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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. deadline day in atlantic city. we expect to find out later today if the resort town can make a major bond payment. we ' tell you what happens if they don't. jerry sandusky heads back to court today. what his luster will be asking a judge to do inside a center county courtroom. and young boy is killed in a deadly crash in east falls. what police are saying happened in the moments before the crash, plus an update on the other passengers. >> today is monday, may second, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. happy monday. it is monday, yes, meisha here with traffic. katie has your forecast. >> good morning, kicking off brand new week together two, accidents already out there. hopefully that's not a precursor of what's to come this morning. >> unfortunately, i got not the best news here to report,
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guys, another -- >> oh, starting already? >> i know, we had wanted to see things finally brighten out for mid week. just not looking like the cards are in our favor this time. so take a look at storm scan. not talking a wash out. but you have couple of little pocket of some showers out there really. nothing super major, it is enough so you might be flicking the windshield wipers number of times today, this will be throughout the morning. later today should see the clouds break for bit of sun. next to live look, "skycam 3", off in the distance look what's missing? you can't see any of the skyscrapers. so the clouds are very low, they're lying in very thick but regardless, at least it is not terribly chilly. at 49 degrees, dew point is at 45. so it is pretty saturated air mass, in other words, the closer that dew point temperature is to the actual air temperature, the more moisture rich the air mass is. and since we do have those numbers awfully close together, that means you have got again a lot of moisture to work with out there. so that said, don't be
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surprised if you see couple of showers out there, down the shore might ends up being more of periods of rain type of situation out there. so, expecting that these temperatures will have chance to moderate up, should hit 70 degrees in the city. regardless of that warmth, it is going to be at least a bit after dreary start for sure. meisha, over to you. >> going to be one of those mondays, all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, well we will do it together regardless whatever it is we will do it as a team. a look at the schuylkill eastbound before spring garden see cars going by, did have reports disable vehicle around the area, careful of that, still very dark out there, from the reports we heard, it was very hard to see if it is indeed still out there. the vine all open. looking good here, didn't close overnight. that's looking good. interstate 95 what you are looking at, headlights moving in the southbound direction at the vine looking real nice in and around this area. like i said, vine all good. looking good in the westbound, eastbound side, not closed overnight for that construction, always good news to wake up to. accident in new jersey route 42 southbound the ramp is closed 295 because of debris
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spill. make note of that. this can certainly slow you down, especially for those every trying to take the ramp, might get gaper delays, we push into the 5:00, another accident in hatfield, copper, downed wires, careful of this area. jen, brooke, back to you. >> new this morning, two people in the hospital after serious car crash in the east falls section of philadelphia. the car flipped over near fox street and abbottsford avenue after midnight. man and woman in their 20's are in stable condition right now. so far investigators have not yet figured out what caused the crash. well, crucial dead line for atlantic sit. >> i mayor don guardian is expected to announce that the resort will make the resort town will make a one- $.8 million bond payment. if not, the city will be the first new jersey community to default on it debt in 78 years. atlantic city close to running out of money because after slump in the casino industry. the state lawmakers considering two plans to help
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atlantic city avoid bankruptcy. >> new jersey department of education holds the first of three meetings this afternoon, on pushing back school start times. the plan would impact middle and high school student. officials are exploring the issues, benefits, options to the plan, parent, educators, student and the community are invited to camden county colleges blackwood campus today beginning at 4:00. >> jerry sandusky returns to a courtroom this morning trying to get a new trial n2012 jury convicted the former penn state assistant coach of 45 count of child sex abuse. he is serving a prison sentence of 40 to 60 years. sandusky's defense team will argue he didn't get a fair trial. our greg argos is head today center county for today's hearing, live later today on "eyewitness news". well, injury slicks is expected to start today in the federal corruption trial of pennsylvania representative chaka fattah less than week after defeat in the his first primary bat until two decades.
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fattah is accused of excepting bribes and using campaign funds and charitable contributions for his own use. he was indicted on the charges last year, fattah insists he has done nothing wrong. >> baby girl remains in critical condition after violent crash in east falls that killed a young boy and hurt seven other. it happened yesterday around 4:00 near henry avenue and schoolhouse lane. police say a car with three adult and four children inside was traveling northbound on henry avenue when it crossed over the center line. the car was hit by a southbound car caring two adult. two of the children in the first car were ejected from the back window. two off duty police officers were among the people who stopped to help. >> both of those officers stopped and rendered assistance, one officer actually went with the medic unit while working on one of the children. >> again, the infant girl is in critical condition. the rest of the victims are stable. right now investigators are still working to determine a cause, but they say, alcohol was not a factor.
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>> frightening moment for all involved when a car smashed into a pottstown home. only "eyewitness news" has this video of the teen driver being pulled from the car after the crash. the bmw ran right into the front porch last night on wilson street. miraculously, both inside the car suffered minor injuries. and no one inside the home was hurt. investigators tell us, eyewitnesses saw the car fishtailing on the wet road just before the crash. >> the investigation into the death after delaware teen killed at school continues. last night, her family, friends, gathered say good-bye. funeral services were held in wilmington for 16 year old amy joyner francis, died from injuries suffered during assault inside howard high school. so far no charges have been filed. >> in campaign 2016 centers on indianna holtz its primary tomorrow, donald trump insists he'll win. while campaigning in fort wayne, trump maintain the race for the republican nomination is over. even though he does not yet
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have the 1237 delegates needed to lock it up. trump repeated that both ted cruz and john kasich should drop out of the race. >> because you look at these guys that i'm running against, hanging by their fingernails. they're just like barely hanging on. so they have no road to victory. >> cruz has made it clear he has no plans to drop out during a rally in lafayette. he focus dollars on the economy, comparing it to a broken car and trump to the guy who yells at it. >> you know if you have a car that's broken down do you want your neighbor to come stand in the driveway and to come and yell and scream and curse at the car or do you want someone to lift the hood and actually fix the engine? >> cruz has placed strong emphasis on indianna t could be his last chance to wrestle away a significant number of delegates from trump and force a contested convention. >> hillary clinton is focusing lesson bernie sanders and more on donald trump. during a rally in indianapolis, the democratic
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frontrunner said trump can only blame himself for violence at his rallies. she told supporters, trump divides people without under standing the consequences. >> well, this talk there is hateful talk about immigrant, about muslims, about women, i mean, enough, enough. >> sanders says his passion to the nomination depends on winning six a % of the delegates. >> that is admit addly, i do not deny it for a second, a tough road to climb, but it is not an impossible road to climb. >> sanders is also making it clear he has no plans to end his campaign, at least for now. >> well, still ahead, thousands of runners brave sunday's wet weather to take part in the broad street run. >> and one competitor took home more than just a metal for finishing. >> also ahead, a historic church in new york city gutted by fire we have what was
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happening inside in the hours before the flames broke out. >> and it is the end of an area at the circus, see the final performance every these elephants, plus where they are headed now. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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back on "eyewitness news", firefighters remain on the scene of this four alarm fire at historic church in manhattan. flames pour through the roof sunday evening. the church had celebrated orthodox easter earlier in the day. five people were hurt including four firefighters. right now authorities say there is a threat of collapse from the church's facade. >> and here is a live picture of the scene. the church's in the center of your screen right there, fire fight remembers still there working on hot spots. and the street is barricaded, just work to go make sure people stay safe. >> it is the final curtain for elephant performing with the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus.
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>> the crowd cheered in rhode island last night, as six elephant touring with the circus made their final appearances. earlier in the day, five he will pants performed for the last time. the animals are moving to the wringling center for elephant conservation in florida. >> all of 43 of detroit's public schools are closed today, as teachers plan a sick-out protest over funding issues. the teachers union announced the plans sunday, one day after official said the district has no money to keep paying the teachers over the summer. michigan governor rick snyder freed up emergency funding last march, to get the district through the end of the school year. >> a ship full of passengers are on historic voyage this morning, carnival cruise ship with more than 700 people on board left miami yesterday, sailing to havana cuba and two other cities. many of the travelers are cuban born returning after the country loose ends its policy on letting those who left return by sea. >> this crews will depart every other week from miami. >> well, a lot of sore muscles
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this morning after 40,000 runners tackled the 37 annual broad street run. >> the race stretched from broad and fisher to olney, all the way to the navy yard in south philly. runners braved the cold and rain to complete yesterday's 10-mile race. they came prepared, wearing ponchos, crash bags, anything just trying to stay dry. some even i saw them taping their shoes. but for one run they are year's race was extra special. >> i love with you all my heart. will you marry me? >> i didn't know, i had no idea. he really surprised me. >> the newly engaged couple met in college no detail on wedding date yet. >> how cool is that? >> oh, congratulations,. >> that was a miserable morning, though, i'm telling you, i walked out of my house yesterday, glad i'm not running. 4:43, way to rain on their parade. >> isn't that good luck, although that's wedding day. >> morning, couple every
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accident out there, hopefully that's not a thing to comfort rest of the morning. >> more rain, katy? >> more rain, looks like scattered, certainly what we are finding on storm scan, won't be widespread wash out like yesterday, but we do have more wet weather to track. that's what we are looking at. it doesn't look like a pattern that will change all that much throughout the course of the week. so we take you out here, show you what's up. continuing to track basically a multitude of areas of low pressure for the next couple of days. if you know anything about high and/or low pressure, typically high pressure bridges fair weather, low pressure bridges this, rounds every rain and/or thunderstorms in some casino of variety, so little area of low pressure today, another one tomorrow, by wednesday we should quiet down at least for little bit here. that looks like the driest day at least, but at the moment you can see moisture starting to build through, that's going to bring us some scattered showers and/or thundershowers throughout the day, looking ahead here again more wet we err on tap. let's take a look at future weather. we jump forward by couple of
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hours, again, isn't a wash out. not everyone getting hit, could be brief, locally downpours that come could in with any of the showers. looks like we end one some breaks every sunday shine as the day progresses, how much, not out of the woods, because even by tonight, additional showers are set to fire up as well as maybe even some periods of light rain maybe even some steady rainout there. looking ahead to tomorrow, though, more of the same essentially here, so you will see round of rain basically for the next couple of days with hit and miss breaks along the way. no wash-out, but enough that we have to just call it unsettled for the majority of this week, watching for spotty showers, breaks of sun today, at least milder, get up to 50 degrees. tonight, looking ahead to the seven day, doesn't look awesome. thursday does bring what looks to me like the the wettest day of the pack, at least little milder for us, mid 50's, mid 60s, rather, at minimum. and we will see some bright spots along the way, meisha. >> yes, at least next weekend, katie, went right there, looks nice. something to look forward
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tonight good morning, hammy monday to you, looking outside, couple of accident. first 995 headlights moving in the southbound direction at the vine, looking good, speaking of the vine, closed last night, the vine looking pretty good. blue route, mid-county, looking nice and quiet. roadways looking dry, for now. and a look in new jersey 42 freeway, creek road, approaching 295, this is what you are looking at, plenty of headlights out there already. we can expect that even in the 4:00 hour specially on a monday morning, they tends to be pretty darn busy. this is where we have some construction route 42 southbound off ramp to 295 closed right now for repairs from an earlier accident. so just know that that ramp is closed, i'll let you know when that frees up. downed pole and wires, copper road at snowball drive. i'll let you know when this clears, as women. not causing too many slow downs, volume level won't support. that will but when we crack into the 5:00 hour, go deeper, if it doesn't get cleared out of our way, it certainly can. jim, brooke, back to you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, royal birthday. >> we'll show you how
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kensington palace is celebrating principal set charlotte's
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>> very important financial deadline for atlantic city tops this morning's headlines. the mayor expected to announced to if the sitly make a $1.8 million bond payment. if not, atlantic city will be the first new jersey municipality to default on it debt in 78 years. >> young boy killed, baby girl in critical condition after a car crash yesterday afternoon in east falls. two cars crashed head on near henry avenue and schoolhouse lane about 4:00 this afternoon, 4:00 in the afternoon, excuse me, police are investigating the possible cause. former penn state football coach and child molester jerry sandusky expected in center county pennsylvania courtroom today. he wants his child sex abuse charges thrown out r wants a new trial, he is serving 30-60 year sentence for the abuse every ten boys.
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>> time is 4:49. >> joining us from the new york torque stock exchange, jill, talked about new york city earlier, but puerto rico will also de found on millions in bond payment, right? >> reporter: that's right, puerto rico will default on $370 million in pond payment starting today. over the weekend 11 hour efforts to negotiate a deal with creditors failed, nearly all of the bound held by hedge funds, mutual fund. puerto rico governor says the government cannot pay those bonds without cutting essential services, brooke, jim? >> illinois woman suing starbucks for putting too much ice in its drink. what's that all about? >> all right, she says, there is too much ice, and not enough actual coffee. according to the class action lawsuit, customers, for example, who would order a v emt e, paying for 24 ounces of coffee ice takes up about 10 ounces of the cup. actually seek being $5 million
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in damages. starbucks, they call the lawsuit absurd, brooke, jim. >> she does have a point, though. >> i knew you were going to go there. >> you know what, she does, right? >> because i sit there every once in a while in the summer team, they put a lot of ice in there. maybe she will share with the rest of us her 5 million? >> may be. >> thanks so much, jill. >> you know what? you have the ice, then the drink goes too quickly. >> exactly. >> we'll check in with you a little later on. >> meanwhile, royal family celebrating princess charlotte's first birthday today. >> yes, kensington palace released these photos over the weekends taken by the dutchess of cambridge. along with brother prince george, mom, dad, will celebrate at the family home. princess charlotte is fourth in line to the british thrown. >> she a good too far err. those are great pictures. meantime, justice of cambridge gracing june's cover of british vogue, fashion magazine commemorating 100 anniversary, ten page spread will feature eight photos showing the dutchess in the
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english country side. the first magazine photo shoot kate has ever agreed do. >> because you don't turn down vogue. >> no, you don't. we'll get you on there eventually one day. coming up up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. >> clouds and showers this morning, but katie tells us when the sun will return. >> we'll be right back.
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>> this will be one of those weeks, dealing with multitude of low pressure, in other words, potential for unsettled weather every single day. there are days that are better than others, at the moment, we are finding here a spotty shower, generally the story throughout the course of the day, tomorrow, you might see some showers, as well. one real nice little victory that comes along with multiple days of rain, though, is this, the pollen levels are so much lower the next couple every days, which bodes very well for any allergy suffer out there, tree pollen still the primary threat. let's look ahead, every day, i know, does have little wet
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weather out there. there are days that are weather than other, though, actuals, thursday, right now, look like the days that you probably really want to keep umbrella on hand, wednesday, not terrible. you should see some sunshine, but will still be shower out there. then looking ahead to the weekend, women it, does warm up at least. still, potential for a shower either day, meisha. >> no fun. >> i know. >> oh, like you want to try to act like you're happy about it. i'm just not happy about t all right, good morning, everyone, hammy monday to you. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching wissahickon avenue. what you are looking at right now we push toward the 5:00 hour, looking good, roadways still dry in most cases so right now looking okay here, 95 south at cottman. what you are looking at, first look out at cottman, actually looking pretty good. pretty quiet. we hope that that kind of pulls into the 5:00 hour. because we know this will get real busy. right now, 95 south at cottman looking good, we do have construction here from earlier accident in new jersey involving a debris spill. route 42 southbound off ramp to 295 closed for repairs, make note of that for those of
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in you and around that area, also here, south broad street repaving between oregon avenue and 95. between these times, seven a.m. and 4:00 p.m., 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays until may 20th. i'll be tweeting that out, as well, jim, over to you. >> if your headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio 1060". also, budget hearings continue in philadelphia city council. which agency is requesting more money? >> police are warning visitors of a possible cell phone scam ahead of the democratic national convention, and the powerball jackpot continues to grow to well over $300 million. check in two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live with a critical decision today in atlantic city and the impact it could have on the entire state. plus:
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> teetering on the brink of financial collapse, atlantic city faces another critical deadline today. the ripple effect the sitly cause across new jersey, if it can't pay the bills. plus, jerry sandusky is heading back to court today. we have the case he's making to get a new trial. >> and, our umbrellas will get a work out this week. our friend katie is tracking several chance of showers over the next few days. she'll let you know when the sun will start to peak through. good morning, today is monday may second, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brock thomas and yes katie is still our friend. keeping an eye on things this morning. >> hi, guys, ya, happy monday. the roads are looking actually
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okay. we do have an accident, cup many of those moving out of our way. are we going to see it today? >> almost every single day features some wet weather chance, there are weather days than others, no days are certainly a wash out, jim. >> you just report the wetter. >> thank you for acknowledging that. that's important, faiths -- folks, i don't want your hate tweet, please. off in the distance, yes, fog pretty much just too low at this point, see it is little damp out there. there are some showers, we head next to storm scan3, at the moment, what you are finding very, very isolated pockets of very light rain. this is not enough that i would say keep the umbrella at the ready. but you are going to see those scattered showers maybe even rumble every thunder at some point throughout the course of the day, 48 degrees the current temperature at the airport, currently low 50's down through the shore towns, a.c. airport still checks in at 48 degrees, couple of other shore towns, upper 40's, generally up and down the new jersey coastline, little bit mild nerveeh


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