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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live with how he allegedly pulled this all off, walt? >> reporter: well, jessica, d.a. hearsays that the elderly couple, hired this painter, obviously to paint their house. instead for more than two years the d.a. says he was ripping them off to the tune of close to a million-dollar. secretly stealing, and writing checks, but now d.a. says he is under arrest. maseratis like this are beautiful, high end cars, most would be happy to own one but prosecutors say that accused thief, clifton wilson, owns two. along with lots of other pricey items. >> he bought a porsche, range rover, he went on vacation to the bohamas. this was money spent, to have a good time. >> reporter: money that wilson a main line house painter allegedly stole from an elderly woman and her husband who we're not identifying who hired him to paint their home. >> this is just short of the
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million dollars, $920,000 was stolen from the victims in this case. >> this is a gentlemen who went a head and trusted that the property was working with them, had no issue whatsoever. >> reporter: prosecutors say that the money came quite easily to the accused thief, here. he simply took stacks of checks belonging to the victim, made them out, to himself, and then, forged her signature. it wasn't painting prosecutors say, wilson was writing, stolen checks, 148 over more than two years. thirty-three of them, for $18,000 a piece. >> they were undeserving of what was done to them. we're hopeful that they will get full restitution at some point in time. >> reporter: what happened here the d.a. says is a an important warning for everyone. >> you do have a tendency to trust people coming into your house as workers. and you have to realize, that, even if you trust them, you have got to check.
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>> reporter: wilson's attorney harry fineberg told me that the suspect is quote deeply regret full and will do everything that he can to set this right. so far a half million-dollar in restitution, has been made to the couple. meanwhile the d.a. says if convicted on all felony counts, the maximum penalty here could be decade behind bars. live from the chester county justice center i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. police are suspending their search for escaped prisoner. police in longer think arthur buckle is in the area buckle was caught on surveillance video at cvs 9:30 yesterday morning and a truck that they believe was stole he was there as well. >> there is information developed that mr. buckle the is in longer in the barnegat area. the investigation along with the resources answer lar toy that investigation and necessary for that investigation are moving on, and away from barnegat.
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>> buckle escaped from the minimum security facility in winslow township on tuesday morning. and chopper three over the pennsylvania state police belmont barracks in west philadelphia. that blue mitsubishi was involved in a road rage incident on the blue route near west conshohocken this afternoon. police say someone in a dark blue lincoln town car fired shots at the mitsubishi, narrowly missing the driver. shooter was has seen going northbound on the blue route toward conshohocken. department of justice is now handling the investigation into the the deaths of howard high school student amy joyner francis. the wilmington police department has handed all evidence in that case over to the department of justice, which will now determine if charges will be filed. joyner francis died, following a fightin side the high school last month. woman accused of kidnapping a baby from the king of prussia mall back in march was in court today for a preliminary hearing. sherry amore left the court surrounded by family and her lawyer.
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she's out an a half million-dollar bail for march 31st kidnapping that was caught on camera. a judge dismissed her attorney's request to drop some of the felony charges against her, amerries due back in court for another hearing on the 22nd of june. eyewitnesses say a driver tried to beat a new jersey transit train collided with it, in riverton, burlington county. crash happened on river line route at broad and main this morning. the authorities say that the driver and passenger survived the impact and had to be pulled from the wreckage. the driver was cited for careless driving. two of the 35 passengers on the train were hurt. governor chris christie says atlantic city could run out of money in ten days. today assembly bill that would have given the struggling resort town two years to fix its finances before it state take over was cancel. christie says it is time for lawmakers to get behind the senate bill. >> i'm not sending anymore money to atlantic city without the authority to fix the
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underlying problem. i'm not going to permit the taxpayers of the state of new jersey to be fleeced again. >> among other things, the senate bill would allow the immediate cancellation of union contracts. "eyewitness news" at 11th and market street today with striking verizon workers. this is day 22 of the strike. it is also the so-called national day of action and verizon where others are joining in solidarity on the picket lines with the striking workers. >> i loved my job. i'm here to service customers. our customers deserve more. they deserve employees of the you had not from the philippines, not from mexico. >> reporter: striking workers have been without a contract since august. another cloudy, dreary day, and we're tracking the rain once again. meteorologist kate bilo is in the weather center. kate, more of it heading our way. >> i sound like a broken record, jessica but i do have have good news in the the future, but it will not last that much longer.
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today was a dry day, we're in between systems, cloud have have hung on most of the daze with a few stray sprinkles here and there but we have got one system to the north that is impacting portions of coastal new england. this one to the south will impact us tomorrow, take a look at this heavy rain over portions of southern virginia and eastern north carolina. this will lift up and pivot around as a upper level low pressure system impacting our area right through the day tomorrow. so tomorrow, it looks like one of the worst days of this pretty awful stretch. today makes nine consecutive cloudy days in philadelphia. tomorrow will be day number ten. and it looks like saturday may be day 11 but saturday does look a little bit better and then sunday more improvements. we will talk about that coming up. the first of all temperatures with that northeast wind is still very chilly. we should be near 70 this time of the year. we are only the at 58 in philadelphia. fifty-two atlantic city. thanks to the ocean water. you can see strong wind around that low impacting much of the north east. so as we head through tonight clouds, maybe a stray shower,
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tomorrow morning the rain pushes in coming up we will time out that rain for your friday and i'll break down weekend for you and tell you when best time to get outside with mom would be. ukee and jessica back to you. bitter sweet celebration for a man who has dedicated his entire life seeking justice for others. >> "eyewitness news" reportser joe boland joins us from the sat center with how pennsylvania spca honored one of its own now engaged in the fight for his life, jeff. >> good evening. it was a surprise, gathering for george bengal, we are told he was architect driving force behind agency's human law enforcement department. george a man who many said was voice for voiceless tells to us day will likely be his fair well. >> what i want more than anything is to have this work carried out. >> reporter: george bengal is in a battle for his life, his work, 20 years as director of humane law enforcement a at pennsylvania spca is quickly
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coming to an unexpect end. >> i just want to see this work, continue at the level, if not even higher then what it has been. >> reporter: george has terminal cancer, he spent last two weeks in the hospital. his hope, that what he started here continues on. >> george, you are our guy. you can handle anything. >> reporter: spca staff and friend on thursday talk about george, a man they described as a true champion of animals whose passion, inspired them all. >> when we walk through that door we all have the same mission. >> you will never, ever be forgotten and your leg ace i will continue to help abused and neglect animals throughout this state. love you so much, george. >> reporter: george was a police officer as well as a veteran but perhaps his defining legacy, he is referred to as an icon in the world of animal welfare. his plan, would have been to
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carry on. >> i had a dam good career. i have been blessed beyond. so i'm prepared for what is going to happen to me. >> the agency tells cbs-3 they have received hundreds of messages of best wishes and support for george, of course, his hope now is the good work he started will continue on. live from the sat sender joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> true champion, joe, thank you. still to come, on "eyewitness news". >> they are so cute and they are so funny, they go like that. >> that excitement over a unique curriculum, northeast philadelphia school that is giving kid a field trip every day. our pat gallen shows you what goes on outside of these walls. and art through eyes of children the reason these paintings and sculptures are more than just artistic expression. back in 2005 he did sit-ups in his driveway with no shirt on, it was in holds
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today is cinco de mayo and there was a block party to celebrate in center city. >> ♪ >> the party complete with a band, took place outside of el
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rez on chestnut street. in addition to the music there, was great food, cinco de mayo commemorates the mexican army's unlikely victory over french forces a at battle of puebla in may of 1862. >> it looks pretty tasty. >> don bell joining us now, how is it going. >> we're talking baseball guys, how that. >> yes. >> phillies are smoldering hot when they landed in st. louis, cardinals have since put them on ice, a rough way to start a ten game road trip, we have a matinee today, pick it up in the first inning, brandon moss getting a hold of one and going, gone. big fly. a really big fly. 462-foot, blast, fourth long necessary bush stadium history and longest for left hander at that ballpark. phillies try to rally with the in the ninth, two men on but watch catch by steve up business coti for love of the glove, laying it out, and the phillies shut out four to nothing, in the first time they have been shut out this season and they lose three out
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of four in st. louis. they play marlins tomorrow in miami. sixers are rounding out their front office they added mark eversly as vice-president have of player personnel. he comes over from the washington wizards, the nba draft lottery is next week, sixers have a 25 percent chance of winning the top pink. i know my man ukee will be paying attention to that very closely. meanwhile 11 years ago terrell owens gave that impromptu press conference in his driveway in new jersey. he wanted to renegotiate his deal with the eagles but team suspended him four games. that is the last major public spat the team has had with a player. now we have sam bradford demanding a trade. tmz sports asked to what he thinks about that situation. >> it was not a great move for sam to want to request a trade, being that they were getting the number one pick. but for me, it is a sign of a coward to be honest. >> right. >> but again, if you are in
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the secure in your ability it shouldn't matter who they are drafting or who is coming in. that should motivate you, and really prepare you to put up one of the best season you company could probably ever have. i like competition. >> um-hmm. >> everybody has an opinion. >> did he not the shy from that. >> coward man, that is harsh. >> i like to what sam has got to say. we have to hear from sam. >> where is he? >> good luck. lets get our forecast, a dreary forecast from kate bilo. >> hopefully just one more day of the doom and groom and say we made it through ten days and now we deserve spring weather, right. >> lets take a look what we have going on. we have a big weekend, a lot of events in philadelphia we have komen walk for the cure, on sunday morning and it is going to be, not bad, not great but not bad for that race for the cure. right now we have first it gets bad and then gets better, that is theme of the forecast here, storm scan three is
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mostly cloudy, a couple of showers drifting off to the west but those are staying away for now, it is rainy in portions of virginia and north carolina that will lift in and impact us through the entire day tomorrow, and before moving on out and finally, the pattern starts to breaks down over the weekend. temperature wise it is still chilly outside. today was generally dry day, but with all of the cloud cover and that northeast wind, temperatures struggled to get above the mid 50's, long wood gardens 594, lower merion high school reporting a temperature of 55. snider middle school in bensalem 54. hainesport township school 55 degrees at the moment. that is more like march then may, and the majorly miserable weather continues tomorrow. it is cloudy, glummy, period of rain, a chilly breeze, temperature in the 50's, really only good thing about tomorrow is it the is friday, so question is what have we been stuck in this pattern for so long? because we are at the wrong side of the omega block. we talk about that when we had beautiful weather stuck under the good stuff, areas on either side get the bad stuff.
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we are at the wrong side. low pressure dominating our forecast for the past week and a half or so but finally that pattern breaks down over the weekend and we will see some sun return. through rest of tonight cloud hang on. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. is when steady rain push necessary and it comes in waves right through the midday time frame, morning commute will be impacted especially the second half of it. 4:00 p.m. it starts to taper to showers and we will still have lingering showers through your friday night. sat the day still under the influence of low pressure, couple the scattered showers especially in the morning but note ace few breaks of sunshine, trying to make their way in the area by saturday afternoon, that is promising, because that will help temperatures warm up a bit. your friday timing between midnight and 8:00 a.m. a stray shower, heavier rain is between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 o'clock tomorrow and then the scattered showers resuming for your friday night. worst of it right during middle of the workday, good news getting to work early and stay through after three or 4:00 o'clock you might miss heavier rain. overnight cloudy and cool with showers around at 49 degrees.
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tomorrow, cloudy, chilly, period of the rain, 56 degrees your daytime high and then we will head to mothers day sunday. the this is when we will get nicer weather. morning shower is possible that is mainly before eight or 9:00 a.m. which is good news and cloud will give way to sunshine and it looks like afternoon hours if you want to take mom to lunch or early dinner things are looking nice. 71 degrees on sunday. just in time to celebrate mom we will break out of the nasty weather. you're witness weather seven day forecast does show steady improvement. we will see sun saturday. even though we have a few showers we will get back to the upper 60's. sunday 71 degrees, monday looks great a at 72. we have a chance for couple showers next tuesday, possibly again later at the end of next week but good news i think is showers, thunderstorms, things like that are easier to deal with when temperatures are in the 70's verse the 50's. it does still look like an unsettled pattern over next couple weeks but we are heading in the right direction, monies die look forward to, guys. 73 degrees and mostly sunny
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but weekend is not bad. >> it does look good. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. >> still to come tonight on "eyewitness news". >> don't be a donkey stay put and when you come back we will tell you how fox chase elementary school is using animals at fox chase farm to
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a hand off program in south jersey, how little ones express themselves through art. >> "eyewitness news" at virtua camden for its 13th annual art show. artist behind the colorful she case are children taking part in virtua's castle program. it teaches children with emotional, behavioral need how to work together and express themselves through creativity. well, "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> here's the "cbs evening news" tonight, embers, rain down in alberta can inadequacies, wild fires are raging and 90,000 people have
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run for their lives, ben tracie is there. also tonight the nation's top republicans, turn their backs on donald trump, and inside the isis attack that left a navy seal, dead. these stories, tonight on the "cbs evening news". ♪ ♪
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a new program in a philadelphia school is bringing classroom outdoors, a great chance for young students to get hand on with plants and animals. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen heads to the northeast for a close-up look at this unique curriculum. >> having fun while learning will be new normal at a school in northeast philadelphia. at fox chase elementary school they are taking hand on learning to the next level, the school is actually changing its curriculum to involve hand on learning here at fox chase farm. >> we use the culture lab we have outside of our building, as an extension of our program and fox chase farm is larger extension of the program where kids can use the entire property, as their classroom, and the whole idea is the high student engagement. >> reporter: with this link between school and farm a new path toward science is formed at a much earlier stage. >> part of our curriculum is
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learning about the needs of living things, animals and plants. >> we walk around the farm, toured around, and, the kids when they came back, they needed to with their observations, notes that they had taken they needed to draw a picture of the animals that we saw and then they had to write a story about what their life would be like in the day of one of those animals. and spin on animals unique to fox chase for kid at this age. >> not replicated anywhere we know in this k to 5 miles. we are ground breaking. >> reporter: students absolutely love being able to interact with the animals. you can see that engagement. >> well, he is just smelling you. >> yes. >> my favorite is the chickens and the chicks. >> why is that. >> because they are so cute and they are so funny, they go like that. >> here's the cow getting milk. right here, the truck is
6:29 pm
getting the milk and bringing it to the grocery store. >> from fox chase, pat gallen for "eyewitness news". yes. hands on at the best age that will last a lifetime. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next "cbs evening news" and tonight, charlie dagada takes us inside the ice ace tack that left a navy seal dead. and a top jogging hoy fell from grace gets another shot. from new york here now is scott pelley. take care family. we will see you tonight.
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( sireps ) >> pelley: embers rain on canada. wildfires rage and 90,000 people run for their lives. >> all see is red flames. it's pretty scary. >> pelley: also tonight, the nation's top republicans turn their backs on donald trump. inside the isis surprise attack that killed a navy seal. and the federal government cracks down on e-cigarettes. >> we're finally leaving the the world of the unregulated wild, wide west when it comes to the sale of e-cigarettes and cigars. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, wildfire is driving the largest evacuation in north america in


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