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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we will begin with breaking news philadelphia police officers opened fire shooting suspects in two separate incidents, just hours a part. what investigators are saying happened in the moments before officers, pulled the trigger. the results of the indiana republican primary change the landscape for race for president i'm weijia jiang in indianapolis with the latest coming up. and, storm scan three shows more wet weather heading this way. the parts of the area already waking up to rain and katie is here to tell us when skies may clear. today is wednesday, maymay fourth, good morning, i'm jim donovaning. >> i'm brooke thomas. meisha is here with traffic and katie has your forecast. i know you are working hard this morning. >> happy hump day we have a few accidents, a lot of construction and a busy morning out there. >> you hate to say it but
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weather, you have to be careful out there. even though it is just rain it is naturally slowing you down. you have to be careful. this is perfect example of that, one of the main intersectionness center city on you the side spring garden and broad street, we've got telltale signs that a sheen on the road, rain is out there on sky scan three and when you see a snapshot of storm scan which we will go to next thinks a decent round of rain through southeastern pennsylvania, lehigh rally and another pocket across southeastern cape may county. while everyone is getting hit, where you are, you are seeing steady rain at this point. at the moment, temperatures, you know, very similar to this same time yesterday, upper 40's, lower 50's and it is cool, damp outside and we will keep that, type of of forecast in the card for you really anytime today. still watching for additional showers around. 60 degrees, cloudy, damp, will chilly, eventually, eventually we'll sun return here in the
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next couple of days but for now the gray, glummy pattern is set to continue, and i will have that better news coming up in the seven day later in the show, meisha. >> thanks very much, for that. wet roadways, another damp one and i can tell you it is only 4:30. we are seeing problems. this is your first one, accident at schuylkill westbound off ramp to the vine that ramp is block. flashing lights causing slow downs. you might get gaper delays throughout the morning that doesn't get moved out of the way. we have construction blue route north bound at macdade boulevard that right lane is closed. you cane that making everyone forced to one lane as they pass by. now not causing too many slow downs but it will as we progress in the 5:00 o'clock hour. construction here ramp to i-95 blue route is closed. we have that far right lane leading up to that exit. also an accident in glassboro route three to 22 is blocked near high street. down pole alternate. this is it. you will to have use it glassboro cross keys road and also, we have got, repaving on kelly drive. we will have those updates in
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a couple minutes. brooke, over to you. breaking news on a are dangerous night for philadelphia police. >> officers are forced to open fire at two separate scenes, one of the shootings leaves the suspect dead. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us live from overbrook where police remain on the scene, jan. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. that is right. philadelphia police still on the scene of this police involved shooting overnight here in overbrook. this was the deadly incident. you can see that they just reopened lancaster at overbrook avenue and it had been closed for hours due to this investigation but right here on overbrook the vehicle involved in this incident is still on the scene this was the second of two police involved shootings overnight here in philadelphia, in this incident the suspect died, after police say he tried to run officers over with his car. take a lot the video. this unfolded early this morning just before 1:00 a.m. investigators a say police in an unmark car spotted a man they believe was acting suspiciously. those officers called for a
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mark police contact to assist. investigators say those mark officers tried to pull the suspect over but he refused to get out of the car and then tried to run responding officers over. the those officers then opened fire and then a man was pronounced dead at the hospital. take a look, before this incident, around 11:00 last night another police involved shooting, that one is in southwest philadelphia, on the 5300 block of grace avenue. police were in that area where they heard shots fired, and then found a man 40 years old, standing on a deck and shooting a gun in the air. when they told suspect to drop his weapon police say he then fired one shot at police. one of the officers then return fire, shooting twice and hitting that suspect once, take a listen. >> enters left leg and then right leg, the male initial to a house, and they make an arrest at that time. the male was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. >> reporter: that suspect is in stable condition this
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morning. in the meantime police have taken a man who was inside that house in for questioning this morning. in the meantime here in overbrook, this is the deadly officer involve shooting. that suspect taken to presbyterian hospital and died overnight. we are still waiting for more information about this incident, police have have not yet released the identity of the man shot and killed here and they have not released anymore information about the police officers involved. this is an evolving story, of course, we will keep you up to date. for now live from overbrook, jan carabao for cbs-3 eyewitness news. jim and brooke, back to you. indiana may prove to be decisive blow in donald trump clinching the republican presidential nomination. >> his land slide victory in the state, led to ted cruz dropping out of the race. but despite another third place finish john kasich says he is continuing to fight on. on the democratic side much closer result with bernie sanders upsetting hillary clinton. weijia jiang breaks it down. >> reporter: cbs news projections donald trump won
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the indiana republican primary, chairman of the republican national committee says trump is presumptive nominee and called on the party to unite party to behind him. >> we are going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great president, she would be a poor president. >> reporter: for ted cruz the loss in indiana was one too many. cruz suspended his campaign. >> from the beginning, i have said that i would continue on, as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> reporter: trump had kind word for the rival he called lyin ted. >> he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. he has got an amazing future. >> reporter: yes governor john kasich came in a distant third
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here but his campaign says that he is staying in the race. in the democratic primary, bernie sanders runner hillary clinton. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states and in fact become the nominee. >> reporter: clinton is looking ahead to the general election as asking for donations to help defeat trump. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities are searching for three suspects scene fighting with school police officers outside northeast high. cell phone video captured the altercation monday afternoon, police say officers stepped in when suspects began challenging students to fight. one officer was thrown to the ground, another was punched. the suspects were last seen, east on cottman avenue. take a look at this new surveillance video police are hoping it lead to a suspect to attempt to sexually assault a woman in south philadelphia. man walk up behind would the man at 13th and wharton and tried to pull her down. it happened on april 20th.
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the victim for the back spraying the suspect with mace. if you recognize this man call the police. authorities in south jersey continue to search for an escaped inmate, arthur buckle. he went missing from the bay side state prison the satellite facility in winslow township yesterday morning. buckle a arrived at the minimum security facility in january, after being convicted of aggravated assault, burglary and drug charges. he was eligible for parole may 21st. he could now serve three to five years for escaping. happening today, preliminary hearing for the philadelphia father accused of shooting his own four year old daughter, at another child. thirty year-old maurice phillips is charged with murder and related charges for the death of his child. little girl was shot on the 200 block of east mayfield street in kensington on april 16th. also due in court today for a preliminary hearing james dick son, he is accused of and
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barricaded inside the home. triple murder happened april 17th on east west moreland street in kensington. a court appearance for this man ramone morales accused in a deadly hit and run. police say he was driving a car that hit killed thomas dunbar on a motor scooter last month. the man was dragged more than 200 feet as morales allegedly fled the scene. he faces murder, homicide by vehicle and voluntary manslaughter charges. president obama a traveled to flint, michigan to see effects of their water crisis first hand. the president will stop at a food bank and meet with flint's mayor and michigan's governor. the president signed an emergency disaster declaration for flint in january, to help efforts to combat, lead in the drinking water there. well, here in philadelphia water safety concerns took center stage at academy of natural sciences. a panel discussion titled what is in our water featured the new commissioner of the philadelphia water department
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as well as other experts. they discussed what is being done to protect our region's the water supply. jackpot for tonight's power ball drawing is now 348 million-dollar. it is getting close tore being one of the top ten biggest pay outs of all time. the all time biggest jackpot was from last january, remember it was $1.5 billion. three winners split that money. >> i'm getting my tickets this afternoon. still ahead archbishop chaput respond to news that the shrine of saint katherine drexel is being sold. also ahead we first told you yesterday morning about efforts to make a life saving drug more available. now we're hearing what governor tom wolf wants to do. we will be right back.
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johnny manziel could turn himself in today in texas on assault charges. manziel's court appearance is set for tomorrow in dallas. he faces up to a year in jail on the misdemeanor charge stemming from an alleged
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assault on his girlfriend from january. lawyers say the former browns quarterback will plead not guilty. governor tom wolf will be talking about our region's heroin up demotic day. he wants pennsylvania to lead nation in the fight against opiate abuse. one weapon in the fight is now available in all pharmacies in acme stores in delaware county. narcan nasal spray can reverse the effects of a potentially drug overdose. acme hopes to make ate veilable in all of the pennsylvania stores too. religious order founded by saint the katherine drexel is selling 44-acre bensalem estate. the remains will be remove to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul and placed near alter honoring her. the sister of the blessed sacrament says they are putting the property up for sale because the time is right. they are also selling a 2200-acre property in virginia. now archbishop charles chaput issued a statement saying in part the sisters have gone through much careful discern.
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and study prior to the decision. a broad their careful information thought and efforts to ensure that they can carry on the mission and vision established by saint katherine drexel. time is 4:44. meisha is watching the roads this morning. >> i sure am, happy wednesday, a lieutenant of construction. some clearing but overall busy morning. >> definitely lots of wet ther to discuss, gray, glummy conditions just keep on rolling through here, we will continue to have to tiehl with that for the the next couple of days. i promise you brighter weather down the road here but we will to have wait until the weekend before that takes effect here. looking at storm scan three we have a little pocket of rain over our area, go figure and another disturbance heading our way pushing its way through great lakes back into illinois. this will rotate our area as well. next few days features gray skies, potential for rain, fog, cool air and just very dreary. so why the time we do see that
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sun return for an extended period of time we will be thankful. we have got that to look ahead to. for now though, really throughout the day it looks like we will see scattered showers, some light rain, drizzle here and there, off and on anytime. so not a heck of a lot of potential for sunshine but there will be breaks a long the way. noon time future weather picking up on more widespread rain to the west and south and that might push through for midday. we will keep an eye on that possibility. we are not talking any thunderstorms but just additional rain that will help, you know, get rid of the deficit with the rainfall from the last two months but regardless we have ended up with potential for coastal flooding out of this. minor flooding is an issue along the shore points and down to the delaware beaches from 6:00 to 11:00 o'clock tonight. keep that in mind if you live down that way but looking forward in the forecast, finally, finally not only do we warm up but we will see some sunshine in the forecast and it looks like we will break out of this gray glummy
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pattern looking ahead to early next week for good. >> good. that is music to our ears, thanks, katie. good morning. happy wednesday. yes, good morning indeed. it was yesterday starting off in the 4:30 as well and new we are seeing same thing pushing toward the 5:00 this morning. here we have our first accident schuylkill westbound to the off ramp to the vine that ramp is block. everybody is taking a peak what is going on. hoping this clears out of the way because that is a major ramp that is block. schuylkill westbound off ramp vine still block. construction has been just cleared or looks like it is clearing out of the way right now as i'm saying blue route northbound at macdade boulevard that right lane was closed for quite sometime and they are clearing it out, as i speak. construction here ramp to i-95 to the blue route is closed until 5:00 a.m. that right lane is also closed right now causing everyone to put their brake lights on. it is looking slow here. that is ramp from the i-95 to the blue route still closed and right lane leading up to that ramp close another.
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accident here glassboro route 322 block near high street with a down pole. use this alternate glassboro cross keys road is your best bet. kelly drive is repaving between lemon hill drive and brewery hill drive, that left lane is blocked, this morning. brooke, over to you. ♪ >> may the force be with you. that is composer john williams conducting the star wars theme. he will be doing it again tonight with the philadelphia orchestra as part of the the day. fans office movie celebrate may fourth because it sound like a line from the movie, may the force be with you. do you like that, jim. >> i do. >> we will be right back. hey guys, thanks for coming. are we in trouble? no, you're not in trouble. i just want to set some ground rules.
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like what? well, remember last week, when you hit vinnie in the head with a shovel? [chuckling] i do not recall that. of course not. well, it was pretty graphic. too graphic for the kids. so i'm going to have to block you. you know, i gotta make this up to you. this is vinnie's watch, and i want you to have it. you deserve it. no, thank you. that's really not necessary. no, no, come here...
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breaking news this morning, dangerous night for philadelphia police. officers opened fire on suspects at two locations overnight, one suspect was killed, after allegedly trying to run down officers, with his car in overbrook. another suspect is in stable condition, police say he fired at officers in southwest philadelphia. donald trump is now the presumptive republican nominee for president. trump won g.o.p. indiana primary last night and rival ted cruz has dropped out. on the democratic side, bernie sanders says his campaign has gain momentum after defeating hillary clinton in indiana. do you you play the lottery? you could be a multi millionaire after tonight's power ball drawing. jackpot stand at 348 million-dollar and will continue to grow. you can get your tickets in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware and 41 other states. well, now time is 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange and jill, it was a
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down day there yesterday. >> reporter: that is right. same issues that dragged down the market early this year, are causing a bit of the pull back now, concern about china's economy and falling oil prices. today though investors will be waiting for private sector jobs report for april and it is expect to be down from the month before but still show that job growth in the united states is healthy, jim and brooke. jill, we have heard of maternity for mom and paternity leave for dads and now paw turnty, explain police report report that is time off for new pet owners who need to comfort their cat or dog. also, help train it. so, it the is a reality in some companies in the uk. and new pet owners here in the u.s. said we should bring it here, brooke and jim. >> if your company is okay with it, messy carpet stains. >> thanks very much, jill. >> reporter: they do say, guys that pet owners are more social and a little bit
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happier. so maybe this is good for companies to encourage pet owner ship. >> good way to look at it. >> if you say so. thanks, jill. we will check with you later. >> reporter: that is my story, i'm sticking to it. in other news 12th district philadelphia police officers host a art and music show at saint barnabas school. officers have been working on students with special projects. it was started by irish pub children's funtation. coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> another damp, dreary start the two day and katie has the full
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we're looking at yet another gray, glummy day and it is one of those situations where we cannot break the pattern and we cannot seem to shake it. we will the in the seven day. but for now we have more of this, just more rain coming through here on storm scan three, even though we will be sitting between systems what he cannot shake rain today. it will come through in the form of light rain and some
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drizzle, 60 degrees for the day time high a drop down to 50 tonight with drizzle and fog. looking forward in the seven day, finally we will warm up but we will see sun return and certainly overhead as well. there may be a shower for race for the cure but do not think it will be anything near a wash out, more than anything we expect weekend to actually look up and by monday and tuesday it is looking better. >> well, that is silver lining we will pay attention to because it has been busy in the world of weather and traffic this week. we have an accident here ramp to i-95 to blue route closed from 5:00 a.m. and right lane leading up to that is also closed. they are trying to get that cleared out sometime soon. in new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road we have a first look this morning. looking okay. you see headlights out there but overall in new jersey we are looking all right. this is where we have an accident glassboro route 322 is blocked near route 641 or high street and we have a down pole here. alternate glassboro cross keys
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road is your best bet for now. jim and brooke, over to you. stay updated with katie a's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also new jersey shore towns offering a beach badges, by way of the smart phone. your local happies offering mri results in the office, and new research suggests that doctors are over prescribing, a common drug. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am tile. coming up next cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a dangerous night for police, yes, take over. >> two separate scares that caused this em to shoot suspect. >> plus new concerns over explosive air bags a massive recall is expect to widen later today. >> are you federal up with sam brad forward's trade demand? if you are, you are not the only one, see a local chef's creation for frustrated quarterback and how you can taste it free today. we are back at the top of the hour.
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well, it has been a very dangerous night for philadelphia police, officers shoot two suspects in two separate confrontations all within a couple hours. the reason the officers say they had to open up fire. >> i didn't expect it. what ted did is a very brave thing to do. >> we need to bring unity. >> donald trump delivered a income out blow in indiana forcing ted cruz to drop out of the race for the white house. why trump's lasso pope entry fuses to call it quits. starting to sound like a broken record, katie tracking more rain but it is not her fault. she will let you know how long the cool dreary weather last. we still love her. good morning everyone i'm jim
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donovan. i'm brooke thomas. thanks for joining us. katie is here with us as well keeping an eye on things this morning. >> in the a great day or start to the wednesday morning in the world of the traffic either. i sund like a broken record as well. >> but we still love you too. >> thank you. >> may i say may the fourth be with all of you. >> nice. >> so, we're back at it again, gray, glummy skies, more rain, again. it is in sight. it will take a couple days. here what he go, again really, storm scan three is still showing signs of life, green that is coming through in the form of the light rain and couple pockets of steady rain across southeastern pennsylvania, even just clipping cape may county right behind me here but is there wet weather to dodge and some mist, drizzle, certainly a lot of clouds, and it is just not a pretty day even though we are between systems. we have moisture, and low 50's currently at the airport. we are in the


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