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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> new this morning, dog attack on the street of philadelphia. how a woman broke free from a pitbull and the drastic measures police had to take at the scene. >> tractor-trailers being targeted on the turn poke? this morning, a driver talks about what happened, just before his windshield was smashed. my teacher said fire and we all ran out. >> smoke from iphone forces local school to evacuate watch may have caused it to become too hot to handle. well, today, alleluhia, it is friday, may six, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm brooke thomas. glad you're waking up with us this morning, meisha here with your traffic, katie with your forecast.
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>> tgif. wet coming in, guys already some accident, the story of my life all week long. >> accident after accident. so much wet weather to track, too, already out on storm scan. so let's go ahead, take you through what's going on out there. already the steady heavy rain beginning to roll into our area, get you heaviest pocket across central burlington county, northwestern atlantic county now moving into some of the delaware beaches, as well. all just rotating in and the rain will be with us looks like the next couple of hours, soy morning drive, hopefully watching us now because you set the alarm early, see how the moisture starting to lift in, southeast to northwest, currently temperatures held into the low 50's, or 40's, one weather accessary you need to be, obviously the umbrella. temperatures north of philadelphia, low 50's, from quakertown, down to palmyra,
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you know, basically right around that 50 degrees mark in most spots. today, not looking good, guys. you know, very soggy day probably going to tally up a couple of a tent after inch with the rain moving through, no matter where you are, no matter how you slice it, it is a dodge-y day, and certainly even toward lunch hour, by the time this finally get out of here, i do have news of improvement finally down the road. we have to wait until the next hit to bring that to you. for now, you just got to take it easy, patience absolutely required today. >> yes, it is our virtue, right? so gross. i don't know about you guys but i'm so over this rain. good thing it is friday. thank goodness for that. here's where we had an accident, the vine headlights moving in the westbound direction at the ramp to the schuylkill. right lane blocked there. that has now just been cleared out of your way which is good. as you can see, by the glare of the lights on the roadway, very wet. i had these my windshield wipers in morning, you will have as katie pointed out, construction the ramp from 95
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to the blue route, blocked. we've been dealing with this construction spot for quite some time. but look at how many vehicles are already out there. only 4:30 in the morning, already that many. so that can slow you down little bit. also, as we're used to here as well construction 95 leading up to the blue route, two right lanes blocked causing this line right here. this only gets worse until it gets cleared. leading up to the 5:00 hour usually starts to go around 5:00 or little after 5:00. but right now still out there causing some slow downs. car fire here, pa turn peak eastbound between willow grove, bensalem, mile marker 349 for those every how keep track of those, two right lanes block here, also going to slow you down little bit. already at 4:30 in the morning, we have some things out there really going to slow a lot of you down, accident in blue bell, dekalb pike at cherry lane. >> thanks so much. new this morning, woman is viciously attacked by a pitbull in north philadelphia. the woman's cries for help so loud, several neighbors called police attack happened after
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midnight, north american street, when officers got to the scene they found 27 year old woman being bitten by large pitbull, say she had by the wound on her foot, still tight grip on her arm. attempt to get away from the dog, the dog continued to bite the female. >> officers shot the dog twice to get him off the woman. she is in stable condition, the dog died at the scene. in other news, vandals throw rocks and bricks, and they rain down on unsuspecting drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike injuring a driver. >> jan carabeo live at the scene in bristol township with more on this very dangerous situation. hi, jan. >> good morning, fortunately not talking about anyone who was killed here last night, as you mentioned, three hit by bricks, one injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.
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not even talking about all of the damage done to these trucks, these are commercial truck drivers, their livlihood, and this all happened right behind me the eastbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike state police say someone throwing rocks and bricks over the pass, overpass called oxford valley road. this is very busy area there is could have been much worse. take a look at the video, three tractor-trailers hit, first truck hit by rocks around 6:00 yesterday evening, the second and third truck hit five minute later in the same spot on the turnpike, two trucks hit by rocks and bricks, brick even broke through the third drivers windshield, cut on the face, taken by ambulance to lower bucks hospital. "eyewitness news" spoke to two of the drivers involved here. they say their job is hard enough just navigating the roads and other drivers, without having to worry about people endangering their lives by throwing rocks too. >> all i seen was hands, and bunch of rocks, they just like through them over. just came at me like it was raining rocks. i just have to hold on to the
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steering wheel as i drove. >> going along, and i didn't really see it coming but i heard a big crash, glass all over me, all over my face. >> don't real ties can kill somebody. i hope the fellow that got hit ain't hurt too bad. >> very scary for these drivers again one of the drivers taken to the hospital with cut to his face. one of these things, makes you shake your head, wonder why people do this sort of thing. no ash arrests and anyone with information, for now, bristol township, bucks county, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back to you. >> man in this sketch connect today road wage incident on 476, involved blue mitsubishi near west conshohocken. police say someone in a dark blue lincoln town car fired single shot through the mitsubishi front passenger door, just any missing the driver.
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shooter last seen going northbound, wearing dark colored flat brim baseball cap. >> there is a new revelation in the penn state sex abuse scandal. judge says insurers in litigation with penn state claim a boy told coach joe paterno in 1976 that he had been molested by jerry can dust can i. now, that's according to the website. and an attorney for the paterno family says there evidence to corroborate the new disclosure, meantime legal win for jerry sandusky in his quest for new trial, judge agreed hole hearing later this month to give sandusky's lawyers a chance to prove prosecutors acted inapropriately during sandusky's trial. sandusky, who was conficted of molest ten boys, is currently serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. >> the search for escaped prisoner moves on from barnegat township ocean county. police are actually no longer, don't think arthur buck sell in the area, buckle caught on surveillance video at cvs, at a truck they believe buckle stole there, as women.
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they say residents will still see increased police presence in barnegat township and police office letters remain in position at area schools today. >> the suspect accused in the abduction of an infant from the king of prussia mall will stand trial on all count. appeared at her preliminary hearing and remains on half million dollars bail. moore captured on tape kidnapping the baby from the mall back in march. yesterday a judge dismissed her attorneys request to drop some of the felony charges trial date set for june 22. >> entire south jersey school had to be evaculated because of smart phone. >> nicolet, jr. at cherry hill west, was sitting in class when her iphone became so hot it actually scorched through 30 pages of her notebook. fire department was called in, and cleared out the building. >> it was casino every like jumping a little in my hand, literally the entire screen came up, and it was just everywhere, like it fizzled, my entire classroom filled
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with smoke. >> expert say this is the result after ruptured phone battery, when lithium ion battery cells break or become compromised they can catch on fire. nicolet replaced her device with new err model but stayed with the iphone. >> trouble for donald trump. race for the republican nomination for president exposes cents some public divisions within the party. that's coming next. >> also incredible effect from wild fire in canada, and the one thing firefighters are hoping for this weekend in their effort to contain the flames. >> a boy or a girl there is gender reveal party has twist. we're back in two minute.
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>> presumptive gop nominee donald trump continues to struggle to build unity within his own party. speaker of the house paul ryan said he's not ready to support trump and that the billionaire businessman must do more to
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unify the gop. voters in west virginia and nebraska are the next to get their say. they head to the polls on tuesday. >> meanwhile, 41% of new jersey republicans think governor christie would not be a good runningmate for donald trump. this is according to a new monmouth university pole. 37% say picking christie for the ticket would not have an impact on trump, only 15% say christie would help trump's campaign. >> fire fighters canada hope rain this weekend will help them get upper hand on unrelenting wild fire raging through part of alberta now just to give you an idea just how who are i have thick fire; it is now largest than the city of chicago. fire forced more than 08,000 people from their home, take a look at these skies turning yellow and brown from the wild fire smoke. it is awful. >> absolutely, horrible. and they don't know where to go. last night talking about ee vac agents centers are being evacuated.
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>> well, 4:42, meisha is watching the roads. >> i am. it is very wet out there, a lot of accident out there already this morning, and construction. >> and i have to say i really hope folks are watching us now, because they woke up little extra early, set the alarm extra early and heeded the advice because it is a mess out there, soaking rain right now t looks like it will continue right through the important drive. so meisha and i will be working hard together to get you out the door here. because yes, it is soggy. take a look at this system. so this is what is happening. area of low pressure, rotating through the region. but there is low pressure in the northern hemisphere, get counter clockwise rotation, because of the placement of this area of low pressure, you're seeing moisture just get drawn in, from the open waters of the atlantic. so while it was yesterday, if you were with us, more than anything, certainly organized but only bringing in scattered rounds of rain, now, it is just a wall of water basically, that's rolling into our region here. so at the moment the only spots that are really at this point not seeing anything, you got to go pretty far inland, but will catch up to you
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eventually. heading west on the pa turnpike, for example, maybe run into dry roads in the next hour, but everyone will be getting hit by this rain. there are spots where it is heavier than others, right now central burlington county, southeastern gloucester camden, generally speaking everybody's fair game to see this, heavy batch of rain at some point this morning, meanwhile, future weather pinpoints some of the heaviest rain to be falling across central new jersey by 8:00 a.m. really just expect it any time this morning it will be wet. linger right into the early afternoon. lunchtime might want to think about ordering lunch in. we look ahead to the early evening drive. likely still showers to dodge, slow moving system, but at least the heaviest will have been winding down at that point. and left with nothing more than lingering showers saturday. looks like the sun is going to finally try to break through. so there is bright spot at the end of the proverbial wet tub err. periods of rain, some heavy for now, 56 the high, dropping down to 50 tonight. not much movement on the thermometer, likely see some areas of fog develop, too. finally, finally, we so some sun return, other than a shower early morning, sunday
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meisha, looks like mother day will be pretty nice. >> great, beautiful, that will make a lot of moms very happy, thanks so much, katie. good morning, tgif, very, very wet outside, construction here, we have it, 42 south between 295 and creek road, left lane block until right around 6:00 a.m. so make note of that. this is what you are looking at in jersey moving in the northbound direction, on the 42 freeway, see it is actually looking okay, but a lot of vehicles already hitting the roadways early. not even the 5:00 hour, seeing a lot of people out there probably good to heed the mornings. disable vehicle here, push up there. you can barely see it westbound platt bridge, right lane is blocked. and just look at how wet this looks. i mean, this is certainly going to slow us down as we push in to the 5:00 and specially into the 6:00 and 7:00 hours this morning. >> construction here, 95 north leading up to the blue route, two right lanes blocked. also the ramp to the blue route also bomb being, dealing with the construction spot for quite some time. see how fast moving. between willow grove, bensalem
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, marker, two right lanes still blocked there. accident in blue bell just cleared, jim, brooke, back to you. >> thanks, meisha a gender reveal parties are all of the rage for expect and the parent? how about for four month old penn wynn? at adventure rhea car yum, pink for a girl. when penguin are born it is not known if they're male or female. see them waddling around on adventure aquarium penguin islands. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning. it is early. a day dedicated to nurses. >> that's right. but first here is a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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a frightening dog attack tops this morning's headline on cbs-3. police say 27 year old woman actually jumped on the hood after police car to get away from a large pitbull. it happened on the 3200 block
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of north american street around 11:00 last night. she is in stable condition. police shot and killed the dog whose owner lives on the block. >> the search is on for vandals who through rocks and bricks from a bucks county turnpike overpass. one person was hurt, and several tractor-trailers were damaged near the bristol oxford valley road overpass last night. >> another manhunt is underway foreman resembling this sketch. police say he fired a gunshot, at another driver, in a apparent road rage confrontation on the blue route. the bullet hit the passenger door, the suspect got away. driving toward conshohocken. >> well, now 4:49. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. now, stocks are in a holding pattern ahead of today's big jobs report watch are analysts expecting? >> oh, well the stock market, yes, focused on the job market today. labor department will release it april jobs report before the opening bell. now, most economists expect
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the unemployment rate held steady at 5%, the private sector report, which was released wednesday, showed that hiring did slow down. so we will all be waiting for that around 8:30 this morning, brooke, jim? >> jill, we end stands the new york times trying out new way to make money beyond traditional journalism. what's it all about? >> all right, you could say it is all the news that is fit to eat. the new york times will start selling and delivering ingredients from recipes on its cooking website. they'll bring it straight to people's homes. the times is teaming up with the meal delivery start up chef. the according to bloomberg readers, will get the ingredients within 48 hours, recalls times looking for new waste to make money as newspaper leadership declines. expected to start this summer. brooke, jim? >> thanks a lot. >> you're a cook. >> dow like to cook a lot, yes, dow. >> are you going to sign up nor thing? >> probably not. >> thanks, jill. we'll check in with you a little later. well today may six is national nurse's day, day to honor the
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role nurses play in our healthcare. >> doctors, patients and medical administrators will mark the day with vents across the countriment today also starts national nurse's week, ending on florence nightingale's thursday, may 12th. >> well, have your umbrellas close by again today. another check on weather and traffic. >> if you put your umbrella away, that's crazy, it has been a rough week. stay with us, we'll be right
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>> you will need a couple of accessories cents walking out the door this morning, umbrella, obviously, and a jacket, still on the cool side. not much movement on the thermometer. we zero in on the main headline here in the weather story today. the steady heavy rain, some coming through very heavily,
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in fact, across eastern kent, sussex counties right now, as well as central new jersey, radar 101, right? the brighter the shade, more intense the rainfall. when up start see yellow showing up, you know you have pretty soaking rain coming down. here is the timing, steadiest rain, long window from now until 3:00 p.m. when the steadiest rain will fall. but will be gradually tapering, from southeast to northwest, to more of a shower variety, still damp even through the overnight, at least allow for another spotty shower here tomorrow. really any time. but it is a vastly improved, vast improvement from one day to the next, not only milder by 10 degrees, give or take, but see finally the clouds break for little sunshine. mothers day, okay, we have got little shower mother day morning, which isn't the best news for race for the cure, but it will quickly get out of here, meisha at rest of the day actually looks real nice. >> so good to hear. great, thank up. good morning, everyone, happy friday. yep, now, very wet morning, a
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lot of vehicles already out there, not even 5:00. we've seen just a string of problems outside. so this is where we have some construction, 95 north, leading up to the blue route, ramp to the blue route closed casino of getting used to that idea already. clears sometime at 5:00 in the morning, make note, it is still blocked there. also, construction leading up to that ramp, 95 north, leading up to the blue route, two right lanes still block. you can see heavy congestion already there. so give yourselves extra time if you have to head out in that direction. forty-two, between 295 and creek road, left lane block, until right around 6:00 a.m. this is what you are working with leading to up that, though, actually looking okay. this is actually look being pretty quiet. that's good. hopefully stays that way until tipping into the 5:00 hour. car fire, pa car fine, that's mile marker 349. two right lanes still blocked. also we had some flooding here at columbus boulevard between callowhill and dock street. leave your homes little early,
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jim, back to you. >> if you are headed out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, special contributor larry kane has in depth lock at the war inside the republican party. montgomery county man bridges his unique dog leash design to the national airways today. be sold on the home shopping networkment and community guard never southwest philadelphia is up for sheriff's sale. and there is a growing effort to save it. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> meanwhile, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", liver as investigators search. for the person or persons who through an object off an overpass. >> also ahead, rescue at sea, wait until you hear how long this man survived in the passive glike pat gallen shows you how a local company is having a big impact on major league baseball. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> a pitbull attacks a woman on a philadelphia street. the attack so vicious shall her screams woke neighbors, the dramatic measure she took to save her life. >> targets on the turnpike? oh, some big rig drivers say they were the victims of vandals who through object from an overpass. >> we'll hear from one of the drivers. and stop me if you have heard this before. it is another cold and damp day. "eyewitness news" cameras on the parkway where it is foggy and drizzly, katie is here to tell us if the sun will shine in time for mother day. good thing it is friday, may six, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> happy friday. all having a good one, i'm brooke thomas, katie and meisha are here as well
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keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, we are indeed. starting off with a bang, we had some flooding also some construction, that doesn't stop construction, even though we have the rain. so it is bus. >> i very busy, definitely the weather playing huge roll. you have to be slowing it downment looking at the storm in its entirety, big guy, rotating just off to the south here with center of circulation it, means all of the moisture with the counter clockwise circulation with this getting drawn in from the open waters of the atlantic, along with the storm itself. you got some soaking rainout there. as meisha mentioned, minor flooding out, there as well. i show this version of storm scan, snapshot, get idea where the heaviest rain is currently falling, delaware beaches getting clocked right now along kent and sussex county, northwestern burlington county, portions of gloucester, camden, where you are finding the heaviest but obviously almost everybody is in this now. and this is going to be with us all morning long. now, we mention the flooding, coastal flood warning currently in effect, it will linger until 1:00 a.m. saturday, so it is the


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