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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 3, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, it's the split second decision philadelphia police officers have to make at any moment. the decision to use deadly force during confrontation. walt hunter takes you inside the first ever reality base training for every officer. how it's saving lives on our streets. jerry sandusky returns to a pennsylvania courtroom. why he was there and what the former penn state coach yell at
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reporters as he walked inside. and philadelphia just made the list as one of the most walkable cities in the nation. that should help us get our recommended 10,000 steps in day but why 10,000? good question. nicole brewer find out why it's the magic number. those stories and much more straight ahead we begin with stormy weather moving through our region right now. good evening everyone i'm york washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. let's get over to meteorologist kate bilo who is tracking these storms as they pass through and also what it could mean for your morning commute. kate? >> jessica and ukee, things have really gotten nasty just in the past hour or so as this heavy rain has shifted north and east into our region. you can see the heavy rain around the philadelphia area, and strong thunderstorms right now impacting much of the central delaware that's where the worst of the thunderstorm activity is. further to the north where it was bit cooler today we're dealing with heavy downpours and also some thunder and lightning but zoom on this storm right here. take look at all that lightning as it moves through portions of the eastern kent and sussex
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counties right around milford, dover, coastal delaware about to cross over the delaware bay that is a very nasty storm. this storm has a history of producing hail over an inch in diameter we had one report in sussex county of three quarters of an flinch diameter and that is shifting toward the jersey shore at the moment. further to the north, heavy rain you can see the yellow and orange shading imbedded rain and thunder moving across much of the chester, delaware, montgomery counties and through philadelphia right now. one storm up in bucks county does also have the potential to be producing hail right now. but a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until until 11:15 tonight. that goes for portions of southern kent county, northern sussex county new one just issued for eastern sussex county as well and we have a flash flood warning to tell you about. that's. of the eastern maryland and as you can see southern kent and northern sussex counties in delaware. that could goes until 4:45am over an inch or two of rain has already fallen and more to come that means flash flooding could be happening and that is very
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dangerous. it doesn't take much to pose potentially light life-threatening situation please be safe if you have any reason to be out overnight in this part of the region. i'll tell you how long the rain lasts. what to expect for your morning commute and more on the way later this week. >> back over to you. >> thank you. new jersey is exploring changes to the school schedule to accommodate tired students but is that a good thing? there was a public meeting on the topic tonight and "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has more on the push and what a doctor has to say about it. >> reporter: this was the first of three public hearings on this issue over the next two weeks. educators, parents and just anyone from the community was able to weigh in on a later school start time. students aren't the only ones hitting the books in new jersey. the department of education is currently studying whether middle and high school students should start their school day later. >> the studies have shown if you can delay start time by an hour students will sleep an extra hour and that should help out quite many different areas.
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>> reporter: dr. david cohen of the center for sleep medicine at chestnut hill hospital says the health issue that's definitely worth considering. >> by not getting enough sleep it can cause higher risk of motor vehicle accidents, potentially more childhood obesity, impaired performance in school, sleepiness in general. >> i represent new jersey principals and supervisory employees around the state of new jersey. >> reporter: 150 people submitted comments online very few showed up to the meeting in blackwood. still parents we spoke to had strong opinions. diane cheese man says pushing back the school day would help students and parents. >> i get up with my child in the morning. and as the years have progressed i have to get up earlier and earlier. and i would appreciate that extra hour's sleep. >> reporter: father to middle schooler mike feels just the opposite. >> all the activities will be pushed back. the going end up having children getting done later i think the will be conflict with a lot of
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parents with their time schedules coming home from work. >> reporter: the next hearing is scheduled for wednesday in mon roane the final public hearing is scheduled for jersey city next week. now the boe will present its findings to the governor and the legislature for review. in collingswood, i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news". as philadelphia police continue to investigate a deadly weekend crash in east falls, they are now saying the wet weather was a major factor. it happened on sunday afternoon on henry avenue. police say there were three adults and four children in one car but only an infant was strapped in. a 20-year-old man and six-year-old boy died from injuries suffered in the crash. >> there's no way to know but certainly if everyone was restrained there clearly would be less severe injuries for su sure. maybe not anybody killed. >> two people in another car suffered leg injuries. convict pedophile jerry sandusky appears in central pennsylvania courtroom hoping for new trial.
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he also yelled out a message as he walk in. >> read what has been written. >> sandusky poes defense team raised 33 issues with the original case. they're asking for evidence share hearing which could lead to a new trial. his attorneys argue sandusky did not get a fare trial in 2012 largely because of his previous attorneys. >> reallreally didn't have timee honest with you to develop a trial strategy. witnesses were not interviewed. there was a lack of preparation overall. >> the judge did not make ruling on that hearing today. jury selection will resume tomorrow in the federal corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah in the democrat tech primary last week fattah who served 11 terms lost his bid for another term. fattah denies the allegations against him saying he's done nothing wrong. opening arguments in fattah's trial are scheduled for may 16th.
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atlantic city has made $1.8 million bond payment to avoid defaulting. mayor don guardian says the arrival of may property taxes means city employees will get at least one more paycheck. but the city will be out of cash by june. guardian hopes on thursday the state as system blee will approve an atlantic rescue plan which protects collective bargaining agreement and delays state takeover for two years. governor christie wants a senate measure that gives him broader and more immediate power. now a campaign 2016. voters in both parties will go to the polls tomorrow in indiana to cast their ballots in the race for president. on the republican side, the hoosier state could be make or break for the cruz campaign. polls there show texas senator running behind donald trump and a win by donald trump to make him unstoppable for the nomination. cruz today confronted some trump supporters and later said trump is campaigning on hate and division. >> do we get behind a campaign that is based on yelling and
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screaming and cursing and insults and anger and hatred? >> no! >> or do we continue to unify behind a positive, optimistic, forward looking, conservative campaign? >> on the campaign trail in indiana carly fiorina took a spill while introducing ted cruz. she is his running mate disappears into the crowd. cruz and his wife heidi did not appear to notice what had happened. she was not injured. after 993 days policeman who nearly lost his live returns to the force. officer edward davies was shot while struggling with an armed robber in feltonville back in 2013. he spent three weeks in a medically induced coma and 37 days in intensive care. but he never thought of leaving the police department. >> i remember just hearing like a bank. what was that? i remember i stood up and my chest and my stomach got really hot. and i look down and i looked
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back up and said i've been hit. didn't want to have him win more or less when he shot me. i wanted to come back. wanted to come back on my terms. >> emotional chance encounter officer davies ran into shonte cooper at the police training center today. she is the officer who quickly responded to the shooting and got davies to the hospital before he died of blood loss. what happened to officer davies is something every philadelphia police officer prepares for but hopes they will never face. >> and now police are taking a dramatic new approach to diffuse potentially deadly confrontations. >> put the gun down! identify yourself. >> our walt hunter was given unprecedented access to experience what it's like to be under fire. the ground-breaking new effort to teach officers how to protect themselves and others. >> kate. heavy rain and strong thunderstorms continue to push through the area tonight and will continue into the morning so do we have any dry weather in
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the forecast? i'll tell you your best bet to get outside and when to expect more wet weather this week. plus, step by step experts say you should strive to walk 10,000 steps a day. now, why is 10,000 the magic number? >> good question. nicole brewer adds it all up for us. >> it's call the party of the year. the theme of this year's met gala and the two hometown stars who turned heads on the red carpet.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ suddenly you're looking down the barrel of a gun or being threatened with a knife. it's often a frightening reality
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for philadelphia police officer officers who have to ask themselves shoot or don't shoot? >> cbs3 exclusive walt hunter gets rare access to a revolutionary new training program. the goal to protect officers and save lives. >> drop the gun. >> suddenly violence from a gun the officer never even sees. >> (gunfire). >> sometimes the officer firing first. while the play acting criminals are actually brother officers and the bullets leave pink marks instead of real wounds -- >> it's soak. it will wash right off your clothes. >> what is incredibly real in this first ever training for philadelphia police officers is the stress and the recreation of situations where in a single moment they must decide on using deadly force. >> they're not shoot tag screen. it's as close to real life
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scenario as you can get. >> fort first time the officers learn how taking immediate cover not only protects themselves it actually discourage as tack kearse. who might have opened fire if they were an exposed target. instead of charging forward, officers now instructed if possible to safely retreat, providing them precious moments to think about alternatives. >> they may have to holster their weapon and go to another tool they have. we have a spray, we have tasers. >> very intense. i think the whole office should go through it. >> drop the begun! >> drop the begun! >> and so after a quick firearms instruction -- >> get your hands in position. >> with full protective gear high first hasn't look at what it's like to undergo reality based training. >> this is controlled out on the streets. that could have been very real, and that is very very scary. >> identify yourself.
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put the gun down. >> put the gun down! >> do it now. >> it is a sad reality. that at any moment anyone of these officers might have to decide whether to take a life to protect themselves or someone else. and so it's hoped reality based training means more lives will be saved. >> we don't lose any officers, and we don't lose any civilians unnecessarily. >> at the police training center, wall hunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> protecting officers and safing lives. a new study ranks philadelphia as the fourth most walkable city in the country the study was conducted by the real estate website read fin it computed more than 2 billion walking routes for 2500 cities. among the elements factored in are amenities and pedestrian friendliness. miami was fifth on the list as we said philadelphia was fourth. new york, san francisco and boston were the top three. walking has proven health benefits average person takes
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about 5,000 steps a day. but doctors say it should be double that. >> that would be 10,000 steps as the goal experts say you should strive for every day. now, why the 10,000? good question. nicole brewer is here with the answer. nicole. >> even if you don't personally own a fit bit chances are you've heard someone say they have to get their steps in, right? ukee, i've heard you say it. david spunt, too much it's a big trend in fitness so paul in collegeville wants to know when it comes to steps, why is the magic number 10,000? that's a good question, paul. let's find out. ♪ >> you generally try to be healthy. >> yes. get your steps in? >> yes. >> from fit bit, pedometers and i phone apps more and more people are tracking their steps but why 10,000 a day? >> nice round even number. >> it's hard to reach. >> i actually have no idea. >> why is 10,000 the magic number? >> john is a personal trainer at
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the sporting club at the bellevue. he says it coincides with the surgeon general's recommendation of 30 minutes of activity a day. something the american heart association backs up. >> we have obesity problems. we have diabetes and hypertension and things like that. >> it's also straight forward than the 150 minutes of exercise the centers for disease control says you need each week. >> it's hard to break that down on a day to day basis. >> if did you it would be about seven to 8,000 steps. >> i would like those numbers. >> kind of like eh -- >> i could do better. >> 10,000 steps is a good marker to try to reach throughout the number much it's an easy number to remember. >> and easier to incorporate into your daily routine. isn't taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. getting up and taking a walk during the day. >> 30 minutes of exercise may not fit into the average person's schedule. so reaching these steps throughout the entire day make it easier for them. >> even if you fall short -- >> my weight goes up and down my
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steps go up and down. >> still a step in the right direction. >> you feel accomplished after 10,000 of anything much less steps. >> so how accurate are these devices? well studies show they're pretty good in terms of counting the steps but the journal for science and medicine in sports said they lose little bit of accuracy when it comes to distance and calories burn. >> you know i believe in it. >> he's always like i got to take another circle. >> i hear him staying it constantly. >> in the parking lot i walk around the building. i've seen the benefits. >> easy way to achieve. >> one problem i lost it this weekend. the latch broke. >> we'll work on that. >> we need to get ukee a new fit bit. >> thanks, nicole. does what's your good question? log on to question. you can also tweet us just be sure to use cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can wait to hear your good question. fashion take center stage in
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new york on the red carpet at the met gallon at a. event celebrates the met new exhibit at the constitution institute which focuses on fag in the age of technology an lot of that influence on the red carpet tonight kind of a man versus machine theme a lot of metallics, berks county own taylor swift created a big buzz with her rival. she was the co chair of the event and bradley cooper also walked the red carp. >> ladies, time is yours. i know you both watched. >> also a co-star a couple years ago. >> see anything you like. >> i saw lots of things i like. a lot of really dark lips and metallics. >> taylor swift had a blond vibe. >> it was wonderful. any way what's not so wonderfu wonderful -- >> did you hear. >> i did. we hear it in here. >> rumble of thunder here at the cbs through studios. thunder and lightning moving through and rain is coming down very very heavily especially just off to our south where we have a flash flood warning to tell you.
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outside right now you can see where the heaviest rain is falling right now philadelphia and all surrounding areas just getting slammed by heavy downpours. notice the roads are wet. this is center city looking out at broad and spring garden streets. lots of puddles ponding outside. any area that is prone to ponding if you live on road i know i know the roads in my area that are prone to ponding expect to see it to night and into tomorrow morning. as well. that will be a slow go. storm scan3 shows where the heaviest is denoted by the yellow, red and orange shading still seeing the worse of it over portions of delaware that storm has just shifted into the delaware bay. if you're down the shore cape may county, cape may point, cape may courthouse, if you're up into the stone harbor avalon area or portions of even near vineland and millville you'll see this storm start to shift into your area very very shortly. it still has a lot of lightning very frequent lightning dangerous lightning over the delaware bay right now thunder and lightning around philadelphia but again the worst part of our area the city and surrounding suburbs is the heavy rain and that's going to slow
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you down. look how much lightning we're talking about. just poised to push into southern cape may county up and down the garden state parkway things will be very slow through the next several hours. severe thunderstorm warnings this one has just expired. this one has been shrunken a little bit but still portions of southeastern sussex county under that severe thunderstorm warning for the next 20 minutes or so. flash flood warning over portions of southern kent county northern says sex county and eastern maryland flash flooding is on going or will be occurring shortly as more rain pushes into that area. this is just in the past hour and notice some spots seeing bulls eye of well over an inch of rain with more rain on the way over night. you can see right here over kent county an indication that as much as 2-inches has already fallen there. through the rest to have night we expect rain and thunder. little bit of a dry slot may work into the city overnight. more rain into tomorrow morning. ears 7am wake up, head out to work and it will be wet and very slow through the morning commute. just scattered showers in the afternoon. but it does stay cloudy i don't
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think we see much in the way of sunshine and we do again have pretty impressive rainfall totals could end up with 3-inches of rain in that flash flood warning area in delaware. later this week another storm drops south and that will bring us cool conditions as well as yet another threat for rain thursday and friday. it look like wednesday the driest day of the work week but still the chance for showers. showers and thunderstorms overnight. any rain could be heavy. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast again cloudy, damp and cool. rain thursday into friday i've got high hopes fort weekend saturday don't let me down. 70 degrees we'll see some sun. sunday mother's day race for the cure a couple of showers. i'm hopeful we can dry that forecast out as we go. >> me too. >> fingers crossed. >> don bell is here. what's coming up globes will he stay or will he go. >> fort nation it's decision 2016 after hitting a game winning shot to win a national title kris jenkins made his decision. stay with nova or go to the nba
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plus, find out if the phillies could use something they haven't done in four years. sports coming up next.
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maybe you haven't noticed i totally understand if you hadn't, after all the eagles and carson wentz own thed weekend. every headline, every tweet, every instagram post now that the smoke has clear the phillies came into the night as the hottest team in baseball. the fightings have won nine out of 10. they're visiting st. louis. jeremy on the bump for the phils. no score in the phillies. bases loaded for freddie galvis. here comes they tight up another three. now in the fourth, cardinals adam wainwright at the dish and going big fly upper tank. his first homerun since 2012. we're tied at three. then in the sixth it all fell apart for hell lick son.
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six game winning streak is over. they lose 10-three. your final score. the eagles are still reshaping their roster since thursday they've drafted eight new players they released jerome comb land and white owd freddie martin know. rookie mini cam starts on may 13th. flyers defenseman shane named a finalist for the trophy which goes to the top rookie in the nhl. the winner will be announced june 22. he had 17 goals this season the most for rocky defenseman since 2005-zero sick the flyers have never had a rookie of the year winner. tough to believe. that villanova forward kris jenkins will never forget him he hits game winning shot that gave villanova a national championship he's staying in college for victory lap an shot at more march madness glory. jenkins withdrawn his name from consideration for the nba draft and he will return for senior
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season. big smooth average 18 points during the final 14 games of the season. says he's looking forward to garaging. check this out. a cross the pond lester city wins first ever premier league title. so why we are telling you? before the season the odds of them winning was 5,000 to one. that means if you bet 100 bucks, on lester city you won half a million. it's their first title in a hundred 32 years that the club has been around. they went from worse to first. >> also they've got that guy as their fan. >> that guy worse to first. sixers this could be you. >> all right. >> good point. >> could be. >> good point. >> thank you sir. >> got to dream big. >> up next how philly celebrated technology ton
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>> it is philly tech week and annual event celebrating technology and innovation in our region. at the free library mayor kenney
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took part in a tech town hall. he was joined by together experts to discuss issues like open data policy, small business support and work force development. ♪
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we got to roll. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with bill o'reilly. >> have a good night, family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the worx aerocart. ♪ introducing the worx aerocart, the 8 in 1 tool that makes every load as light as air. >> you can carry anything in it, and you can use it for a multitude of things. >> announcer: like moving heavy water jugs with ease... and not straining your back moving potted plants. >> this actually has lightened the load a lot. i can move it around and not have to worry about that. >> it can tackle any job that i need it to in my yard or anything like that, 'cause you


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