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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the massive manhunt continues for an escaped prisoner in new jersey, where he was last seen, and the warning for residents. hitting the streets in protest over a soda tax in philadelphia we will show you thousand debate intensified both outside and inside city hall. and then there was one with two candidates bowing out, donald trump is only republican presidential candidate left in the race, who the presumptive nominee is now talking about for vp. today is thursday, may fifth, happy cinco de mayo, everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. more than ace here with your traffic. katie has your forecast. everybody is getting it together. >> good morning, every within,
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just a lot of construction. roadways are dry right now. >> today doesn't look terrible. we will see a rot of clouds but overall it just looks like a cloudy day. there will be a couple showers but storm scan, for the first time in a couple daises empty. now we have got a lot of clouds out there and if you look closely enough, if you are watching us in hd you will see off to the west, as we zoom it out gives thaw moisture picking up west of maryland. we are going to be, again starting to moisten up the a atmosphere so there will be a lot of clouds and we will likely see a shower hit and miss but it the will not be a wet day work that said 50 degrees at the airport. forty-seven in trenton. it is chill any mount pocono, check that out, 39 degrees to start off. as the day progresses we will in the break out of the 50's i anywhere today. philadelphia in better than 58. we will stay damp but in the dodging soaking rain today. that is likely to change, however because we do have one more system that has got to push through before we can
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finally break pattern. coming up we will track that for you when that window of time will be when we will see steady rain pushing in. we will see at least generally quiet to kick it off. >> i heard they had 50's and in rain and 70's and rain. >> i'm with you. >> katie, thanks very much. it is still very early, in the 4:00 he clock hour. here's is what going on in the roadways. ninety-five north at blue route ramp is still close that had right lane leading up to that is still closed. eve been dealing with that for past couple of weeks. it looks like it is back at it. i will let you know when that clears. construction blue route north bound between 95 and media swarthmore two right lanes are still block. this will slow you down. a lot of flashing lights and because of those two lanes are block, even in the 4:00 o'clock hour that will have have a huge impact on your drive. 422 westbound, only one lane is opened a lot of construction this morning. hopefully this gets cleared
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out of the way when we dip in the 5:00 o'clock hour. construction 295 south sound bout at route 1689, on and off ramps are closed. it is closed until 5:00 a a.m. this is typical. so, just make note. jim, over to you. well, manhunt for an escaped prisoner in new jersey continues in, to its third day. >> the search for arthur buckel shifted from winslow township camden county to barnegat township ocean county. that is where he was capture on surveillance video entering a cvs. investigators found a truck they believe he stole after escaping from the winslow township prison. meantime, officials say barnegat township schools will be opened but with a strong, police presence, today, and after a lock down, yesterday. the community is concerned, as the prisoners continue to allude police. >> it is madness. a lot of police activity in the neighborhood. multiple jurisdictions.
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>> unaudible. >> police urged residents to keep their homes and cars lock and to call about any suspicious activity. new this morning, fire fighters, rescued a with man from her burning home in the cities ogontz section. >> she suffered second degree burns and taken to einstein hospital in stable condition. no word on what spark the fire, which reportedly started inside of a bedroom. crews shattered that second floor window and got the fire under control in 20 minutes. meanwhile, in kensington everyone got out of this home safely after a fire broke out, flames tore through the home at 2:00 this morning on the 1800 block of east monmouth street. investigators are searching for the cause. and at city hall a chance for both supporters and opponents of the soda tax to voice their opinion. protester gathered a at dilworth park hours before last night's budget meeting started. it was chaotic inside as people on both side of the
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debate had two minutes each to share their thoughts on mayor kenney's proposal. kenney wants a 3 cents per ounce tax on the sugary drinks with the project four hundred million-dollar in revenue being used for prek education and other city programs. >> the mayor said money will go directly to pay for expanded prek services, rebuilding parks and libraries and recollect centers, community schools, a whole lot of things that matter. >> if we pass this tax you will see the greatest bootleg operation right in this town. >> this is first of two hearings allowing the public to weigh in on the proposal. expect a resolution july 1st when city budget need to be approved. philadelphia police continue to investigate the circumstances, behind an officer involve shooting that left a man dead. it happened in the early morning hours, of wednesday, near overbrook and lancaster avenues. investigators say unidentified driver allegedly tried to drive away as they attempted to question him. one office are fired several
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times. the driver was rush to the hospital, and pronounced dead. now police guidelines ban officers from firing into vehicles unless it is a matter of life and death. investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area for video that may happen to shed light on what went on. in campaign 2016, donald trump is now last man standing in the republican race for the white house. >> trump emerged as parties presumptive nominee after 16 other contenders dropped out. the latest one just yesterday. here's craig boswell. >> ♪ the. >> reporter: donald trump might give voters a preview of what his administration would look like. he may announce his cabinet the before the republican convention in july. >> i think it would be well received. >> reporter: presumptive nominee says his running mate will be a person with political experience. trump said he may consider john kasich. >> i would be interested in john kasich. i like john. i have had a good relationship with john. >> reporter: ohio governor pulled the plug on his presidential run on wednesday.
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>> ivory nude faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> reporter: ted cruz suspended his campaign following a stunning loss to trump in tuesday's indiana primary. new poll shows hillary clinton hold a 13-point lead over trump in the head to head contest. the clinton says she's gearing up for a nasty race. >> i think he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to miss fire. >> reporter: she has 92 percent of the delegates she need, but fresh off tuesday's big win in indiana, senator bernie sanders told cbs news anchor scott pelley that he has in plans to quit. >> i will be in it until the last vote cast. >> reporter: sanders admits his path to victory is narrow. sanders believes he is the only democrat who can beat trum in november. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new details about the death of prince. we now know that the person who called 911 at prince compound was the son of the doctor howard cornfield, a nationally known expert on pain management, and
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addiction. a lawyer for family of doctor cornfield told reporters that he was contacted by prince's representatives the the night before he was found dead in his paisley park home. the his attorney says that doctor cornfield could not travel to minneapolis until friday so he sent his son andrew on a red eye to help device a treatment plan, for prince. it was andrew who called 911 on thursday morning. >> he arrived, to see him dead in the elevator and it was certainly a difficult time. >> so sad. cornfeel's lawyers say pills were found in andrew's backpack but those medications are used in pain management and addiction and no drugs were given to prince. well, we have had a lot of rain recently, coming up, katie will let us know if it clears up for mothers day. we will also have this... >> a scare in the the air, we will show you why these passengers started to scream mid flight, that is coming up next. back here at home a letter leads to a 300 year-old buried
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treasure in our area and then a expert reveals clues to the whereabouts.
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some scary moments on a flight from jakarta indonesia, more than two does people were injured as a plane ran into turbulence as it prepared to land. flight landed safely at the airport in jakarta but nine passengers were seriously hurt, 22 others had minor injuries. severe turbulence damaged cabin storage areas. fire fighters in canada are still working to get an upper hand on deadly wild fire rage nothing northern alberta. >> fire which broke out on sunday has damaged or destroyed close to 2,000 structures. forcing tens of thousands from their homes. unseasonably high temperatures and strong wind are expected to continue, fanning the flames. well, time is 4:41.
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meisha is watching the road this morning. >> i sure am, things are heating up, a lot around construction spots a lot of construction. what about those roadways. >> thankfully, we are not dealing with any wet weather issues here today thankfully but we are not out of the the pattern. it will stay cloudy and dreary and little chilly but we're also going to see potential for drizzle, maybe a shower here and there. not a wash out, however. you can get a way without the umbrella. we will look back at the yesterday and area rain amounts and it didn't amount to a ton but there were spots like dennis township where we had heavier pockets of rain, just shy of an inch fell there. at ac airport we had .8 of an inch. for the most part many of us ended up with damp, dreary conditions yesterday. looking at storm scan three you can see things rotating around with this next storm system. as we zoom it out, one time this thing is looking well define at this point. you can see very well defined counterclockwise circulation and rotating through our
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region here through tonight and into tomorrow and we will send up with steady rain. watching future weather here it is mainly cloudy but there will be likely a pop up shower, drizzle since there is moisture to work w then we will hit ever night, steady pockets of rain, but it looks like widespread coverage of rain comes through on friday morning, through the morning and likely even into the early afternoon. it is this actually pans out with the timing. tomorrow is a day for umbrella for sure but see how it the rotates through. it is going to me ander for another day and a half. at best we will hit upper 50's next few days. chilly for standard of this time of the year you'll want a jacket for sure. weekend does look up. while we could see a shower saturday it could be spotty. sunday morning still a sure on mothers day but we will not let that break our spirit. the race for the cure day and we will see some sun through the day. >> you nailed it, it will not at all break our spirits. thanks very much. good morning. happy thursday to you from the
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camera here we have construction on i-95 north at the the blue route we have been dealing witt the all week long. the right lane leading up to the exit to the blue route and ramp to the blue route is still closed. we will let you know what you are looking at, around that area and brake lights here. construction blue route north bound between i-95 and media swarthmore. two right lanes are block. hopefully that went slow you down heading out in the next 15 minutes. construction here as well, route 23 westbound between valley forge circle and 422, one lane is opened there. take a look at this, construction 295 southbound at route 168 on and off ramps are closed and these will be closed until 5:00 a.m. hopefully it doesn't linger any more beyond that. sometimes it is not until 5:30. we will let you know when that clears. in the world of mass transit patco eastbound is running a special daytime schedule so check your schedules on line, jim and brooke, back to you. well, get your metal detector out. do you have one. >> okay, good. >> there could be a fortune
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buried under philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. >> your answer is no, i don't. daniel rot came across a 300 year-old letter at historical society of pennsylvania. written from one brother to another. it tribes location of the massive treasure. so listen to these clues. >> rising ground called society hill upon which is a pretty good brick house with an apple orchard. you will fine a stone post in the ground, three or 4-foot, west from the set stonies a chest. >> here's where the issue is. some say it must have been recovered years ago, but, there were strict instruction toss destroy the letter after recovering the fortune. so there is still a chance. >> people don't follow directions. i think treasuries long gone but jackpot of a different kind, coming up next, pur ball numbers are drawn. we will have them along with some good news when we come back. >> but first here's a look what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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new direction in the hunt for a escaped new jersey prisoner tops the headline on cbs-3. arthur buckel was spotted entering a cvs sore in barnegat town ship ocean county yesterday. authorities found a truck they believe buckel stole after his escaped from a camden county prison facility on tuesday. philadelphia residents, for and against the city's proposed soda tax are making their voice heard inside and out identify city hall chambers yesterday. they want tax money for expanded prek and community improvement but critics called the tax discriminatory. >> republican presidential candidate john kasich has dropped out of the g.o.p. race leaving donald trump the last man standing. on the democratic side hillary clinton lead bernie sanders but sanders insist he is in the race right up to july's convention right here in philadelphia.
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american 400 million-dollar is out there for the taking. >> in winner in last night's 348 million-dollar power ball drawing, so the jackpot jumps to 415 million for the next drawing on saturday. that is in the chump change but far cry from the $1.6 billion prize that was shared by three winners back in january. that was largest ever jackpot in the entire world. time is 4:49. time for a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, it was another down day on wall street. what are investors watching for today. >> reporter: stock market is focused on the jobs market, this morning labor department will release data how many americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. on a whole, hiring sled down in april. a payroll processor adp says private employers added the fewer numbers of jobs in three years. we will learn more when government releases its more
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complete report. brooke and jim. >> jill, i saw tesla stock is trading higher after earning reports. so what is the latest with the company? >> reporter: tesla, excuse me, ramping up production was hopes of going more main stream. electric car maker plans to produce production of the model three sedans to 500 you this cars in 2018. ceo of the company says customers should order now, if they want to receive their cars then. this year, tesla expects to deliver about 90,000 vehicles, brooke and jim. thanks, have a good morning. well, coming up after the break we will check on another check of weather and traffic. >> stay with us, we will be
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we are still stuck in the clouds, folks, but we are also expect to go see steady rain pushing in before it is all said and done and before we can finally expect some sunshine and break this pattern. but not today.
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today is a day you could getaway without the umbrella for a change, how is that. you will be stuck in the clouds again. you can see moisture to the west of our area, west of hageers town and harrisburg and some of that will be rotating through here in the form of drizzle and stray shower but don't necessarily worry about any kind of soaking rain. the that is tomorrow's story, as this latest storm system does rotate through the region. the especially early on we will be dodging soaking rain and it looks like portions of our morning drive will be impact by that. by saturday, the word sun finally shows up in the forecast. while there could be a shower around anytime at least it is not a soggy day. now with that said coastal flood advisory set to take effect this evening. we had one last night that has since expired. another one goes into effect tonight for bay area, delaware beaches, jersey shore towns so keep that in mine living in those communities but just minor flooding that we would expect out of it. this could be a very chilly couple days.
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we don't even hit 60 degrees but by the time weekend rolls around solar heat to go help us rebound here. the sunday, mothers day it is not ideal but looks better then last couple days, 70 degrees, starting with the shower bye any included finally breaks, with some sunshine. >> finally, this weekend and next week, even better. >> thank you. >> good morning everyone. happy thursday. a couple accidents out there right now. we have eastbound vine from the on ramp to the schuylkill only shoulder gets by for quite sometime and now entire ramp was closed. eastbound vine, now it looks like it is all blocked as they are trying to get this cleared out. another accident here, i-95 south near route 320 where the commodore barry bridge all lanes block around this area, use an alternate route 13 will be your best bet, again another accident i-95 south near route 320 all lanes block there right now. i-95 north at blue route ramp and right lane was block for some time with the construction near route 320.
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also construction here 295 southbound at route 168, on and off ramps are closed, until around 5:00 a.m. a lot of construction, those two accidents, that will slow you down this morning. already the roadways are nice and dry but we are having issues letting you know you will want to leave your homes early again today, jim, back over to you. heading out the door stay updated with kate's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also a treasure trove of delaware county sports memorabilia celebrates its new home this saturday. when it comes to beer it is battle of the face this weekend two members have the the religious competition are hosting a competition to find out who makes the best whole brew. susan sarahdon has a new movie. we will check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on the a.m. dial. philadelphia's eastern state penitentiary is making history again. >> officials cut ribbon on a
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ground breaking new exhibit called prisons today, questions in the age of mass incarceration. it is first major museum exhibit to tackle this subject matter. you can get a chance to see when the exhibit opens to the public on friday. well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we are live with the new developments in the manhunt for an escaped prisoner. also ahead temple university student critically hurt in the hit and run last year defies the odds why today is such a milestone for her. a serious warning from scientists why they say california could fall victim to a massive earthquake any minute now. >> we will be right back.
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you are going to be apprehended. my suggestion to you is to surrender to law enforcement. >> barnegat's mayor with the message for an escaped inmate, where the inmate it was spotted on camera and how the the community is reacting. last man standing, major developments in the race for the white house, donald trump appears to be the g.o.p. nominee now the question is who will be his running mate? and another cloudy, cool, and damp day, "eyewitness news" on temple university's campus overnight, katie is tracking more rain on the way. well, today is thursday may fifth, good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. i like to call today friday eve. >> looking ahead. >> yes, keeping an eye on the
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weekend this morning. >> we have got two accidents and construction, causing major slow downs. we will get to that in a moment. >> thankfully weather will not have have a huge impact this morning. we're in the looking at much sunshine so sun glare is in the a problem, fortunately but we are not looking at too much wet weather. that is good news. it is still glummy looking at live neighborhood network. the this is one camera the shot where you can see clouds are still out there. at least visibility is not too poor, in problem at this point making out that center city sky line off in the distance. storm scan is empty, that hasn't happened for a while. we will zoom it out and throw satellite coverage overtop, we have clouds to contend with. i'm in the saying it is a totally dry day but more cloudy then it is, wet. we just will see drizzle, shower and this is what kind of day where i have the jacket but leave umbrella in the closet today here for a change. forty-seven is current temperature in trenton as well as atlantic city. co


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