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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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new video shows a woman fighting off the a man who tried to rape her. the can he thing she did to get away. the drug credited with saving lives by reversing drug overdoses is now available at a supermarket near you. where anyone will be able to buy narcan and why one local doctor says this could have a negative side everybody. but first a knock out in indiana. donald trump takes the hoosier state forcing ted cruz to end his run for president. the compliment trauma happen for cruz following tonight's big primary win. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. tonight the chairman of the republican party declared donald trump the presumptive nominee. the billionaire businessman delivered a knock out blow to ted cruz in the indiana primary winning by 16 points. on the democratic side bernie sanders surprised hillary clinton defeating the frontrunner by six points. tonight, we're a step closer to a historic general election showdown.
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donald trump's victory in indiana pushes him closer to the 1237 delegates needed to claim his party's nomination before the convention. >> we're going after hillary clinton, she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a for president. >> reporter: for ted cruz the loss in indiana was one too ma many. cruz told supporters to night it's over. he suspending his campaign. >> from the beginning, i've said that i would continue on as long as there was viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say -- no!? >> -- it appears that path has been foreclosed. no ted cruz i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. he is got an amazing future. >> in the democratic primary bernie sanders upset hillary clinton.
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sanders says he's not going anywhere. he addressed his supporters tonight in kentucky. >> the ideas that we are figh fighting for are the ideas of the future of america. >> clinton spent indiana's election day campaigning in the general election swing state of ohio. >> a reminder the new jersey try mary is set for tuesday, june 7th. now as we get closer to both the republican and democratic national conventions in july, be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. and when we're not on tv you can fine updates any time at new tonight, "eyewitness news" obtains a key piece of evidence in the death of a student at wilmington high school. it is graphic cell phone video which shows the fight leading up to the student's death. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows you a portion of that video and has details on what police are saying about the case tonight. >> reporter: this cell phone video obtained by "eyewitness news" shows the fight inside the
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bathroom that authorities say eventually led to the death of 16-year-old amy joyner frances. we're only showing a small portion of the video and not playing the audio because it's too disturbing. the howard high school of technology student died on april 21 after the assault and someone claiming to be a friend shared this video with "eyewitness news". hoping to bring more attention to the case. at this point no charges have been filed. police chief bobby cummings declined on camera interview but told me tonight, his office is working with the attorney general's office on the case. mayor dennis williams officer commented further in statement. quote the wilmington police department continues to work with the attorney general's office to determine the appropriate charges relating to the incident which occurred at howard high school. a source close to the investigation tells "eyewitness news" authorities are aware of the video and have seen it mull pell times. authorities won't say when those charges will come down but i'm told they're definitely will be charges. reporting live tonight in the sat sent, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> thank you david. now disturbing video from outside northeast high school. police are searching for thee suspects who fought with school police officers. police say the suspects were challenging some students to fight and that's why the officers stepped in. one officer was thrown to the ground. the other officer was punched. this all happened yesterday afternoon around thee 30:00. suspects got away going east on cottman avenue. well police released new video that their plant hunt for suspect a who attempt add to sexually assault woman in south philly. the suspect walked up behind the woman at 13th and wharton and tried to pull her down on the sidewalk much this happened in the passyunk square neighborhood on the 20th of april. during the struggle the victim was able to fight off the suspect by spraying him with mace. you are urged to take a good look at this man and if you recognize him, please contact philadelphia police. tonight another weapon to fight our region's heroin epidemic is becoming more widely available. nasal spray that can rei sers the effects potentially deadly drug overdose is now for sale in
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some local stores i'm witness news reporter trang do is live in media with where it's available and the concern that's being voiced tonight. trang? >> reporter: jessica, 2014 david law put narcan into the states of first responders across the state. here in delaware county access to narcan as simple as walking into an acme. it's easy to use. >> it does get pushed up your nostril and one push. >> reporter: now narcan will be easy to get if you live in delaware county. >> it's just another step on our fight against the epidemic of the heroin overdoses and heroin and pope pee yacht epidemic. >> acme are stocked with the naval spray used to reverse overdoses. people fighting addiction and their loved ones will be able to get it without a prescription. >> our pharmacists are trained to counsels are counsel when somebody comes in and asks for the product. we do counsel on what to do, what are the signs of opiate
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overdose, how to handle that. >> reporter: since late 2014, first responders in the county say -- saved 250 lives using narcan film this is a good step towards preventing deaths from overdoses. it's not a solution to the problem. >> reporter: dr. richard demon dee, jr. a media based addiction specialist had mixed reaction. he fierce addicts will abuse it as a safety net. >> they're going to be able to use it to combat overdosing in which other addicts can carry it to save their friends and not worry about getting treatment. >> reporter: county officials greed but say the pros outweigh the con. >> our first priority as a county is to save lives and then get them into treatment. >> reporter: narcan cos costs $5 a box for two doses. now people who are getting it for themselves may use insurance but if you're getting it for someone else you will have to pay out of the pocket. acme does plan to roll out narcan in all of its pennsylvania pharmacies eventually but for now we're
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live in media, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you trang. the search continues tonight in south jersey for escaped inmate arthur buckle. he was reported missing this morning from the bay side state prison satellite facility. buckle arrived at the minimum security facility in january after being convicted aggravated assault, burglary and drug charges. he was eligible for parole on may 21st could serve three to five years for his escape. new tonight, water safety concerns take center stage in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the academy of natural sciences on the parkway for a panel discussion called what's in our water? it featured new mission comer of the philadelphia water department as elwell as other experts. and they discussed what's being done in philadelphia and the region to protect the drinking water supply. president obama will visit flint, michigan tomorrow to highlight the drinking water crisis that continues there. the president will make a stop at a food bank.
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he'll meet with flint's mayor and michigan's gov rick schneider. the president signed an emergency disaster declaration for flint back in january to help efforts to combat led in the drinking water. neighbors in the northeast tonight want answers about what's happening be 19 the street and their homes. "eyewitness news" in the 3500 block of aldeen street over the past year, flat lawns have become rolling hills. sidewalks have rippled upwards and patios have crack. neighbors have been filling holes with bricks and dirt that just keep disappearing underground. >> where is the dirt going? >> into a very lover heal hole. >> somewhere. >> i'd like the city to come out here and tell us what's going on. >> water department officials have come out twice but provided no definitive answers. responding to our inquiries the water department says shell do more checks if neighbors reach out. there are now new developments in the verizon workers strike that's now entering its fourth week.
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we warned health insurance benefits for striking workers expired may first. verizon says those on strike have the option of continuing coverage under cobra or looking to the union for assistance. last week verizon offered what it deemed a best and final contract offer which was rejected by the union's representing the workers. the religious ordered foun founded by st. katharine drexel decided to sell the estate housing the shrine with the saint's tomb. remains of the saint will be moved to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul and placed near the altar already honoring her. the sisters of the blessed sacrament are putting the property up for sale because the time is right. they are also selling a 2200-acre property in virginia. archbishop charles chaput issued a statement saying in part...
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as we continue tonight, we'll have to wait for the sunshine to return. >> meteorologist kate bilo is tracking even more rain. kate? >> that's right, guys. this is how today looked. all day long. it's been gray, it's been cloudy, it's been damp and unfortunately this is not ending any time soon. i'll time out when the heaviest rain will fall for the rest of this week which commutes will be impacted and if it will brighten up for the weekend. >> it's a product that million office people use and now it's at the center of ally multi million dollar disease. the serious disease one person got by using talcum powder. >> it's a symbol we all recognize those red, white and blue poles synonomous with barbershops. but what's the history behind them? that's a good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. >> and history made on broadway. the must see musical that received a record number of tony nominations and the local
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ johnson johnson says it will appeal a $55 million verdict awarded to a woman who claims the company's baby powder caused her ovarian cancer. 62-year-old gloria, said she used johnson's baby powder for decades before being diagnosed with cancer in 2011. the lawsuit claimed the talcum powder in johnson's baby powder and shower to shower is carcinogenic and the company has known about it. johnson & johnson says years of research shows talc is safe for use in cosmetic products. at least 1200 more powdery lated lawsuits are now pending. it's a sign and symbol that needs no words. those red, white and blue
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striped poles are synonomous with barbershops. >> how did they become a symbol of the place men go to get a shave and haircut. that's good question and nicole brewer joins us with the history behind barber polls. >> this answer goes way back to the middle ages. wheat get to that in just a second. first michael grossman shout out to michael he wants to know what's the deal with barber polls? it's a good question, michael, with somewhat of a morbid answer. ♪ >> it's the universal symbol for men's haircut and everything that comes with it. >> you network. >> talk sports. >> a lot of different views in the barbershop. >> as conversations swirls so does the red, white and sometimes blue. so what's the deal with barber poles. >> why the stripes, what do you think. >> it's a great question. >> i have no idea. >> it seems very american. >> what is the deal with the barbershop pole? >> beth lander is the librarian at college of physicians of philadelphia.
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home of the mutter museum she says it goes back to the services barbers provided in the middle ages. >> little bit before i was born. >> anything from getting your haircut to having a tooth pulled to having a hole drilled in your head if you had a concussion. >> barbers? i did not know that. >> i heard about people glowing for therapy. >> these so called barber surgeons later called surgeons of the short robe also performed blood lettings. >> blood what. >> like bleaches. >> that's right. >> i hard about blood lettings. >> that was supposed to cure you of whatever disease you had. >> from cutting hair to cutting veins, landers says they used bandages to collect the blood then clean linens to wrap you backup they would take the two sets of bandages outside to dry and in the wind they would twist you giving you the image of the barber pole. >> that's disgusting. what century is that. >> that lasted until 1745 when england passed legislature separating the two professions. >> the barbers wanted people to understand who they are and what
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they could provide. >> they're no longer drawing blood just customers and shortcuts. >> now you may be wondering why some of the poles are red, white and blue. well there's two theories to this. one suggests that blew represents veins being cut during blood letting. i know. the other interprets the blue as a show of patriotism. so -- >> wow. >> i'm glad you you'd eddie murphy and coming to america. >> there's your answer. >> i'll never look at them the same again. >> that's right. what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question. you can also tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer right here on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and we can't wait to hear your good question. a piece of philadelphia history is on the move. >> christ church is dismantling historic organ. it's been in the church since it was installed back in 1836.
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now thanks to $2 million donation the organ is being shipped out of state will it will be redesigned and reconditioned to be more modern. >> now they're going to begin taking these peaces apart one by one. wrapping them up, putting them in their truck and driving them to gloucester, massachusetts. >> the work is expected to take one year. the broadway musical sensation hamilton makes history earning 16 tony nominations. that's the most ever nominations for one show. historical show about the foundinfounding fathers received nominations for every category it was eligible for. star lesley odom, jr. who grew up in philadelphia is up for best actor. and you can catch the 70th annual tony awards sunday jun june 12th at 8:00 clock right here on cbs3. >> kate joins us now and i think about june you think sunny, warm, summer. >> don't think about the rest of this week. >> i know. this week is just -- we're dragging on this whole like
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spring thing. >> it seemed like spring was here. >> right. >> it was. >> mid april it was beautiful for days. it was great and all of a sudden we went backwards. now we've been stuck in that for week now. >> yeah. >> today day seven of doom and gloom. last tuesday a week ago today it got to the mid 80s w he we had sunshine it felt great and storms came through the pattern completely switched and we've been gray, gloomy and damp ever since much there's hope on the houri son. let's get through the nasty stuff first. live look outside shows it's fog gearing it's dam many and it's gray it's gloomy. there will be areas of patchy fog on the roads be safe out there tonight. it's not really raining right now. but as you take a look at storm scan3 more showers are starting to creep in from the west and these could impact us overnight tonight. they're generally scattered notice they are starting to fizzle out as they move into the lancaster part of our region into berks county as well a couple of showers here and there overnight as i zoom out you can see there's a lot more where that's coming from. some rain down around the dc area, and as you zoom out even
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furthermore showers to the west. then we have to deal with this next system. right here it's bring something rain and even thunderstorms to portions of the great lakes region tonight. that eventually will drop southward bringing with it a very cold pocket of air. think of this like a puddle of cold air in the upper at months four that's going to dip southward this weekend. bringing with it clouds or i should say late this week into the weekend clouds, chilly conditions and another threat for rain. temps right now chilly 54 in philadelphia. only 50 in atlantic city and wildwood. 47 in mount pocono. here's what this looks like. scattered showers as you wake up tomorrow morning. it's not a total washout outside tomorrow but scattered showers, some periods of light rain on and off throughout the entire day. it's a lot like today. may stay a bit damp even through tomorrow evening. then on thursday, that's when this bowling ball of cold air like we talk about dips to the south. possibly even some mountain snow even in north carolina as we head through the day thursday but thursday doesn't look like a very wet day for us. it's just cloudy, maybe some mist and drizzle but the rain
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spins back in on friday so this system transfers its energy offshore. pulls in some moisture from the atlantic ocean you can see this plume that developed over philadelphia friday morning will continue to drift inland through the day the first half of friday looks like the west test part of the rest of the week. that then rain progresses inland and try to get this cleared out of here a bit as we get into our saturday. so what to expect for the next few days. we've got several weak disturbances moving through. chance for a shower at any time. basically from tonight through saturday morning any time you step outside expect to get wet at least with a light shower or drizzle it's just around all the time. shower chances each day. temperatures stay below average this time of the year really dependent on sunshine. if you have cloud cover, you're not going to get enough sun to warm things up temperatures stay below average looks like the worst commute will be friday morning commute. that's when the rain should be heaviest for our area. don't think any commutes look great over the next few days but the heaviest rain is friday morning. again chances for rain each day. tomorrow 40% chance of one spot
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in our area picking someone rain. thursday a little bit of a smaller chance i don't think thursday is that wet of a day. friday though back to 80%. and saturday at least the chance for a shower in the morning. overnight mostly cloudy a spotty shower 52 degrees. tomorrow movely cloudy, scattered showers again plan for them at any time have your rain gear and we've got race for the cure this weekend mother's day morning 8:00 a.m., cannot rule out the threat for showers. i'm hoping we can shift that timing a little sooner get them over with saturday night. i got a very close eye on it i'll keep you posted as of right now though we may need the light rain jackets on sunday morning but the good news a little more sun this weekend should start to break the pattern but it doesn't look until monday or tuesday we really break out and get some nicer spring weather back in the region. >> light rain jackets on stand by. >> happening on. don is here. what's coming upping. >> what a surprise talking about sandy b when a competition in really a competition. we have the latest on sam bradford and a pitching dual is interrupted by a 411-foot
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homerun. see if the phillies can get even in st. louis. sports coming up next.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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>> home is where the heart season where the big piece does some of his best work. the phillies st. louis howard's hometown. game two of the four game seri series. aaron nola on the bump. randall line drive. former cardinal peter bore jaws tracking it down at warning track. nice slide and grab. scoreless in the sixth there's the hometown kid ryan howard, gone! off of michael, sixth homerun of the season. 22nd against the cardinals. fills up one to nothing. nola flat out seven punch outs in seven innings of shut owl
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ball. has 20 scoreless innings working for him. bullpen game in. gomez picked up his ninth save of the season. phillies with six shut out of the year for them and one to nothing your final score. all right. this just in. sam bradford is still missing in act. eagles quarterback wants a trade and newly released pod cast his agent explained again why sam wants out of philly. >> it seem seems in the locker room all of the other players -- the players know what's going on. so the players are in the locker room and they know that sam is a short-term guy. and he's just there until the rookie is ready to go. i know people say, well, why doesn't he just compete and win the job and, you know, there is no real competition. your team has given up the draft choices and you're the second pick in the draft he's playing. that's all there to s to it. >> why sam pouts at home carson
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wentz is enjoying the limelight. the number two pick is on the regional cover of this week's sports illustrated wearing eagles jersey and sporting number 11. rookie camp starts on may 13t 13th. accolades keep oncoming for. ncaa champion wildcats. they are the 2016 winner of the john wanamaker award recognizes the athlete team or organization that has done the most to reflect credit upon philadelphia and to the team or sport in which they excel. the ceremony will be on june 22nd. we cannot see that video enough. >> it happened remember we were in the 11:00 o'clock right here. >> i was looking right over there. >> very seats. >> you were talking. >> reenactment. >> boom! >> that was you. >> thank you buddy. >> you got it. >> how philadelphia police officers showed off their art
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♪ philadelphia police officers showed off their artistic side tonight. >> the 12th police district hosted an art and music show at saint barnabas school in southwest philadelphia. officers have been working with students on several projects then got to showcase them tonight. this new out reach initiative
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was started by the irish pub children's foundation. >> that's a great skyline. very nice. >> good job. >> very nice. >> we'll be back. eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition that increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. you could be one of them. small lifestyle changes can help you avoid diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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"eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with jim donovan, brook thomas, katie fehlinger and meisha johnson with traffic. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. late show with stephen colbert is next with dakota johnson. thanks for watching. good night, family and sleep well.
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>> stephen: hey, dakota johnson, thank you so much for being here. >> hi, stephen. >> stephen: i'm really looking forward to your new movie "a bigger splash." >> thank you. >> stephen: it must be so fun to work with tomming hanks. >> what do you mean? >> stephen: "a bigger splash." it's a sequel to big and splash where tom hanks wishes to be a mermaid and learns a lesson about love. >> no, this one is actually sort of a gripping drama that's sort of erotic. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. gripping, erotic drama, tom hanks. >> no, it's about a rock star played by tilde squintop and she her ex-boyfriend ray fines comes to see her when she's on


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