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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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lawrence is in the bethesda lawrence with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: five two-year old eulalio tordil is now in police custody in montgomery county maryland. federal protective services police officer is wanted for killing his estrange wife, yesterday and possibly two more shootings, today. >> we do have reason to believe that this incident and one in aspen hill, potentially the one also in prince georges county and high point was, in fact, related. >> reporter: first of the shootings occurred here at montgomery mall, investigators say that a gunman opened fire in the parking lot this morning, shooting one person, and then two other good samaritans who tried to help. >> an adult male victim who was at this location, was pronounced dead, after attempt to keep him alive, at the hospital. >> reporter: another man is in critical condition, and woman has not life threatening injuries. second shooting scene unfolded about a half an hour later just 8 miles away from the mall. >> a with man was shot ape
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killed mountain parking lot of the aspen hills shopping center. police are interviews eulalio tordil, wanted poster said he had made threats to make suicide by cop. edward lawrence, cbs news, bethesda, maryland. in philadelphia police k-9 officer is recovering in the hospital following a crash. you can see, the photo of this wrecked, squad car, the accident happened at aramingo avenue and venango street. it is unclear what caused the crash and in word on the condition of the officers. when will the rain finally end? that is what everyone wants to know, we saw more drenching downpours to take and that us contacted flooding on pennsylvania avenue near the art museum. we will be happy, very happy when the soggy week is finally over. meteorologist kate bilo is in the weather center. when can rain gear get a break, kate. >> today is day number ten stuck in the cloud. i told you yesterday would be one of the worst days stretch and i think it earned that title. we have had heavy rain all morning thanks to this swirling, circle of doom, centered over philadelphia
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area it is an upper level low that does in the want to get out of here very quickly. the eventually it will break down and weaken. the it is doing that already. heaviest rain has pushed well off to the west, a line of heavy rain and thunderstorms in upstate new york and western pennsylvania right now. we still solve rain around d.c. area back into portions of delaware where steady yes, sir rain is over the delaware bay, can zoom in on that as you can see pretty steady showers about to poised to make their way in new castle county delaware, possibly slowing down the evening commute on i-95. scattered sprinkles and drizzle around philadelphia, but take a look down the shore, sunnies actually peeking out the in a few spots. people outside on the beach, it is on the live neighborhood network enjoying one break of sun, we have in the seen in a while, we have to take what you can get. rain amounts today an inch and a quarter in mount holly, pottstown at 1.16, just over an inch fill at fell a international airport. the mount pocono just over a half inch. we have a coastal flood warning up and down the coast and delaware bay thanks to that on shore flow, those wind pushing water up against the coast and even around the mouth of the delaware river
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here now a coastal flood advisory from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. but here's a little peak of good news, some sun, blue skies, break go through in margate, you can see folks on the beach enjoying sunshine and we will be seeing more of this this weekend coming up i'll time out one of the nicest weather will be for your mothers day forecast. right now jessica, back over to you. the search continues for suspects behind some criminal behavior along the pennsylvania turnpike. vandals tossed bricks and rocks over a highway overpass, damaging three tractor trailers and sending one driver to the hospital. it happened, last night on the eastbound pa turnpike near bristol oxford valley road overpass. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live near the scene in bristol township with new information, on where this investigation is headed, and walt? pennsylvania state police releasing new information, to cbs this three this have afternoon. you this believe instead of just one attack there were three separate attacks, people throwing rocks, and bricks off of this bridge, this overpass,
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shattering windshields below. they believe there may have been as many as four juveniles involved and they are asking for the public's help. >> it is a truck driver driving 65, 70 miles an hour down the road. he is in the looking up at the overpass and then a rock comes over the top of it and hits him in the windshield. >> reporter: shattered glass, blood and bricks, evidence the of what state the police now say was not one but rather, three separate barrages of bricks and stones, thrown off an overpass within minutes, hitting three passing trucks. >> we have one, two, three, four, five, six, two on the driver's side and you have two on the passenger and one that went straight through the mirror. all i seen was hand and a bunch of rocks that just like threw them over and they came at me like it was raining rocks. >> reporter: despite damage all three drivers able to get their rigs safely off the highway averting a major collision. >> i just heard a big crash and glass all over my face and
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everything. >> reporter: only one of the drivers had to be treated at the hospital for facial cuts, state police, urging local parents to speak with their children and provide information that they might learn. investigators hoping to catch several juveniles they believe are involved and prevent any future incidents, that could have even worse consequences. >> sometimes they get uncoat and they do it again they could happen right now f it happens at rush hour, again it could be a terrible accident. >> kids don't realize they could have killed somebody. >> reporter: back live at the scene the one truck driver who was injured has now been released from the hospital. the office of bucks county district attorney david heckler tells cbs-3 that they are closely monitoring this investigation and they emphasized that even though it might be juveniles involved the crimes are extremely serious because when this happened at this spot, lives were put at risk. live from bucks county i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> scary situation walt, thanks much.
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police are hoping this sketch will lead them to a man linked to the dangerous road rage confrontation on the blue route. investigators say that man behind the wheel of the lincoln town car fired a shot at a blue mitsubishi near west conshohocken yesterday. the shot went through the cars passenger door and narrowly missed the driver. the gun man got away north bound on the blue route, the other driver was not hurt. this is just in from montgomery county, part of the river road in upper merion township is closed, right now because of that sink hole. road is shut down in both directions, from swede land road to fourth street. penndot is on the scene and we're told the road will be closed for a while. son of the the late penn state football coach joe paterno is responding to allegation that is his father knew jerry sandusky was a child molester, 40 years ago. new court documents alleged that a boy told paterno in 1976, that sandusky molested him. the report surfaced in a judge's ruling to settle a dispute, between penn state, and its insurance company.
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the school spokesmen size, the university is aware of the accusations and is not commenting, further. scott paterno had this to say about it, he tweeted it would be great if everyone wait todd see the substance of the allegation before they assume it is true because it is not. coming up at 6:00, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden will explain what penn state is now being asked to do in light of this new accusation. manhunt continues for an escaped prisoner in south jersey. arthur buckle was last seen at barnegat township ocean county. buckle was caught on surveillance video at a cvs around 9:30 wednesday morning. police think he stole a truck and then left it there. authorities say that residents will still see an increased police presence, police officer will be at every single school until buckle is captured. and, he is killed outside a viewing for his grandmother. >> "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon spoke to the grief stricken family as they paid their respects to one
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family members, and mourn the loss of another. >> reporter: in a city all too familiar with death, thursday evening in camden somehow things gotten lower. >> it is horrible. i don't know what kind of animal would do that. savage. >> reporter: 22-year old jonathan vasquez was just outside a viewing for his grandmother, 70 year-old rosa a sirano when someone opened fire, shooting that vasquez several times and at funeral home in the sheer panic. >> it was havoc, chaos. i mean everybody is trying to run through the side door but everybody is like bunch up at the door because we thought it was going to come inside and start shooting. we didn't know what to think. >> reporter: police did not say whether they believed the shooting was random but victim's family says they cannot imagine who would want to kill vasquez. >> we don't know who would do this, we don't, or why. why this did this. >> reporter: making him the second homicide victim this
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month, and the 14th this year. family members questioned, what will it take to bring peace to many contact even did. >> enough is enough, enough is enough. >> reporter: camden county prosecutors would only say that the investigation is still very much, ongoing, and meantime family members tell me they now turned their attention to planning vasquez's funeral. the reporting from camden, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are looking for two suspects in a robbery and shooting in north philadelphia. on april 30th, 2 victims were walking on 24th near clifford street when two men approached them and tried to rob them. during a struggle one of the victims was shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition. surveillance video from a nearby chinese restaurant shows the shooter just moments before the robbery. if you have any information, contact the police. right now a public viewing is underway for former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. in 1988, williams became first african-american to lead philadelphia's police force.
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he died last month at age 72. mourners can stop by baker funeral home near broad and nor toys pay their respects until 9:00 p.m. another viewing and funeral services will take place atsion baptist church tomorrow morning. there is also a special vigil to honor prince at uptown theater on north broad street. tribute starts at 5:30 and then candle light vigil at 6:00. people are encouraged to bring purple can also. the medical examiner is still trying to figure out exactly what killed the legendary singer, last month. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it is a surprise at school. >> see the special moment when a young girl saw her dad for the first time in months. plus a tragic series of events, what happened after this car hit a tree, that turned it into an even more serious situation. president obama is weighing in on the race to take over his job, i'm weijia jiang at the white house with what he is saying about donald trump coming up.
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in campaign 2016, president obama weighs in on the president's race. at cbs news reporter weijia jiang tells us the president urged reporters to be tough on donald trump while saying very little on the race on the democratic side. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> reporter: president obama made remarks about done old trump for the first time since trump became presumptive republican nominee. >> i think it is important to take another justly the statements he has made in the past. >> reporter: president avoided questions about the drama unfolding within the g.o.p. several republican leaders are refusing to support trump's candidacy, including house speaker paul ryan and u.s. senator, lindsey graham. >> i just can't go where
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donald trump will take us. i don't think he is qualified to be command inner chief. >> reporter: rnc chairman, says he has talked to trump about the deep device. >> just relax, be gracious, and i will talk to paul, and we will try to work on this. >> reporter: ryan has invited trum top meet with him and house republican leaders, next week. president obama declined to declare hillary clinton the democratic nominee even they she has won 92 percent of the delegates needed to lock up the nomination. >> just let the process play itself out. >> reporter: bernie sanders is threatening a floor flight at dnc convention saying he will challenge rules that he believes the process is unfair. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign, 2016. when we're not on tv get latest anytime at cbs today's miserable weather delayed the opening of the one of the cities top outdoor attractions, spruce street
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harbor park was supposed to open today and new grand opening has been pushed back to 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. there will be food, fun, games and brand new hammocks to check out at the park at penns landing, opened every day through september 25th. not a good day to be outdoors. >> no it is not, kate bilo is here. >> you said we were talking we came in together today and said today would be the worst of all of the days, and then you were spot on. >> spot on. >> today was miserable. there is no other way to put it. it was pouring down rain outside, going to the mothers day breakfast at school, i had to get out the umbrella. i said this is just miserable. you have to do what you have to do. >> yes, you have to go to the mothers day breakfast if there is a mothers day breakfast. weather does look beautiful, actually for actual mothers day which is on sunday, much better wet are, you won't be going through puddles, sun does return but it will be a slow clearing process as we head in the weekend. let's time it out, we will start off with is what happening now, we will take you down the shore where we have had breaks of sun a
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little while ago, it looks like it is clouding back over just a bit but hade to do a close you have, kevin or floor deck or and i were squinting, is that sun what is this nonsense. we have not seen the sun in ten day. they did see the sundown the shore this afternoon as this storm starts to rotate away us from. the take a look at storm scan three, you can see it moving west, heavy rain pushing into portions of upstate new york and western pennsylvania, it looks like it is moving in the wrong direction, we want this thing to head out to sea, it is weakening as it continues to push west and it will get pushed out by a front that is pushing through this weekend. right now we will get to see some cloud. clouds are breaking up a bit the but showers right the now are intensifying over northern delaware. this is going to make for a slow commute along i-95, we will see steady showers on new castle county and still light rain and drizzle in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs as well. so for this evening, period of light rain, steady rain in pockets as well, most activity is off to the south delaware. still seeing some ponding. many spots got over an inch of rain. there are big puddles and pond
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on the roadways, drive with caution. it will be slow out there, friday night, usually not the best time to be out on the roads anyway with weather like it this is a mess. it has been a glummy may, we have had 2.26 inches, so far this month, and month is only six days old, all of april we only got one and three-quarters inches but we're already half an inch above all of april in just the first week of may but things are changing, a little bit. temperatures still on the chilly side, it is 52 in reading. fifty in trenton. fifty-four in philadelphia right now. we should be near 70. but things get better, overnight. take a look at how showers taper, at 11:00 o'clock we have spotty showers. tomorrow we will start day with clouds and a few sprinkles. watch what happened mid afternoon. sun starts to peak out. we will see pockets of green. that is a phenomenon i call self-destructive sunshine. we are under the influence of low pressure, we still have instability in the atmosphere. we heat up the ground, those parts of the air rise in the atmosphere and we will see some showers that like to pop
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up. just a few instability sprinkles tomorrow afternoon but by tomorrow at 6:00 o'clock clears out nicely. we will see sunshine to finish our saturday and we will get system out of here with this front that swings through sunday morning generally dry near 7:00 a.m. we will be out the on the art museum. there may be a stray sprinkle around 7:00. the here's 1:00 on mothers day afternoon prime time for run watch mom and it looks beautiful with lots of sunshine. the lets look the at weekend events and what you can expect. south street spring festival tomorrow, a couple scattered sprinkles but not the too bad, 66 degrees, susan g komen last for the cure clearing, breezy, nothing more than a sprinkle, generally before 8:00 a.m. when race begins and mothers day sunday looks beautiful in the afternoon, breezy, with sunshine and a high around 70. overnight period of rain, some areas of fog we will see a few scattered showers tomorrow but clouds will eventually give way to sunshine, and then it is milder at 66, you know what that is still below average but compared to what we have been seeing it is going to feel fantastic outside tomorrow.
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sunday clears out nicely lots of sun and monday lots of sunshine as well, few more clouds in the afternoon but we will take it, temperatures back to the 70's, we are heading in the right direction, we could be back toward 07 next week. >> okay. >> we will tell you when coming up. >> fantastic. >> thanks, kate. well, tickets for beyonce's tour are hot but a north carolina man, um, not real impressed. >> all of the single ladies were singing and dancing at her concert in raleigh-durham this week, george poppageorgio read a book this video has gone viral. he was working concession stand for his church and sat dunn to take a break. he says music was fine but he really wanted to re-read his favorite book. >> i find beyonce a great show women, very attractive but her muse i can but not my style. you listen to 50's, 60's, 70's music and a lot of greek
5:21 pm
music. >> yes, i understands back from the 70's. he says reading comments about his viral video has kept him laughing. >> he had no idea that was going to happen. probably biggest surprise, he is reading a book. >> take a break. everybody having a good time. it is cool. it is a raging inferno with no end in sight. >> the frantic efforts to fight this growing wild fire and latest struggle for people already forced out of their homes. and local company that becomes a big hit in baseball random meet ago this turn the bat make inner to a favorite for some of the best players in the game, don. and, first places she sees is is that of the phillies fanatic, up next how baseball's most popular mascot has taken its game to a whole new level, sports up nex
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we are only two days from mothers day just net that do what you need to do you have
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two days and phillies are making sure it the is a happy holiday for some new moms. >> sports director done didn't bell joins with us a team's special deliver toy day. >> yes, i need to know all about this. >> one of the wildest things i have ever seen in a while this mothers day weekend is off to a good start. phillies are in miami, teams most recognizable star was here in philadelphia. and, fanatic roaming the halls of the jefferson university mother and baby unit, and he one congratulating new moms and beautiful new children. each new baby got a personalized phillies birth certificate, so walker sneakers and rookie of the year bib. new bibs will be part of the inaugural phillies new born club. >> absolutely, classic. a meanwhile, eagles and mid-atlantic dare a so, hosting more than a dozen schools in the novacare complex today. two organizations invited schools that show a commitment to help end wellness. thinks part of the nfl fuel up
5:26 pm
to play 60 campaign. the kid got to run football drills and hang out with eagles ken yan barner and michael kendricks. ahh how tyler matakevich fell to the seventh round of the nfl draft i will never know but he signed his rookie contract with the pittsburgh steel tours day. the matakevich won for the nate's top line batter in college football. now he will try to make a career out of it, with, the steelers. getting ready to play. >> that gives new term, meaning to the term, life long fan. >> that it does. >> yes. >> when he stuck that tongue out did you see that face. >> yes. >> okay. >> hold up, big fellow. >> that is a lot. >> that is a lot. >> but first, birth, child. >> phillies nation, baby. >> through go. >> thanks, sir. >> coming up next half an hour, tragedy on the the side of the busy highway. >> mystery is surrounding a women's death after she escaped the wreckage of her
5:27 pm
car. yeah, so the reaction, of that daughter dad for the first time in months we will show you more. new at 6:00 how a card game box could save a baby's life, health reporter stephanie stahl explains why doctors at temple university hospital are getting thousands of these box's way to new moms. stay with us.
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a crash, and frantic search for help end in tragedy along busy south jersey highway but a driver is hit and killed by a passing car, but just kept going. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. deadly hit and run happened this morning on route 55 in deptford gloucester county. cleve bryan is on the campus of rowan university right now where victim work, cleve. >> reporter: ukee and jessica the victim ana bell a uponty,
5:31 pm
worked and lived in glassboro, officials at the rowan university said she was part of the custodial staff here and while her death along the side of route 55 is tragic, officials are still trying to determine if something criminal occurred. a situation that went from bad to worse, police say this morning, three two-year old annabel uponty crashed her car on the trees of the side of route 55 in deptford. she was heading southbound not are from where 55 starts at route 42. she survived that crash but in the what happened next. as she walk up closer to the traffic, possibly to get help, she was struck and killed by another driver. >> it is undetermined how she ended up in the left lanes and she was struck by another vehicle. >> reporter: driver that hit her just kept going. state police got a call from the passerby and quickly arrived from the nearby bellmawr barracks. >> vehicle ran off left side of the roadway and also observed a body of a female lying in the left travel lane of the roadway.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: traffic was snarled for more than three hours as fatal accident team investigated. troopers also started looking for driver who killed him. and then that person came to them. authorities say that several hours after the crash a man contacted police to say he was involved. they won't release details on what the man said but after an interview, he was allowed to leave. it fate at this point is uncertain. >> charges will be pending, investigation still ongoing, it does not appear to be the case and charges will be filed but that is yet to be determined. >> reporter: rowan officials say that uponty work here for more than eight years. they wouldn't comment on her death but we did talk to a few neighbors, who didn't want to a peer but they say she was very sweet, hard working. live from glassboro i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cleve. in other news a suspect is in custody in three deadly shootings in the maryland suburbs of washington d.c. six two-year old eulalio tordil is being held in montgomery county maryland.
5:33 pm
the federal protective services police officer is charged with killing his estrange wife, yesterday, at a high school in beltsville maryland. he is suspect in two shootings todayment first occurred at montgomery hall in bethesda maryland. one man died two people injured. half an hour later a woman was shot to death at a strip mall. massive air lift underway for thousands of canadian with no other way to escape a raging wild fire in alberta. nearly 90,000 people have evacuated so far. the flames suddenly change course today forcing an evacuation center to be evacuated. the flames had destroyed more than 1600 buildings and burned an area more than twice the size of philadelphia. space x is celebrating another successful launch and landing of the falcon nine rocket, booster touched down verticalcally on the barge of the florida coast in early morning hours today. rocket returned after sending a japanese communication satellite into orbit. it was second successful landing at sea for space x.
5:34 pm
the first was last month after space stations supply runs for nasa. south jersey father returns from serving overseas but this wasn't your typical military home coming. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us service member received a big price when he visited his daughter a at school. deep inside a sea of screaming first graders, there is a little girl, dealing with one serious state of shock. you see, just moments ago it was a normal will day at florence evans elementary school in marlton. >> it has been well known by both staff and students that pilot's father is a hero. >> reporter: violet's dad u.s. air force master sergeant james avery has been deployed for the past seven months. while it is probably pretty clear what is about to happen, violet had no idea that her dad had returned home, and is about to interrupt her lunch. >> keep in mind seven months to a six year-old is a long
5:35 pm
time. >> daddy. >> yes. >> daddy good daddy. >> when i showed up, she looked stunned, she didn't recognize me right away. >> reporter: while away first graders had been writing james letters and for that he thank them. >> it can ab lot for first grade tours take in so james was nice enough to do questions and answers but is what first thing violet wants to do now that he is home, see a movie? what movie, jungle book, of course. i did have one more question. >> what is the best thing about your dad. >> he protects me. >> reporter: in that she speaks for all of us. the reporting from marlton, alexandria half for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that she does. >> that was one surprised little girl. >> wonderful good hopefully
5:36 pm
they have a wonderful weekend together. still to come on "eyewitness news", running with a purpose. >> just makes me feel like i'm not alone. >> two special reasons that women is running in the race for the the cure and the important message that she has for men. plus the name game is over for this chef what it will be called after it became butt of jokes on the internet, kate. it was a miserable friday but good news it is friday and over weekend things get a little bit better, we will time out when sun returns and temperatures surge toward 80 i will tell you which days would be best to get outside.
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people may have spoken but a british research ship main not be named both bety mcboat face i have all. it will carry the name of broadcaster sir david attenbureau but all is not lost for those who voted. support submarine attached will get the name boaty mcboatface. the it won a contest to name the polar research ship, but bosses decided it was just a suggestion. just saying, that makes me smile. >> when you leave it opened to the internet to name something. >> get ready. >> boaty mcboatface. >> coming up meet local man whose business is a huge hit with the best baseball players. and kate will tell you, when we will finally see a sunny, and dry day. >> hopefully soon. we will
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there will be a sea of pink on the parkway this sunday for annual susan g komen race for the cure. >> originally talk with the woman who has the gene, which can lead to cancer. she will be there sunday while all will be helping to spearhead the fight for two very special reasons. >> i can look forward to race for the cure. >> janet dubis in a real estate agent in center sit. >> my sister passed away two weeks before my first race for the cure. >> reporter: and now she has joined family, friend and total strangers in the fight against breast cancer for 14 straight years. her sister was diagnosed at age 29. she passed the at 35. >> it was awful. i miss her terribly. and i started running this race for her. my children never got to meet her so they run it for her too. >> reporter: for janice, race for the cure is a family affair that has a deeper meaning. breast cancer took her father,
5:45 pm
four years ago. on so many levels she said it was painful to watch. >> i just saw that when people say what kind of cancer do you have and what is wrong and he said breast cancer, the first reaction was, but you are a man. >> reporter: picture is becoming a lot clearer now, recent data shows each year more than 2,000 men in the you had develop breast cancer. and janice has made it her mission to be an advocate for creating change and saving lives. >> i just don't think that there is as much scientific study on treating men with breast cancer because physiologically they are different. >> raising awareness has a lot to do with it. with raising funding for it and just making it more accessible. >> reporter: what she saw facing her father was not acceptable. >> he didn't have the support my sister had in addition to fighting for his life, he had to deal with the shock and embarrassment of being a male with breast cancer. >> the disease treated them the same, it took both of
5:46 pm
their lives away but his journey wasn't the same as hers. i have two sons. we have the brca gene and i worry about them. >> reporter: for men concern especially those with the family history. >> get the genetic blood test report are the. >> reporter: early detection awareness, key factors in winning the race for the cure and providing love and support needed for men and women alike, each drive, each step has us getting closer and we will cross that finish line together. >> i lost my father and my sister but i'm not alone. i'm not alone. not being alone makes everything a little bit easier to take. >> because of the brca gene, she chose to have total reconstruction surgery and she said she feels great. when it comes to the fight she's in to it win it for everyone. >> man, way to go, that is great. >> cbs-3 is proud to suppose susan g cohen in the fight
5:47 pm
against breast cancer. we will broadcast live starting at 6:00 a.m. on sunday. be sure to send us your messages of support, love, and hope for those fighting breast cancer, the survivors and loved ones that we have lost. use #cbs-3 rftc and we will show those messages on tv sunday morning. join the fight right now by texting a $10 donation to susan g komen for the cure, just text the word pink to 80077. also on sunday we are still so happy to welcome back cbs-3 alumni and cancer survivor carroll erickson. carroll will join us during the broadcast at eakin oval. she will participate the in the the survivor's parade. please stop by and say hello, to see us all down there carroll coming home. >> can't wait to see her. doctors strut the best way to detect breast cancer is for women to get mammograms. >> there is some things women can do to check for unusual changes. that brings up a good question, presented by monica j, howie effective are breast
5:48 pm
self-exams? doctors say early detection is key, in increasing a patient's chance of beating breast cancer. could a do it yourself approach make a difference. >> do a self exam every month allows to you know your body. >> without having any medical background it is easier thing i can do for myself. >> with the female anatomy is there always a lot going on at times and sometimes you feel something that is and isn't and it can be difficult. >> nicole brewer answers this good question howie effective are breast self-exams tonight at 11:00 o'clock. if you have a good question, log on to cbs question or you can tweet us, use #cbs-3 good question. kate, we're hoping for some dry and good weather on sunday. what is it looking like. >> looking good. there may be a few passing showers early, probably before 7:00 a.m. and then by race starts around 8:00 things will be clearing out nicely. >> good. >> night moth be the sunniest
5:49 pm
race but it will be comfortable. the last year was humid, sticky this year not quite so much. pretty good news for race for the cure. we have been watching this forecast and it looks like it is panning out well this time around. but first we have to get through tonight. good news is heaviest rain is out. bad news we are still dealing with included, showers, drizzle and ponding from the rain earlier today. we will look outside to our roof campaign it is starting to brighten up, and i have heard from you on twitter you are seeing sun peak through clouds. we have had some bright blue skies earlier today report add cross portions of new jersey. that was a eye of the upper low as it swirled on through almost like what you get in the eye of the hurricane in the quite the same thing but clear skies, for a brief time and now sun trying to peak out in new jersey not quite in center city. still looking glummy, low cloud, fog still rain and drizzle but brighter, certainly then it was earl ter day. our eyewitness weather watchers are climbing in reporting temperatures only in the low 50's, still pretty
5:50 pm
miserable outside, 54 degrees as we check with mar got in buena vista, 54 and margot says happy mothers day. looking for sunshine, with is it? coming. it is day ten. 51 degrees at david mitchell's house in norristown, 51 degrees, light rain, showers, gray weather today but still having a good weekend. fifty up in trenton. john is in yardley bucks county. fifty says john, glummy and cold, all day, we need some sun, john, i know you have little league going on and a lot of cancellations on those practices the past couple weeks. things do get better this weekend. the one last check with the weather watcher barbara lane in willow grove reporting 1.38 , and you can see we have had a few people in the one and third inch, barbara, kyle in hatboro at 1.12 inches, philadelphia a reporting 1.3. it has been a wet the day, things are starting to improve. lets look at storm scan three we will take you out to broad
5:51 pm
headville in the poconos where trees blowing in the breeze. the it is windy, damp, still some showers moving through but wind really picking up as storm continues to blast through. here is our system drifting back to the wednesday kind of going the wrong way in my opinion. we want this thing out to sea. it won't completely clear until sunday morning as front pushes it out and add insult to injure we are seeing heavy rain set up over northern delaware. we will zoom in red shading, very heavy downpours along 301, middletown this will go across i-95 and that will slow things down heading through first state this evening. temperatures in the lower 50's. look at the difference though, mega block in fully affect, it is 61 in minneapolis, 86 in des moines under high pressure we are stuck in the cold and muck, warm up is in sight. average high is seven 16789 we will climb back toward that number by sunday and above average temperatures next weekment doppler estimates in the past 24 hours over inch of rain, over 2 inches in that
5:52 pm
within spot in delaware where more rain is falling as we head into sunday that front sweeps through and will clear us out as we head into mothers day afternoon, clears out nicely through midday hours. overnight tonight we are looking at times of rain and fog, 50 degrees. tomorrow scattered showers here and there but watch how cloud clear, sun late afternoon, it looks pretty nice, race for cure 57 degrees, cloud a passing shower nothing more than that i wouldn't bring full compliment of the rain gear and things looking good monday 71 degrees, tuesday and wednesday we're near 80 with a chance for spotty thunder showers, jessica and ukee, back to you. still a head on "eyewitness news" a local company becomes a big hit in baseball. >> reporter: i'm pat gallen at chandler bats in norristown where biggest names in major league baseball get their bats made, coming up i'll show you process behind that next.
5:53 pm
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there is a new batman making a name for himself. a norristown main who makes bats for some of the baseball's biggest stars. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen shows us how a chants even count are turned into a game changer. >> in norristown lies a hidden giant. chandler bats may not be a household name like louisville slugger or rawlins, but when it comes to making bats for major leaguers the list is quite impressive. in addition to phillies third base man miguel franco being a client, many of the biggest stars are involved in the bat making process. >> carlos herrera, chris bryant is as well, even from a dimensional aspect, of how thick and how thin, and where the balance and weight points are. >> reporter: chandler work in the high end furniture industry but decided to apply his woodworking knowledge to
5:57 pm
the game he loves. in 2009 an encounter with a star outfielder changed his name. >> when it was down in carolina, formulating this idea, johnny, who was josh hamilton's personal coach with josh's come back into baseball, he was teaching hitting to my oldest son, dylann. ultimately he said hey, i bounced it off of josh, you guys were willing to give me some feedback and i thought, well, okay, pretty high steaks report report chandler quickly became a go to name in the industry but still keeps his circles small. the company employees just eight people and all are a able to work seem leslie to costume ice each stick. chandler shows me that process. >> that is how a bat begins. >> correct. we are referencing this earlier. >> and many times what i will do i will use my other hand and following behind and get a
5:58 pm
feel. >> that is miguel, miguel franco. >> right here. >> i love this day. >> some big names and big bats mean chandler is as big as they come in the industry. just don't tell david that. >> ultimately we're known to be the biggest bat manufacturer in the world but simply the best. >> reporter: from norristown, pat gallen, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 possible new revelations in the penn state sex abuse scandal. what did head coach joe paterno know, and when did he know it? we're working on the latest in the case. it has been another rainy, miserable day, we're kind of getting used to this but not to fear, sun comes back this weekend, coming up, we will tell you when you the sun clears out and when i can guarantee you a dry sunny spring day. >> yes, it is still raining. i'm greg argos in philadelphia
5:59 pm
where many are asking where is the sun but while others are saying let it keep falling. >> reporter: and doctors in one area hospital hope you'll put your new born to sleep, in one of these. sound crazy but health reporter stephanie stahl will explain how this box could save your child's life. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right damaging new accusations aimed at former penn state coach joe paterno a claim that he he knew 40 years ago that assistant coach jerry sandusky was sexually abusing children. now both side of the sexual abuse scandal are calling on penn state the to release more documents in the case. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. new accusation was revealed in a judge's order to settle legalitigation between penn state and insurance company. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live from the cbs-3 sat center with more on these
6:00 pm
new claims, joe. >> reporter: good evening. as one tern puts it, this information is slowly leaking out while penn state is fighting with its insurance carrier, to recover, costs associated with the scandal. true or not paterno family is demanding a full review of facts saying that they won't fight rumors. the the question, who knew what and when at penn state deepens. now comes revelation the case of child sex abuse may have been brought to the a tension of coach joe paterno as early as 1976. it is first time this claim has been made public, that allegation is found in the court filing by a philadelphia judge aspen state battles to determine if its insurers are responsible for reimbursing costs for jerry sandusky's victims. it is a suggestion that the paterno family sharply disputes. his son scott taking to twitter to call it bunk. >> i think there is a very strong public interest in knowing exactly what penn


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