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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  May 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news right now on "eyewitness news". a child is dead and several other people have been hospitalized following a multi vehicle crash in the east falls section of philadelphia. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us, investigators still on the scene of this accident which happened on the 4200 block of henry avenue. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter
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anita oh, in east falls with the very latest, anita? >> reporter: hey, that the tasha, we know that a five to seven year old child has died, in this crash, police tell us that eight others, including a two month old baby, were hurt and taken to local hospitals. as you can see behind me, the accident investigation division remains on scene here, trying to piece together exactly what happened. police tell us that two cars collided around 4:00 this afternoon here on the 4200 block of henry avenue. now this area is right by the philadelphia university campus, and at this time we know that seven of the injured passengers were taken to local hospitals, in critical condition, while one is in stable condition. we're also still working to figure out whether the children have proper carseats and seatbelts on. chief gilliam of the philadelphia fire department told us that before first responders could get here, good samaritans pitched in quickly, again, you can see that investigators still trying to determine what caused this accident.
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at this point we still do not know whether wet weather was a factor, again, one young child between five-seven years old has died from injuries in this crash. the newborn baby was taken to saint christopher's hospital, the other children remain at chop. henry avenue does remain closed at this time. and police are re-routing drivers. that's the lateness east falls, anita o, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you very much. speaking of this weather we've been having today, it was a dreary sunday in philadelphia. let's get right over to lauren casey in the weather center with the very latest for us. not great day for 10-mile run, broad street run today. i felt so bad for the runners but looked like they were trucking through. >> i know, i woke up this morning, looked outside, the poor runners. but i was happy to be in my bed. but yes, they deserve extra credit for dealing with the pouring rain this morning, steady in nature, and rainfall totals pretty impressive in the last 24 hours, picking up nearly inch in atlantic city, three quarters of an inch in
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mt. holly, dover well over half inch, same case at philadelphia international airport picking up half an inch, in plymouth meeting, and we're kind of clearing out, getting little break. still low clouds in place, drizzle in spots, but the main shower activity has moved off shore at this time. even seeing few breaks in the clouds, that went up winds, there are some clusters of showers and embedded thunderstorms that will continue to track eastbound as we head into the night tonight and provide us those rain chances, now tonight the rain won't be as widespread, as what we saw for this morning, but, as we head into the next several days, that umbrella's going to be getting big work out, rain chances for tomorrow, more spotty and scat nerd nature, again, than what we saw for earlier today. then tuesday, showers looking likely maybe few embedded thunderstorms, wednesday, looks like the driest day, but still can't rule out passing shower, and then rain chances elevate once again, as we head into thursday. so talking about some serious wet weather, so we will break all of this down for you, talk about our time line for rain chances tomorrow, could see rain both in the morning and in the afternoon, with few
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thunderstorms possible, and i'll have all of that coming up, natasha? >> see you soon, lauren, thanks so much. final farewell for teenager taken far too soon. amy joyner francis died last week following assault inside howard high school in wilmington, delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is in wilmington tonight where family and friends are offering their condolances. trang? >> reporter: natasha, a somber day here at st. paul's church here in wilmington to remember 16 year old amy joyner francis. now her visitation and funeral service going on as we speak, it started around 5:00 p.m. ever since we've seen steady stream of mourners, many of them fellow students at howard tech high. now, joyner-francis' death has sparked outrage among the community as well's nationwide. she died just over a week ago from severe injuries after she was beaten in a girls bathroom at howard high school of technology. three female students since suspended but yet to file any
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charges in this case. service brought not only amy classmates being, but teachers who remembered her fondly. >> i came out today to show my respect to the family. i don't condone what happened in my school, but i want to show my family that their family that i care. >> she is a great person, and the kids are great, and i just hope guilty will be punished. >> service here will go on until 8:00 p.m. a private service for just family and friends. for now, live in wilmington, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". trang, thank you so much. former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky, will be back in a center county courtroom tomorrow, sandusky once again fighting for new trial following his 2012 conviction on 45 counts of child sex abuse crimes. sandusky's attorneys will argue that his original trial was faulty in a number of ways. sandusky serving 30-60 year sentence right now. and a rally for change today in west philly for the ninth annual may day.
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people braved this rain today in clark park for food and fun. but they did not forget the fight for workers rights. may day is traced all the way back to the 18 80s, honoring workers who died in the struggle for a eight-hour work day. today the focus shifted to the fight for 15-dollar minimum wage and other issues. >> we're all connected working people throughout the world, the 99%, if you will, are in a world of hurt searching for a new way forward. >> you have to use the power which we have and that is the power of non-cooperation, with a system that's no longer represent the common good. >> may first is international workers day. now, some 40,000 runners pounded the pavement in the 37th annual broad street run today in all of the rain, from fisher and olney all the way to the navy yard. cherri gregg from our sister station "kyw news radio" was
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there. >> the conditions were soggy, rainy, and a bit cold. >> we weren't too excited last night. >> that didn't dampen the spirit of the tens of thousands of broad street runners who wore ponchos and trash bags, and taped up their shoes. >> you just have to stay as dry as you can, as long as you can. >> we ordered 20,000 solar blankets, because that's one of the biggest issues that the runners will have once they're heated up by running 10 miles, then they'll stop and they'll be cold at the end. >> assistant managing director leo dignam said they stocked up on hot chocolate and coffee then prepared the runners for the weather. when the horns sounded they ran. >> once hear the buzzer, so much energy, here the crowd cheering you on, no way to be down. >> for 10 miles to the navy yard you. >> look pretty good to be totally soaking wet, all of that. >> all for a t-shirt and neck armor, and a hug from friends. >> if they're too long come out here and run in these types of conditions, then the least we can do is go out and support them.
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>> in order to catch her out of the blue, i think this is the best time. >> didn't run the broad street because of torn acl, instead, he surprised his running partner and girlfriend, kim ty, after she crossed the finish line. >> i love you with all my heart. >> by bending his knee after 15 years of friendship. >> will you marry me? >> her reaction, tears of joy, and a big yes. >> did you have any idea? >> no, i had no idea, none whatsoever. >> first prize, this piece of hardware. >> he totally surprised me. >> a nice way to finish a race, but an even better way to start a new life. at the navy yard, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". very nice, congratulations. stay with us, everyone, still to come tonight on "eyewitness news", showdown in the hoosier state. see the shot that frontrunners donald trump and hillary clinton took at each other just ahead of tuesday's critical indianna primary. plus, a huge announcement
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about president obama's oldest daughter. finds out where malea has decided to go to college. lauren? >> reporter: much more wet weather is in the forecast. i'll let you know when we expect the driest day in your full forecast coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports tonight, the red host phillies look to make it six wins in a row. they are on a roll. lesley van arsdall has the highlights later in sports. stay with us
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pope francis returns to now cease-fire, as air strikes continue in the country's northern city. he said a honest dialogue between both sites of the syrian civil war is the only way to ensure lasting peace. the holy father made his comment today as he wished orthodox christians a happy easter. returning now to campaign 2016. the race for the white house now runs through indianna. the primary for the hoosier state is tuesday, brook silva bragga shows us while the democratic race is a close one, frontrunner donald trump is ahead of the pact on the republican side. >> so when i hear donald trump -- >> presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump traded shots sunday just two days before the indianna primary. >> she is crooked hillary. >> on cnn state of the union clinton questioned trump's foreign policy. >> his idea he quote has a secret plan to get rid of isis that he's not going to tell anybody.
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i found it disturbing. >> on fox news sunday trump said he would use bernie sanders' words against clinton, vermont senator, who trails clinton, questioned if she was qualified to be president after taking wall street money. >> bernie sanders what he said was a lot worse than what i said. and i'll use. that will we'll have that keyed up. >> clinton mingled with voters at pancake house in indianna where she leads sainted ers by four points. >> i need your help wednesday. >> later at rally she fired up supporters by linking violence at trump events to the republicans rhetoric. >> people talk about immigrant, about muslims, about women, i mean, enough, enough, that's not who we are. >> trump leads the latest indianna pole by 15 points. brook silva bragga, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". a big announcement from the first family. malea obama will attends harvard university. the president and first lady's oldest daughter will begin there in the fall of 2017
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after taking a gap year. last night at the white house correspondence dinner president obama said his family plans to stay in d.c. for two years after he leaves office. that's so their youngest daughter sasha can finish high school. all right, lauren case itsy is joining us with the forecast, boy, just a nasty day? >> oh, my gosh, so unpleasant, and terrible timing for all of those runners, but now they're done, relaxed. >> hopefully still drying out. i don't know. >> drying out, taking nice hot shower, cool, raw day today with the rain coming down specially this morning, heavy at times, stead any nature, and still not looking so great get ac live look at center city philadelphia, or what we can see of it, because of those low clouds, in place, drizzle, fog, cool temperatures, 53 degrees right now, thanks to that easterly component to the wind flow, and visibilities are reduced, really all across the area. visibilities down to nearly a quarter of a mile in mount pocono. almost contending with some dense fog, visibilities at philly down to about 3 miles,
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2 miles in trenton, and down to about two and a half miles in the lehigh valley. temperatures, high temperatures, today, we know they struggled, 46 only the high temperature in mount pocono, we topped off at 53 degrees in philadelphia, more than 15 degrees below our average high temperature, and it is still very cool right now, of course, 50 degrees in allentown, 51 in reading, calling in at 52 right now in ac. so why is it so cool? we have the stalled out frontal boundary to the south lingering over the last several days, seeing this easterly component to the winds flow, so east winds coming from off the ocean pushing cool moist ocean air right into our backyard, temperatures not too far to our south, or up into the 60s, 70s, wouldn't that be nice? and we are going to warm things up as we head into the day tomorrow with the winds shift, but, keeping rain in the forecast, and overnight tonight, some scattered showers, still around, fog, areas of drizzle, down to 51 degrees. we start off with a east wind tomorrow. but then we shift it over to a south wind. so, it will bump temperatures
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up. it will break the clouds back up i think a bit as we head into monday afternoon. could see sunshine breaking out, but conversely that will de-stabilize our atmosphere, chance of thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon hours. storm scan3, showing us, quieter conditions with batch of rainfall moving off shore. still some drizzle in place. we have much more moisture to contend with, which with a approaching area of low pressure, so you see active weather really all across the eastern half of the country as that area of low pressure makes a slow approach. so overnight tonight, our model imagery showing us we will deal with more scattered shower activity, especially, as we move past midnight, early tomorrow morning, still dealing with some rounds of rainfall, tomorrow morning, it will quiet down a little bit. the shower activity is going to be more spotty, in nature, but if we do see that sunshine breaking out tomorrow afternoon, we could see indeed some hit or miss thunderstorms popping up with the destabilize dollars atmosphere, because of the warmer temperatures as well.
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>> tomorrow looks like some spotty showers around,. >> early afternoon, and there is the cloud deck breaking up a bit. but notice some thunderstorms popping up. now, not widespread rainfall, not wash out but if we do see the storms popping up, could get pretty good downpour moving through your backyard as we head into the afternoon. >> head into tuesday, more rain in the forecast, check out the rainfall estimates from some of the models differing a bit, see the trends, rainy conditions as we head into tuesday showers looking likely again. >> wednesday look look it driest day, high temperature of 70 degrees. with some sunshine in store. still chance of passing shower. rain chances bump back up into thursday and friday, area of low pressure, that's going to kind of stall out off shore. and then sunday of course is mom's day. at this point looks like we could still see some wet weather, but little way off at this point.
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but looking for some sun, we should have couple hours of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. >> get out there! >> set your watch, get your sunglasses, you have two hours. >> and that's it. >> oh, boy, thanks so much. appreciate t well the phillies wow on a roll. >> says the starting pitching this season would be better, well, so far they've been very good. on the mounds this afternoon, looking for fourth win of the season against the indians. freddie drove in three runs last night, drove in the first, game, with single, to score. that will make it one to nothing. next inning, vince, nice defensive help, darin ruff. check it out. nice diving catch in left, ending possible indians rally. who say he couldn't play left? through six shut out innings. retired the final nine batters that he faced. hector came in, he got his first career save. so the phillies win their
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sixth straight game. swept the indians two-one. >> to beat those two guys, and then, you know, battle the way we did yesterday, you know, having fun out there. everything is, you know, coming together. you know, and it shows. >> now, to the eagles, the birds yesterday completed the draft. they pick four players on offense, four on defense, including couple of players with a troubled past, they pick running back wendell smallwood in the fifth round. the wilmington native, two years ago on witness intimidation charge, those charges were dropped. then in the seventh rounds they picked safety mills, two years ago, he was arrested for second agree battery involving a woman. those charges later reduced and then dropped. here's howie roseman on why they were drafted. >> when you make questionable decisions in your life, it is affecting you going forward, it is costing these guys a lot of money. so what we hope is that they're good people and that
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they just made mistakes like we all do, and that we develop them and that going forward this is just part of their history. >> demanded to be traded, was un happy, that the eagles picked carson wentz, he is missing the eagles voluntary work out. now that's a problem, because doug peterson is installing new offense, so does this mean he may loose the starting quarterback job? >> i think it depend on how and when he does come back and how fast we can catch him up and put him back in that situation and see where he is at at that time. again, nobody makes the team in april. we're not, you know, making any roster adjustments, you know, and letting people go. all about evaluation, and he is in that evaluation process? coming un tonight in the sport zone, we will talk more about the sam bradford stand-off with eagles management, and we'll grade the birds draft when the inquirer's eagles
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beat righter joins me right after the late news right here on cbs-3. oh, the drama. >> i know, that quarterback drama, that can be a little testy. >> for sure. >> thanks so much, leslie. stay with us. still ahead: see brand new photos of the smallest british royal that would be little princess charlotte. she is adorable. don't go anywhere
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sole scatter showers tonight, drizzly, foggy, few spotty showers tomorrow morning, could see some sunshine tomorrow afternoon, but do watch out for some spotty thunderstorms developing, 71, so much warmer, rain in the forecast on tuesday, shower on wednesday, rain on thursday, rain on friday. >> groundhog day? >> it will be a warmer week ahead with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, so no more 50's for high temperatures in the forecast, so at least we got that going. >> at least warmer, a look at the glass half full. thanks so much. thank you for joining us, i'm natasha brown, we appreciate you being with us, and we're always on back at 10:00 on the "cw philly" and back here at 11:00. have a great night! eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> all right, let's go. >> anderson cooper: accusations that a major american manufacturer had knowingly provided defective surgical gowns to u.s. healthcare workers were first shared with "60 minutes" at a time when the ebola crisis was spiking. did you sell protective equipment for ebola that you knew was defective? >> no, and frankly i think the allegations are not based on the facts. >> cooper: you're saying they are completely false? >> yes. >> is that what he told you? >> cooper: yeah. >> evidently, he forgot the 11th commandment. >> cooper: which is? >> do not lie to "60 minutes." >> leslie stahl: it's being called a financial technology-- or "fintech"-- revolution. say you need a loan. fintech sites match borrowers and lenders directly the way


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