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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 2, 2016 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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one of the victims is an infants fighting for her life at saints christopher's hospital. that's where we find trang do with the latest. trang? >> reporter: natasha that two to three-month old baby girl is in critical condition at saint christopher's. she was taken here after the deadly accident that killed a child and two other children are in critical condition at chop. >> a horrifying scene in east falls after two cars collided just before 4:00 p.m. >> people were transported to the hospital. five adults four children. >> police say a car three adults and four children traveling northbound on henry avenue when it crossed over center line. the car was sit by a southbound car carrying two adults. two of the children in the first car were ejected from the back window. >> vehicle stopped and everybody ran as much as they could. >> included two off duty police officer. >> they stopped and rendered assistance to the patients. one officer went with the medic
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unit. >> medics rushed a five to 7-year-old boy to saint christopher's hospital for children? he was pound before 5:00. investigators were working to determine a cause but say color was not a factor. >> reporter: the adults involved in this accident were transported to temple and einstein. last check, four were still in critical condition. one in stable. now, the accident investigation district is handling this case: i'm trang do. >> a frightening scene in montgomery county when a car smashs into a pottstown porch. only "eyewitness news" has this video of the driver being pulled from the car after the crash. rushed to the hospital no word on a condition. a female passenger suffered a minor injuries and amazingly no one inside the home was injured. >> it's been a damp and gloomy
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weekend in the area. more wet weather is ahead to start the work week. lauren casey is tracking rain. no sun in sight. >> maybe an hour or so as we head into the day tomorrow. luckily we all know where our umbrellas are by now with our soggy sunday and rainfall tallies approached an inch in atlantic city. topped off at about three quarters of an inch in mt. holly. over a half inch in dover and philly international and plymouth meeting coming in with half an inch. getting a break right now at least from the rainfall socked in with the cloud cover. off to our south and west showers and thunderstorms developing along a slow moving warm front that will lyft in the area through the day tomorrow provide more changes for monday, then we're going to see more rain on tuesday. our driest day looks like wednesday, we still could see a passing shower, even into thursday. it is going to be a soggy start to our month of may, we'll time
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out the rainfall a couple of glimmers of sunshine when you can catch those in the 15 minutes spans. i'll have that coming up in just a for now. family friends gathered tonight for a final fair well to a delaware teenager whose life was cut short. "eyewitness news" in wilmington delaware where funeral services were held for 16-year-old for amy joyner francis. died from injuries suffered from an assault inside howard high school in wilmington. classmates and teachers were among those paying final respects. >> i came out to show my respect to the family. i don't condone what happened in my school. i want you to show their family that i care. >> she was a great person and kids are great and i just hope the guilty will be published. >> an investigation into joyner francis's death is ongoing. so far, no charges have been filed. also former penn state football coach is an discuss ski
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will be back, fighting for a new trial following his 2012 conviction on 45 counts of child sexual abuse crimes. sandusky's attorneys will argue this original trial was faulty in a number of ways. sandusky is currently serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. to campaign 16 news tonight all eyes on are indiana right now. the candidates are on the campaign trail in the hoosier state. cbs correspondent shows us the front runner trade arctic blast jabs but they're vowing to stay in the race. >> hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by just four points ahead of tuesday's indiana primary but focused on donald trump on sunday. >> hateful talk about immigrants, about muslims, about women. . enough, enough. that's not who we are. >> reporter: trump returned fire
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on fox news sunday, he said he used sanders words against clinton in a general election. she was questioned whether she was you qualified to be president. >> bernie sanders was a lot worse than what i said and i'm going to use that. >> reporter: sanders asked super delegates from states he's won to switch to his side. and conceded he still needs to win big in the remaining primaries. >> that is admittedly. i do not deny it. a tough road to climb but not an impossible road. >> reporter: republican under dog ted cruz also said not to count him out. >> nobody is going to get to 1237 before cleveland, i'm not going to get there but neither is donald trump. >> trump leads the latest poll by 15 points. cbs "eyewitness news." rally for change today meantime in west philly for all
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the 9th annual may day. may day is traced all the way back to the 1880's honoring workers who died in the struggle for an eight-hour workday. today, the focus shifted to the fight for a $15 minimum wage and other issues. >> we're all connected. working people throughout the world. the 99 percent, if you will. are in a world of hurt searching for a new way forward. we have to use the power we have and that is the power of noncooperation. with the system that is no longer represents the common good. >> may 1st is international workers day. five years ago today, the united states military killed osama bin laden and many americans learned about this by watching the phillies on television. >> may 1st, 2011, the fans at
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citizens bank park started chanting usa as word spread that osama bin laden was killed. game was televised on espn and later that night, president obama addressed the nation and announced the death of the man behind the 911 attacks. cruise into cuba it was a half century in into the making, passengers are setting sail for havana and at least two other cities, a carnival cruise ship left miami this afternoon. many folks are returning home after the country loosened its policy, the cruise will depart every other week from miami. some 40,000 runners pounced the pavement in the 37th annual broad street run today. it stretched all the way from broad and fisher and olney to the navy yard. cherri gregg from our sister station, kyw news radio was there. >> reporter: the conditions were soggy, rainy and a bit cold.
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>> we excited last night. >> that didn't damper the spirits of the ten to say of thousands of broad street runners who wore upon chores and taped up their shoes. >> you have to stay as dry as long as you can. >> we ordered 20,000 solar blankets. that's the biggest issues once they're heated up and stop and be cold. >> leo says the city stocked up on coffee and hot chocolate for the volunteers and prepared the runners for the weather. when the horn sounded, they ran. >> once you hear the buzzer you get energy. >> pound, the pavement for ten miles to the navy yard. >> you look pretty good to be totally soaking were the. >> all for a t-shirt and, if they're willing to come out here and run in these type of conditions the at least we can to do is support them.
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>> because of a torn acl. instead, he surprised had us running partner and girlfriend after she crossed the finish line. >> i love you with all my heart. >> by bending his knee after 15 years of friendship. will you marry me? her reaction tears of joy and a big yes. >> did you have any idea. >> no, no idea. not so ever. >> first prize, this piece of hardware. >> he totally surprised me. >> a nice way if finish a race, but an even better way to start a new life. at the navy yard, cherri gregg, kyw radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> congratulations. stay with us, still to come a nascar driver in a sticky situation when his steering wheel comes out how dale earn hart junior still matched to control the vehicle and avoid disaster.
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america's famous circus retires it is iconic elephants. what will happen after they packet in. >> many more rain chances in you your work week forecast, i'll let you know which days in
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. police a taking a dramatic approach to defuse potentially deadly confrontations. you're looking at the first ever reality based training for philadelphia police officers, aim at helping them make decisions that could ultimately save lives on the street. >> we don't lose officers and we don't lose civilians unnecessarily. >> cbs3 walt hunter takes you inside a ground breaking new effort to teach officers how to protect themselves and others by learning new methods to decrease
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violence. his exclusive report airs tomorrow on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. just imagine driving down the highway and your steering wheel comes off. that's what happened to that has car driver dale earn hart junior during day's 500. watch as the steering wheel comes off. he managed to keep the card under control by grab, the steering column until he could reattach the wheel. this car was going nearly 200 miles an hour when this happened. it is game over for sports authority. the sporting i guess retailer is closing all 450 of it's stores, it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in march. it will liquid date all it's stores. several of those stores are located in this area. it is the end of an era. for elephants with the ringling brothers and barn you mean and bailey circus. as demarco morgan shows us.
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the movie comes after mounting pressure from animal rights groups over the past few years. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> the greatest show on earth is letting go of its biggest performers. 11 asian elephants performing their last head stands and at anything their final bows. kenneth is chairman of the parent company that owns. >> it's a bitter sweet decision, no question about that. but it is the best thing and we felt this was the right time to do it. >> reporter: the right time to retire these enormous animals with their star. >> it's the end of an era that should have ended a long time ago. >> reporter: it's part of a huge shift in u.s. attitude toward animal entertain.
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killer whale shows. these elephants will retire to the 200 acre conservation center. >> ringling brothers says they will continue to use other animals including lions tigers and horses in their animal acts. cbs news new york. that is a happy roar in south philly africa. the retirement for 33 lions. they were rescued from circuses in columbia and per ru were released today. they were taken to the sanctuary because due to their time in captive ty they would not be able to survive in the wild big announcement. malia will be attending harvard university. the president and first lady's oldest daughter will begin in the fall of 2017.
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last night at the white house correspondence dinner, president obama says his family does plan to stay in dc for two years after he leaves office. that's so their youngest daughter can finish high school. the duchess of cambridge is a cover model now. kate middleton will appear on vogue. it's commemorating it's 100th anniversary in royal style. ten-page spread will feature eight photos showing the touches in the english countryside. it's the first magazine kate ever agreed to do. it's proving to be a beast at the box office. >> the jungle book earns the most money for the third at any rate is it weekend pulling in $42 million. the disney remake still going strong right now easily handling the competition. huntman winter's war and the cat
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comedy keanu made 9.9 million. it's a good timing to the movie. don't you think. >> good day to relax indoors, stay inside, read put a book, the whole thing. >> that's what i plan to do. >> as we head into the next several days. speaking dry weather, the rain chances won't be as widespread as we saw earlier in the day. but a gloomy day and it's still lingering over center city philadelphia right now. you you can't even see the buildings because they're obscured by the low cloud cover, drizzle, fog in place, cool temperature at 51 degrees. we do have fog across the area, especially north and west of the city, visibility reduced in the lehigh valley out in berks county. dense fog right now in the poconos, visibility reduced down to about a quarter of a mile. temperatures, they are cool as well, 48 degrees in allentown,
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51 in philadelphia. we only topped at 53 degrees today. that's more than 15 degrees below our average. there is spring to be had to our south, temperatures still up into the 60's and 70's at this late hour, thanks so this. east wind off the ocean, cool ocean temperature in the low 50's. driving that cooler air in offshore. holding our temperatures down. the rain holding the temperatures back through the day today. stormscan 3 showing us a break from the rain, socked in with that low level cloud cover and off to our south and west seeing showers and thunderstorms developing across parts of washington moving up into the baltimore area. this is moving off to the east and does have a little bit of a north's component to it, as we head into the overnight, we're going to see scattered showers moving in: maybe an isolated rumble of thunder, fog and drizzle, temperatures no the budging at all t monday, a warmer day, 71, we start off cloudy with spotty showers, i believe the clouds will start to
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decrease with sunshine breaking out. we still have a chance seeing spotty is thunderstorms as we head into tomorrow afternoon and future weather going to show us more wet weather on the way, overnight tonight pockets of rainfall. again, not as widespread. even tomorrow morning, we could be dealing with spotty showers and thunder showers as we head into midday, break in the action, we'll see more redevelopment into the afternoon, especially if we do get some sunshine breaking out. sunshine destabilizes the atmosphere with a warm moist air mass in place. we could see hit or miss thunderstorms developing into the afternoon. future weather going to show us a picture of tomorrow afternoon with spotty thunderstorms. again, not widespread in nature, but we'll have to keep an yeah to the sky in case one of those storms rolls into your backyard, even into the evening hours more hit or miss and rain becomes more widespread as we head into tomorrow and tuesday looks like a nice tuesday morning commute.
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scattered showers in the forecast, few thunderstorms possible even into midday tuesday tfuture rainfall totals as we head in a tomorrow and tuesday. looking, yeah, about a quarter of an inch be i might be under estimating our totals a little bit. into tuesday, has the highest rainfall totals, picking up about an inch half potential re potentially of rainfall as we head into tuesday night. it is going to be soggy forecast. driest day wednesday, maybe sunshine wednesday, 70 the high temperature and back to clouds and scattered showers as we head into thursday, friday as well. with a stalled out area of low pressure offshore. then, verbs, a big day next week for mom, mothers day, 72, at this point we do have rain chances in the forecast, hopefully that will evolve and start to look drier.
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>> we can only hope. we will at least have a glimmer of sunshine this week. >> thank you so much, lauren, lesley got sports highlights, quarterback drama with the eagles. >> always some kind of quarterback drama. this time it's sam bradford saying he will sit out the eagles voluntary work-outs but will that cost him the starting quarterback job? the
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. ten-guage road trip to tomorrow ashen the hottest team in baseball. freddy galvis drove in three games, vincent velasquez, vince threw six shut-out and struck out six, retired the final nine, hector came in and got his first career save. back to back for the first time
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in almost three years. 2-1 the final. eagles, they've not heard from sam after he asked for a trade. he's skipping the voluntary work-outs. that's going to be a problem because doug pederson is installing offense could this cost him the starting job. depends on when sam decides to show up and how fast he can learn it. we're going to talk more about the sam bradford standoff with eagles management and grade the birds draft when jeff mcc lain joins us. >> how much longer will he be out? . >> that's the point. >> thank you, hit you up -- lesley needs to know. stay with us. still ahead brand new photos of the
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the royal family will celebrate the birthday. princess charlotte is fourth in line. >> and the best wardrobe ever. >> she's looking very
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. i think tomorrow afternoon at times for some of us, 71 will be warmer spotty showers in the morning, spotty thunderstorms in the afternoon, showers looking likely tuesday, some sun wednesday, back to clouds on thursday and friday, showers around. warmer weekend. high temperatures in the 60's and 70's as opposed to'50ses. >> the ray of sunshine every now and again. what was appreciate it thank you for joining us. we're always on
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