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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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okay. we do have an accident, cup many of those moving out of our way. are we going to see it today? >> almost every single day features some wet weather chance, there are weather days than others, no days are certainly a wash out, jim. >> you just report the wetter. >> thank you for acknowledging that. that's important, faiths -- folks, i don't want your hate tweet, please. off in the distance, yes, fog pretty much just too low at this point, see it is little damp out there. there are some showers, we head next to storm scan3, at the moment, what you are finding very, very isolated pockets of very light rain. this is not enough that i would say keep the umbrella at the ready. but you are going to see those scattered showers maybe even rumble every thunder at some point throughout the course of the day, 48 degrees the current temperature at the airport, currently low 50's down through the shore towns, a.c. airport still checks in at 48 degrees, couple of other shore towns, upper 40's, generally up and down the new jersey coastline, little bit mild nerve rehoboth. at the moment, though, we can
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expect cloudy somewhat damp day with a few scattered showers about. what's nice about this, though, is that temperatures are at least going to rebound. we expect to actually hit about 70 degrees or so later on today. just meisha don't bank on heck of a lot of sunshine, that's the thing. >> and this is a thing. i guess we have to go with the temperatures on, that because there no silver lining with all of this rain. is there? good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. ben franklin bridge what you are looking a see some of the fog out there. actually looking little damp. which can cause some visibility issues, but, right now, it is looking good looking good around girard, and take a look at this, from earlier accident new jersey involving a debris, route 42 southbound, off ramp to 295 is closed for repairs right now. that's going to cause some problems for some of you especially if that doesn't get cleared out of the way. i'll let you know's soon that
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is does. south broad street repaving between oregon avenue and i95 seven p.m. to four -- 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., seven p.m. to 6:00 a.m. i'll be tweeting this out all morning, as well. >> well, tough call for atlantic city. >> the mayor decides to pay a bond or default. jan carabeo live on the atlantic city boardwalk this morning, jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, here is the issue, $1.8 million bond payment is due today, but the mayor hearsays it is uncertain if the city has the necessary money to pay that bill and continue to pay for city services. so, happening here today, at 11:00 a.m., mayor don guardian is expected to talk about his decision and the future of atlantic city. >> if atlantic city default on it bonds it, would be the first new jersey municipality to do so in 78 years. and it could impact the entire
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state. because in atlantic city default could hurt new jersey's credit rating. atlantic city bond payment technically due on sunday but it gets an extra day since that fell on a weaken. and it is expected to soffits next tax payment, but mayor don guardian says it is unclear if that's issues enough cash. continue to argue over plans to help atlantic city avoid bankruptcy. state senate passed take over plans supported by governor chris christie, but democratic assembly speaker has refused to put it up for a vote in that chamber partly because it would allow to break contract. has instead introduced his own plans that would give the city two years to fix its issues before the take-overtakes effect. now, if atlantic city does default on this payment, then it would be the first to do so since fort lee back in 1938, that borough went onto bankruptcy later that year. this decision by mayor don
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guardian announced here in atlantic city at 11:00 today. we'll follow it on air and on line at for now live in atlantic city, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jan. tragic crash in east falls kills a young boy and hurts eight others including a infant. police say car with seven people inside crossed the center line on henry avenue yesterday and was hit by another car with two people inside. two children in the first car were ejected from the become window, infant girl in critical condition, the rest of the victims in stable condition, and right now investigators are still working to figure out why this happened, but they are saying alcohol was not a factor. two people are hurt after their car slammed into a pottstown home. teen being pulled after the karch bmw ran into the front porch on wilson street, no one inside the home was hurt but investigators tell us eyewitnesses saw the car fishtailing on the wet road
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just before the crash. jury selection begins today in the trial of representative chaka fattah, senior, fattah accused of misusing campaign funds and charitable grants and excepting bribes. owe insisted did he nothing wrong, he lost his congressional battle last week to state senator dwight evans. jerry sun dust kiss scheduled to return to court this morning, trying to appeal his conviction on 45 count of child sex abuse. the former penn state assistant football coach is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence, expected to argue did he not receive fair trial. our greg argos will be live from center county later today for "eyewitness news". still no charges this morning, in the death after delaware teenager. family, friends, gathered last night to say good-bye, funeral services were held in wilmington for 16 year old amy joyner francis, died from injuries suffered during assault inside howard high
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school of technology. classmates, teachers will among those paying their respects. i feel responsible from the school point every view where i want to come out and join the family. this is personal to me. this is my school. i love my school. three girls were arrested, they expect to file charges, but the investigation is ongoing. >> while in -- violent clashes follow peaceful may day in march in seattle. can tie captain list protesters lit fireworks, through rocks, flares, molotov cocktails, by the time it was over there were nine arrests and five injured police officers. henry, cbs affiliate, cairo, in the thick of it. >> and the protest got going, police set the tone, officers in riot gear blocked the marchers after only a block. >> really didn't give them any place but to stop here. right now pinned. >> eventually the protesters turned around, and made their way to downtown launching
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fireworks, smashing windows. >> authority is the only rule there is, and they are crushing us under their boots. >> soon the police lost patience after several officers were attacked. they used blast balls, along with bikes to chase crowd past the stadium into the cosco parking lots. there told to disband, when they refused, several arrests were made. >> we said all along we will march around town with people all day long as long as it is peaceful, and unfortunately, once the assault damaged property damage started we started. >> how restrictive see sat he will police were, we could see the protesters lashing out at everything and everyone,
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managed to go after people including spray painting me while doing live news coverage earlier sunday, cbs news. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> the press of atlantic city reporting child drowned in egg harbor township swimming pool overnight saturday. local police have been searching for the four year old boy in the area of the london court condominium. the boy drowned accidentally but did not release any additional details. >> from the intelligence err, the air force is investigating potential contamination at new jersey's joint base mcguire fort dix lakehurst. involving potential danger in health effect relate to the foam used to put out fuel fires during training exercises and emergencies. from the front page of the burlington county times operation yellow ribbon of south jersey organized welcome home celebration from robert hood of medford after he served the past six months in afghanistan, member of the us army reserve and pemberton
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township police offerser. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, students will want to hear this possible change could let some kids sleep in later in the morning. >> plus: because you know you look at these guys running against, now, they are hanging by their fingernails. they're just like barely hanging on. >> the presidential candidate trade insult ahead of the primary in indianna. we'll show you which underdog has the best shot of pulling off a win tomorrow. >> and don't look now, but the phillies are the hottest team in baseball. what is behind the phils sudden surge in the standings? >> ♪ >> it is monday, if you don't have to be stressed out. >> you're always stressed out. >> stay with us.
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presidential candidates are chris crossing indianna one day before the primary. polls favor republican donald trump. >> on the other side, hena daniels reports, the race is tightening between two democrats. >> donald trump continues to paint himself as the eventual gop nominee. mocking his rival chances at a campaign event in indianna sunday night. >> hanging on by their fingernails, like just barely hanging on. >> trump win here would put him even closer to chin chipping the republican nomination ahead of the summer convention. trailing trump by 15-point, in the state, rival ted cruz is counting on indianna voters to stop that from happening. >> i believe in the men and women gathered here that we will not give in to evil. >> identifying the general election, hillary clinton courted african-americans at
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naacp dinner detroit yesterday. >> it is about versus division, compassion versus selfishness, and love versus hate. >> clinton is 90% on the way to clinching her party's nomination. but fate is a bitter fight in indianna against rival bernie sanders. >> look to me like we're going to win here on tuesday. >> polls indicate the vermont senator is within striking distance, of winning the democratic primary in indianna tomorrow. >> hip happen list judge will hold the first hearing today on how to settle prince's estate. his sister filed papers last week saying the musician didn't have a will. this means under minnesota law his estate would divided among his surviving siblings. his estate estimated around
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300 million but growing with recent albumn sales. >> well, it is not exactly a great start to the week, but my allergies are feeling little better. >> feel good. rain has been good. katie doesn't look like things will get much better for the rest every us? >> no in terms of the wet weather obviously positive's to this. jim's allergies are better, also the spring flowers get nice little drink out of the wet weather rolling through. problem is not catching too much after break here because we do at least see high pressure build in for one day, but that's it. mooing being with our region, that said, whole slew of other impacts that come along with that mainly because such moisture rich air mass in place right now, just an example every what you are looking at out there. outside pleasant valley high schools up at broad heads vial, we have very low-lying cloud cover. sun comes up earlier and earlier butt will be with us the next few hours even though the sun comes up looks have tough time break that apart initially. watch for poor visible. that's where we turn our focus
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next, just looking at the region as a whole in terms of visible, not ideal. you're still up at 10:00 at fray. up near the mountains. i mean, you can barely see your hand in front of your face, under half mile there. or at least under three, the northern suburbs, down near the shore towns, not looking good either. please keep that in mind. fog out there. come through patchy, locally dense. looking at storm scan, yes, moisture to work work initially all we are dealing with is very, very scattered showers. the brunt of any moisture currently on the map is well out to our west. but there is will be a day that features a shower, maybe thundershower, almost any time. it is not a wash out. it is enough that we've got to call it un set he will. what do you need to know for the next couple of days? basically the jet, several weak disturbances moving through, we will see showers around each and every day, possibly rumble every thunder, will be temperatures stay spring like, mid 60s toward 70 degrees or so give or take depending on where you live and depending on the day. now wednesday is when high pressure tries to settle in. it won't have easy time doing
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it but looks right now like it will be the brightest day of the next few. watching for passing shower at worse that day, and then thursday, ya, that's the day i suggest the umbrella guys, by friday, still looking somewhat soggy, meisha. >> yes, it just looks that way. all right, katie, at least up to 70 today. i guess that's the kind of silver lining we have to find. good morning, 95 headlight moving in the southbound direction, this is right around the vine, you can see, certainly starting to heat up ever so slicely, girard around cottman as well, basically you what looking at headed out the door this morning, 422, tail light moving in the eastbound direction, right at trooper road, looking good. starting to heat up. we did expect it on a monday morning it, will heat up in the 5:00 hour certainly into the 6:00 hour. we will probably see the same levels build all the way through wednesday and thursday and try to usually settle it down just little bitment schuylkill headlight in the westbound direction, see it moving in both direction action, plenty of activity out there already. looking okay. i would say you probably will be slowing down little bit as
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you push into the 6:00 hour. every time on a monday and any time talking about rainy would say maybe give yourself couple every extra minutes, accident in hatfield now cleared. what we're seeing right now is down pole and wires because of the earlier accident, couple road closed between snowball drive and 40-foot road. as they're trying to move the wires out of the road, use an all the that the. best alternate main street or welsh rd. also mass transit, ac rail line bussing, bridge repairs, the reason for it, april 30th through may six and may 14th through may 20th. make sure to check your schedules on line, jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a seriously who saw this coming? the phillies are one of the hottest teams in bathes ball. >> but what we all opportunity know is there early success too good to be true? here talking baseball, what's happening, in the. >> pretty interesting start to the season. i don't think people saw this coming but good to see between 2012 and 2015 the phillies lost a lot of games. try 358 to be exact, or about
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90 per season. >> this year at least for the first month the losing has stopped. so it is something special on the horizon? well, it began with a sweep of the nationals. then over the weekends the phillies took three more from the cleveland indians at home. so 15 and ten record, only four teams in the majors have a better record right now. which is a stunning turn around, for a team that lost 99 games last year, and looks prime for another 90 lost season this year. so how are they doing it? well, it is a collective effort from a bunch of guys, just now becoming familiar with. >> we know we are kind of -- we need little more offense. but, you know, pitching defense wins games. it is the old addage, and as long as we're in the game, we feel like we can win. so of course, i would like to get some more offense out of our guys. and i think we will little by little. for right now i choose to believe that we're as good as our record. >> our starters give us a chance to win, both -- i mean,
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you know, we're not out slugging anybody by any means. two, three run games at the most, you know, it shows how good they are. >> something special on the horizon, even if it doesn't last all season, they must find more offense, currently ranked 26 in baseball, in runs scores, however the pitching has been impressive. so let's all hope for fun sum freer your fighting phils right now, one of the best teams in baseball. weirds to see. >> early but what are you most impressed. >> vince val he is quest, came over in the ken giles trade, four and one so far. one and a half ea. , can't ask for much more than that out after young pitcher and the earn tire staff. >> we'll take it. >> certainly will. >> appreciate t coming up next, shutting down. which major sport retail is her going out of business, and closing everyone of its
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animals ruled the box operation for the third straight week. >> mogley belongs to my pack. mogley, they've give ten a name. >> movie so cool. jungle book is turning into a beast, in theatres, winning the box office battle with $42 million. listen, it easily beat three new movies. huntsman, winter war, tide for second, with a little more than $9 million. mothers say in barber shop the next cut rounds out the top five.
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>> you just started a war. >> but yes, you can probably count on some superheros, ending the jungle book's rain this weekend. captain america hits theatres thursday night. block busters featuring captain america iron man already made about $200 million, last weekend, in 37 international territories. that includes record openings in mexico, brazil and the philippines. and who do you got to call when your movie is getting slammed before it even hits theatres? the trailer for the new ghost busters reboot is now the most dislike movie trailer ever, on youtube. more than 600,000 people have given the video a thumbs down, since it debuted two months ago, we'll have to wait until july to see if it does any better in theatres. >> and in case for some reason you're wondering the most dis liked video of all time on youtube, it is justin bieber's baby. probably the biggest hit, too, you know, whatever. and here's proof that
5:26 am
celebrities like kim kardashian or maybe slightly, sometimes, not in touch with reality? kim tweeted this morning, okay, it is 2:00 a.m. just finish my spray tan, i'm so exhausted. i got to tell you the struck sell real. kim, i understand, i'm tired, too, got it for a different reason, but i hear you. so i guess you just have to make sure she looks good on the red carpet of the mat gala in new york tonight. that will be good stuff. we are going to -- watch the red carpet together, jim. >> she drives me nuts. i mean, 2:00 a.m. you're exhaust from the a spray tan? >> you would be too. >> oh, let's move on. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", new way to watch it. >> v. >> the latest offer to get to you cut the cord on cable. hey, justin? >> hey there, brooke. new jersey state education officials want to hear from you, the question is should schools start later, i'm justin finch coming up. we'll ask you rather tell you
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why they're asking and who will be impacted. >> by the way i like being pace i. anyway, plus, time to remember special moment for one runner after she crossed the finish line of the broad street run. katy? >> such a sewing broad street run at that. but now, things are at least a little quieter, the thing is more wet weather in for nor cast for many days to come. i'll tell if you there are any bright spot, how much, coming up
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>> sleepy students could get to spend a little more time in bed. we'll let you know how you can way in on a plan to start classes later in the day. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie says soggy start to may, which day will be the driest, first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> nine people transported to the hospital. >> baby girl remains in critical condition after violent crash in east falls, that killed a young boy, and hurt seven others. >> jerry sandusky returns to a courtroom this morning trying to get a new trial. >> and campaign 2016, centers on indianna, which holds it


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