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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> i didn't either. >> you know the roads are obviously dry, which are awesome, finally saw the sunshine yesterday, which was so nice to see, after such a long time of just chill, and gray, gloomy skies, finally have the sunshine front unbaled are you looming nearby, don't worry too much about this. totally clear. zoom out one time start to see clouds, lifting in, not necessarily going to produce any casino of major hiccup in the forecast, but we do have to allow for shower south of the city specially, that specially comes later tonight. for now because where you stand, actually quite chilly. upper 30's, depending on location, at 52, millville,
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that's a chill in the air. 39 degrees in portions of the pinelands right nowment looking forward in the forecast, we start off with full sunshine, eventually though that will give way to few additional clouds, breeze picks up somewhat with this front nearby. and we are going to end one what we call partly sunny afternoon here in philadelphia. further north you go, more sunshine, further south you go, you will likely end one more clouds cover, maybe shower by tonight shall meisha ? >> looking at the ben franklin bridge, give you kind of overall shot of this. >> overall things looking pretty good on the ben franklin bridge, basically anywhere in jersey things looking pretty good. ninety-five south at girard, they lifted the camera, see headlights, taillights, also where we were talking about the accident in spring city. route 724, stoney run road, ambulance is on the scene here, whenever we have an ambulance on scene, we know there will be flashing lights and gaper delays and slow
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downs. because it is so early might not have the that quite yet. you will. construction here repaving of kelly drive, look at this, all lanes blocked, between hunting park avenue and lemon hill drive. this will slow you down this morning, make note of. that will all lanes still blocked down tree blocking lincoln line, use alternate to get around it, west schoolhouse lane will be your best bet. water main break in bala cynwyd, city avenue west, that is slow blocking the right lane, jim, back to you. >> updating breaking news in ocean county new jersey this morning, escaped prisoner arthur buckle was just spotted all the rest stop on the garden state parkway. >> live in lacy township the manhunt heating up. good morning. >> brooke, jim, good morning, i just stepped inside this rest stop where there are overnight employees there, now, they tell me they did not see escaped inmate arthur buckle but new jersey state police say this was his last known whereabouts. this is the fork river rest stop off the garden state parkway in lacy township, he
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was spotted here, they say, around 11:00 last night. since then, authorities have set up a command post nearby to coordinate search effort, and here on the grounds you can see still a presence by njdoc. now, take a look at the video, you can see what's been happening here overnight, very busy night and early morning, k9 units and search helicopter were brought in to look for the escaped prisoner. this is again the fork river rest stop where state police say buckle was last spotted as a result, lacy township police as well as berkeley township police have stepped up patrols near the garden state parkway, and will continue to do so through the early morning hours. now, police have been searching for buckle since last tuesday, when he escaped bayside state prison in winslow township camden county one day later the search switched to ocean county where police track buckle to barnegat township. the escaped prisoner was spotted thereon surveillance video at local cvs pharmacy. barnegat police then called off the search late last week when officials were confident the inmate had left the area. now, buckle was serving time
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for aggravated assault, he had previously served 14 years in prison, for manslaughter, of a ten month old crying baby. now when he escaped, buckle three weeks shy of being eligible for parole he could now spend an additional three to five years in prison once he is caught, again, this search is continuing here in lacy township this morning. as soon as we get new information we will pass it right along to you. for now reporting live, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, jan. >> meanwhile so far no motive for the stabbing of two people in center city just after midnight. now, police are searching for the suspect in the violence which happened at 12th and race streets, a man in his 50's and woman in her four's were stabbed, they're in stable condition at hahnemann hospital right now. someone out there in our area is sitting on powerball ticket worth $430 million. and, we are all dying to know who it is. >> dying to know new jersey lottery officials say this
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7-eleven in trenton sold the winning ticket. it was the only winning ticket so they get the entire jackpot. i this i it is meisha but she not saying. one person or group of people sharing the prize, the clerk who sold the ticket is still processing this situation. >> wow, this is so exciting, first time like we have actually won anything this big. minds blowing. >> you hear the winning numbers from saturday's drawing in just case you missed it. >> the powerball number is nine. >> new jersey becomes the political backdrop for campaign 2016. this morning, democratic presidential can date bernie sanders is holding a rally in atlantic city. he is scheduled to appear at the boards walk 9:30, news poll puts sanders four-point ahead of hillary clinton ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> hillary clinton is also making a appearance in south jersey, this week. she is scheduled to appear
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wednesday afternoon, at camden county college in blackwood. the clinton campaign says her focus will center on plans it raise wages, and breaking down barriers that hold americans back. the new jersey primary is june 7th. >> donald trump is standing firm that unity in the republican party is not necessary to get him elected president. on abc this week, trump saidel gain enough democratic vote to win in november. two former trump rivals for the nomination and florida governor jeb bush and lindsay gram say they don't plan to back trump. >> the president of penn state is speaking out about new reports on what joe paterno may or may not have known about convicted sex abuser jerry sandusky. eric baron wrote letter to the university community condemning the reports, he said he was a paul by the rumor inneundo and rush to judgement conditioning the stories. last week separate reports including language from legal documents suggest that pat earn owe new about sandusky's
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actions in the 19 70s. the university did confirm the alleged abuse covered in penn state's settlement date back to 1971. >> offer initials canada believe they have reached a turning point as they battle raging wild fire in alberta. the massive evacuation has ended, but as correspondent hena daniels reports, the fight is far from over. >> winds are now blowing flames away from some of the town's that were in it path. the chaos has calmed, and now, finally a little bit of hope. >> we can really get in there and really get a handle on this fire and really get a grip on it. >> the challenge now, lingering hot spots. >> just embers underneath the grounds, there all heated up, and trying get down right to the roots to get at it, because it can ignite any time, with this wind it, keeps blowing it all over the place. >> the massive wild fire has torched almost 400,000 acres. here is what it looks like from space. heavy smoke covering areas of
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north america, across to the atlantic coast. on the ground, fortmc murray looks like a ghosttown, after evacuated and many structures burned to the ground. emergency crews have been working around the clock, exhausted, but committed. firefighter chris clark tried to save another firefighter's house that caught fire. >> the house was smoke filled. smoke pouring out of the roofment and he is standing there, watching his house and everything that he has go up after he's work so hard to save everything that everybody else has lost. >> there is still no time line on when the thousands staying in shelters will be able to return to their homes, and for many, what's left of them. hena dance yells, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> for a look at newspaper headlines. >> front page of the bucks county courier times, county water says verizon could be slapped with a fine foreign correctly dumping unclean watt
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near drainage culver in middletown. verizon said the water p.m. from the manholes during maintenance operations was tested for metals, and other contaminants, none were found. >> from the burlington county times, school boards interested moving elections may have option if legislation if it becomes law. >> from the press of atlantic city full house celebrating mother day at a home in margate, new jersey, joe and robin swift brought home newborn triplet, the couple now has eight children, and are thinking about adding onto their home and getting a bigger van. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, a dress code controversy at pennsylvania prom. >> teen makes fashion statement, getting kicked out of the school dance. see the dress that ruffled some fit nerves her school. >> rare fight in the skies watch we will see crossing the sun today for the first time in ten years. and when the best time is to
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watch it. judge the sun has finally come back. thank you, katie. we will be back. stay with us, folks.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning with jim donovan, brooke thomas, katie fehlinger, and meisha johnson. >> the coast guard suspends search for jet skier who is missing in the delaware river. >> twenty-six year old hey see melendez disappeared in the water near the trenton boat ramp saturday night. melendez was riding the jet ski with another man when they ran aground and flipped over. crews rescued the other man but they've still not found melendez. >> rare site, seen once in a deck ate.
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>> today's star watchers can grab a telescope, high powered binoculars, to see mercury pass between the sun and the earth. the rare event is known as a planetary transit. mercury zooms around the sun often, but, earth, the sun and mercury rarely align. the entire trip should take about seven and a half hours, and it starts at 7:12 a.m. eastern time. katie will we have a shot to so mercury crossing the sun today? >> look like it, yes. actually we have sunshine in this forecast for a change, though our theme song actually is happen pro poe for a change, literally we always say here is to the sunrise, this past week, all we've had are gray and gloomy skies to offer up here. so-so glad we can actually say here is the to the sunrise, actually see it for a change, also means you will be able to see beautiful sunrise here happening earlier and earlier. now, sunset, gets later and late, 8:04 tonight, 8:23, by the time we're wrapping up the month of may. and by june 15th, it is even
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past 8:30 at night that that sun is going down, i lover when the days get long like there is just feels like, you know, like you have so much more time, even though still 24 hours in a day, feels like you have more time to work with. outside we go, outside kutztown area middle school, begin to see the light of day popping up already, through those clouds, and it is only 5:15, so again, we are looking ahead here to beautiful sunrise, i'm make sure to bring you the beautiful views as we get them into the neighborhood cameras. storm scan3, okay, here you go, next disturbance starting to nudge north. this is warmfront that's lifting in. it is not necessarily going to warm us up today. it is, how much, going to bring in few additional clouds throughout the afternoon. and very likely some of you end up with a shower out there. now, that likely doesn't happen until tonight, through the overnight even. but by tomorrow there will be enough moisture to work with that we probably see couple of showers pop up in scattered fashion on the area radar. so tomorrow going to be one of the days where the temperatures get limited because of all of the clouds, there will be showers to dodge, clouds should start to decrease at least little bit
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on wednesday, there may and few showers left over, keeping an eye on that possibility, by thursday, though, jam of a day, 75 and sunny, tail end of the week, well, looks like next disturbance ushers in some showers, perhaps even thunderstorm out there, as well. leading into the weekend. meisha, over to you. >> yes, thursday certainly does look gorgeous, in fact, you know, looks good this week. better than last week, right? blue route, moving in the southbound direction, mid-county toll plaza, the buzz moving in both the southbound, northbound directions overall looking good, one of the areas that i keep my eye on in the morning, specially pushing into the 5:00 hour. overall blue route, anywhere i look, basically still looking good. delaware county 95 north at 452, this is what you are looking at as you mover in the northbound direction toward the airport. looking goodment once you get up by the airport looking good. by the way no delays at the airport, look good for those every you traveling by flight. boulevard headlight southbound direction, wissahickon avenue, what you are working with, looking good both directions looking real nice this morning
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through monday morning, never know what we will get in the 5:00 hour. things holding steady exactly what we want to see when we know it is heating up in the 5:00 and specially into the 6:00. accident spring city route 724 stoney run road. we do have ambulance on the scene. that will could slow you down just little bitment make note of. that will jim being back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a phillies sluggish bat finally come alive in a big win in miami. shear lesley van arsdall with your philly sports. >> phillies back in action tomorrow in atlanta taking on the braves who have the worse record in baseball. yesterday the fighting's scored more than four runs for the first time in 12 games, as they beat the marlins. well we pick up the action in the seventh being, ceasar hernandez, grounder to first, now, they collide at first, herrera scores second, and the fighting's mr. take the lead. chris johnson with the solo homer to left to tie up the game. they added another run. and went ahead five to four. to the eighth, rookie tyler goodel with a line drive into
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the gap in right centerfield. manual will score from first, and the titans tie the gamement next batter we have andres blanco, once again coming up clutch hitting double driving in goodel. and the phillies regain the lead. gomez gets his 11th save of the season, phillies win two out of three, six-five the final. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> this could be the weirdest golf shot you ever saw. robert castro trying to win in a playoff when a shot missed the mark, went into the crowd, and landed right in a fan's shoe. he had to finish the ball out -- fish the ball out to finish the hole. you could say castro lost by a foot because he came up one shot short in the playoff. >> get ready to pay more the next time you fill up on gas. >> what's driving up the price this time, and it is not just the switch more expensive blend. >> you know what? it is a real man who cries.
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>> and more inspiring stories on the parkway. see the moving moment that made ukee breakdown at the race for the cure. stay with us.
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>> hey there, look at that, sea of pink on the parkway. thousands of people join the "eyewitness news" team yesterday morning for the 26th annual susan g. komen philadelphia rate for cure. always special day for so many people. we're proud to be there. our jessica dean shows you more memorable moments. >> thousands of breast cancer survivors, women and men, stands ready for treatment moment of triumph over the disease. >> beginning their victory march down the steps of the philadelphia art museum, each remembering their own struggle, and all of them, struck by the love surrounding them. >> my husband, my children, my mother, this is all my brother, sisters, neice and
5:23 am
nephews, all with me. >> does it feel wonderful having everybody here with you? >> i couldn't do without them. >> long time survivors like laurali, ten years since her diagnosis. >> just very emotional for me. >> what is it that get at your heart. >> i think just the amount of people here, the support, it is just beautiful to see. >> for many survivors mothers day tradition with family. >> where does your strength come from? >> my family. i have eight grandchildren and one on the way. >> for those looking on the scene overwhelming, even for us covering the day. >> it is a real man who cries. >> when you know what everybody has gone through coming down these steps, and they see their families. >> many who came are still fighting. >> as of may the six, thank god i am a survivor. >> absolutely. thank god for. that will and you are still in your -- in the midst of your johnny? >> diagnosed when triple negative breast cancer on january 20th of this year, and i am in the middle of my chemo
5:24 am
right now. >> race for the cure raises funds and @ wear necessary for the fight against breast cancer. celebrates survivor ship. and honors those who have lost their battle. >> twenty-six years ago, i stood on those steps. and i said would anybody come? we didn't even talk about breast cancer in those days. >> right. >> and that year, 1983 people came. >> on this mother day, 2016, over 100,000 people were there e despite the rainy start. >> i feel good ♪ >> celebration included music, dancing, and runners along the schuylkill. many came to remember loved ones lost. >> tell me about your grandmother. >> well, i never really met her because she died before i was born. but my mom always says that she was really nice and cool and i would love her. >> this day full of hope bridges us one step closer to ensuring every woman and man survives breast cancer. jessica dean, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". it was great, great to see former cbs-3 meteorologist and breast cancer survivor carol erickson. so many special moments, and you can relive them all by going to >> i know carol, you are really really close. >> i mean, watching ukee there and that little girl. >> yes. >> about her grandmother. >> and we met a woman -- >> i'm going to start. >> we met a woman named leslie, and she was 51 years old, looks 31. but she was saying that she got up, first time coming, one year survivor, she like no one wanted to come with me because her kids are in their three's, didn't want it get up early have their own stuff going on. no one wanted to come, but i'll come out hereby myself. i said you're not by yourself. this is what this is all b but i would look over at her every once in a while, i don't know why it stood with me, just -- >> those moments. >> it is. >> those moments that you have to be there to experience. >> just thinking whatever she went through and thinking you know what i'll just get up by
5:26 am
myself and go out with all of these people. >> we will be there again next year. coming up in the next hour of eye within news, we are are following breaking news, that search foreign mate on the run. jan? >> the manhunt continues this morning. for escaped inmate, arthur buckle. i'm jan carabeo reporting live in ocean county, coming up where he was spotted it time, what authorities are doing to finally track him down. justin? >> and jan, here in trenton we do have winner of the powerball weekend drawing, i'm justin finch. coming up we'll speak with clerk who thinks he sold the winning ticket. and also hear who he thinks the mystery win is her. katy? >> and justin, i know it wasn't me. but we are looking ahead here, finally, my friends, to some sunshine. i'll tell you how long it lasts in the forecast, and also, a nice warming trend. that's underway. all of the dough tails are straight ahead, guys? >> meisha, watching the roads, will let you know about the early for the monday morning commute. stay with us.
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>> manhunt in ocean county for this inmate on the run. the key clue that caused police positive swarm this rest area.
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>> katie also has your back to work forecast, fear here is what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> state police tell us escaped prisoner arthur buckle was last seen here at this rest stop, right around 11:00 last night. we are coming to you live from the fork river rest stop off the garden state parkway. >> i casino every have an idea, but i'm not 100% sure. >> anticipation building as we wait for new jersey giant powerball winter come forward. >> just one ticket maimed all of the numbers drawn saturday night, for the nearly 430 million-dollar jackpot. >> new jersey will be front and center this week, in campaign 2016. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will hold rally in atlantic sit. >> i hillary clinton will campaign in south jersey later this week. >> i think this is probably the quinessential moment of the entire huge beautiful event that we brought survivors to the steps and boy are they ever happy to be


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