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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> you are looking live from chopper three hd. the time has come. the 26th annual susan g. komen race for the cure in the fight against breast cancer, ladies and gentlemen, good morning to you, happy mother day to you. i'm ukee washington along with jessica dean and our entire team. we're here for you today. you can feel the magic. you can feel the love. you can feel the energy. the time has come. so looking forward to it. >> it is such a special morning, we are thrilled to be sharing it with you and your families, maybe making your way down here, or maybe watching from home with a cup of coffee. we celebrate the survivors and members who we have lost, and
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just come together as a family here. >> indeed. >> this morning, we're so almost toy have all of you. we have a little of our family here. >> natasha, stephanie, and the rest of our family is spread out all over the parkway. we've got people who are running today, katie, meisha, jim and brooke. we've got kate here. we've got people all over. good morning, guys. >> good morning, happy mother day to all of the moms out there. >> happy mother day. so glad to be with you guys here today. >> stephanie stahl, happy mothers day. i know this is special, we've been doing this a long time now. >> we have been, beautiful morning, no rainout here, thank you to our weather team, hooked us up, beautiful, great to have you with the team. >> yes indeed. >> welcome, ukee. >> this is about the women of "eyewitness news" and the men of "eyewitness news", jim donovan is here, our entire team is here for you, and kate bilo is here, she will talk about these temperatures, because i believe it is about, i'm going to take a guess, if you hear me, kate, about 50 degrees, 52 degrees, and getting warmer? >> you know what, it is 51 degrees, ukee, you kind of
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split the difference there. that's really good guess. it is a little chilly up here. but if you remember last year it was really humid. really steamy. than year it will feel great. and you're running, happy first mother day to you. >> happy mothers day to you, as well. super excited actually had the girls out on the course, they have their pink blows, pink sunglasses ready to rock-and-roll, hopefully have little baby cam so you can see it, see them running along the way. yes, how could you forget if you were here last year how humid it was. and i was he can actually 20 weeks pregnant at that point. so it was the least comfortable time ever. no kidding. but we got through it, sunshine in our hearts, right now looks like the clouds are trying to break up little bit. >> it really does, we've been tracking showers, looking at the showers all week long, narrow band of showers that has been threatening the race all week. let's look, see if we have storm scan3 up right nowment look how the showers are dying in the philadelphia area. we do have some steadier rain up in the lehigh valley back through berks county, up into the poconos, but, you know what, as far as we're
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concerned it can stay to the north. there is the little batch trying to move through chester county while we can't rule out stray shower through the next hour or two, by 8:00 when the runners get on the course it should be drying out. if we get anything at all. temperature wise, as ukee mentioned, little chilly there. is the 51 degrees. mount pocono at 47. trenton is at 50. reading at 55. i'm not running this year, but i know when i do runny would much rather run in this weather than in what we had last year. last year it was miserable, very sticky. today, once the ray begins, 55 degrees, will start to turn breezy, still can't rule out the passing shower, you know what, i'm feeling optimistic about this. >> absolutely, what perfect excuse to be out here now that the skies are finally clearing out. we will brighten up. just in time for mother day. the timing couldn't be more perfect, right? so you know how it is looking phenominal. sunshine our hearts no matter what mother nature decides to toss at us. >> we've been real lucky, six years, and we haven't had a drop of rain, for race for the
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cure, so the statistics on our side as far as this is concerned. we had really pretty pink sunrise, i tweeted out a picture, as well, seems like mother nature in the spirit here. >> no kidding. so just beautiful to see the colors of the skyline, absolutely mother nature sort of on our side with that, now that things starting to clear out, looking ahead to a beautiful day. happy mother day. >> happy mother day, we will be up here track the rain, katie will be out on the course, i will be with you at the top of the art museum stems. for now head down to the main circle, check in with jim and brooke. good morning, guys. >> reporter: good morning. good morning. >> good morning. we see them in the big tv. oh, now we're in the big tv, on a delay. >> for the race for the cure. >> are you exciting? >> i'm excited. happy mother day to all of you out there. >> indeed. moms out there were hoping you're enjoying good morning so far, that your kids are giving you some good gifts, making up great breakfasts, you know, the weather, little
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chill, as they were saying. >> little chill. >> i poor brooke. we need to get our pink parka for next year. >> but so happy to be here, good cause, worth standing out here in this weather. i'm excited to be here with our entire team. we don't get to spends a lot of time with each other. >> indeed. seeing kate and jessica for the first time in weeks. >> it felt like a month, yes. so this has been amazing, awesome experience, i see the survivors getting together on the steps there, groups are coming in. it is overwhelming. >> the setups of the tent, giving away car here later on, always surprises here. and one of my favorite surprises. >> what do agree. >> the cbs-3 tent, excuse me, ma'am, may we speak to you for a moment? it is carol erickson, oh, my, how are you? >> good to see you. >> and hello everybody. it is so great to see everyone here, all of the cbs-3 people all the people at home, the people who have watched this broadcast for so many years
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now. who know the importance of finding a cure. than we're all out here once again, and it is great to be here. i'm just setting up the selfie boot. >> this is the most exciting, i'm just absolutely thrilled you're here. >> i'm thrilled to be here. there is no greater cause than this one. so it is great to be part of this. so thanks for letting me come back. >> you've organized. >> what do you have going on over here? >> i mode the lawn here first, and then -- >> then you have the selfie wall. >> with the selfie wall. you know what? people can come by here, take theirself east. here is how do you it, tweet out #cbs3 selfie. and also hashtag, notice, i have it right off the top of my head, i don't have to read it at all. #cbs3 rftc race for the cure. >> we have meisha. mere an is here. >> good morning. >> our morning team. >> you guys, this is going to be a spectacular event. so much emotion and so much feeling. happy mother day.
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>> we're looking forward to this. i mean, the whole morning along people will be gathering, then we will be doing the walk. we know katie is doing the running with the babies, crazy stuff. >> happy mother day, meisha. >> thank you so much. >> so at this point when you need to check in with rahel back in the studio. rahel, can you hear us? >> i can hear you, jim. good to see all of you, good morning, happy mother day, everybody. >> rahel is saying happy mothers day. >> thank you, thank you. >> and one person is waking up a lot happier this morning, one person has hit the powerball jackpot, for nearly $430 million. that soul teched sold in mercy county, in urge new jersey, winning numbers, drum roll: five, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball, nine. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at diner in trenton talking to people this morning about the big jackpot. hey, anita? >> reporter: rahel, somebody is waking up a lot happier and
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a lot richer nearly $430 million for this powerball jackpot ticket. now, it has not been claimed yet. but officials say that the winning ticket was sold here in mercer county, it now reached to $40 million for the next drawing wednesday. so we're here at pat's original dine and catching up with people to see what they would do with the money. >> it was very original, and practical, right? so, the next drawing again will be on wednesday, this is the seventh largest powerball jackpot in history. and also someone hit the $1.6 billion prize back in january, if you remember. this is the next biggest prize after that. we're live in trenton this morning, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> very happy people in new jersey, thanks, and eat a and
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once again, those winning numbers are five, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball, lucky number nine. >> the jackpot reached $429.6 million. >> well, search is underway for missing jet ski nerve trenton. authority say two men were riding on a jet ski near 5090 lambert pen road, it ran aground, one person rescued, and the search continues for the other person. he is identified as 26 year old jesus diaz melendez, missing since around 7:00 last night. >> three fire tragedies are under investigation, and in our region this weekend, in norristown montgomery county. three people, including a child, died whether flames tore through an apartment building. it happened on the 800 block of dekalb street around 4:00 saturday morning. firefighters rescued five adult who were injured and a child who officials say remains in critical condition at children's hospital in
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philadelphia. >> we are learning more about the victims in another fatal fire in our area, this time, in south philadelphia. two family members died after a fire claimed a multi unit home on the 1700 block of moore street friday night. "eyewitness news" spoke to a family member whose mother pronounced dead at the scene. >> they were good people, would do anything that you asked from them, nothing that they wouldn't do for you. just keep us in your prayers, that's what we need mostly now. >> and the home did not have working smoke alarms, fire officials say if you need one, call 311, and the fire department will install one for free. smoke detectors were working inside a west philadelphia home when a fire broke out at about 7:30 in the morning on saturday. sadly, man, how much, lost his life trying to fight the flames with a fire extinguisher. another resident rushed to the hospital. eight people were able to
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escape. >> we now know the name of the officers involved in the fatal shooting in overbrook earlier this week. police say officer shannon coolbecause, seven year veteran of the force, shot and killed 52 year old richard farreti. was in plane clothes, and unmark car, when he responded to a call of a driver acting suspicious near the 6300 block of overbrook avenue. >> and police have charged two men in connection with another police-involved shooting. fifty year old desmond, and 47 year old kurt joseph, are facing multiple charges from the may third incident. police responded to the 5300 block of grays avenue, for a report of shots fired in the air, police say abernathy ignored others to -- orders to drop his weapon and fired at officers. eight year veteran officer returned fire, hitting abernathy in the leg. and let's head back out now to our race for the cure coverage. ukee washington and jessica dean are standing by at the base of the art museum stems.
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good morning, guys. >> reporter: thank if you, rahel, good morning, good morning. >> it is a great day. happy mother day to everyone. and settle in for a wonderful several hours, as we celebrate this year's race for the cure. >> it will be an absolutely beautiful day. motivating day. the choirs just rehearsing now. bands are here. we're just going to celebrate today, celebrate survivors, celebrate this fight, this fight that we are winning and you're long the ride with us. we'll take a break right now. you are watching "eyewitness news" and special coverage of the 26th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. we'll be back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. we have a very, very special guess to introduce to you right now, jessica, do you the honors, because i'm getting a little moved here. because we go back to 1991. >> this is elaine grove man, everyone, the ex he can i have director of susan g. komen philadelphia, elaine has been doing this event 26 years now. >> how about it? >> were you here from the very beginning. what would you be doing if you weren't here? >> what i be doing? i don't know, i think i would have to hide. but 26 years ago, i stood on those steps with phyllis
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grossman, and i said would anybody come? we didn't even talk about breast cancer in those days. and that year 1983 people came. pretty good. >> pretty good. 1991. >> and how many this year? >> well, we hope over 100,000 people will be here. and we hope they'll all register and they'll all raise money to help us fight this disease. >> speaking of which, elaine, i was going to ask you. talk about the need of funding and donations. that's so important to win this fight. >> this year, this year, i know i'll have 6,000 survivors at the komen door that will need mammograms and treatment and support. there are hundred cents of thousands of people in our community that have no insurance or under insured, many not the fault every them, just the economy, and komen
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needs to be there so no one is turned away. and this race, the fund we raise, and what we raise all year long, goes back out to the community. >> this community, too. >> to these communities. >> remember, these donations are staying right here at home where they make a difference for mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, cousins, all of the people that we all know. >> we just gave out a million dollars to 15 hospitals in our community. >> fabulous. >> you know, to treat women. so we need to keep going. i cannot stop. >> she can't. >> i just can't. >> and if you check the word -- text the word pink to 80077 that's a 10-dollar donation right there. >> i'll take it, and you can do that in your pajamas. >> let's check in now with kate who has a look at our weather. hi, kate. >> let's go now to jim and
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brooke? >> i think i hear the song from sister act about to play by the chorus out there. so we have a story to tell you about. >> great story to tell you. each one of the ladies here obviously have incredible story to tell, and i actually got a chance to go to the local church, sit down with two friends who share a very similar story of survivor, they call it survivor love. basically have a passion for beating cancer and finding the cure. >> and finding a cure means we need your help. >> ♪ >> these two friends have a lot in common. they go to the same church. at one point they had the same job. both proud parent, and now they are both breast cancer survivors. >> regular checkups, you go get your mammogram, you expect
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to get the little letter saying, you know, thank you for coming in, everything is okay, negative, make your appointment for next year. but i got a phonecall. >> for me it was just a shock, even though i knew, because i found the lump myself, but to hear them say it, it was like wow. >> another commonality, vivian and kelly both also watch their older sisters fight breast cancer before them. kelly says the worse part of her diagnosis was having to tell her big sister their family would have to go through this again. >> oh, i didn't want to tell her because she was still like just finishing off her five years, so that's hard. >> they fought cancer as a family, and won, now kelly can't wait to join thousands of other women as they walk down these very steps at this year's race for the cure, altogether, as proud
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survivors. it will be kelly's first year, but her friend, vivian's, second. >> this is a race for the cure, so now we got to fine a cure, and we're going to beat cancer. >> the cause means so much to vivian. back in 2014 she promised herself she would fight to end breast cancer for other women. as soon as she finished radiation, she kept that promise. showing up weekly to volunteer with susan g. komen philadelphia. >> yes, i have breast cancer, and yes, i am a survivor, and i want to reach out and help somebody else. >> we are here, 24/7, to help women reach out as they address all of the problems that they will confront during their treatment. >> elaine, the ceo of susan g. komen philadelphia. >> every year 6,000 survivors will come to my door for help. >> she says, many women in our area lack insurance, or are
6:21 am
uninsured, unable to cope with high deductible and co-pays, that's where komen comes in. >> a million dollars just went out to 15 hospitals, so they can see these women and the under served communities. >> the race and event like a recent concert with the philly pops help increase awareness. 2300 women at the kimmel center that learn from 25 doctors, and 25 survivors, how to address the needs in their breast cancer issues. >> but she is quick to point out: >> it takes dollars, ongoing dollars, all the time. >> so in the story we just saw, the susan g. komen event and the philly pops, we've got a concert pretty much going on on the steps over here of the art museum. we have a concert going on. i want to say as much as we're here to find a cure, we are here to raise awareness,
6:22 am
something like a story, very important, is how important it is, the woman, know your body, if you are at a certain age, to get mammograms, get regular checkups, that's how both of them were able to catch their breast cancer. one regular mammogram, just like she has done every year, and the other does self checks, and was able to catch something that her doctors initially missed. >> well it is all about finding a cure. but also, support. so we're here for both of those things today. we hope you join us. if you are having breakfast, come on down, brooke and i will be here, carol ericson shall meisha johnson, the whole cbs news team. >> the whole team is here. >> we will be back in just a few moments for race for the cure.
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>> tell everyone what survivor love s the two women that you just met on the show, but tell me a little bit about it from your perspective. >> survivor love just, you know, survivor love is all about that fight and we understand how scared and frightened, when these first time survivors had found out
6:26 am
about their cancer, so right now we want to support them and everything that they do, and we just are so happy that, you know, that they are -- that they're join, kind of work together to help each other out, to support each other. all about support. >> yes. >> right? how important is that? just from what you've seen? so important, had hosed them for their game changer event, and our new event center, and we also were therefore their video making it, just their spirit so inspiring, their undeniably fighting spirit, is just beyond words. >> you know, a lot going on today. overwhelming, so many amazing women here, so many women who have fought this hard fight, who have won, who are here racing for a cure, happy to be a part of this. what's it like for when you you see the women have each other's backs?
6:27 am
>> therefore someone just now going through, what's that like for to you see? >> when we hosed them for their video, just seeing all of these women come from all different walks of life, just coming under this one spirit and just coming together and bonding over something like this, and happen that i they are fighters. >> fighters, exactly what they are. brittany thank you so much. i think we send it over to jim donovan, special guest with him. >> you know me, always about the money, because i always look at where people need to invest their money wisely. >> you stretch is it a long way. >> i certainly do and we have accomplished great deal over 26 years. but i am not done. 6,000 survivors will be at our door that will need our help, will need mamography, will need treatment, will need
6:28 am
support, and that's where these dollars go besides the veer. that needs to be done, so we can stop this disease so we need to accomplish a lot today. >> you know, a lot of people that because we have now the affordable care act, few years ago, that everyone is covered under insurance. but, they don't realize, people could have very high deductibilities, a loft things aren't covered, they may not be able to afford their medications, and that's where komen comes in. >> coming to komen is the mammogram, the treatment the support, everything you need, some day i think they'll get the affordable care act straightened out. but right now, komen is the back up for thousands and thousands of women in our community. >> because it can be a financial drain. >> yes. >> people have to take off from work, sometimes for long extended periods of time, and they still have to take care of their family. >> and if you don't have the dollars, where do you get the
6:29 am
500 or the thousand, or the 10,000 to move, the diagnostic, the treatment? elaine, back in a few minute, i'm toll we have to take a commercial break. so we head to the commercial break, we'll be back with race for the cure.
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>> i'm jessica dean along with the "eyewitness news" team, thrilled to be sharing this with you once again, these are the art museum steps, there is one ukee washington right there. this is where all of the survivors will be coming down, ukee, you already fawn two survivors, where we have the parade of pink in not too long. >> it won't be long now, these two beautiful ladies, tell me your name, where you are from? >> mullica township, new jersey, laurie gardner. >> how long a survivor? >> three years. >> patty from hammonton, new jersey, four year survivor. >> thank you so much. fantastic. i know we were practicing the stairs, i know you want to go back up. you will be coming down soon. taking pictures, enjoy. >> i'll be running this today, my second year runner. so i'm all happy about that. >> very good. all right. >> another hug. >> all right. >> see you all later. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. >> i'll send them on their way, let's go to kate now for
6:33 am
a look at the weather, hi, kate. >> hi, guys. katie and i up at the top of the steps, sends the survivor up to us, come get ready for the parade down the steps, always the best part of every race. and, it is getting a little overcast out here, little ominous. >> couple of clouds starting to roll n we were talking earlier about this, little line every showers might just put quick damper on things, looking like it might. but it looks like it will be quick. >> it will be quick. should be passing showers, let's take a look at it, bring you taught storm scan3, i want to show you what we are looking at. showers mainly off to the north, now, you can see, they are starting to intensify just little bit. just off to the west over portions every eastern chester county moving into delaware, montgomery county. i think this will come through probably within the next 20, 30 minutes, it will be quick, but could be brief downpour, i'm hopeful it will clear out before the survivors parade 7:45, then 8:00 of course the race begins. watch out for this line moving through. in the meantime, it is chilly, it will be cold rain, hope everybody brought their hoods, talking about this all week,
6:34 am
line every quick moving showers, temperatures in the low 50's, right now. >> so day planner can't rule out the shea straw at 8:00 a.m. eels of the city by then, 10:00 a.m. clearing, breezy conditions, 58, and then at noon, if you are having brunch with mom, looks pretty great. breezy, mild, 62, we will hit 70 for the high today after early shower which we are tracking in the next 15, 20, 30 minutes or so, turns out sunny, breezy, and beautiful for the rest of our mother day, and i can think of no better way to spend our mothers day morning than here on the art museum steps with so many people that have been touched by breast cancer, so many survivors, in the survivors tent earlier, saws so many smiles, people happy to be here, and, you have the story of one family that's really thrilled to be here today. >> i do indeed. among all of the runners and walkers out here on the race here today one of the youngers, her name is marissa. hear her and hear her story.
6:35 am
>> marissa practiced ballet, my dream was to be on the point shoes, this year, i am on point. >> dance may top marissa's list for extra curricular, this is one active ten year old. she plays hoops, she draws, she fosters a serious love for dolphins. >> i got this for lags year for my birthday. >> like your mascot? >> yes. >> in 2014, marissa busy life screeched to a halt whether her mom, gina, was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> the day after easter i got phonecall just my heart dropped, just heart wrenching to hear that news. >> i was in tears, i didn't think i would get over it. >> went from one day, how to get to our activities, how to study for the test, where is she going to get chemo?
6:36 am
>> the story after little girl, whose mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. >> when i got the book, my mom was getting treatment, while i found the book. >> main character makes a promise, or promisea. >> i just got inspired by the book, i wanted to make my own promisea. we're going to ask god and the virgin to help your mother, and in return, each of us is going to do something special. >> pro missa march ace will fulfill this mothers day, as she trades in her pink ballet shoes for sneak tears walk in a sea of pink at this year's race for the cures. even team captain leading team race for gina in honor of her mom. >> since she went through breast cancer, i thought she would be named after her. >> gina by the way, after six rounds of chemo, is cancer-free. >> you must be just so proud of your caughter? >> for her, to come and decide to do this race and to raise money for such a special cause, really, really means so much to me. >> and the whole family will
6:37 am
be out on the course with her. >> i couldn't be prouder of the girls for taking something so difficult in our lives and turn it into something positive. >> but marissa and little sister sophia both realize the fight continues for many others. >> so i want to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. >> i am really looking forward to just seeing everybody, like, just raising money and walking to just find a cure for it. >> and all the greenwood's are here with us at the top of the art museum steps right now. and welcome, guys, your first race, and we will start things down here with mom jean a you will be walking down the steps today as first year survivor of breast cancer. you must be so excited. >> i am. it is so exciting. i can't wait. i think will be emotional but exciting, too. >> yes, and the whole family is here to cheer you on. of course we have the stars of the race right here, our team captain, marissa.
6:38 am
and little sister, sophie a how much have you actually raised now as of now? >> $3,200. >> i mean, it deserves rounds of applause, so fantastic. are you excited? >> very excited. >> i can't wait to get going. dad, i mean, you watch everything un fowl. i know you said this all marissa's idea. you didn't put the -- plant the seed in her head, she just came up with it. >> you must be proud of these guys. >> the fact it was her idea, we can't even take credit forgetting her the book. she found the book. she red it, it was her idea. we're all here today because of her. we couldn't be prouder. >> we are so proud to have up here and the wonderful work you did, it was an awesome, awesome thing d good luck on the race today, guys. joining up with about ten, 15 other folks, your family, making up team race for gina. and yes, all so happen that i you're here and will be walking down the steps. with that said, another survivor that is so very near and dear to our hearts here at cbs-3, is the lovely miss carol erickson. we send things down to her
6:39 am
now. >> katie, it is so great to be back, and you know, this is a day of individual stories. it is a group story of breast cancer, but, these are individual store that's make it up. and i'm with christine lamar. what a story she has. she is also part of survivors love, sugarhouse komen partnership, where people just diagnosed get the support of other people just diagnosed. tell everybody the day you were diagnosed. >> i was diagnosed december 24th, 2014, christmas eve. so it was horrible. >> you went to the doctor thinking it was a routine check up? >> i did. and she says to me i feel a lump and i went are you kidding me. she says no. and she said you need to go get your mammogram and then i went, got the mammogram, got a biopsy, i was positive for triple negative. >> that's one that you were telling me is casino of hard to treat? >> yes. >> you have been through all the treatment? >> yep, i have been. i had radiation for 26 treatment, i had chemo for 16
6:40 am
weeks, and i had surgery march 9th of last year. >> so somebody hearing this is going to be like oh, boy, i go to the doctor and i have to walk out with news like this. how do you process that? and where are you now? that johnny? >> honestly when you first hear it, you're in disbelief because you are thinking are you kidding me? this can't be happening? then as you start the process you're kind of walking through it, in casino after state where you just have to get through the treatment. and then once you're done you're like whew, i'm done. and, i mean, relief honestly. >> are you the same christine lamar that you were on december 23rd of 2014? have you changed through this journey? >> my husband calls me christine 2.0. >> living life to the hon fullest honestly. it is amazing. >> you look terrific. let me gave you a hug. >> thank you, sending out that virtual hug. and that hug to every single survivor and every woman and man out there.
6:41 am
and let's head over to rahel, and find out what's going on. >> all right, carol, thank you. incredible stories, good to see you. and the powerball luck has spread to our region. the soul winning ticket in last night's drawing was bought in new jersey. winnings number: and the powerball, lucky number nine. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live at a diner in trenton. talking to people this morning. about the big jackpot. good morning, anita. >> much rich they are morning, in new jersey, after winning that powerball jackpot. officials say that last night that ticket was drawn, it has not been claimed yet, however. >> hasn't been released which store it was sold at, but now will reset for the next drawing wednesday night which will be nor $40 million. right now we're here at pat's original dine in trenton talking to people about what they would dot within my and let me tell you, a lot of people are actually pretty
6:42 am
selfless. >> my son not married yet, i set them up whatever they wanted and my oldest gram date, his daughter, i would set her up, also. and myself, i just want to be around them. i want to be where ever they're at. i want to be around them, take them all where ever they want to go. >> the seventh largest one in powerball history. live in trenton, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> some lucky people in new jersey, thank up, anita. and once again, those winning numbers: five, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball nine. >> the jackpot reached $429.6 million. that's a lot of money. and that's it for the news for now. let's sends it back to ukee and jessica at the art museum
6:43 am
for this morning's race for the cure. jessica, ukee, so many incredible stories of survival this morning. >> unbelievable. >> people filing in, and you see, the pink shirts, that means you're a survivor. you guys, see more and more people showing up with the pink shirts t makes you realize, what a difference, events like this make, in people's lives. >> hopefully brief shower, and will just move on now, we hope so. but once again nothing can dampen the spirits of what's happening here in philadelphia on the parkway. >> guys, we will take a quick break and be right back.
6:44 am
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>> i have to tell you, moment ago i was thinking, wow, it is nice out, the sun will peak through, all the sudden ten just start today downpour. so here we, are inside this gorgeous tent, if you can see, all the pink behind me not only the pink, whom i wood glam theme, but also talking to a lot of people today with a lot of great stories and emotions, so melissa, come on
6:47 am
over. >> first, let's talk about the sponsorship, macy sponsorship in general. >> well, we are real thrilled to be here today. i know it is raining but we are sun shining in here. but we've been as oath aided with susan g. komen for almost eight years now. and we're really, cited. started the pink, big pink footprint as a reach for young survivors. we have a lot of moms that are customers, and our associates, and we really want it to be here to support our associates, our customers and more importantly our families. >> so when everyone comes through here, what are they going to see in the tents? >> in the tent we have our beauty expert. and actually, it is real away to celebrate life. and to get them excited, about their journey, that's in front of them, hopefully positive
6:48 am
one for sure. and we're really here to headache them feel great today. and specially those that are moms, young moms, and make sure that they really celebrate their time with their families. >> absolutely. >> our fourth years, these are from center city philadelphia, giving their time, which they are too long do, willingly, they love coming here every single year. and then they go back to work. >> so many will travel back to the store and host all of our customers and our associates. >> thank you so much for all that you do. >> thank you very much. >> tan doesn't stop here. there are so many people that come here to make this event possible. andrea another one, i first and for most have to say you look absolutely stunning. >> thank you very much.
6:49 am
>> young survivors, 20 to 40 years old, and we want this to be a special place that they can come today, sort of really let loose, feel excited about their victory, and celebrate for the special women that they are. >> breast cancer something very near and dear to your heart. can you talk about that in your own family? >> it is. i lost my grandmother to breast cancer in 1989, when there wasn't a cure available. and of course, you know, very few treatment, subsequently lost a cousin very young 52 years old, and that broke a link, in a chain in our link, that i felt like it was time to takings. >> let's talk about how important it is to include the younger generation. young survivors face issues that the more mature survivors don't necessarily face, fertility issues, career issues, and childcare issues
6:50 am
so four very special women found in the big pink footprint tent and here to celebrate them. >> so much more coming, don't go anywhere, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back. fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious
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>> the survivors tent is packed right now with people trying to get out of the rain. we've been watching this line of showers all week long. well, they made their presence known, good news, already starting to wind down a little bit. hopefully we can put the umbrellas as way, joining me, least, a head of the consumer insight and grand strategy for with a a and wawa has been partner, contributing partner here at the race for the cure for over two decades, why such an important mission for wawa? >> this is important to us for our communities, but also for our associate. so many of our associates have been touched by breast cancer personally in the fight, or something someone they love involved in it. this is our way between wawa and the wawa foundation, to be able to be so involved from a financial stant pounds, as well from a participation stands point. >> so proud to be here. >> fantastic. now tell us about the involvement this year. tell us about the foundation that was just created. >> so the foundation created
6:54 am
to focus our, all of the wonderful work that we do, within the community, on three areas. we have got hunger, health and every day heroes. and, it is a wonderful thing so the idea of health, particularly breast cancer susan g. komen philadelphia race for the cure as we said we've been involved for over two decades, we have 200 people who have signed up from wawa to participate today to hand out food and beverages, to all of the people that are participating in the race. we think about over the years that we've been involved, we've done over million products hasn't dollars out to people. but while we're proud of that, most proud of the millions of lives we've been able to touch through the participation as well as the financial funding. >> absolutely, and wawa of course is such a staple of our communities, we all go to wawa all the time, so nice to have you as part of the race for the cure. thank you so much for all you do. >> pleasure to be here. >> fantastic, lisa from with a washings and we send it down now to jim and brooke and see if they manage to stay dry in the rain. hi, guys. >> hi, yes, mace he's -- in
6:55 am
the tent again. i shop at macy's so they now protect me from the rain. >> you're always at macy's. >> i know, there yesterday. got this shirt. couldn't use a coupon, though. but you know, we made a lot of friends over the cbs tent few moments ago. >> sardines. >> exactly. >> we're family out here. all about support. so we were physically. >> and talking about family, cherri gregg from "kyw news radio", so happy to have you here this morning, joining us, we see you on sunday mornings doing the news reports, and now you're here for the race of the for the cure. all of the radio steaks haves been real active each year. >> yes. all of the cbs radio family is here today. we are all supporting as you can see as kyw we have all the stations, because this is such a good cause, the susan g. komen race for the cure, just being here, we're all impacted by breast cancer, just talking to some of the survivors, some of the moms, dads, everybody, who has been impacted is so inspiring, and so i'm here
6:56 am
with "kyw news radio", bet is here, weaver quite a few of our different characters and personalities, just like you guys, because we're all a family. >> speaking of our apers until at this, our beautiful carol erickson, the love of my life. >> did you say carol was the love of your life. >> don't tell brooke, carol is the love of my life always. but you have been here for years and years watching how each year it grows. >> it really does, the thing that is amazing, jim, we see the same people year after year who come to the survivor steps. and every year they are one year past when they had it and they are feeling better and stronger and stronger, and then there are new survivors that join them on the steps, but everybody's got a story. and it is a sense every comradery here unbelievable. yep, we were huddled under the selfie tent, staying out of the rain that just all the sudden showed up. but really the feeling you get here from everybody, that they
6:57 am
are altogether and in a group, because so many of us have been through the same thing, and so many families have been through this. and everybody knows what everybody else has been through, and it is just casino of just goes through the airwaves, and a sense of comradery, i don't think you find any place else. >> you know what, also about fundraising because this doesn't just happen. i mean, we need people to support susan g. komen, race for the cure. you can text the word pink to 80077. and that's to donate $10. >> donate $10, yes. >> and we will be right back. as race for the cure continues. stay with us.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ welcome wack everyone to our cbs-3 race for the cure coverage here on this mothers day. >> we're here inside the macy's tent, so thankful to let us get out of the rain little bit. and so close, meeting people, it is amazing, everyone so happy, so proud, and we're so proud of them. >> exactly. now the rain is drizzling little bit out there right now, so we would like to toss it over to kate bilo with a look at how long this rain will be hanging around, kate, will we be able to get out of this tent in the next


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