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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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♪ >> okay. did that really happen? >> secrets behind the mos car pool karaoke ever. belting out gwen's songs and a queen classic. ♪ we are the champions >> they tell us how they pulled this off. >> how did this happen? how did you ever craft it? >> then a surprising one, britney spears pays her dad to take care of her. why does pink's daughter hate her singing voice. >> i love you mom but you're very disappointing. >> janet jackson pregnant at 50. "e.t." broke the story. now janet's message to the world >> plus we continue our week long tribute to mom. >> once a mother always the mother.
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>> hillary clinton with her very pregnant daughter chelsea. >> i just get more and more pregnant. >> and puppy. hottie channing tatum. channing's wife is getting her dollar bills ready. >> she wasn't just watching. i can tell you that. >> now for may 5th, 2016 this is entertainment tonight. james corden has raised the bar to new heights. car pool karaoke. this is one of the best things you'll see ever. >> he gets a lot of famous faces in his car but gwen stefani, julia roberts, how did they keep it secret and how did they pull it off? >> she is on the case as we launched a full on e.t. investigation. the making of the most epic carpool karaoke surprise ever. ♪ >> it started out about 7 minutes of awesomeness.
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james and gwen singing and then this happened. >> hey, man, how are you? >> and this. >> hey. >> so four of the biggest stars in hollywood. how do you keep that a secret? >> they picked up george and julia right here where james tapes his show. you can see all four of them drive past this exact guard gate right here. i mean, it's genius because inside the studio lot there are no paparazzi to catch them filming. so they're safe. ♪ >> i talked to corden's executive producer this morning for more how did they do that secrets? >> julia reached out and mentioned she would love to do carpool karaoke. if you were ever going to do one with someone like gwen ste i'd love to be a part of it. >> she turned up wearing a
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gwen stefani shirt. >> the entire skit lasted 14 minutes but it took about an hour for gwen to shoot her part alone and then another 20 minutes once george and julia joined in. they didn't have to travel far. about a half mile in total around three streets here in park where everybody was breaking it down to holla back girl. >> george and julia weren't confirmed until two days before shooting but the why of it all? the two are promoting their new movie money monster and gwen has her new album but the real secret to it all, james told me, just have fun. >> did you know this? >> not really.
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it's just fun really. i don't know. when i look back on some of them and think i wish i had enjoyed that more. >> get there were no do overs. there are none ever for car pool karaoke. it's one take and that's it. ♪ ♪ we are the champions of the world ♪ >> gold medal karaoke and i know how this video actually happened. i was there when gwen and julia first met at a premiere in 2001 and i was in the middle of interviewing julia when gwen arrived and julia starts freaking out. she is like the biggest fans. she had been singinn gwen songs on the way to work in 2001. so i had to get gwen to come over and now julia is sing her
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songs with her in a car. >> we have you to thank for all of this. >> thank you nancy. >> well on now to another rock and roll mom. britney spears. >> for years her moves have been approved by a court appointed conservatorship. >> but there's a light at the end of the tunnel now because at 34 is britney spears ready to stand on her own? >> britney hid behind an umbrella as she left her l.a. dance studio yesterday. there's no avoiding all the britney buzz. the new swim suit selfie, the sold out vegas residency and a brand new single. she is set today beau it in 17 days on the billboard music awards. britney also just wrote an emotional tribute to her son for mother's day in time magazine saying quote, you are my masterpieces. i pray as a mother i teach you strength and passion to carry
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through the struggles in the world. >> and with so much success some are wondering is britney spears ready to stand on her own? that's a good question after a heartbreaking mental health crisis britney temporarily lost custody of her boys and her life was essentially put in control of a team of conservators. they include her father that was paid $130,000. he also received 1.5% of revenues from her show and merchandising. britney's rep had no comment but they report on her progress every year. >> my philosophy is take each day at a time. >> we're just glad she is happy and healthy. it was like playing truth or dare with robert downey jr. we asked robert if there was one star he would be cool with his wife susan hooking up with, who would it be? >> i guess she gets a choice.
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>> she should get a choice after he went on howard stern and said this. >> my free pass is because her and susan are such good friends. i have to get her back in these movies so i can make out with her on screen again. >> susan we got your ba we made robert pick it out of this group of co-stars. >> that european flair. >> fans made the choice to see them in action this weekend. they just broke the presales record as the top preselling super hero movie of all time. >> all time? >> all time? >> no way. >> this cast did put in the work chris crossing the globe to do press but who's the most difficult to travel with? >> it might be a dead heat. >> i'd fly with any of those guys. >> probably me. >> i just have a lot of demands. food. a train of steamer trunks. a monkey.
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i travel with a live monkey. >> i think they would probably say it was me. >> actually the directors tell us paul was the easiest to travel with. it was anthony mackey that the toughest because they said he knows how to say it in 7 different languages. the drinks never stop. >> new details janet jackson pregnant at nearly 50. ♪ we talked to janet rubbing that belly. we broke the news around the world first but then there's more clues and breaking into a giant grin. turning 50 years old may 16th, janet waited a long time to finally become a mom. >> at one point i wanted ten kids and a big family. and then i didn't want any kids and now i think about it a sister latoya got me thinking about it. maybe one.
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>> many hollywood moms are having babies later in life. halle berry delivered her second at 47. kelly preston her third at 48 and gina davis had twin sons at 48. while we wait to meet janet her husband's baby the r for oldest mom is this woman in india. she had a girl at 70. >> 70. and congratulations janet. well, she turns 5 next month and she is obsessed with a certain leading man. >> a really funny story about your daughter loving matt damon and the martian. >> are you going to hook that up? >> she asked if i would ask him to come to her birthday party and i said no. i'm thinking about getting her a poster. she made me google matt damon dolls. ♪ >> she is lighting up the film world with just like fire written for johnny depp's newest
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movie and an adorable cameo from 4-year-old willow. >> being that it's disney does it score you cool mom points? >> i hope so because i don't have that many right now. >> no? >> no. >> why not? >> she thinks i'm a dork. she thinks my voice is distracting. she said i love you mom but you're very disappointing. >> does she have musical prowess. >> she is pitch perfect and loud. >> what are you doing to nurture that in her? >> i let her be free and wild. i love watching the world through her eyes. she is completely unjaded and unstained. >> mother's day is this weekend. >> i hope i have friends. i'm lucky to be a mom. my prize is her. so i'm happy. >> they better have plans. trust me. straight ahead, good star moms gone bad. behind the scenes of bad moms.
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is mila ready for baby number two. >> oh, this is how rumors start. >> and we're with channing tatum. what his wife jenna snapped him doing that will make all you men want to try harder. >> stop channing. stop! >> keep doing what you're doing. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. cameron is here now fresh off of hanging with some bad moms. and i mean stars that are bad moms. >> a little bit crazy but all for a wild and hysterical new comedy but behind the scenes there was a lot of baby bonding. >> everybody is a mom. so 5:00 in the morning it's like how did your baby sleep? how was the night? that's the first thing you ask. >> can i get a hug.
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>> at any given time when you walk up to our cast chairs we're all video chatting our children. -p>> such good moms but this is very adult movie. >> the guy that wrote this also wrote the thrre hangover movies. what can we expect? >> basically the same sort of language. not a family friend. >> a single working mom juggling two kids and a career. in real life she has one daughter so far. >> so i'm wondering, does it make you think about a sibling for wyatt. >> for sure. no i'm not pregnant. this is like how rumors start. but absolutely i do want to have more kids one day. for sure. yes. >> she and christian bale go wild going against christina applegate and jada pinket smith and the guy in the middle is j.j. watt fan boyd out. >> was he more interested in
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seeing you or j.j.. >> hosk j.j. not even a question. >> i'm on a schedule and things don't always add to that schedule. i have to remind myself i can't be like honey it's in the calendar. it's bedtime. she's like momma and i'm like forget it. >> i'm going to alk about moms here but it happens with dads too. >> it's just real smooth for you guys. that's what we think. okay. two more moms. still ahead hillary clinton with her daughter chelsea and what celeb left this presidential candidate speechless? >> that was pretty star struck time. >> plus shirtless men and channing t his new project that will make you blush. it's coming up next. >> closed captioning provided by.
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>> listen up ladies..o cf1 o we have channing tatum's big announcement. >> we're going to start magic mike live march 2017. >> the all male review include channing for now. >> if i'm ever in shapeeenough to do it again i'll do that. it would be really fun and i g the clearance from jenna as well. but i'll never be in that shape again. >> how does he feel about his wife getting up close and personal with the uys? >> yeah. she was there when we made the first two movies.
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she wasn't just like watching. i can tell you that. >> you'll be able to watch the videos from the show on cosmo magazine's website. how much do we love them after she secretly snapchated her husband doing nail polish removal. >> sometimes i don't know that she's doing. i'm like really. i'm going to look like your pedicurist or whatever. >> they have a 2-year-old daughter everly and we asked if they're going to have more kids and they said yeah some days. >> three days until mother's day and all week long we're celebrating with celebrity moms and yesterday i sat down with a mom that happens to be running for president. we were joined by chelsea and we got a really intimate look this mother daughter relationship. >> because we're in hollywood lot of stars have stepped forward to raise money.
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is there anyone that gets you star >> oh my gosh. when george clooney and amal did that event for me at their home i was star struck. obviously i'm a huge fan of george's and i hadn't met amal but i knew people that knew her because she is a human rights lawyer which i am enthusiastically impres so the idea that they were going to do this and we got to spend personal time together that was pretty star struckk time. >> it was. it was great. it was just terrific. >> did mrs. clinton just get twinkle eyed there? it's okay because george h that totally submiten look at her in 2003. lots of stars have a crush on hilary but no one more than katy perry >> katy perry has the shirt that zedd says hillary clinton is a bad ass. how is your mom a bad ass? >> i'm just in awe of her strength and grace and i hope
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that my daughter and her little sister or brother feel the same way about me some at a that i feel about my mom. >> chelsea is about to be a mom again. >> i just get more and more it's inevitable. 19 month old charlotte is going to be a big sister. >> will you put a nursery in the white house? >> of cour easy question. i'm thrilled that charlotte recognizes me and calls me grandma. they'll face time me. >> every day. she asks about her grandma every day. >> so you face time. >> every day. >> chelsea and mark would video charlotte and -- when she was little they would make a sign that would say good luck grandma. >> it's interesting we watched this mother daughter duo change over the years. hilary and chelsea went from tight curls. >> i'm more concerned about my daughter. >> how will you? >> she isn't so aware but she is becoming more aware.
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so i'm more focused on that because i know my mom is going to take care of herself. >> but did you know hilary's toughest critic was her moll. sadly dorothy passed away in 2011 about a year and a half after chelsea said i do. >> this was at your wedding but it's with your mom and, you know, your mom raised you to do great things and to do your best. >> right. >> so right now, how proud would she be? >> she would be excited. she would be very proud. bbt she also would be giving me advice. >> would she? >> yes. >> oh my goodness. i'm not sure you should have said that or did you really need >> it's beautiful to see the relationship between chelsea and hilary like hilary had a great relationship with her mom.
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beautiful. >> that was a great job but just in case kevin thinks that all that, something to bring it back down to earth. check out my enthusiastic friend trying the celebrity name game. >> here we go. >> this guy. he's a rapper. he pours the champagne. >> i was ready and a little too excited but we did do good. >> celebrity name game airs tomorrow. check your local listings. we'll be right back. >> who is olivia pope after now?
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ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit are finding offensive. find out why. it's all at eet. >> travel considerations provided by. >> tune in tomorrow because our mother's day celebration continues with donny walhberg's mom. like nine kids including donny and mark. >> how could i not be your favorite? >> and tomorrow on general hospital stars vanessa and anthony are getting busy in bed. but here's the big question. is it as sexy as it looks? >> we drop by the set to find out what the sex scenes a really like. >> now this is how you'll see it
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on general hospital but during the shooting vanessa and anthony workout every single move. >> get there and now go forward. >> when he comes in and they say okay i need you to move so you're not blocking the space, stay connected with her. know those things are going to be coming. >> he goes down stage. >> my family doesn't know i'm shooting this scene today. >> my dad will probably not be watching this. want to watch. >> don't watch and happy
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>> the insider tracking the biggest stories making news today. number 1, will prince's autopsy reveal prescription pills are the cause of his death. >> they're all involved in prin's death investigation. >> the medical insider claiming there's a secret hollywood opiate epidemic. >> it's a disease just like any
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other. >> then leonardo decaprio's new york date night. who is the leggy model leaving with leo. >> cameron diaz gets candid about marriage. what's her biggest pet peeve. >> plus our insider bonus. the public breast feeding battle heats up. >> you also got backlash. >> it's like what's happening right now. >> hollywood body after baby. spoiler alert, it's not this throw back video. >> do you remember this? >> yes. reach, reach. >> wow! >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo! >> single women everywhere are flocking to florida just for a glimpse.


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