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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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breaking news right now at noon, escaped fugitive arthur buckle is back in custody. he was caught within the last 30 minutes, on the garden state parkway. good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. police track down bustle -- buckle on the garden state parkway, lacy township ocean county. initially made arrangements to surrender overnight but walk off before officers got there. he was spotted at forked river rest stop, on the garden state parkway last night. buckle had been on run since last tuesday, when he walk away from bayside prison
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camden county. once again, arthur buckle was taken into custody by police on the garden state parkway 30 minutes ago. >> moving on now, are you the one holding that winning powerball ticket? well if you bought your ticket in trenton it, could be you. there is only one winner, of nearly $430 million. our own joe holden is live in trenton at the store that sold the winning ticket. hey, joe. >> reporter: you know, big question is who is this winner? and worker here at this 7-eleven here on chamber street in trenton tell me, nothing ever happens around here, well the story was all set in motion last tuesday, now, that is when the lottery commission says the winner purchased two tickets around 5:20 that afternoon. one ticket, for the wednesday drawing, and another ticket, for the saturday drawing. of course, there was no winner on wednesday, but saturday, we all know that was a different story. now, of course, they were told manually pick their numbers
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which workers hearsay is a bit unusual, normally, they are computer generated, the winners selected the power play feature which is a multiply game on the ticket. store owners andrea and louise solar are also winners, the lottery commission handed them a $30,000 check. >> pretty exciting like i said we always joke about, you know, not ever having a winner close by, few people, customers in the morning, had an inkling, they knew it was mercer county. i didn't know obviously, sleeping, because i go to work so early. but whether we did hear the news we were so excited. >> i couldn't believe it, even now, just pretty unbelievable. >> so the lottery commission recommends that that winner, who ever you may be, signed the ticket and then come into their new jersey office. they also recommend of course getting some financial and legal representation. and one last thing of course, the tone of the story was this was a store at first where nothing ever happened.
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clearly that's changed right now, there is a lot, a lot of buzz out here in this trenton neighborhood. we're live this noon, in trenton, joe hole end, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much, joe. well, today's weather is a winner so far. but guess what? rain is returning to the forecast. meteorologist, katie fehlinger live in the cbs-3 skydeck with her first look at the forecast, katy? >> jim, really what's happening right now warmfront beginning to lift in right now. so we've got higher clouds here right now over the cbs-3 skydeck, actually, some locations already starting to see a couple of raindrops. yes, now, not everyone does get hit by that here today. but, the wind is also clearly an issue out here. let's take it to the graphic, spare me some dignity. go on out, storm scan3, at the moment, seeing a little hint of wet weather right now, leading edge of this latest warmfront lifting in at the moment to sussex county, southwestern corner of kent county delaware t does not appear as though this is going to have a chance to climb very far north. most of us will remain rain free here, but you will notice
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the clouds building in. here's where we stand temperature wise, almost like 68, 69 degrees, like the magic number across most of the board here, flirting with 07 obviously in a lot of spot. not going to rebound too much more than this. we expect maybe low 70s at best around philly and at the shore towns, up in the mountains, probably crack the 06 degrees mark in a lot of spot. but again, we are watching for potential for sprinkle even at the shore towns here today with leading edge of the warmfront lifting in. so the clouds are beginning to thicken granted, not seeing full sunshine like earlier on, but generally guys it looks like things will stay dry for now, for most of us, and we are going to be tracking more rain later in the show on my full forecast, you will want to stick around for that. back into you. >> moving onto campaign 2016, big news from new jersey governor chris christie. he is going to head up donald trump's transition team. christy has been at trump's side for many campaign events this season with trump as the
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presumptive republican nominee, gearing up for the november election. christie ' job to oversee the group of professionals that will allow a possible president trump to hit the grounds running after inauguration. the race for the white house returns to our area with a rally in atlantic city for bernie sanders. cleve bryan spoke one-on-one with the presidential hopeful. live on the boardwalk to tell us what sand hers to say. hey, cleve? >> reporter: hey, certainly did all co-to paint donald trump as an user and abuser of atlantic city, in fact, his speech at boards walk hall, well that happens right next to the now closed trump plaza casino. bernie sanders says that if you are looking for something for the little guy, he is your man. >> bernie, bernie! >> hundreds of benny sanders supporters filled the smaller boardwalk hauls two auditoriums monday morning hoping that they stay to feel the burn. bernie sanders message about taking the country's wealthy
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elite down a peg or two was music to the ears of atlantic city union working class. >> we will tell them as loudly and as clearly as we can. donald trump, you guys will not get it all. we're going to change this economy. we're going to create an economy that works for dishwashers, that works for waiters and waitress. >> while unemployment is down as a whole in new jersey, atlantic city and the surrounding area are still feeling the sting of for closed casinos, one every which used to belong to republican presidential nominee donald trump n one-on-one with sanders before his rally the senator told me he hopes to sway hillary clinton supporters to his side with the argument that he fares better against trump going head-to-head. >> if you look at virtually all of the national polls, if you look at the state-wide polls, battlegrounds state polls, in almost every instance, bernie sanders is better against donald trump than hill had i. so if we want the strongest candidate to defeat donald
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trump, it is bernie sandser. >> sanders has uphill bat until new jersey, recent pole released last week shows that hillary clinton holds a nearly two to one advantage right now in the garden state. the primary here, june 7th, along with california, one of the biggest primaries left. reporting live in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank so much, cleve. hillary clinton will face-off against sanders tomorrow in the west virginia primary. on wednesday, she will be back in our area. clinton is scheduled to make appearance at camden county college in blackwood. on the republican side, presumptive nominee donald trump is preparing to meet with key republicans in congress, for a look g to unify the party. meanwhile other news, new revelations in the penn state sex abuse scandal. university has admitted it paid outset lments to allege victims every jerry sandusky, foray buys claims that date as far back as 1971. that is 40 years before the former assistant football coach's arrest, he is currently appealing his 2012 conviction and prison sentence, penn state says it
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has paid out more than $90 million to settle more than 30 civil claims involving sandusky. the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension is close the at quakertown right now for the second time in less than a week. a box truck hit the guide rail and went over an embankment around 9:00 this morning. it happened southbound, near the lansdale exchange. there are no serious injuries, but traffic is really back up. >> all right, hey, eagles quarterback sam bradford could be back in the nest today despite trade demands linked to the birds drafting new quarterback. >> bradford skipped the eagles voluntary off-season workouts after the draft. eagles traded up twice to draft north dakota state quarterback carson wentz with the second overall pick. now the eagles have a rookie camp this friday, and other workouts beginning a few days later, mandatory mini camp begins june 7th. well, if you have a baby you will want to know about a recall involving pacifiers. we'll have it after the break. >> plus, talk about a rough
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flight. jet hits turbulence, so severe, literally knocks part of the fuselage off. we'll show you the damage. and the boss is returning to citizens bank park, up next, all of the concert details including when you can get ticket. stay with
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>> escaped fugitive arthur buckle back in police custody. new video from wcbs new york of the police activity on the garden state parkway lacy township. that's where authorities kate up with buckle about 40 minutes ago. he had been on the run since last tuesday, when he escaped from bay view prison in camden county. there are no injuries, but a scary emergency landing for
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passengers on a delta flight from atlanta to chicago. they landed the plane in nashville after the boeing 717's engine covering flew off during turbulence. the covering appears to have hit the fuselage. but the plane landed normally, 109 people were on board at the time. delta says they'll investigate the incident. >> meanwhile, firefighters battling massive wild fire in canada are getting a much needed break in the form of rain, and cooler weather. >> officials say the flames are blowing away, from populated areas. but they're not out of the woods yet. the destructive wild fire has consumed more than 1600 structures in alberta. correspondent ben tracey takes a look at the hardest hit areas. >> this fire has now been nicknamed the beast. and it is not hard to see why. walls of flame continue to turn trees into torches while air takers overhead do their best to keep up. >> for us, this is great fire fighting weather. we can really get in there and really get a handle on this fire and really get a grip on
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it. >> these fires are so large and in such rug terrain that the fire fight is mainly taking place in the sky. there are now more than 100 water dropping helicopters, flying here, in alberta. >> the fire is still expected to take months to extinguish, and has shutdown most of alberta vast oil production, however, it is now burning mainly in the forest, and away from towns that were once in its path. in burned out for the mc murray you can see many neighborhoods have burned, but many others were spared. >> like a tornado, you see devestation all around you, but there is calm, there is no devestation, as far as downtown goes. >> the canadian government says it could be weeks or months before people are allowed to return. all 25,000 people who originally fled north of for the mc murray only to find themselves trapped there with the fire headed their way have now safely been moved south of the town into evacuation centers. ben tracey, cbs news, alberta
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can day. >> thanks, and important recall for parent it, involves pacifiers. munchkin is recalling about 180,000 pacifiers, because they're possibly a choking hazard. a plastic cover that goes over its latch light weight pacifier clip can detach. no injuries have been reported. the pacifiers were attached with clips. they were sold at babies r us, target, wal-mart, and other locations. take the clip away from young children and contact munchkin for a replacement or refund. one of the highest profile couples in rock-and-roll might be calling it quits. entertainment tonight says rocker ozzie osborne and his wife, and manager, and co-host of the talk, sharon osborne, are splitting after 33 years of marriage. sources say ozzie's sobriety issues are not behind the break up. we'll see if sharon says anything about this on the talk this afternoon at 2:00 of course right here on cbs p. >> bruce springsteen is coming back to philly this summer with a stadium show at
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citizens bank park on wednesday, september 7th. the philly date is one of the newly announced shows on bruce's the river tour which follows three dozen shows in the u.s. since january, and another 11 weeks in europe. tickets go on sale a week from friday ten happen a.m. sharp. >> meanwhile coming up: mercury on the move. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", something very unusual is happening up in space. you can't see it with the make eye, but don't worry, we will show you one planet's incredible journey. katy? >> brooke, we are looking ahead here to not only some additional rain in this forecast, but also, some warmth. finally, we've broken out of the 50's for a long hall here, back to more seasonable conditions, we'll have the full forecast for you coming up.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> there is a spectacular show going on in out of space right now. >> astronomers call it the transit of mercury, smallest planet of the solar system, tiny dot. mercury moving between the sun and planet earth, very rare astronomical event. today on "eyewitness news" this morning we found out why. >> it is rare, because of just the orientation of the planet, you know, they're not perfectly circular, and also casino of tilted, and so this means that we don't see them all the time. now, mercury, we see, we're going to see 14 of them, this century. >> now, today's show continues until about 2:30, but remember to take precautions for looking at the sun, you can get a look at that's where i plan to go, look at it because every time i go to the plane tear yummy fall asleep.
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>> oh, my goodness. you just love this stuff? >> oh, it is awesome, so, so cool. you know, we starting to lose the opportunity to actually see it with the special solar what is it the instruments that they have for the telescope anyway. because clouds are thickening up. >> is it weird i assume people who like weather just love anything? >> they're very, very much related. >> even outside of the world? >> very, very much related for sure. yes, but i end up more concerned what's going on very closer, you know, closer to home here. but we have some wet weather on the way unfortunately right now. some of it actually already pushing into portion of the area, most notably sussex county, depending where you are, little different scenario unfolding with the weather. let me explain why, by taking you out first and for most, what's happening with our temperatures, and will what you will see in a couple of camera shots. so temperatures this week are generally just closer to average. tomorrow we see little bit of a drop off, which we will explain, but for now a lot closer to typical, air go, more low 70s, in the forecast down the road here.
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>> this is one of the pocono camera shots over the course of the last couple of minutes i've seen this shaking around wind picking up but actually up at the blue mountain far off to the north of philadelphia. next up live neighborhood network shot outside middle township high school where the clouds starting to thicken here it is still milder however, the clouds are there, because of this latest front lifting in. what you notice, little bit here at least in the last few hours how heavier rounds every rain have fizzled little bit. >> you could see shower, you already are obviously, through the central delmarva, and you might even see that pick up across some of the shower towns out in new jersey. >> this is starting to strength, really evolve, warmfront, cold front still way back over the plane states, but eventually both of those fronts do cross through. so the meantime it axe like
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this is system essentially going to get sort of stuck. so we will see some showers, popping up, and hit and miss fashion tomorrow with that same front. notice, it doesn't really go anywhere. looks like high pressure will try to bill down, shove this off to the southwest little bit. but we are allowing for the chance, maybe, of a shower, not a guarantee, something we want to keep ion. but regardless looks like we will moderate into the 70s again, thursday not looking bad at all with sunshine, that front still near. but it doesn't look it will be close enough to give me wet weather rather just little cloud cover. walking you through future weather here the rest of the day, look what happens with at least what future weather predict, it will all fizzle, wet weather currently out there. so again primarily expecting clouds across most of the region. say for south of the city may end up with shower. that will also be true later tonight. into tomorrow, could be little more widespread. still scat nerds nature. but over spreading more of the delaware valley with that system pushing through here. and then, come wednesday, front will still be nearby. meanwhile, current winds
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speeds, definitely noticeable breeze. that's for sure. either coming out of the west or the southwest, regardless, i noticed it myself, just having been out on the skydeck, so i had to grab the brush before coy come back on television again, be wary, notice the breeze out here today. tomorrow expecting temperatures to take little bit of modest hit with the clouds and showers around, mid 60s at best, rebounds quickly right back into the mid 70s, in the wake of the warmfront, dealing with, again, some more sunshine here looks like for mid week. by friday though cold front comes along, will bring in the threat for nor showers, and probably few thunderstorms, too. >> i'm already looking at the weekend. sorry, you know me, i just push fast forward and i keep going. >> immediately go do it. >> another look at yesterday's race for the cure when the "eyewitness news" family comes together to join the fight against breast cancer, more than 125,000 people including thousands of breast cancer survivors and their families, filled the parkway on mothers day. the race for the cure raised approximately $2 million this year. tremendously moving day on the parkway. >> uh-huh. >> very much so.
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>> we're so excited carol erickson joined you can, as well. >> so coming up: wish for the records books. stay with us.
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>> the rising cost of healthcare. many people aren't even filling their prescriptions any more. in today's "3 on your side" consumer report i'll show you ways to save money even finds some popular medications for free. >> huge convoy of trucks rolled into lancaster pennsylvanian into the record books.
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>> it was all for a good cause, nearly 600 trucks took part in the 27th annual mothers day convoy benefitting make a wish chapter in philadelphia, northern delaware, and the susquehanna valley. the drive raised about $350,000 in shattered the previous truck convoy record, set in the netter land of 416 trucks. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomasment for katie, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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>> stitch: max, where are you?! max! i told you to stay away from my son, and now he's out there all alone. if anything happens to him -- >> dylan: nothing's gonna happen. i put out an alert. we're gonna find him. >> stitch: yeah, you better! >> abby: i wish i was wrong about max. the thought that he could be filled with so much rage that he would want to hurt me, hurt the baby, start a fire to cover his tracks? >> ashley: if you keep talking like that -- >> abby: oh, what, what? i should just keep pretending like it isn't happening like everyone else is doing? >> ashley: what i'm trying to say is you're making it sound like it's a fact without taking ben's feelings into consideration. that's just gonna create more distance between the two of you. that's what i'm afraid of. >> abby: i can't save my marriage by pretending max isn't in trouble. max is broken. and his own father can't even see it. do you think that i want to be the one to force my husband to admit that his son is dangerous? >> ashley: of course not.


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