, and some sunshine. we have a shot of reaching 70's. still a couple showers as cold
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front comes through during the afternoon tomorrow. this model shows us dry conditions up on tuesday. but is there other indication that is a storm may develop along this front and bring in more rain in the region for tuesday, across the delaware valley. we will keep watch on that. steady rain, tapers off to some showers later this afternoon into tonight. and then tomorrow morning looking a little bit better but still under the gun for a shower or two in some spots through early to mid afternoon. today it is cool, 40's to about 50 degrees. that is it. we will go up to the lehigh valley, mid afternoon temperatures struggling to get to the the lower 50's into berks county near 50 up toward lehigh valley, mid 50's around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. milder in vineland, which could reach upper 50's later this afternoon. today though 58 degrees for philadelphia a period of rain, tonight still some showers around the at times with a low of 52. if they can get the phillies game in which is possible, best chance to see that rain will be early on at the start. 2:35 start. temperatures in the mid 50's.
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the less of a a chance for showers, later on during the game, it will be cool though upper 50's, that is it by the time the game is over. seventy-one tomorrow. still a few showers possible. more rain chances at tuesday at 65. then we will hang out in the 60's through the end of the week but we will think another storm will bring more rain thursday into friday. back to you. >> we cannot escape it. >> we are stuck in this pattern. >> justin, thank you. time right now is 7:21. lets see how roads are looking. the lets get to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> good morning, rahel. we have rainy conditions, drive carefully today. we are looking a at broad street in center city and spring garden street in center city this portion of broad still opened. i'll tell you what is closed for the broad street run, broad street is shut down between west cayuga street and west olney avenue, the start of the broad street run. the rest of the broad street all the wye through south philadelphia ace still opened but you'll find delays, and case in point is on the schuylkill eastbound between passyunk avenue and broad street, eastbound lanes to the left of screen, headlights
7:22 am
coming toward you, traffic exiting for broad street is getting very heavy. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans, "eyewitness news" will be right back after this.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. on the the cbs-3 healthwatch new technology designed for horses that might help people too. it is debuting at new bolton center in kenneth square. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl was there to watch it. >> reporter: it is called eke wine imaging that is being done on a horse who is standing.
7:25 am
it is a first. typically imaging on a horse requires them to be income out with anesthesia. that can be dangerous. the not anymore. this revolutionary technology allows the horse to stand, sedated, but a wake. >> but much safer for the patients and level of the resolution is much higher then what we have seen in standard ct scans. >> reporter: horse isn't scared bye moving parts her eyes are covered which also helps keep her still. ct scans provide three dimensional views of the anatomy. >> figure out new treatments using this technology it the is just thrilling particularly for an old man like me. >> reporter: gentlemen, it is surgeon that operated on racing great bash row. dean richardson says this new technology brings a new level of sophistication not just to vet medicine. >> we are partnering with human count are parts, you know, the people that work on that lesser species, the human, and we think that particularly this could be relevant in working in pediatric for example.
7:26 am
>> imagine a young child who does not want to be restrained, they might be able to sit there on their ipad and talking to their parents and having the imaging done. >> reporter: for this technology, horses paving way for humans. right now technology just works on patients who are still, but eventually researchers hope to program it to capture images of a horse or a human in motion. yet another, new horizon. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it appears race for the cure, cbs-3 is proud to support susan komen in the fight begins breast cancer. join the "eyewitness news" team on mothers day next sunday may eighth. you can walk or run with our team by registering at cbs our morning team, jim donovan, brooke thomas, katie fehlinger and meisha johnson will be all participating. everyone who registers to walk or run with team cbs-3 will receive a special commemorative t-shirt. we hope to see you there on
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mothers day. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", born to run, tens of thousands going 10 miles, from one end of philadelphia to another. we will take you live to the starting line. just starting to be in the middle. >> in today's dream drive, segment meisha johnson gets behind the wheel, see where you can learn to drive a pottery wheel and make your own beautiful art. good morning, everyone. steady rain across the a area right now with more rain on the way, guess what, the workweek stays unsettled, check out this forecast when we return.
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in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ today, it is sunday may 1st, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. maybe in the what you would expect for may, it is cool, chilly. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck and justin, when will this rain last. >> it will get better this afternoon but really next several hours we will deal with this steady rain. it is coming down pretty good here and it is chilly. temperatures 40 to 50 degrees. i saw people getting out with
7:31 am
punchos on so maybe they are spectator for broad street run. runners, temperatures are in your favor, rain it depend on how are. you will get through. you guys are tough. the entire region under steady rain right now. steady rain should break up later to this afternoon but still we have a threat for showers, and off and on through the night as well. forty-seven in allentown. forty-eight at the airport in philadelphia 50 in wildwood at dover delaware. these temperatures just kind of stuck with the clouds and rain and easterly wind flow off the chilly the atlantic ocean. 8:00 he clock temperature only around 50. entire event will be dealing with light rain, so through the morning, steady rain, 40's and 50's for the temperatures this afternoon. we will catch a few breaks, call it rain the at times, temperatures slowly climbing up to the 50's. we have afternoon high of 58 degrees. at the shore only in the upper 40's in the poconos. milder temperatures do return but we will talk about several more rain chances in the seven
7:32 am
day forecast. check it out. rahel, back to you. >> get inside where it is dry. >> will do. >> thousands are lacing up to day for 37th annual broad street run and it begins at broad and west fischer and end at the navy yard. cherri gregg from kyw news radio is live at the starting line in olney. good to see you are staying dry as well. >> reporter: yes, i am, barely, rahel, barely. the as you can see i have my umbrella up, but this rain is in the damping any of the spirits of the 40,000 plus runners, who are going to be leaving the starting line in just under a half an hour. they are lining up. they have punchos, they have pick up their sneakers and they are doing everything that they probably can to stay dry, one of the first time in recent memory that it is raining for broad street run race day. i can't believe it. i'm here with a special guest.
7:33 am
excellence on television. our very own walt hunter. good morning, walt, how are you doing. >> good morning, chere, i'm shrink wrapped just like everybody else. the it is amazing, the spirit. we are all upbeat despite the downpour. >> walt has a couple secrets up his sleeve for staying dry. you brought what five or six of these things. >> i have done five or six. we were saying this is actual the first time we have had rain, i would say at least in the last 15 years. we have been due you for a day like this but you just have to stay as dry as you you can as long as you can and once you start running it is in the a problem. i should have brought a kyack that would have work better. >> walt doesn't have his running sneakers on, he has a spare pair of sneakers on right now. he has on his puncho and a special jacket. >> i wear basically a jacket that is light enough thaw can
7:34 am
run in but... no audio. >> you don't want to get over heated. >> yes. >> no audio. >> okay. we are having technical will difficulties but always good to see walt hunter on a sunday morning. >> another tradition involving, running, 122nd annual penn relays, crowned new champions at franklin field. event brought together athletes from all corners of the track and field. it it was a record breaking performance for 100 year-old ida, she broke the 100-meter dash record in the women's 80 years and older division. she has this advice for runners and non-runners a like. >> the best exercise i know, for any condition and age. you need to do what you need
7:35 am
to do. make sure you exercise at least once a day. >> you heard it there. runners also to the to compete on a brand new track at franklin field this year. the republican presidential candidates are focusing on indiana and california this weekend. in addition to courting voters ted cruz and donald trum have talking to republican leaders. as brooke silva-braga reports some are choosing side. >> reporter: a surprise boost for ted cruz. >> i'm here today, to announce to you, my whole hearted endorsement. >> reporter: former california governor pete wilson, backing his campaign. >> will callus going to tea side this republican primary. >> reporter: so will indiana, abe in a new on line ad cruz super pack touts mike pence vote of confidence. >> expressing my support today. >> reporter: but pence
7:36 am
reframed from criticizing trump and many republicans are convinced he will win the nomination. jimmy duncan endorsed the republican front runner on saturday. friday, protesters many opposed to trump's immigration positions blocked his arrival at the california g.o.p. convention, forcing trump to arrive on foot. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence, and, oh boy, it felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> reporter: in a tweet he called protesters thugs and criminals, many are professionals he wrote, john kasich responded to the incident with a call for inclusion. >> do the republicans actually think that they can win an election by scarring every hispanic in this country to death. >> reporter: trump's delegate lead of more than 400 puts him on pace to clinch the nomination in wins in indiana on tuesday and california will in early june. brooke silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". politicians, journalist and celebrities attended president obama's final white house correspondence dinner.
7:37 am
they all came to dine and have a few laughs with the president and first laid any washington, it is philadelphia's mayor jim kenney who was among 3,000 guests on hand, before they called it a night. the president joked about his nearly eight years in office. >> eight years ago i was a young man, full of idealism and vigor. look at me now. gray, grisled, just counting down the days to my death panel. >> here we are in 2008. here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks ago. >> yes. >> the the president would later roasted by comedian larry willmore. a shopper gets more than she bargain for during a trip to the king of prussia mall. andrew fray dropped to one
7:38 am
knee and proposed to his girl friend crystal as shoppers looked on. he drove from harrisburg to pop the question. surprise marriage proposal at fountain in the plaza which shares over the mall's pa system so all of the shoppers got to hear it and bride to be as you might imagine, was very exciting. >> i didn't know what was going on, i thought there was going to be a celebrity here or what are they all doing here. >> it the is you. >> i kept saying come on, let's go. he is like no, no, we will walk through here. i'm totally in shock. i am. i'm so happy. >> and the engaged couple received a $250 gift packet from victoria secret. still to come on "eyewitness news". >> just trying to chop it down. >> meisha johnson shows you how to take pottery class. she found a real life
7:39 am
monument celebrating a coffee break, find out who inspired that monument in this morning's dream drive. well, the nfl draft is over, who did the eagles add to their nest? that is later in "eyewitness sports". and dress for rain today, it is also not only chance for rain this week. the justin drabick's eyewitness weather forecast is just minutes a
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"eyewitness news" traffic reporter meisha johnson headed south of philadelphia and she found unusual sites close to home including one that celebrates her favorite drink: coffee. she also drinks a new kind of wheel. >> from cbs-3 we're winding our way down to explore wilmington, delaware. we're heading to wilmington where we will refuel at a very popular coffee shop. brew haha has coffee shops all over brandywine valley and wilmington. >> i'm thinking of maybe tryingal monday joy latte. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> and it really tasted like almond joy. >> delicious. >> we have just refueled. let's go. >> you might the not necessity this but is there national coffee monuments in wilmington and in honor of the president william mckenly delivered coffee to the front lines to soldiers in the civil war in 1862. if you have time swing by
7:43 am
rockland park, on sunday the century's old stone water tower opens up, and lets people take in an incredible view. 115 feet up. now we are honor way to the delaware art museum where i, am going to learn a new craft. >> reporter: delaware art museum has 12,000 works of art inside from modern works of glass to find event century preclassic like lady will ill from daunte gabriel rosety. >> on a beautiful day like today no better to be then the copeland sculpture garden. >> visitor can enjoy 9 acres of peaceful ground. >> people can come to the gallery, museum, tour the ground but they have an opportunity to actually make objects. so, just take your piece of clay ape put it down middle. >> reporter: i'm's taking the wheel. heather teaches pottery
7:44 am
classes a at delaware art museum. i'm making what else, a coffee mug. >> so push with one hand and grab it with the other. >> making it go up we will make it go up a little bit. >> you have to squeeze from the bottom and moving your hand together up. >> yes. >> is that normal. >> yes. >> that is good. >> you can make a handle, basically cut a rectangle and role that for your handle. >> is that it. >> that is it. >> good. >> high five, nice job. >> meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". beautiful. >> justin joins us and probably a good idea to just stay inside and do something indoors, drink coffee. >> get some cleaning done. >> yeah, right, that is not happening. people will energy this sunday, relax, enjoy our newscast, yeah, rain pretty much throughout the entire morning. steady rain. afternoon may get better.
7:45 am
we should catch a few breaks but just a soggy, gray cool day as we kick off the month of may. checking with the weather watchers, umbrellas needed obviously, some of them are sick of the weather pattern i'm in. i'm with you on this. upcoming week it the will stay stay unsettled. william at 46 degrees. we are at 50 at peter a's house in lawrenceville. willow grove barbara lane checks in at 44. chilly 41 in gilbertsville a at this hour at eileen murray a's house. forty-seven in cherry hill at lynn springer. chesterfield is looking at mid 40's. another cool spot. lou in eagleville, upper 40's in newark, delaware. we have steady rain, starting to pick up amounts. this is a good thing because we do need rainfall across the region. .5 of an inch in levittown so far close to a tenth of an inch in willow grove. same deal in cherry hill as well as mount laurel, new jersey, and zoo of that light rain starting to get into southern new jersey right now, james in ocean city, checks in with .02, so far. we're on our way to half inch,
7:46 am
three-quarters of an inch of rainfall before this system is out of here later tonight. lets take you down the shore right now, a live look from ocean city, we're foggy and misty out there it the is cool. we have a breeze off the atlantic ocean. that ocean is 51 degrees. we're less than a month away from memorial day weekend. so this place will be jammed packed in just a few more weeks. the lets look the at storm scan three. we have a lot of moisture to work with here, we have a steady rain extending back to harrisburg. so several more hours to go here from northern pennsylvania, down to the delmarva peninsula. heavier rain out across west virginia, probably missing out, on the heaviest rainfall from the system. but we will get steady rain through the the morning, afternoon, we will start to catch a few breaks. ab normally dry conditions indicated by areas in yellow, basically from the city on north and west through parts of the southern new england. this is beneficial rain to our region. since march 1st we're down over three and a half inches of rain for philadelphia in the april deficit was 1.81 inches below average. certainly could use it. been a while since we had a good steady rain.
7:47 am
still an active weather pattern this week. average jet stream position still stays to our south. once you carve out these troughs you get cooler air coming in at times and we are getting storm systems rolling through. soy unsettled, will cooler than average, throughout this week. i think by mothers day finally this pattern starts to change up a and we will get consistent spring weather coming at us but through today one storm system rolls on through, we will get the cold front through tomorrow, still bringing in some shower chances, even tuesday, we will have have to watch this this front as it stalls off the coast, it could bring back more rain for tuesday, morning into the have afternoon. so timing things out today, this morning is steady yes, sir rain, afternoon, tapers off to rain at times and then we will get scattered showers continuing tonight. rainfall amounts, half inch to three-quarters of an inch, through the entire delaware valley, it is will cool. we will struggle to get to the mid to upper 50's. tonight temperatures level off 40's to lower 50's. tomorrow, something to look forward to at least a few peaks of sun and maybe low 70's in areas away from the
7:48 am
water but then we will cool it down for middle of the week. fifty-eight for the high today with period of the rain and steady earliest in the day and tonight a few scattered showers around through the overnight. tomorrow is looking better, a few peaks of sun but can't rule out showers in the morning and late in the day with the cold front high of 71. watch out for more shower chances tuesday highs in the mid 60's. wednesday is best day of the week because we will deal with more rain around for thursday and friday and still temperatures are below average, rahel, back to you. time is 7:48. let check a check of the road and highways with ann evans in the the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> good morning, rahel. thes awe know broad street run is today. it is happening today. broad street is in the propers ises of being shut down between olney avenue and naval yard. is what happening here is broad street and spring garden street in center city is already shut down. police vehicles is blocking it this portion of the broad
7:49 am
street and spring garden street in center city is shut down along with the up are portions, and north philadelphia. so they are slowly shutting down broad street, the race does kick off at 8:00 this morning. we will move traffic cam todays in point here, at the schuylkill eastbound, eastbound lanes to the left of your screen between passyunk and broad street as traffic exits for the broad street run we have delays on and off. you can see heavy traffic. same said for i-95 moving it here to i-95 at broad street north bound lanes to the left of the screen. traffic exits for broad street as these portions are still opened, these exits are still opened we will find a lot of volume in these areas. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now rahel, back to you. philadelphia police are taking a dramatic new approach to diffuse potentially deadly confrontations. >> your [gunfire] 's looking at the first ever reality based training for philadelphia police officers
7:50 am
aimed at helping them make decisions of lives of those on the street. >> we don't lose any officers and we don't lose any civilians unnecessarily. >> drop your weapon and show me your hand. >> cbs-3's walt hunter takes you inside a ground breaking new effort to teach officers how to protect themselves and others by learning new methods to decrease violence. it is a exclusive report that airs tomorrow night on cbs-3 at the 11:00. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", red hot, phillies try to keep a winning streaking, can they make five. that is straight ahead in "eyewitness sports" but first here's a look what is on cbs-3 tonight.
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fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. vince velasquez takes the mound for phillies. fightins won five in a row, eight out of nine thanks to their pitching staff lead majors in strike outs. last night they took game two from the indians. jared eickoff got early run support in the first inning, freddie galvis hits his third home run of the year, two run shots that scores object dub he will herrera. eickoff helped his own cause with the single to center driving in darren rupp. that is three to nothing. jared could not hold three run lead in the fifth. jason kidness hit a line drive to score lonnie and that will tie the game. then in the seventh freddie galvis came up clutch. is bloop single to right
7:54 am
will score david row with the go ahead run as they win their fifth straight, four-three the final. eagles front office and scouting departments can now take a rest, draft has come and gone. yesterday eagles made six picks, and they addressed problems on both side of the ball, possibly added depth. new bird will be at novacare complex may 13th to start a three day rookie camp. howie roseman said the draft was hard because of the picks they had to give up to get carson wentz. >> it was not having as many picks in the early going, as we used to, so we felt like, late inert the draft taking shots, on guys, in the seventh round, you know, really having best undrafted process we have ever had became a priority to us. >> in the fifth round eagles pick when dell small wood if west virginia. he led big two in rushing. he ran 4.46, 40-yard dash. off the field he was arrest need in 204 for witness
7:55 am
intimidation charges in the murder case. the those charges were drop. then he had some tweet that is contain racial and hello phobic slurs. he talk about his trouble path to the novacare complex. >> it was just in a wrong situation. i was young, hanging out with the wrong people. i was never around. whatever happened, you know, i wasn't involved with. there is in evidence or witness begins me and it came out to be true and all of the stuff was cleared. i'm just learning and trying to move forward and be a better man from that. >> on friday, carson wentz came to town, met the with the media he was swarm at the airport before finally getting his eagles jersey from the eagles front office. here he is on draft night and phone call that he received from the eagles front office. >> enjoy the moment with your family. can't wait to see you when you get here. i will give you to jeffery, hold on one second. >> hi there, carson. >> how are you. >> i'm good, congratulations. are you ready to join our eagles family.
7:56 am
>> yes, i am good real excited. >> great. >> very cool. >> temple linebacker tyler matakevich will be playing across the state, drafted in the seventh round by the pittsburgh steelers. tyler won the broncho, and chuck bednarek award as best defense i have player in the country. two other owls were selected, young was select in the fourth round by the ravens and defans i have lineman math the math, went in the fifth round to washington. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great sunday. philly tech week is underway. week long celebration of the technology and innovation, kick off at dilworth park, with an interactive arcade. local game makers showed off their innovation, and the public was invited to play with the games and interact with 3-d printers. the philadelphia a science festival, wrapped up with a bang, 12 trash cans exploded into the a air, releasing powder cross the great plaza at penns landing. this was all part of the science carnival, thanks to
7:57 am
the franklin institute hundreds of the children and parent were able to experience interactive experiments, hand on science activity and plenty of music and fun. and that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what is coming up at 8:00 we are live with the the start of the this years broad street run and coming up at the top of the hour. new video just into the news room slick road could be to blame for this crash, we will have the latest as officials investigate the facility of the building when we come right back.
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(is committed to truth on thee plabel.d when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at
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well, it is a big excitement in center city this morning. the broad street run is getting underway right new. lets get right out to the starting line at broad and west fischer where cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is standing by. cherri, good morning. it is go time for these runners. >> oy, yes, good morning, rahel. i'm here at the starting line with lots of anticipation. folks have been lined up, they are ready and waiting to go. at any moment now the broad street run will be beginning. the runners will, start to pound the pavement for 10 miles. start and beginning here the at broad and fischer a and they will run all the way down broad street, to the navy yard. just a couple moments ago wheelchair participants just rolled over the start line and now you can see, thousands a and thousands, 40 plus thousand runners to be exact, they will be beginning in waves as soon as a you hear that starting pistol go off. folk


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