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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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area during the late night and overnight hours. you can see there is more rain where that is coming from. this rain lifting up as strong thunderstorm just south of us into portions of maryland and delaware and more showers will continue to rotate throughout the area during the overnight hours tomorrow, and possibly wednesday, and then we will track another system for the end of the week coming up in a bit. i want to take you to the near term first and foremost. few breaks of sun this evening. heading through tonight a at 9:00 shower or thunderstorm creeping in northern delaware and then it starts to, go nuts here, midnight we have got rain, we have got thunder, fog outside, it will not be nice overnight and continues through 3:00 a.m., heavy rain and tomorrow morning waking up and leaving the house it will be a wet start to your tuesday. what to expect this evening and tonight, maybe a thunderstorm around nine or 10:00 but overnight that steady rain moves in, rumble of thunder in will last into tomorrow morning. folks have been asking will we see sun again? coming up we will see a couple chances to see sunshine, for
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now, back over to you. >> thanks very much. you can track rainy week long with our team have of meteorologist is, just down load the free cb. philly weather app available on itunes and google will play. philadelphia police are investigating a weekend crash in east falls that left two people dead including a little boy, and several other another justly injured. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us live outside temple university hospital in north philadelphia where some victims are recovering, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. philadelphia police tell me that four adult victims are here at temple, and, and, we have also learned that after the wreck two off-duty philadelphia police officers desperate thely tried to render aid but for some including the little by the injuries were just too great. philadelphia police say it is unclear where they were going but trip sunday afternoon would be the last for 20 year-old ziar ross wilson and eric barksdale perez. small memorial now marks the
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spot. >> very unfortunate. you wille devastation that occurred. >> reporter: fatal recollect happened before 4:00 on the 5400 block of henry avenue. police say 2005 gray mazda spun out of control coming around a corner and landed in the opposite lane of traffic colliding with another sedan. authorities cannot say why the driver lost control but believe, weather played a major role. >> roadway was wet, and it was damp, and it just never, henry avenue is a major roadway, just to have take time. >> reporter: seven people were inside the gray mazda sedan, five people in the back, including four children. seven week old baby who had severe injuries to the head and abdomen, was in a car seat and was the only person in the car wearing a seat belt. police say the a dult male victim who died was sitting in the back with the baby, he was her dad. >> there is no way to know but certainly, if everyone was restrained, clearly there would be less severe injuries for sure. maybe not, anybody killed
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report report and police tell us that the the two other people in the other car, were hurt, but they are conscious and speaking but they really don't remember much about the crash and important to know police say while they do think weather played a factor it does not appear that either driver was impaired, or excessively speeding. reporting live from temple university hospital, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jerry sandusky appeared in the central pennsylvania courtroom to appeal his child sex a boost convictions. his lawyers want permission to question witnesses including sandusky's former lawyers, about the investigation, and his trial. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more on today's legal developments from center county. >> clad in his orange jump suit, former penn state assistant coach and convicted pedophile jerry sandusky arrived at center county courthouse in bellefonte with this defiant statement.
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>> unaudible. >> inside courthouse his attorneys, did the talking in, front of the judge john cleland arguing that the seven two-year old was not offered a fair trial in 2012. defense team has filed 33 issues with the original case including whether sealed grand jury testimony was leak. >> really didn't have time to be honest with you to develop a trial strategy, the witnesses were not interviewed. there was a a lack of preparation overall. >> reporter: sandusky's attorney are asking for an evidencery hearing which, if granted could lead to a new trial. it could force more than two dozen witnesses to testify. but the state prosecutor says that most of the 33 issues, and looking at original record. the judge appeared to show reservation in offering the defense a evidencery hearing. >> what he was saying with certain select issues that he wanted some more details with
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respect to witness certifications. >> reporter: judge did not make a decision as to whether or not wow allow that evidence theory hearing, however, he is allowing the defense to call attorney general kathleen kane as a witness. last week she claimed sheathes was victim of selective prosecution in her perjury case over leaked grand jury testimony. she points out that no one was ever charged in the apparent grand jury leak and that sandusky case. that decision as to whether or not the to add her as a witness must be done within ten days. reporting here from the center county courthouse in bellefonte i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a minute so the judge appoints a special administrator to oversee settlement of the estate belonging to prince. members of the prince's family were at the a court hearing today, prince's sister tyka nelson was there. today's hearing didn't address how long the estate may take to settle or how much it is worth. his property holding is a alone in minnesota are estimated to be worth around 27 million-dollar.
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indiana voters go to the polls tomorrow in both republican and democratic presidential primaries. and 24 hours from now hillary clinton and donald trump could be close to wrapping up the nominations of their respective parties. here's cbs news correspondent weijia jiang. >> reporter: ted cruz crossed an indiana street to confront supporters of the republican rival, donald trump. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. >> we don't want you. >> you are entitled tour views and i will respect that. >> it doesn't matter. >> reporter: cruz is polling 15-point behind in indiana but says he will fight for every vote here and beyond. trump is calling for republicans to unite behind his campaign. >> you look at these guys i'm running against, they are hanging by their fingernails, they are just like, barely hanging on. >> reporter: tuesday's primary will be the first test of an alliance between cruz and john kasich who stopped campaigning here. but the plan to boost cruz was met by some voters backlash. >> when you have this
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cruz/kasich tactic don't vote for the person you want to, vote a begins somebody else. >> reporter: university of indianapolis professor doctor laura albright says that voters recognized they are playing a critical role in both races. >> who do voters feel like they do matter even with the primary as late as may third. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders who has won 17 state contests urged indiana residents to get to the polls. >> bring out a large voter turnout tomorrow, indiana will be the 18th victory. >> reporter: hillary clinton is already eyes the next contest, campaigning today in kentucky, and west virginia. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the campaign trail in indiana carli fiorina took a spill while introducing ted cruz. >> the next president of the united states, ted cruz. >> you see there fiorina disappear in the crowd, ted cruz and his wife highs i did
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not appear to notice at the time what happened but fiorina was later helped backup to the stage. she looked to be unhurt. the last week cruz chose fiorina the former ceo of hewlett packard for her vice-presidential running mate. mayor kenney takes part in the national solute to travel and tourism. >> i always tell people when you see people on the street, in center city down here and they have that map and they are looking at the map just go over and say hi, how are you, welcome to town can i help you with some directions? can i help you with anything else? people really do respond great to it. >> this is the kick off of the national tourism week, travel community, marked the event in a number of creative ways from state and local rallies, to securing proclamations and resolutions from local governments. independent mall is ground zero for philadelphia's robust tourist industry. get your tickets? next power ball jackpot will be worth more than 348 million-dollar. >> how about that, drawing is this wednesday, in one matched number saturday night, that means jackpot just keeps
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growing. you can play power ball in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware and 41 other states. >> if you play, good luck. it is one of the latest trend in women's beauty and could save you money. >> not everyone is ready to embrace it. >> crazy, yeah no, that is like maybe buying used underwear. >> coming up we will explain what it is and the concerns some experts have. plus this... >> pay your debt or pay your employees, the atlantic city's financial situation is a juggling act. i'm cleve bryan, what the mayor did today and why the governor says it is no gold medal accomplishment. also little girls should be care free, swinging on their play sets, giggling and enjoying life but these little ladies are on a mission. how their lives changed in a ladies are on a mission. how their lives changed in a instant and why t prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes,
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but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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well, history in havana an american cruise ship docks in cuba for the first time in
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nearly 40 years. the ship pulled in the harbor at more than 700 passengers on board. it set sail from miami yesterday. cruise line will offer seven day trip, twice a month. diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba were restored last july. do you love high end make up but hate price that go with it? in today's three on your side consumer report jim donovan looks at a growing internet trend which could help you save big on your favorite brand but some say this is risky business. >> reporter: deep red lipsticks to glittering eye shadow when it comes to make up there is no shortage of variety, although your budget may fall short. >> very expensive. very. >> reporter: thanks to the internet you can find deeply discounted make up but there is a catch. it is of used. >> that is a little alarming and strange but of course i want to try it. >> reporter: ken dell gray is talking about her first experience with glam bot, a
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web site that buys and sells used cosmetics. >> it was cool to buy something like this that i normally wouldn't be able to. >> reporter: they sell make up 20 percent below retail, they purchase it from he will isers with products that they do not like, use or want anymore. the web site accepts specific brands that are a at least half filled and not expired. karen, glambot's founder says all containers are carefully clean. >> we move like the top layer of the product. >> reporter: there are plenty of positive product reviews but not everyone has add a good experience. >> my god i get an eye shadow with mold. >> reporter: you can buy discounted used products, on other internet sites like and even craigs list but won't find the buying it there. >> no, i would not. i would not do it. that is crazy. yeah, no, that is like me buying used underwear. >> that is particularly horrible. if i can buy from craigs list is astonishing.
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>> reporter: this dermatologist says saving money is never a good reason to buy used make up. >> absolutely not. it is simply not smart. >> reporter: she says using unsterile products could cause a host of problems. >> we absolutely see pink eye, we see abscesses, then you have to drain. >> reporter: she says if you want to save, switch to more affordable brand like you might find the at your local drugstore. >> often times they are just as good, sometimes they are not, but sometimes the pigments aren't as good but i feel certain you can find a make up that is new, and appropriate and safe, that you don't have have to expenditure time on products that are going to potentially harm you. >> reporter: reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> you should have seen your face. >> have you ever heard someone say take 10,000 steps every day. >> oh, yeah. all the time. all the time. >> why 10,000 steps exactly? it is tonightes good question submitted by paul in collegeville. the average person takes about
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5,000 steps a day. so why do health experts urge you to double it to 10,000. what is so significant about the number 10,000. >> 10,000, it is just a nice, round, even number. >> i think it is because it is hard to reach. >> yes, i can do better. >> our nicole brewer did the legwork for you and tonight at 11:00 she will tell you why this work out is a step in the right direction. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or tweet us using the #cbs-3 good question. all right. kate, joins us now and, you know, kate, she was looking, she was looking for like the proverbial silver lining in all this but it is just gray and damp right now. >> very much so. looking for that needle in the hey sack, is there a day that could end up nicer then it looks. it just doesn't look good all week. >> all week. >> i mean right through the end of the workweek we have rain in the forecast at least
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a chance for rain every day. some days are better thaneast others, some days are worse than others. we are in a very gray unsettled pattern and it will only get more rain as the week goes on. if you are a rose bush you are loving this weather. if you are a human you are finding it hard to get motivate todd get up and get things down. it does look like the weekend does hold some hope. let look at is what happening right now, we will go outside first and foremost to bethlehem where it is brighter then it was earlier today, trying to see some sun break through the clouds and scrolling through our live neighborhood network. few cameras trying to figure out where the sunnies. evidence here in broadheadsville in the poconos seeing blue skies, clearing out there take a look at a few other spots palmyra cove nature park is not a peering for me but kutztown you can see some cloud, blue skies and clouds rolled back in only 59 degrees there. there is a marked difference between areas that have some sun and area that have been stuck in the cloud cover. so here comes the next round of rain for us, that gets in
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overnight. it is creeping into portions of west virginia, heavy rain near charleston, thunderstorms break going out over portions of virginia. this will continue to lift north and east, right through tonight, and into the overnight. heaviest will start around midnight and continue into early tomorrow morning. mostly coming down while we're sleeping but may wake up to thunder or flash of lightening outside overnight tonight. this system tries to clear as we head into wednesday but look at this curl of cloud over portions of northern canada, this is our next system that will drop down from the north and turn into almost an upper low kind of slow moving, closed low later in the week that will sit over us thursday and friday. this is what that system will do drop down and brings us cool air down from canada with it and just sits overhead for a couple days before it finally gets that push out of here. that means unsettled conditions continue. not only today, tomorrow but right through end of the week. temperatures right now warming up where we have cleared out millville, atlantic city around 70 degrees.
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we are in the general risk for severe weather tonight, marginal risk for delaware where temperatures are warmer as these storms come through. heavy rain around midnight, continues through overnight hours, 8:00 a.m. that then clears out, scattered showers tomorrow afternoon and then gannon wednesday there is that system i told but start to go rotate in on thursday and thursday is our next chance for heavier rain. rain chance for next few days 80 percent tomorrow, 30 percent on wednesday, and thursday and friday, we are at 70 percent chance of rain. showers and thunderstorm overnight, tomorrow morning showers, then staying mostly cloudy a at 65 degrees. you're witness weather three day forecast does in the look great. temperatures hold in the mid 60's all three days, all three days have showers, thursday looks like the steady rain, overnight tonight and tomorrow morning then thursday, those are your two big rain events, rest of the next three days are just showers. >> liquid sunshine. >> everything will be really green when thinks all over. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" mallia's gap year a lot
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of talk about first daughter mallia obama taking a top year. what it means and why her college of choice recommend it. >> i'm pat gallen. coming up i will try to hit this fast ball. not many people have been able to but i'll give it a shot, coming up, we will meet
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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just lah month all eyes were on the villanova wildcats and their march to the basketball championship. >> just lah month. unbelievable. national champs aren't the only great athletes on campus. don bell, he is here to tell us about another superstar wild cat. >> this one is good. all of them are good but this one is really g she loves it when you call her big poppy, after all, that is her twitter handle. now she may not hit like the real big poppy, david ortiz but villanova senior softball star kate poppe has earned that nickname with her dominance on the mound, pat gallen has more.
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>> reporter: out of the main line reside a machine, a strike out machine. while the sports world was busy paying attention to the villanova wildcats run through the ncaa tournament, another wild cat had been tearing it up, kate poppe is her name and the senior is one of the best pitchers in the country. >> i'm like unlike any of the other girls. but, it is all coming together, for my senior year and it the has been so much fun. >> reporter: easy to have fun when you have thrown four, yes, four no hitters in your career, including one on april . >> it is all a lot of luck that goes into it and great defense and timing. >> do you realize it the at the time, one of the things where you kind of know. >> i always know, it is terrible. >> yes. >> she is just obsessed with the game. she's obsessed with pretty much everything that she does in life. >> reporter: in addition to the four no hitters she reached 900, 900 career strike outs that is which ranks second in the nation among all
5:25 pm
active pitchers. how does she do it. >> i just put it back, and then move forward and open up my hipps and my shoulders, and snap of the hip. >> oh, yeah. >> the windmill, okay. >> oh, wow, you are a pro. >> now the hard part, trying to hit one. >> um-hmm, good. >> i'm just trying to back you up off the plate. >> i know what she's doing. that was right down the middle. >> hey. >> i'm done. >> from villanova university, pat gallen, "eyewitness news". >> archbishop shanahan high
5:26 pm
school product has been destroying the competition since way back when. as a freshman poppe was throwing the fast ball in the low to mid 60's which her coach says is extremely rare, sadly her career is coming to a close this spring but what a career it has been. i don't know if i asked wrong questions because she gave pat some chin music there. heed to get off that plate. >> oh, that was close. >> it was close. >> nice. >> fun to watch. >> good stuff. thanks, don. we have more coming up in our next half an hour, a neat a. >> reporter: the from here bucks county residents have complained about a growing colony of hundreds of abandoned cats here at core creek park. now the county is stepping into help. i'm anita oh in langhorne and i will tell you how local animal organizations are getting involved and how local prison inmates are part of the solution. and how do you take your coffee? what one woman says is not in her star bucks and may not be in yours either. she says it should be. now she's suing for millions.
5:27 pm
and then new at 6:00 tonight twin sisters with thawn breakable bond but when cancer, claims one of their lives the other makes sure her sister's legacy lives on. they are working to make sure that the
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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and now at 5:30 it the became a dumping ground for unwanted pets but now thousands of dollars are being spent to clean up this bucks county park and take care of the animals bandon here. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. over the years the park has grown in the colony of more than 300 cause, many in need of attention. "eyewitness news" reporter anita o h has more on is what being done to fix the problem. as the sure at sound of bird at core creek park, those who regularly come hearsay you can
5:31 pm
expect something else, too, columnist of hundreds of cats. >> discuss. there is no reason for it. >> reporter: charles kissinger says he has been coming here for 20 years and warn management early on about the growing problem of cat bumping. >> if they get it under control or it will get out of control which it did get out of control. >> reporter: in an area littered with more than 250 shoddy shelters, built bypassers by. >> everything from toolbox toes trash cans, to insulated rubber made bins, most of them were very dirty, lot of them were broken. >> reporter: time for intervention says denise, of animal life line, one of the several organizations pitching in. >> everybody has had enough. it wasn't fair what was happening to the animals here. >> reporter: over last few weeks volunteers have installed dozens of insulated shelters built by prison inmates, and pulled nearly 500 cats living in the park. >> everybody is spade, newterd, vaccinated. >> reporter: so far many of the rescued cats have been
5:32 pm
adopted out. >> okay, buddy. ready to come home. >> reporter: but 160 cats deem non-adoptable were released back in the park. >> most of these fur ill cats will die off within five to zero years and that is our goal, to get this to zero cats. >> reporter: not everyone agrees that is the best solution. >> it is a taxpayer's dollars paying for this. i don't want to see it looking like a cat ghetto. >> reporter: good news is is there much more structures. cats put back are under a strict four hour feeding program and park is also put up security cameras, to catch anyone who may be dumping their pets. reporting from langhorne, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". atlantic city narrowly avoid defaulting on a debt payment as resort town balances on the edge of financial ruins. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan explains why the governor and mayor do not see eye to eye over the future of atlantic city. >> financially we're running on fumes. >> reporter: on the brink of the financial melt down
5:33 pm
atlantic city mayor don guardian says on monday his would not be the first new jersey town since the great depression to default on their debt announcing a 1.8 million-dollar one payment. >> if we didn't make our one payment it would be detrimental to everyone including us. >> reporter: no payment could hurt credit ratings and cause for bill collectors to ask for cash reserves. it means city employees will get at least one more paycheck but after that without state intervention, who knows. >> as mayor of atlantic city, i humbly ask all the of the members of the new jersey general assembly to be on the right side of history, and support the only bill that allows for compromise. >> reporter: guardian hopes on thursday that the state assembly will approve an atlantic city rescue plan back by the speaker vincent preto that protection collective bargaining and puts off state take over for two years. governor chris christie wants a senate measure that gives him broader a and immediate power. today he was unimpressed with mayor guardian's team to
5:34 pm
scrape together cash. >> you made your debt payment. now what is next, you know, does he want a gold medal for that. >> reporter: even if new jersey's assembly does pack an alternative rescue plan on thursday state leaders would still to have compromise and so far they have shown no willingness. atlantic city's mayor says the city will be out of cash most likely by mid-june. in atlantic city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". south jersey town is suing its own board of education, over the decision to close an elementary school. evesham township mayor randy brown says that the plan to close, fd evans elementary in 2017 was never presented to the township planning board, for review, which is required by law. the district voted in march to shutter the school as a cost saving measure as township student enrollment shrinks. >> it is financial and financials will be devastating, you know, i put a speech together where it could be a loss of of over 50 million-dollar minimal in assessed values in home
5:35 pm
values. it is proven in suddens. >> superintendent jonathan certificate valley says the closing can save the district one and a half million-dollar but mayor brown says all of the numbers have knott drop enough to warrant the closure. about 500 students attend evans. mallia obama is harvard bound but she plans tea a detour before settling into mom and dad's alma matter. the 17 year-old will take a year off when she graduates from high school in june. this is something harvard encourages students to do, and now that mallia's college plans are set, focus turns to her gap year. >> that is going to be not putting around the house with mom and dad and beau, but i think she will be doing something enriching but that is not the necessarily so academically rigorous. >> reporter: mallia will be the 23rd child of the president to study at harvard when she attend. that was including john quincy adams, franklin roosevelt boulevard and caroline kennedy. >> boy, has she grown up. >> amazing, isn't it.
5:36 pm
now an "eyewitness news" exclusive. dramatic strategy helping philadelphia police officers diffuse potentially deadly confrontations. >> it could save lives on the streets. our walt hunter is in the sat center right now with this shoot/don't shoot dose of reality, walt. >> reporter: it is called, reality based training, the first ever in your face version of what officers face in real life, every day. the department gave me unprecedented access to experience what it is like to be under fire, forced into a inning will moment to make a decision on whether or not to use deadly force. it is a moment every officer prepares for, but hopes that they will never face. armed confrontation, an attacker with a gun, or a knife, the decision on using deadly force, perhaps, taking a life to save their own, must be made almost instantly. tonight at 11:00 i will take you inside the first ever, reality based training for
5:37 pm
philadelphia police officers, giving you an exclusive look at how revolutionary new, shoot, don't shoot strategies, can save not only the lives of officers, but those who confront them, diffusing potentially violent situations, before any shots are fired. now in our story at 11:00 you will get a unique view of the violent threats officers face every day, the decisions that they must make in moments and how the department is now preparing them, as never before, to take actions intended to save lives. having covered police departments here for more than four decade, i have got to tell you i have never experienced anything like it. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see you a at 11:00. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, tired of traveling and worrying fur bag will get to your destination find out how one airline is letting you track your bags in real time. this could be a problem,
5:38 pm
while racing around the clock how dale earnhardt junior managed to stay on track even though his steering wheel popped off, kate. we have been stuck in the gray weather for days and it does not look like it i changing anytime soon. we will tell you when we're expecting heavier rain this week and when the sun may make a a rhea experience when we check eyewitness weather, up next.
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5:41 pm
well, delta airlines is taking steps to make sure it never again, says. >> now we have your tension. airline is rolling out new technology, bag tags that will
5:42 pm
be embedded with a special chip. the chip will allow have travel tours track their bags in real time using an app, and that feature should be available by the end of the year. and woman is suing star bucks for putting in too much ice, and not enough coffee, class action lawsuit claims that customers who order a vanti are paying for 24-ounces of coffee but ice takes up 10-ounces. she's seeking five million-dollar in damages. star bucks says... >> i needed a minute. >> star bucks says that customers can request less ice, instead of the lawsuit is without merit. >> i thought you needed a second -- what damage have you suffered worth five million-dollar. >> thank you, thank you. >> we all can get annoyed with that. >> we will stay on top of that to see where that one goes. >> wow. behind the scenes of the white house correspondence dinner when we come
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breaking news to pass a along to you chopper three is live over an oil spill, in the schuylkill river. the source of the oil right now is unclear and there is no word on how much oil, made its way in to the water there oil
5:46 pm
can be seen between chestnut and south street, authorities remain on the scene there investigation, continuing as people starting to watch that on the overpass there. oil on the schuylkill river, keeping an eye on this any updates we will pass along. here's hoping that this never happens, when you are driving. >> you can say that again. dale earnhardt junior's steering wheel came off during a week even nascar race. he got the car under control by grabbing the steering column so he could then reattach the wheel. it could happen but that is just, glad he is okay. >> they are pros. they know what to do. they are prepared for it. >> quick thinking. >> yes. >> 200 miles an hour, wow. >> kate joins with us our forecast and after a rainy weekend, it looks like it will continue. >> we are getting a i break in the action this evening, there is haze and cloud out there but a few spots seeing some sun this evening. i don't even remember what the sun looks like. it was last tuesday since we had any sort of a sunny day.
5:47 pm
we saw sunshine on saturday but otherwise, it has been gray since last wednesday and will continue to be gray all week. big question is weekend, mess of us, myself included, can deal with gray days during workweek but can we get outside during the weekend. lets look the at is what happening right now outside. we will take you to the roof cam which for the first time today is showing blue skies. we have been watching this camera like a hawk. when will it clear out. we have to get some sun and it looks nice outside. if you have a couple hours to get out this afternoon and evening i recommend you do so, because once that sun moves down we will head toward overnight hours and we are tracking more rain moving back into the region. nice look there at center city. lets check with our weather watchers tracking another gray day for us. temperatures only in the 60's. 64 degrees as we check in here with alan in delran, we have cloud, 65. sun coming out, yeah, that looks like maybe that is a alan's new addition to the family, what a beautiful baby. thanks for sharing that with
5:48 pm
us. 60 degrees moving north and west and check with lou ruh in eagleville. we have sun peeking through cloud in eagleville. not too bad. warming up in delaware where sun has been out more this afternoon, walter at 69 degrees in newark. he says sun just warmed us up quick in newark. that will be the case. once sun comes out temperatures will yum seven upward possiblely several degrees in an hour or two. nice warm evening. but that will provide fuel for these then are storms that we're tracking our way later tonight. lets look the at what that looks like on storm scan three. you can see within storm has just popped up down near d.c. just in time for the evening commute. south and west of washington d.c. we have a nasty looking then are storm. the these storms are really breaking out across portions of virginia, west virginia, and heavy rain around charleston a long i79 here right into portions of northern and central virginia. further to the south in north carolina pretty nasty weather with this as well. very strong thunderstorms indication of large hail with these storms.
5:49 pm
but even indications of rotation. this is still well a off to the south ape west but eventually this will lift in here overnight, and into tomorrow morning. visible at satellite does still show this batch of clouds but over burlington county, montgomery, bucks county, it has cleared out over south jersey and much of the delaware as well and that has help the temperatures, surge off to the south. we are near 07 in millville and atlantic city. sixty-four in dover. sixty-three in philadelphia i do expect that number to yum seven as we head toward 6:00 o'clock thanks to the sun just now starting to peak out. it is a soggy week, tomorrow we will start with rain, heaviest comes through overnight tonight and tomorrow morning and showers around tomorrow morning, showers on wednesday, maybe a break of sun or two but another round of steadier rain by thursday. we do need rain, we have .61 inches yesterday. still 3 inches plus below average since march 1st and as we head through next couple days we could get over an inch. we are starting to recoup that rainfall deficit in the area as rain comes through it stays
5:50 pm
chilly, we will be below average right through end of the week possibly getting close to normal by saturday. pretty heavy rain, thunderstorms moving go through tonight. 66 degrees. tomorrow we will start with showers and then cloudy, wednesday cloud, shower. more rain thursday. more rain friday but weekend does look at least a little bit better. now back to you at the desk. well, insiders called it the nerd prom, annual white house correspondent dinner draws journalist from all over as well as politicians, comedians, people who think they are comedians even just for one night. >> who better to give us an inside scoop then the insider's louie. >> ukee and jessica, hollywood politics and comedy world collided for one night only. michael yo was on the red carpet putting all of the stars on the spot. >> how does it feel to have obama's last white house correspondence. >> we have never been to one before so we wanted to come, and he dropped the mike with that i just have, two more word to say, obama out.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: call him the fresh prince of premonitions mr. and mrs. smith went to washington to witness firsthand the epic convergens of the hollywood and politics. >> ken dell jenner is also here. she seems like a very nice young women. i'm not exactly sure what she does. the last week prince george showed up to our meeting in his bat robe. this was a slap in the face. >> we will have so much more on this tonight on the insider. ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> funny moment there. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" we are gearing up for the race for the cure. >> this little girl should be thinking of her next ballet lesson, her schoolwork and her friend but instead she's on a mission to find a cure, her inspiration and word of wisdom coming up.
5:52 pm
♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs.
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parkway will be packed with thousands of runners and walkers this sunday for susan g komen race for the cure in the fight begins breast cancer. monk them a young girl whose mom was diagnosis with the disease and our katie fehlinger introduces us to one of the youngest fighters for a cure who is on a mission. >> reporter: marishave a greenwood has practiced ballet since she was three. >> my dream was to be on the point shoes, and this year i'm on point, so, it is really exciting. >> reporter: dance may top hurleys for favorite extracurricular but this is one active ten year-old. she plays hoops, she draws, she fosters a serious love for dolphins. >> i got this for last year for my birthday.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: your mascot. >> yeah. >> reporter: but in 2014 marisa's busy life screeched tie halt when her mom gina was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> the day after easter, i got a phone call and it is just my heart dropped. >> it was heart wrench go to hear that news. >> i was in tears. i didn't think i would get over it. >> went from one day, you know, thinking about normal family things, how to get to our activities and study the test to where will she get chemo? >> reporter: but marisa found solace in this book ask me how i feel by diana lopez. it is the story of the little girl whose mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. >> when i got the book my mom was getting treatment. >> reporter: main character makes a promise. >> i got inspired by the book, and, i wanted to make my own promise. we will ask god and the virgin to ask your mother. that explains. in return each of us will do something special.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: it is a promise maris a willful fill this mothers day as she trade in her pink ballet shoes for sneak tours walk in the sea of pink in this years race for the cure. she's even a team captain leading team race for gina in honor of her mom. >> since she went through breast cancer named it after her. >> reporter: gina, by the way after six round of cancer is cancer free. >> you must be so proud of your daughter. >> for her to come and decide to do this race and to raise money for such a special cause means so much to me. >> reporter: and the whole family will be outside on the course with her. >> i could not be prouder of the girls for taking something so difficult, in our lives and turning it into something positive. >> reporter: marisa and sophia both realize fight continues for many others. >> i just am so proud have my sister. i want to help raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. >> i'm really looking forward to just seeing everybody, just
5:58 pm
raising money and walking, to just find a cure for it. >> reporter: way to go young lady. we are told she originally set a goal to raise $500 but she has far surpassed that goal. at last check she has raised over 2,000. >> way to go, marisa. cbs-3 is proud to support susan g komen in the fight begins breast cancer. join the "eyewitness news" team this sunday morning we will be broadcasting live. our entire morning team will be there and you can walk or walk with them by registering at cbs everyone who registers with team cbs-3 will get a special t-shirt, regardless we hope to see you on sunday. >> so true. >> send us your message of support love and hope for those women fighting breast cancer and men, survivors and loved ones that we have lost. post using the #cbs-3, rftc, we will show them on television, sunday morning. join the fight right the now a 10-dollar donation to susan g komen for the cure, just text
5:59 pm
the word pink to 80077. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> 993 days, after a gunman's bullet nearly ended his life, officer ed davies is back at work, returning to a job here, the job that he loves. we will have the exclusive story coming up. also, a tragic accident on a rain soak road, seven people pack in the car, two have of them kill. tonight the state police say what could have been done to avoid the tragedy, kate. it has been another gray day although we are starting to see some sun peak out now, enjoy it while you can. more rain heading our way tonight. we will time out when heaviest rain will be and let you know if it impacts your commute early tomorrow morning. looking back it is incredible how she handled it with such grace and such courage. >> turning their lost into their mission, their common
6:00 pm
form of cans their claim her life, and the way her family is working to make sure that the same thing does not happen to you. just a family, and, you know, i want to walk away from that i ape come back. >> back on the job after three years after he was shot in the line of duty officer edward davies heads back to work and you might not believe the surprising person he ran into on his return, to the force. it has been a long journey back for the officer who nearly lost his life 993 days ago. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter was there as davies return to the job that he loves and the emotional chance encounter on his first day back. >> i was excited. here i am, i'm back. >> reporter: 993 days after a bullet slammed into his body


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