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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 8, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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everybody. "insider" with yahoo! >> have a great weekend,
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". six people including a child are killed in three separate fires in our area. an investigators tell "eyewitness news" that at least one of those tragedies could have been avoided. good evening i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us. the fireses happened in norristown, south philly and in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" rarity alexandria hoff spoke to a survivor and family members of at least two of these victims. >> reporter: the son made a brief appearance, it is still a dark day on the 1700 block of moore street in south philadelphia. >> we got the call. when we came down. >> reporter: cynthia jackson's mother and her uncle john were pronounced dead on the scene according to family after fire
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claimed the multi-unit home around 11:30 p.m. this is a photo that family shared with us showing the two victims enjoying a rooftop evening. >> there's nothing they wouldn't do for you. keep us in their prayers, that's what we need mostly now. >> reporter: investigators say the home was not equipped with working smoke detect tors. around 7:30 a.m., three and a half miles away, the smoke detectors were working inside a home on the 4700 block of hazel avenue in west philadelphia. >> as a result of that activation, we have eight people able to escape from the dwelling. right now we have seven people displaced from the fire department and for mower people is displaced from the building next. >> reporter: one has died. he had tried to fight the flames with a fiber extinguisher. >> if there's a fire, get out first, dial 911. if you try to fight the fire, you may not be successful. >> reporter: evans schaeffer just moved into the home's third
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floor unit last month. initially, he was trapped. >> i couldn't go back downstairs, so i climbed down the neighbor's house. >> reporter: officials hat that bars on the downstairs windows hindered first floor escape. >> reporter: anyone with window bars should be sure there's a safety release mechanism in place and anyone without a working smoke detector can get one free of charge. in 2015, the city saw 12 fire related deaths, that is the lowest on record. now with these three, that brings the 2016 figure to eight. reporting from the fire administration building, i'm alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." now to the fire in norristown montgomery county three people including a child died when flames i ripped through an apartment building, it happened on the 800 block of dekalb street about 4:00 this morning, firefighters rescued five adults who were injured an child who officials say remained in critical condition at children's hospital.
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>> they were looking really bad. i heard screaming and yelling and i saw my friend. he was on the phone. i guess he was calling 911. when i got there, i saw the building on fire. smoke coming out of the windows and everything. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation at this hour. some developing news tonight from trenton new jersey where a water search is underway, it's happening near 1590 lamp bumperton road, a jet ski carrying two people ran aground and threw both riders into the water. one rider has been rescued. the other is still missing. the coaster guard has identified him as jesus ma lend dis. also the to funeral for former police commissioner willie williams drew officers from all around the city to north philadelphia today. it was a sea of blue outside of zion baptist church, richard
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ross and sylvester johnson were amongst mourners. he was the first african-american to lead philadelphia's police force in 1988. >> he was not only the first african-american american here but an lapd as well. it's tremendous for me and not just people of color but for women. and others, because again, he was a pioneer. he paved the way for so many and let people like me know that it was possible. >> willie williams died last week at the age of 72. now a u penn professor said he was pulled aside and questioned on a flight out of philadelphia after being profiled by a fellow passenger. economics professor men see yowas flying on his way to mathematics conference, do pass the time, he was apparently solving an equation but the woman sitting next to him saw the a writing and alert add flight attendant, she was
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concerned he might be a each other the. american airlines confirms he was questioned and ultimately allowed to remain. after days of dreary weather, we saw a little bit of sun today, just a tad and we're hoping for an even better finish, lauren casey is in our weather center with the first look at the forecast, you have good news. >> yes, today we're able to confirm the sun exists, it's there, we saw it briefly. tomorrow it's going to make a grand reappearance. we're dealing with allow clouds, a live look at center city philadelphia. kind of a spooky looking scene, 53 right now. winds out of the south around seven miles per hour. we haven't had had a climate logically sunny day in philadelphia since april 20th. it has been a long time, about two and a half weeks. stormscan 3 showing us we saw the cloud deck break up earlier in the evening, breaks of sunshine before sunset. the cloud deck is thickening back up. few sprinkles worked themselves
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through lancaster earlier. we do have a cold front that is up wind. generating showers across parts of western pennsylvania. that will move its way i can do and help us out because it will kick out this area of low pressure that has stagnated and kept the clouds around for more than several days. we will deal with the clouds for the kickoff of race for the 8:00. few lingers showers, dramatically improving conditions through the day tomorrow. i'll have the forecast the good news finally coming up in just a couple minutes. natasha, thank you very much. crowd are getting a first hand look at what's new at spruce street harbor park. trang do is live in the middle of the excitement. folks out there at this hour enjoying things. >> it's getting rowdy. i couldn't let everybody else have all the fun, they got giant legos and i love them i made for
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you before this live shot cbs3 advertising. a philly warm weather favorite is back. . >> we love it here. the lots of good food, things for kids to do. >> opening day at spruce street harbor bringing out plenty of kids. >> it's nice. it's fun. and it is exciting. >> reporter: and kids at heart. this year's park is loaded with more games. >> i like how there's games and the chess and the big thing. >> this toy is new. i think some of the food vendors are new. >> reporter: more food vendors. >> you can't go wrong, you can't find it anywhere else. it's about philly local. >> reporter: live entertainment from local bands a big hit with the younger set.
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>> i love like loud music and fancy stuff and nice art. seeing different things. >> reporter: the sun struggled to join the fun, the chill made it the perfect day to snuggle up in a has noic if lucky enough to snag one. >> nice to go here and spend some time with your family in the hammock on the boats. it's beautiful the lights are awesome. it's -- for once, it's not raining out. we are here. >> reporter: and the park is now open from thursday through sunday through september and tonight, they're staying open until 1:00 a.m. still plenty of time to get out. it is chilly. we're live from spruce street harbor park, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks for the lego shout-out, trang, we appreciate it. to campaign 2016, donald trump, the growing rift has some
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wondering if he can persuade party leaders, he'll meet with paul ryan next week. hillary clinton is leading trump by 13 points in the latest general electric pollses, the front runner continues to battle bernie sanders for their party's nomination. president barrack obama and joe biden both delivered commencement speeches today. howard university down in dc, the president challenged the graduates to live up to their potential. >> be confident in your blackness. there's no one way to be black. take it from somebody who's seen both sides of the fence about whether i'm black or not. i've had lunch with the queen of england and hosted kendrick lamar in the oval office. >> he received an honorary doctor of law degree.
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biden delivered the compel address at delaware state you've in dover. he had very good advice for the 700 graduates. >> engage the world. because you'll be more successful and happier. i've always learned here at home, progress is possible but only if you're willing to take risks because progress is the work of our own hands. >> biden also told the graduates if their obligation to serve a the nation. stay with us, still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, children are injured during a freak accident at a carnival. find out what happened, and how those kids are doing tonight. lauren? >> finally sunshine for mothers day but there are showers in the forecast, i'll let you know when to expect those in your full forecast coming up. of. >> they're off. the first race in the triple crown is in the books. find out who won big at the kentucky derby today. that's ahead in sports. stay with us.
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. back now with a scare at a school car's value in houston, strong winds blew a bounce house across the football field yesterday. and into a fence. several kids were inside at the time. at least ten people were injured. none seriously. it's unclear whether the bounce house was proper early anchored down. >> one breast cancer survivor will be among the thousands participating in tomorrow's race for the cure. fight for a cure and for her, this journey is very personal. >> for jeanette stevens a breast cancer diagnosis seemed always inevitab inevitable. >> jeanette and her sisters have established an even stronger family bond centered around
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their breast cancer diagnosis and the struggle to defeat the deadly disease jeanette found refuge with komen philadelphia in 2008. she's a survivor who's been spreading is the word about komen and its mission for year. >> the name is out there and when people are diagnosed with breast cancer they need somewhere to go for support. they need to get the educational support. if they're insured, they call komen and we're trying to be there for everybody. >> every mothers day you can find jeanette amidst the sea of pink that saturates the parkway during the annual komen race for the cure, thousands running, walking sprinting to the finish line. >> we need people to register. we have about 100,000 people or more that come out to the art museum steps and they love to see that sea of pink come down. we need people to register because everything has a cost.
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>> that it takes to provide free mammograms to those in need, 166,000 and counting. >> there's a young lady who was actually, she was diagnosed when she was 14 with breast cancer and when we met her, she was already 22, i think. and she still needed treatment. and so we were able to get her connect her with the right facility, right physicians. >> komen continues to work tackling the disparities within the african-american community. black women dying at alarming a rates in areas that may be under served. >> we're looking at why african-american women are dying at higher rates. we know that white women have higher incidents of breast cancer. but black women are dying at 400 times more often. >> every little bit of fund-raising helps. which is why this year's theme is the year of the team. >> you register and ask ten
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friends for $10, that's $250 right there. 25 percent of the funds that we get go to research but 75 percent stays right in the delaware valley. >> she's among the 6,000 survivors who take their place on the art museum for an emotional decent, she's fortunate enough to see another year. she wants to insure everyone ever diagnosed has that chance. >> when you see us out there and you see everybody out there in that pink, the survivor coming down, then people who are afraid of the diagnosis, but know there's something wrong, that gives them hope, let's them know, of 6,000 people at that race for the cure can come down the steps and they look healthy, i can do the same thing. >> our coverage of the race for the cure starts tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. send us your messages, house #cbs3 rftc. we're going to show them on
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television had throughout the morning. you can join as well, text a $10 donation to susan b. komen for the cure. text word pink to 80077. hopefully it will be a great day. lots of us will be out there. of we all will have sun hopefully. >> some sun, you might have a dodge a shower, light in intensity. sunshine will break out quickly. >> just in time. >> for race for the cure, for mothers day, sunshine is returning after absence for about the last two, two and a half weeks. we certainly have had a rainy start to may rainfall total for this month so far nearly two and a half inches. just in the first week of may. our total for all of last month didn't even hit two inches. we were below average. shows you how much rainfall we have been receiving in stormscan 3 showing us mainly dry conditions. couple showers tried to sneak in
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north of the city, north and west of the city. cloud decks starting to increase once again after a few breaks in the cloud deck earlier this evening, some of us saw is sunshine before sunset. of do have a cold front up wind generating kind of broken shower activity. it will continue to move its way eastbound going to start to break up the weather pattern that has been stagnated over the last week. and two it's going to help us and bring back sunshine as we head into tomorrow. right now, dealing with foggy conditions, visibility down to almost a quarter of a mile in millville, two and a half miles in atlantic city, visabilitiy in philadelphia looking good at the moment. temperatures we're cooling off topped at 63. one of our warmer days of the month so far but we should be up at 71 degrees as far as averages are concerned. 53 right now in philly. down into the 40's in the lehigh valley. down into the 40's down the shore as well. but there are warmer temperatures. some of us are enjoying spring and even an early summer with temperatures in the 60's and still up in the middle 70's right now in nashville at this
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late hour. we do have a little bit of a warmup in store for mothers day day, 70 degrees, we haven't had any 70 degrees so far this month. we'll see an early shower and quickly turning over to mostly sunny skies, a little bit breezy but all in all nice day in store for your mothers day. future weather showing us overnight mainly quiet a line of showers does work in in association with the cold front. north and west of the city, early tomorrow morning, 5:00, we'll see the chance of showers continues to move eastbound around 7:00. i think we can still have a lingering shower around 8:00, 9:00. the cloud deck starting to clear out. evening looking good for you and mom as well. as we head into monday, monday morning, starting off with some sunshine. that will be nice once again. mostly sunny into the early afternoon before the cloud deck starts to increase, especially south of the city as we head into monday mostly cloudy, light
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winds, do pick up northwest at around 15 to 20 miles per hour, pretty hearty breeze tomorrow afternoon, we'll have the sunshine, 70 degree high temperature, so improving conditions. high temperatures cruising up into the upper 60's can across much of the area tomorrow getting close to 70 down the shore and topping at 70 in dover for tomorrow. monday, as i mentioned, seeing another around of sunshine before clouds move in for late day, high of 72, 70 on tuesday, clouds are turn a spotty shower maybe a shower or storm into wednesday, next chance of rain doesn't come until friday, all in all, a warmer an drier w
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. the phillies and miami types looking to end a three-game losing streak, jeremy helickson on, the a 10-3 loss.
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helickson takes the pitch into the stands fourth homer of the season, the marlins regain the lead, phillies down 3-1, score from the play and the phillies trailing, next up, hernandez who hits had a line drive to right field. the fightins have the game at 3, the next maikel franco, this should be an inning ending double play, chris johnson drops it as her phils come through in that three-game losing streak 4-3 the final. eagles, rookies have a mini camp next weekend. sam bradford says he's not going to be there. as you know he wants out of here after they picked carson wentz. the fans and a couple former
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players have questioned his commitment. you can add joe thisman to that list. he blasted sam for wanting out of philly. >> this guy doesn't want to compete. he's not interested in playing quarterback. he's not interested in competing at the quarterback position. he wants it handed to him on a silver platter. that's not the way life is. the eagles owe him no explanation. if you think you're that good. you should be able to beat out a rookie who has no earthly idea what the looks like, strap your chin strap on. put your helmet on, put your job on go out and compete like somebody who wants the job. >> it's called the most exciting two minutes in sports today was the 142nd running. nyquist unbeaten in seven races, could he keep it alive? here's the stretch call. >> nyquist gun runner exaggerator on the outside.
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nyquist and exaggerator going to the line together, nyquist is still unbeaten, he has won the kentucky derby. >> yes, nyquist wins it just over two minutes. he is the fourth consecutive favorite to win over 167,000 fans were at churchhill downs-second largest crowd in derby history, he goes for the second jewelry. >> drake signed with the he did iing ton oilers, university of north dakota and led them to the national championship. he played with hakstoll when he was there and some people thought that would lead him not flyers but he decided to head north of the border. to edmondton. >> i'm still reeling from the theisman comment. >> he's opinionated.
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>> when we come
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. celebration of spring in philadelphia. let's take you here to south street spring festival. feature to say 40 bands, tons of food, serious fun. thousands of people showed up. looks like everybody had a great time. when we come right back. >> the winning power ball numbers? i forgot. i totally did
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