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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> sleepy students could get to spend a little more time in bed. we'll let you know how you can way in on a plan to start classes later in the day. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie says soggy start to may, which day will be the driest, first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> nine people transported to the hospital. >> baby girl remains in critical condition after violent crash in east falls, that killed a young boy, and hurt seven others. >> jerry sandusky returns to a courtroom this morning trying to get a new trial. >> and campaign 2016, centers on indianna, which holds it primary tomorrow.
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>> look at these guys, i'm running against, hanging by their fingernails. >> this hateful talk about immigrants, about muslims, about women, i mean, enough. enough, that's not who we are. >> they win it today by final score of two to one. >> and the phillies are now the hottest team in baseball. >> they started ten game road trip today, first team up against them, the st. louis cardinals. >> katie is outside on the skydeck. how does the weather look for baseball practices around this area today? >> i wouldn't say it is horrible, it is not ideal certainly, but we are going to see is at least couple of scattered showers throughout the day maybe rumble every under this earn, if you hear thunder head inside. at least at this point where i stand, things are dry.
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that said, if you look behind me, you have to see, those skyscrapers because the fog has settled in very, very well for our area. find scattered showers, through the next couple of weeks, at least, odds are good that things are going to stay much above average here. >> good news, if we can, try to get out to storm scan3, but again what you are finding out there are scattered showers throughout the course of the day as well as potential for some breaks of sunshine, let's look back quickly at april, in review. we talk about the beginning of month of may looking little soggy out there, precipitation this past month, was below average. so, we could really use the rain at this point. there you have it on storm scan once more. scattered shatters, and you'll see sort of variety pack essentially here, some sun, some clouds, scattered shower perhaps thundershower. we expect to eventually hit
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07 degrees at some point later today but fosh now just again little dreary outside. a lot of fog that could certainly lead to some poor visibility depending where you are traveling. meanwhile there are several shower chances through the entire week, there is one particular day of the next five better than the rest looking ahead to warming trend, all of the details on that trend as we move forward in the show, we send it into you. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. this is one area picking up before some of the other areas, so thinking about headed out to the blue route anywhere around route one what you are looking at i would say leave little earlier rather than later. ninety-five north at 452, looking good, you can see that haze in the area giving you some visibility issues northbound, southbound side looking good, take it up to the airport northbound what
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you are looking at, looking all right. not bad for busy monday morning. construction here, south broad street repaved between oregon and 95 between seven a.m. and four p.m. and seven p.m. to 6:00 a.m. this will be going on weekdays until may 20th. almost the entire month of may. debris spill cleared, closed between snow paul drive and 40-foot road. use alternate, main street, welsh rd. is your best bet for now, jim, brooke, back to you. >> how would you like to hit that snooze button? new jersey considering pushing back the school day for many student. >> justin finch is live in pennsauken, new jersey with more on what is shined the proposal. justin? >> good morning, health and performance of student taking center stage why they're considering 8:30 a.m. start time or later for new jersey student, now, last month, they did send out education officials surveys to all of
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their school district, and now, they are holding public meetings, and one is set for tonight here in camden county. now there is comes about almost a year after state lawmakers passed a law to consider these later start times. that time being no earlier than 8:30 a.m. for schools across the state. now, that is a recommendation by the american academy of pediatrics, and that proposed change would impact middle and high school student. now, the national sweet foundation rec adolescent get as much as nine hours of sleep per night. the agency now estimate, only getting seven hours or less. and that deficit they warn can impact the decision-making skills in the classrooms happen outside, as women, also impacts the development of their still growing minds. now this morning, we did hear support for later start times also heard strong arguments for keeping things the way they are. >> get more sleep it, means
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better performance in schools. >> big trickle down feebling, once you change one thing you got to think about the morning pirogue program then after school program. >> it sound like that man there is thinking about the parent in all of this, caring for their kids, also trying to figure out where to put them, what that later start time and also, how to take care of them with the latest end time. that means today goes from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the camden county college of blackwood campus, there are more meetings set for this week and next week, in central and north new jersey, live in pennsauken, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, justin, that's interesting story. >> meanwhile, happening today, atlantic sitly decide between bonds payment or default. today's the deadline for bond payment of $1.8 million at the resort city doesn't pay it, a default could lower new jersey's credit rating. state lawmakers are considering bills designed to help atlantic city avoid bankruptcy. >> the time now 5:36. in business news, this morning, you may never lose your luggage again.
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which sporting goods store is bail out of the game. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning, brooke, jim. investors waiting for the april jobs report comes out friday. lag week fell, nasdaq dropped philadelphia. futures are pointing to lower market. bull market in record tori. current market 2,608 days long, the second longest in history. it started on march 9th, 2009. after the great recession. >> sports authority is closing all of its four ooh stores, according to forbes, already filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in march, initially said it would only close 143 stores, the company more than a billion dollars in debt. >> hue lou is working on subscription service to stream speeds of tv channels, similar to dishes link tv. wall street journal says it could launch early neck year,
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direct competition to traditional pay tv providers. >> and delta want to make sure it never loses your luggage, airlines rolling out new technology, travelers will be able to track their bags, bag tax embedded with special chip, travelers would be able to track their bags, using an app, this should be available at the end of this year. brooke, jim? >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> don't trust any airline with my luggage, and i used to work for an airline. >> well then would you know, then you have the scoop. >> yes. thanks so much, brooke, jill, excuse me. >> pennsylvania's state police are paying tribute to one of their own killed in the line of duty. trooper david was killed in a accidental shooting during training exercise at montgomery county gun range back in 2014, plaque will be unveiled later today at the skippack station of the state police. >> philadelphia police are taking a dramatic new approach to diffuse potentially deadly
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confrontations. >> first ever reality based training for philadelphia police officers, goal to help them make decision that is could save lives on the street. >> key don't lose any officers, and we don't lose any i have civilians unnecessarily. >> drop the weapon, show me your hands. >> cbs-3's walt hunter takes you inside ground breaking new effort to teach officers how to protect themselves and other, by learning new methods to decrease violence. you won't want to miss his exclusive report that's tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. up in flames. a his tore he can church is destroyed by a massive fire. >> why the timing that far fire is specially tragic. >> plus, the irk us -- circumstance lust have a new look the next time it comes to town. we'll show you the big finale for the elephant, what the animals will do next. >> i don't be prouder of the girls for taking something so difficult in our lives and
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turning it into something positive. >> and running with a purpose. she is one of the youngest fighters trying to find a cure for breast cancer. hear her inspiring story as we get ready for this weekend's race for the cure. stay with us.
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> raging four alarm fire destroys fire in new york city, flames gutted the serbian orthodox cathedral last night, churr hatch just celebrated orthodox easter earlier in the day.
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five people were hurt, right now authorities say there is a threat of collapse from the church's facade. >> let's check in with the weather watchers now. >> katie, looking like a dreary beginning to the week? >> guys, spec to go see additional round every wet weather move in here, we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, start on photos here, taking a quick peak at one, greg mccoy sent in to us, sending this in from delaware. a lot of puddles still out there, we do also have couple of showers are currently just moved through. so as a result you might find, you know, few excuses to flick the windshield wipers once, twice, tack it back out to the map view, take a look at observation, generally very, very consistent, this has been theme lately we've had the temperatures within certain range all across the board, no major variation on that, so, mid and upper 50s generally speaking, take you further inland here, to start things off here with fran, he has 49 degrees, a lot of clouds out in nottingham, chester county, another one further
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off to the north, all the way up here to, where, charles is reporting, and he's just got a lot of clouds out there. we would love to see your next profile picture, up load it when you get the chance. sunday was dank day, i'm with you, so dreary outside, but i hate to tell you it looks like we will see continued rounds of showers, and/or few thunderstorms, in the next few days. it is not the most active looking pattern, when you look at it as face value, but here's what's up. basically frontal boundary almost straight back here, see the pieces of energy moving through. one here, there is another back here. we will have another one for the tail end of the week, so what that will basically mean is that every single day, bridges the potential at least for some wet weather. there are weather days than other, tuesday, thursday, these are the daisy had highly suggest that you take the umbrella along, look to be the wet he, today shower, thunder shower, wednesday passing shower at worse, that looks like decent day overall, and then toward the tail end of the week, another round of
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some showers expected by friday. temperatures at least aren't terribly chilly at worse talking mid six off's, and by the weekend should rebound little bit more, too, meisha? >> katie, thank you so much for. that will good morning, everyone, hammy monday to you. taking a look at 422, collegeville, headlight moving in the eastbound direction near route 29, see what you are working with, a lot of headlight, but overall fairly questioned you will. schuylkill, approaching gulph mills, what your you are looking at both eastbound and westbound sides again, plenty of taillights, plenty of headlight out there. malvern, to two, tail light in the northbound direction, past chesterbrook boulevard, what you are looking at, actually looking pretty good here i would say looking fairly quai net that area. burlington bristol bridge now open, reopened, it was closed all weekend long for the construction, now burlington bristol bridge roman looking good. downed pole and wires, between snowball drive and 40-foot road. you will have to use alternate to get it around this while they clean this up. main street or welsh rd. will be your best bet.
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also in the world of mass transit be sure to check your schedules on line, take a look at this, ac rail line bussing because of the bridge repairs, you are going to have to make note of these dates, as well, april 30th to may six, and also may 14th to may 20th. and i'll be tweeting this out, as well. overall dealing with mass transit just always make sure to check your schedules on line, airport flights are looking pretty good this morning. >> the parkway will be pack with thousands every runners and walkers this sunday for the annual race for the cure. >> katie is here with the story of young girl, who is on mission, to find a cure for breast cancer. >> that is right. guys. yes, breast cancer diagnosis can certainly have aim pact on the whole family. and one woman's battle with the disease led her daughter to takings as one of the youngest fighters for a cure. >> marissa greenwood's practice dollars ballet since she was three. >> my dream was really to be on the point shoes and this year i'm on point, so it is
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real exciting. >> dance may top marissa's list for favorite extra curricular, this is one active ten year old. she place hoops, she draws, she fosters a serious love for dolphins. >> i got this for last year for my birthday. >> like your mascot? >> yes. >> but in 2014, marissa's busy life screeched to a halt when her mom, gina, was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> the day after easter i got a phonecall and it just my heart dropped. it was just heart wrenching to hear that news. >> i was in tears. i like didn't think i was going to get over it. >> went from one day, thinking about all of the normal things families think of, how to get to the activities, how to study for a test, to where is she going to get chemo. >> marissa found soleness this book entitled ask my moodering how i feel, story of a little girl whose mother is diagnosed with breast cancer? when got the book, my mom was getting treatment, while i found the book. >> the main character makes a
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promise, or pro mesa. >> i got inspired by the book, and i wanted to make my own pro mess a. we're going to ask god and the virgin to help your mother. explained n return each. us is going to do something special. >> it is a promise she will fulfill this mothers day as she trades in her pink ballet noose for sneakers, to walk in a sea of pink at this year's race for the cure. she is even a team captain. leading team race for gina in honor of her mom. >> since she went through breast cancer, i thought she would be named after her. >> gina by the way after six rounds of chemo, is cancer free. >> you must be just so proud of your caughter? >> for her to come and decide to do this race and to raise money for sufficient a special cause, really, really means so much to me. >> and the whole family will be out on the course with her. >> i couldn't be prouder of the girls for taking something so difficult, in our lives, and turning it into something positive. >> but march ace and little sister sophia both realize the
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fight continues for many others. >> what my sister went through, so i want to raise money to help finds a cure for breast cancer. >> i am really looking forward to just seeing everybody like just raising money and walking, to just find a cure for it. >> such a special kid. and what a lovely family. and marissa originally set a goal guys to raise $500. but she has already far surpassed that goal, at last check has raised over 2,000. >> oh, that's amazing. >> such a fantastic kid, so looking forward to seeing all of them out on the art museum stems. her mom gina will be walking down the steps as a survivor for the first time. >> thanks for sharing their store. >> i absolutely. great stories out there. >> cbs-3 proud to support susan g. komen in the fight against breast cancer, join the "eyewitness news" team sunday morning, our entire morning team will be there. you can walk or run with us by registering at
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everyone who registers will get a team cbs-3 -- with team cbs-3 a special miami tiff t-shirt. we hope to see you there sunday. >> our good family friend, carol erickson will be joining us, as well, looking forwards to seeing carol. spoke to her the other day. she coming along. >> three things you need to know today. >> malea obama makes her college choice with a catch. what the first daughter plans to do before she starts classes.
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>> tackling the annual broad street run. >> race stretched from broad and fish nerve olney all the way to the navy yard in south philly. runners braved the cold and rain to complete yesterday's 10-mile race. they came prepared, though, wearing ponchos, trash bags, some were taping their shoes, anything to try and stay drive. for one runner no matter the rain this year's race was extra special. >> i love with you all my heart. will you marry me? >> lee ho surprised his girlfriend at the finish line. he didn't even run the broad street run because of a torn acl. but his running partner kim says, kim is now his fiancee. >> i had no idea, none what soar. >> in order to catch her, out
5:54 am
of the blue, i think this is the best time. >> good stuff. the newly engaged couple met in college. no detail on a wedding date just yet. >> and it is the final curtain call for elephant performing with the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. >> the crowd cheered in rhode island last night, as six elephant touring with the circus made their final appearances, earlier in the day five elephants performed for the last time in wilkes-barre, kenneth, the chairman of the parent company that owns ringling brothers. he spoke about ending the 200 year tradition. >> bittersweet decision, no question about that, but it is the best thing, and we felt this was the right time to do it. >> the elephant are moving to the ring link's center for elephant conservation in florida. >> a lot of animal activists very happy about that. >> a lot of families are deciding colleges at this time of the year in the first family is no different. the president and first lady's oldest daughter malea announced she will attend harvard university. here's what different. she is taking year off school
5:55 am
first, it is known as a gap year. the white house isn't saying what malea plans to do during that year, but the president did say he and the family will stay in washington, d.c. for two years after he leaves office, and they're doing that so their youngest daughter sasha can finish high school. >> good for them. putting the kids first. >> nice schools. britain's princess charlotte celebrates her first birthday today. >> kensington palace marks the occasion by releasing these photos over the weekends taken by the dutchess of cambridge. the princess along with her brother, prince george, and mom and dad, will celebrate its family's home in norfolk, england. princess charlotte is the fourth in line to the british thrown. >> well, before you head out the door, here is what you need to know. three to go. >> we'll find out this morning if atlantic sitly default on it debt. city owes $1.8 million payment today, but it is running out of money to pay it bills. >> pennsylvania turnpike will announce plans today to expand the speed limit on more parts of the highway to 70 miles per hour. the increase will not apply to
5:56 am
areas that are currently 55 miles per hour. >> and there is a hearing today about new jersey middle school and high school's possibly starting classes later in the morning. you can can way in, camden county college's blackwood campus starting at 4:00 this afternoon, and that's three to go. >> welcoming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", new trends in women's butte that i could save you money but experts are sounding the alarm. find out why in this morning's "3 on your side" consumer report. >> plus, new reason to breast feed premature babies. it is coming up. stay with us.
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j another rainy day, katie says the whole week looks dreary, she will let us know when we can see a break in the clouds. atlantic city on the brink. the shore town faces critical deadline today in the financial christ i. we are live with what happens if the bills are not paid. and, jerry sandusky heads back to court today. find out why he's asking a judge to throw out his conviction. today is monday, may the second, good morning, i'm jim
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donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. hope you are having good one out there today. it is 5:59, almost 6:00. meisha, here with weather and traffic. >> happy monday. traffic looking goodment obviously starting to heat up pushing into the 6:00 hour. people are asking: when is the rain going to hit the roadways? >> every single day. >> i know. >> i'm not giving you the evil eye. >> thank you. please don't kill the messenger on this one. >> that's terrible. >> i know, it is not awesome, you know, at least your allergies have been awesome, jim, not bothering you as much, you have wet weather rolling through. storm scan isn't completely covered in rain right now, i mean, do you have some showers, all very, very scat nerds nature, lehigh valley, northampton county, you know, we are watching some of the showers push in right now. but that said, any time today you can see spotty shower, maybe even thunderstorm. looking at the severe threat, if you plan to travel southwest, maybe you have got day trip planned to dc or something likeha


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