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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. ♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". it seems the rain will never end. there's still a lot of green on storm scan3. we're just waiting for the sun to return. well, wee been stuck in a rainy rut g after knowledge one i'm jim donovan. >> we have. i'm brooke thomas. meteorologist katie fehlinger is tracking the wet weather. she is in the cbs3 weather center to tell us when we will finally, finally catch break.
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katie. >> it look like it's only going to get better from here. we have already seen the worst role through. i mean it was pouring earlier on today and it continues to do so in some portions of our west most suburb. at least here at our broadcast center it's eased up a little bit here. worst came through unfortunately very poor timing for the morning drive, too. but as we start things off with a quick view of our life neighborhood network, we'll turn our focus first. raindrops on the camera lense. shaking going on camera as well. typically you'd be able to see the sent city skyline, you can't make that out. visibility dropped off. the moisture still out there so this storm scan3 view of the live -- rather the tri-state sweep on the view is definitely picking up pretty soaking rain pockets up and down the i-95 corridor, immediate vicinity and actually looks like even headed straight down north of the ac expressway, too, you're seeing some of the heavier rain pockets colonelly coming through. what does the rest of the day have up its sleep sleeve? this. additional showers. areas still of few pockets of
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steady rain. but generally the heaviest and the worse of the most widespread heavy rain has now since moved on out. ponding and road spray still an issue. going get slowed down and the evening drive not as bad perhaps as this morning's was still kind of dicey. nothing better than the mid 50s here today as you saw from the live neighborhood network that spot in the upper 40s not much most on the thermometer. again there is a light at the end of this tunnel. i'm going tell you when the sun comes back in full effect when we guarantee dry day later in the show. brooke? >> thanks a lot katie. police in buck county are after the vandal who's stunt who've had deadly consequences. someone was tossing bricks off a highway overpass. it happened last night on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike near the britt toll oxford valley road in levittown area of bristol township. jan carrabeo shows you the damage. >> reporter: damage demonstrates how close this came to turning deadly. a broken mirror here, a contracted windshield there.
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and a gaping hole on the driver's side of this tractor trailer. >> i heard a big crash and glass all over me all in my face and everything. >> reporter: john wagner is one of three truck drivers recovering today after their vehicles were hit by rocks and bricks thursday night. state police say someone was throwing the items off the oxford valley road overpass in bristol township, bucks county, on to the busy pennsylvania turnpike. >> as i was driving i seen all of them coming at me. all i seen was hands and a bunch of rocks they just like threw them over and they just came at me like it was raining rocks. >> reporter: this man drove underneath around 6:00 o'clock he was pelted by rocks. five minutes later two more drives were hit in the same location. police say this time, with bricks, too. >> hitting the cab stopped it from going through. >> reporter: one of the bricks pierced this windshield and sent glass and debris flying the driver was taken to lower bucks hospital with cuts to his face. fortunately no one was killed. but these drivers know first hand this could have ended much differently. >> the rocks come at you so
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fast, you really have to react fast if you don't dean reaction fast -- it could have been a real big bad pile up if i didn't hold on to my steering wheel and keep straight. >> kids don't realize they can kill somebody. >> reporter: state police now investigating but at this point they have made no arrests. anyone with information is asked to call police. i'm jan car bay row reporting for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you ja inform police are hoping this sketch leads them to man linked to dangerous road rage confrontation on the blue route. investigators say the man behind the wheel of a lincoln town car fired a shot at a blue mitsubishi near west hahn hock ken yesterday the shot went through the the car's passenger door and narrowly missed the driver. gunman got away northbound on the blue route. the other driver was not injur injured. well a woman is in stable condition recovering from two dog bites after terrifying attack by pitbull in north philadelphia. it happened along the 3200 block of north american street late last night. neighbors called police after they heard a woman screaming.
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when the police got there, the woman scrambled on to the hood of a patrol car. just to get away from the pitbull. >> that female actually jumped on to the hood of the police car when police arrived on the scene attempt to get away from the d dog. the dog continued to bite the female. >> officers shot the dog to get him off the victim. the dog died at the scene. the son of late penn state football coach joe paterno says allegations his father new jerry sandusky was child molester 40 years ago are not true. scott paterno tweeted it would be great if of one waited to seat substance of the allegation before they assume it's true because it's not. he's talking about new court documents that 11 a boy told paterno back in 1976 that jerry sandusky molested him. report surfaced in judges ruling to settle a dispute between penn state and its insurance company. the spokesman says the university is aware of the accusations and is not commenting further. the manhunt continues this noon for an escaped prisoners in
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south jersey. police suspended their search for arthur buckle in barnegat township, ocean county yesterday. buckle was caught on surveillance video at a cvs around 9:30 wednesday morning. and police think he stole a truck and left it there, too. authorities say residents will still see increased police presence in barnegat township and a police officer will remain at every single school today. a massive airlift continues today for thousands of canadians with no other way to escape a raging wildfire. >> nearly 90,000 people have been forced to evacuate fort mcmurray in the alberta correspondence. ben tracy is outside the fire zone with the latest. >> reporter: the fire burning near fort mcmurray is relentle relentless. overnight surrounding a nearby lake with a fiery orange glow. >> this fire proved just how unpredictable it can be heading south and north devouring everything in its path. crossing this road and is burning up this forest. 80,000 people already escaped
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this. >> ashes are flying all over. they have crews en route. >> reporter: flames top tree tops and tearing through the city of fort mcmurray. people fled on the only two roads they had. >> i can feel the heat through the window. >> reporter: this is what was left behind. a city so burned out it looks bombed out. brian gene has live in the town for 50 years. this is all that's left of his home. >> my heart really truly goes out to people that have lost everything i've lost everything. the only thing that's really important is our lives and our health as long as we have that and get through it without any loss of life i'm a happy happy person. >> reporter: this is just one of 41 fires burning throughout alberta province. 10 of them out of control. >> this fire is extreme fire event. it's going continue to push through these dry conditions until we actually get some significant rain to help us. >> reporter: the canadian government brought in reinforcements to relieve exhausted firefighters who struggled to find brief moments of rest wherever they can. when the fire suddenly changed
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course, this evacuation center had to be evacuated. people forced to leave behind the few things they had left. >> i've got two young kids. i'm just grateful we're alive. >> reporter: ben tracy cbs news alberta, canada. >> in campaign 2016 another high ranking republican says he's not ready to endorse donald trump just yet. house speak we are paul ryan says it's too early for him to support the billionaire businessman as the party's presumptive presidential nomination. trump call the admission surprising but will meet with ryan next week. bernie sanders has vowed to campaign through the end of the primary season in june although hillary clinton is more than 90% of the way toward clinching the nomination. well, jim pretty promptly your name but did it make this year's list of the most popular names for babies? >> we'll have the top five names for boys and girls a little later on. also ahead are you look for unique gift for your mom this mother's day. whether your mom loves to be pamper, likes an adventure any of that we'll share great ideas.
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>> shocking crash caught on tape. miracle everyone in the car survived. jury watching "eyewitness news" at noon. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. you're looking at surveillance video from china that shows a violent crash when a truck collides way car. the car is demolish by the huge tractor trailer and wedged against a bridge believe it or not everyone survived. it took rescuers awhile to get two people out of the car. they were rushed to hospital
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alongside the tractor trailer driver. that's hard to watch. scare in the air force the allegiant airlines plane to make emergency landing in florida. the plane was headed to pittsburgh from the dominican republic yesterday when it encounteencountered severe turb. seven people were hurt. but none of the injuries were life threatening. >> the british research ship that the public wanted to be named boat tee mcboat face is back in the news it it will not get that name but all is not lost. all right. >> okay. >> instead the vessel will be named in honor of natural lift and broadcaster sir david attenborough. a support submarine will get the boat tee mcboat tea name. it won the contest to name the ship. the bosses decided it should just be a suggestion. >> at least my vote counseled. get ready for warm welcome the next time you shop at wal*mart. the door greeters are coming back. the nation's largest retailer eliminated the position four years ago but decided to try again after successful pilot
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program. the roll out is expected to be complete by mid summer and in addition to welcoming guests greeters in some stores will check receipts to cut down on shoplifting. >> i love the door greeters. you won't find this rock at wal*mart. tennis ball sized diamond, tennis ball sized diamond will go on the auction block in london next month. experts say the gem measured more than 1100 carats. could sell for more than $70 million. >> you've been fixated on since this morning. >> yeah. >> you may not be able to afford that diamond for mother' days but you can still make mom feel special. >> absolutely. whether your mom likes to row lacks, goes for the thrills and chills or loves to pamper herself, we have great ideas for mother's day gifts and that's coming up. katie? >> we're still dealing with more wet weather guys. you know eventually though i can guarantee i was dry sunny day, yes, the sun will eventually return to this forecast. i promise you. in the meantime still wet weather to track. we'll do just that and have your full seven day forecast coming up.
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>> hey there honor of mother's day this sunday we're checking out the top baby names of 2015. >> the top finishers might look familiar. the tom five boys names are the same as in 201 2014. inform oah, liam, mason, jacob and william. noah leads the boys for the third year in a row. >> on the girls side it's only different in one spot. so in 2015 emma is the number one, for the second year in a row, followed bio livia, sophia, ava and isabella. ava and isabella switched spots from 2014. the social security administration website has the top baby names dating back to 1880. i think it's interesting all those names end in a.
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i agree. people really like that sound. >> very -- >> my name is one syllable. >> grad you know. >> it works for you. >> brooke that's this weather is not working for me. i think there's sun somewhere out there. >> we have if news actually. >> i do. we'll see that sun return it will take little bit of time granted the rest of the day at least that's looking better than this morning did. not as soaking of a rain falling down there. but it's a mess. we really are dealing with drenching rain this morning. so many travel issues that came along with that. actually we'll take you outside first and for most to a look at just one of our use it a traffic cam a shot taken from our very own station head quarters from high a fop our cbs broadcast center here and what we're looking at is the intersection broad and spring garden i mean this is live picture it looks like the light of day is just barely coming over the horizon that's how gray and gloomy it is outside. we got the headlights out there definitely something you'll need as you travel here today.
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but rain amounts pretty impressive already. thus far wilmington picked up an inch of rain. pottstown shy of an inch. so did millville. and the list goes on where we really heavy couple of different pockets of rain that rolled through here in the last couple of hours. to bring in these higher totals thus far and some of these spots. you know it was pretty widespread swath of steady rain much looking at a three hour loop. heaviest rain is now moving into central pa near the d.c. area at the localized zoom there's obviously still showers to dodge and that will be the story the rest of the day. now, coming up there's another front that needs to cross through this is actually a front that crossed through the fort mcmurray area up in canada didn't come through very much fanfare. by the time it reaches us it's going bringing in couple of showers but that comes in on sunday. let me walk you through future weather. we're in the brunt root now that's the culmination of the gray gloomy skies we've experienced all week long. once we get into the early afternoon, notice it's much more
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scatterescattered variety of shd also just that, showers as opposed to drenching torrential rain still going to dodge additional wet weather into the evening drive. so it's not ideal. but it's not like it was a.m. commute. meanwhile we're still going to see showers through the overnight and tomorrow as we sit between systems. scattered in nature granted but we shall also see some sunshine. finally break through those clouds as well. here we go on sunday. notice the timing, 4:00 a.m. so we've got mother's day in the race for the cure but right now it looks like any rain comes through early enough that by the time we're actually kicking off the race 8am it's done we're going to start to brighten up pretty quickly and mother's day self looks really nice. one other thing we've got to make men's coastal flood warning posted for all of the beaches, the bay areas, and the shore towns. we've got high tide coming anywhere basically between eight and 8:30 or so give or take depending more on the location here. so do keep that in mind. looking at a couple of weekend activities very quickly. could still see a shower around fort south street spring festival tomorrow.
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we are going to eventually see clouds break for sunshine for the race for the cure and monday at this point is my personal favorite of the forecast. 71 with sunshine. by tuesday, we heat it a bit more and might see a shower or a thunderstorm. brooke, back to you. hey there, mother's day is sunday. so did you get your mom your wives something nice? here with some ideas for last minute stylish gifts is kristen editor-in-chief of philadelphia style magazine. kristen, i hear there's no need to panic you still have a couple days left. >> mother's day is sunday. we've got time. >> right off the top, you still weight. you wait a couple more days. you need a quick last minute gift. what should you do? >> flowers. >> that's the go to. gold standard of mother's day gifts from evan teen design they do amazing floral arrangements event planning and they have a new location they'll be moving to washington square so look out for that. give them a ring for bouquet much. >> awesome. let's talk about different types of moms. you have something if your mom is thrill seeking mom? >> yes some moms that are still thrill seekers.
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we have a couple of experiences. one liberty observation deck. 360 panoramic view of the city on the 57th noor you can stop in the gift shop when you go to get tickets and grab some of the cool little gifts they have and kind of make that -- two gifts in one. >> two gifts in one. floats located in northern liberties you get into a pod of water totally dark, no music, don't bring your phone and just zone out for about 45 minutes. you can get a gift card and stick in this cool book about float hemoglobin will tell mom about it and school -- philadelphia school of circus arts is mazing i've done the trapeze. mom can do the trapeze and learn to walk on tightrope and performance fabrics. >> terrifying and amazing at the same time? >> terrifying and amazing. perfect gift. >> let's talk bout zen mom. >> the zen mom this is total op sift thrill seeking she wants to relax. >> that's it. >> for however long start at 3,000bc well med stop span in chestnut hill. they've great gift boutique some
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of their greatest heights, tea forte, oils and skin care and also grab a little zen doodle coloring book if you want to relax at home on your down time. >> tea forte is a dream gift. >> it is. >> it's an absolute dream gift talking about gift cards i know you say gift cards are okay but you have to jazz it up a little bit. >> as long as your not getting a dollar amount gift card. so one great gift card for the zen mom a morrow motto gold standard of sushi in philadelphia. cool cocktails, great ambiance if you want to, you know, crea creately wrap up your gift cards stick them in yoga matza mom can hit yoga later. >> my mom is more of the glam mom. she's the cool mom sometimes she's the zen mom. she's never the thrill seeking mom but she is the glam mom all the time. >> she's always the glam mom. >> always. >> yes. we have some fun gifts for that. dry bar is opening in center city they have locations across the country they'll be opening grab the gift card now definitely going to be busy when they open. >> okay.
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>> for bernie robin has locations across the area. marco will be in store at their center city locate. the spa is doing a queen for a day package. manny, pedestrian dee, really cool products then for kind of the glam athletic mom, tori birch i love these especially in the rose gold. >> first i'm seeing those. >> very cool. isn't you can track your steps and, you know, keep track of your fitness and then last but not least beyonce' has new athletic line ivy park that's out top shops at nordstrom's in king of prussia. stop by. if it's good enough for beyonce' it's enough for for all of us. >> there you have it straight from the pages of the narrthe president shall makeays nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider
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anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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we all know what hans solo looks like harrison forward. we know him from the star wars movie. >> we're getting look at him in younger days. alden ehrenreich will play the young hans solo 218 star wars spin off based on the character he beat out 2500 other characters for the role of smuggler. harrison ford played the older hans solo in four star wars movies much that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. good i'm brooke thomas. for katie and all of us here thank you for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues online at
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this cit added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps. everytime i use this together it felt like leaving the dentist's office. crest hd, 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before.
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>> phyllis: look at us. we're the power couple. the abbott-winters foundation is getting off the ground, the pass key profits are through the roof. we're an impressive team. >> jack: indeed we are. let's hope our good fortune spills over into your latest obsession. >> phyllis: which is? >> jack: your mission to get billy and victoria back together. >> phyllis: that is done and over. >> jack: willingly? >> phyllis: as opposed to? >> jack: i don't know. billy deciding enough is enough and giving you the big kiss-off. >> abby: how did the fire in the server room get started? you must know by now. and what was damaged? because that's the key to figuring out what happened. >> neil: for someone to set th't make sense. i mean, i'm -- i'm just thinking thank god no one got hurt here. >> abby: i was hurt. my baby was hurt.


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