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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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property as ancora psychiatric hospital. >> they were riding up and down the road and they had this roadblock off this morning. >> reporter: department of the corrections say buck he'll arrived at minimum security facility in january. he was quick of aggravated assault, burglary and drug charges. he was eligible for parole on may 21st, but can serve to five years for an escape. people living near facilitate say psychiatric patients escaping is not unusual. but an inmate is a little scary. >> like today it is a little more security, person just a regular person they wouldn't be that many people, soy this guy is a little bit more high even. >> i'm not real keen bit. because my wife is usually here by herself, i'm working and not home during the day, my aunt lives over there by herself. it could be bad. >> reporter: team after team from the special operations unit, scoured the area around ancora, and officials are distributing this picture hoping for leads. people who live nearby say they will keep their guard up.
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>> just be alert, you know, and pretty much it, keep an eye on things just watch going into the garage, stuff like that. >> reporter: department of corrections say there was actually an even escape from this facility in october of last year but the inmate was court on the same day f anyone sees arthur buckle call your local police department n winslow township i'm cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, cleve, thanks. we are getting a break from the rain, question now is, when is the next round? meteorologist kate bilo in the cbs-3 weather center tracking all this wet weather, kate, it is just storm after storm. >> jessica, it is ground hog day weather. it has been gray since last wednesday. we had a a few breaks of sunshine on saturday, few breaks last night, maybe we will see sun peak out before the day is over but you can see on storm scan three right now more rain is lurking just off to the south and west and we have got more gray weather in the coming days. the the good news, may be the weekend. we will look closer at. that but first lets look at
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storm scan three still showing light sprinkles here and there steady rain from last night and this morning push out. you can see thunderstorms impacting deep sea area and point south this air ra got hit hard yesterday evening and getting hit again tonight but that should stay south of us. the let's time out is what happening throughout the rest of the night. temperatures on the cool side thanks to the included cover. we're in the 50's right now. fifty-eight in philadelphia 56 in allentown. 58 degrees in wilmington. cloud stay with us, maybe a couple have breaks if we're lucky but more cloud will roll in overnight and by tomorrow we have yet another chance for scattered showers, to start the day and they could intensify in a few spots tomorrow afternoon as well with steady rain. several weak disturbances for next few days, shower chances each day and below average temperatures, saturday is day to look forward to i'll take a closer look at that coming up with the full forecast in a few minutes, jessica. >> see you then, thanks. part of the building front crumbleness philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. "eyewitness news" on the scene on long shore avenue. the front of the two row
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homes, came crashing to the ground and one of the homeowners, was home at the time. >> i was sitting in the kitchen, you know, and then i heard a little crack. i heard crack, crack. i a said what is that. i heard it coming more. >> i walk around the side and outside, i come outside and come here and this part was already down. then that one. >> reporter: no one was injured, city inspectors are trying to figure out what happened. there are new developments tonight in the verizon workers strike that is entering its fourth week. we have learned that health insurance benefits for striking workers expired, may 1st. verizon says those on strike have the option of continuing coverage, under cobra or looking to the union for assistance. the last week verizon offered what it deemed the best and final contract offer, which was reject, by the union's representing the workers. detectives are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia that turns
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up two victims but in crime scene. victim a 16 year-old boy or 20 year-old woman who are cousins. they told police a man shot them near somerset and park avenues around 1:00 this morning. the victims are in stable condition right now. police search the a area for any evidence of a shooting, but to not find a. on line court record reveal that philly jesus is out of jail. he was arrested last night inside apple store on 16th and walnut street. authorities say that philly jesus real name is michael grant, blocked an aisle, inside the store with a cross, and then refused to leave when asked. he was charged with disorderly conduct and defiant trespassing. the grant has a hearing on the charges in two weeks. a u.s. military advisor killed while helping kurdish troops battle isis in iraq has been identified as a navy seal. the seal was reportedly an ad least 2 miles behind the kurdish front line in mosul when he was shot and killed in morning.
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the isis used truck bombs and bull dose tore break through the barrier. that confront was so intense the u.s. led coalition fired 23 air strikes at both jet fighters and drones to help kurdish forces, fight back. now, some incredible video, u.s. servicemen catch three children who were thrown from the burning building in south korea. those children age one, three and four, were caught in blankets, held by u.s. soldiers who just happened ton passing by. the mother also jumps, and everyone survived without any injuries. campaign 2016, today's indiana primary could shape the rest of the remember race for president f donald trump does well it could pave the way for him to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang has the latest from indianapolis. >> god bless you. >> reporter: ted cruz made a final push for voters in indiana this morning stopping by a barbecue rest car rant in evansville where he blasted his competitor. >> i don't want to tell you
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what i really think about him. this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. >> reporter: it is a crucial state for cruz but polls show donald trump has a 15-point lead, a victory could keep trump on track to win the delegates that he needs to clinch the republican nomination if we win in indiana it is over work folks. >> reporter: democratic race is a little bit more clear, even if bernie sanders wins the state he will still be far behind hillary clinton in delegates needed for the nominations. indiana election officials are expecting a record turnout today, they say early voting numbers are already higher then the past two presidential primaries. in 2008, and 2012. >> we have noticed that voters are inspire, they are encouraged to get out and vote on today so that is exciting. >> i voted for donald trump. >> reporter: susan zigler says usually it is clear who will be nominee by the time indiana votes but not this year.
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>> our vote may actually count. >> reporter: fifty-seven delegates are a at stake in the republican race, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will have continuing coverage of campaign 2016, and the indiana primary, we will have the results on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock and at cbs donald trump and joe biden will be attending the same university of pennsylvania graduation ceremony, but in the for any political reasons. the billion air businessman's daughter tiffany trump, and the vice-president's granddaughter, niomi biden air monk the 1500 students graduating from the school of arts and sciences on may 15th. donald trump is a wharton school graduate and penn says extra security will be in place. well, walking through one of philadelphia's museums or stralling through the italian market is difficult for visually impaired. >> but as our greg argos explains, a local tour company is working to provide up close and personal tours for the blind for some of philadelphia's most popular
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attractions. >> reporter: whether it be italian market's bright produce, its quirky coffee shops. >> hello can i help you. >> reporter: is eclectic vendors could not be seen. what if our museum's historic exhibits went dark. for the blind and visually impaired they are, which is why they created philly touch towers. >> my daughter was born blind 30 years ago and started me on a new way of thinking. >> reporter: trish had a idea working with local museums and vendors of the italian market to open up their exhibit and shops to those who can't see allowing those on tour to smell, and most importantly touch the best of fill will i. >> they are taking the time to, you know, show us foods, things in their stores that we can handle and smell the fruit freshly cut. it is just a revealing experience for everybody really. >> just recently learned to use a kane for navigation. >> reporter: now trish ace offering training to other venues who would like to offer tours for visually impaired. >> does it smell of anything.
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>> reporter: this group training from philly magic gardens is helping a visually pared person navigate through the ancient exhibit at penn me museum. after cleaning my hand and wearing going also that simulate blindness i took a tour myself. >> if you put your hand, side to side, this is the front of the statue. >> reporter: what is fascinating about this experience is, a lot of folks aren't able to go to a museum and touch things like this. >> no. >> thinks a special event too. >> it is. >> reporter: special event, trish says, that can be felt, literally. >> great world to explore and we should all be doing it the together. >> reporter: in philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> feeling it the together, that is great. coming up next on "eyewitness news" broadway history one show gets the most tony nominations ever. also, another hitch in the distribution of the prince's estate, why one man is calling for a dna test.
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a nasal spray that can save a life available in some areas stores but what officials have a warning for you. and then they are the eyes, ears and partners for their human counterparts, now, they are getting special treatments so they can do their jobs even better, that story when we come back. eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes. talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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and an unidentified minute so the man has come forward claiming to be the secret son of music legend prince. a los angeles based gene logical search firm says this man who is in his 30's reached out to them and he claims his mother had a fling with the singer in the 80's and wants to take a dna test to prove prince is his father. right now prince's sister tyka nelson and half siblings are in court trying to sort out his estimated 300 million-dollar estate. musical hamilton makes history earning 16 tony nominations, the most ever, kenneth craig reports from
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outside the show's theater in new york city. >> ♪ >> reporter: hottest ticket on broadway just gotten hotter. the hip-hop musical hamilton set a new tony record earning 16 nominations. from the nominees for best musical are, bright star, hamilton. >> change your life. >> reporter: smash hit received nominations for each of the 13 different categories it was eligible for. >> it got nominated in every single place it could. >> lynn manual miranda, hamilton. leslie odom junior, hamilton. >> reporter: just as they battled it out on stage, star and creator lynn manual miranda a will battle it out in the best actor category with leslie odom junior who play erin burr. tony nominations are latest honor for hip-hop phenomenon, hamilton has won a grammy and pulitzer. historical show about the founding fathers is already a runaway success, with several
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touring productions in the works. its 16 nominations are expect to give ratings boost to the tony's tell cast this june, on cbs. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ♪ >> and you can catch the 170th annual tone a ward sunday june k right here on cbs-3. it is as simple, symbol everyone recognizes red, white and blue stripe pole means barber shop. >> you ever wonder how that iconic sign came about? michael roseman submitted tonight's good question is what the deal with barber poles. they are often displayed outside that swirl of red, white and blue, but, why? >> why the stripes, what do you think. >> it seems very american. >> so the blood, maybe the blood. >> wow. >> it turns out the poles have a rather creepy legacy, and these barber shops for more than just a haircut.
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our nicole brewer gets to the bottom of this at 11:00. >> wow. >> we're all going what? >> do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or tweet us using #cbs-3 good question. >> is what the deal with barber poles, what is the deal with this weather. >> it is like i just tweeted and some people got reference, the groundhog day is still a little hand in mine. >> yes. >> that is what it feels like. it feels like every day we wake up and it is the same gray, just glummy. >> you sang that pretty well. >> no, you didn't. my singing is terrible. my weather, few words, justin through the next few days. it looks like pretty much every day this week especially tomorrow and friday, we will wake up like did you today with a little bit of light rain falling, a slow morning commute, the evening commutes have been a little bit better but still slow going and this continues, right through the end of the workweek, it has been a soggy start to may, but is there a change on the way? lets take a look. take you outside, to the poconos, where it is just a gray, dull looking day, you
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can see still a little snow left there at jack frost big boulder a tarp they put down, the snow did erode after warm weather they had in mid-april and now getting geared up for late season in the poconos and things will be nice in the coming weeks but right now, looking glummy, and talk about a glummy sight on our live neighborhood network, it is just deep gray skies, 50 shades of gray out there over the city of philadelphia. at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. fifty-six right now. storm scan three shows clouds that are in place, more rain off to the south, that should stay generally south of here. that is the good news. we cannot seem to clear out, and another system will be dropping southward, that is when you see this one up here over the great lakes. that slides south as we head toward the weekend. as we sweep the area we are not seeing steady rainfall. we have to head down to the baltimore d.c. area to find out. taking a peak what to expect over the next few days. more rain is on the way. since may 1st we have had almost as much rain as we had since the entire month of april. we were in the rainfall
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deficit. we had 1.22. whole month of april we had 1.75. we should get to that number by the time this week is over. the visible satellite shows it is very cloud a cross the region and that is keeping us cool. temperatures only in the 50's right now. there is that system i was telling but dropping southward as we head through the end of the week and weekend, hang out along the coast and then finally depart, saturday into sunday. here's what that looks like as far as rain is concern. tomorrow we will start to see showers, as we wake up 8:00 a.m. and even steadier rain and that is on and off throughout the day. it could intensify down the shore tomorrow afternoon. here's the storm you might want to watch. we dive south on thursday. just a stray shower thursday and then watch what happens moving off the coast and rain wraps in around the back edge of the storm friday morning rain and then it continues into friday afternoon. we will try to get that out to start the weekend. rain chances over next few days, best chances on friday, still cannot rule out a shower either. 20 percent chance of rain on that day but it toss look warmer at least. tonight mostly cloudy with a stray shower, tomorrow again
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mostly cloudy, scattered showers, it is cool will at 60 . we will keep it cloudy, cool, and damp through the end of the week, friday looks like that is the day the rain will be steady, but coming up next half an hour i've got the full seven day and we may even have a couple suns on there. so things may start to improve by the weekend. i'll bring thaw next half an hour. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. today triple a honored 11 students across the region as outstanding safety patrol members. "eyewitness news" at the big celebration in northeast philadelphia these students are leaders in their schools and work to keep everyone safe. they each received a vees gift card and commemorative plaque. love it, all of the safety, at hc lee, i stood on the corner. i had my arms out. looking good young man, looking good. >> yes. >> you know it. first it was obama verse royals, thing going on and now canadian prime minister is getting in the fray. >> coming up that trash talking video that is getting
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all side fired up for the upcoming inn vick tuesday games. nba, are you serious? isaiah miles didn't think he had a chance until st. joes star got the word from the most unlikely source that story coming up next in sports.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider
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anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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don bell joins us now and we are talking hoops. >> from the college game to the pros. >> very few get a chance to make that leap. 7.4 billion people in the world, only 60 of them will be select in june's nba draft. st. joes star deandre bembry and isaiah miles hope they are one of the lucky once. bembry is list towed by some as top 30 prospect, miles has watched his stock rise. leslie van arsdal has more. one year ago the nba wasn't even on isaiah miles radar, now he is one of the st. joes top players, he is a pro prospect heading to the nba
5:24 pm
draft combine next week. >> my mom told me i thought you were joking. i thought it wasn't right. >> reporter: it started with conversation with coach phil martelli. >> let's start with this. i want to you come back and at the end ovine next year being considered as the most improved player in the league. most improved player in the city. be the most improved player on our team. >> reporter: then transformation began. isaiah change his diet, dropped 20-pound and devoted himself to being a better player physically and mentally. >> my junior year would i take a shot and hepp it goes in. if i miss, coach will get mad at me, pull me out this year i got to do what i got to do. just not having that type of stress. just going out there and having fun and playing the game. >> reporter: last few players to get invited to the combine, jameer nelson and dropty west in 2004. >> it is just a wild moment. it is an amazing statement
5:25 pm
honestly this kid has been invited to the nba draft combine. it is extraordinary. >> reporter: one year ago did you ever think you could be playing in the nba. >> absolutely not. i mean i could see myself playing overseas but i never thought i would be asked to be working out for nba teams or invited to the draft combine. it is an honor and amazing feeling. i just thank god for that opportunity. >> leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". all right, thank you. good luck, to isaiah miles. >> yes. >> that is good stuff. we're also following breaking news out of north philadelphia, chopper three live over a crash involving a philadelphia police officer. this happened about a half an hour ago near 25th and diamond and we are told the 25th district officer was conscious and alert on their way to the hospital. so good news there. it is unclear if anyone else was hurt, in that crash but we will keep you updated. news continues and coming up in our next half an hour a product millions use could have a link to cancer.
5:26 pm
plus this... >> now getting your hand on a life saving drug to treat potentially deadly overdoses is as simple as going to the pharmacy. i'm rahel solomon, coming up how the program works and the warning from officials. >> but to hear them say it, it was like wow, okay, i cannot tell my family just yet. >> it is a diagnosis that changes a woman's life, how those friend battled breast cancer and they are now helping find a cure for the disease. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight a piece of philadelphia history being taken down, but it is not the end of the road for this church organ, the reason the musical journey is just
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county officials, make a major announcement in a fight begins drug overdoses. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. i am jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. narcan which reverses an overdose will be available in acme pharmacies in the pennsylvania. >> "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us from the acme in broomall with the details, rahel. >> reporter: good evening. narcan will be available in all 40 pharmacies in acme in the pennsylvania area, and while officials say that this is a major announcement, it could also comes with an important warning. it is an issue plaquing pennsylvania and beyond, opioid a boost and overdose. >> there is a lot of stigma around drug use but it is a medical condition. it is an illness. >> reporter: tuesday delaware county officials at acme in broomall announced all acme pharmacies around the state will carry the narcan nasal spray. >> this drug when administered
5:31 pm
to someone with an overdose is almost instantly brings back, to reverse side effects of the overdose. >> reporter: anyone can get the spray, either through a doctor's prescription or just by using the pennsylvania, standing order. prescription for general public. it cost $155 out of pocket or can be purchased through insurance, by the intended user. >> you would administer the product, the product comes with two doses because you administer the product and you wait to see if the person responds, to the product, and then, may need a second dose. >> reporter: delaware county district attorney jack whalen zanes since 2014, more than 240 lives have been saved by officers using the narcan, adding that while tuesday's announcement is huge, it is not meant to be a stand alone treatment. >> if you utilize this drug you must, you must, call an ambulance, you must seek immediate medical attention. by not doing so you could
5:32 pm
jeopardize the life of your loved ones. >> reporter: we did ask the officials if they are concerned about enabling anyone who may have a drug problem by selling something like narcan at pharmacies such as acme. they say this is not about enabling anyone, this business saving lives, meantime you can purchase narcan at other pharmacies around the area including cvs. reporting from broomall remarks hell solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the obama administration is taking steps to combat the drug abuse epidemic. today in washington the president called for congress to help. >> what we put forward is a comprehensive plan, some of it we are doing administratively, some of it we need congress to allocate dollars for but we have to treat this like a public health problem that it is. >> on the steps, the president is taking, expanding access to digs and mental health treatment, implementing a syringe services program and investing in community policing, to address, heroin abuse. police dogs and other service animals keep us healthy and safe.
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>> well, for a bucks county vet office it is taking care of them at no cost. "eyewitness news" at center for animal referral and emergency services in langhorne. service animals with guide dogs, search and residue dyings and therapy dogs are getting free eye exams so they can continue to do their important work. >> the point of the screening of the event is to look at these dogs, eyes, very closely and make sure they don't have any tiny little things we should be following or that we should be worried about causing vision loss in the future. >> the center is offering, free, vision checkups for dogs, all month. >> that is a good pup right there. >> no doubt. >> this sunday parkway will be filled with thousands of breast cancer survivors for the annual susan komen race are to the the cure. >> each one has an incredible experience to share. our brooke tomorrow to as spoke to two friend about conquering the disease, and jim donovan explains why it is so important to sign upright now these two friend have a
5:34 pm
lot in common. they go to the same church, at one point, they had the same job, both proud parents, and now they are both breast cancer survivors. >> regular checkups, and, you know, go to get your mammogram. you expect to get the little letter saying, you know, thank you for coming in. everything is okay. negative. make your appointment for next year. but i got a phone call. >> for me it was just a shock, even though i knew because i found the lump myself but to hear them say it, it was like wow. >> reporter: another commonty, vivian and kelly both also watched their older sister fight breast cancer before them. kelly says worst part was having to tell her big sister that the family would have to go through this again. >> i didn't want to tell her because she was just finishing
5:35 pm
off her five years, so that is hard. >> reporter: they for the cancer as a family and won. now, kelly can't wait to join thousands of other women as they walk down these very steps for race for the cure all together as proud survivors. it will be kelly's first year but her friend vivian's second year. >> this was a race for the cure, so now we have to find a cure, and we will beat cancer. >> reporter: the cause means so much to vivian, back at 2014, she promised she would fight to end breast cancer for other woman. as soon as she finished radiation she kept that promise, showing up weekly to volunteer, with susan g komen philadelphia. >> yes, i have had breast cancer and yes, i'm a survivor, and i want to reach out and help somebody else. >> we are here 24/7, to help women reach out, as they
5:36 pm
address all of the problems that they will confront touring their treatment. >> reporter: elaine groveman is ceo of susan g komen of philadelphia. >> every year, 6,000 survivors will come to my door for help. >> reporter: she says many women in our area lack insurance, or they are under insured, unable to cope with high deductibles and co pays, that is where komen comes in. >> million-dollar just went out to 15 hospitals, so that they can see these women in the under served communities. >> reporter: race and events like recent concert with the philly pops increase awareness. >> 2300 women at the kimmel center that learn from 25 doctors, and 25 survivors how to address the need in their breast cancer issue the. >> reporter: but she's quick to point out. >> it takes dollars. ongoing dollars all the time.
5:37 pm
>> cbs-3 is proud to support susan g komen in the fight against breast cancer. you can join the "eyewitness news" team this sunday morning, we will be broadcasting live, starting at 6:00 a.m. please send us your message of support, love, and hope for those fighting for breast cancer, the survivors and the loved ones that we have lost. post using #cbs-3 rftc. we will show them sunday morning. join the fight sunday morning. text a 10-dollar donation to susan g komen for the cure, text pink to 80077. and, still to come tonight on "eyewitness news". >> excited about it. it is a time for him to get away and enjoy it himself. >> the philly fanatic, disney characters, police officers, this was quite a send off for a group of very special children. we will tell you where they are going and why this trip is a dream come true. it is something that millions of people use every
5:38 pm
day, a signature product, for a major company but does talc powder cause cancer? the multi million-dollar court ruling and what doctors are recommending, when we come right back, kate? the damp, glummy weather continues, coming up we will track when we are dealing with showers verse heavier rainfall and what to expect for the weekend, will the sun return? i'll have your latest
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5:41 pm
well, on this very moment a group of special need children are having the time of their lives. >> yes, they are on a day long excursion to disney world, the dream trip, that began early this morning in new jersey. >> where are you going? >> disney world. >> we're going to disney. >> you can see the excitement on their faces, these special children are about to embark on a dream trip, to disney
5:42 pm
world. and they are flying on a chartered jet. this is operation dream lift, a program for special needs children organized by the sunshine foundation. new jersey state trooper were on hand to help out, even carrying those who cannot walk on to the plane. >> they are disadvantaged kid, they are children with disabilities, children with handicaps, we give them back a day so that they can have a special moment in their lives, something that they can treasure for the rest of their life. >> reporter: more than 100 children and their families are spending the whole day in disney world and they will return home tonight. >> this is a dream come true. i mean i may self has never been to disney he but more importantly it is about my son who gets to go to disney for the first time. >> he's excited about it. it is a time for him to get away and enjoy it himself. >> reporter: a preboarding party was held at mercer county airport, a cast have of disney characters, right there to greet the kids. after the party, it was time
5:43 pm
to walk out on the tarmac and board the plane with the phillies fanatic leading the way. >> everybody coming together at the community, and helping these kid into a tough bright day good isn't that special. >> yes. >> a day they will never forget. operation dream lift takes place every year and once today's trip is over, organizers will begin planning and raising money for next years trip. >> they will be a good worn out at the end of the day. >> tired, no doubt. up next when we can expect a break in the glummy weather,
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canadian prime minister justin true dough is jumping in the twitter war for next weeks invictus games. >> first they tell prince harry that they will bring it to the games. and within of the service members behind the obama's said boom, while pretend to go drop a mike. prince harry posted a video response that included, his grandmother queen elizabeth doing his own, mike dropping, and then saying boom. not to be left out, the canadian prime minister tweeted his own video to show how canada brings it to the upcoming games. >> oh, hey i just thought would i show our friend in the
5:47 pm
u.s. and uk, how canada brings it. your majesty, prince harry, president and mrs. obama,: boom. >> wow, they went rocky. one arm. >> prince harry found the invictus games in 2013, the para olympic style features wounded or sick armed service members both active duty and veterans. they will do it in orlando. so we have a lot of people coming into florida. kate, hopefully they will have a little better sunny weather down there. >> i would hope soy. >> but even if they don't they will make it a great time. >> yes. >> very cool to say, everybody, you know, trash talking, good nature trash talking. >> it is on. >> lets hope better weather. it won't be hard to get better weather then we have because our weather has been down ride ugly for days and days. it was a week ago today that we saw some sunshine, temperatures got to the mid 80's you will remember.
5:48 pm
it seems like so long ago, mid 80's, thunderstorms work through in the evening and now, ever since then it has been cool, cloudy and pretty damp. today was no exception. take a look outside we will go outside to see how gray and glummy it is in center city fail this evening. temperatures only in the 50's right now. the cloud, keeping us on the cool side, and, definitely needed to killing out those coats again. a lot have people have been saying where is spring? don't forget, we had almost two weeks of sunny, beautiful, gorgeous, spring weather in the middle of april. so trying to get tonight chunks instead of the few nice days and rainy days we are getting a big chunk of sunshine and then a big chunk of not so nice weather. that is what we're stuck in right here. temperatures all across 509's right now. lets look at rain amounts. lets see if anyone gotten a decent amount of rain. we are missing a decimal point there. margot simons 1.2 inches in the past 24 hours. delran allen at 1.14. kyle higgins in hatboro
5:49 pm
.86 inches of rain. more is on the way. the after a very dry spring so far, may is make going up, for lost time. here's a look at storm scan three. you can see more rain off to the south, right now, that should generally miss us. that massive rain and thunder in eastern virginia, could clip southern delaware, in the next couple of hours but generally speaking tonight, not the wetest night we have seen the. we have to look at this next storm an up are low moving over the great lakes that will dive southward and then cannery develop, along the coast on friday. so as of right now tomorrow looks like a bit of the wet day as this moisture lifts n then we will tap into that moisture on friday, and thursday, in between it is still a cloudy, showery day but friday will be the wetest day of the next three days. doppler estimated rainfall in the past 24 hours you can see heaviest rain was last night. if you were watching at 11:00 we were tracking this storm dumping heavy rain in eastern maryland and portions of delaware. over 2 inches near harrington, delaware. more rain to come through the end of the weakest specially
5:50 pm
on friday. again, here's temperatures only in the 50's right now. we will track through the rest of the week you can see 60's, barely 60's, we will struggle to hit 60's next few days. cloud, or showers tomorrow. more cloud thursday. then that storm moves off the coast and redevelops. it will toss our way through the day friday and still wet, still only in the 60's this goes through thursday evening. over the next two days we will end up with a quarter to half inch of rain. we could add another half inch to an inch of rain on friday, and probably, get close to recouping some of that rainfall deficit we have had this spring. overnight tonight though just spotty showers, 52 degrees. tomorrow scattered showers, possibly some steady rain developing in one or two spots through the afternoon, you're witness weather seven day forecast keeps it cloudy, chilly, thursday and friday. weekend looks better. not the nicest weekend we have ever even but we will see some sunshine peeking out and warming it up both days. now back to you at the desk. cbs-3 healthwatch, tonight, johnson and johnson is vowing to peel a 55 million-dollar verdict that
5:51 pm
was awarded to a st. louis woman who claims it was talc powder that caused her ovarian cancer. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on that case and hundreds more to follow. >> reporter: we will be hearing about this. the first jury verdict against johnson and johnson was for 72 million-dollar. this claims that the company knew talc products were linked to cancer. now at least 1200 more powder-related lawsuits are pending. 200 of them are in new jersey. sixty-two year-old gloria says that she used johnson's baby powder for decade before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. talc was found in her ovarian tissue after a hysterectomy. >> my advice has always been not to use talc on a regular basis in the genital area. i have not changed that opinion for 30 years. >> reporter: doctor daniel crammer an ovarian cancer epidemiologist testified about stud that is she women who regularly use talc have a 40 percent higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.
5:52 pm
jury gave her a multi million-dollar verdict. >> the 50 million-dollar award, in punitive was intended to punish johnson and johnson for their conduct. >> reporter: lawsuit claims talc in johnson's baby powder and shower to shower is carcinogenic and that the company has known bit, based upon scientific knowledge dating back to the 1960's. >> what we're hoping for is that johnson and johnson will finally do what they should have done decade ago and put a warning on the product. >> reporter: johnson and johnson says that scientific and regulatory reviews determined that talc is safe, for use in cosmetic products and that the labeling on johnson's baby powder is a pope eighth. >> we are confident in our position that there is no causal allah so, between talc and ovarian cancer. >> so we have two side here. the bottom line, the link between ovarian cancer and talc is a matter of scientific dispute at this point. now the american cancer society does say that the use
5:53 pm
of talc based body powder for feminine hygienist possibly carcinogenic to humans. johnson and johnson says it will appeal both verdicts. we will be hearing from a lot of lawyers. >> oh, yeah, no doubt. >> thanks, stephanie. super heroes are spending the day with young patients at children's hospital of philadelphia the business part of the hospital's world day celebration. "eyewitness news" in university city where children learned how to take charge of their asthma triggers and got to enjoy some music, games, and it looks like some crafts too. >> oh, yeah. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", they call it the oscars of fashion. >> from madonna to kim and kanye it was an all out contest to see who was the most over the top. the insider takes us inside the met gala, when we come right back.
5:54 pm
♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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it was fashion's biggest night, everyone still talking about the met gala. >> the insider's debbie, joins us now you from hollywood to tell us about more. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, fashion's a star studded oscar night did not disappoint. deli was on the red carpet at the met gala for all of the madness. >> ♪ >> drink some lemonade on the way over. >> yes. >> but we all bow down to the queen bee, giving a new definition to rubber shaw you with that second dress, many looked like it it was straight off back of becky what do you mean by everyone, on internet i had was made of becky skin. >> it is a bunch of you know. >> leaving husband jay z home last night today i was with
5:58 pm
the ultimate beyonce insider. long time stylist and co founder ty hunter, man to the left making shire every detail was on point. what was it made out of. >> latex. >> we had a wonderful artist hand paint each flower, even doing fitting like we wanted to place extra flowers, we had artist there and she was like, having the flowers and she did it. >> reporter: inside beyonce posed with madonna and man who designed their looks, ricardo kiesh. women walk up these stairs with what is going on behind. >> a little bit cold. it is cold. i was expecting a nice, warm, spring day but no. >> we will have so much more on this story tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> all right, more to come on that, you can get more hollywood news tonight on the inside are at 7:30 on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> once flat front lawns are now rolling hills. there are holes in the sidewalk, and telephone pole tilts and there are cracks in patios. what is going up up here on aldine street. neighbors want to know and we will help them get answers, coming up. and a prisoner on the run, the reason new jersey officers were so shocked that he made a break for it, but, does he pose a risk to the public? kate? and it has been another glummy, gray, kay, how many more of these to we have on the way? coming up we will time out when heaviest rain will be through the remainder of the week and we will tell you when sun will peak through the cloud. type offer again inside christ church has in the been moved since 1836, so why now? i'm alexandria hoff with the story of this grand gesture coming up. well, something caves in we could lose a life here or
6:00 pm
someone can get seriously injured. >> neighborhood nuisance in the northeast and it is causing major concern for residents, roads are crumbling and crumbling walls and sidewalks. why is it happening? we went in search of the source and solution. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter live in mayfair where he went digging for answers, walt? >> reporter: well, jessica, there are some beautiful rolling hilly lawns here in the 3500 block of aldine street, the problem is, there is supposed to be flat. they began sinking several months ago on nearly a dozen of these houses and along with holes opening up in the sidewalks and other problems, neighbors here, they are desperate for answers. >> as you can see, that deck is about 4 feet long. >> 4-foot. >> reporter: no one knows how deep this hole or this one really are. >> it is hallow. >> god forbid


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