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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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new claims, joe. >> reporter: good evening. as one tern puts it, this information is slowly leaking out while penn state is fighting with its insurance carrier, to recover, costs associated with the scandal. true or not paterno family is demanding a full review of facts saying that they won't fight rumors. the the question, who knew what and when at penn state deepens. now comes revelation the case of child sex abuse may have been brought to the a tension of coach joe paterno as early as 1976. it is first time this claim has been made public, that allegation is found in the court filing by a philadelphia judge aspen state battles to determine if its insurers are responsible for reimbursing costs for jerry sandusky's victims. it is a suggestion that the paterno family sharply disputes. his son scott taking to twitter to call it bunk. >> i think there is a very strong public interest in knowing exactly what penn state was told.
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>> reporter: attorney shannon spector involved in the representation of the victims of sandusky is convinced that the gravity of public interest should compel penn state to release testimony gathered during an investigation, by louie freeh. >> instead of the having it drip, drip, drip this information, all of the information, including the testimony of the victims is released. >> reporter: jerry sandusky in 2012 was quick of sexually abusing children. ex-coach was sentenced to at least 40 years in prison. >> it is very important with regard to preventing repetitious of these kind of acts for us all to understand how what a serial pedophile could be permitted to committees acts over the period of decades. >> reporter: jerry sandusky has denied the allegation, his trial just this week granted his appeal team the ability to probe claims that were reeks in the ag's office while he was under investigation. meanwhile, penn state did in the immediately return a message seeking comment on this latest revelation.
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live from the sat center, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks for that. lets talk about the weather now, enough is enough after days of rain we are hoping our weekend forecast is brighter. meteorologist kate bilo joins us with the weather center with that answer, kate. >> good news is we will appreciate sunshine when we see it and eventually we will, as we head in the weekend but first we have got to get through tonight a and we are still dealing with the impact of an upper level low pressure system center ride over our area. lets take a a look at storm scan three you cab see that swirl of clouds moving the wrong way. we want this out of here but we still are under the influence of the system at least through tomorrow but it is weakening through tonight. you can see heavier rain right over northern delaware, this is about to cross i-95, very heavy downpours, red shading there, that is going to slow things down for folks heading from maryland into delaware or vice verse a rest of the region just dealing with scattered showers at the moment but rain amounts from today over an inch of rain in many spots, including at the philadelphia airport where we
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check with 1.02, mount holly over an inch and a quarter. the coastal flood warning remains in effect for coastal areas in the mouth of the delaware bay as well until 1:00 a.m. thanks to the persistent on shore flow that we have been feeling for the past day or so and coast willal flood advisory around the mouth of the delaware river in philadelphia, as high tides, approaches overnight, coastal flooding could occur and could slow things down and make sure you never try to drive through any standing or rushing water on area roadways. that is a bad news, coming up we will have better news, for now back over to you. as you alluded to people are sick and tired of this rain. >> it turns out not everyone. greg argos is live along the banks of the schuylkill river. greg, in the everyone. >> that is exactly right there. normally on a friday in may schuylkill river park right here would be packed with people but as you can see that rain has caused quite the opposite effect. like you mentioned i did fine some folks here in philadelphia who say they actually enjoy this rain.
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welcome to seattle. east. >> we are on the pacific northwest right now. >> i'm sick of it being cold. >> pretty frustrated, it is supposed to be nice spring day. >> even he is sick of the rain. >> reporter: most everyone in philadelphia is praying for the sun. the waiting to get rid of those umbrellas and wishing for dry feet. beside mother nature though there are some people who are pleased with the precipitation. >> every time it rains i feel good. >> reporter: valerie keller lives in pens port and necessary city had has a problem due with flooding due to storms. >> pipes getting overwhelmed and there could be eventual overflow in the river. >> reporter: she signs upped to be part of the city water department's storm management program. >> name of the program is rain check. >> reporter: collecting rain water in these barrels. >> we have installed over 4,000 barrels. >> reporter: and these planters. >> it is gathering water taking what the are from my roof and my neighbor's room comes down downspout and goes
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in the planter, fill it up. >> we keep taking that rainwater out then just that sewage water will be treated and we won't have this overflow problem. >> reporter: another way to end overflow problems, is find the sun. back here live i found at least two brothers who were still enjoying this weather even though it is coming down, the rain that is. if you'd like to know the philadelphia water department's program we have posted fur on our web site at cbs we are live from south philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> they look like they are having a good time too, thanks very much. fill's 30 lease k-9 officers is recovering from minor injuries. front of the police cruiser suffered heavy damage that collided with another vehicle ape at mink owe and venango around 2:00 this afternoon no one was hurt in the civilian vehicle. the cause of the crash is still being looked into. >> pennsylvania state police are asking for your help tracking down vandals who tossed bricks and rocks over
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the turnpike overpass, on to traffic. it happened last night on the eastbound turnpike near bristol oxford valley road in bristol township. in all, three tractor trailers were damaged and one driver had to be treated at the hospital for cuts to his face. investigators say that it is fortunate no one was killed. >> the first truck was able to pull over safely, second one went through windshield and then operator had to be taken to the hospital for care. >> reporter: authorities believe that juveniles were responsible for the bad behavior and they are urging local parents to talk to their kids to provide any information that they might learn. in campaign 2016 presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump is holding a fund raise tore help out new jersey governor chris christie. fundraiser will help christie pay off his own presidential campaign, debt and raise money for the new jersey republican party. fundraiser will also take place in lawrence villone may 19th. e-mail invitation to the event list price of attendance at
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$200 per person. on healthwatch tonight, baby boxes, come to philadelphia as part of the effort to reverse cities high infant mortality rate. >> stephanie stahl is here to tell us about this new program a first in the country. >> kind of cool, guys. philadelphia's high infant mortality rate is blamed in part on babies, sleeping in adult beds. which can be deadly. today temple hospital unveils its new way to reverse that dangerous practice. >> yeah. >> doctors and nurses at temple university,. >> infant mortality rate and post neo rate is in philadelphia is double that of the you had. >> grim outlook for many babies, born to families who don't have adequate resources, and some babies, end up sleeping in adult beds, a dangerous, deadly practice. >> we have every hope that our patients will find it useful tool in caring for their new borns. >> reporter: temple nurses educate new moms about safe
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sleep practice. testing. >> temple's baby box is a much needed and welcomed gift for little rain who was born, on wednesday. >> i'm glad that i'm being provided with a baby box, and to assure that i have a place for the baby to sleep until we get everything, together. >> reporter: being a new mommies an exhaust continuing practice. but with the baby box we hope that our moms will know that we will have a safe sleep, and, close by. >> it is not just a safe place to sleep. temple baby boxes are filled with gifts including clothes, diapers, blankets and a book. now temple's baby box program is modeled after a program, in finland just like it that dramatically reduced infant
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mortality rate there. temple does 3,000 deliveries a year and that is how many boxes they have, one for every new mom. coming up tonight, at 11:00 did you know that your memory starts to get worse at age 30? thirty i said. well, what if you can turn back time and improve your memory with something simple, hello? we are talking about reversing the could go nettive clock with cocoa. i will tell but this way to boost your brain, it is call the cocoa cure, coming up tonight at 11:00. >> that could be into the cocoa cure. >> who wouldn't, right. >> interesting, right. >> see you tonight. >> thanks, stephanie. also tonight at 11:00 we will answer tonight's good question howie effective are breast self-exams. doctors stress mammograms are very important and our nicole brewer will let you know if the do it yourself approach makes a difference as well at 11:00. a frequent visitor has returned down the shore, i guess to beat the rush. >> up next social media's most famous great white shark is back, we will tell you where
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she's tweeting from right now and what she has to say about her visit to the jersey shore, torey. >> reporter: what do comic books and german festival have in common? you're about to find out. there is a big part think weekend on south street and it is one for books, details coming up, don. sam bradford hasn't said a word. we don't know if or when disgruntled qb is returning to the field but one of his teammates does. connor barwin on when sammy b will be back in eagles green, sports coming up next.
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built for business.
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and now new at 6:00 the coastguard to the rescue. >> all right. here's the video rescue from a police a fisherman 26 miles off the coast of cape may just after 2:30 this morning. we are told the 27 year-old suffered a leg injury and meadeed immediate medical attention. officials with air station atlantic city say rough sea was a challenge but their training ensure this was a successful rescue. mary lee a great white shark is back off the coast of the jersey shore this morning her trappers showed her position east of cape may. researchers, tagged mary lee in 2012 and since then she has travel up and down eastern seaboard and out in the atlantic a total of 20,000 miles. and her position is track every time her dorsal fin ace above water, long enough so that the trapper can ping a sat the light. you can track her position by checking out shark's twitter account, mary lee sent
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out this tweet earl their read closing the gap this morning, off the coast of mize beloved new jersey. >> she does love to hang out there. i remember that last summer. >> i love that the shark has a twitter account. everybody has a twitter account now. >> it is 2016. >> that is right. >> i know. it depend how coordinated she is, right. >> don's here new do we necessity where sam bradford is. >> that is a question. we need a tracking device on sammy b. we will work on that, ping. hi, hello, what are your boys saying. that is how philadelphia eagles are being greeted these days. sam bradford's trade demand has dominated all discussions involving the team. today, one of their defensive leader conner barwin join the mike and ike show on wip. barwin is transitioning back to defensive even. team has a new defensive coordinator, but all we want to know is what is going on with sam. >> i mean from my conversations with him it sounded like he was coming back, sooner rather than later
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on. we will wait and see. i know will be here for mandatory stuff but again, this is just my casual conversation with him. you guys will have plenty of time to talk to him and he can show up when he wants to be here, hopefully soon, he has to know good no tracking device needed. >> it is mothers day i will in the lie and still looking for perfect card, still trying to solidify brunch plans. i can't imagine doing that for two months. that is how life is for chris jenkins. you remember chris. the dude that hit championship winning shot for nova. he when was 11 his birth mom sent him to south carolina, to live with another family so he would have better opportunities. so, overall he has four parents which includes two moms. now big smooth, wrote in an open letter to his moms, on "fox sports".com. i thought of my moms teaching me the game as a young player, and mrs. b's commitment to keeping me on the straight and narrow once my dreams were within reach. my goal, now, as always, is to make you proud to have me as
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your son and ill a's never take for granted how lick i a tomorrow to have both of new my life. how about that. "eyewitness sports" in camden this afternoon through a pizza party for undefeated boys basketball team at kip cooper are in cost academy. he they went zero-zero on the season and ten of the 12 players were on the academic honor roll. >> what? >> go, get it. >> talk about well rounded. >> very good. >> we like to hear that. >> good stuff. kate bilo joins with us our forecast. and come on, this is a big weekend, come on kate what can you do. >> good news is sunday after 9:00 a.m. things will look really nice. >> okay. >> mothers day most of mothers day and through monday as well looks like the first dry mild spring day we have had in a while. we're still under influence of the upper level storm and that will dominate weather pattern this evening, tonight, and much of tomorrow. i am optimistic about tomorrow afternoon if the upper level low weakens enough to get sun
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to to peak out. we will dodge at least scattered showers for much of the day tomorrow. sunday is your better day. lets look at is what going object, here's that storm that has been impacting us for past couple days, drifting from the carolinas and virginia right up into our region and we are stuck under this persistent low pressure. that is keeping clouds in place even as it weakening a lot the of instability with this and that means even if we do see sun tomorrow, the sun could work against itself as sun heat up pockets to the ground and lifts in the unstable atmosphere. showers likely to develop. we are in the out of the woods just yet. heaviest rain is generally ending all they we do still this have pocket right here over new castle county delaware drift nothing to eastern maryland. good news moving west but scattered showers rain and drizzle still in the philadelphia suburbs and right down through south jersey and delaware this evening. with the clouds and rain temperatures are on the cold side only 55 in philadelphia right now 53 in reading, 46 in mount pocono. we should be in the 70's. seventy-one is a average high
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for today's date. more than 15 degrees below average. take a look at this that omega block pattern high pressure in the center part of the country. low pressure to the east. look at how chilly it is blues and greens. it is basically summer time in minneapolis, 91 degrees there right now. share the wealth, as we can meet in the mid that will would be great. the last full day of sunshine in philadelphia was april 20th, it is may sixth now. and, last tuesday, we had sun between storms back the in the 80's, but wasn't a full sunny day, april 20th that is last day we really enjoyed nice spring weather. we may wake up to rain six or 7:00 a.m. three or four or 5c it may clear out but another front will come through sunday morning. 7:00 a.m. few passing showers.
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could dampen things briefly but not a big deal. overnight period of rain areas of fog, 50 degrees, tomorrow the scattered showers, milder, possibly clear for late afternoon sun. mothers day afternoon looks good. monday looks like a nice day. few more cloud in the afternoon and then we're pushing 80 for tuesday and wednesday, next week. so still some showers and thunderstorms, but i can deal with rain, and 79 degrees. >> yes. >> it is on next week. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. >> adorable puppies and kittens, they could be yours. and mobile pet adoption party in the country, as it rolls through philadelphia.
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looking for a new best friend. look no further. largest pet adoption event
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just rolled into town. >> pennsylvania spca is partnering with north shore animal showcase shelter dogs, cats, puppies and, kittens all in search of a war of their home. they set out shop outside monster pets in south philadelphia. if you want to check it out you've got sometime. they will be there through 7:00. i know, i know. >> tugging at your heart. >> path the path gallon went back to the classroom today to take part in the career day event at multi cultural a contacted my charter school on north broad. the students got a chance to get their questions answered about life in the television business nicely done patrick, i necessity kids enjoyed it, learned a lot i'm sure. it may look wet out there tonight but south philadelphia will be jumping tomorrow, coming up vittoria woodill is live with the preview of the south street spring festival spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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rain or no rain it is time to enjoy month of may with the huge block party. >> as star goes, our variety the tore use woodill is on the street where all of the hippies meet, that is south street, to preview the fourth annual south street spring festival. hi there, torey. >> that is right, the fourth annual south street spring festival as ukee say and take it from me, and these three, there is something for everyone. you will travel around the world and maybe out of this
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world a little bit. lets take a look. >> you can travel the world this weekend or out of this world on south street, with spring fest. it is a festival of festival. >> great thing about the south street spring fest is we have couple festivals within it. we have may fest, and they take up a whole block. because it is free comic book day we have second annual comic festival within the spring fest. >> reporter: kick things off german style at raw house schmidts. >> festival celebrating the arrival of spring, and, fertility, and getting out of the cold months. >> reporter: complete with the may pole, german food like sausage and potato sal aid, beverages fill to the brim. >> yes. >> that is just great. >> and hand made items this calls for a fashion show, right. >> yes. >> let's line up. >> afterward, walk off the
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brots rain or shine by walking down to atomic city comic store where live comics will be walking around giving away free comic books and judging a costume contest. >> you look forward to you guys bringing it on tomorrow. >> yes, definitely and bringing some personality. >> that is right, bring your personality, bring the little ones, bring the family, there is free comic books, these guys will be out and about judging the best costume and that they said you have got to bring it. you need to bring it, ukee, and jessica, bring it, okay, rain or shine, south street festival is place to be 11:00 a.m. it start and it is free. >> like you do every night, bring it. >> thanks, torey. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". tonight wild fires continue to burn in alberta canada a suspect in the d.c. area shootings is in custody what authorities now know and steve hartman goes on the road about a story about a barista who
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did something local. here now is sco >> pelley: escape from hell. a mad dash to flee the growing canadian wildfire. >> it feels like we're in a movie right now, a nightmare we can't wake up from. >> pelley: paul ryan and donald trump agree to meet to attempt to iron out their differences. the fatal crash of a revolutionary aircraft was blamed on their husbands. today, two marine widows won justice. >> this is your legacy. now it's honorable, and you can finally rest in peace. >> pelley: and "on the road,"" with steve hartman. for this barista, no order is too tall. >> maybe i spent, like, three or more hours on it. >> reporter: getting ready to take one order? >> captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbsve


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