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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that is american 50 miles way from where police caught up with him today in ocean county. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live in laci township where fugitive elusive run came to an end, rahel. >> reporter: no audio. >> we don't have to worry, sleep easy tonight. >> reporter: peace of mind again in new jersey after monday morning authorities captured inn made 38 year-old arthur buckel after a week on the run. >> everyone was scared. everyone was locking their doors. i had one of my family members call me and tell me to come out, by the house. >> reporter: ultimately though it was what someone saw that led police to buckel off the garden state parkway in laci township. >> passing motorist thought they saw a person in the wood their the rest stop, and detective pierce was in the position with a state corrections officer, officer daniel row then dough a k-9 officer from state corrections to take the subject down
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quickly. >> reporter: state the police and local authorities have been actively looking for buckel after he was reportly scheduled to turn himself in sunday evening the forked river rest stop in laci township. officials say he took off before troopers arrived. >> never think it would happen in the small community like this. >> reporter: escape baffled many after serving 14 year for aggravated manslaughter of the ten month-old child. buckel was in the minimum security of ancora unit bay side state prison. he was eligible for parole in just three weeks. that was rahel solomon reporting for us. we are waiting for winner of the 430 million-dollar pur ball yak 30 the to come forward. as "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden tells us the lone winning ticket was sold saturday night the at a 7-eleven store in trenton. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: buzz on who won won't let up. >> all i know it is lady.
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>> reporter: lewis sandoval sold the 429 million-dollar winning ticket. >> i seen her a few times. few dollars worth of lottery and she was gone. >> reporter: 7-eleven on chamber street in trenton has since bun mobbed with attention. >> nothing ever happens, in this shop so it was amazing. >> reporter: while we don't yet necessity the winner. how about rebetween a, she and 29 of her co workers from a nearby hospital thought they had hit the jackpot. >> we did get through period of feeling for four hours that we could be probably potentially winners. >> reporter: state littery commission says last tuesday at 5:20 winner bought tickets for wednesday and saturday's drawing. they used her own numbers. that is regina admits to doing. now she and her collogues left to wonder if only. >> the even stiar x-ray department so had we won nobody would get an x-ray, until they hired a whole new staff. >> reporter: also score big store owner andrew a and lewis solar. >> it is unbelievable. >> reporter: lottery cut them for a check for $30,000. they were very quiet on who
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the winner may be. >> whoever it is, it is definitely deserving. >> reporter: officials with the new jersey lottery recommend whoever the winner may be that they sign that ticket, come and see them immediately, and, of course, seek some financial, and legal assistance. in trenton, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so, stolen lottery tickets worth six bucks have led to the a rest of two men caught on camera burglarizing a home. you may remember this video from upper pittsgrove salem county. you can see two men robbing the house. well, they high tailed out it when owners of that house yelled at them remotely using her home surveillance system. police say that the suspect did steel, three, $2 winning lottery tickets, which were cashed in. and they trade those tickets to a store in camden and then arrested three two-year old josh robinson of deptford and 28 year-old eric gilch of blackwood. the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension is back opened, after a crash closed the highway for about seven
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and a half hours. a box truck went off the road, through a guardrail and over an a embankment a at 7:00 o'clock this morning. it happened southbound near lansdale exchange, no one was hurt and highway reopened around 2:30. it is unclear at the moment what cause that had driver to lose control. aclu of the mississippi is suing the state over its religious freedom law, measure will allow work tours site religious objections, to same sex marriage in their denial of services to residents. house bill 1523 was passed by a reported majority of the legislature and signed by g.o.p. governor phil bryant. it is set to be law on july the first. meantime north carolina's governor is suing the justice department over the state's so-called bathroom bill. law requires transgender residents to use the public rest room matching their biological sex, but the d o.j. says that is civil rights violation. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca picks up the story. >> reporter: governor pat
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mcrory was under pressure to back away from his state's law requiring transgendered people to use rest rooms according to their biological sex. instead, the north carolina republican, escalated the fight, suing the federal government to keep the law in place. >> the state of north carolina and this governor welcomed the opportunity to be part of the solution. >> reporter: law, known as house bill two, took effect in march, but justice department says that last week it violates the civil rights of transgendered people and set a deadline for governor to agree not to enforce it. mcrory says it is not just a state issue now, it is a national one and he wants the court to clarify that the law does violate the civil rights act. by refusing to back down the governor risks losing billions of dollars in federal aid. he asked others states to joint the fights over a complex, emotional issue. >> how to balance the spectations, of privacy, and equality, in one of the most
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private areas of our lives. the north caroline law has already triggered, protests on both side, and activist say it could turn the transgender issue into the next civil rights movement. omar villafranca "eyewitness news". we have breaking news out of wilmington, delaware where officials have announced criminal charges in the deaths of high school student amy joyner francis. a 16 year-old girl trinity carr is charged with criminally negligent homicide, that is punishable by up to eight years in jail. prosecutors will seek to try car, as an adult. two other girls are charged with third degree criminal conspiracy, they will be tried as juveniles, and that is because, the results from the medical examiner determined joyner francis was only physically attacked by carr, and not the other two young ladies. the official cause of death is ruled as sudden cardiac death, the examiner determined joyner
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francis suffered a cardiac incident from that assault which was exacerbated by a preexisting heart condition. take a look at the weather now, we have the sun just a little while and now gone again and rain is back in the forecast. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck to tell us when the rain will be back, kate. >> jessica, so great to see the sun yesterday and first half of today looked great and just around noon, cloud started to roll in and definitely feeling cooler that the skies are gray in philadelphia lets look at storm scan three. we don't have much to show you as far as wet when is concerned. is there batch of light showers formed off to the west. they are starting to fizzle and not even completely reaching the ground but can't rule out a stray shower here or there through the rest of this he can and tonight. especially off to the south. the as those showers will start to move into the south and east through overnight hours. in the meantime, visibility. through the course of the day, clouds now in place across much of the area and temperatures are cooler to the south, then they are to the
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north, the cloud came in sooner in, wildwood only 61. wilmington 62. but warm 67 in allentown. that said tomorrow is another chilly, cloudy, glummy day, coming up i'll time out chances for rain tomorrow and when the next wet weather returns again when i join you inside. back over to you guys. kate, thank you. actor and water quality add ohio cade mark ruffalo was in our area to learn about the efforts to protect and restore clean water. >> ruffalo was in cheltenham at took any creek as he took on wait tours collect the water samples with high school students and many others. ruffalo a says recent events in flint, michigan have highlighted importance of safe, clean water. >> the sad truth about flint it is just a car canneri in the coal mines. these contaminations are happening all over the you had right now we just happened to find it in flint and it happened to be really bad there. but the quality of water in the united states is definitely compromised. >> ruffalo also praised the
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delaware river water shed initiative, a group of nearly 50 organizations, working on the water quality in our region. the treasury department is working on a trio of pink coins to promote breast cancer awareness and research. several set will include $5, silver dollar and half dollar coins. federal officials plan to let the public choose artwork for the release in 2018. also a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the breast cancer research foundation. a sea of pink on the art museum steps can only mean one thing, "eyewitness news" family joined thousands of breast cancer survivors and their families, yesterday for the 25th annual race for the cure. and once again, your generous contributions will make a big difference in the continued fight against breast cancer. this years race, raised approximately two million-dollar. >> wonderful. >> amazing moment. >> isn't that great. >> two million-dollar, that will make a big difference good yes, it will. coming up on "eyewitness
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news" tonight how do you put your baby to sleep? doctors and nurses have been teaching new parents to swaddle babies for comfort and a calming sense. find out why researchers say it is time to unwrap your baby. rising costs of health care, many people armed with prescriptions anymore, up next, jim donovan shows you way to save money and even find some popular medications, for free. and a view from space, shows smoke from wild fires half been displacing 90,000 people. the outlook for fire fighters and surprising amount of time it could take to get those and surprising amount of time it could take to get those wild fires under eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes. talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention.
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starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. and, an important recall, for parents, involving pacifiers. munchkin is recalling about 180,000 pacifiers because they he could be a choking hazard. a plastic cover that goes over its latch light weight wait pacifier can detach. so far no injuries have been reported, and the pacifiers
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with the detached clips were sold at babies are us, target, wal-mart and other locations. >> half of the americans will in the buy their prescriptions because of the rising cost of co pays. since the introduction of the affordable care a act insurers offer lower health plans but higher dedeductibles. in three on your side consume are report, jim donovan shows us how to save money or get popular prescriptions, for free. >> this is for the 30 day supply. >> reporter: phil lambert need his insulin but when his inly cost hit $1,800. >> its was ridiculous. >> it is about six hundred dollars for a 90 day supply. >> reporter: that was bill young's co pay with private insurance. their anti kidney rejections drugs. >> thinks medications that i need to live. >> reporter: both men went looking for help. lambert found a federal program called 340b instead of
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$1,800 he pays 34. young founded discount card the on the drug manufacturers web site and it is cost that is dropped from 1875 to 15 bucks. >> i was excited. >> reporter: even pharmacy where you pick up prescriptions can save you money. save an extra ten to $30 using walgreens prescription saving club. others stores have similar programs. and many also offer common generic medications for under $5. >> we have, ten prescriptions medications some of the most widely prescribed medications, that are members can get for $3 a month. >> reporter: discounts are needed because according to the kieser report, co pays are sky rocketing. forcing 41 percent of people to skip filling some prescriptions. apps like good rx can point to you discounts. janet your vine got this doctor which took her $60 co pay down to 25. >> there are ways to get your physician to see if they can help you out with making the cost of getting better a
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little less. >> reporter: some pharmacy savings programs may require to you pay a small membership fee, the flip side, some even cover medications for your pets. also, be aware that some federal programming, and manufacturers discounts are often income based. amount var fridays program to program. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. well, it is proper to check when you dine out but are you following the correct tip etiquette. it is something that you could be doing all wrong. >> tonight's good question was submitted by john in cherry hill. he wonders are you supposed to tip on the preor post tax amount. some people do 15 to 20 percent no matter what even if the service is not very good. are you calculate ago this tip correctly. >> do you base it on preor post tax amount. >> i put it on the totallal amount. so that would be after tax. >> i always feel like i have given them a couple dollars because they are there. >> if somebody is coming to my table, i leave a little something.
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>> our nicole brewer crunches the number with the expert on etiquette and answers this good question tonight at 11:00. don't forget if you have a good question rag on to cbs question. tweet us at #cbs-3 good question. kate bilo gave us a tip last week that the weather would be good this week. much better. >> and, it is better. >> it is not the best. the there are still a few days where we will be tracking some showers and thunderstorms this is better then last week but we're still trying to claw out of this unsettled pattern and it will be a hit or miss week. a few nice days and few not so nice day. >> okay. >> zero days in a row. >> it was ten days in a row. so most of the day before the cloud broke on saturday. so, the good news is we've got better weather on the way. bad news is clouds have rolled n today was a half and half day. we started off with sunshine and ending up the day with cloud but no rain, outside, just yet for most of us. lets look at how the day pans out. we will take you outside first and foremost down the shore where it is looking good, down the shore right now.
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the clouds will roll in from south to north and boundary stalls across the region today and really brought the showers in quickly. shore things that cooled things down. we started with sunshine in the city. it starts at 9:00 a.m. sun, everything looks great. the right about noon time the sun gives way, to gray skies, and, that really took over throughout the afternoon. most of the area hit high temperature today right through middle will of the afternoon and now temperatures are dropping, it is only 63 right now at leader shape contacted my here in philadelphia so here's that boundary a warm front that is stalled out across the region and not going to push through, really until the end of the week. so we're not going to see this warm front lift to the north and bring thaws nice warm air from the southwest, and instead, it is on top of to us day, into tomorrow, tomorrow we will draw in a north wind that will be chilly, cloudy, damp tomorrow, a day that belongs to last week. then that front will stall off to the south through the next couple of days, but more sunshine will return mid week. right now we can see a couple showers pushing into berks and
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lancaster counties. can't rule out showers getting into philadelphia, this evening or tonight. they will be scattered at best. most likely staying off to the south. you can see where this front is, boundary will just impact us through the next few days. center of the storm still way back to the west and dominating our weather pattern all week long. it has been a soggy may. over two and a half inches fallen since may 1st. entire month of april had an inch and three-quarters and, of course, we're just barely over a week into month of may. good news, today, so far, 0.00 s today the first dry day since april 27th. showers can stay away and don't clock in with rainfall it will be first dry day in a while. heading into tomorrow, cloud stay in place. we have got showers, drizzle, rain starting at 4:00 a.m. on and off throughout the day. especially steady to the south. tomorrow is another cloudy, cool, damp day. today with the westerly flow temperatures got in the 70's here in philadelphia, tomorrow that wind switches and a
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northerly flow means high only in the 50's, and again, it will feel like much of next week felt unfortunately but good news pattern doesn't last long. overnight mostly cloud which a isolated shower a at 50. tomorrow, cloudy and cooler with light rain and drizzle especially steady to our south but it will be every where. you're witness weather three take forecast shows the cool glummy day. wednesday we will see sunshine. warming up at 73. thursday looks great, 75 degrees, but, we're not out of the woods just yet, seven day forecast does have more chances for wet weather and a significant cool down as well, we will have more on that next half an hour. >> yes. >> yeah. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight did you work out today? no, not enough time. >> well, you won't be a able to use that excuse have after we tell you this news. >> what you need to do for just 60 seconds to get big results, don. well, case of the missing quarterback has been solved, sam bradford is back with the
5:21 pm
eagles, after demanding a trade, what sammy b is saying about his return, sports coming up
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don bell joins us now. he is back. >> case solved. >> yes. >> he is back in the fold. >> yes, nice and simple. >> monday, back to work day for all, teachers, accountants, doctors and multi million-dollar quarterbacks. after boycotting the eagles, sam bradford has rescinded his trade demand and returned to the team. bradford back on the field for voluntary work outs. he made national news shortly before eagles drafted carson wentz to be the future of franchise and bradford wanted a trade. eagles denied his request and today he waved the white flag and reported to work. the bradford did not meet with the media to answer questions but did he issue this statement. i'm excited to be back on the field with my teammates and coaches. the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on the participation in and preparation for a
5:25 pm
championship season. i am committed to my teammates and the eagles organization for nothing less. back in march bradford signed a two year deal worth 35 million. his teammate connor barwin had this to say. >> yeah, it was great. we missed him last week, and it is great to have him back today. everybody welcomed him back with open arms. we had a good day. >> he looked all qg, good day. connor planted a tree at home of the philly tree social media contest. barwin, this guy does a great job in the community. is always out and about doing things like that. >> and he takes septa all the time. >> he is a man of the people. >> that is great the when they are part of the community. >> that is right. >> he is involved. >> he is pretty good. >> still more to come from mr. . >> at some point he will to have answer questions, yes. >> in front of the mike. >> we will wait for that. coming up next, new jersey governor chris christie takes on a important job for
5:26 pm
republican presidential candidate donald trump. bernie sanders makes a local stump on the the campaign trail how he capitalized the location of his rally with toys take jabs at trump and make an appeal to local workers. he was sentenced to two life terms for non-violent crime. now he has turn his life around and it got the attention of the president of the united states. his story is next. new at 6:00 tonight we will get a kick out of this, new craze blending soccer and golf, vittoria woodill gives us a try and shows us the local cour
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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good news, this evening, in the effort to contain a massive wild fire burning in albert, canada a cooler temperatures and much needed rain are helping fire fighter
5:30 pm
make progress in their exhaustive battle but the fight is far from over. "eyewitness news" continues now, at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. authorities say it could be weeks before the wild fire is under control. correspondent ben tracie shows you the devastation. >> reporter: fire has new been nicknamed the beast, and it is not hard to see why. walls of flames continue to turn trees into torches while air tankers overhead do their best to keep up. >> for us, this is, great fire fighting weather. we can get in there and get a handle on this fire and get a death grip on it. >> reporter: these fires are so large and in rugged terrain that the fire fight is mainly taking place in the sky. there are now american 100 water dropping helicopter flying here in alberta. the fire is still expected to take months to extinguish and has shut down most of alberta's vast oil production, however, it is burning mainly in the forest and away from
5:31 pm
towns that were once in its path. in burned out fort mcmurray you can see many neighborhood have burned but many others were spared. >> it was like a tornado you see devastation all around you but in a center it is calm, there is no devastation,. >> canadian government says it could be weeks or months before people are allowed to return home. all 25 people who originally fled north of fort mcmurray only to find themselves trapped there with the fire heading their way has been safely been moved south of the town into evacuation center. ben tracie for cws news, albert, canada. campaign 2016 brings bernie sanders to new jersey. vermont senator continued his push for democratic nomination in atlantic city and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was there. >> bernie, bernie, bernie. >> reporter: in a place accustomed to rock stars on this day in atlantic city's boardwalk hall the chants were for vermont senator bernie
5:32 pm
sanders. >> he will do a great job. something needs to change. he is man to do it. >> reporter: diverse crowds included kid for bernie. >> they all made their own sign of causes important to them. >> reporter: there were also organized political groups like black men for bernie. >> the black community we support a guy like bernie sanders. >> humble, and caring for, everybody. >> reporter: we caught up with sanders just before giving what probably felt like a million speech of the primary season. >> doing great. hates been a exilerating experience to meet fantastic people all over this country. >> reporter: this crowd didn't receive a standard stump speech. he told casino center town on the brink of the financial melt down they deserve better health care and wages. >> the greed and the recklessness that we have seen from people like donald trump and karl icahn, oh, you know
5:33 pm
donald trump. oh, i get it, you don't think he is a brilliant, successful businessman. >> reporter: speak nothing atlantic city was perhaps the perfect setting for senator sanders cast himself asante donald trump candidate. his rally was right next to the now closed trump plaza casino where even though trump's name was removed to many bitter feelings still remain. >> we want strongest candidate to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: sanders still has much work to do heading in the june 7th new jersey primary, hillary clinton now holds a two to one lead in the polls n atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". democratic front runner hillary clinton was in northern virginia she sat the down for a discussion on woman and family at a small cafe. the discussion touched on the workday and the balance between family time and career pursuits. clinton was also asked about the quality of education and the idea of standardized testing. >> parent are saying to me that is not what my child
5:34 pm
needs. my child needs to be, you know, the creativity needs to be sparks the independent learning, collaborative learning, it is not all about taking tests. i think we need better but fewer tests. >> on the republican side, new jersey governor chris christie is taking on a new gig, he will lead donald trump's transition team. christie's job toys begin planning ahead for a donald trump presidency if the new york businessman should win the general election. the christie has been at trump's side for many campaign events since he himself dropped out of the race back in february. trump's campaign described the governor as a loyal supporter and confident. northeast philadelphia man is now home, after spending nearly two decade behind bars. >> he is one of the thousands of non-violent drug offenders who received excessive prison time under the strict sentencing guidelines of the 1990's. >> reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio has more on how this man received his lucky break.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: david padilla just can't stop smiling. >> it is like, hitting the lottery three times in one week. >> reporter: wings, are love, life and family. the father of three was 29 years old when he was convicted of a non-violent drug offense. his punishment, two life terms, behind bars. >> i know idea served to be punished because i did wrong but no way i felt like i needed, that, i should have died in prison. >> reporter: padilla is one of thousands that is received mandatory sentencing under the harsh drug laws of the 1990's. >> it was painful. >> reporter: padilla was a model prisoner using his time on the inside to change his life. >> i went to college. i received my associates degree. >> reporter: he stayed focused for 17 years thanks to his wife, and their three children. >> it was no hope but i still had hope. >> reporter: then in 2014, the d o.j. launched the clemency project, padilla applied and
5:36 pm
got word in december of last year that president obama had granted his petition. he walked out of prison, six days later. pennsylvania deace now one of the 306 individuals granted clemency, 36,000 after replied. >> there are other men that are going to he have the same opportunity i was given. >> reporter: padilla's said cave i had a's second chance is a gift. he is working, enjoying life, one that these two plan to spend together. >> my god, next coming year will be amazing. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radioed for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we continue tonight, getting your child to sleep can be tough. for years doctors say to swaddle your baby to make it easier. now researchers say don't swaddle. find out why next. difference between men and women when it comes to sleeping and why doctors say every minute, counts. kate? well, it was a brilliant
5:37 pm
sunny start to the day but clouds rolled back in and we have a chilly, dreary day for tomorrow. it will feel like we moved back to last week. how long does it last this time? ill a's tell you with the seven day forecast when we come right back.
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check out this cool video. group of sky divorce brought the game of quitich to life. it was all part of the pr stunt for colombian communications company. even harry potter creator jk row lines was impressed she
5:41 pm
retweeted her video to millions of followers. >> that is pretty cool. invickus games are now underway in florida. >> veterans from all around the globe are, taking part. >> the united states of america. >> that was the scene, at the u.s., as u.s. team arrived at the opening ceremonies. more than 500 competitors there 15 nations are taking part in the para olympics style competition. both president george w. bush and first lady michelle obama addressed opening ceremonies in the crowd last night. the games are the creation of britain's prince harry. and he talked with cbs this morning anchor nora o'donnell will about the the event. >> i have done all of the stuff, i walked the walk, i have worn the t-shirts i have done what they have done and i have been lucky enough not the to be injured. it seems fit to go use my name and status to bring the spotlight on to the individuals, create the platform and then allow them to flourish.
5:42 pm
>> the games, run through thursday. and coming up tonight a rare event, in the sky. >> meteorologist justin drabick gives you a a dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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well, something happened in space today that only occurs about once every ten years. >> that is right, mercury was on the move, a planet journey seen all over the world, and hear you are about to see it as well. justin drabick shares this rare cosmic event. >> reporter: stargazers across the globe watched mercury moved between sun and earth today for the first time in about a decade. solar system smallest planet resembled a glowing face of the sun, the trip all the way a cross took seven and a half hours. >> it is a pretty exciting event because it connects so many different kind of science. >> reporter: scientists a at nasa's gottard space flight center in maryland used rare occurrence to study mercury's thin atmosphere but it also provides information about the sun and weather around it. >> it has an impact on technology, especially but it also has an impact on, astronauts, on their health, so we need to be able to
5:46 pm
forecast it, to predict it. >> reporter: nasa scientists are also using mercury's move to look for new plants in the solar system and beyond. >> it is just so important because of how well, you you can measure, the size of the planet, their orbits, if it seems to shift in our orbit with time. we can occur another plan the is in system cause ago this. >> reporter: americary puts on the show 13 times a century. next trip will be in 2019, but then it won't happen again until 2032. so, pretty cool stuff right there. nasa did provide, me real time images of mercury's move and people around the world were able to see this, if you had a special high powered binoculars or telescope, and nasa a always recommend or says that you do watch an eclipse like this and when looking at the sun you need to have eye protection, from the sun's harmful rays. speaking of the sun, it is gone. we were lucky we got some sunshine yesterday to day early in the morning and new we're clouding up again, it looks like we will be dealing
5:47 pm
with more rain in the forecast and guys, i was so excite add long with other people to get that sunshine. so uplifting and kate and i talk about this pattern coming up, just ridiculous. >> yes, that is right. >> i'm excited too, my man. >> thanks, jb. >> appreciate it. >> the sunnies gone. >> the sunnies gone. just seeing the size of the, sun compared to mercury is amazing. you think maybe rays could break through the cloud cover. >> little something. >> no, not this after noon. not tomorrow. it has been so cloudy, the past two weeks really but things are kind of back and forth as we head through this week. we will have a couple nice day and a couple of not so nice day. tomorrow is one of those not so nice day unfortunately where the clouds will win out and we have the scattered showers and light rain, drizzle, especially south of philadelphia northern areas maybe the big winners this week because is there a front stalled off to the south, all week long, and that means if you are in southern delaware, parts of the south jersey, you may be stuck in intense cloud cover, especially tomorrow and then gannon wednesday. we will good to that in a moment.
5:48 pm
first take a look outside your window right now. actually outside our window from the cbs broadcast center. you can see clouds have arrived and they are here to stay, throughout tonight and tomorrow as well. there was a nice meeting with the sun while we had it yesterday afternoon was beautiful for mothers day. breeze think morning. this morning was fantastic. i was outside this morning and then clouds rolled in, the breeze picked up and you could feel the difference in temperatures at least in wind chill outside. it felt cooler once the cloud move in front of the sun. lets check with our weather watchers and see if they are enjoying the day. maybe were enjoying this day. 67 degrees as we check with allen in delran. allen says started with sun, cloudy afternoon, better than last two weeks, no more weather gloom, wish i could say that were the case but we have another glummy daze tomorrow. but it is just one glummy kay and then we will try to get some sun back later in the week. greg mccoy in marshallton delaware at 62. greg says purple irish bloom with glummy overcast skies today. dark skies to the south and west. and, then we will move to the sunlight. we will have bright flowers
5:49 pm
and plants. they have been loving the cool damp weather over past couple of weeks. we will check with eileen mur any gilbertsville. the mostly cloudy sky there at the moment. not really, too bad outside, at least it is generally dry. i don't see many people reporting rain for the first time in quite sometime. so lets take a peak at our live nice hood network and cloud won the battle in margate. clouds won out down the shore, early and that has limited temperatures to the lower 60's. everything looks very gray down the shore right now after a beautiful the mothers day yesterday and a nice start to the day. everything has changed for the worst, and now that he a a look at this pattern. this is what i want to point out here. this system will be impacting the weather actual storm well back to the west. we have a warm front f we can get this warm front to push north that a allows it to get in the warm sector of the storm that would be great but unfortunately it will hang out here or just off to our south for the next few days, before finally trying to push north on friday, and then into saturday. with you the chance for showers, and thunderstorms that is when cold front comes
5:50 pm
through. two part cold front friday into saturday. temperatures right now cooler to the south then they are to the north. if we zoom up to the north it is warmer in new york city, it is warmer in richmond. we're just stuck in the cloud cover right in the middle along that stalled boundary. the closer to average as we head through today. we will get to the lower 07's. tomorrow back below average and then we will head up in the 07's mid week. so tomorrow is worst day of the week. light rain, drizzle from the city on south. the front clears just enough to the south on wednesday that we will see some sun but south of the city the clouds may hang on. thursday is a nice day. then finally that system moves through on friday with an increased chance of rain. the best chance tomorrow, and friday, with the 10 percent chance of rain on wednesday, thursday it looks like our best day of the workweek. overnight mostly cloud which an isolated shower. down to 506789 your tuesday cloudy and cooler with light rain or drizzle. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, wednesday and thursday not bad, watch for showers and storms on friday, a shower late saturday and then a cold sunday, despite sunshine, highs barely get in the 60's. we will send it back to you.
5:51 pm
>> kate, thank you. on the healthwatch, every minute counts when it comes to sleep. math the mantitions at university of michigan used smart phones to track sleep patterns and they found even losing a half an hour of sleep can affect your cognitive function and long term health. they found middle-aged men get least amount of sleep and women tend to go to bed earlier and wake up later. got a minute? researchers from mcmaster university in canada say that is all you need to get a good work out. they say, 60 seconds of high intensity activity, is just as good as a 45 minute moderate work out. study group that did three, 20 seconds burst on a exercise period had similar result to a group that cycled continuously at a maryland rate pace for 45 minutes. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, babies who are swaddled in a tight blanket the are 50 to 60 e of sids according to research released to day. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on that study.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: really shocking because babies are wrapped up like that, the thought was, that babies were comforted by swaddling, that close, snug feeling is like being in the womb. it is what they do in hospitals with new borns. well, this new research says that swaddling can be especially dangerous when babies, are not object their backs. >> i know, you will feel better in one second. >> reporter: she swaddles her two month-old son every time he goes to sleep. >> he was used to like being in my womb and he was like used to being constructed and that is like the position of comfort. >> reporter: many parent used the wrapping technique on new babies but a study in the journal of pediatric say swaddling may increase risk of sudden infant death syndrome when a baby is swaddled and put on their side or stomach. >> you want to make sure as parent you are putting them back to sleep on their back. >> reporter: researchers found risk of sids was higher for old are babies since they can roll over on to their stomachs. experts say swaddling should not be used for infants over
5:53 pm
two months of age and warn that tight swaddling may cause baby to sleep too deeply. >> as much as we don't want your child up all night long we don't want them so tightly sort of cacooned that they do not wake up when they need to. >> reporter: experts say you should keep your child's crib free of bumper, pillows and blankets which can be dangerous. now, experts say swaddling can also over heat a baby and raise their risk of sids and they suggest instead putting them in wearable blankets or sleep sacks instead. it is amazing, matthew my son, hoist 25 use it now, he slept on his stomach with blankets, pillows and bumpers and he is okay he made it to 25. >> but one change, for a couple years and then something else, somebody else. >> right now nothing in the bed, babies on their backs. >> matt is 25. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. children's hospital, celebrated the opening of the community health and literacy
5:54 pm
center. facility cost more than 45 million-dollar to boot: it is home to the pied the yacht trick primary care center. it is home to the free library branch as well as a playground and recreational center. new facility is located a at broad and morris. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", ozzie and sharon osborne separating. >> rumors hot and heavy, sharon skips the talk today hear what her co host have to say when we come back.
5:55 pm
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good news tonight for springsteen, fans you have something to look forward to, in september. bruise and the e street band are bringing river tour outside. they will play citizens bank park wednesday, september 7th,
5:58 pm
ticket will get on sale a week from any at the some a.m. a rock and roll couple is calling it quits. >> entertainment tonight reports ozzie osbourne and his wife, manager, sharon are splitting after nearly 34 years of marriage. sources say ozzie sobriety issues are not behind the break up and couple mutually agreed oz would i move out. sharon is co host on the talk seen here on cbs-3 weekdays at 2:00 p.m. she was not on the show today. >> there were many tabloid headlines this past weekend about her and ozzie, rumors, and speculations, that they have split up, after nearly 34 years of marriage. sharon understandably took today off. we are sending a all of our love to her, and to her family, and we ask that you dot same. >> ozzie and sharon have three children together, amy, kelly and jack. >> that is right. >> wish them well. that is "eyewitness news"
5:59 pm
at 5:00. >> at 6:00 she died nearly three weeks ago following a fightin side a wilmington high school and tonight charges are filed against three students in the death of amy joyner francis. officials are explaining why. also, back behind bars, after almost a week on the run, police catch up with a fugitive in new jersey. the tip that finally led officers, to arthur buckel, kate. >> after a beautiful start to this monday it is now cloudy, breezy and much more cooler and unfortunately the gloom is here to stay, but for now long, this time around? i'll have that news and when the sun will return, coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: think schuylkill expressway is jammed? there is an even bigger block up just a short distance away that you have probably don't know anything about. i'll have that story from both bet house row. coming up next.
6:00 pm
it is 6:00 o'clock. nearly three weeks after the death of amy joyner francis, three of her fellow students are now, facing charges. tonight, we're learning what led to the decision to file charges and underlying circumstances. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in wilmington. what can you tell us tonight. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, we were wondering for weeks writ took authorities so long to actually charge these girls in this attack against amy joyner francis that killed her. we know amy joyner francis the 16 year-old student had a preexisting heart condition. she died from cardiac arrest but that would not have happened according to the attorney's general's office if she was not attacked. essentially, jessica and ukee the attack trying their heart condition and that is what killed her from that fightin side of the bathroom. now, two juveniles have been charged, they are 16 years


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