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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with. nick: yeah, what he's just seen before. just do it again. that's going to be tight. very tight to the edge. beautiful tee shot. to stand up and hit a draw? very impressive. jim: well, castro in the water. hahn drills it 300-plus.
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♪ jim: all new tonight on cbs -- it all ends tonight for "the good wife," and then the season ender for "elementary." only cbs. golf ball that belongs to roberto castro. what happened with that swing? nick: didn't quite hit his usual little fade. a little nervous. got a little short on a couple of times. especially that second shot on 16. a little short on the back swing
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and blocked it right. he went all the way back to the tee. i don't think he even had a practice swing. he went through all of that, signing the card, driving back. pulls the first. you're first off and let's have another look at this swing. just going to be fractions. it's all going to look very similar, isn't it? the right shoulder -- oh, he pulled it down fast, didn't he? just the arms were a little quicker. just a tiny bit. especially when you want to fade the ball, you want that right shoulder there. you're talking a half an inch, an inch out of position. but his major problem here is when he drops it, i doubt he can do anything better than -- short
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of the green. dottie: and striking it at one of it steepest areas to have bank and he'll have 225 to the hole. 195 just to the front. >> good? >> that's fine. nick: it's not all lost, sit, dottie? if he can make the five. dottie: yeah, there's no guarantee that hahn makes furor better. nick: absolutely none. dottie: you want to make him earn it. get that ball up there somewhere, give yourself a chance. nick: keep it safe. even if the best you can do is 20 yards short of the green. and then obviously you have to get it up and down.
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jim: can he get it anywhere close to the front of the green? i just heard a yardage given to him to the front. nick: i'm surprised he's going with this. he's just trying to pull off the impossible shot, to be honest. peter: sometimes, nick, chunking down on a fairway wood this much about your feet, easier than a long iron. dottie: it's certainly more mass to hit. nick: he's either going to say don't swing to fast so you're going to block it and hit it straight right. dottie: maintaining your balance is first and foremost. nick: you haven't had a swing like this probably for months possibly.
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dottie: that was tremendous contact at the far right edge of the green. jim: he killed it. nick: tell you what if there wasn't a gallery there, that could have been 50 yards over the green. peter: james hahn now has 15 yards less than he had in regulation. he's got 188 left and he's chose an 7-iron, which is plenty of club. nick: yeah. he can hit it straight towards our cbs sign. middle of that, forget the flag. peter: taking no time.
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this is on a very nice line. just 20,30 feet right of the hole. nick: he's a really impressive golfer, isn't he, peter? peter: i do not understand how he missed seven cuts in a row. i really don't. nick: no, there's no weakness. to go through mentally that torture and come out here, obviously you're on an upward spiral. but to handle all of this. he needs to put this on a tape and instead of watching golf swings, just watch himself for the rest of the year if not the rest of his career. jim: he walks after it and says go a little bit. nick: he says come on. that was solid. that's all he wanted was to get up there. fun character. you know, the man who sold shoes in the department store.
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he knows the difference between gym shoes and christian louboutins. jim: for a while he wore a suit every day to work. sold shoes. worked for an advertising company. sold shoes for nordstrom's and all the while he was practicing out of the richmond country club in the east bay area. his father won a driving range when the hahn brothers were growing up. his brother tom now teaches golf at the university of china. nick: as i said, i spoke to him earlier in the week and said who are you visualizeling? he said my draw is seve. seve passed away just five years ago this week. and i said what about about a fade? he said trevor immelman.
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circa 2012, to be exact. that's how he sees his golf game. he visualizing other people and matches their technique and tempo. jim: and you know where seve won his first american victory? in greensboro, 1978. the ball is inside one of the shoes you see there. you saw a spectator standing up. got hit right on the right cheekbone. there it is. that's amazing. nick: well, you can't about say he hit it to a foot, can you? jim: oh.
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his chances are very slim now. got the long-shot scenario of holing this one. hahn basically in the same line that he had in regulation but closer. nick: hang on, how appropriate is this? the former shoe salesman and he just hit into a shoe. jim: could have gone out and helped a little bit. had a spare shoe horn in his back pocket. nick: you have to place it after two drops. no closer to the hole. needs to chip it in. hang on a minute. chip it in for four. up and down for a five. dottie: he has hold it out three times this week. nick: yeah. jim: this shot is easy compared to the one on friday at 18.
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knocked it in from over 200 yards for a deuce. nick: we've seen some amazing things.
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this man is trying to hole this. hole this for four. jim: look at this. right at it. right at it. oh. he gave it quite a run, didn't he? just so speedy and then somehow, a little slower it might have started to take that bend. nick: james is a very similar angle. just six feet shorter, irked think. jim: maybe even a little closer than that. closer to that little dark ridge you pointed out when he three-putted. what do you see here, peter?
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peter: he knows what the speed of this putt is going to do. virtually identical and he knows it's match play as well. he wants a no-stress tap-in from here. nick: you can tell his intensity, he's cranked it up a tough as he walks around that putt. point of view he is again not taking very much time. nick: he's done the same again. done the same again. jim: not a stress-free tap-in. nick: wow. now, technically he could finish. jim: would you recommend that? nick: yeah, knock it in for four, you have that to win. and if you miss it your opponent has to hole it to stay alive. jim: looks like he has ceded that opportunity to castro now, who will have this putt for a
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five. nick: this might be even straighter than the one he had before. that chip came down just turning a fraction right to left so will it go back a fraction left to right? jim: that's an unbelievable five. nick: sure is. jim: from the side of that bank, playing his third shot. now hahn has three feet to win it. peter: he asked his caddie for some water before the first putt and he asked him for some water before this putt. so his caddie ran to the back of the green and got the water. jim: takes a little sip before both occasions.
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nick: that last attempt he was trying probably just outside right edge. he knows it's right of center. jim: there it is. there's your champion. james hahn wins for the second time, consecutive years with victories on tour. by virtue of a playoff on both occasions. wife stephanie and little girl kylie make their way out there for a family celebration.
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peter kostis, down to you. peter: thank you. after eight straight missed cuts, i suppose your little baby girl helps you keep some perspective but how could you see this happening? >> you just keep believing. i'm surrounded with a great team. my wife, i owe it all to her. eight straight missed cuts is tough and not a lot of people can understand that and to come out here and -- it's -- sorry. peter: no worries. it's mother's day and i know your wife and your mother are a big part of your team as well. >> happy mother's day. i love you guys much i know you're watching. i can't wait to celebrate by come home. peter: how difficult is it to get through the downs? james: it's the most difficult part of what we do for a living. you start questioning yourself. are you good enough? will it ever happen again? then you start thinking into the
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future as far as selling shoes again for a living. but with my wife, my mom, my dad. just everyone that i've surrounded myself with have helped me out a lot, including you, so thank you very much. peter: there are some fairly good experts on our golf team and they all think this should be the norm for james hahn and not the eight missed cuts. james: i like this. winning can be a habit and definitely i would like to make winning a hackett. it's crazy to call myself a two-time pga tour champion but that's -- peter: we have to keep this going. we did it in riviera and now we can do it here. james: i didn't think i could do it on the first playoff hole. every playoff i had was two or three holes. peter: congratulations and way to hang in there. james: thank you. happy mother's day, everyone. jim: he said before the round about his mother that she made so many sacrifices.
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taught us good values, how to trust ourselves. she's my heart, he said. he wins it with a par on the first playoff hole. nick: that's to be expected on a hole as difficult as this. but he played it with real heart. beautiful drive. beautiful second shot. jim: let's go down to dottie pepper. dottie? dottie: jim, thanks. here with roberto castro. you shared some great perspective about the gritty finish. where does this put you going forward for the rest of the year? >> i'm really excited. this is my fifth year on tour and the season has always started this time of year for me. when i made it to the tour championship, i'd only made a few bucks before the players and went on to have a good summer.
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i'm really encouraged by what i saw in my game here this week. theas great test here at quail hollow. excited to tee it up next time. dottie: when you missed it at 18 here in the playoff. you were grinding to hole that. >> it's a great shot if you have to make it. pitch it on the green and hope it rolls right in. about 10 feet away it looked really good. i think with softer speed it might turn in the right side. but congratulations to james. everyone had to grind it out. dottie: does this let you set goals for the rest of the year? >> i think so. you always want to stay ahead of the curve, whatever your goals are. feel like you're a little bit ahead of where you want to be and chasing the next thing. i think this puts me in that position. dottie: well played. >> thank you, dottie. dottie: jim? jim: he was under par all four rounds. the yum dated fedexcup standings
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look this way. a pair of oz -- aussies up, first and second positions. brandt snedeker, the top american at this point. then russell knox, kevin kisner and patrick reed, who made the cut here. jordan spieth. hahn moves to 26th with his victory. and again, here's the lineup tonight on cbs. it all begins with "60 minutes." we'll be right back to clarlt. after this word from your local station.
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justin rose was third. mcill son, -- mickelson, mcilroy and fowler tide for third. some of the action today, fifth hole, par 5. birdie putt for hahn. but you really began to take notice of what he was doing when he was over this putt at the seventh hole just as we were coming on the air at 3:00 eastern time. this happened for eagle at seven. and look how he backed it up at the eighth hole, the short four. play this is second shot. just cleared that bunker.
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the birdie bid at eight. meanwhile, roberto castro at the seventh hole. this was his third shot. throws a wedge at it. spins it back just below the hole. made his bird dwhri at the seventh. now moving up ahead to the 11th. twip it was castro, hahn, and rose all battling. they knew that mickelson and mcilroy had posted seven-under 281. and that set up a birdie at the 14th.
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this was a beautiful shot by james hahn, wasn't it, nick, at the 15th? nick: yeah, and he played a very strong second shot in to the top side and made easy work of that chip shot. jim: led to a birdie. playing right behind him, castro. nick: his bunker average hadn't been good. gave it a bit of a stab. jim: the putt was much more impressive than maybe you would know at home. we've seen so many miss from there. but he matched hahn's birdie. at 18, regulation. three-putt bogey for hahn. which gave castro a chance. he would have to two-putt for a playoff. this was the second putt. to extend it.
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in the playoff. castro teed off first. nick: just a little bit faster arm action. played a lovely fade all day and that one just toed in a touch and hit it straight down the creekline. jim: this putt to win it with a four. boy, that was a confident stroke, wasn't it? nick: strong. jim: we'll be back at the wells fargo championship in just a moment.
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. jim: again tonight on cbs, "60 minutes" coming up shortly for most of you.
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"madam secretary," "the good wife," "elementary." we showed you this one -- once today. in the bag of james hahn, that cover, and that's what james hahn had out there on display today. i love mom. nick: we all do. jim: yes, we do. where do you see this talented player going from here? nick: we saw this over a year ago when he won at los angeles. we said what a great golf swing, a great character and everything. fortunately wound himself up looking for the perfection of this game and unfortunately come back out of it so i hope he's learned an even better lesson of how good he is right now. he can go out and play his own game and doesn't have to go looking to perfect this anymore.
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♪ jim: again tonight on cbs. you saw the lineups, coming up shortly. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] . jim: and the jacket, no less. for all the crew, lance barrow, steve milton. the incredible men and women behind the cbs golf team. happy mother's day. happy mother's day out there to joyce faldo and doris nantz. all the moms. courtney nantz. we're heading home. hope you enjoyed the wells fargo. congratulations, james hahn.
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right now on "eyewitness news", jackpot in jersey. someone in the garden state won more than $400 million in last night's powerball. and we've just learned where that winning ticket was sold. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown, thank for joining us, the ticket sold at 7-eleven on chambers street in trenton, new jersey, trang do is there with all of the excitement. i guess lots of people are streaming in, frank? >> oh, yes, that the tasha. probably see them all around. yes, still no word on who bought that ticket but we know it was sold at this store ever since the news came out people are stopping in to buy lottery ticket or to be a part of the excitement


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