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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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here locally it is empty for a change, we have in the been able to say that for a while. we will take little victories where we can get them. we have clouds to contend with but it is dry. this is almost like best case scenario, in the dodging sun glare and in the war big wet roadways. i'm in the saying it is totally dry because we will have enough moisture to create a couple areas of drizzle, spotty shower here and there but overall if you don't want to take the umbrella, you can getaway without it for a change. 50 degrees at the airport. we have a stiff breeze out of the north, to make it feel cooler, 47 current temperature in atlantic city. it is chilly outside. the fact that you will in the have have sunshine means you will also in the warm up all that easily. we don't even break out of the 50's today much movement on the thermometer and there will be showers here and there, drizzle, fog especially in the mountains but overall we will call it a cloudy cool day and eventually, more rain does return, so, enjoy this little
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break while you do have it. meanwhile looking forward there is rain and that is on the way and we will track it for you later in the show, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. good morning everyone. all right. we are looking at a little will bit of a i-95 south accident near route 320 before commodore barry bridge. that accident had all lanes block and you could in the move ape it was lake that for quite sometime. great news is that has been since cleared and this was backup before the blue route where you could in the see, it was just dead stopped like a parking lot. this is deathly eased of the tension. looking good, for those around that area you are very light and all safe to go ahead and take that route. ninety-five south near route 320 is looking great. this is a look at ben franklin bridge, moving in the west bun treks in center city from new jersey, looking good, very quiet, as you can see looking dark, dreary, damp but in rain is coming down right now. our roadways are dry. it will be misty and dark outside. malfunctions traffic lights in
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somerton byberry road at bus ton avenue that will slow you down a bit. patco running eastbound, special daytime schedule today so check your schedules on line for that. overall things are looking okay right now, jim, back to you. it is day three in the manhunt for an escaped prisoner in south jersey. a dozen police departments are trying to track down arthur buckel. >> search shifted from wins le township camden county to barnegat township. that is where jan carabao joins us live with the very latest, hi jan, what is going on. >> brooke and jim, good morning. barnegat police department and ten departments in total have been searching around the clock all night licensing to capture this fugitive. they say they will continue to to so until he is caught or confirmed he is out of area. in the meantime schools will be opened, but police will be stationed at each one of them. the search for fugitive arthur buckel has nearly a a dozen different departments including k-9 units ape
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coastguard helicopter working non-stop. bad weather and heavy rain hindered the search and night fall hasn't helped. >> although it is more difficult to see at night we have some great toys, night vision, thermal imaging, cameras our officers can use at night which would benefit more so then him running out there on foot. >> barnegat township found itself at center of the search after 38 year-old inmate was spotted on surveillance video entering cvs pharmacy on west bay avenue. police found a white pickup truck ditched outside the store and believe buckel store that vehicle after escaping from a prison in winslow township on tuesday. the sighting has spurred an all out manhunt. >> probably 40 or 50 suspicious persons, calls, you have to understand, with an incident of this nature, we will have a lot of residents calling about every person they see walking down the road, we are investigating each and everyone of those calls. >> reporter: barnegat township schools were placed on lock downs as a result and as
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schools opened this morning, police will be stationed at each and everyone of them. residents concerned that buckel might show up in their neighborhood. >> it is crazy, just nuts, never seen anything like it, lived hear my whole life. >> reporter: police asked neighbors to lock their homes and secure their property as law enforcement continues its tireless search. >> unless we have confirmation or assurance he is someplace else we are on him and we will stay on him. >> buckel was serving time for aggravated assault, he could now serve an additional three to five years in prison once caught. in the meantime this morning police want neighbors to continue to call in with tips if they see any suspicious activity, we just saw a couple investigators go in the barnegat police department here in barnegat town ship this morning. we are expecting an update from police later this morning. for new we are reporting live from barnegat, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke, back inside to you. fire fighters rescued a woman from her burning home in the cities ogontz section.
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she suffered second degree burns and was taken to einstein hospital in stable condition. fire reportedly started inside of the second floor bedroom and crews had it under control in about 20 minutes. in word what sparked the flames. meanwhile in kensington another fire, in this one, there were no injuries. everyone is inside able to escape the flames that broke out about 2:00 this morning. this happened in the 1800 block of east machine mouth street, fire fighters control the fire in 15 minutes. now investigators are looking for the cause of that blaze. bill cosby is trying to delay the hearing in his sexual assault case and wants charges dismissed. cosby's asked the pennsylvania supreme court to review last weeks court decision that upheld charges. he faces sexual salt charges over 2004 encounter with a former temple employee and face is a a preliminary hearing may 24th. the district attorney kevin steel says he wants the case to move forward. now in the race for the white house donald trump is last republican standing. trump emerge as g.o.p.'s
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presumptive nominee when john kasich dropped out wednesday. it is time for trum topic a running mate. cbs news correspondent hena daniels has more from the campaign trail. with his path to the republican nomination new clear, donald trump is mapping out his strategy to win in november. >> part of the plan involves vetting possible choices for vice-president including former rivals john kasich. >> john, whether he is vice-president or not, i think he will be very helpful with ohio. >> reporter: several key republican leaders including senate man jord leader mitch mcconnell indicated they have back trump but last republicans to occupy oval office bush 41 and bush 43 made clear they plan to sit this election out. still, trump is looking to unify the g.o.p. and defeat hillary clinton. >> i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. >> reporter: clinton still faces a challenge from rival bernie sand hours last far behind in the delegate count.
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sanders is focused on swinging super delegates his way at democratic convention in july. hena daniels for cbs news. a new cn pull pull shows pennsylvania is leaning toward hillary clinton. pennsylvania has voted for democrats, in the last, six presidential elections. experts say that trump will target blue collar democrats to help him turn the state from blue to red. >> i think for everyone of those he will lose one or two suburban republicans. >> pennsylvania has a historic low voter turnout somewhere around 28 percent. in this election we're turning up more and more people showing up. >> asian american forum in washington wednesday night. democratic front runner told cnn she's gearing up for a nasty race against trump in november. new jersey voters still have in the yet had their say in this presidential race. the garden state primary are june 7th. new for a look at your
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newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the front page from the bucks county times bill is on the way to the pennsylvania state house that will regulate ride services such as uber and lift. it is operated in parts of the the state under a temporary two year authority. the bill will would expand that approval statewide. from the press of atlantic city, city council in ac is awarded a contract to run the cities parking operation. here's how it works, under this agreement, b and b parking will remove, replace and maintain cities parking meters a the in cost to the city but they will share 55 percent of the parking revenues. from the news journal in delaware, wilmington residents will need to watch what they are putting in recycling containers. new vendor is more strict about what comes through their facility. yellow stickers slapped on bins if they contain items hard to processed. >> that is a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, coming upe maine gi that could stop you from
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for the first time since cities water crisis began, the president obama traveled to flint, michigan. >> this used a filter. you know, water around this table, you know was flint water that was filtered. >> the president's gesture there was meant to reit the rate that filtered flint tap water is now safe to drink. he says he is not interested in playing blame game and wants a resolution to the problem. you may recall flint went into crisis when its drinking water became contaminated with lead from aging pipes. that was as a result of the 2014 cost saving measure in which city switched its water source. well, turning to our weather, it is like groundhog day around here.
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>> yeah, more rain. >> more rain. >> yes. >> that rain will be coming in tomorrow, but for now we're looking at more than anything a very cloudy day, but let's talk statistics very briefly here if you can, put graphic into motion and it has been merky last couple days. we are only on may fifth and already rain total this month is over an inch but we are expecting more clouds, more rain tomorrow and we will be a able to make it five out of five days bringing in rain here. even though it is not a soaking rain we will have a little will bit of the drizzle or at least a shower today. it is still between systems. we will turn your focus here to storm scan very well define rotation, area have low pressure settling itself up here cross midwest and this will basically meander in our region, tomorrow drawn the to the moisture to get more rain in the forecast. now with that said another side effect of this current pattern is we have an on shore wind and with the new moon phase that will lead toe potential of minor tidal
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flooding with higher then normal tied. from 6:00 p.m. to midnight tonight sea coastal flood advisory take effect from the jersey shore, delaware beaches and bay areas as well. living in those communities keep tonight mine. here's the shore right now, we have got relatively small waves, lapping up on the shoreline but you can tell there has been rain moving through here. it is nice, dark brown and i don't think we will necessarily be a very great beach day anytime soon here but there is improvement waiting in the wings. weekend is where we will transition out of the worse. not only are we warming up but we will see some sun, finally break through the clouds. i do have to allow for a couple showers, hit and miss variety anytime on saturday, sunday maybe another shower in the morning but it does look like we will break pattern, monday looks really nice right now 27 degrees with some sunshine. >> yes. >> saturday or sunday. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> how are road. >> they are, very busy, you guys, it started off busy, we
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got just a little lull and break and now it is all starting to hit us again. just leave your homes earlty day or if i have anything else to tell but, avoid them all together. good news 95 is clear. what we are looking at right now live chopper three over a water main break in southwest philadelphia 63rd and eastwick, flooding in this area, obviously. i mean certainly you cannot go anywhere in this area right new but katie talk about this often. such a great remine tore say whenever we have flooding, do not attempt to drive-in these kind of conditions. it is for as long as this water main break is out there avoid it, do not the get the in your vehicles i will let you know when it clears. it is southwest philadelphia at 63rd street at east wick avenue and that looks like it will be out there a bit. i'll let you know when that clears. boulevard southbound starting to heat up once you jump on the schuylkill westbound at city a avenue. that is what you are looking at right there. still traveling at posted speeds or slowing down, in a bit, all clear i-95 south near
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320 past blue route but we have an accident here, tractor trailer accident, lancaster pike, blocked, and all lanes block from that area, jim, back to you. well, look at this, it is sprint's bold statement against texting and driving and they call it the lassie mow gi, it is in downtown my am toy warn drivers about the dangers of texting behind the wheel. >> the sculpture made from car parts found in junkyards. they came from cars involved in crashes that allegedly involved texting and driving. >> in the good. >> well, up next why now is the time to book a flight planning a vacation. >> and this wild fire is described as catastrophic, town of alberta is a tinder box. see more of the damage and what it looks like from space next. i have asthma... of mlife.ieces in my so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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massive wild fire in canada the smoke is so intense you can see from space. here's a picture from nasa what it looks like. crews are frantically battling the flames, this morning in northern alberta. state of of emergency has been declared, raging wild fire has forced 80,000 people to flee their homes and has already damage or destroyed about 1600 structures. the high temperatures and strong wind are making it even harder to get under control. >> thinking of going on a trip, book it now in today's three on your side, consumer
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reports, we look at what is trying airlines to offer pretty good deals. good news, the average price dropped to $363 in the fourth quarter of last year. that is the lowest it has been since 2010 according to the department of transportation. a big part of that drop is because of cheap oil, pay less for oil helps airline profits, and those savings could be passed on to you. also with the little extra money airlines can add more routes and buy better planes like fuel efficient ones which in the long run adds to the savings. thanks to low cost carrier for cheap tickets, airlines like spirit, a leaning answer has been expand to go new cities. putting pressure on these existing carriers to compete with cheaper tickets. booking a flight, i always suggest check orbitz, travelocity and compare pricees there and book with the airline as well because if you have to make changes, it is easier to deal with the airline directly then if you are a third party. >> good to know, absolutely.
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still ahead debate over soda tax in philadelphia intensifies. >> plus this... >> ♪ >> performers with disabilities, singing for a cause, the big dream behind the music, and how you can helpful fill it, in our brotherly love report when we come back. >> looks good, ukee. we are looking to another day that features more cloud then anything, chill in the air and yep, more rain, to track, we will do just that track that rain coming up.
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welcome back, it is not uncommon to hear about a group of young people putting on a music concert this group is a little different and as ukee washington shows news this weeks story on have brotherly love, they embrace it. >> we have got a chance to sit in on a rehearsal a sneak peak of the very special show. >> ♪ >> reporter: on this stage everyone gets a chance to be a rock star. >> i like to listen to music, and we're rehearsing for a concert. >> reporter: there are dancers, drummers, and
6:25 am
singers. >> ♪ >> reporter: they are all part of the kate's place joe and mcman i started it inspired by developmentally delayed teens and young adults like their daughter kate hoy has down syndrome. >> they are forgotten. they don't get to go off to college like most individual do. they cannot drive to their friends house. >> reporter: kate's place meets at first united methodist church in moorestown three times a week for activity like these. >> we love kids,. >> ♪ >> reporter: concert will raise fund for kate's place, 21 year-old, who plans to sing some green day. >> ♪ wake me up when september ends ♪ >> i know, is that great. >> reporter: music lessons are run by a non-profit called all together now music. laura reynolds is president. >> they have a lot of chance toss collaborate with each other and we are all constantly growing together
6:26 am
learning from each other. >> reporter: young people here fine friend and even love, katie will sing with her boyfriend and... >> every note, may not be perfect, to be best. >> reporter: kate's place concert heart and soul is saturday may 21st, tickets on sale now for $2 each. they hope it is a sellout. go to cbs to see how to order those tickets. see you tonight, i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> they have concert series, match making, kate's place, good stuff. coming up next, may is melanoma month, doctor jen will be here with the top signs have of skin cancer. plus college debt is soaring up next three ways students can thrill down what they owe. >> good morning justin. good morning, well, tempers flared here at city hall yesterday after council considers a bill to tax sugary drinks, coming up we will take you inside the intense public hearings and why one council member likens this to the
6:27 am
prohibition era. also, you guys we have got breaking news in southwest philadelphia a what the are main break and accident involving two tractor trailers in delaware i will have those updates coming up but first we will take a quick break stay where you are, cbs-3
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same story, different day, we are stuck with the gray, glummy weather. >> but sun has to come back eventually? well, katie is looking ahead to when that glorious day will be, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. 6:30. time to get caught up. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> you are going to be apprehended, my suggestion to you is to surrender. >> barnegat township police and ten other districts all in total have been searching around the clock for this escape prisoner.
6:31 am
>> if we pass this tax you will see the greatest, bootleg operation since prohibition. >> reporter: philadelphia's soda tax proposal falls flat, some folks created quite a scene in center city. >> trump emerge as parties presumptive nominee after 16 other contenders drop out. >> he is a loose cannons and they tend to miss fire. >> you should put some music on. >> ♪ >> of the world. >> what are you doing. >> looking for the sun. there is no sun. where is katie.
6:32 am
>> just forget the weather. >> i know. >> take me away. >> it is out there. this pattern, i know, we cannot seem to shake it. i do promise you though that eventually the sun will return as jim said it has to at some point, right but we're still stuck today with more glummy skies and today doesn't look like it is anywhere near as wet and dreary. we will keep that thick included deck all will day limit warmth, we are looking at storm scan locally and we are not seeing much. it is dry for a change. you don't have to have dodge that intermittent drizzle or fog either, so temperatures are chilly. we are in the up are 40's in spots right now, we likely will in the see much more than just 10 degrees added on to these daytime highs. so it is a cool day, at best, letter 50's up in the mountains, down around the shore towns we might see a shower and we are not totally devoid of wet weather but coming through far more sparsely then it has in recent days but there could be a shower or fine drizzle.
6:33 am
tomorrow is when we will start to see wet weather chance go up here as periods of rain start to work their way through, that will come courtesy of the next approaching storm. by saturday a bright spot the word sun finally returns to the forecast, we will track that rain coming up, meisha and talk more about that sunshine. >> yes, please, thanks, katie, good morning. just waking up what we are looking at is breaking news we have a water main break in southwest philadelphia right now. sixty-third avenue and eastwick, take a a look at this, don't even attempt to drive by this. office why usually those road are flooded right now. i'll let you know when this gets contained but right now roads are flooding, you will not get through and it would be a dangerous situation to even try to get through this. just take i look the at how this water main break is coming up, over the roadway and then flooding everything around here. that is 63rd street at eastwick avenue. moving long we have an accident in delaware involving a tractor trailer, pickup truck, lancaster pike is blocked between valley road
6:34 am
and yorkland road. you will have two alternate, either take, old lancaster pike will be your best bet or old wilmington road. either way just know that this accident is blocking all lanes right now. we have another accident here 422 eastbound before route 23 pulled off to that right shoulder that was block ago this left lane. now moved over. you will get a gaper delay and plus see people out of their vehicles, that is going to slow you town. good news i-95 south near route 320 past blue route from that big accident all clear, jim, back over to you. city hall is ground zero for lively debate on philadelphia a's proposed soda tax. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with more on what people from both sides had to say. hi, justin. >> reporter: hey there, brooke. many did agree that the it is youth education and public services like parks, recreational enters do need more funding. the disagreement came as to how to pay for them which mayor kenney has viewed as a
6:35 am
new tax. the perhaps you have seen those tv ads outside lobbyist staking their claims on that proposed tax on sweet drinks but in the yet approved many are already fearful. >> we are losing customers overnight and that sugar tax happened we will lose more business. >> reporter: due to that tax proposal by mayor jim kenney 3 cents ounce charge on sugary drinks that the mayor's offices mates could raise some 400 million-dollar. >> the mayor said the money will go to pay for expanded prepaid services. and, a whole lot of things that matter, a great deal, to the the future of our city. >> future depending on support. inside council chambers yesterday both side weighed in the public hearing, those begins sighting costs i'm here to speak out against this outrageous tax. >> those for citing games such as prospects of city children
6:36 am
having access to free universal prek. my son attended because we knew he would develop and that because we could afford it. children whose parents cannot afford it deserve prek just as much. >> hours before the anti tax rally took over the streets over city hall. >> we pass this tax, you will see the greatest, bootleg operation, since prohibition in this town. >> now, lots of strong opinions, on both sides, on this issue here. next wednesday more public feedback will be welcome here. there is talk that three council members will in the vote in support of this measure. anymore votes a after that could, derail this measure all together. we are live at city hall, gist continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and brooke. >> thanks, justin. 43 million americans owe an estimated $1.3 trillion in student locate debt and class have of 2016 the most indebted ever. about to add to those totals.
6:37 am
>> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has numbers and advice for creating a game plan to repay the bill big bill. she's live, good morning. >> so how much debt are new graduates carrying this year. >> reporter: hold on here seven in ten graduates from public and non-profit colleges will leave school with debt they average between 30 and 35 you this dollars a student. when we adjust that inflation it is american double the amount that borrowers had to just two decade ago. by the way that is just for students, had 17 percent of graduates who have loans, the parents have $31,000 on average, so these are some big numbers. >> how can students bring down their loans. >> reporter: according to the government estimated one in four student loan borrowers right now is either delinquent, or in default so that is a huge number. to prevent recent grads from
6:38 am
falling behind, what they need to do is they have got to understand how much money they canal kate toward loans and then figure out is what best payment option available unfortunately 70 percent of struggling education borrowers who could qualify for easier payment options they are not taking advantage of it. that is why the consumer financial protection bureau has, recently unveiled plans to simply feast borrower statements that way you can hey light variety of payment plans that exist. those options include, consolidating, so a lot of kid want to consolidate their loans, income based repayment. this is a a really big one that because that give you a longer payment schedule but lower monthly payments. if you work for a non-profit or kid work for a none in profit check out whether you qualify for public service loan forgiveness. like wiped off the board, okay. no need wait until government implement the new statement,
6:39 am
it is a student loans dot gov, you want to see if there are more efficient repayment options. >> you really do need to investigate those options. >> that last one is so important. >> um-hmm. >> thanks, jill. we will check with you tomorrow. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", spotting skin cancer, doctor jen is here, just saw her walk in the studio, five things to look for and how to protect yourself from the sun. >> pat gallen is here too. >> hey, how are goats, sheep and indoor plant affecting students. a local elementary school has revamped its curriculum and new way to keep students engage while learning don't goat anywhere, more coming up next. >> ♪ >> as we go to break, look who hitched a ride with james corden, for this weeks car pool karaoke talking about car power, and julia roberts.
6:40 am
>> this is tough to top. enjoy we will be right back.
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i love this. a new program from one philadelphia school is bringing the classroom, outdoors. >> um-hmm, great chance for young students to get hand on, with plants and animals. pat gallen is here to show us new curriculum that has student learning more than ever. >> i had had more fun then students d it was fun. walking through fox chase elementary school is a somewhat normal experience. halls are bustling and walls are covered with projects done by the students but a deeper look and you notice a shift in the way kid are taught and that is because you they completely change the way that they are learning and the kids do not mind. having fun while learning will be the new normal at a school in northeast philadelphia a. at fox chase elementary school they are taking hand on learning to the next level.
6:44 am
school is changing its curriculum to involve hand on learning here at fox chase farm. >> we use the culture we have outside of our building, as an extension of our program and then the fox chase farm is the larger extension of the program where kids can use the entire property as their classroom, and the whole idea is to have hide student engagement. >> reporter: with this link between school and farm a new path towards science is form at a much earlier stage. >> part of the curriculum is learning about the needs of living things, animals and plants. >> we walk around the farm, toured and and the kids, when they came back, they needed to with their observations, note that they had taken they needed to draw picture of the animals that we saw and then they had to write a story about what their life would be like in the day of one of those animals. >> reporter: a spin on learning that is unique to fox chase among kid at this age. >> this is in the replicated anywhere that we know in the country this k through five
6:45 am
model so we are ground breaking. >> reporter: student absolutely love being able to interact with the animals. you you can instantly see that engagement. >> look at that. he is smelling you. >> he is smelling you. >> maybe he likes you. >> he is my favorite, they are chicken and chicks. >> why is that. >> because they are so cute and so funny, they go like that. >> here is cow getting milk, right here, the truck is getting the milk and bringing it to the grocery store. >> that one. >> soul high school implement a curriculum in this fashion but as we heard the principal explain this is the only school teaching children this young about agriculture. there is interaction, excitement, parents and teachers are on board and kid are learning so all that is extremely important. i had more fun hanging out
6:46 am
with mini donkeys and goats. i had fun. >> yes. >> it was fun. >> it is just great because a lieutenant of kid get afraid of science and this is great way to introduce them to science. >> i hated chemistry and all that stuff so that is why i am where i am. >> that is right. >> stop saying that. >> you will sign up. >> moving on. young people in southwest philly are also getting close to nature, preschoolers and their teachers, at sj myers rec center are part of the phillies home runs for trees kick off. >> that is right, for every home run hit by a phillies player a tree is planted in our area since the program started more than 500 trees have been planted, and that is, a macing. >> you need that hat. >> yes. >> from one scientists to another scientists. >> hi, guys. >> i know, where is the sun, everybody has been asking me that i'm telling you on the elevator, star bucks runs, can you do something about this. guys, i wish i could do something about this because i don't like it either but we
6:47 am
are unfortunately stuck with it. i know i'm here to get you out the door to know what you can expect. today is primary a cloudy day but we are dodging wet weather which we will discuss. we will check with the eyewitness weather watcher network. we will go to a handful of these spots. forty-seven from staysly, in the fountainville area she has got, you know, certainly nothing really happy to report here other than clouds and just hoping for rain to go away as are so many people and 47 degrees comes in from dawn, she's in the downingtown area with lots of clouds, and we will go to within more, take you far throughout lining suburbs, another 47-degree temperature reading from rick in bethel. but he did say the rain he has seen coming through is helping the flowers to bloom, and pop with the pretty color. that is something good that comes from the rain obviously. we do need it. you cannot the just go completely dry with sunshine for days on end without any problems. you can have too much of a good thing. storm scan is quiet here but
6:48 am
you do see there is low pressure developing right now off to the west, this is basically rotating, through and as it does so we will see rain basically moving from south east to north west, tomorrow, especially. so we will take you out to future rain at 8:00 p.m. tonight. other than drizzle, spotty shower we might pick up a couple hundreds of an inch and that is it. more showers in the overnight and then rain picks up in the over half first part of the day and we are in the talking about a ton of rain but enough to slow you down. the morning drive is not looking ideal right now. today, tomorrow 58 appease. tomorrow is wetter of the two days. starting to brighten up saturday and sunday but still residual showers, meisha. >> only good thing about the rain we know is good for bunnies but great for indoor coffee too. this is video we have been talking about, breaking news, water main break in southwest philadelphia, 63rd avenue and eastwick, a absolutely don't try to drive through this complete flooding in this area.
6:49 am
i will let you know when that subsides but i did want to show thaw once again. we are still waiting to get that under control. we have this accident here overturned truck northeast extension southbound past lansdale, one lane is block here and they are saying possible fuel spill as well, whenever we have a fuel spill avoid this area at all costs but right now only one lane is block because of it. another accident here take a look at this involving a tractor trailer and pickup truck in lancaster pike is blocked between valley road and yorklynn road. use an alternate the to maneuver around this. 202 available to you right now, old lancaster pike or old wilmington road. these are two you will use them because that is block right now. then on top of that we have down wires here in king of prussia area and accident, valley forge road closed between moore road, and down wires like i said use, alternate around this first avenue. it has been a crazy busy morning in the world of traffic. brooke, over to you good may is skin cancer awareness month. health officials want to you take a good look in the mirror. >> that abnormal mold or
6:50 am
freckles could be signs of a suspicious spot. family physician doctor jen cuddle is here to have have what to look out for, how to protect your skin. i'm a hyper candy ago but men do not take care of their skin in the past few years. >> american academy of dermatology actually recently did a survey and found men don't have as much knowledge as women female count parts. that is important. we know that men over age of 50 are at a particular risk for certain type of cancer. bottom line is it is important for everybody, right, one in five americans will get skin cancer at some point in their life. all skins air affect, dark skin tones, light skin tones. this is super important. >> why men because they are spending outside with sports. >> a lot of reasons for that. also education and knowledge play is a a rel, prevention is huge when it comes to skin cancer which is what we are talking about today. >> let's talk about moles. i have moles. >> yes. >> what do we need to look
6:51 am
for. >> that is a great question. >> yes. >> don't touch me. >> this is where learning, abc's like alphabet comes in handy. we call it abc of skin care. first thing is important. a cemetery, moles that would be concerning that are not even on both side. moles that have a irregular borders that are not smooth around edges. moles that have multiple colors are concerning to us, okay. they should be uniform. if they are larger than the size of the pencil eraser head i want to you see your doctor. of course, if that moles changes overtime, these are all signs that you should be saying i don't know about this. let me get to my doctor and get it check out and make sure it is okay. >> where are places people overlook. >> so there is lots of spots. i brought one of my favorite mirrors. this is your best friend when it comes to checking for most. we look in the mirror we see this stuff right hear but back of the arms. what about back of the neck which is a big spot, get that
6:52 am
mirror pull your hair back. the don't forget your bottom, okay. we for got that. some of the most deadly forms of skin cancer can be found on the feet, between the toes, nails, yes, yes. do in the forget that area. we have to think about. >> they are not thinking. >> who thinks about between your toes. the it is important. >> you need to do self checks but how often should you be screen. >> i recommend my patients get to the dermatologist once a year for skin checks. if you are particularly prone to lots of moles or history of skin cancer, family history i will get new there more frequently then that but i say once a year, definitely. >> i mean sun block. >> lets talk about this. super important. may is skin cancer awareness month. best way to prevent skin cancer toys stay out of the sun. tanning is in the cool, people. >> i have been preaching that for years. >> it is not cool. i don't want you in tanning bed are laying out on the beach out there burning your skin. please do in the do that.
6:53 am
sun screen, use an ounce, which is a shot glass, they are useful for many things. also measuring how much sun screen you should be using. >> that is a lot. >> my goodness my clothes would slide off. >> remember you will reapply every two hours and after you sweat and after you swim, so that is really important too. >> so this much per application. you need to reapply it is important but put a good amount and get it all over yourself. very important. >> good information, thank you. >> yes. >> thank you guys. >> see you as well. in the meantime cbs-3 is proud to support susan g komen in the fight begins breast cancer. join the "eyewitness news" team this sunday morning we will broadcast live at 6:00 a.m. we will be right back. >> with three things you need to necessity before you go. it three is to go, next.
6:54 am
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before you head out here's is what happening today it three is to go. >> authorities in new jersey, have shifted their search north for an escaped prisoner. >> arthur buckel was last seen in barnegat township ocean county. >> donald trump is last man standing in the republican race for president, former presidents george w. bush and george hw bush, made it clear they will not endorse a candidate in this election. >> state senator vincent hughes unveils two bills designed to create 20,000 new jobs and internships for low income families today. >> that three is to go.
6:58 am
lets get a check of weather and traffic. >> yes, it is very glummy outside yet again, a little damp once more and you could see a drizzle or a shower. it is very cloudy here, and it will stay that way but it is cinco de mayo so we have to break out a graphic, we even brought out the little instruments. it is cool and cloudy and damp with a drizzle but still a holiday. >> sure is. >> good morning everyone. we have this accident overturn truck with a possible fuel spill northeast extension southbound past lansdale, it is mile marker 26 that right lane is block and also we have reports of a second accident, right around in this area. also water main break in southwest philadelphia, 63rd and eastwick is there flooding in that area. overall, it is a busy morning. >> switching gears tomorrow morning i'm back on the road for my crime drove, and, the oldest classic diners built in new jersey. you went believe how you long menu is, and what is on it, i also met some beautiful bird
6:59 am
that are shining for spring. >> they are gorgeous. i mean look at him. >> yes. >> so why does he do that? and, where can you see this, and, we follow, and, last of the dream drive at 6:00 a.m. right here on ac b1 "eyewitness news". what about. >> and, it is graphic, grass grows we need to eat it. good for the bunny. >> yes. >> i agree. >> and, next up cbs this morning country music legend dolly parton prepares to take off on her biggest tour in 25 years. >> it is dark and early each weekday morning, we start at 4:30 a.m. just for you.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, may 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the gop is divided over its presumptive nominee. how will donald trump unite the republican party and choose a running mate? an out-of-control wildfire in canada forces a massive exodus of nearly 90,000 people. we are there with the terrifying race to escape. and cbs cameras go under cover to find out if wine sellers are trying to swindle you at the store and on line. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. general election campaign from your perspective starts today? >> it started. yeah. it started today.


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