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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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more rain, today is really, i would say, all cup minute agents, last couple of days we've had couple of showers hit and miss, some steady rain granted but this is like just a shield of rain, that's pushing in, as our latest storm system rotates through. soap, it is a very, very dreary outlook. yet again. i know it sounds like broken record, but little different situation than in the days past. let's go and take you out first and for most to the live neighborhood network where it is actually one of the few spots still generally dry, something that's set to change, however, as our next storm system does move in. let's take you out to storm scan3, okay, i like to show you the snapshot view, active weather it, shows you exactly where you are finding the heaviest rain, at the moment, it is right to the state of delaware being kent county most notably, around the dover area, soaking rain coming through, unless, there are couple every counties like western berks, even western chester county not finding anything yet. that will be changing, how much, so, as the morning progresses, counting on the
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eyewitness weather watchers to jump in here and tell us what it is you're finding out there. now, that said, looking at this in motion, i'm going to actually zoom things out one more time, if i can, let's see, there we go, still finding some very heavy rain out of this, and, notice, how it is all sort of rotating in. grabbing up the good atlantic moisture, as it happens, you ends up with periods of some heavy rain. now, not going to be dealing with thunderstorm, we don't think, the air little too stable for that. but, regardless, this is going to slow you down it, already has, and meisha will have much more on the traffic report in a minute here. but through the afternoon, it is still pretty gloomy. it looks like the worse of the rain will start to taper off. not now promising an awesome p.m. commute. still going to be very wet, have spray from the vehicles, but will start to taper off to just scattered showers. by the time we hit the afternoon, early evening, keep in mind, too, the rain moving in from southeast to northwest, as a result, it will be leaving a little bit later or winding down, i should say, little later, the further inland you reside. mid 50's, at best.
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you will not see much movement on these thermometer readings, specking the daytime high to hit nothing more than 56 degrees here. notice the icons, every single hour, basically, featuring some rain out there. so, do be ready with your umbrella. and jacket is a good idea, too, again, temperatures won't move all that much. okay, women, haven't given out a d minus yet. i was so close to making it a f, so, so close, but i figure since we will see this winding down, through the second half of the day, around the time the kids are getting out of school, all right, just barely let you pass here. but again, it is a soggy day. make sure that you have got the umbrella ready to go, and certainly, a lot of lead time. hopefully you're watching us now, because you set the alarm little bit extra early today, meisha, i know really slow out, there so take it away. >> it is indeed slow. thanks so much, katie. i got same, glad you gave it a d. i've seen worms. i've seen worse in my time. thank you for. that will good morning everyone, happy friday. a look at the schuylkill, headlight moving in the eastbound direction past montgomery, this is what you are looking at, see the
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droplet on the camera lens, wet roadways, just a mixed bag can quickly become a disaster when we get the volume levels heating up this morning, and also it is very, very slick out there. whenever we get this much rain, we can get some pooling, than can lead to some hydroplaning, make note of. that will overall things are looking okay right now. we did have some accident earlier this morning, those have since been cleared. a loft construction kind of moving out of the way as well. overall, looking okay. ninety-five south past cottman, basically what you are looking at. a sea of both headlight and tail light out there. a lot of people heeding the warning, getting jump start on the day, not bad idea at all when we have wet roadways, camera shot of the 42, for those every in you jersey, also construction out there. that's 42 southbound between 295 and creek road, left lane block until around 6:00 a.m. so just make note of that. also, flooding, we did have it this morning, now the flood something cleared. but i just want to point it out to you, because we have it, whenever we have flooding, that's just letting you know the amount of rain that we're getting and seeing coming down, as well. we some flooding here columbus
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boulevard between dock street and callowhill street. again it has since been cleared, but very, very wet, slow moving. also do still have accident outside in jenkintown, susquehanna road, one lane is blocked now. we do know that it is block there, so just use your best discretion, and use caution. leave your homes little early this morning, you will need the extra time. brooke, over to you. >> thanks a lot, meisha a new information this morning, in the penn state sex abuse scandal. a judge says insure nerves litigation with the college claim boy told coach pattern over decades ago he was molested by jerry can dust kiss. >> jeong continue finch live in the cbs-3 news center an as paterno's family continues to fight these allegations, justin? >> that's right. that will statement the paterno family hit back under scoring that these claims are not proven, they're demand ago thorough public investigation. the accusations suggest joe paterno and other new of sexual misconduct complaints involving assistant coach jerry sandusky and children decades before.
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the case made headlines. one claim that back in 1976 the boy told paterno sandusky molested him. other claims state back to the late 19 80s, alleging other coaches and team staff either witnessed or heard of sandusky's sexual misconduct. the claims have not been proven. the allegations came up in the philadelphia common pleas court wednesday, reference in a judge's ruling, and dispute between penn state and it insurance company over sandusky's settlement pay out. the philadelphia inquirer reports that the accusers making those aforementioned claims are among those paid out. a penn state spokesman says university is aware of the accusations and is not commenting further. >> and on today's daily news sports cover, a big question overlaying paterno's face, nittany lion, a pun that will no doubt get people talking this morning. now, in 2012, can dust can i was sentenced to up to 606 years in prison for molesting ten boys, and later this month, a judge had sign off on a hearing that could land
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sandusky new trial. paterno you will recall died in 2012. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, justin. >> take a look at this spectacular new video as a space ex falcon rocket blasts off from cape canaveral this morning, caring japanese communication satellite. satellite was successfully delivered to orbit, then the hard part, the rocket made a controlled landing on an off-shore barge. this launch was number four of a dozen planned flights in 2016. well, the time now 5:36. in business news this morning, netflix subscribers are getting an upgrade. >> the money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange. jill? >> good morning, brooke, jim. the markets are in a holding pattern ahead of today's big jobs report, yesterday the dow rose nine points, nasdaq lost eight, futures pointing to bit of lower open today. as i said the stock market focused on job market, labor department will release it april jobs report before the opening bell. most economists suspect the
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unemployment rate held steady at 5%. >> and, if streaming house of cards and daredevil and smart phone using up your data netflix wants to help. rolled out new feature will lets sub vibe ers adjust the quality of video, lower quality uses less data, once back on wifi, a lot -- it will automatically switch back to the better quality video. >> i love that. >> i can barely work my system. >> when orange is the new black comes out i can't stop. i need to watch it every time i have a break. i can't stop. so i am always maxing out my 3g. >> you have one happy customer, thanks so much, jill. >> thanks a lot. >> well, still ahead this morning, just in time for sunday, meet the local woman named mother of the year. >> and forget pat burrell. cbs-3 has our own pat the bat. isn't that right, pat? >> awe, that's so sweet of you, good morning, guys, out here norristown, making baseball bats. we'll tell but some of the big names in major league baseball that come here, right in our
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own backyard.
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>> tens every thousands of people will be on the parkway
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for the annual event this sunday. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has the story of one philadelphia family, participating with a special connection. >> the daughters are gathering for flossy marcus, and their mother's day tradition, they share not just a family bonder, but also, a history with cancer. >> when you do get it, it changes your whole outlook on life. >> flossy was diagnosed when breast cancer 12 years ago, that's when she started walking in the race for the cure. part of the sea of pink survivors coming down the stems of the art museum. it was the most awe-inspiring thing of the worlds. >> two husbands died from cancer, then some of the daughters started being diagnosed. >> years ago they would have cut my leg off. >> shelly, one of two stepdaughters had a rare czar comb a susan oldest of the three biological caught verse had several episodes with ovarian cancer? my doctor said that, well, obviously some sort of family connection. but we're not smart enough yet
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to know what it was. >> genetic testing was negative, they don't have the bracca gene, the chain who lives in atlanta, also diagnosed when breast cancer like her mother. daughter ricky, who lives in israel, comes to philadelphia every year for mothers day. >> i don't have cancer, thank god. >> it concerns me, yes. i speak to my older sister every day. >> lisa who lives in canada is also cancer free. she will be with the group for mother day. flossy, who is 87 now, will have all five girls with her, walking. >> i keep saying to my friends as long as my mom will walk a 5k i'm flying. >> distance doesn't keep them apart. mom and the girls always stay in touch even if it is with face time. but for mothers day, they always try to be together in person, for the walk. >> it is wonderful. it is really, really marvelous. >> so great way to spend mothers day. >> stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i have to say, flossy looks amazing. and cbs-3 is proud to support susan g. komen and the fight against breast cancer. and you can walk or run with
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team cbs-3 by going to and join us this sunday morning, we will be broadcasting live starting at 6:00 a.m. >> and sends us your messages of support, love and hope for those fighting breast cancer. and the survivors, and the loved ones we've lost. just use the #cbs3 rftc. we will show them sunday morning. just text 10-dollar donation to susan g. komen for the cure, text the word pink to 80077. >> and on sunday, we are so happy to welcome back cbs-3 alum, cancer survive over, one of my favorite people in the entire world, carol ericson. carol will be joining us down during the broadcast, at eakins oval, also participate as she always done in the survivors parade down the steps. please stop by and say hello if you see us down there. >> cannot wait to see carol. you're right, jim. one of the most favorite people most beloved people that i've ever had the honor to be working.
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>> calls me on a weekly basis trashing me on the phone, love you, carol. >> she tells it like it is. have to list never next time. >> absolutely. you know what, folks, more rain on the way. it is already out there. but, i want to at least take to you another bright spot. we are going to do that by taking you out to one of our additional visitors, weather watcher friday here. so lisa kerrigan is in the house. and she is, if we consideration we would like to take a shot of her. there she is. hey, lisa. lisa came all the way up from wilmington, delaware this morning to be with us this morning, one of our gold star eyewitness weather watchers. so happy to have her here. she will be helping us produce the show throughout the rest of the morning, and we will hear little bit more from her a bit later in the broadcast. again, least, a thanks for being here, we want to check in with some of our other wonderful eyewitness weather watchers right now. so let's go ahead. take you on out to the map here. start thing offer by taking it out to the wider zoom here. upper 40's, currently being found across most of the region. it is cool start to the morning. we do have some wet weather, certainly, to report here in
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the form of rain obviously, we've got couple of tents of an inch already from delran, to up gilbertsville, kerry reports in from mt. laurel, at just over .2 of an inch. definitely again very soggy start to the day. take a look at the storm, in its entirety here, do have broad area of low pressure at the moment here, circulating in, from the south. so as a result, with the counter clockwise circulation, you are going get a lot of moisture moving in from the open waters of the atlantic. as that happens, you ends up with pretty steady rain. here looking locally, some of the heaviest rain falling across portions of lehigh, berks county as well as down into specially kent and new castle county, soggy beginning to the morning for sure. let's take a look at the time line here. i would say up until about 3:00 p.m., give or take, you're still dealing with some of the steadiest and heaviest of the rain there is afternoon, though, it begins to taper off to more showers than anything. some patchy fog overnight 8:00 p.m. until the overnight showers also still popping up out there. happy mother day folks.
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it will be my first, so it will be an interesting one for me this year. but regardless we are looking ahead to the potential for early shower, very early on in the morning, other wise clouds breaking nicely for some sunshine, all the way up to 07 degrees, doesn't that sound lovely? a lot closer to where it should be, we continue to rebounds to the low and even upper 70s monday, tuesday, monday looks like real nice day, come tuesday though at least potential for a shower or a thunderstorm. and then by wednesday, meisha, a already flirting with 80 degrees. so real nice rebounds, and a pattern change, coming our way. over to you. >> yes, we will need the good news after the week that we've h and i can tell you right now it is very busy. one area, there is one stretch in the morning, out on the schuylkill i think please don't let anything happen for our morning commuters. that's interstate 9a we have another major problem out there, this is moving in the northbound direction, you can see the jackknife tractor-trailer, involved in some sort every accident, 95 north, past cottman, approaching academy, only one lane is open. and i'm talking you are just seeking by, see the
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tractor-trailers behind it having no room to go themselves. so, let's talk about backups, shall we, because we know they'll be substantial, they certainly r take a look at this, this is around the the cottman avenue, all of these drivers thinking they're getting jump start to their day headed out early as we tell them to do. not even 6:00 in the morning, almost as dead stop, all of these are trying to get over to one lane and maneuver around this. is this going to slow you down? you bet you. stay at home. do not leave your homes early. brooke, i know you love it when say it, i hear you laughing over there. so give yourself couple every extra minutes, you'll need it there. forty-two northbound, this is what you are looking at, looking great, talk construction, 42 south, 295 and creek road. left lane block until 6:00 a.m. so just know that 42 looking good. it is interstate 95, that if you have to head out there, avoid it at all costs, and update about ten minutes, jim, over you. >> thanks, what a mess. baseball season, players of all ages are playing ball. >> this morning, getting a look at the bats they use. pat gallen live at chandler
5:48 am
bats in norristown with bats that are a hit list of pros and young players alike. hey, pat? >> reporter: good morning, jim and brooke, yes, some big names out there. bryce harper, perhaps you have heard of him, michael franco, from the philadelphia phillies, christ bryant, great slugger from the chicago cubs. what do they have in common? all come here to norristown for their weapon of choice. for their bats. this is chandler bats, here in norristown, pennsylvania, run by david chandler, what's so cool about this place, obviously, a local place that makes such great bats for major league players, minor league players, youngsters alike, and the cool thing is about this, it is not your louisville slugger, not some major congrats ram. eight people work here at chandler bats, they put together these bats all hand made, beautiful bats. this is david chandler, david, what are you working on this morning? very early. >> it is, it is indeed. well, we are wrapping up the last bit of mothers day, the
5:49 am
live shipment of mothers day bats will be going out this morning, getting the pro players, in honor of their mothers and spouses. and then most last minute major league, minor league orders, in addition to the retail orders starting to pick up now that high school season is well on its way, and getting into summer baseball, beautiful thing the kids get the same bats, and quality as the guys you mention, correct. >> so you don't have baseball background, not baseball liver so to speak. show did you get into this. >> with manufacturing, enough knowledge based to know i can make a difference and ultimately to make the world's greatest bats. >> so bryce harper, maikel franco, chris brian, carlos from the houston astros, all huge name baseball players, you get to work with them, basically, on daily base. what's the coolest part of that? >> ultimately when you get past the star factor, and how
5:50 am
unique they are with their ability, ultimately it comes down to being able to back their career, give them the confidence they need to go out and perform at the level they do. that's the greatest reward, what's great about that is it translates down through collegiate players, high school players and the like. you know, with college scholarship opportunities, or draft status, you know, to make the next bryce harper, makes the next jerrick deet err have that impact, it is great. really is. >> why norristown? is this a hot bed for wood? hot bed for baseball? what is it? >> no, i think ultimately a situation where it afforded us the opportunity to do something good in a community, easily accessible, not only from work force stands point, but also for players, and retail customers alike, and i'm firm believer, you know, you work hard, i grew up in the midwest. and casino of, you know, roll up your sleeves, get work on, and certainly that's norristown, montgomery county area as well. no doubt. >> no doubt about it,
5:51 am
obviously the bryce harpers of the world come here, but even kids can come here and get their bats made, is that correct? >> all-star, super star treatment to anybody who want a bat. you no, ma'am, we sell our bats on line at chandler bats. com. but more and more i think people want that experience. they want to know that they're getting the right fit, they're getting the right options in terms every engineering, and design, anibal. and at the end of the day it is pretty cool to see how it is done when it is heyed made like this. >> all of those pink bats are going out last minute. obviously sunday mother day, so you have to get the bats out. work on them. when we come back at 6:00 show you the engraving process, that's pretty cool. so stay put. jim, brooke, into you. >> looking forward to it, thank you very much, pat. >> well, some lucky students will get to meet a former flyer. >> we have three things to know for today whether we come back.
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>> happy mother day to all of the mamas out there. looking right inside our control room.
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>> and our director is a mom, there she is, waiving her hand. our 6:00 producer, jen, is a mom. coming up shortly. >> awesome. >> well, you know, a delaware woman is mother of the year. >> michelle wall from middletown will be awarded the title today by the american mothers incorporated. wall has two daughters, a girl scout troop leader, a school board member, and volunteers with the ms society. she will serve as an ambassador for mother all across the country for the next year highlighting the importance of motherhood. one of our write areas mother, rayjen. i don't want to leave anybody out. before you head out the door, here is what you need to know. three to go. >> investigating two highway crimes. someone through bricks off a bucks county overpass, through the win shield, of some tractor-trailers last night. >> the second crime, a man fired a gunshot at another driver, on the blue route, the bullet hit the passenger door but did not hit anyone. >> former flyer scotty hartnel visits benjamin rush
5:56 am
elementary school. his sister kyla recently wrote a children's book. >> and that's three to go. >> that is, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", alarming surveillance video. see what happens after a man jumps the counter at a gas station, and attacks a pregnant clerk. >> oh, my gosh. oh, he's gorgeous. >> meisha's loose with the animals again. meet some of our area's most beautiful animals, walk through world of art. it is all coming up. meisha's dream drive. you don't want to miss it at 6:00. stay with us.
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♪ you're only a day away ♪ >> we just can't seem to put the umbrella away. take a look at storm scan3, the rainy stretch every weather continues, but, katie will let us know if we'll dry out in time for mothers day. jan? >> and, it was like raining rocks, that's how one pennsylvania driver describes his trip here on the pennsylvania turnpike, last night. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live. coming up why he says what happened to him, was no accident. jim? >> while fire is a monster, more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the inferno, pretty much wiping out alberta canada. for one thing they need to contain the flames that they don't have right now. well, today is friday, may the
6:00 am
six, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> thank you for joining us, i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are also here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning there is week has been busy in the worlds of traffic. today takes the cake. i'll have all of the updates coming up. but it is a mess out there. >> i feel like the rain just the whole gray gloomy sky pattern now finally culminating. look at this, there is so much rain to dodge out there right now. coming through heavily. no storms, thankfully, but his rain is really coming down. specially across delaware, right now, now crossing over into the maryland state border, as well. but, it is radar 101, right? the bright their shade of yellow or orange, the more intense the rainfall is. and you have got it coming down pretty heavily at times across a lot of the delaware vale. will he me take you out to what you will really be facing going outside this morning. all start to eventually taper, but will take until the afternoon so you have got to worry about road spray, ponding, obviously the rain continues to actually fall from the sky and s


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