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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> it is madness, lots of police activity in the neighborhood. >> manhunt for escaped prisoner in new jersey continues in the third day. >> you are going to be apprehended, my suggestion to you is to surrender to law enforcement. >> supporters and opponents came out in force, to voice their opinion on mayor kenney's proposal to tax sugary drinks. >> if we pass this tax you will see the greatest bootleg operation since prohibition. >> as i suspend my campaign today ivory nude faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> the ohio governor pulled plug on his presidential run on wednesday, a new poll shows hillary clinton hold is a a three-point lead over trum in a head to head contest. clinton says she's gearing up for a nasty race. god, why did you let donald trump be the republican nominee. >> what the? shut the front door. >> don't give up on us yet,
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trump still has to beat hillary or bernie sand ertz that guy is older than i am. i'm moving 20 canada god out. >> this weather may have you, wanting to move. maybe not to canada though because it toss than the get much better there, right. >> it is colder the further north. we are stuck, of course, gray, glummy skies, continues and even though today isn't necessarily going to be any kind of a wash out we will not see much sunshine, if any at all that will limit the warmth and we have potential for wet weather out there again today, but, it does get wetter, then this from here. lets discuss. we will get you first and foremost to storm scan where it is in the raining for a change. when is last time we were able to say that. at the moment at least nothing more than a lot of clouds, do think you can see drizzle and spotty showers. one awesome thing about a pattern lake this in spring is you have good air quality,
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pollen levels are only moderate, they are in the spiking as high as they have been and uv index is le which comes with pros and cons. it is not quite as bright as we think it would be but not necessarily have to put on a high spf sun block all day here today w that said just as we go through the afternoon here mid to upper 50's. expectation the the best we will in the see a ton of m on the thermometer readings and looking ahead here size of the clouds and drizzle, maybe spotty shower, more rain is in the card, for us. especially testimony morning, rainy conditions, we are going to track this system for you a bit later in the show but just know that eventually the sun does return to our icon on our seven day forecast and i can tell you when it will brighten up as the show goes on, meisha. >> looking forward to it, katie, thanks very much. good morning. happy thursday. we are keeping an eye on this accident i-95 south near route 320 near commodore barry bridge, all lanes have been block. it sound like the shoulder is squeezing by. if you want to avoid this
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because it is very busy still, you can use an ultimate nate route 13 is your best bet but overall just know that this is finally starting to ease up a little bit of the tension. you are squeezing by on the shoulder but it is very, very slow moving. the then moving in the north bound side we have construction on i-95 north moving in the north bound side that ramp to blue route was closed, right lane was also closed leading up to that ramp closure but now it looks like that is all clear. north bound looking good but look at that taillights moving up to, where that accident is and where they are trying to get that cleared out of the way. as i said you might be squeezing by on the shoulder but it will be very, very, very slow just because of all of these vehicles having a shoulder. i'd use the alternator avoid that all together. that is your best bet for a little bit. i will let you know when that clears. forty-two freeway, north bound, looking great, 42 freeway in new jersey you're looking nice there. just remember patco eastbound during special daytime schedule today so check them
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on line, so brooke, over to you. proposed soda tax in philadelphia is heating up. protest outside city hall and a spirited debate is inside. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with more on what folks from both sides had to say, good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning, jim and brooke. mayor kenney has made no secret to his plan to tax sugar drinks to fund youth and city initiatives but however, now that the city council prepared to fund his first budget the opposition is coming out too. >> i'm here to speak out against this outrageous, and discriminatory tax. >> reporter: philadelphia city officials are holding hearings as they prepare for upcoming budget. the public is welcomed, two minutes per speaker and many using their time and voice to dress that so-called soda tax. 3 cents per ounce charge on sugary drinks already ear mark for spending. >> the mayor has said money will go directly to pay for expanded prek services, rebuilding parks, libraries and recollect centers,
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schools, and a whole of lot of matter for the future of our city. >> reporter: one supporter liken it to a long term investment, one estimated to raise 400 million-dollar. >> our failure to do something with the three to five-year old at this time will cost this city next 20 years on the misery tax. >> reporter: as for and against the tax are flooding the air waves and hours before the the hearing anti tax rally flooded the streets outside city hall. >> i am glad to see people are standing up to being taxed the way we are if we pass this tax you will see the the greatest bootleg operation since pre hib business right here in this town. >> reporter: many were business owners fearful for their bottom line. >> customers overnight and the sugar tax happened, we will lose more business. >> reporter: busy wednesday here at city hall. we can tell thaw next week, next wednesday the public is invited to come in and testify, about the cities upcoming budget.
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now many did agree on the services that mayor kenney wants to fun. they disagree however on how he wants to fund it which of course would be through that tax. we are live here at city hall, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> time is 5:36. in business news this morning an unusual recall in the ice cream aisle. >> apple is going to start helping you car pool karaoke singers. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. another down day on wall street. dow jones fell 99-point on wednesday, nasdaq fell 37. blue bell is recalling more ice cream, this time it is not because of listeria, some at cream was mislabeled. rocky road packages and cookies and cream that flavor is showing which is not the listed on the the box. consumers with allergies could be a at risk. company says no illnesses have been reported. you tube could be working on a paid subscription tv service. it will be called unplug, and offer customers bundled cable
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channel streams over the internet and expected to start as soon as next year. get ready to sing along to apple music. apple is retooling its music streaming service, one change karaoke style lyrics. apple is working with music labels to show lyrics in real time as the music is playing. brooke and jim, do you like karaoke. >> i do? i think that is cool. i always want to know, sometimes i am trying to figure out what are they saying. >> i don't understand most of it, you know. thanks, jill. >> we know that. >> no winners this morning in the the power ball jackpot and now it is growing. >> last night's drawing was worth 348 million, the jackpot jumps to 450 million-dollar, for the next drawing on saturday. a lot of money but nothing like $1.6 billion prize shared by three winners back in january, that was largest ever jackpot drawn in the world but i will take my 4.15 million, anyway you you want to deal it
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out. students in one philadelphia school are getting hands on experience with another world. >> our pat gallen is here to tell us about a new curriculum that introduces the students to animals and plant life. >> gets them involved early. kind of cool. northeast philadelphia isn't known for its agriculture, it is not a hot bed for cattle will or live stock but that doesn't mean it can't be. fox chase elementary school is hoping to change future for some of their students by involving plant life, and animals, in the curriculum. the school has teamed up with nearby fox chase farm to get the kid on the path towards agriculture earlier in life. principal rob says it began when fox chase farms came to the school for hand on lessons. he noticed how engage the students were and they decided to add tonight to their every day teachings two days a week, groups of students will utilize the farm and hope is that the kid will grow an early understanding and love for science and potentially use what they have learned toward a career in agriculture based business. >> a lot of activity, project
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based learning and it is marketable, our neighborhood loves it, the kids love it, parents love it, so it is our niche. >> they have their notebooks, clip board and they usually have have some sort of a questionnaire or a scavenger hunt or some type of activity like that to do. >> and that engagement with the parent from the moment with the school and farm, sheep, coats, cattle, donkeys the whole 9 yards. great thing, there is a lesson to be learned at every turn. coming up at 6:00 i'll tell what you makes this idea special to fox chase and have a more in department look at the the farm and agriculture lab that they have set up. it is a cool story. i wish i a had that when i was a kid. >> my parents got us involved in gardening in our yard, and once a year we would go to a farm or zoo or something like that to get exposed to the animals. >> yes, plants in all of the classrooms and they go to the farm too. >> cool.
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>> thanks, pat. still ahead a chance encounter and a chancer diagnosis, lead to friendship. also this morning a setback for recipient of the face transplant, we will show you how medical study may have caused a rejection. plus this... a rocky ride, what caused this scare in the air, we will be right back. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes,
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well, discouraging news for a connecticut woman nearly killed by a chapel pan see seven years ago. she lost her face, eyes and hands after being mauled by her boss's 200-pound chimp. she underwent a face transplant as part of her recovery five years ago but now her doctors say there are signs that her body is rejecting some of the tissue. >> carla had some itches, patches areas on her face. so, on monday, they did a biopsy and it did show that her face transplant was being rejected. >> nash has been taken part in an experiment in which doctors tried to wean her off anti rejection drugs and new doctors hope to reverse her rejection by ending that experiment. scary moment for people on a flight from abu d.a. bi to jakarta, indonesia. more than two dozen people were hurt as plane ran into sudden turbulence as it prepared to land yesterday.
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the flight did land safely a at the airport in jakarta but official says nine people were seriously hurt and 22 others had minor injuries. severe turbulence also damage cabin storage areas. jim, were you a flight attendant ever have turbulence that bad. >> we were flying to new zealand and everything that wasn't nailed down went flying. i tell people, look, pilot put that fasten seat belt sign on, you stay in your seat, you never know, especially with the south pacific you never necessity what you will hit. katie tracking rain, much better then turbulence though. >> indeed. we are going to have to deal with soaking rain here before the week is all said and done. with that said we will check with the eyewitness weather watchers this morning and everybody is just finding the same thing. a chill in the air here and a lot of cloud more than anything overhead. we will go ahead and take you out to these, 48 degrees from jerry kimmel stuck in the included right the now in king of prussia we will get further out, lets go ahead and take
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you out to 45 degrees from ed connor, he too stuck under lots of clouds right now, in new jersey. we will go further north, and go on up here, to the poconos where 44 comes in from keith, another spot where we are finding nothing but cloud, he is out in sailorsberg and it is definitely feeling cool here. you could use copy and paste and he is correct. so much overcast. certainly damp too but it looks like it is generally a little dryer then previous days have been and certainly dryer then tomorrow will be but we will walk you through all that. we could use a bright spot in this forecast. lets give you your summer count down. we are 25 days away from the memorial day, best picnic food we have even eaten. average high hits 80 degrees. that is 30 days a way. sixty days until independent day. so summer officially beginning in 46 days. i cannot wait until it gets here. favorite time of the year. storm scan three, here's is what happening, you can see a
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decent circulation going on across the midwest, the virginia, kentucky area. this is all going to sort of rotate through our area and as it does so it takes its sweet old time gathering up moisture from the atlantic and really douse us tomorrow. but then the weather pattern changes. as soon as that storm pull as way do you see jet stream move off to the north. that will allow temperatures to actually climb and that means temperatures will certainly look not only closer to where they should be but even above average in the seven day. race for the cure, we are such proud sponsors happening on sunday and it looks like there may be a sure out there it is in the enough to dampen spirits because it looks like things do dry out as day goes on, we should see sunshine both weekend days but this is transition, we are still allowing for a shower out there either weekend day. we will end up with a decent monday, partly sunny, 72. warming up to the mid 70's on tuesday. we will flirt with 80 come wednesday. still with a chance of a
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shower, meisha but we are starting to warm up and we know that is a plus for you. >> it sure is, it is an under statement. seventy's my door is always welcomed for you, always. happy thursday to you. we have been talking about this accident now that started off busy, still very busy, the good news i-95 south, before the commodore barry bridge, all lanes were block. tow truck showed up, and now one lane is open, easing some more tension. do you want to avoid this area? i would if you can wait it out longer there is a lot of vehicles out there, backups are extensive still and an alternate might be 291 at this point maneuvering around if you cannot wait. otherwise just know you will be waiting but one lane is opened to basically kind of sneaking by. the problem is when we have that accident, tow truck and flashing lights, you will still get gaper delays. there is within lane opened but there will be very slow. take alternate, 291, this is a look at backup shot, it is
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extending back to the blue route area. one lane opened, you are still not moving. you get that many vehicles going 10 miles an hour driving by the accident with the gaper delay it is in joke a void this area if at all possible, i'll let you know when that clears i will tweet that out as well. we didn't want eye sore to be only picture you see. look the at the schuylkill eastbound at spring garden in center city looking gorgeous. it is dark, dreary but overall it is still looking good there. we have a traffic light malfunction here in some are ton byberry road at bustleton avenue this can certainly slow you down as well, jim, back over to you. well, sunday is annual komen race for the cure for breast cancer. so many people fighting for a cause and a cure. we want to you meet two of them. >> andrea miller and kate rail met by chance in the business world but became friend through their shared experiences, fighting breast cancer. kate bilo has had a chance to meet these two ladies, fighting for a cure.
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>> reporter: andrea miller knows what it takes to raise money, she sells homemade sweet potato pies and she brings her big pink buck tote wawa. >> bowling allies, up and down south street saturday night we do it all. >> reporter: she does this because in the end it is dollars that make the difference. >> i have a theory, hope is in the a strategy. we will not hepp for a cure but we will work for a cure. >> reporter: as with so many of us andrea's relationship with breast cancer is a personal would. >> i lost my grand mother to breast cancer in 1989 at a time when there were no treatments and there certainly was no cure. i lost subsequently a cousin at 52 years old and if you have ever sat a funeral with two teenage girls and watched them bury their mother there is something very unnatural about that. >> reporter: when andrea met kate royal their business relationship turned into a friendship as they bonded over a shared commitment to fighting breast cancer. >> i learned obfuscate's diagnosis and i shared i was an advocate for raising money for breast cancer. >> reporter: kate knew
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something was wrong when she was diagnosed with a cyst on my breast. >> when they drain it for purposes of comfort and sent it away, i got a call at work, i'm really sorry to tell you that you have breast cancer. >> reporter: kate and her husband had only been married 11 months and news came at a incredibly hard time. >> my mother-in-law had pass add way within days of me finding out i had breast cancer. >> reporter: kate had triple negative breast cancer a highly aggressive form and required surgery and intense chemotherapy but today she's a survivor. kate will be joining team pink ribbon express and will be walking down the steps for her first time as a survivor. >> i'm in the really a cryer but i think it will be a very emotional day. >> reporter: for andrea in addition to heading up a race team she's chairing another important part of the race day. >> you can find me at the big pink footprint tent where we will be honoring young survivors, 20 to 40 years old, we have a hollywood glam
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theme. we will make women over, making them feel fabulous. >> reporter: kate is planning to feel fabulous as she march necessary to that sea of pink with her fellow survivors and hope to pass message to others still suffering. >> you can do this, just keep fighting, the days where you feel like i cannot do it anymore just keep pushing through because you can, do it. >> reporter: kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs-3 is proud to support komen in the fight against breast cancer. join the "eyewitness news" team this sunday morning we will broadcast live at 6:00 a.m. you can send your messages of support, love and hope for those breast cancer survivors and loved ones we have loss. post using cbs-3, and we will show them on tv sunday morning. join the fight right now, $10 did he nation to komen for the cure just text the war pink to 80077. well, before you go we have three things to know,
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today before you head out the door, including a plan to get kids, summer jobs. >> we will be right back.
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well, new parents often have one of these when they want to find out gender of their baby before it its birth and camden's a venture quarter yummies having one too with a catch. >> we're talking about a gender reveal party. it is for their six month-old penguin name topper. dna tests are back, and so visitors today will cut cake on either a pink cake which means a girl or blue cake meaning topper is a boy. did you see this had to be ton by dna test. >> afterward you cannot tell whether it is a male or female. >> yeah. >> interesting. >> the things you learn on the morning show. >> before you head out the door here's what you need to know. >> it three is to go. >> authorities in new jersey shifted their search north for an escaped prisoner. arthur buckel was last seen in barnegat township ocean county. >> rachel hall will participate in the graduation at temple university. she was a victim of the hit and run last year that injured her so badly that doctors gave her a 20 percent chance of survival. state senator vincent
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hughes unveils two bills designed to create 20,000 new summer jobs and internships for low income families today. >> that is three to go. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", spotting skin cancer. in today's what's up dock segment with doctor jen, she will be here with five things to look for and how to protect yourself from the sun. time to book a flight airfare cheaper then it has been in years reason for price drop coming up, stay with
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developing right now, the massive manhunt for an escaped prisoner in new jersey, take a good look at this picture we're live where he was seen, last. it happened soon are then expect, donald trump is last man standing in the republican race for president but he doesn't have the support of two top republicans. and may be dry now but yep, you guessed it, storm scan three is tracking rain. well, today is thursday, may fifth, happy cinco de mayo i'm jim donovan. >> we're celebrating friday eve. >> yes, that is right. >> katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> how are the road. >> well, within more thing to celebrate 95 south around commodore barry bridge a big accident just cleared. >> yes. thankfully we also don't have much wet weather right new but you said it, jim, storm scan three tracking more rain.
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here locally it is empty for a change, we have in the been able to say that for a while. we will take little victories where we can get them. we have clouds to contend with but it is dry. this is almost like best case scenario, in the dodging sun glare and in the war big wet roadways. i'm in the saying it is totally dry because we will have enough moisture to create a couple areas of drizzle, spotty shower here and there but overall if you don't want to take the umbrella, you can getaway without it for a change. 50 degrees at the airport. we have a stiff breeze out of the north, to make it feel cooler, 47 current temperature in atlantic city. it is chilly outside. the fact that you will in the have have sunshine means you will also in the warm up all that easily. we don't even break out of the 50's today much movement on the thermometer and there will be showers here and there, drizzle, fog especially in the mountains but overall we will call it a cloudy cool day and eventually, more rain does return, so,


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