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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this stretch of the dreary weather continues, katie will let us know when we will finally dry out. it is wednesday, may the fourth, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. thanks for choosing cbs three katie and meisha are here. >> we will start off with the bang. we are getting better. accidents still out there construction lingering around. just take it slow and give yourself extra time. >> busy start the two day where wet weather is out there as well. it just slows you down. pack patients for yet another day and looking at storm scan at the local level you do still have have rain falling a cross southeastern, pennsylvania. a cross cape may county we had a batch earl their cleared out. this is a snap shot to show you that things are still falling from the sky. it is all just light rain and drizzle but if it is in the raining you are stuck in the included. here's what you need to necessity a short list bullet points basically. areas of drizzle and fog. we are not talking about any kind of accumulation but
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certainly tenth of an inch or more. you will definitely need to will you extra time with the cool air in place. jacket is a good idea. only in the 40's from trenton, ac, pine land, mount pocono and in the lower 50's at best around the rest of the region as a whole. today is a chilly day all things considered, we will do our best to get you to 60 degrees but lots of cloud, very dreary if it is no the raining and when it is, we will deal with the light rain and drizzle that will will continue throughout the rest of the afternoon. we could give you the best grade, c plus might be generous out there, expecting cloudy, cool, damp conditions, couple showers, and 59 degrees at best by 3:00 p.m. but we expect to hit close to 60 in a couple spots. that is best we can hope for, meisha and that is ten below average. >> i guess we will to have roll with it, katie. not much else we can do. >> good morning everyone. happy wednesday to you. this is where we have malfunctioning traffic lights at the base have the platt
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bridge, headlights coming off the bridge into philadelphia you can see them blinking. that is looking okay but it will slow you down. make note if you are using platt bridge to give yourself extra time there. blue route north bound for route one you can see what we are working with here in the north and southbound side. certainly levels are starting to build and we will see them continue to do so in the 6:00 o'clock hour. ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction from the new jersey into center city. actually looking good, we have to say ben franklin bridge, a couple times this morning and looking nice. accident here in new jersey route 55 southbound at deptford you might want to make note of that because is there one around glassboro route 322, blocking both directions near route 641 high street see this alternate glassboro cross keys road, still have to use that alternate, jim and brooke, back over to you. very dangerous moments for philadelphia police overnight when officers were forced to open fire in two separate
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incidents. >> one of the shootings left suspect dead. our jan carabao live at the scene in overbrook where police are still investigating, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, overbrook is scene of the deadly officer involved incident that happened early this morning. you can see behind me now that a lot of this is still unclear at this scene. that is the van. officers were a tempt to go pull over the man behind the wheel but instead he came at them trying to drive home them. police are busy investigating this morning. not only this incident but another officer involve shoot ago cross town. two officers involved shootings in philadelphia but over the course of two hours, the first in southwest philadelphia on the 5300 block of grace avenue, police were in that area around 11:00 last night when they heard shots fired. they found a man about 40 years old standing on the deck and shooting a gun into the air. >> the officers are in the
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area they hear multiple shots and brings us back to the rear alley way of the 5300 block of grays avenue. they see a male there shooting. they approach the male tell the male to drop the weapon and that male aims and fires one shot at police, misses, and then one of the office are fires two times back and shoots the male in the leg. >> reporter: that man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. as investigation continues this morning. >> we have the male that is in the hospital in custody and we have one other male in the house, he is in southwest detectives for questioning. >> reporter: then in overbrook around 1:00 o'clock a second office are involve shooting turns deadly. investigating say police in an unmarked car spotted a man they believe was agoing suspiciously. they called for a mark police car to assist. investigators say they tried to pull over the suspect but they refused to get out of the car and tried to run responding office are over. they opened fire, and then a suspect was hit. he was taken to presbyterian
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and pronounced dead at the hospital. back out here live in overbrook, now that we have a little bit more daylight investigators are back here on the scene taken another look at that van. it is banged up and also crashed into another koran overbrook avenue, at this time police have not released much information about the identity of the man shot and killed. they have not released his name. they have also not released any information about the officers involved in this deadly shooting, of course, still a developing story. as soon as we get more information we will bring it straight to you. live from overbrook, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, jan. donald trump is on the fast track to the republican presidential nomination. >> his strong sewing in the indiana primary prompted ted cruz to end his campaign, john kasich got 8 percent is still running. democrat bernie sanders got a much needed upset over hillary clinton but she's still way ahead in the delegate count. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live from the cb. sat center.
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>> reporter: chips are falling in to place for donald trump is he is clearly cruising toward the g.o.p. nomination. race is not so clear cut for democrats. sanders took indiana win but both he and clinton now stand to gain after indiana a donald trump seems focused on the november race and hillary clinton. >> she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. >> reporter: word of the republican party, now likely nominee. national committee head, of the rnc tweeted a call for unity name trump the g.o.p. presumptive nominee. it is coming at his vocal opponent ted cruz, bode out. >> we gave it everything that we got the but the voters chose another path. >> reporter: although he trails trump from nearly 900 delegates john kasich remains in the race, the ohio governor releasing a statement reading in part our strategy has been and continues to be, one that involved winning the nomination, at open
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convention. for democrats, an upset, bernie sanners looking ahead and refusing to back down after beating clinton. >> i think objective evidence is i'm strongest president to prevent trump from becoming president. >> reporter: clinton still claims a delegate advantage with the indiana state primary in the books. she's now building up her war chest tweeting this to supporters. chip in now if you agree we cannot let him become president. indiana award delegates to democrats proportionally so clinton and sanders are add to go their counts. trump is odds on rival for both democrats and trump's last standing party opponent, john kasich. ohio governor ranks fourth in the g.o.p. delegate count and all accounts is still in this fight, jim and brooke. >> thanks, justin. as we get closer to the republican and democratic national convention this is july stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. when we're not on tv go on line to cbs
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president obama will travel to flint michigan today for a firsthand lot a the water crisis affecting the city. the president will make a stop to meet with flint's mayor and michigan governor rick snider. the president signed an emergency disaster declaration for flint in january to help efforts to combat lead, in the drinking water. in other news a preliminary hearing today for the philadelphia father accused of shooting his four year-old doubt are and then pointing the blame a at another child. thirty year-old maurice phillips is charged with murder and related charges for death of tahir phillips. little girl was shot in the 200 block of east mayfield street in kensington on april 15th. also due in court for a hearing is man accused in the kensington triple murder last month. james dixon is accused of killing his brother, his brother's girlfriend and another man an barricading himself inside a home. it happened on april 17th on east more land street. court appearance for this man ramone morales accused in
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the deadly hit and run. he was riding car that struck and killed thomas dunbar on the motor scooter in port richmond last month. man was dragged more than 200 feet before police say morales fled the scene. he faces murder, homicide by vehicle and than voluntary manslaughter charges. an entire city evacuated by massive out of control wild fire we're talking 80,000 people racing out of town to escape flames. coming up why today may be tougher for fire fighters. plus lawns that used to be flat are on unwanted rolling hills in one philadelphia area that is not the only concern. find out why it is happening. and crying babies on a plane usually it is a giant headache but we will tell you why it was very good thing for passengers on one recent flight. katie will be back later on to tell us whether he that sunny day will be here, stay
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welcome back everyone it is being call the largest evacuation, in the history, of albert, canada a. >> that is right, so this morning, it is a fire in fort mcmurray being evacuated, people are, wild fire, burns in the cities south end. cbs news correspondent hena daniels has more on the fast moving fire. >> reporter: an entire canadian city of 80,000 people
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are fleeing their homes under the threat have of a massive wild fire. the plumes of dark, thick smoke can be seen for miles. >> i'm terrified. i'm very scared, very nervous, i don't know if i'll have a home to come back to. >> reporter: fire is burning in the city of fort mcmurray that started sunday and was thought to be under control until the wind changed direction. panicked residents have only a few minutes to evacuate. >> yeah. >> reporter: cars packed highways 63, the only road out of the area. local authorities say that the worst may not be over. high temperatures and strong wind are expected again through the day. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". my goodness, a mess out there. >> so unfortunate. >> by comparison here guys, we're just tracking more unsettled weather. we could have have it so much worse then we do. not a lot of sunshine in the days ahead here but storm scan is still featuring additional wet weather out there.
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think about grabbing the umbrella for the next couple days with just off and on rain and drizzle will throughout the day today and next few. looking at overall pattern we have one more system set to arrive, rotating its way through the midwest heading our way by tomorrow, we will end up with more showers because of this but what is going on here, why are we dealing with so many days after days after days of unsettled and cool weather. in short, what is happening is an omega block in the atmosphere. it is omega block because of the way jet stream patterns itself it looks like greek letter omega but we are on the receiving even of the unsettled side of this. where as, last time we had stretch of nice weather we had high pressure overhead. new we have continue areas have low pressure pushing through. jet stream has sagged south that allowed round of showers to just keep being this running theme but it does like look like the pattern will breaking this weekend and into next week. outside this is what it will look like, great news for
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flowers, they are drinking this up ape loving it. 48 degrees feels chilly a and rain drops are out on the camera lens and windshield as well traveling today. next three days, low 60's, showers off and on, rain, drizzle throughout the curse of the couple days. the it looks lake friday early we will have heaviest rain come in here the by the weekend finally seeing a break in the cloud. there might be a shower around for race for cure but that would be it. i don't think we're talking about anything close to a wash out. it looks like it is finally drying out and warming up as well. >> monday and tuesday. >> let the me pull it closer, wok working our way there. >> yes. good morning, everyone, happy wednesday. in the world of the traffic it has been very busy. very busy morning. we have seen this since machine the at 4:00 he clock hour and lingering throughout the morning. that is what wet red ways will do. looking at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction looking okay but take a look at how many vehicles are out there.
6:16 am
that is because people want an early start to the roadway, not i bad idea at all. once you get off that and jump on the schuylkill westbound at city avenue, it the is a bumper to bumper situation. brake lights going off letting you are no long are traveling at posted speed. it is dropping below that. we have a malfunctioning traffic light at base of the platt bridge. it is coming off the bridge toward philadelphia. you can see them flashing right there and we are seeing a flash right here. this could slow you down the more vehicles that get out there. and also some more malfunctioning traffic lights in this area of bristol. route 13 bristol pike at green lane police are directing traffic and we still have that accident in glassboro. make note, it the is your alternate glassboro cross keys road. still out there. jim and brooke, back over to you. neighbors in the northeast want answers about what is happening beneath street and their home. >> "eyewitness news" here in the 3500 block of aldine street, over the past year,
6:17 am
flat lawns have become rolling hills. sidewalks have rippled up and patios have cracked. neighbors have been filling holes with bricks and dirt but it just keeps disappearing underground. >> where is the dirt going. >> very large hole. >> somewhere, yeah. >> i would like the city to come out here and tell us what is going on. >> reporter: water department officials came out twice but provided no solid answers. that is when "eyewitness news" got involved. water department tells us they will do more checks, if neighbors reach out. >> something going on there. a look at stories making headlines in this morning's newspapers. it is not just humans who need to get their eyes checked why a local vet is giving free eye exams to special dogs coming up.
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now for newspaper headlines across our region. >> philadelphia inquirer reports south jersey man sentenced to serve ten years in federal prison for possession of child porn. forty-five year-old jeffery spicer of west wildwood was accused of down loading pornography on his home computer, cell phone and thumb drive. in the delaware county daily times eighth great student at dell cross elementary school will be charged with bringing an electric stun device to the school. reports say the accused teen removed device from her handbag when another student grabbed it, setting him off. in the trenton paper three schools in the lawrence township school district have tested positive for dangerous levels of lead in the drinking
6:21 am
water. students and staff at lawrenceville elementary, blackwood elementary and eldridge park elementary will be provided with bottled water for now. >> that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. if you have not realized it yet, it is may the fourth or star wars day. >> fans of the film celebrate today because it sound like a line from star wars. may the force be with you. now experts think that this saying dates back to a 1979 newspaper ad congratulating newly elect british prime minister margaret thatcher, and it read may the force be with you maggie, congratulations. we are looking at a rare image from princess lea. >> she has it going on. >> oh, my. >> yes. >> when was princess lea black. >> yes. what if i tell you you can i have $500 or more a year on
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back on "eyewitness news" with the deep sea discovery, national ocean and atmospheric administration released this video of a new species of jelly fish. >> it was taken last month, more than 2 miles below the surface of the pacific ocean near qualm. they say jelly fish was hunting for food when they found it. really cool video. meanwhile if you fly with the baby you know how stressful it is. >> and in honor on the mothers day jet blue turns cheers tears into cheers. >> crying babies is a good thing. >> with the camera rolling on a flight from jfk to long beach, jet blue followed four moms, traveling alone with their babies, each time a baby cried they with give
6:26 am
passengers 25 percent off their next flight. parents traveling with little ones loved the #fly babies campaign. >> it is difficult sometimes and is there only so much you can do. i'm on a plane to see my mom who is sick so i don't have a choice. >> i'm understanding after first ten minutes but after that it is just like come on. >> for this flight, only four cries meant free flights for everyone. it may have other campaigns coming up. babies cry. that is what they do. >> that is what they do. >> and i worked in an airline for eight years. coming up next kate times out best chance for rain. >> yes, 100 percent. plus video police want you to see of a man, wanted in an attempted rape, jan. and two officer involve shootings in philadelphia overnight, just hours apart, i'm jan carabao reporting live in overbrook, coming up why officers say this incident turned deadly, meisha.
6:27 am
good morning to all of you, two accidents out there and malfunctioning traffic lights certainly slowing you down we will have updates coming up but first we will take a quick break stay right where you you are,
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we just can't seem to catch a break. storm scan three shows even more rain today. >> we will talk to kate bye when the sun will finally make a come back. in the meantime good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. the it is 6:30. here's what you need to necessity today in your morning minute. >> two separate police involved shootings overnight prove once again that the streets of philadelphia can be dangerous for police officers. >> in one incident officers were shot at, in the other incident, officers say that the suspect used a car as a weapon. >> reporter: officers opened fire, suspect was hit, taken to presbyterian and pronounced
6:31 am
dead at the hospital. >> we are suspending our campaign. >> no, no. >> national committee head tweeted call for unity naming trump the presumptive nominee. >> bernie sanders is looking ahead and, refusing to back down after defeating clinton. >> jackpot for tonight's power ball drawing is 348 million-dollar. >> not a record breaker but still a lot of money. >> beer lovers, is the place to be this week. >> in town right now is the craft brewers conference, it is huge, 15,000 people have come into town. >> reporter: lots of beer. >> um-hmm. >> that looks like fun. >> good news for philadelphia. >> now looking at weather, katie outside on the sky deck, more rain. >> it looks that way, guys. i don't need umbrella on the sky deck but there is rain on storm scan three and we are having to drive through it. very tamp, very dreary, very
6:32 am
glummy, again but there are some bright spots that will come into this forecast. it will take sometime here regardless of it. here's what you will face today, the at the moment just a little smattering of showers across north and western most suburbs in philadelphia and down to the south across southern kent and sussex counties in delaware specifically. this is moisture moving from southwest to north east. we could dodge some showers and drizzle anytime today and if it is not raining it is just chilly, damp, dreary, kind of like yesterday was, flirting with or over 50-degree mark in almost every location. mount pocono is cooler at 46 degrees but as day wears on expect that will flirt with 60. i won't be shock if you do not even hit 60-degree mark but that is what we are shooting for in spots today as best we can hope for, for the day time high. regardless of the over cat skies are with you and because you you don't have sunshine that is why temperatures are just chilly for standards have of this time of the year. i promised you a bright spot
6:33 am
down the road. it does president come just yet, tomorrow, friday and yes even saturday brings potential for more wet weather, but we are expect to go see sun returning heading into next week. yeah, you still have a few days here with the dreary conditions but just think how happy you will be when the sun does return. think about it that way. >> i am will's happy just thinking about it, katie, yes when i see sunny will be a happy girl. good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. what we are looking at, are roadways looking very busy but i will say they look better new then they did in the 4:00 o'clock hour in terms of the accidents. we have volume levels contending with. i the five moving southbound coming around that s curve. i'm letting you know it is our standard flow at 6:30. weaver starting to heat up. a lot of you getting an early jump start to the day. not a bad idea with wet roadways you will want to give yourself some extra minutes. volume levels increasing new we have been seeing that at
6:34 am
the top of the six, pushing half past six. 422 eastbound past oaks, what we are looking at here. very wet roadways. you can see that sheen on the roadways letting you know it is wet, dark, damp and a lot have vehicles on 422. this is what we have malfunctioning traffic light. lets see if they are back to normal. in, they are still blinking. this is at the base have the platt bridge. headlights coming off bridge toward philadelphia. they are flashing here and flashing basically at this four way stop. you will to have treat it as a basic four way traffic stop with the stop sign. traffic light malfunction here in bristol, another one route three bristol pike at green lane. police are directing traffic in that area and an accident route 44, at route 130. jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. this morning one man is dead, another wounded in separate police involved shootings overnight. >> our jan carabao is live at the scene of the still active investigation, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, now that we have more daylight we are getting a better idea
6:35 am
what the scene here in over blood looks like. you can see behind me on overbrook avenue near lancaster avenue this street is still block off to traffic because the van at the center of the officer involve shooting is still sitting in the middle of the road. the suspect was shot after he tried to run officers over with that vehicle. new with this all unfolding this morning just before 1:00 a.m. police in an unmark car spotted a man whom they believe was acting suspiciously. those officers called for mark police car to assist. those marked officers then tried to pull the suspect over but refused to get out and then try to run responding officers over. those office are opened fire, suspect was hit, taken to presbyterian and pronounced dead at the hospital this was second of two police involved shootings overnight in philadelphia before this here in overbrook around 11:00 last night another shooting in southwest philadelphia on the 5300 block of grace avenue. now police were in that area already when they heard shots
6:36 am
fired. then they found a man 40 years old standing on the deck shooting a gun into the air, take a listen. >> the officers are just in the air they hear multiple shots and brings us back to the rear alley way of the 5300 block of grace avenue. they see a male there shooting more and they approached male and tell him to drop the weapon and that male aims, fires one shot at police, misses, and then one of the officers fired two times back and shoots male in the leg. >> reporter: that man is in the hospital, in stable condition this morning. another man was inside that house in southwest philadelphia was taken for questioning. back out her live in overbrook we are still awaiting more information about the circumstances of this deadly officer involved shooting, a lot of investigators now here on the scene with daylight taking another look at that van, it did damage on the street as well hitting a number of park cars, at this point police have not released identity of the man shot and
6:37 am
killed and they have not released much information about the officers involved in the shooting. we will keep you up to date as soon as we get more information. for now live from overbrook jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and brooke back inside to you. cell phone video captures a fight outside northeast high school on monday. police are searching for three suspects fighting with police officers. the officers stepped in when suspect started challenging students to fight. one was thrown to the ground, another was punched. the suspects were last seen on cottman avenue. philadelphia police released surveillance video in the manhunt for a suspect in the attempted sexual assault. the investigators say suspect walk up behind the woman at 13th and wharton and tried to pull her down on the sidewalk. this happened on april 20th in passyunk square neighborhood. victim sprayed suspect with mace. take a good look if you recognize him please call philadelphia police. meanwhile police in south jersey continue their search for an escaped inmate arthur buck hole was reported missing yesterday from the the bay
6:38 am
side state prison satellite facility. it is on the same ground as ancora psychiatric hospital in winslow township. buckle arrived at minimum security facility in january after convictions on aggravated assault, burglary a and drug charges, he was eligible for parole, on may 21st, but he can now get three to five years for his escape. one weapon in the fight against heroin is available in acme stores in delaware county. narcan nasal spray can reverse potentially deadly drug overdose, but, there is mixed reactions, to the treatment being easily available. some fear addicts will abuse it as a safety net. today governor wolf is planning to form a task force to fight opiate, abuse in pennsylvania. police dogs and other service a animals keep us healthy rain safe, so a bucks county vet office is taking care of them, for free. "eyewitness news" at center for animal referral and emergency services in langhorne where service
6:39 am
animals like guide dogs, search and rescue dogs and therapy dogs are getting free eye exams so they can continue to do their very important work. the center is offering the free check ups for the dogs, all month. >> you have another chaps of becoming an instant millionaire, multi millionaire. >> the jackpot for tonight's power ball drawing is now you 348 million-dollar. that of course is if you take annuity and go for the 30 year pay out. the lump sum will get but 226 million-dollar, but still, it is enough to keep you financially secure for a while. >> i'm going for lump sum. >> you are. >> indeedy want it all now. >> coming up thousand save money on car insurance. >> do we have your attention? chances are you are paying way more then you should we will tell you thousand get the best rate, hey pat. >> hey, platto once said he was a wise man who invented beer and philadelphia is a special place for craft beer, and there is a special thing in town i'll tell but the
6:40 am
convention in town, that is coming up next.
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ing. >> welcome back. philadelphia is home to a thriving craft beer scene and this week it is getting a big boost. >> craft beer convention is in town and our own pat gallen is here to tell you all about beer. pat is live in kensington at one of the hottest spots for cold beer, hi there, pat. >> good morning, jim and brooke. i get cool things, i get to talk about beer this morning. what is philadelphia men for? it is men for cuisine, food, cheese steaks we always hear about. it is also known for its history. i should be known for beer. here in philadelphia craft beer is huge and there is a convention in town, craft brewers conference is at the pennsylvania convention center throughout this week. there is a reason. that is because it is just great, so great here in this town, craft beer is big. in the united states a craft brewer is a company considered to produce under 6 million barrels of beer per
6:44 am
year. from home brewers to major companies craft brewing has exploded in our region in recent years. >> some of us in philadelphia's biggest craft brewers now they are all just celebrating their 20th anniversary in the last year or so. >> in addition to iron hill celebrating its 20th, dog fish head, victory, yards, troegs, stodts, philadelphia has fueled their growth. >> reporter: how do these wonderful beers take shape. >> we are making a mixture of hot water and greens, with the starches and sugar. we end up draining that bed and putting it to the brew kettle where we add hot spices and then cool it down. >> reporter: that is a mouthful but it is science of the brewing beer isn't your thing that is okay you are in luck. this week has been a celebration of the industry, in philadelphia, with the craft brewers conference, lasting through thursday at the pennsylvania convention center. >> it is really a gathering of sharing technical knowledge as well as business knowledge
6:45 am
of seminars, as well as trade show. >> reporter: if you cannot make it to the convention center there are plenty of event in and around philadelphia, with some of the 4,000 breweries that have made their way in to town, from full list of events go to cbs we're back here live at saint benjamin brewing company in kensington with cristina and tim. what makes philadelphia such a great town? it is such a broad question he but there are so many great breweries into town what makes philly so great for this. >> it is a thirsty city with a great pallet. we fell in love with belgium beers and brought them to the city for philadelphia, 20 years ago and we just have grown the beer culture, and the food culture surrounding it ever since. >> when you grow food culture beer tend to go with it. >> in one complains about that. >> not at all. >> what do you do here, that is different from the other brew pubs in town. >> well, we do a wide array of
6:46 am
beers. sitting in front of us we have a myback, witch and inka which we talk about earlier. we make 20 other styles. we do a lot of conditions, we just started doing canning, special release of alarming format bottles and we just open up this tavern yesterday. we want people to come visit us. we have incorporated history of the building and philadelphia brewing history very thoroughly into the space and we hope people come out and enjoy it. >> it is a great place, great beers here. come out, saint benjamin brewing company and go to all of the different places opened this week because of the craft brew conference. it is huge, jim and brooke, new back inside to you. >> good stuff pat, thanks. you know what would go great with the craft beer? new sam bradford sandwich which menu today at big q barbecue in levittown. you can get it for free today. >> drew's owns the restaurant and created it because he is sick of bradford's behavior
6:47 am
after the eagles drafted carson wentz as his clear eventual replacement. so what is in the sam bradford, right? >> we put chicken on it. pulled pork because inevitably he will be getting pulled and then jalapeno to give it spices to symbolize the hot seat. >> the sam bradford is free for the first 150 people, starting at noon time today. >> it is also on a soft roll. just in our own sam bradford. here we go. katie, we will take a bite. >> this is mean. >> meisha, you can have mine. >> who turns down food. >> it looks really good. but we're showing solidarity. >> the sooner from oklahoma? well done. >> i see both side of this i will stay completely out of it. but i will a say that sandwich looks really good. but with that said i might to have slice a little bit off of
6:48 am
jim's sandwich. we have had a handful of pictures. we will show you a couple of them. ed connor sent this one in, and he says he reports generally from the chesterfield area but he does have puddles out there. you will run into that across the board with the rain that has been out there for the last couple of days. very dreary, glummy look to the sky line this morning. this is taken outside phil chapline's back yard in the chestnut hill section of the city. when we look at area temperatures it is also cold out there with temperatures hovering near or just above the 50-degree mark in most spots. a lot of 49's coming in, a lot of lower 50's coming in and that is about the best that we can hope for. so grab your jacket on the way, on the the door and it wouldn't be the worst idea to have the umbrella either, even though at this point batch of steadier showers is pulling away from southeastern pennsylvania. this is the next disturbance, that will rotate itself in here and bring in an additional round of wet weather the next few days and then we will start to see things calm down a little bit by this upcoming weekend.
6:49 am
this is basically the goodies, guys, couple weak disturbances bringing shower chances every single day keeping us in the dreary, cloudy skies with below average temperatures. i know, it is just not the most prettiest outlook but fear not, eventually we will start to break this pattern and that will happen by the time we hit in the seven day. look at what happens early next week. we will focus on. that we will see not only sun returning but temperatures rebounding nicely to the point where we should at least flirt with 80 degrees on tuesday. in the meantime we are keeping a close watch on the computer modeling for the weekend, mothers day is upon us, outdoor plans, race for the cure, pop us, maybe wet weather there. >> not the greatest news, 60's, we cannot wait to see you go bye-bye, see you later. zero seven's, roll them n we need them. right new we are dealing with colder and certainly wet out there. look at the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction approaching gulph mills. a lot of vehicles out the there because a lot of them heeding the warning. you are leaving your homes to
6:50 am
get a jump start. that is not a bad idea with the wet roadways and we know all week it has been very slow. new jersey 42 freeway at creek road this is what you are looking at in the north bound direction. not too bad there we have malfunctioning traffic light here at the base of the platt bridge. headlights coming off the bridge toward philadelphia treat this as a four way stop until this that gets fix. more malfunctioning traffic lights here in bristol. route three bristol pike at green lane police are directing traffic around that area. jim and brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. 6:50. there is a lot coming up this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, gayle, happy wednesday. >> happy wednesday to you. we are here live and in color, charlie rose on deck, turn the camera around so we can see charlie rose standing there. do you see charlie rose, he is ready, good morning to you, brooke and jim, we get ready around here. do you you want to say hi to philadelphia hi philadelphia, how are you. >> that is brooke and jim, yes, it is.
6:51 am
>> i like them a lot. >> charlie likes you too. >> we like the three of you. >> right now they are stunned into silence. hello, brooke and jim. >> we like philadelphia too. >> we like that. >> the rnc chair joins to us talk about ted cruz dropping out of the presidential race. donald trump as likely go p.m. minute knee. we will talk about what is next for the republican party. adrian a diaz is inside north korea with a rare look what it looks like to visit the kingdom. only on cbs this morning we love when we can say that inside the fast paced cooking lessons captured more than 14 billion views on line, that is a lieutenant of people looking at food, the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes and counting. brooke and jim, back to you. >> thanks, gayle we will be watching. when was last time you shopped around for auto insurance? you could be spending more money then you have to.
6:52 am
>> joining us is, the executive editor of delaware valley consumer checkbook to give us a crash course on getting best auto insurance rate. what kind of savings are we talking about. >> a lot. we have found most delaware valley drivers can save $500 a year and many can save a you this dollars or more. lots of money is at stake here. >> what would be an average couple for instance. >> couple living in montgomery county we collect hundreds of rates, for several different policy holder profiles for several different, hundreds of rates, and a couple in montgomery county can pay $895 a year with geico on the low even, and about 1082 for progressive, $1,100 with e insurance. those are on the low even. high end they can pay nearly two you this dollars or more with companies like allstate, state farm, penn national, these are well known companies. they are big companies in the area. just vastly large differences between the lowest price company and highest price.
6:53 am
>> what are other ways that you can save. >> well, one way to save is by best way to choose a low cost company. other things you can do. they give you small counts if you drive less, if you have a short commute, they give you pretty seesable discounts if you have a teenager on your policy, mack sure your teen gets good grade, good grades come with a big discount. also driver training if you have a teenager come with big discounts. small are discounts available for things like and insurance company promote we give you an extra discount if you insure your home and car with us. problem is not all of the companies do that. these lower cost companies do not provide those discounts. >> reduce coverage and boost deductibles. >> take the highest deductible you can stomach. insurance toys pay for things that would be financially catastrophic to you, and if you can afford a you this dollars deductible push it up to a you this dollars. if you you can afford $2,000 push it up higher. these will save you 25 percent a year on your insurance.
6:54 am
>> lets take a look at the best companies overall generally as far as rates are concerned. we have a screen that list them. >> you can see, you really need to check rates yourself. a lot of factors effect your rates but for policy holders we have looked at, pennsylvania, the lowest price are erie, geico and progressive. in new jersey it is geico and pal said. in delaware geico, liberty mutual, progressive and u.s.a. a had lowest rate. >> you can cancel and get another policy anytime. >> this is something people don't realize. they don't switch because my thing just renewed i have to wait another six months, i'll wait and forget. it is a pain to shop around for insurance. it does take a few hours but you can switch whenever you want. any payment, premium you made by law has to refund you a a share of that premium back. >> really good information. if you want to see how your insurance company stack up against others and see rates like you are paying with other companies only cbs viewers can get free access to consumer
6:55 am
checkbooks starting for next two weeks. ale post a link freon cbs and on my facebook and twitter feed. >> thanks. >> we will be right back with three things you need to know you need to
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can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. before you head out the door here's is what happening it three is to go. >> philadelphia police are investigating two separate officer involve shootings
6:59 am
overnight one suspect dead and another in the hospital, officers were not hurt. >> donald trum april peers to be republican nominee for president, he won indiana primary ted cruz dropped out bernie zappedders won democratic race. >> jackpot us up to 348 million-dollar and still growing. next drawing is tonight good luck if you are playing. >> i'm playing. >> that is three to go. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> i will she you this with a smile on my face. we have sunshine in our hearts but it is cloudy, glummy, showers, drizzle, fog, cool temperatures. it all continues today and tomorrow. >> thanks, katie. >> i-95 south at girard, traveling just lower than 55 miles april hour and very low here schuylkill westbound at city avenue going very slow. give yourself extra time this morning. >> slow, slow, slow. >> next up more election coverage and those tasty videos so popular on the interest net see why recipes for masses have been such a hit. >> remember to join us bright and early on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, may 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the republican party says donald trump will be the presumptive gop nominee after a crushing victory in indiana. ted cruz drops out of the presidential race. the fbi says a man admits to trying to intentionally poison food at several grocery stores. thousands of customers could be at risk. we'll take you inside north korea with how the hermit kingdom tries to inspire a rogue leader. >> we begin with the "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. ♪ >> we left it all on the field


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