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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 9, 2016 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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kirks i give you a hug? >> yeah, give her a hug. >> she is doing this only because the cameras are there. >> olivia munn's mother cracking us up. donny wahlberg's mom on raising nine kids on welfare. >> i had to learn how to make meals out of nothing. >> and embarrassing stories from ll cool j's mom. >> and then are ben and jen back together? new shots and rumors they were kissing on vacation. >> plus, liam hemsworth, we ask him about the miley wedding rumors. >> are you getting married? >> plus joe zee's do others. what trend was the absolute worst? >> don't thigh tri-this at home. and michael weatherly's first interview about leaving ncis? >> when will you go back for a reunion or visit? >> the reason he is walking away as we look back. >> i promise not to turn around because i'd have a bird's-eye view.
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>> get out of there! >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." happy mother's day weekend, everyone. a and to celebrate, we have a very special show just for the occasion, stars sitting down with their moms. the adorable, the hilarious, the moving, all ahead. first, let's get to some big couples news. >> what is the status? are you getting married? ladies out there need to know. >> i find it easier to not talk about my personal life because usually i say the wrong things. it ends up complicating things more. i feel like it's better not took it. >> it is hard kind of keeping your personal life out of the public eye? >> obviously people are going to photograph it and write what they want to write. but, you know, it's my personal life. it's just easier on everyone if we keep it personal. >> so hypothetically the live speaking. >> everyone is happy. >> everyone is happy. >> liam and miley were snapped together monday at l.a.x. on friday hemsworth had sailing training for the america's cup.
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he is joining landrover and ainsley sailing for the t race this weekend. ben affleck and jen good afternooner are sparking rumors they're back together. the couple announced their split in june but have remained on friendly terms. they did sight seeing in the french capital and both sampled the local ice cream there is even a report they were seen kissing. we checked on that and sources close to the pair tell us, quote, they are not together but are friends and coparents. next, baby news. rob kardashian and blac chyna are expecting their first child. >> congratulation, chyna. have you seen the sonogram yet? >> the couple along with kim ignored the paparazzi when asked last tuesday, but made it official friday. the couple have been dating since january. the news comes after some reality show drama. rob can be seen arguing with his sisters about his engagement to blac chyna on a preview for
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"keeping up with the kardashians." >> listen to the hostility in your voice. it's the reason i don't say anything. it's the first time i've ever proposed to anyone in my life. don't come at me with [ bleep ]. now our kelly and michael update. >> everything is great for me. the other side of the dirt. >> we spoke to strahan monday. >> and the emmy goes to -- >> kelly ripka and michael strahan. >> it was awkward last sunday when it was announced they won an emmy. >> i don't think they're here. >> friday the 13th is michael's last day. and after his four-year stint on "live" we hear the show is planning something for his last day. but it's not something huge. when regis left after 23 years, it was dubbed his farewell special. there was a long retrospective piece and surprise guests. >> please welcome new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >> as for michael's replacement, a source tells "e.t." they're definitely looking for something more ethnically diverse. >> you saw joe zee talk to strahan. in the middle of one wild event with beyonce showing up without her ring or her husband.
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couples, fay lore, a lot of skin. what do the stars look like after their glam squad leave? we love the gala before and after. it's glam on the red carpet, then hours later, no makeup and sweat. >> here we go, here we go. >> lady gaga went den minute. katie holmes, sleek straight hair went stragly as she went shopping. and whoa, she lost her wig and the makeup and found her some bohns ivy park workout wear. but taylor wins going from this to this. haute couture and having a pigout. monday night it was all about beyonce, babs. thanks, madonna. maybe use more to cover the
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back. lady gaga was no pant, no problem until miss sky-high stilettos had to brace herself on kate hudson's back. >> you're having a moment with lady gaga on the carpet. >> i know. >> once again lady gaga shuts down the met gala red carpet in a latex dress. >> no wedding ring, no jay-z. it was her first red carpet since rumors her visual album lemonade was about him cheating. why was jay a no-show? a report says he has done it before there is no big reason for him to go. oh, we remember, two years ago. solange. leave it up to queen bey's little sis to give a nod in a lemon yellow dress. taylor was the met's dancing queen and co-chair. she stunned in this fashionably technology themed appropriate louis vuitton look. >> you're not a robot. >> couples that got the theme right kim and kanye and gigi and
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zayn. >> some ripped jeans and he went a little cyborg. claire danes' electric dress lit up on instagram. >> let's just say that. ♪ like it's 1999 >> katy played tribute to prince inside the gala. >> oh, look, there is orlando. prada clad ms. perry breech bleached her black eyebrows blond and both were wearing a throwback toy we think steal theirs coupledom. >> this has been my tech contribution for this year's met gal lap. >> emma stone showed off and lupita's sky-high bun made us think of marge simpson. all expecting their second babies. kerry washington put a hand on her bump. emily blunt and olivia wilde were showing and glowing while blake lively's dress had a panel in front, but we see you little reynold. the reason of course for the
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gala is the museum's costume institute. head curator andrew bolton is the man in charge of the spectacular exhibit. how long have you been working on this particular exhibition? >> well, the idea is probably about a year. but we didn't start working on it for nine months. i think what i would love to take away is finally sort of access that fashion as an art form. >> and after it all we really love when nancy o'dell and joe zee break it in to do's, don'ts and do others. >> i love dolce & gabbana. i'm hoping no peacocks were harmed. >> what about the late givenchy gown. this dress took 1200 hours to make. >> well, cutouts were a big trend. i ah them on kendall jenner, margot robbie, rita or rachlt. >> they're flattering. hailey baldwin, the vertical strike and that loose silhouette isn't doing any favors. if i were to do over this dress,
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i would add cutouts. look at this. >> oh, my gosh, that looks so much better. >> amazing, right? i have a don't. don't be boring. look, for example, at how to get away with murder's asia naomi king. she wore this slip dress. it almost looked like she didn't even try. if i were to do this over, make the train on her dress a lot longer. and then i would add a cascade of hombre feathers. look at the transformation on that dress. >> claire was right on point with the theme of the dress with the lightup dress from zac posen. it was made from fiberoptic woven organza and had 30 mini battery packs sewn in. no charging station necessary. coming up, the do's, don'ts and do-overs of the entire week. right now let's kick off or celebration of mother's day weekend. ll cool j wants to meet her mom.
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memories that are so precious and maybe a little embarrassing. >> he was a cutie. >> i'm just glad my eyes straightened out. i looked like i was looking everywhere. a little cockeyed junior. look at him, man. >> the best thing about this picture is mom was a fox. >> yeah, yeah, my mother was. >> mom was a fox. >> hey. >> that was with toilet training. >> where do i go from there? >> love that. this is the woman who can full-on embarrass ll by opening up the family photo album and showing us his growing pains. >> i like this one. [ laughter ] >> it is a bit of a porn. i'm sorry. >> this is when todd game ll. >> we were just playing around and taking pictures. >> when he discovered jewelry. >> uh-huh. >> do you ever call him ll? >> no. >> or is it strictly todd?
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>> i might tease him and say ll or something. but no. huh-uh. just todd. he is ll cool j. that's his job. ♪ i'm going to knock you out >> but when you're home, you sit down with the family. you communicate with each other. you care about each other. you know? that's what you're supposed to do. you don't get like i'm a superstar and nothing else matters. ♪ >> when did you realize the ladies loved cool j? >> the girls liked todd. he was bashful. >> really? >> yes. >> thanks for that. >> i remember i'm like bad report card or something, you know, todd, girls don't like dummies. >> always been a straight shooter even as a single mom raising ll in queens. she actually binge watches his show, "ncis l.a." and loves the
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lip-synch battle just like the rest of us. what she loves most about her son is he a s a devoted father to his four kids and husband to wife simone hi, see a good daddy. he tries to get to all of his children's activities and everything. >> i love you. i appreciate you. and, you know, check's in the mail! >> and i got to say, i loved the stars with their moms like that. >> when your mom is sitting right next to you, you can't be anything more than who you truly are. >> right now later that night, they hit the town with nichelle, and they went to see the musical "hamilton" which just rocked the tonys with 16 nominations. >> i'm so jealous. dying to see it. that show well deserves all the nominations. coming up, are these moms as wild in real life as they are on screen? mila kunis and christina applegate go off the rails in
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"bad mom". >> wrapped an ace bandage three times. >> our exclusive first look is next. ncis's michael weatherly on leaving cbs's number one drama. >> when will you go back for a reunion or a visit? >> that and more stars with their moms are on the way as we i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2.
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any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. the bake sale. no nuts or egg, soy, nuts, butter, salt or sweets. no. >> every mother has been there. so much pressure to be perfect to get it all done. let's face it. well can't all the time. when the stress is too much all the time in the movie "bad moms," watch out. >> watch out. here is what you do. you think of "the hangover" but for motherhood. >> oh, that's dangerous. >> very dangerous. i have your first look at some of our favorite hollywood moms gone wild. >> "e.t." moms, here is a sneak peek of "bad moms." >> is that your mom bra? >> this is my sexy bra.
12:20 am
>> look likes you wrapped an ace bandage around you. >> mila is a mom trying to balance it all while christina applegate leads a group of mom bully. >> are these store bought donut holes? >> i'm going to destroy. >> it's war. mila and kristen bell for a bit of mom gone wild. >> you bad mom! >> bad mom. >> honey. >> the movie also features nfl star j.j. watt. >> excuse me! >> mila's football loving hubby completely fan boyed out. >> would you like more interested in seeing you that day or jj? >> how dare you. of course jj. >> what brings out the bad mom in you? >> i'm on a schedule and things don't always add to that schedule, i have to remind myself, it's not like honey, it's in the calendar. it's bedtime. she is like mama. and i'm forget it. >> i'm sorry, okay. i'm trying. >> well, try harder. >> everybody in this movie is a mom. the first thing that happens is
12:21 am
5:00 in the morning is how did your baby sleep? how is the night? that's the first thing you ask. how are the kids? any time you walk up to where our chairs are, we're all video chatting our children. >> such a good mom. make no mistake, this is a very adult movie. >> the guy who wro this also wrote the three hangover movies. what can we expect? >> basically, sort of vile language. not a family film. >> in the movie mila is sing well two kids. in real life she and ashton have just one daughter so far. so i'm wondering, does that make you think about maybe a sibling? >> oh, for sure. listen, no, i'm not pregnant. oh my god. that's how rumors start. absolutely i do want to have more kids one day. for sure. yes. >> dr. christi . >> back to christina's side. what is the last time you allowed yourself an evening out to get more crazy? >> last night. >> last night? talk to me. what happened last night? >> hey, when the husband and the
12:22 am
kids are out of town. >> oh, man. >> i mean, i made out with so many women tonight. >> guys, i really like -- >> in real life kristen is not much of a partier. >> we put the kids down and we look at the clock and it's 7:43, and we're like go to bed! curl up, maybe pop on john oliver. i don't know. and then -- >> but even perfect christina 'fesses up to her own bad mom moment. >> my daughter got mad at me and she was 2 1/2 and slammed the door in my husband and my face and both of us simultaneously flipped her off. >> christina, it's okay as long as the kids don't see you do it, right? no. >> no. that's embarrassing. let's turn to michael weatherly. he is leaving "ncis" in day, gone, forever. and kevin frazier got his first interview about walking away. >> i brought you a little gift. i thought because you've been such an important part of the show. >> come on. >> it's a swiss army knife that
12:23 am
says big kiss. i always called it n kiss when we started. that's the big kiss. >> i appreciate that. the thing about seeing you at "ncis" is i always would get a little nervous for your interview. because i never knew where we were going. >> oh, yeah. >> round two, here we go. come on. what you got? >> his "ncis" co-stars are his family. so why is he walking away? why not do this forever? >> the character had to leave at some point. i should have left years ago. but i was having so much fun, i overstayed my welcome horribly, like that guest who won't leave and keeps digging into your fridge. >> oh! >> well, he is leaving behind some of the craziest moments we've ever seen. but we met him way back before "ncis" in 1994, he was a 25-year-old rocker. ♪ he was in a band, but his daytime gig was as a soap opera star on "loving". >> good morning, "entertainment
12:24 am
tonight," or good night, "entertainment tonight." >> oh, that young guy. >> he has visited our set a bunch of times. and i think mary hart will never forget this. it's "entertainment tonight" like you've never seen it before. i promise not to turn around because i have a bird's-eye view. [ laughter ] >> get out of there! >> get out of there. mary! that was not the first time he got a little racy. >> you got to really do it without the -- >> oh, my gosh. >> this is michael weatherly, and you're watching -- >> what are we watching? >> you're watching "playboy" tv. >> all i can say about that is if you think about it, the most fun we have in life is with our pants down. and so i just feel like if you want to feel good, get those pants off and see what happens. >> i don't know if i agree with you there, michael. but i do know "ncis" won't be
12:25 am
the same without special agent gibbs torturing tony dinozzo. >> will you miss hitting in the back of the head? >> i won't miss the head slap. we had a good decade of that and i think i had my fill. >> when will you go back for a reunion or a visit? >> i'm kind of curious about where "ncis" goes next as a franchise. and if dinozzo were to be part of that deep space exploration, i'm all for the missions. but for the time being, i'm going to collapse into a heap. i'm going to watch a lot of golf. >> ah, don't you believe it. michael is working already. he is working with dr. phil on a new tv drama for cbs. and it's based on dr. phil's younger days as a trial consultant and we might see hit the fall. up next, our mother's day weekend continues with lori loughlin and her look-alike teenaged daughters. >> wow! >> what? getting pretty honest here. >> i didn't mean it in a mean way. then hillary with chelsea clinton looking back on
12:26 am
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♪ whatever happened >> we are continuing to celebrate mother's day weekend with more star moms and their kids. and i love it. >> this is a really fun one two. "full house"'s lori loughlin has two beautiful teenaged daughters. they look just like her. they have plenty following, including youtube. i sit down with the famous mother who knows like all moms how to embarrass her kids. >> oh, god! >> don't. >> they like to tease. and surprisingly were not fans of their mom's early tv days. >> they didn't watch "full house" growing up. they said it was weird, right? >> maybe they weren't watching because they were leading fabulous lives. and now they want their own careers in the spotlight. >> today i'm we're the stranger. >> 16-year-old olivia has over 150,000 youtube subscribers where she has done makeup
12:29 am
makeovers on mom. >> always kind of rough, honestly. it's hard because she has such deep set eyes. they're kind of hooded. >> wow. >> what? >> getting pretty honest here. >> despite the teasing, they really think mom is cool. bella, 17 is a fashion blogger. and the sisters have been featured in teen vogue. but 51-year-old lori doesn't want to be any kardashian type empire. >> i have no idea being a momager, a manager. >> you're not like that at all. >> i don't want to be. >> dad is fashion designer massimo and both girls are taking acting lesson. >> a fashion designer dad, a mom who is an actress, does it give you the pressure more to prove? >> it gives both of us a leg up, especially in acting. it's also going to be difficult because she is a really good actress. we're going have to live up to it. >> thanks. nice of you to say that. >> buttering up mom. they know just what to say.
12:30 am
in two years, she is going to have to say goodbye to her oldest as she sends her off to college. it's so bittersweet. and lori says that sometimes she wishes that she could just wave a magic wand, go back to when they were little. for a day, even. i'm holding on that right now. >> hold on to it. it's the best. we have another famous mom who has really been this the head lanes of late, hillary clinton. she and daughter chelsea sat down with kevin frazier for a very rare and candid joint interview. >> because we're in hollywood, a lot of stars step forward the speak wrap-up they hold fundraisers to raise money. is there anyone who you're still starstruck? >> oh, my gosh. when george clooney and amal did that event for me at their home, i was starstruck. obviously, i'm a huge fan of george's. and i hadn't yet amal, but i knew people who knew her, because she is a human rights lawyer, which i am enthusiastically impressed by. so the idea that they were going to do this. and then we got to spend some personal time together.
12:31 am
that was pretty starstrucky time. >> it was amazing? >> it was. it was great. it was just terrific. >> did mrs. clinton get all twinkly eyed there? george had the same smitten look at her in 2003. actually lots of stars have sort of a crush on hillary. but no one more than katy perry. katy perry wore that t-shirt that you can buy that hillary clinton is a bad ass. how is your mom a bad ass? >> oh, well, how much time do we have, kevin? i'm in awe of her strength and grace. and i hope my daughter charlotte and her future little sister or brother feel the same way about me some day that i feel about my mom. >> that's right. chelsea is about to be a mom again. >> i just get more and more pregnant, kevin. it's inevitable. >> 19-month-old charlotte will be a big sister. will you even put a nursery in the white house? >> oh, my gosh, of course. easy question. i am thrilled that charlotte
12:32 am
recognizes me, calls me grandma, they'll facetime me. >> every day. she asks about her grandma every day. >> so you facetime? >> oh, gosh. at a the end of the day, it's the grandparents. chelsea and mark would video. when she was really video, they would make a sign that would say good luck, grand map. >> we watched them change over the years. hillary has evolved her look. and chelsea has gone from tight curls to straight and chic. how do they handle the haters? >> for better or worse i don't remember a time when she wasn't being attacked by people. i'm more concern about how it will affect my daughter. >> how will you? >> she isn't so aware, but she is becoming more aware. and so i'm more focused on that because i know my mom can take care of herself. >> did you know hillary's toughest critics was actually her own mom. sadly, dorothy passed away in 2011 about a year and a half after chelsea said i do. >> this is at your wedding.
12:33 am
but it's with your mom. and your mom raised you to do great things and to do your best. >> right, right. >> but right now how proud would she be? >> she would be excited. she would be very proud. but she would also be still giving me advice. >> oh, yes. >> oh my goodness. like i'm not sure you should have said that. or did you really need to wear that? once a mother, always a mother. >> that's a great interview right there. nice job, kevin. chelsea is due this summer so she'll be a mama too come election time. she and hubby mark are awaiting to find out the sex of their baby, something they did with their daughter charlotte as well. something my wife and i did not do. did you? >> we waited both times. >> i couldn't wait. i needed to know! >> on the way, drew barrymore talks mother's day as we rank the top five stories of the week. then -- >> ain't no holla back girl. >> inside the most epic karaoke ever. how they pulled this off.
12:34 am
>> how did this happen? how do you even crack it? ♪ it's bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by -- wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife. what to look at relapsing way multiple sclerosis?
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so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering. i think you feel best when you behave or react or come from the high road place. and my kids have elevated that for me in a way that is indescribable. they're my favorite people on the planet. and just seeing it every day makes me happy. >> okay, that's really sweet. andrew barrymore there at a nationwide safe kids event talking about the tattoo of her daughters' names olive and franklin that she recently got on her wrist. mother's day is her favorite day. >> a lot of mothers may say the same thing. maybe you included. this edition of our mother's day weekend continues with stars sitting down with their moms. if you're just joining us, we have a recap of this week's biggest headlines. here are this week's top five
12:38 am
stories. number five, chanon tatum is bringing magic mike to vegas. >> we're going the start magic mike live in las vegas at the hard rock. >> it won't include channing for now. >> if i'm ever in shape enough to do it again, i absolutely will do that. >> number four, blac chyna pregnant with rob kardashian's baby. >> congratulation, have you seen your sonogram yet? >> the couple along with kim ignored the pops when they asked about it last tuesday. but she made it official friday, posting this emoji. the couple have been dating since january. number three, janet pregnant at nearly 50. "e.t." broke the news wednesday, and we kind of had a feeling when on april 6 she dropped this. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. >> she had that i know but i'm not giving it up yet smile. she turns 50 on may 16th and obviously has to take it easy. >> i have to rest up, doctor's
12:39 am
orders. >> number two, liam hemsworth. are he and miley saying i do soon? >> are you getting married? are you walk down the aisle any time soon? ladies out there need to know. >> i just find it easier to not talk about my personal life. because usually i say the wrong thing. it ends up complicating things more. so i feel like it's better not to talk about it. >> hypothetically speaking? >> everyone's happy. >> everyone's happy. >> and the number one story this week, ben and jen reunite. sparking rumors they are back together. the couple was in paris thursday. they announce their split in june, but have remained on friendly terms. ben, jen and the kids did sight seeing in the french capital and they both sampled the local ice cream. there were even reports they were seen kissing. we checked on that. sources close to the pair tell us, quote, they are not together but they're friend and coparents. go to for the latest. this is a huge story this week. james cordon's amazing couple karaoke with gwen stefani,
12:40 am
george clooney and julia roberts? how did they keep that a secret? we put nichelschelle turner on case into the most epic making karaoke surprise ever ♪ >> it started out about seven minutes of awesomeness. james and gwen singing. then this happens. >> all right. >> how you? >> and this. >> hi. >> so you've got four of the biggest stars in hollywood. i mean how did you keep that a secret? well, james and gwen picked up george and julia right here on the l.a. studio lot where james tapes his show. in fact, you can see all four of them drive past this exact guard gate right here. i mean it's genius. because inside the studio lot, there are no paparazzi to catch them filming. so i think we're safe. ♪ few times been around that set so it's not going to happen like that, so i ain't no holla back
12:41 am
girl ♪ >> i think it was julia reached out and mentioned she would love to do carful karaoke. if you were ever going to do one with somebody like gwen stefani, i'd like to be a part of it. we happened to be doing one with gwen in the next few days. >> they knew her songs ahead of time? >> yeah, i think so. i don't know what kind of prep they put in beforehand. but they turned up and knew the song ♪ it's bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s >> the entire skit lasted about 14 minutes. but it took about an hour for gwen to shoot her part alone and another 20 minutes once george and julia joined in. the crew didn't have to travel far, about a half mile in total around three street here is in l.a., including right past this park where everybody was breaking it down to holla back girl. ♪ oh, it's my >> george and julia who skoe
12:42 am
star in the upcoming "money monster" weren't confirming until two days before shooting and it happened before julia went to this premier. but the real street to it all, james told me have fun. >> did you get nervous? >> not really. we've done a few now. so it's just fun, really. i don't know. everyone i look back on something in the car, i wish i enjoyed that more. >> it all ended here. and there are no do-overs. there are none ever for carpool karaoke. it's one take and that's it ♪ because we are the champions ♪ of the world >> how good is that? how do you possibly beat it? well, they can try because james and gwen also rocked out in justin timberlake's just released music video "can't stop
12:43 am
the feeling." straight ahead, stars and their moms. donny wahlberg's outspoken mother, but is she picking favorites? >> how could i not be your favorite? look at this face! >> then olivia munn. did
12:44 am
everyone is happy. it wouldn't just be because of you. >> that is olma. her fans know her as the heart and soul of amy's reality
12:45 am
series. so-called off burger joints owned by her sons, mark, paul and donny. >> as we continue to celebrate mother's day weekend, nischelle turner sat down with donny and his outspoken mom for one really heartfelt interview. >> there is this long running -- i don't want to call it debate, but i guess it is about who is the favorite kid. >> i already know. she's got to be politically correct. but i already know. >> no, no, no. >> well, the competition is kind of tough when you're one of nine kids, and mark wahlberg is your baby brother. >> look at that face. how could i not be your favorite? look at that face! >> it's easy to see why donny calls himself a mama's boy. this woman single-handedly raised him and his siblings while on welfare. >> i had to learn how to make meals out of nothing. would go to the salvation army store and buy shirts and different stuff. >> the wahlbergs have come a long way since then.
12:46 am
with the family's reality show wahlbergers, miss alma herself has become something of a celebrity. >> yesterday i was in the market. i didn't think i was going to get out. oue taking my picture in the market! ♪ >> and any new kids on the block fan can tell you she has been this for donny from the very start. we first met her 27 years ago when she and the other new kids' moms actually answered their sons' fan mail. >> donny came from a family of nine children and was the second youngest. so he usually wore his brothers' hand me down sneakers. >> do you think about holy cow, where we have come from and where we are now? do you ever sit back and think about that? >> her messages to us were always just to be a good person. she would remind us, not just in words, in deeds, you know. i remember i bought her a fancy bracelet for christmas one year. and she turned around and pawned it and got gifts for all of her
12:47 am
grandkids. she was what am i going to do with this fancy bracelet? >> to this day, i only thrift shop. even jewelry. and somebody will say to me, whoa, oh, that ring is gorgeous. i say yeah, it was $29. >> mark and i get all the glory for being so successful. but we're only a reflection of her. >> super-duper cute seeing them together. and mall told us that she really believes that donny and mark were destined for fame, even before mark leff new kids on the block in the mid-'80s. alma is excited because she said it's a time she thought the band was going to be huge, as in all of boston would know their names. still to come, olivia munn with her mom sharing her best and worst mother's day memories. >> we come home from school and have our mother's day cards that we had made for her. and she would look at it and go okay, thank you. and throw it into the trash immediately. >> you got the hear the story. and then style guru joe zee
12:48 am
is breaking down the biggest do overs of the week. first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which latin grammy winner studied business administration before pursuing music? it is enrique ♪ so my kids don't have to forage, ♪ ♪ got two jobs to pay a mortgage, ♪ ♪ and i've also got a brain. ♪ life's short, talk is cheap. ♪ i'll be working while you sleep. ♪ ♪ still don't think i've got a brain? ♪ ♪ i took two bullets in the chest. ♪ ♪ got three kids, i never rest... ♪ ♪ so yeah, i've got a brain. ♪ a degree is a degree. ♪ you're gonna want someone like me. ♪ ♪ but only if you have a brain. ♪ (music fades out) when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula
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12:51 am
we chatted on the set of olivia's new movie "office party." it was loud, but the real party was listening to the hilarious banter between these two fun, feisty, fabulous women. when did you know olivia had made it? >> the truth is when i could buy the entire family dinner that is my mom's bar for success. >> got it. >> we would be at a family dinner. and i finally made little bit of money. and somebody went to go pay one of the uncles, and my mom said no, no, no. she pay, she pay. she pay now. my mom is very big on me paying for things now that i have money. >> i know she made it. >> so kim is down with olivia's hollywood lifestyle. but what does she think about her daughter's two-year romance with nfl star aaron rodgers? >> i like him. the first time we didn't know who he is. and olivia told me i dated a football athlete. do you like as boyfriend? yes, i love them. dating my daughter.
12:52 am
when they stop, bye-bye. >> then they're out. >> that is a good thing with my mom. we have a very loyal family. and i learned that from her. >> because i have a big family. i cannot wait for them to get married. >> we're not even engaged, mom. >> not engaged. >> but you thought she was. >> i thought she was. i was excited. i didn't know. why didn't she tell me? >> you believe everything on the internet. >> she believes everything online. >> if you can think of a mother's day that stands out in your mind, just a favorite memories of mother's day, either you have? >> growing up, my mom is not very sentimental when we were kids. so we come home from school and we have our mother's day cards that we made for her with construction paper. we would give it to her and sit there waiting for her response and she would say okay, thank you. and throw it into the trash immediately. >> what? >> why? >> i have five kids because we're moving around a lot.
12:53 am
i can't keep so many things. >> we're a military family. >> throw away. you're moving again. >> or if you liked it and threw it away, it's okay. if you don't like it, you throw it away. >> i will have again this year. >> what about mother's day presents? >> i bought my mom a house. she wanted a house a couple of doors down from her. so i got her that. >> can we just pause for a moment. you got your mother a house for mother's day? >> yeah. >> the house two doors down, yeah. >> they sold the house. and i didn't want someone move in next to me. can you get that house for me? >> this the most anti-social thing you can do is buy the house next door to you because you don't want somebody else to buy it and move in. >> got to love the honesty. >> can i give a hug? >> she is doing this only because the cameras are here. isn't that weird? can i give my daughter a hug? do you see how she is looking at the the camera weirdly? >> come on, give her a hug. >> you me hug. he say so. >> there you go.
12:54 am
>> it's only real if the cameras are on. >> kim cracked me up. i knew olivia was funny, but i had no idea. and kim wouldn't let up on imagining the perfect wedding for her daughter in kim's mind. so you know olivia would have a big old princess dress, and the colors would be white and beige. >> that's very chic. or mundane. but then again, this is from the girl who had fuchsia and periwinkle blue as her wedding colors. i don't know. don't judge. speak of real fashion now, this week had fab life co-host and editor and chief of yahoo! style joe zee working overtime at the met gala there are plenty more styles to dive in to. we had joe zee and nancy o'dell write down the week's do's, don't's and do-overs. >> i love j-law. this is what i was calling a goth ballerina look. my first step in the doover, i would change the tank top and make it a sweetheart neckline, strapless. i love the shoulders and
12:55 am
collarbone on a woman. that's always so attractive. and i would actually turn the dress to black because she has been doing a lot of black lately to a more deep wine maroon color. >> that looks great with her skin. >> it sets her off. and i would add a little accessory, a choker here because it's so on trend right now. the '90s are back. >> so much. >> but the black with the huge trend on the carpet this week. you know, all the stars were really going back to the basics. >> you're right. ariana grande looks so elegant. a definite do for me. and julianne moore. i don't know. did you see? >> i love you, julianne. she is always a do for me. she looks so beautiful. she is wearing a stella mccartney dress at her premier. i love how relaxed it is. you can wear black in so many different ways. take for example kate beckinsale. the cut is so great becauset that racer halter is flattering. let's face it.
12:56 am
the shoulders are the one place nobody ever gains weight. in it's a great way to accentuate. >> we're talking do's and don'ts. >> never let the dress wear you. >> right. bryce dallas howard showed up this week and wore this outfit. what do you think? >> she looks a little library. >> definitely the library vibe. i'm going to do it over and show you how. first of all, let's tackle that black turtleneck. that's a big no for me. it doesn't do anything for her. it's not flattering. it's too covered up. let's turn that into a v-neck. i love a collarbone on a woman. >> sexy liberian. >> super sexy. let's give her framing and light. let's turn that skirt into a high wasted skirt. >> wow. >> right away the illusion will make the stripes work a lot more better for you. >> sure does. >> and last but not least, let's slim the bottom of the skirt. i think a lot of women forget to think that the slimming should go all the way down. and immediately that changes the silhouette. one more do-over, this is olson.
12:57 am
the floral dress from dolce & gabbana. while i love dolce & gabbana and elizabeth, this is a lot of prince. the music drape. >> oh my goodness. >> so my first tip would be to minimize the florals. you don't want to make it so crazy so it feels like an explosion of print. i would turn that into a midriff top because it is so on trend right now. thirdly, i would turn the top part into a solid color so there is just the skirt. lastly i would make them short sleeves. one more bonus tip. when it comes to posing for pictures, a hand on your hip will accentuate your silhouette so mr. >> oh, it so does. i think my favorite part are the do-overs. you learn so much. and the little tweaks make such a big difference. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet.
12:58 am
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look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. melissa gilbert is celebrating turning 52. don rickles is 90. now a final look at your choices. which latin grammy winner studied business administration before pursuing music? that is enrique iglesias. he was 41 this week. happy birthday, everybody. monday on "e.t." inside their dance rehearsals. and dance moms abby lee millner tears. that's monday. >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website, >> before we go, check out the video from the chain-smokers from their song "don't let me down". >> this single is a hit. it recently landed in the top five on itunes. it hit number one on billboard's dance electronic and digital sound charts.
1:00 am
enjoy the rest of your mother's day weekend, everybody. bye, mommy! ♪ don't let me down, yeah ♪ don't let me down ♪ don't let me down
1:01 am
1:02 am
the "weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. ♪ >> justin timberlake drops his first single in three years. why now? >> and that's just part of our good week -- >> bad week. plus amy schumer is ambushed by a fan. >> sorry. and did prescription pills cause prince's death. >> did prince know about the intervention? >> yes. then keltie slays with the met gala carpet couture. >> what it is like to walk up these stairs with what is going on behind? >> it's a little bit cold. >> kimye's big night out. >> i'm excited to have a date night. and was her dress the skin off becky's back?
1:03 am
plus, did christina applegate just confirm a "married with children" reboot? >> eddie and katy and i said we would be in step with that. >> a kelly bundy mini. >> i definitely would not fit in the ones i had back then. >> hollywood from the inside out. it's "insider" together with yahoo!. >> your celebrity summer bride guide is here. from mariah to gaga to eva, hollywood's go-to designers are giving us their wedding fashion forecast. >> oh, we're going to get to all that. but let's start with the rest of the top trending stories getting lots of traction in our good week/bad week. >> it was a good week for justin timberlake. he just dropped the new single for the animated film "trolls" which he also stars in. >> see you guys. >> coming out may 6. ♪ >> they were like the movie comes out this date, you have to finish the music by this date. ♪
1:04 am
♪ just dance, dance, can't stop the music ♪ >> i was referencing, you know, saturday night fever and "grease" even. ♪ you're the one that i want >> the songs are such a part of the dna of those movies too. who are you going to call? ♪ i think you better call >> you, j.t. we're going to call you! >> trolling for the next song of the summer, think the next "happy" which was also from an animated film, "despicable me 2." but for j.t.'s first solo sing until three years, "can't stop the feeling" feels pretty awesome. just look at the way it makes hi co-stars move. meanwhile, it was bad week for amy schumer who took a tough stand against selfie. >> sorry. >> the median was fuming over that fan in south carolina. schumer detailed the run-in on her instagram claiming the fan
1:05 am
named leslie brewer, ran up to her, scared her and quote, put a cram in my face. i asked him to stop and he said no, it's america, and we paid for you. this was in front of his daughter. >> that is totally false what she wrote about me. >> reporter: brewer denied amy's version of events. >> there goes amy. and then she just loses. and then she got mad at me. it was also a bad week for prince fans. it's discovered painkillers are now the focus of his death investigation. ♪ it's been seven hours and 13 days ♪ >> it's confirmed prescription medication was found inside his home, and the dea and u.s. attorney's office are involved. an attorney representing california-based addiction specialist dr. howard cornfeld claims prince's team reached out to his client to stage an intervention just one day before his death. >> does prince know about the intervention? >> yes. it was a great week for all the celebrities at the met gatt la for fashion


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