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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 7, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, an extra set of eyes to keep communities safe. police body cameras are becoming more common around the country. and tonight how one local department is helping to lead the way and how residents are helping to set the rules on how the cameras are used. she's back. social media favorite great white shark is making waves once again in our area. where the giant fish is currently swimming around.
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and give your brain a boost. the simple ingredient found in some of the tastiest treats that could improve your memory. health reporter stephanie stahl shows you how to reverse the cognitive clock. those stories and more are straight ahead but we begin with a dreary and foggy night across the region. good evening everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. it's a busy weekend and the weather is top of mine. let's get right to meteorologist kate bilo tracking when the rain will move out and when we might finally see some sun. kate. >> i think we're all really sick and tired of this weather. it's been 10 days now of cloud cover in philadelphia and today may have been the worst one yet. not only did we have the clouds but over an inch of rain fell the plants are loving it. us humans not so much. we're ready for the sun and all thanks to this upper level storm system at least the weather the past couple of days has been sitting and dominating the weather pattern over our region and even still tonight, we've got pockets of light to moderate rain pushing through the philadelphia area especially the north and west suburbs right now
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chester county, montgomery county into berks county all moving to the west and it is weakening overnight. we do expect this to kind of taper off by morning but you can see through the next couple of hours at least some scattered rain and drizzle areas of fog not the best conditions out on the roads and in addition to that it is down right chilly with temperatures only in the low 50s and 40s in some spots. i do have better news as we head through the weekend. looks like it may clear out for your mother's day plans. i'll tell when you the sun yesterday time of the weekend will be coming up. ukee. >> kate, see in you a bit, thank you. you.(zsworn.ecl) to up hold the law charged with murder. federal officer accused of going on a deadly rampage that send shock waves through maryland. our natasha brown reports the investigation into motive for the murders has only just begun. >> reporter: one person after another gunned down by a killer roaming the streets of montgomery county, maryland. police have been following alleged shooter eulalio tordil for an hour as he strolled around the strip mall even stopping to have lunch before
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officers finally swooped in to capture him. >> we certainly did not want to have any other bloodshed here and so the plane clothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody and that's what they did. >> reporter: bloodshed began around noon on friday when police say 62-year-old tordil approached a woman outside of a mall in bethesda. they exchanged words. he shot her in the shoulder. then police say he shot two other men who came to her aid. >> we just had shooting at montgomery mall. >> one man died. the on the remains critical. half hour later another woman was shot and killed inside her car. outside of a grocery store about 8 miles away. the get away car from friday's shootings was quickly linked with yesterday's shoot tack high school about 15 miles away. this is where tordil is said to have killed his estranged wife and shot another person. tordil worked for the federal protective services police up until march of this year when he was placed on administrative leave. his service gun and badge were confiscated also now court documents revealed that same
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month he was ordered to stay away from his wife. she alleges he was abusing their children. so far police haven't made any connection between today's victims and the alleged shooter but in a very erie twist the same restaurant where tordil stopped to have lunch allegedly during his killing spree happens to be the same place the d.c. snipers were seen during their shooting spree back in 2002. that's the very latest for now. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> nat shark thank you. stray bullet crashes through a window and graze as man while he's watching television inside his friend's home. gunfire happen on the 2400 block of north 23rd street in strawberry me romance tonight. investigators tell "eyewitness news" one bullet grazed the man's head and two others struck a wall and the television. police are looking for the shooter. the search is still on tonight for the gunman who shot and killed a camden man outside a viewing for his grandmother. investigators say 22-year-old jonathan vasquez was gunned down
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yesterday center the may funeral home into sheer panic. there was a heavy police presence today as family members returned for the funeral of the grandmother. seven-year-old -- 70-year-old rosa serrano. >> like horrible. horrible. i don't know what kind of animal would do that. satisfy vouch. >> we don't know who would do this. we don't. or why. why did they do this? police did not say whether they believe the shooting was random. meantime family members say they are now turning their attention to planning a funeral for vasquez. in and effort to continue to fight the crime the steve camden is getting ready to spend over a half million dollars on police body cameras. the technology is a way to hold citizens and police officers more accountable. and as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us tonight, both sides seem to be okay with the idea. >> reporter: it's a city making headlines for its transition from crime infested to a national example of how a police department should run.
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president barack obama called camden a symbol of promise for the nation when he came last may. now, the camden county police department will spend $425,000 to purchase about 400 body cameras. >> this is the first area i patrolled since i became police officer in the city of cam. >> reporter: 24-year-old tie bag bee says being a police officer is in his blood. this man loves what he does. >> i grew up watching my father who was a police officer for many, many years, and he was my real life modern hero. so i told myself as a kid, i want to help people and be a police officer. >> reporter: he's one of a few officers who currently wear a body camera for pilot program. soon the entire force will wear them. bag bee says it will only help officers and the public they serve. >> if they know that the camera is rolling at all times, they'll be less hess tan to come speak to us or they won't be afraid to have an officer possibly harm them in any way. >> reporter: we joined the officer for one much his foot patrols around town and met residents who seemed like to idea the cameras.
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>> i believe it's better for them and better for us, too. i think it's a great thing. >> that right there it's a good addition. i think good. his department is working with professors from the law school at new york university to set specific guidelines for camera use. camden county captain ghraib brielle today ma'am cho helps oversee the body camera. >> it's about enhancing our officers as well, and overall making us better. >> reporter: atlantic city already uses the tiny cameras. philadelphia is still looking at them. philly police official officiall 65 hadn't dread officers to have them by 2019. >> 20 years from now we'll have the cameras still on us and hopefully driving hovering vehicles. >> reporter: okay we might not see hovering cars in the next 20 years. but you can bet that most police officers around the country will have body cameras. the body camera program here in camden is expected to be up and running by the end of summer. reporting at camden pd headquarters david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". police officers are honored tonight for their outstanding
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efforts on the job. "eyewitness news" at the sugarhouse kaseen nor nor awards banquet this is their 25th annual banquet that recognizes officers. the public is paying its final respects to former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. a viewing was held at baker funeral home near broad and norris in north philadelphia tonight. another viewing an funeral service will take place at zion baptist church tomorrow morning. williams became the first african-american to leader philadelphia's police force in 1988. he died april 27th at the age of 72. a judge overseeing the resolution of prince's estate has ordered genetic test ong a sample of late music star's blood. it's being done in the event a potential heir comes forward to make a claim for estate. there are no known hairs. he was found dead last month. his estate is worth
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$300 million. meantime remembrances continue a banner has been hung up at the up town neither or north broad street in philadelphia. >> hillary clinton and donald trump blast each other on the campaign trail as they turn their attention to the general election. trump rallied republican supporters in omaha, nebraska ton night in eugene, oregon. clinton rallied democratic supporters in oakland, california. both slammed each other on several issues and tried to win over female voters. >> i know wages need to go up and then of course he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because of course he doesn't think much of women it turns out. >> every single state i won with women. i won with it. i won with women. i don't even care about the men any more. i just want to win within the women. the hell with the men. >> bernie sanders will be campaigning in new jersey sunday and monday ahead of the jun june 7th primary there. clinton will be in the garden state on wednesday. mother's day sunday it's the
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pefect day to raise awareness for breast cancer. >> the annual susan g. komen race for the cure will be held on the ben franklin parkway. and so many talk about early detection being key in that fight against breast cancer. doctors stress the importance of mammograms. but how effective are breast self-exams? good question. nicole brewer finds out if they real make a difference. that's next. kate? >> of course, we have the race for the cure and mother's day on sunday. you may have plans to run or walk in the race or head out site width mom so will this nuisance system finally be gone by mother's day? i'll tell when you the sun returns and promise it does coming up. memory slipping? boost your brain back to a younger mind. reversing the cognitive clock. >> participants improved several decades worth. >> reporter: i'm health reporter stephanie stahl with the cocoa cure coming up. and sam, is that you? we have a clue in the case of a missing philadelphia eagle. coming up flatted sports one of bradford's teammates tells us
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when we can expect to seat quarterback on the field. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ mary lee a great white shark is back off the coast of the jersey shore. this morning her position was east of cape may. rers tagged mary lee in 2012 and since them she's traveled up and down the eastern seaboard and out into the atlantic. a total of nearly 20,000 miles. her position is tracked every time her dorsal fin is above water long enough so that a satellite can hone in on the tracker. you can keep tabs as well on mary lee' position apply by chegging out the sharks twitter account. a delicious discovery that proves some seemingly sin full foods like red wine, coffee are actually good for us.
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new research shows component of cocoa may actually help reverse memory loss. health reporter instead of know stall has more tonight on the connection between cocoa and the brain. >> reporter: exercise is a sure bet, red wine and crossword puzzles, too, things that help keep your brain sharp. >> when i was younger i did have photographic memory. >> reporter: rachel, got worried when her memory started to slip. doctors say brain power starts to decline in the 30s. >> i know exactly what i mean, who i mean and i can't say the name. it's very frustrating. >> reporter: back to school for a master's that was rachel's way to stimulate her brain. >> dark chocolate is good too, by the way. >> reporter: drexel urologist kara lip p says anti-oxidant food which is boost memory. dr. scott small expanded on research that showed unprocessed cocoa improved memory in mice. his research on 40 people showed raw cocoa beans made into a special drink improved mental
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funk. >> what we actually showed is a reversal in memory loss. >> reporter: even more remarkable how much the flavanols turned back the cognitive clock. >> participants improved several decades worth. >> reporter: not only did participants report a boost in memory, but neuro imaging showed improve manies in the part of the brain that correlates with memory. >> yes, it was pretty amazing and, yes, we're all excited. >> reporter: but they still don't know how long results will last or if flavanols improve the memory of those already suffering from dementia. >> that's a question that remains outstanding. >> reporter: here's the thing. cocoa in that study isn't the kind that's in candy. chocolate that's tasty begun to eat is processed and researchers say doesn't couldn't tape enough flavanols. they say the cocoa cure will probably be in the form of supplements. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". noted. >> noted. >> i was going to get hershey bar on the way home. so much for that. this sunday is mother's day an
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want tradition continues here in philadelphia. susan g. komen race for the cure in the fight against breast cancer. >> doctors stress the best way to detect breast cancer for women to get mammograms and women are also told periodically do self-exams but are they effective? nicole brewer is here with this important and good question, nicole. >> when breast self-exams first introduced it seemed like a promising tool for early detect, but is that the case? monica wants to know how effective are breast self-exams. it's good question, monica, as we shine on the light on breast cancer this weekend. ♪ >> this sunday is race for the cure. huge event in philadelphia. around breast cancer awardness. they talk about early detect. right? how important are self-exams. >> i think it's critical. >> shower exams, you know, the laying in bed scam. easiest thing i can do for myself. >> how effective are breast self-exams. >> it depends upon what we're measuring.
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>> doctor are you char, is a breast cancer search. breast self-exams do not offer the early detection and surviving benefits of other screening tests. >> that's interesting. why do they say why? >> studies show in fact there was no improvement in the survival for women who developed breast cancer. >> this is disappointing to hear because the way it's. (. >> they did detecting unfortunately many of those were what we call false positives. >> that's a test result that incorrectly reports a person has disease when in fact they do not. and that's led some organizations like the united states preventive services task force to recommend against teaching bse. >> i kind of thought a lot more on the better safe than sorry. >> the doctor says most practitioners agree. >> it's still important to do these self-exams, right? >> it is still important. it's very important for women to be aware of their own bodies. >> you always to have the baseline. we have to be our own advocates for our own health as much as we can. >> because you know your body better than anybody else does. >> how often should you perform
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self-exams? >> maybe every day when you get out of the shower. >> at least maybe once week. >> probably monthly. i think that's the recommendation. >> the doctor says women should do it every month three days after their period since swelling is lowest. if you're post menopausal pair it with monthly task. >> it could be paying a bill, paying your mortgage something like that. but do it regularly. >> isn't it nice we can talk about it and it's not a taboo topic any more. >> exact. >> it's okay. it happens much it's live. talk about it. >> that's right. now if you think you found a lump the doctor says you should always tell your doctor if it persists for few weeks, well, it's time to see your doctor because as he put it, bad things do not go away. we have to listen to you are bodies and what i think a lot of the women said is very importa important. we have to know our bodies. >> right. >> that's so important. >> absolutely. >> and talk about it like you said. >> whatever research says, you got to know your body. >> if you feel like something is wrong, take act. >> thanks. >> what's your good question? log on to question. you can also tweet it to us using the hash tag cbs3 good
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question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can't wait to hear from you. also don't forget our coverage of the race for the cure starts sunday at 6:00 a.m. and send us your messages of support. use hash tag cbs3 rftc we'll show them on tv sunday morning. join the fight right now. text a $10 sew donation to susan g. komen for the cure text the word pink to 80077. >> to fine out what the weather will be like on sunday and for the weekend. here's kate. >> thank you guys. well it looks pretty miserable behind me right now. you can see the clouds are in place much it is getting foggy outside as the rain starts to shift to the north and west. you can see it's just not a great night to be out and about. friday night usually a busy night on the roads even late. so please be safe if you plan on heading out overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. there will be pockets of dense fog much it's all thanks to a system impacting us for days now. take a look the storm scan3 what's happening right at this moment.
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you can see the pockets of steady rain over chester county, berks county, montgomery county as well and pushing into the lehigh valley we've also got scattered showers and some pockets of light to moderate rainfall over atlantic new jersey right now. as we widen out, you can still see the swirl of clouds around this system a lot weaker than it was earlier today. that's good news. but it's going take awhile to really push this out. it's moving the wrong way still eventually this cold front you see who are you see it's diving through the great lakes. by sunday that crosses our area and that will eventually shunt the original system out to sea. and bring in finally some nicer moi more seasonal weather. in the meantime nothing seasonal about this. look at these temperatures on our neighborhood network only in the 40s. some rainfall totals here on the neighborhood network. lampeter over an inch of rain today. we checked in with 1.13-inches here in philadelphia. that brings our rainfall total since the first of the month to 2.37-inches. keep in mind, the month is only six days old. today was the rainy yesterday day so far this month but every day so far this month has had at
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least a trace of rain. yesterday being the driest day and today the wettest. all of april by the way we only had 1.75-inches and that was 30 days long. you can see how wet it has been in may so far. the spring gloom continues our last full sunny day here in philadelphia was april 20th. you may remember last tuesday we got to 86 degrees kind of between storms. morning rain, afternoon storms but in the middle we had some sunshine that was the last time we really saw sustained sunshine here in philadelphia but april 20th was our last dry sunny spring day. we are due and here's a look what will happening this weeke weekend. tomorrow morning scattered showers around. 9am still cloudy. by late afternoon a few breaks of sun. if we see it consider it a bonus i wouldn't plan on tomorrow being a sunny day and there will be scattered showers here and there. here comes that front sunday morning with a few passing showers around 7:00 a.m. then it gets out of here quickly and after about 10am skies clear and it look really nice for the rest of our mother's day on sunday if you're heading out to race for the cure don't be shocked if a
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couple of passing showers move through early overnight periods of rain areas of fog and tomorrow scattered showers, milder, up to 66 degrees and maybe if we're lucky some sunshine in the afternoon. breaking down some events this weekend, the south street bring festival tomorrow 66 with scattered showers. race for the cure again we may be dodging a few passing showers but it's definitely not a washout. and temperatures are comfortable for the runners. mother' days sunday afternoon looks much better, breezy with sunshine, 70 degrees. and next week even though it's still unsettled maybe a shower or thunderstorm tuesday and wednesday. look at how much warmer it is. >> yes. >> near 80 by next tuesday. >> that will make a difference. >> bring it. thank. >> don bell is here now. did you find sam? >> we're still looking for sam. we think we have a clue. we may have clue. >> okay. >> we final found someone who has heard from the missing sam bradford. find out when the qb will return to the eagles and the phillies and marlins were tied at four. and then it happened. find out what next in sports.
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welcome back. weekend trip to south beach who won love that? phillies are in miami for three game series. too bad this is a work trip for the guys and phillies certainly have some work to do after losing three out of four in st. louis. so to south fla we go. pick it up in the bot. to second. marlins on top three-love looking for some. prado going opposite field. four to nothing fish. top of the fifth, back come the phils. mikell franco rediscovering his
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power and it's gone! we're tied at four. bottom of eighth john carlos stanton richest crack in the history of northern sports. 325 million. walking powerball tick. homers deep of course deep to center. phils lose six-four in me am me. my dad once told me let your actions speak so loud you don't have to say a wore. i wonder if sam bradford knows what his actions say about him at this moment. eagles quarterback hasn't said a word while demanding a trade and pulling out of voluntary workouts. his actions mean that his teammates are forced to speak for him. guys like connor barwin one of the eagles defensive leaders join the mike and ike show on wip and he was asked if and when bradford would return. >> i mean from my conversations with him it sounded like he was coming back sooner rather than later. so we'll wait scene. i know he'll be here for the
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mandatory stuff. this is my casual conversation with him. you guys will have plenty of time to talk to him and he can show up when he wants to be here. hopefully soon. you guys can talk to um-hmm. >> sam, is that you? flowers gift certificate to the spa, brunch an hallmark card, finding a gift for mother's day it's hard enough. but what if you have two moms? villanova star kris jenkins has decisions to make. you remember kris the dude that hit that championship winning shot forville notify rah. when he was 11 his birth mom sent him from south carolina to maryland to live with another family so he would have better opportunities. so he has four parents which includes of course two moms. now, big smooth wrote an open letter to his moms published on fox he says i thought of my mom teaching me the game as young player and mrs. b's commitment to keeping me on the straight and narrow once my dreams were within reach... my goal, now, as always, is to make you proud to have me as your son, and i'll never take you for granted how lucky i am to have
2:33 am
both of you in my life ". >> that's a goodson. >> something tells me that's better than even a card. >> yeah, the open letter. >> open letter to everyone on the internet. >> come on. love that. >> that's sweet. >> thank you, man.
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one of south physical' favorite sons is telling the story of his life. >> tonight bobby rydell surrounded by friends and fans at a launch party for his new
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moment moyer teen idol on the rock a sale of second chances. "eyewitness news" at poppy's on south 20th street. i was there. along with cbs3 alum pat chiarocchi and tom lamaine, bob pan tan know and patti jackson also congratulated rydell on his book. it's pack with stories only someone at the forefront of early rock and roll could tell. congrats, bobby rydell and thank
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our morning team is back tomorrow from five to 7am for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee
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washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the lay shot with stephen colbert is next with lilly thompson. >> have a great evening and good night, family. >> have a great evening and good night, family. mother's >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. this is the end of exercise. >> get ready to cize it up. [ beat drops ] [ people cheering ] are you ready to dance? 5, 6, 7, 8! >> ♪ on my way in i'ma take it ♪ >> stop exercising, people. it's time to start dancing. welcome to cize. >> announcer: cize is the all-new dance workout program that's gonna make losing weight fun and easy. >> to me, it's not even exercise because i don't want to stop. >> announcer: it's simple -- dance, have fun, and get awesome results. >> it's just like one big party turns on. it's so empowering. >> i spent many years of
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