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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 5, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00, protesting loud and clear the debate over the proposed soda tax in philadelphia intensified outside and inside city hall. why one owe bone sent comparing the tax to prohibition. >> and philly like you've never seen it beforech the local photographer that goes to great heights to smapt perfect photo and why he's living his life on the edge to do it. >> days of rain mean getting a
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round a tough task. roads can be slick and what's the worst mission take you can make driving in the rain. good question, nicole gets the answer. those stories and more straight ahead and we begin the manhunt for escaped prisoner. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> and um ukee washington. >> this is the second night they've been ser etching for arthur buckle. they are in barnegat township, ocean county. i understand you just learned whether schools will be on tomorrow, good evening. right, ukey we learned in the hour barnegat township schools will be on tomorrow and for parents with concerns police officers will be stationed at each school for the entire day as long as the search is still going on. meantime here tonight the search for arthur buckle is going into the 13 hour in barnegat township. >> heavy rain hampered search efforts for escaped inmate arthur buckle and despite the efforts of ten departments
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including coastguard he managed to elude police in the daylight. >> we had probably 40 or 50 suspicious person calls. you have to understand with an incident of this nature we'll have a lot of residents calling about every person they see walking down the road. we're investigating each and every one of the calls. >> next challenge night fall and sergeant jeffery ryans is officers are prepared. >> it's difficult to see at night but we have great toys, night vision, thermal imaging, cameras our officers can use at night to benefit them more so than him. >> buckle was captured on surveillance entering barnegat township cvs 9:30 a.m. where they found a truck they believe he stole after escaping from winslot township prison tuesda tuesday. officials placed schools on lockdown as residents described the unpress departmented searc search. >> madness and police activity in the neighborhood and multiple different town jurisdictions.
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swarming with cops. >> certainly nerve wraking particularly in this environment these days. glad i'm home and it will be nice to get my son and daughter is getting out earlier. >> new shifts of officers taking over the overnight ser. . barnegat mayor sending a strong message. >> you will be apprehended and my suggestion to you is to surrender to law enforcement and surrender immediately, make it easy for everybody including yourself. >> and as the search for arthur buckle continues police are surming people in the area to keep doors locked along with cars and asking people to continue to call them with suspicious activity and we want to reiterate tonight we're just learning that barnegat township schools will be on tomorrow even if the search is continu continuing on tomorrow. but for now we're live from the barnegat township police department i'm trang doe cbs3 "action news". >> trang, thank you. shaking up the debate on the soda tax. supporters and opponents came
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out in force to voice their opinion on mayor kenney's proposal to tax sugary drinks. our natasha brown is live at city hall with what both sides are saying tonight, natasha. >> question tell you for many there's certainly no middle crowned grounden the issue and that became clear during a deviceive meeting at city hall tonight. one by one a steady stream of folks some four. >> failure to do something with three to five year olds at this time will cost on the misery tax. >> some against mayor kenney's so-called soda tax had two minutes to state the case. >> i'm here to speak out against the outrageous and discriminatory tax. >> the meeting became deviceive with many carrying signs that spoke louder than words. >> it's fairest and fastest way and mayor said the money will go directly to pay for expanded prek services and rebuilding parks and libraries and remember centers and community
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schools a whole lot of things that matt tort great future of our city. >> player's controversial 3 cent per ounce soda tax drew protesters hours before the meeting went underway. >> if you nass tax you'll see the greatest boot less operation since prohibition in this town. >> outside lobbyists spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads saturating airways with pro and anti-tax messages and the tax would generate $400 million to fund universal prek and other city programs. >> my son attended pre k because we knew he would developmentally benefit and we could afford it. the children whose parents cannot afford it deserve prek just as much. >> while some business owners see tax as unfair burden. >> we're losing customer overnight and sugar tax happen we'll lose more business. >> well, this hearing is one of two chances that the public
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well get to address city council about the entire city budget. before it is set to begin on july 1 if it is approved by council. that's the latest at city hall, natasha brown, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> that tash ta donald trump is last man standing in the race for president. the billionaire raise rises as presumetive nominee as other contenders dropped out. the latest, john kasich. >> as i suspend my campaign today i have eded faith deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. . >> trump says he will consider the running mate because he wants someone with political experience. >> pennsylvania leernz towards hillary clinton over donald trum in general election match-up. according to cnn poll they voted democratic in the last six presidential elections and
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political analysts say trump will target 'blue collar' to is it your opinion the state from blue to red. >> for every one of those he'll lose one or two suburban republicans. >> pennsylvania historically has a low voter turnout somewhere around 28% and this election we're turning up more and more people showing up at the polls. >> hillary clinton attended asian american for numb washington tonight. the democratic front runner told cnn he's gearing up for nasty race against donald trump in november. >> i've seen the presidency up close from two different perspectives and i think i know what it takes. and i don't think we can take a risk on loose cannon like donald trump running the country he is a loose cannon and they tend to misfire. >> bernie sanders rallied supporters in lexington, kentucky tonight. he says he has no plans to quits even though the path to victory is narrow. >> state of new jersey has to weigh in on the race for the
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whitehouse. they head to the polls the 7th of june. >> philadelphia police are investigating the circumstances behind officer-involved shooting that left a man dead in the early morning hours near overbrook and lancaster avenues in overbrook. and investigators say the unidentified driver allegedly tried to pull off as they attempted to question him. one officer fired several times. and the driver was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. police guidelines ban officers from firing into vehicles unless it is a matter of life avenue death. the police commissioner says he has questions of how this incident was handled. >> we have sound policys in the department we had for a lot of years relative to shooting at vehicles and putting yourself in compromising positions and so, that is something we are looking at seriously and on this matter. and we are talking about a loss of life. >> investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area for video that might shed
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light on what happened. >> new details have surfaced about the death of prince we now know the person that called 911 at prince's compound was the son of nationally known expert on pain management and addiction. an a lawyer for the family of dr. howard cornfeld a national authority on opiates addiction treatment told reporters cor cornfeld was contacted by prince's representatives the night before found dead in paisley park home. his attorney says dr. cornfeld could not travel to minneapolis until friday. so he september his son andrew on a red eye to help device a treatment plan for prince. and it was andrew who called 911 that thursday morning. >> he arrived to see him dead in an elevator unconscious. so it was certainly a difficult time. >> cornfeld's lawyer says pills were found his backpack and says medications are used in pain manage the and addiction and that no drugs were given prince.
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>> federal officials have announced an expansion to what was already the nation's largest auto recall with additional 40 millionaire bags laded to recall list. the air bags can burst and spray sharp nel as they aid and it is linked to 11 deaths globally. car and truck owners are waiting for replacement parts from the initial recall affecting 24 million vehicles and today's expansion makes that wait longer. >> well, the string of rainy days has made for difficult driving conditions. >> poor visibility and slick road and traffic jams and that brings us a good question. what's the worst mistake you can make driving in the rain. nicole brewer has the answer ahead, >> this storm turns towards our area and we have sunshine return together forecast, i'll tell you when it expect a nice spring day finally coming up. >> and the edge these breath taking images of philadelphia
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revealed a dangerous trend in photographery. meet the college student behind the picks and why he put his life on the line to bet that perfect shot. >> also shocker star carli lloyd is doing something no female athlete has ever done before and how she's making history off the
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. >> philadelphia police are investigating a crash in the 4 400 block of himry avenue. three adults and four children in one car only an infant was strapped in. a 20-year-old man and 6-year-old boy died from injuries sustained in the crash. two people in the other car suffered leg injuries. police believe wet weather was a factor in that crash. >> and when we think of treacherous driving conditions we should of snow. as that crash proves rain can be damaged. >> what's the number one mistake people make drive in the rain. nicole brewer took this to the
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experts. >> it can be dangerous as we saw. a recent analysis of federal data shows rain causes more fataliti than snow in 39 of 50 states and since we had soggy weather what's the worst mistake you can make drive in the rain. we took this question to the pennsylvania state police. >> it's been pretty rainy. >> yes,. >> tough to drive in the rain. >> if you travel you know rain can compound a difficult commute. it's not just the conditions but sometimes the driver. >> they're not careful. >> cutting you off and slamming brakes. >> tailgating can't stand that. >> follow the rules of the road, the rules go out the window. >> rain is factor in over 5 500,000 crashes each year resulting in 20 6474 injuries and killing 2239 people. so what's the worst mistake you can make on wet roads? >> i would say it's either driving way too fast or driving
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way too slow. >> speed. speed. >> what is the worst mistake drivers can make in the rain. >> from our experience several mistakes. >> corporal slateton surprise with the pennsylvania state police and says the most dangerous vie lition is code 3 3361 drivering too fast tore conditions. >> how much should you slow down when raining. >> it whether or not hurt to show down 10, 15 below the speed limit so you can safely control your vehicle as well as react. >> corporal slayton says it's important to maintain a safe following distance and keep up on vehicle maintenance and never atemd to dliv through standing water. >> headlights on wipers nonpennsylvania. >> i heart worst thing to do is slam breaks. >> according to carp rat they're both right. >> you're leaving them hanging in a big way. >> bottom line, don't under estimate the conditions. >> slow down and pay attention
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to surroundings. >> and while some studies suggest adverse weather conditions increase the number of accidents new research by aaa found crashs in bad weather are generally less severe than those taking place in clear conditions. a little bit of good news and bottom line we have to be safe regardless of this happening. >> it's a 35 minute drive to work but when it rains i give myself an hour and a half. >> you do? >> plenty of time. got to give yourself time. >> anything to get there safe. >> what's your good question. log on to philadelphia request good we or #cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on eyewitness news at 11. >> get metal detector out there could be a fortune, fortune, buried under society hill neighborhood. >> it's interesting. historian dan call came across this 300-year-old letter at the historical society. written from a brother to brother. the letter sgribz location of
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massive treasure. take a listen to clues. >> the rising ground called society hill upon which is a pretty good brick house with apple or khand with stone post in the ground. three foot or perhaps four foot west from the said stone is a chest. >> hm. >> some say the treasure must have been recovered years ago but there were strict instructions to destroy it after recovering the fortune. so. >> 300 year old letter that penmanship surprise better than man. >> from history below ground to the city and 2,000 feet above philadelphia is beautiful. emerging yet dangerous trend is page making pictures like this more popular thanks to social media. >> a local photographer living on the edge willing to risk his life for the perfect shot. >> it's quite a risk. this is beautiful city behind me just a portion on this foggy
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night with weather. philadelphia is old city. buildings are old. but there's a lot of character. climbing up on these olds buildings and taking those pictures could be dangerous. the photographer i spoke to said he has no intention to give it up. >> a climb a few snaps and there you have it. philadelphia in a way only a few have seen in person. >> i'm interested in changing people's perspective on commonly looked at things. >> snik a sophomore business major at temple that loves getting highest hite possible. these are some of his photographs from thousands of feet in the air. he posts them to instagram under the name save philly. >> it allows to you collect yourself and kind of think cheerily. it's almost like being in nature. >> his he's been to some of the tallest buildings in philadelphia and he's just getting started sometimes by himself and other times he'll take friend with him. >> this is crazy. i like this. >> he shared this video to
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showcase one of the rooftop adventures. >> we met this one guy kevin in chinatown and showed him photos and he was a homeless vet. we ended up giving him phone and met him christmas and took him on often wuvrp the buildings. >> is it legal? we checked with police and the short answer, well it depends how he's getting heights. our sister station in new york reported that a photographer was arrested for similar photographs. that doesn't phase him so said he is not breaking the law just showing beautiful philadelphia in a few way. >> it's also adrenalin that keeps him coming back for more. >> you go up and you kind of your heart starts beating you really enjoy the rush and thrill and you kind of do it for the experience. just to you know, know it happened and tone joy the moment. it teaches you a lot about enjoying the moment and once you go and see it from different angles you want to do
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more. seeing what else is out there. >> philadelphia police sent this statement saying they think it's dangerous and it could be illegal but he says listen, his job is to get up there take a quick picture or two and come back down. he doesn't wanted to cause any trouble. meanwhile i'm six flights up now talking much higher than where i'm standing. reporting live tonight, david, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> i'm shaking my head. >> david, thanks so much. >> thank you buddy, appreciate it. >> you go on that sky deck -- i always go ooh it's high six floors up. >> i was leaping over to take a picture before and thought that's a hefty fall. >> that first step is a doosey yes indeed. >> it was misty and drizzly and chilly outside and i'll tell you what it is not going to end anytime soon. i wish coye tell you we had a full day of sunshine on tap tomorrow and alas the weather stretch continues through the end of the week. changes perhaps by the weekend.
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take a look outside now you can see from six stories up chuck it's looking pretty gloomy. you're on to much the buildings tonight and i would not wanted to lose footing on a night like tonight. low clouds, misty, drizzly, dreary and not seeing anything as far as steady rain is concerned just scattered showers and drizzle. time lapse video showing heavy rain and thunderstorms moving down the shore and you can see it happened right now. a quick downpour or two we even had a few flood advisories down the shore and that system pushed out owe sea and as you can see skies are generally not clear and rain is not impacting our area at the moment. we have more showers pushing off to the west as our next storm begins to rotate in and it's this one the comma shaped drift by to the south and then head off the coast once it does that it will start to throw moisture back to our region on friday. and that's when things will begin to change once again that's when more rain starts to move through. the next two days are cloudy, cool, and damp. but friday, certainly the we
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wetter of the two. that's the day you'll need the rain gear. 51 right now. 42 mount pocono and 49 lancaster and 40s down the shore as well. here's what it looks like tomorrow we'll start the day with clouds and notice most of the rain stays off south tomorrow and tomorrow night a couple of showers could work their way in and then friday, that's when we start to see pockets of steadier rain moving through during the day and noon friday raining steadily and that rain moved inland and this upper level low will be in control of our weather pattern saturday at least until this front push it out. why i think we see more breaks saturday afternoon can't rule out a couple showers and front comes through saturday morning and sunday morning i should a and then we start to break this pattern. rest of the week light showers and drizzle tonight and tomorrow cloudy and cool with sprinkle and pockets of rain on friday and then next week jet stream lifts north and we're talking about at and above average temperatures. finally. overnight cloudy and cool. showers, drizzle, 49 degrees. tomorrow again cloudy and cool with a shower possible. and you race for the cure
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forecast sunday morning can't route all showers with front coming through and does not look like a washout i'm hoping it may clear by race time and eyewitness weather 7 day forecast chance for shower saturday, sunday morning as well and then next week finally we break out of the drizzly, gray, dreary weather back to the 70s it had to happen sometime and by monday beautiful. >> ki get a ah. >> break free. >> what's coming up next? >> fist pumping in the newsroom and shouts and screams this game is crazy. no consequence can keep him down. ryan howard does his part early and was it enough? highlights from st. louis
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>> the air is tastier and swag is swagier i think i made up a word you like that. that's the case of ryan howard. yesterday a home run for phillies and today he was lacking for encore.
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fourth inning, ryan, coming along. accepted it long. deep center field. three run shot. phillies up 3-30. fifth inning baseball in the park just a tad ball goes off freddie galvas there and we'll have a play at the plate. here's tuce catching makes the tag and runner stave. to the ninth we go. it's tied up at 4. gomez blowing save first save of the season he blows and that was matt holliday. phillies lose 5-4. ouch. >> all right. bold moves by general manager howie roseman. two massive trades and then selection of carson wentz and how he needs a wing man. chicago tribune saying he will interview joe douglass for director of player personnel. he spent 15 seasons scouting for baltimore ravens and one year at chicago bears director
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of college scouting. >> let's raise a glass for carli lloyd the world cup champion is making history she's first ever female athlete to become a sports person for beer company. heinekin soccer is here campaign launched in march and commercials featuring lloyd are now opt air. cheers to the two-time olympic gold medalist. draw for the kentucky derby was today. there will be 20 horse in the race. and night quest is the 13th position. that's your favorite at 3-1 odds, exaggerator in the 11th position 8-1. -y is on saturday it's time for minute jewel ups and floppy hats. >> cubs manager joe maddon likes to keep it loose, how kloos, look at his player's gear. they're on i road trip kicking it and rocking suits that look just all kind of crazy. >> hm. >> ukee washington is jelly belly. >> i have a naro jacket and
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bell bottoms. >> do you have suits with shorts. >> maybe not. >> look at the ridler. >> maybe not. >> look at the ridler. >> we're coming right back
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>> well on this "star wars" day may 4 music from the "star wars" movie filled the kimmel center. >> composer john williams took to the podium to have sections from "star wars" and original "star wars" and it included themes from raiders of the lost arc, jaws and
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